Parts for DT-466E and DT-530 International® Engines.



Parts for DT-466E and DT-530 International® Engines.
International Engines
Parts for DT-466E and DT-530 International Engines.
International is the registered trademark of Navistar International Corporation, Lisle, Illinois.
Reliance Coverage for DT-466E and DT530 International Engines.
A leading truck engine
For more than twenty years, Navistar
International has dominated the class six and
seven truck markets. This is true not only in North
America, but many other parts of the world as
well. Navistar International has been a market
leader not only because of the excellent quality
and value of their trucks, but also because of
their industry leading DT466 engines. The early
versions of the DT466 engine produced from
the mid-80’s until the mid-90’s established the
DT-466 as a work horse for dependability and
reliability. That reputation has continued from
the early electronic engines to the most modern
engines produced today.
Reliance coverage for Navistar International
DT466 engines is the most comprehensive in the
after market. Whether you have a pre-electronic
engine, a 4.3 bore electronic engine, a 4.6 bore
electronic engine, or a DT530, we have the engine
overhaul parts that you need.
Comprehensive coverage and support
Reliance coverage for Navistar International applications
is comprehensive, high quality, and best of all, available
from an extensive distributor network. Our full range of
products are supported by a distributor organization committed to after sale service. Included in that package of
after sale service is a comprehensive warranty program,
assuring customer satisfaction with all Reliance products.
Excellent warranty program
All Reliance parts for Navistar International applications are covered by our two-year unlimitedhour warranty. This coverage includes not only
the failed part, but consequential damages that
result from that failure as well.
High quality parts
Many suppliers talk about high quality, but Reliance
is absolutely committed to it. All cylinder liners for
Navistar International applications are induction
hardened for wear resistance and long engine life.
All pistons are high quality aluminum pistons with
Ni-resist insert, assuring the best possible operating
environment and long life for pistons rings. When
it comes to piston rings, all Reliance compression
rings are Moly coated for maximum wear resistance
and long life. Oil control rings are of the highest quality and chrome faced for long life and maximum oil
control. Complete, high quality gasket sets, Teflon
crankshaft seals, and premium quality camshaft
and connecting rod bushings are among the other
examples of Reliance coverage. Reliance also offers
water pumps, oil pumps, injectors, and cylinder head
parts for many popular applications.
Complete coverage and cataloging
Reliance offers all of the wear parts required to perform an inframe or major overhaul on your DT-466.
Reliance coverage starts with engines produced in
the mid-80’s and extends to the electronic engines
produced until 2004. Whether you need an overhaul
kit or individual components, Reliance has the parts
that you need. Reliance coverage includes not only
cylinder kits and bearings, but also extends to camshaft bushings, connecting rod bushings, oil seals,
and complete gasket sets.
The complete range of Reliance products for
Navistar International applications can be accessed
from our fully electronic cataloging. All you need is
an engine serial number and horsepower rating, and
the Reliance electronic catalog does the rest. Our
electronic catalog can be accessed on our website,
The sensible choice
Whether buying parts for your own
International DT-466E or DT530 engine or
looking for a complete, high quality product
line that includes a comprehensive support
program, take a close look at Reliance.
Reliance, the sensible choice for
replacement parts for International
Diesel engines.
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