Feb 10-13, 2015 - GM Masters 55+ Bonspiel



Feb 10-13, 2015 - GM Masters 55+ Bonspiel
The A Event winners were the Glen Meadows Wayne Scott team comprised of Skip- Lawrence
Woytowich, Third – Wayne Scott, Second- Paul Addison, Lead- Gerry Vantreight. Congratulations
to them! The runner up team was also from the Glen Meadows Competitive League consisting of Skip - Steve
Beggs, Third - Gary Rowe, Second - Al Thomson, and Lead - Adrian Koolman.
The B event winners: Garry Franklyn team from Mill Bay: (Rt-Lt) Skip - Garry Franklyn, ThirdTerry Bompas, Second- Randy McLeod, and Lead- Ray Holman ! The runner up team was the
Paul Kondal team from Kerry Park with team members Skip - Paul Kondal, Third - Bruce Ovens,
Second - Al Brown, and Lead - Glenn Marsh.
The C event winners: Bob Callaugher team from the Duncan Curling Club: (Lt-Rt) Skip- Bob
Gallaugher, Third- James Turner, Second- Bud Harbidge, and Lead- Brian Aaberg. The runners
up were the Mike Debeck team from the Kerry Park Curling Club with team members Skip Mike Debeck, Third - Dick McCarthy, Second - Ray Hutchinson, and Lead - Sandy Stewart.
The D event winners: Wayne Silver team from the Esquimalt Curling Club: (Rt-Lt) Skip- Wayne
Silver, Third- Denis Lieutard, Second- George Marcyniuk, and Lead- Paul Langoon. The runners
up were the Don Allan team from the Victoria Curling Club with team members Skip - Don
Allan, Third - Brian Morin, Second - Phil Marsh, and Lead - Alf Wiebe.
To see photos of the winning teams go to the Glen Meadows Curling Association web site and
click on the Draw and Results - GM Masters 55+ Open Bonspiel link in the left side column
under What's Happening at GMCA. Or go to the 2015 Masters Bonspiel Draw and Results
menu item via the 2015 GMCA Masters 55+ Bonspiel item under the top Bonspiels menu.
The Peninsula News Review wrote a story on the bonspiel and the results in last Wednesdays paper (Feb 18).

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