2014 – September - Cherryland Community Association



2014 – September - Cherryland Community Association
The Cherryland News
Volume 2, Issue 9
Sept. 2014
Brought to you by the Cherryland Community Association (CCA), 2014.
Inside this issue:
General Meeting
Grace Graves Bench
President’s Message
Paid Sponsors
Sponsor page and
Membership Form
Refreshments - by Erica Campisi
Grace Graves Bench
Light Rail through the Ashland / Cherryland
Business District ?
Copp Shop BBQt
County Contacts
Cherryland Community Association
Eden Church
Tues Sept. 9 7pm
21455 Birch St Hayward
Jenson Rm
Page 2
The Cherryland News
President’s Message
President’s Message by Ingrid Moller
Thank you to everybody who came and participated in our annual BBQ at the
Meek Estate Park. It was a really nice event. The sun was shining; but it was not
too hot. The two cooks, Basil Sherlock and Hugh O’Donnell did a fine job getting
the chicken just right. Quite a few older and newer members showed up with
delicious dishes to share. There was a yummy Mac’n Cheese made by Ruth
Baratta, great beans by Derry Silva, good salads by Maria Palmeri, Ingrid Moller,
Erica Campisi and Margo D’Angelo, veggies by Julie Bayless and fantastic
desserts by Judy Christine, Kathy LeRoy and Carol Dieter. The list goes on. More
important than the food was the sense of community which could be felt. Just
sharing with neighbors, and getting to know each other a little better; one of
the main goals of our association. Supervisor Miley’s office was represented by
Bob Swanson and Paul Sanftner who seemed to enjoy the day as well. So thank
you to everybody who contributed. It was a success!
The Cherryland Community Association Board is currently concerned about
the plans which came out of the EALI Environment/Agricultural Group that focus
on our commercial lot at the intersection of Mission Blvd and Hampton/Mattox
Rd. This lot was purchased by the Redevelopment Agency with the hopes to find
a suitable retailer. The community had envisioned a grocery or drug store, a
vibrant business that would be an asset to our community by filling a need and
also generating taxes for the county. The new plan that grew out the EALI group
wants to create a garden, fitness facilities, health programs, and circuit courses
for youth surrounding a food garden. Portable units would make a boxing ring.
Two sheriff deputies would be assigned to the site. This is supposed to be a
temporary set up until a retailer could be located and then a 6 month notice
would be given to the boxing-ring and garden folks. But the Reach Center in
Ashland is already fulfilling this need, and the future Cherryland Community
Center will provide further opportunities for youths. There is also Sunset Adult
School with its vast grounds where a plan like this might be suitable.
Our major concern is that it may be an impediment to good retail development
because it will create uncertainty and time obstacles in a potential developer’s
mind. It is hard enough for us to attract good business here. Why make it even
harder, especially when the economy is picking up, and this is finally our chance
to have a viable business opportunity right here in Cherryland? According to the
County’ economic development director and members of the Community
Development Agency inquiries from developers and retailers regarding this lot
have increased quite a lot. Let’s take advantage of the economy picking up
steam. Besides that, this corner lot is our main entrance into our neighborhood
with our Cherryland sign opposite this corner. Will portables and a boxing ring
be an attractive entrance way into our neighborhood? We are also wondering
about this “top down” approach by the County. The Cherryland Community
Association gets all developer applications for review and comment. So why
were we not consulted about this plan? Food for thought.
Cherryland Community
Board of Directors
Ingrid Moller
Co-Vice Presidents
Basil Sherlock
Hugh ODonnell
Derry Silva
Judy Christine
Basil Sherlock
Members at Large
Cindy Torres
Newsletter Editor
Hugh ODonnell
Newsletter Publisher
Copy Mat, Hayward
Foothill Blvd @B Street
Meeting Venue
Eden Church, Hayward
Birch Street @Grove Way
Mailing Address
PO Box 3
San Lorenzo, CA 94580
Volume 2, Issue 9
Page 3
The Cherryland Community Association Website
is back.
IN 2014?
Please contact the CCA
Page 4
The Cherryland News
25571 Dollar Street  Hayward, CA 94544
Established in 1976
John Wilma, Owner
Cherryland Residents & CCA Members
Robert S. Robello, General Manager
Open 8am—5pm
CCA Membership dues are only $20 per household, per year!
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Make checks payable to: Cherryland Community Association
Mail to: PO Box 3, San Lorenzo, CA 94580
Join the Cherryland Community Association (CCA)
- it only costs $20 per
household, per year!
We appreciate any and
all charitable donations
as well.
Members get free issues
of the Cherryland News
mailed (or emailed) to
them directly.
Help Cherryland be the
best community it can be.
Volume 2, Issue 9
Page 5
Cherryland Block Party
On Friday, Aug. 22, the DSAL sponsored a block party at Grove Way Park in Cherryland The event
was planned and organized by DSAL Community Organizer Shamika Parker and DSAL Soccer League
parents. There was a barbecue, a DJ, music, kids and adults playing pick-up basketball and soccer,
dancing and other activities. Dig Deep Farms and DSAL/REACH set up displays in the park. Sergeant
Mike Carroll, his deputies and DSAL staff supported event planning. Deputy Silva from the YFSB Crime
Prevention Unit and Sergeant Scheuller and four of his
COPP Shop deputies participated in the block party. An
estimate counted 1,000 local residents having a great time.
The purpose of the block party was simply to promote
neighborliness and build on the good relationship our
deputies have with the community.
Grand Opening of School
Community Garden!
Saturday Sept. 2 10am –2pm
Gardening Lesson, Jamba Juice Smoothies, Exercise
demo from 24 Hour Fitness, Cooking Demos from Sequoyah
Country Club’s Executive Chef, Allen Vitti,
Community Garden Project at Colonial Acres Elementary School.
17115 Meekland Ave, Hayward CA 94541
Info Aaron Freitas [email protected]
Performing Arts Concert Series
Eden 150th Anniversary Kickoff
Organ Concert
Featuring Heather & Mrk Paisar with Special Guest David Stein
Debut the newly restored Swain & Kates organ. The works of j.S. Bach, Grayston and Charles Ives. Benefits the Youth Orchestra of Southern Alameda County.
BrownPaperTickets.com Adults 12.50 / Students 7.50
At the door– Cash on $15.00 Adults / $ $10 Students.
[email protected] 510-582-9533
Page 6
The Cherryland News
The Zoning Zone
You could always try being a
friendly neighbor first, and
have a civil discussion with
your neighbor
before involving
the authorities.
You never know
what a simple
chat might accomplish until
you try it!
Please use the following numbers to anonymously call the
authorities about blight in Cherryland. Thank you!
Non Emergency Sheriff .……………………………..... 667-7721
Abandoned Vehicles ……………………………………. 667-7869
Code Enforcement … …………….. 670-5400 or 670-6556
Traffic Concerns, CHP……………………………….…...581-9028
Graffiti Abatement ……………………………………….. 670-5500
Weed Abatement ………………………………………… 670-5400
COPP Shop ………………………………………………….. 667-7770
Tues. Sept 3 7pm
Contact Hugh ODonnell
Chanticleers Theater
Tues, Sept, 9th, 7pm
@ Eden Church
Jenson Rm.
21445 Birch Street
EALI II Groups
Public Safety & Realignment
Chanticleers Theater Benefit
2 Live Radio Shows “Cleaners” & “Low Pirates on the High Seas”.
Fri Sept. 19 Sat.& Sept 20 8pm, Sun Sept. 21 2pm
Chanticleers Theater, 3683 Quail Ave., Castro Valley, CA. Tickets are $10
and are available at the door, on-line at www.chanticleers.org, or by
calling 10-SEE-LIVE (510-733-5483)
Wed Sep. 10 6:30pm
CV Library.
Agric. & Environ.
Wed Sept. 17 7pm
CV Library
Friday Sept. 26 5:30pm –9pm
Governance Group
Wed. Sept 25 6:30 pm
First Presbyterian Church 2490 Redwood Rd.CV
Adults $12.00 Children 12 & under $6.00
Economic Development
Tri Tip, Chicken and Hot Links Salad and Dessert
Tues. Sept 30 6:30pm
Raffle Prizes 50/50 Raffle
For tickets call 667-7770
Volume 2 Issue 9
Page 7
Notes from under the Cherry Tree
The Grace Graves Bench in Meek Park (on pg 1) is a lasting reminder of the
commitment she made to community service. What is missing? George Graves’ name
on the other side. George was equally passionate about keeping our neighborhood clean
and livable. He served along side Grace for so many years, addressing concerns that
challenged Cherryland and it’s leaders. Sometime this fall we hope to have Georges’
name engraved on the other side of the bench. As a team Grace and George made a
huge difference year after year. It seems right they should share the same granite bench
that sits under the trees back away from the Meek Mansion. It is a lovely spot to sit and
gaze across the lawn, or back at the Mansion.
We thank them both for being such dedicated Cherryland residents. And we hope
this will inspire others to care for our community in the same way.
Hayward Historical Society Events for the whole family
Community Gallery Exhibit: iCarography—car photography by Stephen Hollingsworth.
13 through Sept. 14. 22380 Foothill Blvd Hayward
Friends of the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery Meeting Thur. Sept. 4, 6:00PM
History for Half Pints—Family Program Sat. Sept. 13 11:00am—2pm
Make a Schultüte to celebrate the beginning of the school year! A German tradition dating back to the 1800s,
a Schultüte is a cone filled with school supplies and candy given to a child on their first day of school. Each child will
make their own cone, enjoy games and listen to stories
History Walk in San Lorenzo Cemetery. Sat. Sept. 20 8:30 AM
Doris Marciel discusses the history of the cemetery, local pioneer families, and the types of
monuments. Ticket sales benefit the ongoing preservation of the site. Meet at College and Usher Streets. $15 general; $10
members, seniors and students. Space is limited. Call (510) 581-0223 ext. 131 to reserve your ticket.
Sinners & Saints: Eden Congregation Summer History Walk with Frank Goulart Saturday,
September 27, 10:00 AM. Discover the history of churches in downtown Hayward. Visit Eden Congregational for an insider’
view of the old chapel. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Bring water and sun protection. Tickets $5.00 Adults , $3.00
seniors and students, free for members.
Shrouded Tales & Voices of the past. Tragic Tales from Pioneer Cemetery, Meek Mansion and
McConaghy House. Friday and Sat. in Oct. 7pm and 9pm $15 Adults $10.00 students and seniors.
More info at www.haywarareahistory.com 510-581-0223
Page 8
Cherryland has good taste.
The Cherryland News
Basil and I went last night for the first time to Sushiland on Mission Blvd, corner Georgean
St, near the old Banchero’s. It is a very small building, a hole in the wall, as some Yelp ratings describe it. Since it was Friday night, it was very busy, but we did get one of the last tables for two.
Basil had Beef Teriyaki and Tempura and Sushi rolls and I had Chirashi which is Sashimi over Sushi
rice, Sashimi being small slices of raw fish. Everything tasted wonderful, fresh and very tasty. The
service was excellent and friendly. There are about three sushi cooks behind the counter and several waiters running around. A busy place.
They also have Benton boxes and Udon (soup with vegetables and thick noodles), Donburi
and Ngiri. For a small place like this they have a whole range of Japanese food. Everything looks
great, and the Yelp ratings are very high. You cannot make reservations, so come
before the lunch or dinner rush starts.
Thumbs up for Sushiland in Cherryland!!!
Ingrid Moller
Cherryland Community Association (CCA)
PO Box 3
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

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