Body Zones - Sally Matthews



Body Zones - Sally Matthews
FA S H I O N ’ S
Get in the best shape of your
life, as Bazaar has your
catwalk-inspired fitness
regimen all figured out
Compiled by sally matthews
The stomach made a comeback on the
catwalks for spring/summer with everyone
from Miu Miu to Jason Wu showcasing cool
crop tops hovering over washboard tummies.
Wear waistlines high to eliminate any risk
of muffin top and follow these tips to
a toned midriff
Founder of Dubai’s 5 Dimensional Health,
James Heagney, also agrees. “1,000 crunches
a day alone will not give you a flat stomach,” and
suggests trying dumbbell thrusters, which,
although not a direct ab exercise, “will burn large
amounts of body fat due to the high metabolic
output,” he explains, ensuring this season’s
stomach skimming tops are almost within reach.
The quick fix
jason wu s/s13
“Cut out processed and de-natured
food from your diet,” says co-founder
of Physique 57, Tanya Becker,
whose New York gym will open its
doors in Dubai next month. “This
will help you shed false fat – the
water weight, bloating and
inflammation that result from
eating these types of food.”
“The most effective ab exercises
are those that target your entire
core; traditional sit-ups and
crunches fail to do this,” Tanya
explains, advising we try her
Rockette exercise, which involves
lying on your back and raising legs
straight up to the ceiling. “Then lace
your hands behind your head and
curl your head, neck and shoulders
off the floor,” she tells Bazaar. “Lower
your right leg halfway down towards
the floor and draw your right shoulder
towards your left knee, twisting the
upper body. Continue to alternate
your legs and shoulders while
keeping your elbows wide, neck
relaxed and twisting from the ribs,”
and repeat 20-30 times.
dkny s/s13
TRUNK ARCHIVE. DAN & CORINA LECCA. prices approximate
The long haul
If you want to shape up your tummy quickly
for summer, plastic surgeons Dr Maurizio
Viel and Dr Roberto Viel have brought
the first non-surgical Bodytite
procedure to Dubai. Using RadioFrequency Assisted Liposuction
(RFAL) and a vacuum motion it can
help reduce a thin layer of fat on the
body and tighten the skin.
Dhs680 per session, 6-8 sessions
recommended once a week;
Missoni Hotel Kuwait’s Six Senses
spa offers a Detoxifying Wrap,
which will eliminate toxins and
drive out any excess water weight
that may be causing bloating,
making rocking Missoni’s
skintight summer knitwear
a little easier. Follow this
up with the Detox
Massage, which also uses
techniques that will target
cellulite and invigorate
the body while helping
to flush out the toxins.
Dhs490, Detox Scrub &
wrap and Dhs515
for Detox Massage; ➤
at home
Try these products to help whittle
down your waistline
Designed to target fatty
deposits this can be
massaged into the tummy
three times a day for
smoother skin, Dhs510
shimmer body oil
Cheat a little by applying this
body oil to your tummy for a
bronzed glow that will improve
the skin’s appearance, Dhs240
tummy tuck sticks
Take these dietary
supplements after dinner
for two weeks to add
digestion and eliminate
toxins, Dhs288
Coffee Shape
Used to help with weightloss,
take the green slimming
coffee before breakfast,
Dhs200, at Harvey Nichols
June 2013| Harper’s BAZAAR|95
at home
For enviable arms, try these
home remedies
This stimulates
and eases
muscles, Dhs310
Fashion’s new erogenous zone is definitely
the back and shoulders. With the likes of
Gucci showcasing slinky backless dresses,
and Michael Kors offering dresses slashed
to reveal toned shoulders and backs, the
upper body is in
body buff
A perfect
treatment for
smooth skin,
To show off your back and shoulders,
Dubai based personal trainer Marlene
Bunston recommends doing pull-ups
and push-ups. “These will give
a lovely shape to the upper back as
well as shoulders and arms,” she tells
Bazaar. She also suggests trying the
overhead press: “Start off with the
standard standing overhead barbell
press, which is heavily dependent
on a stable strong core, while also
hitting the upper back, shoulders
and triceps in a big way.” While
Zen Yoga instructor, Laura
Farrier suggests doing poses
such as Urdhva Dhanurasana
(Bridge pose) which “develops
back flexibility and is a great
beginners who can’t push
up from the floor, “they
can use a wall. There is a
correct method to all
yoga poses and only an
experienced teacher is able to
guide you and make poses
work best to suit the
physicality of your body,” she
adds. James Heagney also
warns: “If you have back ‘fat’
then you need to cut down on the
carbohydrates. Try exploring a low
carb nutritional plan as well as
getting plenty of exercise.”
The quick fix
The quick fix
svelte body desire
This body moisturiser helps
to slim, firm and smooth
skin, Dhs387
exfoliating scrub
Kerastin Florian
Remove dead skin cells and
leave skin glowing with this
exfoliating scrub, Dhs212
96 | Harper’s BAZAAR | June 2013
body bronzing
Laura Mercier
Apply this to your back
and shoulders for a
sunkissed glow,
calvin klein s/s13
imperial body balm
For silky smooth skin this
body balm will nourish sun
damaged skin and leave it
looking youthful, Dhs215
Flex long, lean arms in this season’s strapless
dresses. From Chanel to Calvin Klein, tight,
toned arms are every stylista’s essential
The long haul
trunk archive. dan & corina lecca. prices approximate
Ensure you have a buffed upper
body with the help of these
skincare blitzers
trunk archive. jason lloyd-evans. prices approximate
at home
To ensure your back and shoulders
are buffed and glowing, opt for the
Fire Vitamin C Supreme Cocoon
Scrub at Bahrain’s Ritz-Carlton Spa
that works to revitalise skin and
combat sun damage, which will
leave your upper body smooth
and prepped to slip into Gucci’s
white backless number with ease.
Dhs535 for a 75-minute treatment;
For an all over body treatment to target
stubborn fat deposits, such as on the back,
making Chanel’s strapless dresses an option
for summer events, try Rebecca Treston
Aesthetics’ Ultrasound Cavitation. Using
ultrasound, this 60-minute treatment
concentrates on targeting fat cells and
breaking them down into a liquid, which can
be eliminated naturally. After just one session,
centimetres will be shifted from your body.
Dhs2,000 per session;
Arm Sculpt
Helps to define
and firm arms
and leave skin
looking younger,
Zen Yoga instructor Laura Farrier
recommends “moving from plank pose to
Chaturanga Dandasana (a press-up position
with bent elbows). If done properly it will
improve general upper body strength in
women as well as specifically working the
tricep and bicep muscles.”
“We love any opportunity to target the back
of the arms,” says Physique 57’s Tanya.
“The Triceps Can-Can is a fun exercise that
will give you super-toned triceps as well as
strengthen your thighs and core.” Tanya
explains, “Start in a seated position with your
legs bent in front of you, feet on the floor,
hands by your sides and fingers facing forward.
Lift your seat off the floor and bend your
elbows. Bring your right knee into your chest.
As you straighten your arms, also straighten
your right leg. Then bend your elbows and
your right knee again. Keep on bending and
straightening your elbows and leg. Repeat
the can-can 10-15 times then switch legs
and do another 10-15 kicks per leg.”
chanel s/s13
gucci s/s13
michael kors s/s13
The long haul
Chanel’s oversized pearl necklaces aren’t the
only pearls to be investing in this season, try
Remède Spa’s Pearl Escape treatment this
month (at St. Regis, Doha). Beginning with
skin brushing and body scrubbing this will
tackle those little spots that can appear on the
backs of your arms. Followed by a body wrap,
its detoxifying qualities will help with lymphatic
drainage, thus making the arms appear
more slender. To finish off and ensure you
are ready to go sleeveless this summer, the
spa will give you a moisturising body mask
to leave your skin soft and glowing.
Dhs2,088 for the Pearl Escape package,
including lunch;
Targeting areas such as the arms,
Proellixe is a favourite with the A-list.
Using Advanced Vibration Technology
you can stand on the machine and the
vibrations going through your body have
been proven to accelerate weight-loss and
improve muscle strength.
Dhs200; ➤
Beat the bloat fast
For a quick fix, try Dubai’s new
juice company Essentially. Opt
for its five day ‘Beginners
Revitilisation Cleanse’ (Dhs1,495),
which will eliminate toxins and
water weight leaving you feeling
lighter and more energised.
June 2013| Harper’s BAZAAR|97
The long haul
The long haul
Planning on donning this season’s thighskimming skirts and 1950s-style shorts?
Make sure your pins are in supermodel
shape with Bazaar’s hot tips
“If your backside is growing you need to cut
processed food out of your diet, including soft
drinks,” warns James. “My number one
exercise for firming up your butt is the deadlift
(get a qualified trainer to teach you this move).
Done correctly it’s one of the best exercises you
can perform.” Physique 57’s Tanya also
recommends the Pretzel move: “It’s a great
exercise to taper the waistline while lifting your
seat muscles. Say goodbye to muffin tops!”
dolce & gabbana s/s13
body brush
Body brushing is essential
for eliminating cellulite
and toxins. Use daily for
a better butt, Dhs207
at home
Use these for smooth
and pert posteriors
bodycontouring anti
cellulite gel
This deep
bum lift
penetrating gel is
perfect for applying
Try this for instant
just underneath the
firming and smoothing
butt, Dhs190
for your derriere,
Tanya explains, “For this exercise you will
need to start seated with your right leg at
a 90 degree angle in front of you and
your left leg at a 90 degree angle behind
you. Bring hands straight in line with
the shin of your right leg. Bring your
back thigh as far behind you as
possible and tilt your foot higher
than your knee. Raise your left leg
off the floor and remember to
engage your abs. Repeat 30 times
on each leg.”
hervÉ lÉger s/s13
“Clean eating plus heavy squatting
equals a lot less cellulite and sexier
legs,” says personal trainer Marlene.
“Squats are so important, because
you are predominantly using your
lower body for this (think great legs
and butt), but it is also a heavily
core dependent movement,”
James Heagney tells Bazaar. “If
you struggle to tone your legs, it’s
highly likely you cannot detoxify
your body’s estrogens. The best
foods to assist you here are
cruciferous greens such as
broccoli, kale and spinach,” James
adds. “My exercise tip would be to
ditch the jogging and change to sprints
twice a week. Combine with plenty of
lunges in your gym sessions and see how
fast the results follow.”
If you want to rock this summer’s body-con
dresses and high hotpants from the likes of
Burberry Prorsum, check out our quick fix
ways to posterior perfection
enrich body
Make sure to
exfoiliate dead skin
cells with a good
body scrub, Dhs294
98 | Harper’s BAZAAR | June 2013
Anne Semonin
Apply this anti-cellulite gel twice
a day, which also helps to firm
and sculpt, Dhs446
at home
For legs to rival Gisele,
add these to your
beauty regimen
spa-fit firming and
toning gel cream
This zesty cream packed
with caffeine and citrus
wakes up the skin while
leaving it firmer, Dhs179
burberry prorsum s/s13
Perfect legs
skin miracle
Use this serum packed with vitamin C
on legs to repair skin’s imperfections
and any bruising to leave you with
a bronzed glow, Dhs207 at Asos
cream gel for
tired legs
Let this cooling
cream tingle on
your skin – perfect
for applying
trunk archive. getty images. prices approximate
Give the illusion of
more slender legs
by ensuring your
pins are suitably
tanned, Dhs190
at Sephora
trunk archive. dan & corina lecca. prices approximate
For catwalk strutting legs, The Madinat’s
Talise Spa offers Vela Smooth Body
Contouring Treatment, which focuses on
cellulite and weightloss. Feeling like
a warm deep tissue massage, it uses
infrared light and radio frequencies to
heat the skin while a specialised vacuum
rolls and manipulates the skin to
shrink fat cells that effect cellulite.
Dhs4,250 for set of six 45-minute sessions;
Over at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi’s spa, its
60-minute Mama Mio Hip and Thigh Toning
treatment is perfect if you’re donning Burberry’s
hot pants this month. Designed specifically to
treat bulges, reduce cellulite, ease water retention
and improve the skin texture around the waist,
butt and thighs, it will leave you with a slimmer,
more toned silhouette. Try a course of six
treatments over eight weeks for the best results.
Dhs550 per 60-minute session;
isabel marant s/s13
The quick fix
The quick fix
For pert rears that will look chic
in a Hervé Léger bandage dress, try
The Address Dubai Marina’s Slimming
Ceremony Treatment. Starting with
a lymphatic massage, it’s followed by
the application of Chinese suction
cups, which will combat cellulite and
tackle fluid retention.
Dhs680 for a 75-minute treatment;
Another treatment to try is
Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite
& Colon Therapy (60 Minutes) at
Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu
Dhabi. Aimed at improving
cellulite by stimulating circulation
and lifting skin, the treatment also
includes an abdominal massage,
which cleanses the colon to help
detoxify the body from the inside.
Dhs696 per session, recommended
two treatments per week for four
weeks; ■
Body zones
James Heagney, founder of 5 Dimensional
Health, Dhs7,900 per month;
Tanya Becker, co-founder of Physique 57,
opening in Dubai in July;
Marlene Bunston, Personal trainer, Dhs300
per session; [email protected]
Laura Ferrier, Zen Yoga,
Dhs70 per class;
Esentially, Juice Shop,
June 2013| Harper’s BAZAAR|99