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The Southeast Press - Cleveland City Council
Help Cleveland’s
children by mentoring
My Mentor My Friend volunteers spend lunch
time once a week with a 4th grader to support
and encourage their improved academic attitude,
social skills and self esteem.
Experience Corps tutors work one on one
with children in grades K through 3 at least twice a
week to focus on helping with basic reading skills.
Both are programs of Greater Cleveland Volunteers serving Cleveland Metropolitan Schools.
If you enjoy children and would like to learn
more, Councilman Johnson urges you to call
216-391-9500, ext. 125 today!
Kenneth L. Johnson
Councilman, Ward 4
Cleveland City Hall
601 Lakeside Avenue, Room 220
Phone 216-664-4941
Don’t Forget...
Ward 4 Community Meetings are
held every THIRD Wednesday of the month at 7 pm when Council is in
session. Meetings are held at 11802 Buckeye Road. Contact Councilman
Kenneth L. Johnson at 421-8639 if you have any questions.
Kenneth L. Johnson Recreation Center News
9206 Woodland Avenue | 664-4124
2012 Kenneth L. Johnson Wildcats Banquet
at Kenneth L. Johnson Recreation Center
Call 664-4124 for hours and full schedule details.
Now through August 17 Cleveland youth ages 18 and
under can enjoy free breakfast from 10 to 10:30 am
and free lunch from 12 to 1 pm, Monday through
Friday at Kenneth L. Johnson Rec Center.
Come enjoy the
Aqua Playground & Outdoor Pool
Wednesday - Sunday, 11:30 am- 7:30 pm
Councilman Johnson
(at top) supervises the
cleaning of the Kenneth
L. Johnson Rec Center
outdoor swimming pool
and water park.
(Back Row, left-right) Asst. Coach Jack Blackwell; Team Manager Kevin
Johnson; Head Coach Darian Johnson; (Center) Johnny Perrymond;
Javell Swift; Jayshon Bester; Thomas Traylor; Jhyree Thompson; Keanu
Green; Charles Rosser; Cordell Davis; (Front Row, left-right) Jaylynn
Casey; Donald Vinson; King Sherief Fletcher; Anton Norman; Arthur
Keith; Darryle Mosby Jr.; Quandre Woods; Romell Warren.
Earlier this year the Kenneth L. Johnson Recreation Center held its annual awards banquet. Councilman Johnson spoke to the
players and their family and friends at the banquet. Dinner were served, awards were presented and fun was had by all!
2011-2012 Indoor
Soccer Champs
Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Kenneth L. Johnson Indoor Soccer Champs:
(Back Row, left-right) Johnné; Sakiah Ramon; Soccer Coach Leonardo
Harris; (Front Row, left-right) Josiah McNair; Anton Morgan; Mankell Norman;
Reginald Jackson.
Kenneth L. Johnson
Councilman, Ward 4
Summer 2012 |
Student speaks on
Mayor Jackson’s
Transformation Plan
Ward 4 Senior of the Year David Bailey with Councilman Johnson
and Mayor Jackson at Cleveland’s annual Senior Day
celebration held on May 16, 2012.
Mr. David Bailey has lived in Cleveland’s Ward 4 since
1963. He attended Allegheny College and Yale Law School
graduating with a Juris Doctorate of Law in 1957. Following
graduation he served in the U.S. Army from 1957 to 1960 in
the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.
Upon the end of his military service, Mr. Bailey joined
the law firm of Thompson, Hine and Flory. He left there to
work for the law department of National City Bank, where
he remained until his retirement in 1995. Mr. Bailey has a
long history of volunteer work with his political party and
the community. Since 1963, he has held positions with
progressive responsibility including precinct committeeman, elected leader of Ward 4, County Vice-Chairman, State
Central Committee, and Vice- Chairman of the Executive
Committee. He was presented with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from his local political party in 1994 and was
awarded entry into its “Hall of Fame” in 2006.
In 1970, he became one of the first trustees and Board
Chairman of the Buckeye Area Development Corporation
(BADC). In 1990, Mr. Bailey was again elected the Board
Chairman of BADC and continues to serve in this role. His
work involves revitalizing the BADC’s efforts in housing,
community development, and in helping to provide local
services to answer the many needs of residents. Mr. Bailey
has received a number of awards throughout the years
including BADC’s “Neighbor of the Year” and “National City’s
Volunteer of the Year” both in 1987.
Mr. Bailey holds the distinction of being one of the
original members on the Board of Trustees at the Northeast
Ohio Regional Sewer District. He has served as a volunteer
with the Cleveland Housing Network and he has held positions as the President and Secretary of the Kiwanis.
Dave Bailey says the thing he has appreciated most has
been the opportunity to meet, work with, and be involved
with so many truly exceptional people who, without the
community work, he would probably never have met. He
enjoys spending time with friends and relatives.
Congratulations David!
Cleveland student DeShaun with Councilman Kenneth L. Johnson at Cleveland City Council.
At the April 9, 2012 Cleveland City Council meeting, DeShaun Nettles, a student at Buckeye Woodland Primary School,
spoke before Cleveland City Council. The young man gave his opinion about Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s Transformation Plan
for Cleveland’s schools. The mayor’s plan, which is designed to improve the quality of education in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District as well as charter schools in the city, was passed by state lawmakers in June.
Miceli Dairy Products $16 million
expansion underway
In October 2011, Miceli Dairy Products
Company broke ground on a $16 million
expansion project to increase cheese production, create 50 jobs and help revive the
Buckeye Woodland neighborhood.
Phase one of the project, now underway, consists of expansions to the existing
plant on East 92nd Street,
followed by construction
of a milk intake center,
customer and visitor
center, test kitchen, and
research and development center on East 90th
Phase two, which is a
five-year endeavor, calls
for clean-up of a brownfield west of East 90th
Street, followed by construction of additional
warehouses, a bio-digester to convert cheese
byproducts into energy, and a new mozzarella
TOP (left-right): Councilman Johnson; Cuyahoga County Council President C.
Ellen Connally; Daniel Walsh, President, Huntington Bank - Greater Cleveland
Region; Joseph D. Miceli, CEO, Miceli Dairy Products Company; Mayor Frank
Jackson; John J. Miceli, Vice President, Miceli Dairy Products Company; Rosemarie Surace, Treasurer, Miceli Dairy Products Company; Cleveland City Council
President Martin J. Sweeney.
LEFT: Councilman Johnson presented congratulatory resolutions to Joseph and
John (pictured) Miceli in recognition of their company’s expansion in Ward 4.
and provolone factory.
Miceli’s was started in 1949 by John
Miceli, Sr. in Cleveland’s Buckeye Woodland neighborhood. He began by selling
traditional Italian cheese to local families and
corner stores in Cleveland. Now, Miceli’s
cheese can be found across the nation.
Harvey Rice School Principal Leon Rallings
(top left) is greeted by kindergartners. The
students sang Happy Birthday to Principal
Rallings and presented him with a card.
(ABOVE, left-right) Chaunsey Ratcliff; Marshon Ratcliff; Coach Dennis Harris, NYSP Director at CWRU; Deeshann Morgan; Councilman Kenneth L. Johnson and Stephan Dickey.
(ABOVE) Councilman Johnson looks on as Harvey Rice student Stephan Dickey solves
algebra problems.
(BELOW) Councilman Johnson, Coach Dennis Harris along with students Zelondre Hall,
Andrew Pyles and Stephan Dickey speaking before Ms. Wright’s 5th grade class. The
students were asked how they would improve Harvey Rice.
(BELOW) Councilman Johnson, Ward 6 Councilwoman Mamie Mitchell and Coach Harris
share lunch with Harvey Rice students.
Medicine a
welcome t
The Coral Company
moves to
(ABOVE, left-right) Peter Rubin, President & CEO of the Coral Company, Ward 6 Councilwoman
Mamie J. Mitchell, Councilman Johnson and Mayor Frank Jackson.
(INSET) Councilman Johnson with Peter Rubin, Mayor Jackson and a young guest.
A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in October 2011 for the relocation
of the Coral Company from Cedar Center in University Heights to Shaker
Square. A Cleveland real estate management and development company,
Coral’s offices are located above CVS on Shaker Square.
CMSD students
intern at the Coral
(left-right) Councilman Kenneth L. Johnson, Lideja White, Brittany Brewster and
Peter Rubin, President & CEO of the Coral Company.
Recently, Cleveland Metropolitan School
District students Lideja White (Whitney
Young) and Brittany Brewster (John Adams
High School) participated in a 10 week paid
internship with the Coral Company. The
students learned about property management,
development and financing.
(left-right) Benedictine President,
Rev. Gerard Gonda - OSB, Councilman
Johnson, Bishop Roger Gries - OSB,
Principal Joseph Gressock and
Dr. Frank Bossu at the recently
completed Augie Bossu Field.
(COUNTERCLOCKWISE) Councilman Johnson and Rev. Gonda discussing plans to expand the
Saint Benedictine High School campus, located south of Buckeye on Martin Luther King Blvd.
Paul Mims, recipient of the 2012 Kenneth L. Johnson Scholarship, with Councilman Johnson
and Rev. Gonda.
During his tour of Saint Benedictine, Councilman Johnson stopped to talk with freshman
Mylz Reed who is a volunteer at the Kenneth L. Johnson Recreation Center.
Councilman Kenneth L. Johnson attended the White Coat
of Jamar Copeland at the Cleveland School of Science and
at the John Hay Campus. White coats are given to officially
the incoming freshmen class of aspiring doctors into full
hip of the school community.
The Buckeye neighborhood is a very important to Greater
Moving down Buckeye to East 116th Street, RTA,
Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA). To this end, RTA has
BADC, and NPI with the funding from NOACA, the Saint
established a very strong relationship with Buckeye Area DevelopLuke’s Foundation and the Cleveland Foundation a plan
ment Corporation (BADC), Neighborhood Progress, Inc. (NPI),
was completed in March 2010. This plan sets forth a vision for
and the Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland to enhance the RTA
the new station and other improvements. A concept of a new staridership in the area while leveraging RTA’s investments in its
tion, sustainability, and pedestrian improvements are included.
stations. This successful collaboration has resulted in two station
The ambiguous plan also studied the “greening” of Shaker Blvd.
area plans and a new station at the intersection of Woodhill/
to decrease the “wall”. New seating elements, green space, and
By Maribeth Feke, Director of Planning,
Shaker/East 93rd.
reduction of the size of these walls were included.
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Dust is flying at the intersection of Woodhill/Shaker/
The station is situated near the new Harvey Rice School and
East 93rd as RTA completes the construction of it new
Rice Branch Library Campus and the new Saint Luke’s Manor,
Buckeye Woodhill Station. At a cost of $3.5 million the new
which recently opened. Saint Luke’s Manor will provide affordable
station features two open glass canopies leading down to the
housing, health, and education services to its community. It
tracks, new platforms, and a unique ramping system to meet
includes the renovation of the 85 year old iconic Saint Luke’s
accessibility requirements. Public art includes a stainless steel
Hospital in three segments. Phases I and II includes 137 units of
sculpture of a microphone designed by local artist Stephen
senior housing. The grand opening of Phase I occurred on June 7,
Manka. The “manka-phone” is a 20’ foot high 40” style micro2012. Construction of Phase II is underway, while Phase III which
A rendering of the RTA
phone that trumpets the jazz history that is the “Heart and Soul”
includes 77,440 gross square feet of leasable commercial space
Buckeye-Woodland track.
of Buckeye. An intricate ceramic tile in-lay within the hillside of
will be completed in 2013. The investment in Saint Luke’s Manor
colorful ribbons designed by Richard Fleischman is entitled “ribPhases I and II is $39.5 million. Total investment in the Buckeye
bons of hope”. These ribbons provide colorful strands in the hillside. The colors were inspired by the cultural history
Neighborhood which includes the aforementioned projects is over $78 million.
of the neighborhood incorporating station designed by Richard Fleischmann.
Both RTA plans are to be adopted by the City Planning Commission this summer.
RTA also co-sponsored with BADC a Woodhill Station Area Plan generously funded by the Saint Luke’s
Next on RTA’s station list is to complete a design incorporating the station area plan for the East
Foundation and NOACA. This plan provides a development framework for the immediate area that includes housing
116th Station. That design is scheduled to begin in 2013. The Buckeye Neighborhood will continue to be engaged
development, park developments, landscaping, roadway, bike and pedestrian enhancements. The goal of the plan
in the design of that station. It is budgeted at $3.6 million.
is to leverage the RTA Station investment. The plan focuses on practical enhancements that can be implemented
RTA also has programs to enhance the rail line right-of-way. It will soon roll out both a mural demonstration
quickly at a reasonable cost. The idea is to make some immediate improvements to the area for the benefit of the
project as well as others. RTA has a bus stop improvement program entitled the “transit waiting environment proresidents while continuing to work on the longer term economic development projects. It is anticipated that this
gram”. This program provides up to $25,000 to improve bus stop. Those improvements include shelters, landscaping,
plan will be adopted by City Planning Commission this summer.
and public art. RTA partners with the local community for this program.
RTA partners with the
Buckeye community