MALEFICENT zobacz/pobierz



MALEFICENT zobacz/pobierz
Kasia Jurkiewicz
Karolina Żak
Karolina Sobczyńska
Karolina Wajsowicz
kl. 1 ag
On English lesson Mrs. Dorota Miszczuk divided my class into six groups.
Each group had to prepare a project about movie,book or sport. I was in a
group with my three friends - Karolina Żak, Karolina Sobczyńska and
Karolina Wajsowicz. We did a project about the movie 'Maleficent'. We
chose this movie because it is very cool and has an interesting story.
Preparing it, we had lot of fun.
This is a short description about movie 'Maleficent':
This movie was filmed from 13th June to 19th October 2012. The movie’s premier
was in 2014. The main character is Angelina Jolie. The filmmakers were inspired
by the character known for 'Sleeping Beauty' - Diabolina. The title witch was once
a beautiful and good girl. The war interrupted her joyful youthfulness. Treason
changed her heart in stone.The Vengeful casts a curse on Aurora – a newborn
daughter, heir to the throne of the kingdom enemy. Diabolina realizes that Aurora
can be a key to bringing peace between the kingdoms. She makes decisions that
forever will change both worlds.
Interesting facts :
● Jude
Law was taken into account for the role of the King Stefan.
● Emma Thompson and Judi Dench were taken into account for the
roles of
● Logan Marshall-Green, George Blagden, Gael García Bernal and Jim Sturgess
were taken into account for the role of Diaval.
● Patrick Stewart was taken into account for one of the roles.
● Film producer job offered Richard D. Zanuck, who however died in 2012.
● Angelina Jolie performed all movie stunts.
Filming places (England, Great Britain) :
▪ Iver Heath
▪ Petworth
▪ Little Gaddesden
A cast :
Angelina Jolie -> Maleficent
Elle Fanning -> Aurora
Sharlto Copley -> Stefan
Sam Riley -> Diaval
Lesley Manville -> Flittle
Imelda Staunton -> Knotgrass
Juno Temple -> Thistletwit
Brenton Thwaites -> Prince Phillip
and many others...
Short review :
We think it's an excellent interpretation of a popular story "The Sleeping Beauty"
because it shows transformation of evil into good. Diabolina with time turned her
negative setting of Aurora into love.
Unlike in the legend, here it is not a strange man who wakes up the princess but
but Maleficent who really loved her.
I think that this information is encouraging to watch this movie.
These are effects of our work :