Reaco Battery Selector Guide



Reaco Battery Selector Guide
Industrial Battery Selection Guide
Using the Industrial Battery Selector Guide
This guide allows for quick identification of tray numbers for the most commonly
assembled industrial batteries assembled by Reaco. The guide is also keyed to identify
which pricing sheet is used for each battery layout.
Figure 1 below illustrates what information is contained within the guide:
Figure 1:
The height of the most common layouts are
shown in the second column. The standard
tray heights for assembled batteries are
shown Table 1 at the bottom of the page
The X and Y dimensions and cover configuration for each
layout is shown just to the left of the Reaco Tray number
Configurations written in bold signify a battery layout
with onboard 120 VAC charger
Plate size is
identified in the
first column of
each table
Configurations in white
background are priced
using the Reaco
Generic Models price
Configurations in a shaded background are priced using
the Reaco Popular Models price sheet
Table 1: Standard Battery Heights(Z)
This 18-125-11 battery:
- Has dimensions of 30.00 x 12.50 x 30.5” (X,Y, Z)
- Does not have a tray cover
- Is assembled in Tray # 071.
- The pricing for this battery is on the Popular Models
price sheet
Battery Ordering Specifications & Dimensional Data
Table 2: Battery Dimensions and Cable Positions
Table 3: Battery Cable Sizing
Table 4: Cell Dimensions
for Narrow Plate Batteries
Table 6: Fraction-to-Decimal
Quick Reference
All dimensions presented in the guide are in decimal format rounded to the nearest one-hundredth of an inch. The table below allows for
quick conversion to fraction format.
Table 5: Cell Dimensions
for Wide Plate Batteries
Reaco Customer Service 1-800-957-3226
Reaco Customer Service 1-800-957-3226
Reaco Customer Service 1-800-957-3226
Reaco Customer Service 1-800-957-3226
Reaco Customer Service 1-800-957-3226
Battery Weights & Performance Specifications
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