Body cavities and abdominal regions



Body cavities and abdominal regions
Body cavities and
abdominal regions
Body Cavities
Are openings within the torso which
contain organs, protect delicate organs
from accidental shocks and bumps, and
permit the expansion and contraction of
organs without disrupting the activities
of other organs.
Dorsal Cavity
 Located on the posterior/dorsal surface of
the body and surrounds the brain and spinal
 Two components:
• Cranial Cavity
– created by the bones of the skull to protect the brain
• Spinal (Vertebral) Cavity
– Formed by the vertebrae of the spine and surrounds
the spinal cord
Ventral Cavity
 Located on the anterior/ventral surface of
the body which contains the chest and
 Two Components:
• Thoracic Cavity
• Abdominopelvic Cavity
Thoracic Cavity
 The portion of the ventral cavity superior to
the diaphragm. It contains:
• Pleural Cavities
– The spaces surrounding each lung
• Mediastinum
– A middle tissue mass diving the lungs into two cavities
– Includes the pericardial cavity, esophagus, trachea,
and large blood vessels.
• Pericardial Cavity
– Space in which the heart is located
Abdominopelvic Cavity
The portion of the ventral cavity inferior to the
diaphragm. It contains:
• Abdominal Cavity
– Superior: from the diaphragm to the top of the pelvic girdle
– Contains organs including the stomach, spleen, liver,
gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine and most of the large
• Pelvic Cavity
– Inferior: surrounded by the pelvic bones
– Contains urinary bladder, appendix, part of the large intestine,
and the reproductive organs.
Abdominal Regions
The abdominopelvic cavity is so large that
it is divided into regions.
•Four abdominal quadrants
•Nine abdominal regions
Abdominal Quadrants
Right Upper
Quadrant (RUQ)
 Left Upper Quadrant
 Right Lower
Quadrant (RLQ)
 Left Lower Quadrant
Abdominal Regions
In the middle:
Epigastric – above the stomach
Umbilical – near the umbilicus (belly button)
Hypogastric/pelvic – below the stomach
Right and Left:
Hypochondriac – below the ribs
Lumbar/lateral – near the large bones of the spinal cord
Iliac/inguinal – near the groin
Abdominal Regions

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