Master of Laundry Love



Master of Laundry Love
Fall 2O11
carry on.
Connecting Alumni
and Friends
The Learner-Centered
From your home in Washington, Oklahoma, or North
Carolina, you may wonder who is teaching the next
generation of leaders at Life Pacific College? Why are
they there? What do they find as they engage students in the classroom? In the next several issues of
Carry On, we’ll introduce you to some amazing professors and share their perspective of the 2020 leader.
A 1976 graduate of L.I.F.E. Bible College in Los Angeles, Terry Samples was a
youth pastor, district youth pastor, and
pastor. However, his great love of learning,
inspired by beloved professors such as Sam
Middlebrook and Don Pickerill, kept bringing him back to the path of education. “I
found myself wanting to make a contribution to the Church and the Body of Christ
in a different way,” said Dr. Samples.
So he continued his studies at Azusa Pacific
University, receiving a PhD in Religion and
Social Ethics Studies, which equipped him
to serve the Body through academics. Dr.
Samples says, “A formal education gives
the minister a diverse set of tools. Studying under different teachers gives people a
broader perspective as they approach life
and empowers them to create solutions to
the problems they will face as they minister
Carry On In
Reaching The World
Master of
Laundry Love
A 1996 graduate of LIFE Bible College, Amy (Bates) Snyder
is wearing a lot of hats these days: wife, mother, preacher,
church planter, children’s minister, church administrator,
business owner, community liaison, student, and Master
Launderer. Seriously!
Just when I thought that it couldn't get better at LPC, the
2011-12 school year launched. Wow! Amazing returning students.
Amazing incoming students. A move of God on campus. All that,
and we get to be Foursquare too.
Some of the highlights around here include an approximately 10%
increase in the number of incoming students. I believe this speaks
of a new level of partnership and trust between LPC and the local
church. Secondly, our campus diversity is growing with a 33%
Master of Laundry Love
After serving as youth pastors in Washington and Oregon, Jason
and Amy Snyder planted a church in Vancouver, Washington, a
city they have always loved. After seeking the Lord for His plan,
the answer came in the summer of 2010 as the Lord provided the
opportunity to purchase a laundromat in the heart of the poorest
part of Vancouver. “It was old and run down. It was vandalized,
and yet, it seemed to be a central place for that neighborhood
to congregate. As we began remodeling, we met so many people
who just wanted to share their story with a pastor,” says Amy.
Steadily the place was remodeled and by December of 2010, they
opened their first Laundry Love Project (LLP), an initiative founded by Greg Russinger. Amy explains, “Two times a month we have
free wash and dry nights. It has also become a 7-day a week
proximity place--a place where we as a church can hang out, meet
people, and build relationships. Our newest family that attends
our church was a family we met there. They are newly committed
to Christ and walking through recovery from addiction.”
“The biggest lesson I have learned is that God has called ME--not
the me I wish I was [but the me I am]. I feel free to minister with-
Carry On In Reaching The World
in my personality and God-given gifts.” Amy went on to say that
LIFE was an integral part of her personal and ministry formation.
It was while at LIFE that she gained a high value of the Word of
God and learned to study and articulate the Bible.
But wait, there’s more! Amy is a part of the first cohort of master’s
degree students at Life Pacific College. “I had always wanted to
pursue a master’s degree. When I heard that LPC was offering its
first master’s program, everything in me knew it was finally time!”
According to Amy, “It has proven to be everything I hoped for. It
has been insightful, engaging, challenging, and manageable. It
has surprised me how connected I feel to my cohort and professors when we only see each other through discussion boards every
week. It has been a huge benefit to be paired with such a diverse
cohort. I have fellow students who are pastors of mega churches
and church plants, some have pastored for 30+ years, and others
are just starting out. We have youth pastors, and marketplace
ministers.” She finds the combination of such vast experience and
viewpoints a real strength to the educational experience.
“It has already been fruitful for my ministry. It has brought a
renewed vigor while informing me of current trends and organizational studies.” Amy has found that, “Everything I study is
applied to what I currently do as a pastor and a business leader.”
From the classroom to the laundry room, each day is another opportunity to share God’s love with a hurting world.
Hispanic population among our new students. My prayer is that our campus will look more and more like the world we are trying to reach
with that beautiful multi-hue of heaven. We're getting there.
We've also gone through an extensive re-branding process with a fresh logo and look. You’ll notice a familiar old name is new again as
we’ve embraced a piece of our heritage in our new name for this publication: Carry On. As with many of the early influences in our
movement, this originated as a military term. It was the phrase used by senior officers as
an order to the soldiers to resume or continue doing their work, to continue to do what
they were trained to do. Our heart is to honor our amazing past as well as boldly and innovatively march into the future as we all Carry On.
Lastly, let me say thank you. Wherever I go and speak, I hear and feel such affirmation of
the role of Life Pacific College in training and raising up the next generation of leaders.
Add to that our exploding Masters in Strategic Leadership program that enables leaders to
raise their leadership quotient while serving in the field…well, this thing is just getting
downright fun! Thank you for your love, prayer, and financial support. Together, we will
effectively Carry On in reaching the world.
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L.I.F.E. Bible College
Phil '54 and Millie (Hay '54) Starr faithfully served the Foursquare Church in active ministry for 52 years including many
years as missionaries. Most recently, in
their “retirement,” they led a large medical
team to war-torn Sri Lanka. Seventy people
from five different countries partnered
with a large Sri Lankan team to serve the
medical needs of thousands of devastated,
displaced and hopeless victims impacted by
the 25-year long civil war in the northern
part of Sri Lanka. In all, 11,000 people were
lovingly and compassionately treated and
cared for.
Glen'66 and Sharon (Scruggs '68) Pummel have ministered for over forty years in
Costa Rica, Chile, Nebraska and Colorado.
Currently, they live in San Antonio, Texas
and serve in the Mid-South District Office
of Foursquare Churches. They have two
sons, John and Jeremy. Jeremy and his
wife, Amy, pastor the North Rock Church
in Thornton, Colorado.
Dennis Robbins ’69 is living in Riverside,
California and serves as the Director of Facilities Management at Azusa Pacific University.
Bethany Loucks ’76 works as an emergency
room counselor in Port Townsend, Washington. She has two children, Laurie, who
has two boys, and Larry who has two girls
and serves as a youth pastor.
Carl Mosser ’95 lives in Thorndale, Pennsylvania with his wife Elisabeth and six
kids: Hannah (12), Josiah (9), Patience (7),
Calvin (5), Silas (3), and Simeon (1). Carl
serves as an Assistant Professor of Biblical
Studies at Eastern University.
Mount Vernon Bible College
Oscar '67 and Barbara (Bradley '66) Shepherd have served in churches in the Mississippi Valley for over 40 years. With two
children, five grandchildren, and one great
grandchild, Oscar and Barbara continue
to pastor the LaSalle, Illinois Foursquare
church – their home for the last 24 years.
Lewis '71 and Brenda Bowers'69 retired in
2009 after pastoring for 38 years in TX, CO,
NY, OH, and CA. They now live in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and have two children and three grandchildren.
Milton '73 and Lora (Thompson '73) Ledford are now living in Wooster, Ohio. Milton is a licensed clinical counselor and
ordained minister with the Church of God,
and Lora works with mentally handicapped
and disabled people.
Ginger (Alcorn '75) Wills and her husband
Jim now live in New Castle, Indiana. Ginger is a happy stay-at-home grandmother of
The Learner-Centered
Bonnie (Whitley ‘81) Rauch is currently
serving with the young adult and worship
ministry at Belmont Foursquare Church in
Belmont, North Carolina. Her husband,
Larry, went to heaven in 2007 after a battle
with pancreatic cancer. They have two
children: Todd (24) is serving in the Army,
and Kara (20) is a Junior at Appalachian
State University.
Connie (Severs ’81) Shaffer ministers at
New Hope Foursquare Church in Moline,
Illinois as the church secretary, graphic
designer, youth leader, and missions representative. She has four sons and two
Bob ’85 and Shari (Hollingsworth ’85)
Bankhead have served in various roles
of Foursquare ministry in the Charlotte,
North Carolina area for over 25 years.
They have served as Senior Pastors of the
Mooresville, NC church since 2000. They
have two sons: Nate (23) and Cameron (20).
Dawn (Edwards '88) Morton has spent
many years serving in children's and youth
ministry in the Eastern and Great Lakes
Districts. Dawn now serves as Christian
Formation Instructor at Ashland Theological Seminary. Her husband Russell also
serves at ATS as Professional Fellow in New
Testament. Both are involved in research,
to people every day.”
When asked how the classroom has changed since his years as a student in the seventies,
Dr. Samples referred to the intentional shift in teaching strategies. “One of the changes I
have seen in the classroom is the emphasis on student learning. In my days as a student,
the teacher spoke and the student listened. The teacher often took the role of a preacher
and told the student the truth. The emphasis was put on what the teacher knew. Now in the
classrooms at LPC we emphasize what the student learns, not what the teacher knows. We
call it a learner-centered classroom.”
LPC’s commitment to grounding students in biblical truth remains a bedrock value for the
college, however, the method of imparting this value has understandably changed with the
times. Students are encouraged to move from passive listening to active engagement. More
space has been created to foster student dialogue and interaction with the material they are
studying to ensure that learning takes hold. The outcome is students who have obtained
the necessary critical thinking skills to effectively navigate the challenges of life in ministry.
Finally, beyond the dialogue, Dr. Samples believes that every classroom is to be an example
of pastoring people and an opportunity to model ministry. “Not only do we teach the skills
of ministry, but also the conduct and character of a minister,” says Dr. Samples.
Dr. Terry Samples has taught at Life Pacific College since 1997. His wife, Dr. Gayle Samples, founded Emmaus Road
Christian Counseling. Emmaus Road has over 30 volunteer academically-trained counselors seeing clients, including LPC students, The Dream Center, pastors, and members of the community.
writing, and academics to assist students in
higher education and ministry.
Joseph ’60 and Dolores (Bradley ’60) Dove
now live in Greenwich, Ohio. They have
two children, three grandchildren, and
four great-grandchildren.
LIFE Bible College East
Leslie Arter ‘99 has served in Foursquare
churches, the district office, and several
parachurch organizations since graduation. She is currently the Director of Eastminster Presbyterian Preschool in York,
Isaac ’01 and Desha (Black ’02) Davis currently serve as the young adult/youth pastors at Bedford Foursquare Church. They
are the proud parents of Evalyn, Gavin (5)
and Judah (3).
Life Pacific College
Rande Vick ’02 and his wife Sunnie live
in Round Rock, Texas with their two boys,
Judah (8) and Levi (3). Rande serves as a
youth pastor.
Krystal Wedekind ’05 is a registered nurse
in Bakersfield, California. She sees daily
how the Lord’s call to combine ministry
and nursing is working in her life. She is
also an active Disaster Team Responder for
the Red Cross.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011
Reverend Don McGregor, 1953 L.I.F.E. Bible
College alumnus, heard about this welcomed
news from his tax advisor. Don shares, “In
2008, I established an endowed scholarship
fund at Life Pacific College in memory of my
wife, Sally, to bless students called to fulltime missionary service. I decided to add to
this endowment with a charitable contribution from my IRA. It’s a wonderful way to
honor the lasting memories of friends and
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