Eskaton Monroe Lodge dining
room features limited editions
of art by Gregory Kondos
On Feb. 14, Eskaton
Monroe Lodge unveiled
their remodeled dining
room, featuring limited
editions of Gregory Kondos’ artwork. Further promoting the deep ties the
community has to the Land
Park neighborhood, Eskaton staff worked closely with Moni & Gregory
Kondos (current midtown
residents) to design a “journey though California” art
experience. “How much
more Sacramento can you
get than Kondos,” Tristin
Benjamin, Executive Director of Eskaton Monroe
Lodge, said. “We are lucky
to have received such a gift
as working with the Kondos family,” he said.
The unveiling was a wonderful, informal and candid
afternoon tea with Gregory
while he entertained the residents and invited guests with
his delightful humor and
funny life stories.
Moni and Gregory shared
stories from throughout
his career and their life together and they took guests
through an exploration of
each piece chosen for the
permanent display. From
the Sacramento Delta to
Half Dome in Yosemite
State Park, no matter where
you turn your head, his sig-
Valley Community Newspapers, Inc.
nature “touch of blue” comes
out to draw you in.
With close ties to the Land
Park neighborhood themselves, Moni Kondos reminisced with residents about
watching Eskaton build this
community. Gregory would
pass Eskaton Monroe
Lodge frequently when he
taught at Sacramento City
College and Moni lived
just blocks away before
meeting Gregory.
The Kondos artwork in
conjunction with original
watercolor paintings by Jan
Miskulin, and art classes by
Oak Park artist Patris Miller, broadens this active retirement community’s love
for visual arts and its forty years of history in Land
Park. Monroe Lodge is
dedicated to supporting local businesses and artists in
all aspects of the community. Beyond the arts, Eskaton also serves local specialties such as Vic’s Ice
Cream every night in their
new Kondos Dining Room.
About the new Kondos installation, Eskaton resident
Dyna Leonard exclaims, “I
am so happy we get to enjoy his art every night, what
a treat!”
Photo courtesy
Artist Gregory Kondos speaks with Eskaton Monroe residents and guests. Some of his works are now housed in the dining room.
Scott Okamoto is a sales counselor at Eskaton Monroe Lodge,
which is located at 3225 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento. • March 13, 2014 • Land Park News