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MAY 2013 • Vol. XLII, No. 5
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175YE RS
Building Community
Transforming Lives
Engaging the World
Come Holy Spirit!
Sunday, May 19, 2013
™™ 175th Anniversary
Campaign Pledge
™™ Festival Music Sunday
Letter from lewis
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175YE RS
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May 2013
“And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind,
and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. Divided tongues, as of fire,
appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them.”
Acts 2:2-3
175th Anniversary
Campaign Dedication
Dear Friends:
Everybody likes a birthday party. Sunday, May 19, is Pentecost Sunday; it
is the birthday of the church. The Book of Acts tells us that on the festival of
Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus, the Holy Spirit came upon the gathered
disciples like tongues of fire. From that moment on, these early disciples were
joined together not just by ties of friendship, family and common purpose, but by
the indwelling Spirit of God. That day, they became the living, breathing body
of Christ sent into the world to live in the bonds of love and to witness to the
good news of Jesus Christ. On November 17, 2013, we will be celebrating the
175th birthday of Second Presbyterian Church, but on May 19, 2013, we will be
celebrating the birthday of the church universal.
On Pentecost the Holy Spirit set the disciples afire with evangelistic and
missionary zeal, thus creating the church. This Pentecost Sunday (May 19)
we will also celebrate the Spirit’s creation of our particular congregation as we
dedicate pledges toward the 175th Anniversary Campaign.
The Anniversary Campaign builds upon Second’s heritage of mission and
outreach by raising $5 million to strengthen four ministries.
™™ Westminster Neighborhood Ministries (WNM) - $2 million. Westminster’s
100+ year-old building is beyond renovation and repair. The Anniversary
Campaign will help WNM expand its inner city ministries through the
construction of a Family and Adult Service Center and a Children and
Youth Service Center.
The church lives today in the power of the Spirit. The well-known preacher,
Dr. Fred Craddock, asks, “What would happen to the church if the Spirit of
God were withdrawn? It could stay alive for a number of weeks, maybe even
months. If you have personality and a lot of talent and a good bit of money and
some projects and a few parties, a dead church can go on for weeks, delaying the
inevitable obituary. The prayer of the church, ‘Do not take away your Holy Spirit,’
is what makes us a church.” (“The Softer Side of Pentecost,” The Cherry Log
Sermons, p. 69).
™™ The Enright Fund for Youth and Young Adult Ministries - $2 million. This
endowment fund supports two enriching opportunities for youth and young
adults. “Footsteps of Faith” leads High School seniors through a nine month
study of Acts, culminating in a trip where students walk in Paul’s footsteps
while exploring their personal calling as disciples. “Young Adult Volunteer”
program is a new ministry providing a year-long experience of mission
service, spiritual mentoring and vocational discernment for young adults
(19-30 years old).
The Spirit fills the church with energy, imagination, intelligence and love.
The Holy Spirit gives us our vision, picks us up when we fail and restores our
courage. The Spirit sends us out to be bold witnesses for Christ. This year,
Pentecost Sunday is our Festival Music Sunday. Our music that day will draw
upon a variety of musical traditions and focus on the theme of the Holy Spirit.
We will hear the testimony of some of our High School Seniors who will witness
to the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives of faith and service. It
will also be the day we dedicate our pledges to the 175th Anniversary Campaign
for mission and outreach. As the Spirit has led us in the past, we pray that the
Spirit will continue to lead us into the future that God has planned for us. So we
pray, “Come, Holy Spirit.”
™™ Northside Mission Ministry (NMM) - $500,000. This rapidly growing
ministry serves the needs of neighbors living within the shadow of our
church spire. The demand on our food pantry alone grew 38% last year.
Anniversary funds will serve as seed money for expanding NMM to new
levels of ministry.
™™ Children’s Circle Preschool - $500,000. These dollars will grow the
preschool’s endowment fund, enabling the school to provide for scholarships,
tuition assistance, program enrichments and capital needs.
The Campaign seeks pledges that can be paid over a three year period,
concluding December 31, 2016. It can receive gifts of cash, securities, IRA
mandatory withdrawals, insurance policy cash value, etc. A planned gift or
bequest may also be appropriate. Gifts may be designated toward one or more of
the Campaign components.
Yours in Christ,
Lewis F. Galloway
Your support will clothe, feed, educate and support children and families
in great need, showing the love of Christ in the most practical of ways.
You will also help youth and young adults discern their calling as Christ’s
disciples. More information is available in the Atrium, McFarland Hall and at
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Second Presbyterian Church
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May 2013
c a r e a nd s u ppor t
The community of Second Presbyterian Church offers many
different services, groups and ministries who provide care, support
and enrichment to the congregation and surrounding community.
The examples in this newsletter are just a few of many ministries
and groups which continue to build our community of faith.
Prayer Group
You’ll Never
Walk Alone
Serving as
God’s Hands
The death of a loved one can plunge
you in to the depths of despair. Faced
with loneliness, anger and confusion, it is
difficult to chart a new path for your life.
Before a hospital visit, one of our
pastors decided to pick out a prayer shawl
for the patient. She carefully sorted
through dozens of beautiful shawls,
admiring the intricate patterns and
kaleidoscope of colors knit together by
members of the prayer shawl ministry
Members of the Bereavement
Ministry Team are dedicated to walking
alongside those who have experienced
a loss. They often take on the role of
listener, providing a loving presence for
someone who is suffering.
One of the team members explains
her commitment to this ministry:
“We all experience loss to one degree or
another, but we can never hurt more
than our Lord has hurt. Grief shared
is grief diminished. It’s an honor to be
with someone who is hurting, to listen
and acknowledge their pain. And it is
gratifying to see someone emerge from
overwhelming hurt.”
Finally, she settled on one and
presented it to the patient. The young
woman was incredibly touched by the gift
of the prayer shawl, “Someone made this
for me? People prayed for me when they
dedicated this shawl?”
The dedicated knitters create booties
and hats for babies, knit caps for college
students and shawls for persons in
need—most of whom they will never
meet. Their handiwork is a testament
to God’s spirit as it moves among us,
connecting His children to each other in
both bold and subtle ways.
Before being shared with members
of our church family, the completed
shawls and other items are assembled
in the chapel and dedicated with prayer
during the Service of Wholeness and
To learn more about the Prayer
Shawl Ministry, contact Pat Shirey at
Small Group
Mission Sew-ers
A small but dedicated group of
women meet every Monday from 10 a.m.
until 2 p.m. in the Presbyterian Women’s
room - 230. The purpose of this ministry
team is to work on sewing projects for
congregational missions, charitable
organizations and needs within the
The women accomplish many
projects. They make sleeping bags for
the homeless, pillowcase and T-shirt
dresses for girls and women in Kenya
and adult patchwork quilts for women’s
shelters. In addition, they make caps for
cancer patients, headbands for the Susan
G. Komen breast cancer run and baby
quilts to sell to offset the cost of many of
these projects. They work on a number of
special projects for the children at Riley
Hospital, including brightly colored
pillowcases and puppy pillows for the
We all experience grief differently, but
we don’t have to do it alone. Our brothers
and sisters in Christ want to walk with us
through the dark valley and accompany us
on the path to new life.
If you or someone you know is
interested in the Bereavement Ministry
Team, please contact Pat Shirey at
May 2013
c a r e a nd s u ppor t
Page 4
Second Presbyterian Church
children to take home and fleece
baby blankets. These women make
costumes, props, and puppets for
special activities at the church, such
as Christmas pageants and Vacation
Bible School.
May Memorial Service
The Monday Mission Sew-ers
welcome contributions of fabric, old
mattress pads, blankets and sheets.
They also need good pillowcases
and brightly colored fabrics to make
clothes for girls and women in Kenya.
Most importantly, they would
welcome new members to this very
special ministry team in the life of the
church. If you have items to donate, or
are interested in joining the Monday
Mission Sew-ers, please contact Doris
Stewart at 407-5385.
Support Group
Group Sticks
Is someone close to you living
with Parkinson’s disease? You may
want to join the Parkinson’s Support
Group, known as “Sticks.”
One stick by itself can be easily
broken, but a bundle of branches
is harder to break. The members
of this group stick together to
confront Parkinson’s with strength,
perseverance and faith.
The group meets the first and
third Wednesdays of each month
from 11 a.m. to noon in Room
112. “Sticks” is always open to new
participants and welcomes those who
have Parkinson’s and their loved ones.
For more information,
contact Bunny Alexander at
[email protected]
™™ Wednesday,
May 22
™™ 6:30 Reception
™™ 7:00 Worship
Each year we gather to remember those
we have lost. You are invited to be a part of this
intimate worship service in the chapel, which includes
the naming of individuals who have entered the Church
Triumphant. Following the service, a bagpiper leads the
congregation to the site of a tree planting on the church
grounds. This living tree honors the memory of those who
have passed on.
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May 2013
c a r e a nd s u ppor t
M ission a nd B e n e v o l e nc e
The Men of Second Presbyterian Church
present the 30TH Annual
Steak Dinner
Servan s at Work
FRIday, May 17, 6 PM
Isaiah 42:6 says, “I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness….to free captives
from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.”
By Rik Hagerty
Ten Years Guided by the Spirit
In April of 2003, the Holy Spirit led us to embark on a
ministry of building wheel chair ramps for low income persons
imprisoned in their homes by disabilities or the effects of aging.
Acts 5:32 says, “…and we are witnesses of these things; and so is the
Holy Spirit, whom God hath given to them that obey him.” With
our very first ramp, the Spirit led us to a family that, unknown
to us, was in danger of having their disabled child removed from
the home due to having no safe access in case of emergency. For
ten years we have been “…witnesses of these things” on a daily basis.
There are times the Spirit’s presence is seen in the volunteers
themselves. Our current Chairman of the SAWs Board of
Directors tells this story: “I started volunteering on SAWs’
builds in 2008. I should have started in 2005. Now looking
back, I can see that I wasted three years of my life! I could
have been receiving the blessings that I receive every time that
an individual that had been held prisoner in their own home
experiences the freedom that I enjoy every day; the freedom of
independence; the ability to re-join their community and the
joy of leaving their home without having to rely on someone
Often we see the hand of the Spirit in the generous
individuals that financially support the SAWs mission. A
Second Member had been praying about what to do with a
recent financial windfall that had blessed her family. On Sunday
morning she heard the SAWs message and immediately knew
what she wanted to do. She came up after the service and
expressed a desire to share her blessing with us. That gift freed
three people from their dungeons.
™™ Indianapolis Colts coaching staff for the last 12 years under
Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell and now Chuck Pagano
Gift and
™™ Tampa Bay Bucs
coaching staff for 6 years
under Dungy
™™ Paul “Bear” Bryant
coaching tree, coaching
under Mississippi head
coach, Steve Sloan.
Sunday, July 14
Sometimes the evidence of the Spirit leading our ministry
is in the outcome of our efforts; a young boy being given his
freedom for the very first time in his young life; an elderly
woman living alone finally able to go outside for the first time in
five years; or a young woman able to take her dying father out of
their tiny, dark apartment for a walk in the sun just weeks before
his passing.
May 2013
Indianapolis Colts Quarterbacks Coach
The Deacons of Second Church
and the Christmas Benevolence
Committee invite you to participate
in our annual “Christmas in July” gift
purchase and wrapping drive on Sunday,
July 14, 2013. Gifts may be purchased
by congregation members for ten ($10)
dollars and wrapping stations will be
made available in McFarland Hall. You
may also purchase your gift online.
In Psalm 51, the Psalmist pleads, “Cast me not away from
thy presence; And take not thy Holy Spirit from me.” God doesn’t
“take” the Holy Spirit from us. It is more likely we ignore the
Spirit’s voice. It has been said, “There is no force in heaven or on
earth that can overcome the Holy Spirit…except our own will.”
Christmas Benevolence, a church
wide program administered by the
Deacons, provides Bibles, food,
clothing, personal items and gifts,
bringing Christian love, encouragement
and support to clients identified by local
social service agencies. The Christmas
in July program is the kickoff event for
Questions? Contact Amy Lee at
253-6461 or [email protected]
Every single day of the past ten years, the Holy Spirit
has been with the SAWs ministry and each and every person
involved with it. It has been a privilege to witness it and be
amazed and awed by it.
Page 6
Second Presbyterian Church
™™ University of North
Carolina; Starting
Quarterback; led team to the Peach and Liberty Bowl
™™ Fresno City Junior College; All-American quarterback
The Indianapolis coaching staff is known for having one
of the highest concentrations of Christian coaches in the
NFL. “How many coaches would long for just one or two
fellow Christian coaches to fellowship with? We have about
eight here. We can close the door and pray about something if
we need to at any time. Coaching is really secondary to really
important things like treating people right,” Clyde said. The
coaching staff gathers for weekly Bible studies, giving credit
to Who they believe is the foundation of their franchise. Even
hours before they faced the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI
and New Orleans Saints in Super XLIV, they gathered for
their routine devotion.
The Steak Dinner is a fundraiser benefitting Shepherd
Community Center in east central
Indianapolis. Enjoy the speaker and a
great dinner for one price. Adults are
$25 each. Youth, 15 and under, may
community center
purchase steak for $15 or a hamburger
for $10. For more information, or to
make reservations or donations, visit
Page 7
May 2013
C hi l dr e n a nd f a mi l y
C hi l dr e n a nd f a mi l y
Summer brings changes in the Sunday children’s schedule
Please use the chart below to track what offerings are available for your children on Sunday mornings.
9:30 AM
Nursery to
age two
children will
stay in their
classes all
10:30 AM
11 AM
9:30 AM
Begins May
10:30 AM
11 AM
9:30 AM
Time With
then Sunday
10:30 AM
11 AM
9:30 AM
Time With
then Sunday
10:30 AM
11 AM
Time With
then Sunday
Sunday School
Time With
then Sunday
Message then
begins on
May 19
Gr. 3
Worship with
Worship with
Worship with
Worship with
Gr. 4
May 19
from the
Faith Family
Gr. 1
Gr. 2
Worship with
Resume class
on August 11
Gr. 5
For parents attending
9:30 a.m. worship or class:
9:30–10:30 am
Nursery through age two: These
children will stay in their respective classes
under expert care until they progress
out developmentally. If you have any
questions, talk to the friendly Children’s
Ministry staff. We love to help!
Age three through Grade 3: Children
in these age groups will remain in their
current classes with their dedicated
volunteer teachers until Promotion
Sunday on August 11.
Grades 4 & 5: Fourth and fifth graders
join their parents in worship in July. Our
45 Degrees class and their tireless leaders
will have a summer break during July and
return to class (at their new grade level!)
on Promotion Sunday, August 11.
May 2013
10:30–10:55 am
Beginning May 12, everyone is invited
to meet during “Intermission” on the east
playground. There will be
lemonade and donut holes in the
shade and plenty of room to run
(or stand and chat) safely within the
fenced playground. Meet old friends and
make new ones! Enter the East
Playground near the Multipurpose room
on the second level. If it is raining, please
join us in McFarland Hall on level three.
For parents attending
11 a.m. worship service
Nursery: These bundles of joy not
yet steady on their feet will return to the
nursery for loving attention from paid
staff and volunteers.
Page 8
Toddlers and twos: We have the staff,
volunteers and environment for these
energetic little ones in Room 233.
June 24-28 , 9:15 am -noon
Registration is now open for our 2013 Vacation Bible
School. We will gather the week of June 24-28 from 9:15 a.m.
to 12 noon to explore this year’s theme of Stories from the Faith
Family Tree. This theme will thread throughout the week’s
activities in Worship, Bibleland, Music, Arts & Crafts, Games
and Missions. There will be a registration and information table
in McFarland Hall starting April 28 and running most weeks
through the first week of June. You may register children who
are age 4 (by 9/1/13) though grade 5 (currently) for VBS online
at now, or you may turn in a paper
registration form starting April 28 at the VBS table in McFarland
Hall, at the VBS drop box at the church welcome desk or mail
it to the church marked: “Attention: Sue Jackson”. Volunteers
are also needed and may register via the same website or paper
In celebration of our 175th church anniversary,
we reflect on our heritage as God’s covenant people.
Our most creative God invites us to be God’s
people and promises to be our God. During
this week long adventure, children, families
and volunteers of all ages will come to know
more fully the God who has created us, who
gathers us, who promises to be with us and who
invites us to participate in God’s work in the world.
Together we will experience the stories of our
ancestors in faith, witnessing both their astounding
faithfulness and their remarkable humanness.
Through their stories we will see ourselves in the
family of faith, knowing that we too are children of
God, brothers and sisters to one another, invited to
add our story to the Faith Family Tree.
Threes: Inquisitive threeyear-olds are invited to start
worship with their families. After
participating in the “Time with
Children,” they will be escorted by
Children’s Ministry staff to join the
toddlers and twos in Room 233.
Fours to Grade 2: When Choir School
ends for the summer, this group may
join their friends after the Time With
Children in a new experience of learning
about God’s word in an experiential way.
Children’s Chapel will run from May 19
through August in Rooms 305 and 309.
They may also choose to stay with their
families and join in worship.
For more information, please contact Sara
Breitzmann at [email protected]
or 317-582-0037. We look forward to exploring our
Faith Family Tree with you this summer!
Grades 3 to 5: Having studied our
worship experience and its meaning, these
children are invited to stay and enjoy
worshiping with their families.
Second Presbyterian Church
Page 9
May 2013
C hi l dr e n a nd f a mi l y
in t e r g e r a t ion a l r e t r e a t
BIB/THEO Key Verse:
a new
thing; now it sprou
Scripture: Isaiah 43:19–21
Join us in May as we conclude our season of intergenerational worship
by celebrating the Gift of the Holy Spirit!
Jesus ascends to heaven, promising his disciples the gift of the Holy
Spirit to comfort and guide them. We know the Holy Spirit in the symbols
of water, wind and fire.
May 5: “Water”
Jesus promises the Samaritan woman “living water.” How is the gift
of the Holy Spirit like the gift of water… eternally cleansing, refreshing,
uniting? John 4:7-15 and John 14:25-27
May 12: “Wind”
God has breathed the Spirit of Life into us. We cannot see it, but we
can see what it does. Genesis 2:4-7 and Romans 8:12-16 and 26-27
Waycross Camp and Conference Center
May 19, Pentecost: “Fire”
August 2-4, Friday night to Sunday, Noon
or... A Saturday Only option!
Now in its fourth year, the intergenerational retreat known
as Second Summer Celebration will be held at Waycross Camp
and Conference Center this year. This all-inclusive retreat center is
located in Morgantown, Indiana.
We have created a relaxing, flexible and affordable weekend
for all ages. You’ll enjoy an experience which brings together
members from all walks of life to learn, grow and share in God’s
love through our enlightening speaker, games, food, fellowship, a
campfire, music, worship, recreation, square dancing and more. It
is an amazing time for all generations.
Arrive on Friday for check-in between 3-5 p.m. Dinner
begins at 5:30 p.m. We depart after worship on Sunday at 11:30
a.m. To get more information visit us in McFarland Hall during
coffee hour, online at or contact Jim
Riley or Karen Reynard at the church, [email protected]
org, [email protected] or 317-253-6461.
John baptized with water, Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with
fire. Gathered in Jerusalem, Jesus’ disciples received the baptism of the Holy
Spirit, igniting their courage to preach, teach and live in Christ’s way. Luke
3:16 and Acts 2:1-21 On this last Sunday of the season, we will gather at the
Pavilion at the north end of the property for worship and a picnic.
Page 10
Second Presbyterian Church
Connection to Campers: Children in elementary schoo
YOUNGER being away from home. Some may be excited, some ma
YOUTH ways at the same time! This passage from Isaiah can be
July 29 – August 2, 2013
lines of: “If God can bring water to the desert, surely Go
Children rising to grades 3–9 are
Some children may be afraid of things that are new. Est
invited to enjoy a wonderful week of
INTER- campers know what to expect can help them to be mor
sleep-away camp at PYOCA, our very
own Presbytery
Notes: To
lead your campers, read th
1. in Brownstown, Indiana. Campers
from Second and from Westminster
Neighborhood Ministries will spend
the week making friends, catching fish,
swimming, hiking, crafting and playing
❒ Morning Worship
in the midst of God’s creation. The cost
You’re Invited
is $300 and spaces are
up fast!
Jackals and Ostriches
For more information, to
register for
❒ Discover
with aaCamp Pack
camp, volunteer at camp
or to sponsor
camper, please pick up a brochure in the
literature racks or visit our webpage at
❒ Evening Worship
Cabin Devotion
[email protected] resumes on September 8!
Spring Cleaning?
Do you have old sports trophies
collecting dust in your kids’ rooms?
We are collecting small trophies and
awards for the students served by the Umoja
Project in Kenya. The teens participating in
the Kenya Carnival Youth Leadership Trip
can take them to Chulaimbo, Kenya next
month. Please drop off any small awards,
medals or trophies in the atrium by May 31.
May 2013
[email protected]
OLDER Focus: God wants to do a new thing with me this week
Page 11
Daily Guides for Younger Children
May 2013
P r e sb y t e ri a n w om e n
Aspir e Yo u t h minis t ri e s
You Are Invited
to a
Celebration of Service,
Worship and Confirmation
Wednesday, May 8, 8-9 pm
The entire congregation is invited to join this year’s Confirmation Class, the
Niners, for a wonderful celebration and service of worship in the Sanctuary at
Second Presbyterian Church. At this service, we will celebrate the sacraments
of baptism and the Lord’s Supper and
will honor each individual confirmand
with a service of blessing. Please plan
on joining us and the families of our
confirmands for this meaningful time of
worship together as a church family.
The worship service follows a time
that evening when the Niners meet
with the elders of Second Presbyterian
Church to discuss their faith journey.
The parents of the Niners meet with the Niners Staff and Advisors to discuss the
year and what comes next.
nspiring Speaker Series
Join Presbyterian Women for the
143rd Praise Gathering
Summer Sale
Thursday, may 9, 11:15 am
Born in Hannibal, Missouri (yes -- the home of
Mark Twain and the “show me” state!) Karla spent
her growing years in Quincy, Illinois. She married
Michael, her husband of over thirty years, following
her graduation from high school and they have one
daughter and two granddaughters. She deems
herself a country/city girl but her heart lies in the
country. She and her family lived in rural Alaska
for four years, three of those without running water.
It was there she learned how to walk in faith. Today the
Dornachers reside in Vancouver, Washington.
Planning and collecting has already
begun for this year’s annual summer
sale! Plan to attend and find those
hidden gems! Or volunteer to help
set up! To donate items to be sold at
the sale, please drop them off at the
Northeast doors, under the white
awning, on or before, June 2. Profits
from the sale go to local and global
missions and other projects.
Sunday, May 12, 9:30 & 11 am worship
The congregation will celebrate
Confirmation with these wonderful
young people who will publicly
declare their faith at both the 9:30
and 11 a.m. services. Confirmation
marks the culmination of a nine
month faith journey together and a
confirmation of the promises their
parents made at their baptism. It
is our hope that you will attend
worship on this Mother’s Day
to celebrate all of the mothers in
your life, but also to honor our
young people who have decided
to take this important next step
in their faith journey. Thank you
for being an important part of
the community that has and will
continue to nurture the faith of
these young people.
“Welcome to the
wonderful world of
Karla Dornacher
where love flows,
faith grows
and hearts blossom
in the light of God’s
glory and grace.”
We look forward to seeing you
on Wednesday, May 8, at 8 p.m. and
then again on Sunday, May 12.
May 2013
Karla has a warm, devotional style of writing and to
date she has written and illustrated 16 books and has a
collection of products created from her art. Faith, family
and friendship are the main focus in her writing. Three
of her books were on the CBA Bestsellers list including
Love in Every Room, Down a Garden Path and Give
Thanks. Her books have sold over 500,000 copies.
She painted her first watercolor as a gift for her
daughter’s wedding in 1993—previously she said
everything she tried turned to mud! Based on scripture
she began a series of paintings consisting of common,
every day things such as a teacup to remind us the
spiritual refreshment that comes from spending time
with the Lord or an apple to depict the fruit of the Spirit.
Karla reminds us that God loves to take ordinary
people, ordinary women, and do extraordinary things in
us and through us. The Lord has a unique plan for each
of our lives and the more we allow Him to have His way
the more we will see His hand at work.
We have no idea of what God can do until we let
Him in.
Tickets for the May Gathering will be available
during Coffee Hour the three Sundays prior to the event,
at the church reception desk during regular business
hours or online anytime at
Free childcare is available by calling (317) 252-5519
at least one week prior to the event.
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May 2013
M u sic a nd fin e a r t s
M u sic a nd fin e a r t s
100% Chance of Rain
Faith in the City
Sunday, May 5, 4 PM, Multipurpose room
The Story of The Church Federation of Greater
Indianapolis: Exhibit of Photographs
Second’s Children & Youth Choir Musical presented in honor of
Robert Shepfer and Margaret Herder
On June 7, 1912, ministers from the Indianapolis Ministerial Association
gathered at Roberts Park Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown
Indianapolis to organize what would become The Church Federation of
Greater Indianapolis. The organization was one of the first half-dozen church
federations in the United States. Its purpose was to keep the city’s white
Protestant clergy aware of the intellectual and social issues of the day and
focus attention on moral and religious issues affecting the growing city of
Indianapolis. One hundred years later, The Church Federation is a vibrant
ecumenical ministry that seeks to unite people of all faiths in addressing the
needs and concerns of the people of Greater Indianapolis.
Second Presbyterian Church has been a part of the Church Federation
for most of the Federation’s existence. In 2012, the Federation celebrated its
100th anniversary with a number of different events, including an exhibit
of photographs that outlined the history of the organization. The Fine
Arts Team at Second was asked to put the exhibit together. This work was
carried out by Bob Bratton, Sally Bratton and Linda Rinker. The exhibit
was first displayed at the Indiana Interchurch Center at 42nd and Michigan
Road and at the Federation’s centennial gala; during the past six months, it
has been shown in various churches in the city. Now the exhibit comes to
Second, where it may be seen in the West Gallery on the third floor between
CenterPoint Counseling and room 356, beginning in late April.
Before Organist/Choirmaster Emeritus Robert J. Shepfer came to Second Church
in 1966, “Choir School” consisted of a loosely-organized group of children who learned
a few anthems to sing for worship. Even longer ago, when the church was located
downtown at Vermont and Pennsylvania Streets, the youth choir was composed of a
reluctant gaggle of Sunday School boys and girls stuffed into white surplices and bribed
into singing Away in a Manger for the annual Christmas Pageant. When Mr. Shepfer
arrived from Royal Oak, Michigan, he brought a finely honed Choir School program
that included notation,
formal music training,
Christian Education, guest
performers, clever incentives
that encouraged even the
most reticent child to
participate, anthems scaled
to appropriate age levels
and a supportive team of
choirmothers and helpers.
Ascension Window by Tiffany Glass
The Art of Second
Linda Rinker
Wednesday, June 12
11:30 am - 1:15 pm
Everyone is invited to join us for
this special luncheon as Linda Rinker
will present illustrations and history
of some of Second's most significant
works of art and architecture. You
won't want to miss this exciting walk
through Second's history.
Prepaid, non-refundable
reservations are required at $8 per
person and are available at reception
desk during business hours, online
at, and in
McFarland Hall during coffee hour on
May 26 and June 2. Sponsored by Sages.
May 2013
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Second Presbyterian Church
No wonder his Carol,
Crusader and Geneva choirs
were filled, with waiting lists.
He and his choristers were
in demand for workshops
and clinics throughout
the Midwest. His Head
Choirmother for 38 years,
Margaret Herder, regularly
wrote for the national publication Chorister Guild Letters, utilizing his knowledge
to formulate curriculum for Choir Schools throughout the United States. Shepfer
made learning come to life with colorful scarves representing notes, large charts, Orff
instruments and his singing puppets Irving Insect and Blonde Margaret. Children
vied to be “Minister of the Day,” when he unraveled the mysteries of adult worship by
patiently walking them through the service with its Doxology, prayers, Gloria Patri and
scriptures, before they participated on Sunday morning.
Proudly worn by two generations
of Mr. Shepfer’s choristers, these
brightly ribboned pendants have
their origin in the great cathedrals’
English Choir Schools, signifying
years of enrollment. They range
from neophyte green, for first year
students, to coveted gold for senior
singers. The crests mimic heraldic
coats of arms, with a Saint Andrew’s
cross emblazoned by a lyre and choir
school nomenclature.
Mr. Shepfer’s training encouraged two generations of children to understand and
enjoy singing as adults. Choir School graduates Kyle Falk and Erin Twenty Benedict
currently sing in the Sanctuary Choir, and many others sang in local high school and
college ensembles. Emily Ristine recently starred in a local musical production. In short,
Mr. Shepfer was amazing. In this 175th year anniversary when we celebrate the legacy of
Second Church in all of its facets, the church owes him a tremendous debt of gratitude.
He will be attending the present Choir school’s presentation of Walter Horsley’s
100% Chance of Rain, detailing Noah and the Flood, Sunday, May 5 at 4 p.m. in the
Multipurpose Room. Bring the family. Admission is free and a reception will follow.
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May 2013
Non-Profit Org.
Permit No. 1512
Indianapolis, Ind.
7700 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46260-3699
Address Service Requested
Travel Opportunity
If you have recently changed your e-mail address, please contact the church
office at 253-6461 or [email protected] to update our records!
Lake Fellow Weekend
Open to All
Enjoy beautiful fall scenery on an
8 day/7 night Canada and New
England Cruise.
September 28 - October 5, 2013
Caribbean Princess Cruise Line
The cruise ship departs New York Harbor
on September 28 with stops in Newport, RI;
Boston, MA; Bar Harbor, ME; Saint John, New
Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Cabin Space is limited! If you are interested
in this beautiful fall cruise, please make your
reservation prior to May 31 to hold your cabin
Brochures are available at the reception desk
with details of prices and deadlines. Please call
Kathy Stacy, (317) 253-6461; Wanda Baker,
(317) 873-4937; or Michele Foltz (Grueninger
Travel), (317) 218-0849. Trip is sponsored by
May 2013
June 1-2, 2013
Rev. Caitlin Deyerle and Rev. Jim Lunde
will complete their two years with us here at
Second Church on June 1-2. The weekend
includes a dinner for them with their families
on Saturday evening hosted by the Lake
Fellow Ministry Team, followed on Sunday
with preaching at all services (morning and evening) with a reception in
McFarland Hall after the 11 a.m. service.
The two years have consisted of many opportunities for Caitlin and
Jim to develop their ministerial skills by working in pastoral, congregational
and academic areas of the church. Included in these are evangelism, mission
outreach, Christian education, preaching, administration, weekly seminars
and time spent with faith mentors who are members of the congregation.
Sunday, June 2, will be a great opportunity for you to hear them preach
and talk with them at the reception before they move on to where God leads
them in their next calling. At the reception, Caitlin and Jim will receive
a few gifts from the church including a Memory Book of notes, cards and
letters from members of the church. If you would like to contribute to this
book, please e-mail Bev McGee at [email protected], or drop
your note in the Lake Fellow box in the Atrium at the church.
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Second Presbyterian Church

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