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hot tails of red stick ...from 34
smile. There is that inner feeling of togetherness that was developed a long time
ago. We clicked, and that is such a good
thing. In our case, it was one of a bonding
of love and respect that some people
never obtain. We had it then, and we have
it still.
ome things change, but that is
only natural as we go through
life. However, when you visit
Red Stick, some things don’t really change
that much. You have to experience these
places in order to really appreciate their
importance. You can dance the night away
at the best entertainment emporium in the
Deep South - Splash, or you can catch
some fabulous karaoke sessions at
George’s. If these are not of your choosing, you have to do Hound Dogs. This one
has a lot of hidden character and has
become one of the best neighborhood
bars you could possibly find anywhere.
These are just three places that you have
to experience. No amount of words can
express the importance of these facilities
for the gay and lesbian community here in
Red Stick.
The city has lots of restaurants for you
to enjoy too, but sometimes you have to
look really hard to find them. You can ask
and find these places, but few will come
forth and actually advertise for fear of losing the business of straight customers. I
think it is the openness of business owners in San Francisco and Las Vegas that
has impressed me the most. Las Vegas
especially has a nice magazine, and when
you visit there, you know exactly where the
gay people hang out, and I don’t mean just
the bars. To an extent, Key West and
Provincetown are this way too, but unless
you find the publications that devote space
to the community as a whole, it is not an
easy task to locate where to go and what
to do.
Bookstores at one time were the unwritten ties to better understanding the
communities of most major cities. The Internet has changed the face
of the world. Now many of these book outlets have disappeared with
only a few holding on for dear life.
New Orleans, along with the Deep South in general, is fortunate
to have a publication like Ambush to tell the story of gay life for locals
and visitors. It is a publication with a purpose – to serve the community
and to promote it thoroughly in all phases of its existence.
Have a great Easter! And I’ll talk with you again soon.
Krewe of Apollo Brings Shirley Q. Liquor
to Baton Rouge Little Theater
he Krewe of Apollo will host a fund raiser featuring a very
special appearance by the Queen of Comedy, Shirley Q.
Liquor, on April 18th at the Baton Rouge Little Theater.
The show will be highlighted with appearances by Shirley Q.
Liquor and Betty Butterfield. Chuck Knipp is a drag comedian best
known for his controversial alter egos, the black-face character
“Shirley Q. Liquor” and “Betty Butterfield.” Liquor, a is cariacature of
a black southern woman. Knipp performs the character — an Ebonics
speaking, welfare-collecting mother of 19 children. In addition to live
performances, Knipp has produced several spoken-word CDs.
Knipp’s “Daily Ignunce” morning radio routine, usually 90 seconds
long, is syndicated and heard on radio stations throughout the United
States. Most recently, the character of Shirley Q. Liquor made an
appearance in cartoon form on the pilot episode of Laugh Out, the first
interactive, gay-themed comedy show. Shirley often addresses people
by saying, “How you durrin’?”
In addition, audiences will be entertained with the Gaylord Family
Gospel Hour, a musical presentation featuring the talents of Baton
Rougeans Sharon James and Cody King. Come join the travelin’,
gospel singin’ Gaylord family—Sister Vestabeulah, Daddy, Trey,
Barry and Ben Gaylord—for a night of worshippin’, revivin’, and
testifyin’ in the Roughneck Cabaret, “A Gaylord Family Gospel Hour.”
The fund raiser will be used to support Apollo’s annual Mardi
Gras ball slated for Saturday, January 16th at the Baton Rouge River
Center Arena. This year’s ball theme is “HORROR.” Tickets for the
April 18th fund raiser may be purchased starting March 27th through
the Baton Rouge Little Theater box office at 225.924-6496.
For additional information on “A Night of Ignunce,” visit website
at www.apollobatonrouge.com.
The Krewe of Apollo Baton Rouge is a non-profit organization
formed in 1989 primarily to produce an annual Mardi Gras ball.
Through this grand charity event Krewe members gather throughout
the year to raise funds and awareness to support HIV/AIDS education
and assistance. The Krewe of Apollo AIDS/Crisis fund, established
in 1994, provides emergency assistance to individuals affected by
HIV/AIDS who are unable to meet basic obligations for the necessities of life, such as medications, medical treatment, housing assistance and transportation. Most recently, the Krewe has partnered with
the local organization HIV/AIDS Alliance for Region Two, Inc.
(H.A.A.R.T.) by providing grants to the organization.
allons acadiana
by Patrick Clinton
Email: [email protected]
aster is upon us, which means two things;
Lent is finally com-ing to and end, and Spring
Break is here. And Sound Factory’s new look
makes it the perfect place to celebrate. The Sound
Factory and Back Side are Acadiana’s best place to be
a part of the gay nightlife. They are number one in
providing fun and entertainment to our varied and unique
Besides hosting some of the most memorable
events in Lafayette, they have weekly line-ups that are
second to none. With their daily Happy Hour specials,
they always make sure that every night of the week is its
own special party. And since they are open seven days
a week, they always have something incredible planned.
Whether you’re looking for a quick drink after work or
a wild night on the town, their separate weekly line-ups
make even the most uneventful night fresh and new.
From Show Night every Sunday and Karaoke on Tuesday
to their unforgettable dance parties every Friday and
Saturday, when you plan a night out at Sound Factory and
Back Side, you know it’s going to be an adventure. And
with ever changing drink specials, you’re sure to get a
great deal. What more can you ask for? It’s two bars in
one, and it won’t break you’re pocket book.
The weather is already getting warmer; before you
know it the temperatures will have three digits. Luckily
Acadiana has the Sound Factory and Back Side to relax
and cool off with great friends and a refreshing beverage.
Until next time, have fun and be safe. I’ll see you
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Brian out & about at Sound Factory
Darius with his usual at Sound Factory
Chris taking a quick break
at Sound Factory
Nicholas, Chris & Jeff
at Sound Factory
John & Mark always working
at Sound Factory
Corey visiting Sound Factory
Reed relaxing at Back Side
Steven cutting up at Sound Factory
Brandon enjoying karaoke
at Sound Factory
Spence is all smiles at Sound Factory
Lil’ Mark & Macky at Back Side
Louis having a cocktail at Sound Factory
Kyle (aka Barbara) at Sound Factory
Mark working karaoke
at Sound Factory
Natalie ready for a wild night
at Sound Factory
Rocky relaxing at Sound Factory
Travis cutting up at Sound Factory
Erin bartending at Sound Factory
Khory toasting at Sound Factory
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Karaoke, Cocktails, Smiles ~ Lafayette, Louisiana ~ Photos by Patrick Clinton
Steven working the door
at Sound Factory
GayMardiGras.COM • GayNewOrleans.COM • Mar. 31-Apr. 13, 2009 • The Official Mag: AmbushMag.COM • 39
out & about in mobile
by Bob Brunson
n spite of economy, this year the
2009 Mobile Alabama Pride Festival and Parade looks to be one of
the most exciting LGBT festivals to be held
in Mobile, Alabama. The weekend will
kick-off on Friday, April 24th, with a fabulous opening party at the beautiful Skyview
Lounge atop the Holiday Inn in Historic
downtown Mobile featuring a lavish cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres and incredible entertainment by the one and only
Tony Award nominee, Sharon McNight.
Looking out over the entire city of Mobile
Bar Baron Jerry joins Amuka live
at B-Bob’s
Emcee Darwin Singleton & guest
speaker Wilson Cruz cut up on stage at
the AQUA Community Awards
years and only returning to my hometown
here in Mobile 3 years ago, it never ceases
to amaze me what the LGBT community of
my beautiful hometown can pull off. You
have to see it to believe it! What most
people assume is small-town, USA is so
much more and has so much to offer.
Just a few weeks ago Mobile held its
Community Unity Awards Banquet. The
event was hosted by AQUA and proved
once again to be one of the most beautiful
events of the year. Over 15 LGBT organizations came together to award exemplary individuals in the community and the
Aqua Community Awards, Nightlife ~ Mobile, Alabama
Cody having fun
Mr. Louisiana Leather John Cauley
presents B-Bob’s owner Jerry Ehlen
with the Southern Renegades award
Pensacola’s Lauren Mitchell appearing
at B-Bob’s
Vision’s Twist owner Sonja Sandal &
Wilson Cruz show off his drink huggie
Jennifer Holliday
Some of the girls at B-Bob’s
Mr. Louisiana Leather John Cauley
presents Midtown Pub owner Darrel
Foret with the
Southern Renegades award
Cocktailin’ at B-Bob’s
Miss Cie loves her fans
and Mobile bay, you will experience a one
of a kind show from one of broadway's all
time greats.
The following day, on Saturday, April
25th, at noon, the 2009 Pride Festival in
the park will begin with vendors from across
the country and entertainment all day long
from noon until 6pm, right in downtown
Mobile’s beautiful and historic Bienville
Square. The entertainment line-up is exquisite and is opened by the Port City
Men’s Chorus and includes some of
Mobile’s very own talents such as Lisa
Christian. Josh Zuckerman will bring you
his awesome talents all the way from New
York City and the afternoon will be headlined by the incredibly fabulous Tony Award
winner and Two Time Grammy Award winner, the original Dreamgirl herself, Jennifer Holliday!!! You can’t beat this spectacular entertainment at even the largest of
pride festivals in the country.
On Sunday, April 26th, the Pride Festival in Bienville Square will continue with
many vendors and the always awesome
volleyball tournament. Many teams will
compete and the fun is endless.
After living in San Francisco for 25
event went off without a hitch. The emcee
from WPMI, Darwin Singleton, with his
innate style and wit, did an awesome job
to ensure that the night rolled along very
smoothly. The guest speaker, Wilson
Cruise, had the entire crowds’ attention
and the seemed to hang on his every
word. Congratulations to all the award
recipients and to AQUA for putting on such
a great event. Go to www.aquahelps.org
for a list of award recipients.
Mobile is not holding back at all when
in comes to making a change in the south
and especially when it comes to the rights
of the LGBT community. Come out, get
involved and be a part of making a difference. It’s up to you to support these
groups with their efforts as they work so
hard to support our community. Your
Rights, Our Rights, Human Rights!, is
the theme of this year's Pride Festival and
this theme says it all. I challenge you to
take part even if just for a day. Who knows,
you may even enjoy it. See you there. Pride
will be April 24, 25 and 26 and you can go
to www.mobilealabamapride.com to get
the schedule and all the information on
Pride Events.
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