string playtest



string playtest
Ashaway is the only US manufacturer of racquet strings and have been innovaive over the years using new
materials and different string constructions. They have now come up with a monofilament with no polyester
in it. Ashaway has been using ZYEX filaments in combination with other filaments in squash, badminton and
racquetball for a long time so they have a lot of experience with this material.
The advantages of ZYEX MONOGUT according to Ashaway are:
-- 100% Zyex monofilament string to provide exceptional dynamic stiffness and gut-like playability
-- Zero polyester Zyex polymer increases elongation, decreases stiffness for comfortable soft power
-- Surface design plus solid monofilament construction minimizes string movement, improves abrasion
resistance and durability.
The goal in designing this string was to use the ability of ZYEX to retain tension better than other synthetic
materials, offer more power than polyester strings and to use the softer feel to increase comfort. According
to Ashaway the string remains soft at higher tensions, which reduces shock on the arm. The smooth outer
surface reduces abrasion and increases durability.
The absence of polyester in Zyex MonoGut increases elongation and decreases stiffness, generating comfortable, soft power.
Zyex MonoGut is designed for players seeking both gut-like playability and superior durability in a solid
monofilament string, as well as players using monofilament strings in hybrid stringing patterns. A natural
gut-like tan in appearance, Zyex MonoGut is available in 40-ft (12 m) sets and 360-ft (110 m) reels. Recommended stringing tension is up to 60 lbs. (27 kgs).
In the lab
We tested the 16-gauge (1.27 mm) Ashaway ZYEX MONOGUT. The coil measured 13.4 meters or 43.9
feet. The diameter measured 1.31-1.35 mm prior to stringing, and 1.23-1.27 mm after stringing. The reduction in diameter was due to the extreme elongation for a monofilament string. We recommended stringing
at medium to slow speed and waiting for the string to stretch out before clamping. We found the elongation
about three times more than with other monofilaments. With these instructions we found we could get the
same DT every time. We recorded a stringbed stiffness of 35 Dynamic Tension on a Beers ERT 300 immediately after stringing at 25 kilos in a (16 × 19 pattern) racquet on a Prince 6000 constant-pull machine.
After 24 hours (no playing), stringbed stiffness measured 33 RDC units, representing a 5.7 percent tension
loss. Our control string, Prince Synthetic Gut Original Gold 16, using the same string as the USRSA, representing a 9 percent tension loss. We also tested the string 72 hours after stringing and still had a Dynamic
Tension of 33. The ZYEX MONOGUT added 15.3 grams to the weight of our unstrung frame. The string
has a smooth surface and was easy to work with for a monofilament. No weaving or friction problems were
found. The ERT tests were in the well above average range for this type of string.
RacquetTech II - 2012
The string was tested for five weeks by 30 ERSA playtesters, with playing levels of intermediate to
nationally ranked. These are blind tests, with playtesters receiving unmarked strings in unmarked packages. Average number of hours playtested was 11.2.
No playtester broke his sample during stringing, no stringers complained of problems with coil memory,
not typical with single sets of monofilament string, and no one said they had a problem with stringing. No one had problems with friction burn, due to the smooth surface. Several stringers said they pulled
the crosses slow as they noticed friction when pulling quickly with their 18 x 20 string pattern. No problems were reported tying knots. All rated it as a little easier to string than other strings in this category.
Tension Loss was rated from the same to much better from everyone. This was the same as our lab
tests. All of the testers found the string average to very good in Playability. Power was rated the same
to much better than other strings in this category. String movement and control were rated from average to a much better. Comfort and feeling were rated average to much better. Durability was rated
from a little worse to a little better than other strings in this category. Spin Potential was rated from the
same to much better. Five testers broke their strings between 4 and 13 hours of play(three in the middle of the stringbed and 2 at the top of the frame) from 26 players who returned the tests to us. Many of
the testers noted that the sound hitting the ball hard was totally different from polyester strings. All of
them said they liked the sound. Several found the strings vibrated in the grommets which was eliminated with a vibration dampener.
Ashaway ZYEX MONOGUT is a great monofilament string for players looking for the control and spin
of a thinner mono without the stiffness. The string has very good Spin Potential, good Power and very
low Tension Loss. A few of the testers would have preferred a thicker version of the string with open
string patterns and heavy topspin for a little more durability.
This string can be recommended from club players to tournament level players looking for a great mix
of power, low tension loss and spin with a crisp feel.
Almost every one of the testers said they would consider adding the string to their sortiment, which is
very unusal for a monofilament.
“Great sound when I hit the ball!“
Coach – Prince EXO3 Black
“I liked the string a lot and am looking forward to hearing what it is.”
Men’s Club Player with Head Extreme Pro
“Durability was all right but played much better than other polys I have tested.”
Men‘s 35 tournament player and coach – Head Speed Pro
“I only tested the string playing for a few hours and mostly coaching with it, but it played the same
over 4 weeks with no noticable tension loss.” Coach – Babolat Pure Drive
“I guess the brown color is the natural material color which I did not like so much at first. After playing
with the string the first time I loved it.“ Coach – Prince EXO3 Black with Kirschbaum Pro Line II
“Played great and I was sorry it broke after 5 hours and I only had one set.“
Men’s Senior Tournament Player
“Probably the best poly I have tested. No weak points to mention.” Intermediate Club Player – Head Radical MP using Tecnifibre Multifeel.
“I would recommend this string to my students from intermediate to ranked players. Good spin and no
string movement and easy on my arm.” Tournament player and coach – Head Speed with Poly.
RacquetTech II - 2012