PDF, 1.31MB - Duplantis Diary



PDF, 1.31MB - Duplantis Diary
Eric & Christy Duplantis
November 2015
Missionary Candidates to Honduras
In this issue:
A Whole New World–God’s Perfect Timing -Prayer Requests –Language School -–
Needs—How To Give
A Whole New World
Arriving in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, we traveled several hours northwest to our home for
the next 9—12 months. Our rental house is nice. It is behind a tall concrete wall with razor wire
on top. This leaves us feeling quite secure but
also somewhat confined. There is a large iron
gate we open to drive into, and then lock
We Live Here
behind us. We have purchased a 2001 Toyota
4-wheel-drive SUV that has about 130,000
miles on it. It is very well worn but runs and
Capital City
will do until we can afford to purchase
something for the long-term. It is a standard
which Eric is driving like a pro, even in this
mountainous terrain. About 50% of our driving is done on extremely pot-hole
marked roads. You have to really hold on to keep from bouncing all over the vehicle,
even in seat belts! I haven’t driven yet, but I will when I feel brave enough.
The transition is proving to be harder than we imagined. Our minds are constantly at work
trying to make sense of our new surroundings, leaving us exhausted. We have had to learn the
layout of the city, the foreign traffic rules (maybe I should say lack of rules!), and how to sanitize
the water for cooking, cleaning, and personal use. The water can’t be used for cleaning produce,
drinking or brushing teeth, and toilet paper can not be flushed. This is all in addition to buying
food and supplies with lempira instead of dollars, and trying to get information using the
handful of Spanish words we know plus gestures.
The Honduran people have been very patient and kind. We haven’t yet met our neighbors (I
need to ask about the customs in that area) but apparently we (or our loud children) have made
our presence known. A fellow missionary lady looking for our house knocked on a neighbor’s
door by mistake and explained she was looking for the ’new gringos’. Our neighbor immediately
pointed to our house.
God’s Perfect Timing
We arrived in Honduras on October 15th.
On the night of October 16th, heavy rains
came and the worst flash flood that the
people of Siguatepeque can remember
struck. Lives were lost, many homes
collapsed, belongings washed away, and
God’s people were called to action. We were
able to immediately start serving the
hurting by joining a local church in their
ministry to aid families. The picture at the
top right is all that is left of a simple home. It originally occupied all the space behind the
children. The waters destroyed most of the structure and left behind a layer of river mud several
feet thick. A family of twelve lived here. They are rebuilding walls out of branches and plastic
sheeting. A very resilient family, they are taking the
river mud and packing it down into a new packed–
earth floor.
Thanks to God and with the prayers and financial
support of you, our ministry partners, we have not
only seen several days of unseasonably warm
sunshine (crucially needed to completely dry out
the new floor and salvaged belongings), but have
also been able to provide diapers, clean wipes,
extension cords and lighting equipment, and a
mattress & box spring for this family. Your
donations have also been used to aid five
other families, bringing vital hope in the
Lord’s name. How is this perfect timing?
Because in 2005 and 2008, our own
family suffered devastating floods in
South Louisiana. We are able to truly
empathize, understanding the heartbreak
of losing so much, cleaning putrid mud
out of our home, and feeling helpless. We
are also able to tell of the joy of watching
God put the pieces back together.—
Language School
Our first priority right now is learning Latin-American Spanish. The language school facility is
beautiful (the former home of a reputable Honduran doctor) and the environment is very conducive
to learning – very tranquil surroundings with numerous breezy patios used as outdoor classrooms.
The teachers all seem to be people of strong faith and are very encouraging, taking their
responsibilities seriously. We began with learning the alphabet, pronunciation and a number of
greetings and other pleasantries. We’re learning our numbers, a couple hundred verbs, and the
masculine/feminine associations with the various nouns, and have learned to identify things in our
environment, professions and occupations, and family relationships. We’re now focusing on
conjugating a number of essential verbs and on dialogue and asking questions. There’s a lot of
homework and independent study needed. Each Friday we have to have something prepared to say
and present it to all the teachers and students. We’ve spoken about our daily activities, how difficult
it is learning a new language, our favorite bible verse, and Christy even wrote a poem, all in Spanish!
Christy has completed the first book and passed her exam and I should be doing so soon. - Eric
Prayer Requests
-For the families who continue to try to put their lives back together following the flood.
-For our family and friends back home as they adjust to life without us nearby.
-For us to handle the stress of the change gracefully, and thereby represent Christ well..
-For Saydi and Benjy to adjust well to our new homeschooling routine.
-That we would be miraculously successful in learning the Spanish language (quickly!)
We continue to be in need of ministry partners. Our greatest need is for ongoing monthly support,
followed by funds for an eventual replacement or second vehicle. We need approximately $1075 more in
monthly funding, and $20,000 for a good used vehicle. (Vehicles are more expensive in Honduras than in
the US. It is cost-prohibitive to ship one, as imported vehicles are taxed at 30—50 % of their value, and by
law, have to be less than 7 years old.)
1 partner at $200 monthly
5 8 partners at $100 monthly
6 9 partners at $50 monthly
3 7 partners at $25 monthly
We deeply appreciate all who have joined us by prayerfully and/or financially supporting this mission.
We are in this work together. We are confident in the Lord’s provision to His children, and through His
Each of you should give as you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under
compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7
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