Trinity Triples In Attendance!
od has been moving in
a real and dynamic
way at Trinity Wesleyan
Church in Elizabethtown!
Since the beginning of the
year, they have seen many
new converts and had the
privilege of baptizing four
of them on Palm Sunday.
The TWC drama team
performed that morning
and the congregation
waved their palm branches
and worshipped in song.
This was a special service
for everyone in attendance,
God's presence was felt,
and lives were changed.
A number of people are
testifying to spiritual
growth and a deeper personal walk with God in the
last two years as well.
Pastor Tim Burge said,
“In the two years we have
Trinity Wesleyan drama team performing on Palm Sunday
been at Trinity Wesleyan,
our attendance has tripled.
We are excited to see what
God has in store for us in
the next four years!”
Trinity launched a new
schedule with two worship
services (9 & 11am) and
Sunday School at 10am.
The new service produced
growth in numbers and has
given each worship service
__________________________ District Transitions
Pastoral Renewal and Initial Calls
________________________District Restart Update
Shelbyville Exceeding Expectations
________________________ Local Church Spotlight
Truly Unied at United Wesleyan
____________________________ Noteworthy News
Updates From Around the District
____________________________ Noteworthy News
Spring Mini-Ministerial Gatherings
its own identity.
The early service is a
traditional style worship
usually limiting instruments
to piano, organ, and bass
guitar with hymns and
southern gospel music. The
sermon is traditional, evangelistic style preaching.
The later contemporary
service utilizes a full band,
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____________________ General Conference Highlights
New General Superintendent Elected
____________________________ Noteworthy News
More Updates Around the District
____________________________ District Retreats
Refreshing Atmosphere of Worship
_____________________ District Conference Preview
Celebrate Transforming Power of God
___________________________ Missions Moments
Villagers’ Lives Made New in Christ
District Superintendent
Executive Editor
Rev. Aaron P. Sherman
[email protected]
reetings to each of you as
we stand on the threshold of Summer 2016. Summer
has many joys: picnics and
family gatherings, Camps for
all ages, vacations and trips,
Office Administrator
outdoor recreation and fun,
Managing Editor
celebrating the 4th of July —
Pastor Tim Linick
the list could go on and on.
[email protected]
Here in the mid-South,
Summer usually brings some
KY-TN District
hot and humid days. Some
Website and Facebook
relish the warmth and bask in
the heat, others grumble as
they swelter and sweat.
Regardless of how you feel
the high temperatures
and wherever your Summer
takes you, I hope you'll reKY-TN District is part of
member one thing. ThroughThe Global Wesleyan Church out scripture re and heat
were symbolic of the rening,
presence of
the Holy
sitting in a
service or building sand castles on the beach, I hope as
the sun warms your Summer,
you will join me in praying for
the intense presence of God
to ow through our lives,
churches, District, and entire
Denomination — purifying,
rening, and making us the
vessels He wants us to be as
we continually seek to move
Onward and Upward for Him!
—Rev. Aaron P. Sherman
District Superintendent
— From Page 1 —
praise team, visual effects,
and includes a modern
twist on the sermon which
keeps the younger crowd
fully engaged.
Pastor Tim and Shelly
Burge have been ministering at Trinity since June of
2014, and many new ministries and outreach opportunities have been started.
He expounded, “Our
most effective activities/
outreach have been our
Compassion Card ministry,
our Alcoholics Anonymous
group that meets here at
TWC on Monday nights, our
Sisters of Strength women's
group, and our annual chili
cook off and auction which
has been a huge success,
not only in participation
from our people, but their
Blessing of the Bikes Sunday
Sisters of Strength
Conference in L
Before renovating the front of the sanctuary
District Transitions
Pastoral Renewal and Initial Calls
ongratulations to
Pastor Johnny Smith
(United Wesleyan — Jamestown TN), Pastor Veronne
Carter (First
Wesleyan —
Nashville TN),
and Pastor
Tommy Masters (Grace
Chapel Wesleyan — Richmond KY) on
receiving unanimous fouryear pastoral
renewal calls to
each of their
respective congregations.
Their congregations’ votes
not only affirm
appreciation for
past ministry, but
also express condence that God is
going to continue
using them in the
future. We pray
their next four
years of ministry are fruitful
and blessed as they seek to
lead their churches Onward
and Upward for Him!
Rev. Donna Williams is assuming the
Lead Pastor
role at Lighthouse Wesleyan in LaVergne
TN. She had
been serving as Assistant Pastor, and she and her husband
Ready to ride in Hardin County community
at Women of Joy
Louisville, KY
Front of sanctuary after renovations
Don have been very active in
church ministries. We look
forward to God continuing to
use her in this new position.
Rev. Ashley and Mitzi Mew
have accepted the call of the
Gordon Lake Wesleyan
Church / appointment by the
DBA Executive Committee to
serve as Pastor of GLWC beginning in mid-July. GLWC is
our latest District Sponsored
Restart Project.
friends and family as well.”
June 5 was TWC’s rst annual Blessing of the Bikes
Sunday, and they had
a magnicent turnout. They
invited a member of the
Christian Motorcyclists Association, as well as a
member of the Iron Eagles
to speak in the service.
They served hamburgers,
hot dogs, chips, dessert,
and drinks afterward. They
also blessed the bikes and
participated in a bike ride
in the Hardin County community. Pastor Tim exclaimed, “We are looking
forward to next year!
—Pastor Tim Burge
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FB facebook.com/trinitywesky
TWITTER @twcky_org
WEB twcky.org
District Restart Update
Shelbyville Exceeds Expectations
hen Pastor Doug and Jill
Kraft answered God’s
call and accepted the appointment to the District Restart in
Shelbyville KY, they knew that
they would have to trust God
completely to move forward.
They focused on people
and built relationships in the
church and community, and
God has rewarded them with
many new families and even
the return of several new families who had been connected
with the church in the past..
There has been a good spirit
of unity in the church as they
move forward together.
The church is located in a
very strategic, growing area
about 30 minutes east of the
Louisville metro area. There
are a lot families moving into
New church van has been a tremendous blessing at SWC!
65 to 80 in attendance, an
average of 74 last year! He
admitted, “I may have really
underestimated what the
Lord wants to do here!”
One of the turning points
was when they
decided to make
adjustments in
their Wednesday
night schedule
allowing Pastor
Doug and Jill to
lead youth group
activities and connect with the families. The parents
have expressed
Youth group helping out at a local mission
how much their
the area that have visited the teens really “look forward to
church, and some have come youth group and just love it!”
back and continue to attend.
The youth group has been
They have also seen about participating in outreach and
12-14 young adults / families / community service projects
returning to their roots ndincluding work at a local
ing faith and a foundation at thrift store, VBS, and festiShelbyville Wesleyan Church. vals. They really have provPastor Doug shared that he en themselves a great team
“would have been thrilled to
of workers.
see 50 in attendance by now,”
Pastor Doug plans to soon
but they usually run between cast a vision for the church
over the next few years. He
confessed, “You know, I really
needed this church myself —
to grow and learn lessons
about administration and
working with people. I have
denitely gleaned from othersthroughout this process.”
With that spirit of humility
and servant leadership, it
sounds like there are even
brighter days ahead for the
Shelbyville Wesleyan Church
to move Onward and Upward!
—Pastor Doug Kraft
EMAIL [email protected]
FB facebook.com/
Pastor Doug leading by example
Local Church Spotlight
Truly Unied at United Wesleyan
hree years ago, our Dissavings for future facility detrict was represented on
velopment. Their attendance
the Cumberland Plateau of
has more than doubled since
Tennessee by two small
they merged as more people
churches in Jamestown TN.
are regularly being drawn to
Both of these churches had
this thriving, exciting church.
been thriving congregations in
When faced with an unexthe past, but both had faced pected pastoral transition,
trials and difficulties that left they didn't let it hinder or
them struggling to turn
stop them from moving foraround and move forward.
ward. They banded together,
Under the leadership of
prayed together and pressed
both church pastors and in
ahead together.
consultation with the DBA,
They have started many
they voted to merge and be- Made New Gatherings this
come one congregation called past year, including Men's
United Wesleyan Church,
and Ladies Bible Studies, Fel- in the newly renovated fellowworking together to impact
lowship Times, Focused Minis- ship hall, then have practical
their community. From the
try to Teens and Kids, and a
and in-depth Bible study and
beginning, God's presence
variety of Outreach Events
time of prayer. This effort has
blessed this newly
grown until their
merged church.
mid-week attendThe attendees
ance is now
were encouraged
among the highby services with
est in the District!
more people worIf you visit their
shipping togethchurch for a serer, burdens and
vice, you will
sense their excitewere shared as
ment and joy,
they worked toexperience the
Community picnic and “stars and stiffs” softball game
gether, and greatpresence of God,
er outand witness a
reach possibilities
group of people
were embraced as
truly UNITED, with
they pooled talthe goal of knowents and reing God and maksources and mining Him known
istered together.
The sale of
Praise God for
property from the
what He does in
facility they were
and through us,
no longer using
when we work
enabled them to
together to move
pay off mortgages held by
targeted at sharing the love of Onward and Upward for Him!
both former churches, freeing Christ with their Community.
—Pastor Johnny Smith
FB United-Wesleyan-Churchup monthly obligations as well
Each Wednesday evening
as providing a nice amount in they gather for a shared meal
Noteworthy News
Updates From Around the District
astor Anton and Amanda who provided pulpit supply at
Folz (FOCUS Wesleyan— Rockwood during Rev. Wiggs’
Georgetown KY) shared at the illness and recovery.
Southern Mini-Ministerial an
exciting update and praise
irst Wesleyan Church in
report about the adoption of
Clinton TN continues their
new Sunday Night Small
Group Ministry. Pastor David
Speas shared some exciting
news. Previously, their Sunday PM Worship attendance
was averaging around 15.
Now 40-48 are in attendance
each week at the small
groups. Those who are participating are excited and love
the new format. The small
their baby Isaiah. God has not groups are starting to nd
only moved in such a way that other ways to get together for
the adoption process is able
fellowship and outreach, outto go forward, but in changing side of the regular Sunday
the heart of the birth father.
evening times together!
He has made it possible for
Onward & Upward in Clinton!
Anton and Amanda to have a
relationship with both birth
astor Steve Willingham
parents. How great is our
(Frankfort Wesleyan) was
God, that He would not just
a blessing in practical ways
give Baby Isaiah a loving
recently, overseeing and helpChristian home to be raised
in, but also provide the means ing with much needed roof
for the Folz family to spiritual- repairs at Soldier Wesleyan
Church and parsonage repairs
ly impact both of the baby’s
and improvements at Westparents as well!
wood Wesleyan Church. We
greatly appreciate his labors
ev. Rodger Wiggs is back in these areas.
ministering at Rockwood
Wesleyan. He came very close
glesia Mishkan in Lebanon
to death, but God spared Him.
TN recently faced the loss
Pastor Rodger and Jan, as well
of all of their a/c units. Thankas their entire District family
join together praising God for fully, one of their members
owns a business specializing
His hand upon them. He is
in this. He provided all of the
still weak and still has some
units at cost and paid for his
ground to gain, but he is so
much better than he was. We own employees to do all the
thank Rev. Bob and Sue Lower installation work at no cost to
the church, literally saving
them multiple thousands of
dollars. Thank the Lord for
faithful laymen that assist in
so many needed areas in our
local churches. Make sure to
show them appreciation!
onterey Wesleyan
Church hit the streets of
their community last month,
connecting with over 300 individuals/families, all of whom
were given a bag of popcorn
with an invitation to "pop in "
for a visit. What a great way to
spread some cheer and get
out in the community!
irst Wesleyan Church in
Church in Lexington has
started a new outreach ministry called Family Film Night. A
contemporary Christian lm is
shown, snacks are provided,
and there is an opportunity
for church attendees to connect with those who attend.
The rst night they had 40 in
attendance. By the second
event, the number had grown
to 50, including a number of
brand new contacts!
Noteworthy News
Spring Mini-Ministerial Gatherings
aturday, April 9th was our perintendents shared an up- (Frankfort Wesleyan—
Southern Region Minilifting, challenging, encourag- Frankfort KY) did a great job
Ministerial held at the District ing, and humorous message leading worship. Pastor Nick
Retreat Center in Jamestown from the Heroes of the Faith Errico (Falmouth) presented a
TN. God’s presence blessed
stirring challenge. Pastor John
in Hebrews 11. Emily Stepp
our hearts as we were minis- and Veronne and Vonetta
Fowler and Pastor Dan Tilley
tered to in the following ways: Carter shared beautiful and
shared again with this group
Pastor MC Tolbert (Faith
as they had at the Southern
stirring musical reminders
Community Wesleyan—
that “My God Is A Mountain
Chattanooga TN) did a great
Pastor Gene Swartz
Mover,” “He Is Able,” and
job leading worship. Pastor
(Ashland Heights) shared a
“I Know A Man Who Can.”
Ted Stepp
good reminder not
(Monterey Wesleyan
to allow discourChurch—Monterey
agement to sideTN) gave a powerful
track us in the
challenge on
ministry. Keep our
preaching, teaching
eyes on God and
and living the Word
what He can do in
of God. Pastor John
and through us.
Fowler (Southside
Pastor Tim and
Shelly Burge and
Owensboro KY), our
Kristen Hilligoss
District Director of
(Trinity Wesleyan,
Over 30 pastors and spouses at each Mini-Ministerial
Evangelism and
Elizabethtown KY)
Church Growth
shared several
shared from his
beautiful and enheart on personal
couraging special
spiritual revival.
numbers in song,
Pastor Dan Tilley
personalized by
(The Hope Project—
testimonies of
Florence KY), our
God’s faithfulness
District Spiritual
in recent heartFormation Director
aches and loss.
shared what God has been
At both Mini-Ministerials,
Pauline Wood, Mary Gildoing in our newest District
testimonies of praise, anreath, and Ann Allred from
Church Plant which he passwered prayers, and miracles
United Wesleyan Church in
tors. He shared some miracu- Jamestown prepared and
were given, and specic praylous ways God has been work- served a wonderfully delicious er needs were shared and
ing, moving and transforming and hearty turkey dinner.
brought before the Lord.
lives, and then challenged
There were over 30 pastors
every church and pastor to
and spouses in attendance at
riday, April 29th was our each Mini-Ministerial, and our
build relationships with those
Northern Region Minioutside the church, lead them
time spent together was truly
to the Lord, and then disciple Ministerial at First Wesleyan
refreshing. A number of pasChurch in Lexington KY. God tors mentioned afterward,
met with us and blessed our that it was just the encouragePastor Ken Young (Christ
Community Church—McEwen time together.
ment, challenge, and blessing
Pastor Steve Willingham
TN), one of our Assistant Suthey were needing!
General Conference Highlights
New General Superintendent Elected
he 13th General ConferSpirit. Throughout the days
American and Global Wesleyence of The Wesleyan
together we heard from pas- an Church. In retirement, Dr.
Church was held June 4-8 in
tors and laity alike about the Lyon will continue to serve as
Buffalo NY. God's presence
transforming power of God.
an Ambassador for The Weswas in our midst as we celeSatan worshippers are being leyan Church representing
brated what He has done in
saved, struggling churches are our Denomination around the
and through us in the past,
becoming powerful ministries, world in religious, social, eduplanned for even greater days and broken lives are being put cational, and political arenas.
ahead, and
Sunday morning
prayerfully electworship featured
ed new leaders to
stories from
chart the course
around the World
for the future.
where God is doWhile there
ing amazing
were many from
things through
our District in
the ministry of
our Denominathroughout the
tional missions
event, our District
arm, Global Partwas represented
ners. Both of our
by the following
District missionarelected delegates:
ies The Don Floyd
DS Aaron Sherfamily and Robin
man, Assistant DS
Crowell, as well as
Wayne and Jan Schmidt at General Conference
John Vaughan,
the national leadRev. Ralph Ferree, Bob Baback together again.
ers of the Wesleyan church in
sham, Shirley Maze and Rob
Retiring General SuperinUganda (Rev. & Mrs. Lucas
Lower III.
tendent JoAnne Lyon shared Hamirie) and Papua New
In the opening session it
some exciting statistics show- Guinea (Rev. and Mrs. Roy
was thrilling to hear many
ing amazing growth in attend- Mung) were among those in
testimonies of lives, churches ance, salvations, baptisms
and communities being Made and other key areas over the
Our District has a strong
New by the power of the Holy past four years in the North
history of support for both of
Rev. Dr. Wayne Schmidt with Dr. Jo Anne Lyon during prayer of consecration
Ministerial and lay delegates from KY-TN District attending General Conference in Buffalo
these mission elds. We were
challenged to pray, give and
go, so that we can reach not
just some, but ALL.
In business sessions, legislation was passed that places
greater emphasis on Discipleship. Local churches and pastors are given a greater responsibility to shepherd new
converts into a closer deeper
walk with God. A new simplied membership structure
was approved and will be presented to District Conferences
for ratication this Summer.
Rev. Dr. Wayne Schmidt
was overwhelmingly elected
on the rst ballot as our new
General Superintendent, and
he outlined his goals and
plans for moving forward.
Our time together was
closed with a moving service
of worship and communion.
The overall spirit of this
quadrennial event was one of
praise for all that He has
done, and excitement and joy
over all we are trusting Him to
do in the future. For more
photos, stories, and details
check out wesleyan.org.
Rev. Isaac Smith delivered a gracious introduction of our new General Superintendent
Noteworthy News
More Updates Around the District
orristown Wesleyan
Men’s Group recently
blessed a man in their community with a day of service.
The man who was helped had
been in a devastating vehicle
accident and his life has been
forever changed. The church
men worked with equipment,
brains, and brawn to redo his
driveway which was in serious
estwood Wesleyan and
need of repair and rebuilding.
Ashland Heights WesIt is exciting when local believleyan Churches, both in Ashers minister to their neighland KY have started bibors in practical ways!
annual joint fellowship meals.
They take turns hosting their
astor Trevor Beers of
sister congregation and good
Wesleyan Christian Center food and shared fellowship
in Owensboro KY recently
are the order of the day. Their
unveiled a new LBA initiative. most recent event was on
Every one dollar bill that is
Sunday May 1st, when Westplaced in the collection plate wood hosted the Ashland
will be set aside for outreach Heights congregation.
and ministry in the community. They are hoping they will
omerset Wesleyan has
be able to gather great
been enjoying their
amounts to bless those
monthly Sunday FunDays.
around their local church.
Families of kids and youth in
the church are invited to attend. After the service a fellowship meal is shared and
games and fun activities are
enjoyed by all ages. This has
been a great way to see attendance increase and ministry to people that in the past
may have only visited for
Christmas or Easter.
In addition to 8 individuals who were honored during District Conference 2015, DS Aaron Sh
his visits to local churches this past District Year. Those receiving the awards are pictured b
individuals allowing God to use them to touch other lives for Him. It will be our joy to prese
new District year. We are blessed with so many wonderful laity across our District. It is a pr
David Reynolds – Pikeville
Linda Jacobs – East Side
Noteworthy News
Milestones for District Church Plants
wo of our District
of special serChurch Plants revices and accently celebrated annitivities. God
versary milestones.
has blessed
Iglesia Caminando con
Pastor Jean
Jesus in Knoxville TN
Pierre and
celebrated 10 years of
Ismane Casministry in June. There
seus, their
Iglesia Caminando con Jesus
The Funes Family
was only one person in
children, and a
attendance at the rst service church plants, with more
ne group of hardworking
led by Pastor Miguel Funes in planned for the future. A spe- laity that have led well and
2006. From those humble
cial weekend of celebration
experienced God’s presence
beginnings, God has blessed commemorated God’s bless- and ministry in their midst. It
Pastor Miguel and Betty as
ings and faithfulness to this
is our hope and prayer that in
they have faithfully served
dedicated group of people.
the years ahead, this church
and seen this congregation
Haitian Reference Church
will also be used to birth more
grow to be the largest church in Chattanooga TN celebrated churches, multiplying the minin our District. This church has 3 years of ministry in May.
istry of The Wesleyan Church
also birthed three daughter
They also had a weekend full among US Haitians.
Haitian Reference Church
The Casseus Family
herman was privileged to present 5 Nehemiah Awards for excellence in lay ministry during
below. In each instance their local churches and pastor gave honor and applause for these
ent 12 new recipients with these awards at District Conference 2016 and throughout the
rivilege to give honor where honor is due and celebrate these often unsung heroes!
Cecil Joseph–Somerset
Eugene Yates – Trinity
Marilyn Miller – Wesleyan Christian Center
District Retreats
Refreshing Atmosphere of Fellowship
hose attending the Spring
Wesleyan Women Retreat
June 9-10 enjoyed the Spiritlled ministry of John Croft,
Director of Jesus Film Ministries. He told of the many
changed lives of those responding to the message of
the Jesus lm. Four years ago
the goal was to plant 300
churches as a result of the
Jesus Film. God gave 482!
Pray that the Lord will continue to provide pastors for
these churches.
Sixteen churches were represented at the retreat and
eight received Honor Awards
for their achievements this
year. Everyone enjoyed the
workshops — First Aid presented by Melinda Milam,
1001 Uses for Duct Tape presented by David and Rachel
Pepper, and Meet John Croft
as he explained about some
of the equipment used for
presenting the Jesus Film —
and the Fun Time presented
by Jennie Weaver.
The food was great and the
Christian fellowship and atmosphere was refreshing. A
big thanks to all who participated in the basket auction,
gave items or gift cards for
Hephzibah. Your response
Start planning now to attend
next year — June 8-9, 2017 at
Asbury Seminary.
— Shirley Maze
EMAIL [email protected]
WEB kytnwesleyanwomen
Ladies & Teen Girls’ Fall Retreat Info
Resolving to be Leaders of Integrity
ast month our District hosted a Men’s Retreat in Jamestown, TN. It was designed to
strengthen our resolve to be leaders of integrity. Each morning and evening guest
speakers addressed the group on how they could become men
who model and lead with courage and integrity. Topics ranged
from personal accountability to conviction and character. Between
times of worship, the group enjoyed activities like bowling, skeet
shooting, hiking, and four-wheeling. This was the rst time we
have held a retreat of this nature, and it was very well received by
those in attendance. Next year we plan to host the retreat earlier
in the year to avoid the summer rush and look forward to seeing it
grow into an annual men’s weekend. — Pastor David Speas
District Conference Preview
Celebrate Transforming Power of God
ur annual KY-TN District
Conference is right
around the corner— set for
Friday, July 22 — and will be
at Eastland Church of God —
located at 2598 Liberty Road
in Lexington KY.
Registration begins at
8:00am (Eastern), and the
first General Session convenes at 9:00am (Eastern).
A free catered meal will be
served to all ministers, delegates, and guests in a facility
on the Eastland campus. This
makes our lunchtime break
much easier as we will not
have to leave the premises,
but be able to stay onsite and
fellowship while sharing the
noon meal together.
We encourage all attendees
to please come prayerfully
expecting God to meet with
us. While conducting business is very important, our
greatest desire is that our
gathering together is a time of
praise, worship, and celebration of the power of God at
work transforming lives,
churches, and our District.
Worship will be led by the
worship team at Southside
Fellowship of Owensboro KY,
and we will be favored with
several special numbers in
song as well. We will also be
hearing testimonies of lives
that have been transformed,
churches that are experiencing the fresh touch of God,
and we will rejoice together in how the
Lord has worked
among us this past
year. Our desire is
to make it a spiritually uplifting and
encouraging time
for each one in attendance.
Last year the KentuckyTennessee District embraced
the Cup of Cold Water Campaign, and World Hope Director John Lyon will be with us
this year to talk about the
impact our campaign has
made. Our District adopted
an entire village meeting people at their point of need. We
will be asking churches and
individuals to sign up for another year of great impact!
At this year’s Conference,
we will also be voting on a
large number of proposed
standing rule changes and
likely some important legislation from General Conference. We will also be hearing
testimonies of transformed
lives in our churches and presenting Nehemiah Awards to
faithful laity.
With delegates voting on
nominees and so
many standing rules
and General Conference legislation, we
have decided to try
a new method of
electronic voting
via an Audience
Response System.
God continues to help the
Kentucky-Tennessee District
of The Wesleyan Church to
make a huge impact within
the borders of the three
states that are a part of our
District and around the world.
We have a tremendous
team of pastors, lay leaders,
and missionaries who are
committed to Christ and His
Kingdom. As we continue to
unite our efforts with a vision
for the future, may God help
us see “greater works than
these” (John 14:12) in the
coming years.
he schedule has been posted for the next 6 District Educational Advancement Classes.
These classes are primarily for Ministerial Students, but any lay person that would like
to avail themselves of these opportunities to further their education are welcome to attend
as well. The classes are free, taught by qualied professors, and a blessing to those who
have participated in the past. All but one will be held at our Cumberland Grove Camp and
Retreat Center in Jamestown TN. The lineup of future classes/professors are as follows:
‹ September
23-24 — Worship (B. Brown)
28-29 — Philosophy & Ethics (B. Brown)
‹ November 18-19 — Homiletics (J. Fowler — held at Southside Fellowship, Owensboro KY)
‹ March 10-11 — Spiritual Formation (B. Brown)
‹ April 21-22 — Evangelism & Church Growth (D. Durst)
‹ May 19-20 — History & Discipline of the Wesleyan Church (G. Black)
‹ October
Syllabi for the rst 3 classes as well as registration info are posted at kytnwesleyan.com.
Mission Moments
Villagers’ Lives Made New in Christ
ou don't have to be a for- chased. Young men who
registered to form a Wesleyan
mer 'marijuana head' to
were far from God are now
Women's group at Andirapi.
plant churches. However it
doing the hard labor to see
One young man, impressed
does seem to help!"
with the women's Bible
When I said this after
study that day, asked to
a recent visit to a
join as well. The ladies
church plant, Don
explained that he couldlaughed. But the truth
n't be a Wesleyan womis that among the most
an. But he pleaded,
passionate of Fugwa
saying he could help
church planters are
with any heavy lifting
men who used to be
that might needed
enslaved to marijuana,
whenever they travelled
but were set free when
to other churches or
Men working to level a building site
they accepted Christ.
prepared meals. He
Today the villagers of
was allowed to register!
Kukuipa and Andirapi have
the buildings go up. Mean— Don & Cheri Floyd
EMAIL [email protected]
donated land for new church while, the congregations meet
FB facebook.com/
buildings. Construction mate- outdoors.
rials are being purRecently over 20 women
GYC is just Crowell—Zambia
around the
“The Grove” 2016!
corner and we’re excited
This year’s cost is $70 per
to share with you some of the teen. That includes camp regawesome things we have
istration, room, two meals a
planned for Youth Camp.
day, and activity fees. Those
David Dorn, a teen favorite, interested in being a part of
Make checks payable to Global Partners
will be returning to teach us
CGYC need to contact Carowith WM04-0404 Crowell in the memo
to how to “THRIVE” in our
line Speas at 865-293-7532 or
mail to the following address:
culture. Logan Wells, from
at [email protected]
Global Partners
Albany, KY, is gearing up a
By now your church should
P.O. Box 50434
team to lead worship. Kenhave received yers in the
Indianapolis, IN 46250
conReady for church service in Zambia
will represent their school and sent forms. All you need is to
help lead the youth to follow follow the instructions on the
District Missionary Robin Crowell shares photos / updates from Zambia in Robin’s Report!
hard after God.
yers and show up prepared
For have
info and
to Robin’s
promise/online donations, visit her
our links
best to
to meet
God. We look
missionary to
each day
with activities
you at “The Grove!”
Support Robin—
that are designed to be fun
and draw you closer to your
Update from
— bonres
Hello friends! I trust y’all are doing well! Everything is going very well over in Zimba, Zambia! I have
bowling, from challenging
been here for 4 months now and time has own by. I have nally received all the necessary documents
to canoe trips, you really
required so I can begin working at the hospital! I have been working for about a month and it has been
to miss
on I love—practicing medicine! OPD (Outpatient Department) has been quite
to do
busy lately and it has been a bit of a struggle trying to keep up. Patients are coming into the clinic much
faster than we can see them, but I hope and pray that I am relieving some of the stress and exhaustion
that the other Clinical Officers were feeling before I began working. I also love making new friends and
beginning to connect with those in and around Zimba! Mushaale kabotu, beenzuma! (Stay well, friends!)
District Camps
Thrive at The Grove—2016 Youth Camp
GYC is just around the
corner and we’re excited
to share with you some of the
awesome things we have
planned for Youth Camp.
David Dorn, a teen favorite,
will be returning to teach us
to how to “THRIVE” in our
culture. Logan Wells, from
Albany, KY, is gearing up a
team to lead worship. Kentucky Mountain Bible College
will represent their school and
help lead the youth to follow
hard after God.
We have done our best to
pack each day with activities
that are designed to be fun
and draw you closer to your
Christian peers. From bonres
to bowling, from challenging
hikes to canoe trips, you really
won’t want to miss out on
“The Grove” 2016!
This year’s cost is $70 per
teen. That includes camp registration, room, two meals a
day, and activity fees. Those
interested in being a part of
CGYC need to contact Caroline Speas at 865-293-7532 or
at [email protected]
By now your church should
have received yers in the
mail as well as guardian consent forms. All you need is to
Hiking during Spring Retreat
follow the instructions on the
yers and show up prepared
to meet God. We look forward
to seeing you at “The Grove!”
Cumberland Grove Family Camp
July 3-10
Located in Jamestown TN
Evangelists—Bud Allman, Chris Cravens
Song Evangelists—Leckrones
Camp President—Bob Lower
July 4-8
Worship Music — Logan Wells
“Thrive” Teaching — David Dorn
Daily Youth Services and Activities!
Youth Fee
$70 Total!
July 25-31
Located in Maysville KY
Evangelist—Bud Allman
Singers—Johnny & Linda Blair
Camp President—Johnny Haynes
Kids Camp
July 10-15
Maysville Wesleyan Family Camp
KY-TN District of The Wesleyan Church
EMAIL [email protected]
WEB kytnwesleyan.com
OFFICE 859.259.3209
Rev. Aaron P. Sherman
District Superintendent
3677 Gloucester Drive
Lexington, KY 40510
Coming Events in KY-TN District
Jul 3-10 ----------------------------------------- Cumberland Grove Family Camp
Jul 4-8 ------------------------------------------- Cumberland Grove Youth Camp
Jul 10-15 --------------------------------------------------------- Maysville Kids Camp
Jul 22 ----------------------------- Annual District Conference—Lexington KY
Jul 25-31 ----------------------------------------------------- Maysville Family Camp
Sept 7-10 ------------- Best Years Fellowship (BYF) Retreat—Maysville KY
Sept 16-18 -------------------Fall Ladies and Girls Retreat—Jamestown TN