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familygram - Immaculate Conception Grade School
Immaculate Conception Grade School
Elmhurst, Illinois
Dear Parents,
Children love to hear stories about heroes. As Catholics,
we are lucky to have so many amazing Saints who
dedicated their lives to following Jesus. It is important,
though, to remind our children that many of them were
ordinary people, just like us. They didn’t set out to be
heroes. They simply let their love for Jesus and His
teachings guide their lives. Every one of the Saints had
different personalities, talents, and interests, all to be
used in the service of others. Just like our children, no
two Saints were the same. Each was created by God, in
His own image, to serve Him in a unique way. These
holy men and women witnessed discrimination, poverty, misuse of power, and many other injustices. They did not
close their eyes to the struggles of others. Rather, they stood up for Gospel values and took action. It is important for
our children to realize that taking action usually isn’t easy. It takes courage, and that courage comes from the divine
power of God. That is where the Saints drew their courage and inspiration and we can all follow their example.
This year at ICGS we will focus on learning more about the lives of the Saints. It is our hope that these studies will
inspire our students to walk in the holy footsteps of men and women that were ordinary people just like us. We will
use the example of the Saints to challenge ourselves to see others through Jesus’ eyes and pray for the courage to act
in moments of injustice.
We encourage you to share this journey with your children. The lives of the Saints hold rich examples of faith for all
of us. As Father David suggested this morning at Mass, let us look to the Saints as “holy coaches.” You can
encourage your children to read stories about the lives of the Saints and help them identify one to whom they can
relate. You can encourage you children to pray to the Saints or to their Patron Saint, asking for their heavenly
intercession. You can celebrate the different feast days of the Saints and learn more about each one. As you might
know, our “Faith Families” program has begun at ICGS. Ask your child about the Patron Saint of their “Faith
I am always moved when I see our little first graders process into Mass on All Saints’ Day. I cannot help but think of
the Saints in heaven as little children like our own. Let us continue to work together to help our children become
more like the holy men and women we celebrate today. Happy All Saints’ Day to our ICGS family.
Mrs. Cathy Linley, Principal
October has brought discussions and projects about safety, the
season of fall, Mary the mother of God, Halloween, and All Saints
Day with the 3 and 4 year olds.
The P3 students learned the safety song, The Wheels on the Fire
Truck, and painted a fire truck.
The P4 students learned the song, Dial the Number, and made a
fire dog paper bag puppet.
For fall, the P3 children made fall trees using paint and buff puffs.
The P4 children made their fall trees using torn paper as leaves.
The P4 class made a poster about Mary and the rosary.
Halloween was celebrated by dressing up in costumes and having
parties. In their classes, the preschoolers played Halloween math
games and made booklets about how to make jack-o-lanterns. P3
students created jack-o-lanterns out of paper plates, paint and
streamers. Thank you to the room parents, who prepared for and
ran the parties.
In Reading we’ve covered three consonants and two vowels. The
students really enjoy the Super Kids program. They get so excited
when it’s time to meet a new letter and the character that goes with
that letter. Our newest letter is D and the character is Doc. Doc
likes to fix broken toys. In this unit we’ve been introduced to the
concept of decoding sounds. This is an exciting concept! We can’t
wait for more.
In Math we’ve been learning about positional words such as before,
between, and after to name a few. We’ve been working with our
right and left hand as well. We will be starting our study of
numbers very soon.
On All Saints Day, the P3 and P4 children discussed ways they
could be like the saints. The P3 class colored pictures of the saints.
The P4 class cut out pictures to make posters of ways to be like the
We learned about animals, plants and their environment in Science.
Now we are embarking on a new adventure – the weather. We were
introduced to a weather app from The Weather Channel. We will
be using this on the teacher computer to check the weather forecast
as well and the current temperature and conditions. We will learn
many weather terms as we continue our study. We will also look at
the weather each day as it was a year ago to study weather patterns.
Included in our study will be to understand seasons and the changes
each season brings.
Fr. David visited both classes. He read a story to the P3 children
about how God gave them families to love and care for them.
With the P4 children, he read the creation story and the
preschoolers echoed God’s response, “It is good.”
In Music we’ve been learning how to use “boom wackers”. These
musical tubes have been fun. Mr. Watson is teaching the
kindergarteners the different pitches as well as the difference
between loud, medium and soft sounds.
In Religion we have been covering the story of Noah’s Ark. We
talked about how God promised to love his people from the
beginning, from the first moment of creation. This promise, or
covenant, is renewed in God’s promise to Noah and all living
First Grade is full of hard workers! We have jumped into Unit
5 of our Superkids program. The students are all making great
strides in their reading and writing! We have been learning
how to decode words with the –ing and –ed ending. The class
has also been learning about verbs and adjectives. They have
had fun listing these types of words and sorting them into their
appropriate categories. We can now say we know the
difference between nouns, verbs, and adjectives! We continue
to work on our writing, especially adding in those connecting
words and and or. We continue to work on those memory
words and pattern words. It is fun to learn a pattern and realize
we can spell lots of words, just by learning one!
In Math, we are about to finish Chapter 5. In this chapter we
studied place value to 100. The students enjoyed learning about
digits and the value of the numbers. We discussed the ones,
tens, and hundreds place. We used models to create the
numbers. We will move on to Chapter 6 in which we will study
addition and subtraction facts through 20!!
November is an important month in the First Grade. November
1st was our All Saints Day Mass. The first graders did a
fantastic job researching their patron saint and designing a
costume to represent their patron saint. We processed into
Mass and sang “Thy Word” at the conclusion. The class really
worked hard for this special day. They truly made great saints!!
Here it is already the beginning of November and time seems
to be moving fast.
Please continue to check your child’s assignment notebook
daily. Make sure the heading is filled out, and that assignments
are being written every day. The students should be practicing
their spelling words every day, and their assignment notebook
should reflect this.
In Religion, we continue to prepare for Reconciliation and
Communion. We have finished Unit 1 and are moving into
Unit 2. In Unit 2 we will learn how to ask for God’s
forgiveness. In preparing for Reconciliation we will learn to be
truly sorry for our sins. Mark your calendars for November
11th and 12th. Those are the dates for the 1st Reconciliation
Meetings from 7:00-8:30 P.M. for the parents.
In Math, we have learned to regroup, first in addition and then
in subtraction. Knowing our facts by sight has helped us
achieve success in regrouping. We need to be working
carefully and accurately plus checking over our work to catch
any careless mistakes. Also please keep drilling those math
facts daily.
We had a field trip to Blackberry Farm this week to enhance
what we will be learning about the Pioneers. The students
really enjoyed it! Everyone had a great time at the Halloween
Hoedown and we are all thankful to our Room Mothers for all
their hard work in preparing for our Halloween party. It could
not have been done without them--thanks so much!
We’re looking forward to meeting with all the parents at the
PT Conferences.
Have a Fabulous Fall!
In November, the third graders will be working on writing with the
use of “voice”. They will write about how it feels to be a turkey for
Thanksgiving. They are working on persuading a farmer to spare
their turkey from being the Thanksgiving dinner.
New concepts in Math that we are practicing include subtracting
while regrouping large numbers. Subtracting across the top with
zeros is a challenge! The children are being introduced to the
ALEKS program. We will be reinforcing Math concepts using this
program at school and are assigning, as homework, twenty minutes
per week as practice at home.
During November the students will be learning about bats. They
will choose a bat to research and will create a Power Point
presentation sharing information they found, importing clip art, and
animating their slides.
The children are very enthusiastic as we are exploring the election
process. They are working together on committees to participate in
a classroom mock election.
As we wrap up the Social Studies unit on Pilgrims and Indians, the
children will participate in a Thanksgiving feast. The students will
give thanks for what they have and enjoy activities that the pilgrim
and Native American children may have experienced. They will
donate to the food pantry during one of the activities planned for
the day. The feast will also be full of delicious turkey, stuffing,
potatoes, sweet potatoes, and apple slices!
Thank you for all of your support! We are thankful for all of our
blessings and wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.
The first quarter has simply flown by!
In Science the children have finished studying and researching the
different human body systems. The next unit will be on ecosystems
and organisms adapting to their environment.
In Social Studies, we recently completed a unit called “We the
People”. We discussed the American people, government, and
economy. Our next unit will focus on the different regions of the
United States and our neighboring countries.
In Reading, we recently wrapped up our October Mystery Genre.
We think the kids enjoyed being detectives by solving the mysteries
and finding the clues in their own books. November’s Genre will
be Informational Text. This will help the children prepare for
Christmas Around the World.
Each student will choose a country to research the way they
celebrate Christmas. The students will work hard to bring
these customs alive and will share their work on December 5th in
Monsignor Plunkett Hall. Please mark this important date in your
calendars so that you will be able to join in the Christmas spirit with
Furthermore, a field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry is
planned for December 2nd. Not only will the children have the
opportunity to view the way their country’s tree is decorated, we
will also see many awesome Science exhibits!
The students continue to work on speed and memorization of their
multiplication facts. Please continue to work with your child at
home on these math facts. Their practice really shows! Don’t forget
that Mrs. Schmale and Mrs. Petry’s math students should be
completing 20 minutes a week on Aleks.
We are trying to encourage the students to notice the use of our
vocabulary words in what they read and hear. Don’t be alarmed if
they keep pointing them out to you!
Enjoy the beautiful fall days.
5th Grade English: Students have completed their explorer research
and enjoyed exploring the use of our new note taking system
“Noodle Tools”. We are now ready to start writing our research
paper about how our person persevered and changed the world using
their own character traits. We will be using Noodle Tools to create
citations and a Works Cited page. Next, we will be taking our
research paper and turning it into something different such as a
picture book, poem, song, or power point.
6th Grade English: Students have completed their famous person
research and enjoyed accepting the use of our new note taking
system “Noodle Tools”. We are now ready to start writing our
research paper about how our person was rejected but continued to
change the world using their own character traits. We will be using
Noodle Tools to create citations and a Works Cited page. Next, we
will be taking our research paper and turning it into something
different such as a picture book, poem, song, or power point.
The 5th and 6th grade Reading classes have just explored Elements
of Fiction and Reading Strategies which will be helpful tools for the
students as we proceed into the Second Quarter. Right now, we are
conducting a review on the different types of Genres which should
be completed by the end of October or early November. From this
point, we will begin our novel studies while continuing on with our
year long vocabulary study.
The 5th grade Social Studies classes have been working on studying
Native American culture. They have explored the lives of the Native
Americans of the Eastern Woodlands, Plains, Southwest, and
Northwest and Arctic. During this time, they created a buffalo skin
autobiography which communicated important events that took
place in the students lives to this point nonverbally like Native
Americans at the time. We will be concluding our study on Native
Americans by reading a historical fiction novel The Children of the
4th Grade Science
7th Grade English: Students have been learning how to use our
new note taking system “Noodle Tools” in conjunction with the
Science Fair Research. We will be using the system to create our
In-Text citations, Works Cited Page, and Outlines for our research
papers. Along with our Science Fair Research, we are working on
our own in class research projects about a time period in United
States history and how it changed the actions of people. Once
again, “Noodle Tools” will be our main note taking tool for this
project. Next, we will be taking our research paper and turning it
into something different such as a picture book, poem, song, or
power point.
5th Grade Science: We will be concluding the Life Science unit
by studying how organisms inherit some traits through heredity
and learn others. Soon we will begin learning about physical and
chemical states of matter.
6th Grade Science: Things are shaking in Room 14! The 6th
grade students will be beginning to design and test their
earthquake resistant structures! We will then learn about rocks
and minerals before moving into the astronomy unit.
6th Grade Social Studies: We are finishing our unit on
Mesopotamia and the beginnings of civilization. Our next journey
will be to the world of pyramids, mummies, and hieroglyphics of
Ancient Egypt.
6th Religion: We learned all about the Old Testament Joseph and
found he, like the New Testament Joseph, trusted deeply in God
when faced with difficult situations. November will take us to
Moses and the Exodus.
5th On-Level Math completed whole number and money addition
and subtraction and moved into multiplication. We also spent
time pouring over a Meijer Food Ad in search of our, “Mom, Can
you buy…..” list. We had a budget of $100 and mad a list of what
we wanted Mom to buy.
5th Enriched and Accelerated completed all four decimal
operations and moved into Measures of Central Tendency and
Graphing. We also planned a party for 10 and used the same
Meijer ads to plan out what we were going to serve at our
party. Our budget was $120.
6th On-level is wrapping up decimal operations. We are currently
in division. We also planned a party and spent time with the food
ads too.
6th enriched finished up both decimal operations and
Integers. We found integers to be very challenging and did a lot
of practice with ‘Subtraction is the same is adding the
opposite!”. In November, we will be reviewing fraction
foundations and fraction operations.
6th Accelerated finished up integer equations and has moved into
decimal operations.
Math7/8: Students are diligently working in math, and their skills
continue to grow. Every student has taken two tests already and a
Diocesan Assessment! The seventh graders are working with
fractions and decimals in equations. The eighth graders are
practicing problems solving skills. We are also using the graphing
calculators to graph and trace linear equations. Students who have
signed up for the Fenwick High School Math Contests can go to
Math Minds after school on Mondays to prepare for the contests
Reading 7: We are coming to a finish on our first novel of our
Thematic Study. We worked on how to conduct a collaborative
group discussion, write a synopsis and complete an interactive
project such as a newspaper, commercial, timeline, or song.
Students have also learned how to include quotes into their papers
for support.
Reading 8: We are coming to a finish on our first novel of our
Thematic Study. We worked on how to conduct a collaborative
group discussion, write a synopsis and complete an interactive
project such as a newspaper, commercial, timeline, or song.
Students have also learned how to include quotes into their papers
for support. We will soon be researching many topics of Chicago
8th English: The students have completed a restaurant review of
their choice and will soon be studying newspaper articles. They will
use information they have studied on Chicago History to create a
themed group newspaper.
English 8: The students have completed a restaurant review of their
choice and will soon be studying newspaper articles. They will use
information they have studied on Chicago History to create a
themed group newspaper.
Science 7 & 8: The eighth graders are displaying their theatrical
talents in a culminating activity to the study of changes in matter.
They created and will perform skits to demonstrate their
understanding of how particles behave when they change from a
solid to a liquid to a gas. The skits are sure to be creatively
presented. Next they will learn about the structure of atoms and
how matter is classified and organized in the Periodic Table of the
Elements. In conjunction with this study, the class will visit
Fermilab on December 4.
The seventh graders are now busy working on their science fair
projects. They are using their note cards and outline to write the
Background Research component of the written report. They are
also designing their experiments as they prepare to carry out their
investigations. In class, we are reviewing the metric system of
measurement and the steps in the scientific inquiry process. Next
we will begin the study of cells.
The Fenwick Science Contest, which is open to both eighth and
seventh grade students, will be held on Wednesday, November 13,
at 4:00 P.M. Those who want to be part of the IC School team
should have completed the pre-registration form. Prep sessions
are being held after school. We know our participants will do a
fine job representing IC School.
Social Studies 8: What is our ranking? Should we buy or sell?
What is the ticker symbol? It’s Stock Market Game time in Social
Studies. This educational simulation is sponsored by SIFMA
(Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) and is
coordinated at our local level by Econ Illinois, an organization
which promotes the integration of economics and finance across
the curriculum. Teams have begun to trade stocks at real-time
prices and they are maintaining a portfolio on the game’s website.
The Netbooks allow for all members to track the companies of
stocks in their portfolios and to research and evaluate other stocks
for possible purchase. In addition, students are following the daily
stock activity of a Chicago-area company. The students are using
their math skills to calculate the costs and the returns on their
investments. We are also moving along in our study of US
history. We are now examining the settlement of the West and the
resulting plight of Native Americans.
On Saturday, October 26, sixty-nine IC students competed as six
teams and took third place in the team competition. The
tournament director remarked that the IC students accomplished
an impressive feat, because they were taking points away from
each other, yet they prevailed. IC far outnumbered the students
from other schools. These boys and girls worked tirelessly and
performed beautifully. Congratulations to our champions!
Individual awards are as follows:
Niamh Horan – Second Place
Shane McCarthy – Second Place
Claire Libert – Third Place
Mary Katherine Kapsch – Honorable Mention
Colin Wright – Honorable Mention
Ethan Hunter – Honorable Mention
Erik Janc – Honorable Mention
Michael McKenna – Honorable Mention
Jack Castanoli – Honorable Mention
Thomas Shipman – Honorable Mention
Thomas Hilgart – Honorable Mention
Joseph Durkin – Honorable Mention
Rochelle Spizzirri – Honorable Mention
Liam Enright – Honorable Mention
Original Oratory
Alex Norgle – Second Place
Kimberly Wood – Fourth Place
Gena Guinan – Fourth Place
Claire Kopec – Sixth Place
Ryan Kenneally – Honorable Mention
Danielle Dennis – Honorable Mention
Paige Corsello – Honorable Mention
Josephina Campannari – Honorable Mention
Olivia Slavin – Honorable Mention
Maddie Leahy – Third Place
Taylor Kamienski – Fifth Place
Charlie Stern – Fifth Place
Tommy Sloan – Honorable Mention
Annie Guinan – Honorable Mention
McKenzie Moorman – Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Thurber – Honorable Mention
Michael Kapsch – Honorable Mention
Nicole Farrow – Honorable Mention
Bella Gratzianna – Honorable Mention
Dan Pierotti – Honorable Mention
Kelsey Devereux – Honorable Mention
Molly Welsh – Honorable Mention
Jake Schiele – Honorable Mention
Michelle Eckhoff – Honorable Mention
Olivia Brown – Honorable Mention
Isabella Leslie – Honorable Mention
Olivia Palumbo – Honorable Mention
Mary Clare Hughes – Honorable Mention
Daniel Morsch – Honorable Mention
Ashton Thurber – Honorable Mention
Allison Fox – Honorable Mention
Allison Lang – Honorable Mention
Audrey Buffo – Honorable Mention
Will Hoeller – Honorable Mention
Kaily Fox – Honorable Mention
Grace Hunter – Honorable Mention
Alice Martin – Honorable Mention
Joey Sloan – Honorable Mention
Jackie Lara – Honorable Mention
Vito Moreci – Honorable Mention
Francesca Campannari – Honorable Mention
Seona Albue – Honorable Mention
Julia Frey – Honorable Mention
Sean Maher – Honorable Mention
Julia Mooradian – Honorable Mention
Dramatic Presentation
Grace Maietta - Second Place
Emily Wartner - Fifth Place
Colleen Grogan – Honorable Mention
Caroline Fahey – Honorable Mention
Wilke Macariola – Honorable Mention
Brigid O’Hara – Honorable Mention
Cecilia Moran – Honorable Mention
Meg Schiliro – Honorable Mention
Sean Hipskind – Honorable Mention
Christian Dale – Honorable Mention
8th graders
work on
their “Faith
patron saint
Happy Fall!
With the change in seasons, so too comes a change in our
artists’ work. We will be moving ahead (at some grade levels)
to our Christmas projects. I hope you have had the opportunity
to view student work on the Art web page. They are working so
hard and producing a beautiful body of work!
Here is a list of projects by grade level for the month of
Grade 1: PRIMARIES (page 1 in the children’s ARTBOOK)
Grade 2: BLOTTO TURKEYS- experimenting with color
mixing the primaries to get
Grade 3: PILGRIM TURKEYS- this 3-dimensional pilgrim
turkey will serve as a place card for each student at the
Thanksgiving Feast
Grade 4: PINECONE TURKEYS-learning about “mixed
media” in the creation of a 3-dimensional turkey
Grade 5: CHRISTMAS WREATH COLOR WHEELexperimenting with color mixing to create a 3-dimensional
color wheel
Grade 6: PAINTED POINSETTIAS-exploring the origins of
the poinsettia and creating a 3-dimensional bloom
Grade 7: RUNNING TURKEYS-applying paper sculpture as
an art…students will “disguise” their turkeys so their
Thanksgiving fate will not come to pass
Grade 8: Semester I/Project 2 SELF PORTRAITS-applying
math and shading skills, students will enlarge their portrait
ART WEB PAGE: Student work, assignments and class notes
are all posted on the Art web page, http://
GRADE 8 collaborates on a t-shirt design of their own! The
entire class submitted excellent designs for an 8th Grade t-shirt
that will be worn on field trips and at special class outings/
activities. Each of the students voted on the best design and the
winners were Luke Ricobene for the front design and Paige
Corsello for the back. The theme interprets the ICGS mascot;
the knight. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and their
creative fellow students! Pictures will be coming soon.
THANK YOU, Mr. Hughes for your kindness and willing
support to print the new GRADE 8 t-shirts! You and your staff
always provide us with the BEST!
GRADE 4 is in the process of designing a Christmas card for
the parish. One student will have their work featured on the
card. When the winner is chosen, we will post the news…stay
October has been a very productive month in the Tech lab!
Kindergarten is gaining better control over the mouse every week,
and 1st and 2nd grade continue to grow exponentially in their
typing speed and accuracy! The 3rd-8th grade students have
finished their internet safety unit and are starting to learn about
the various Microsoft Office programs.
As a part of the internet safety unit, the 7th grade students
discussed standing up to bullies and cyberbullies. They were
tasked with creating a catch phrase or slogan to encourage others
to be upstanders and not bystanders. Here are just a few samples
of the great work they created!
For I was hungry and you
gave me food…
(Matthew 25:35)
On Wednesday and Thursday, October 23rd and 24th, the ICGS
student council sold “World Hunger Awareness” bracelets in order
to raise money for those in need. ICGS raised more than $500!
That means more than 2,000 meals for those who are hungry.
Scenes from the First “Faith Families” Gathering
ICGS ATHLETICS 2013-14 School Year
ICGS Winter Athletic Seasons are fast approaching……
All Team schedules can be found on the ICGS Athletic website. We encourage our students to go out and watch their
classmates play at HOME and AWAY sites.
Go Knights!
Upcoming HOME Athletic Events:
Thurs. Nov. 14
Girls 7th/8th Volleyball
Sat. Nov. 16
Boys 7th Basketball
Mon. Nov. 18
Thurs. Nov. 21
Sat. Nov. 30
Tues. Dec. 3
Tues. Dec. 4
Sat. Dec. 7
Tues. Dec. 10
Wed. Dec. 11
Fri. Dec. 13
Mon. Dec. 16
Girls 7 /8 Volleyball vs. Visitation 4:00/5:00/6:00pm.
** Girls’ PACK the GYM DAY
Girls 7 /8th Volleyball
Boys 7th Basketball
Girls 7 /8 Volleyball
Girls 7th /8th Volleyball
Boys 7th Basketball
th th th
Boys 6 /7 /8 Basketball
Girls 7th /8th Volleyball
Boys 6 /7 /8 Basketball
** Boys’ PACK the GYM Night
Boys 6th/7th/8th Basketball
Admission / Concession Table
6th, 7th, and 8th grade students can earn service hours by helping at the Gym Admission/Concession Table.
Helpers are needed for all winter basketball and volleyball games.
Please sign-up at the blue table outside the school office.
Girls’ 5th & 6th grade Basketball Evaluations
Girls’ 5th & 6th grade basketball season begins in January. Player Evaluations will be held in December. All 5 th & 6th grade girls
are invited to participate. Check ICGS athletic website for game schedules.
Girls’ 5th grade Basketball Evaluations:
Sunday, Dec. 8 (1:00 – 2:30pm)
Sunday, Dec. 15 (6:30-7:30pm)
Girls 6th grade Basketball Evaluations:
Sunday, Dec. 8 (2:30 – 4:00pm)
Sunday, Dec. 15 (7:30 – 8:30pm)
ICGS ATHLETICS 2013-14 School Year
I.C.G.S. Coaches
ICGS Athletics is always looking for new Coaches
Basketball – Volleyball – Track – Football – Cross-Country
If YOU or someone you know is interested in coaching, please contact Mary Liz Dudek, ICGS Athletic Director.
Prospective coaches must have completed the diocesan Protecting God’s Children workshop and submitted an ICGS Coach
Application in order to be eligible for coaching GS teams.
Protecting God’s Children workshops can be found on-line at
ICGS Coach Applications can be found on the ICGS Athletic website, under Athletics.
P.C.A. – Spotlight:
Starting on the Right Foot
A Triple-Impact Competitor® is committed to having three levels of impact by improving yourself, your teammates and
the game as a whole.
This is our starting point, and how you start an effort goes a long way toward the results you get. It is hard to recover
from a bad start. Great athletes (and successful individuals in any arena) develop good habits that power them through
the inevitable rough times. Habits for a season are often set in the first few weeks of practice.
Think hard about the habits that you want to put in place for this season.
One example is punctuality. Great competitors are completely ready to go when practice starts. That includes
getting themselves into the right mindset, thinking, " How can I make myself and my teammates better today?"
ICGS Fall Athletic Highlights
IC-VIS Cross-Country :
Season results included a 1st Place finish by the 5th grade girls; top IC runners, Kathryn Dale in 6th place and Anna Dray
in 15th place.
The Boys’ 6th grade Team also finished in 1st place, led by IC runners by Tommy Sloan in 11th place followed Jack
Castanoli and Brendan O’Hara.
Other top runners for IC were Jared Wermes who finished in 15th place, Olivia Brown in 10th place and Brigid O’Hara in
28th place overall.
Congratulations to all our runners including Brendan Carey, James Golen, Aidan Janc, Clark Davis, Daniel Morsch, Colin
Wright, James Petros, Amy Conkle, and Allison Lang and Eileen Petros.
5-Blue VB Team: 1st Place at the St. Pius Pre-Season Volleyball Tournament.
6-B Volleyball Team: SPL Conference Champions; 2nd in SPL Tournament.
Girls 7-A Basketball Team: 2nd in SPL Conference; SPL Tournament Champions.
Girls 7B Basketball Team: 2nd in SPL Tournament.
Girls 8A Basketball Team: 2nd in SPL Tournament.
The 2014 Dinner Dance Business Solicitation Committee would like to thank all of our local businesses for
supporting our Grade School by donating to last year’s Auction. Please patronize their businesses and when you do,
let them know how much we appreciate their support (year after year) with a big “Thank You!”
Addictive Jewelry
Advanced Spinal Care
Alan Rocca Fine Jewelry, Oak Brk
Angelo’s Restaurant
Arlington Park Race Track
Armand's Pizza
Bekins Moving & Storage
Belvedere Events and Banquets
Bukes Salon, Clarendon Hills
Camden Boutique
Cantina Bar & Grill
Capannari Ice Cream, Mt Prspct
CE Rentals
Chiefs Hockey Club
Coach Ed
Cochiaro's Pizza, Northlake
Community Bank of Elmhurst
Cottage Hill Diamonds
Crisp-N-Clean Cleaners
Custom Bindery
Dailey Method
Dance Xplosion
De Vries Animal Hospital
Dennis Uniforms
Design Accessories
DiCianni Graphics
DiCianni Realty
Drury Lane Theater
Effigy Salon
Elijah's Coffee
Elmhurst Art Museum
Elmhurst Camera
Elmhurst Dermatology
Elmhurst Historical Foundation
Elmhurst Park District
Elmhurst YMCA
Emerald City Theater
Erase Tatoo Removal
Fahey & Sons Paving
Fitz’s Pub
Fitz’s Spare Keys
Flight 112
Francescas Restaurant
Fratellos Pizza
Gibbons Funeral Home
Gordon Lodge, Door County, WI
Green Eyed Maven
HB Jones
Helping Hands Cleaning Svc
Hulen Landscaping
IGI Gymnastics
Jersey Mike's Subs
Jillian Cut, Color & Style
John Garcia, ABC News
Kidz Drop In
Kie And Kate Couture
Kluchenek Music
La La Land
Leonards Menswear
Lou Malnatis
Luscombe Music/Music
LW Reedy Real Estate
Lynfred Winery
Marriott Theater
McDonald's-O'Keefe Family
Melina's Trattoria
Mercury Theater
Mettle Volleyball Academy
Mike's Meat market
Mostardi Platt
My CI Policy Insurance
My Friends Place Salon
Oak Brook Park District (OBBT)
O'Hare Towing Service
Osio-Brown Paintings
Overtime Wrestling
Palumbo Family Foundation
Patriot Boxing
Phillips Flowers
Phunky Kitchen
Pints Pub
Pump It Up
Pure Harmony Massage
Q's Pizza, Hillside
Red E Boutique
Reel Club Restaurant, Oak Brk
Richard Lang, DDS
Rocky Mountain Chocolate
Rosalia's Deli
Rouse Boutique
Russo's Hillside Chapels
Salsaria Mexican Cantina
Scapa Rest, Clarendon Hills
Seasons 52 Restaurant, Oak Brk
Silverado Restaurant
Southtown Hot Dogs
Spirito! Singers
Stemples Bike Shop
Stereo Nightclub, Chicago
Storino, Ramello & Durkin Law
Sydney Nails
Tannins Wine Bar
Tea Rose Pasteries
The Private Bank
Thirty-One Gifts
Uptown Shop
William Bacon DDS
Wines for Humanity
York Furrier
York Theater
ZuZu's Petals
Please patronize
businesses that
are so generous
to Immaculate
Thank You to All of Our
2013 ICGS 1900 Club Golf Outing Sponsors!
The Miller Family
The Burr Family
The Guinan Family
The Hipskind Family
Fleet Feet Sports Elmhurst
The Wegner Family
The Bill Fahey Family
The Schleiter Family
The Laluya Family
The Schiele Family
The McQuade Family
Northwestern Mutual
The Julian Family
The Dewbray Family
The Tom Fahey Family
The Gratzianna Family
Good Earth Greenhouse
The Schoonveld Family
The Durkin Family/
Hinsdale Orthopaedics
The Tim Hill Family
The Tom Johnson Family
The Condon Family
The Wartner Family
The Sloan Family
The Maher Family
The Papp Family
The Dan Cronin Family
The Cushing Family
The Bero Family
The Darley Family
The Pierotti Family
The Moore Family
The Gallagher Family
The Karsten Family
The Sutton Family
The Leischner Family
The Dan VanEekeren Family
The Richardson Family
The Kenneally Family
The Ray Hill Family
The Phillips Family
The Hunter Family
The Loch Family
The Fischer Family
The Matthew Johnson Family
The John McCarthy Family
The Schiliro Family
The Libert Family
The Vilips Family
The Giura Family
The Enright Family
The Reagan Family
The Giannini Family
The Wesolowski Family
Pints Elmhurst
Thank you for your tremendous
generosity to
2nd Grade Parents
First Reconciliation - Parent Formation
Facilitators: Fr. David Mowry &
Ms. Chris Hannigan-Wiehn
Time: 7:00 – 8:20 p.m.
Place: Immaculate Conception Church
Date: Monday, November 11, 2013 for Group A
(Group A - Grade School Mrs. May’s class,
and RE Wednesday Classes)
Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 for Group B
(Group B – Grade School Ms. Anderson’s class,
and RE Sunday Classes)
This gathering is designed for the parents whose children will be experiencing the sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) for the first time.
The expectation is that all parents will be attending.
If you are unable to attend on the assigned date, you may attend
on the alternate date.
Questions . . . contact Chris Hannigan-Wiehn at 630-530-3480 OR
[email protected]
….is coming the weekend of November 23 & 24.
Individuals or groups can adopt a family for whom to
purchase gifts. Please contact Pam at 530-3497 for
further details and watch the bulletin for our timeline
and guidelines.
The Bereavement Ministry
of Immaculate Conception Church
invites you and the family
of your beloved deceased to
a special ALL SOULS DAY
on Saturday, November 2, 2013
at 8:00 am in the Chapel.
Reception immediately follows in the rectory.
Need an ICGS yard sign?
Purchase an Athletics yard sign
through the online “Spirit
Store” (click on “Athletics” or
“Parents’ Club”).
Please watch for a flyer that your child will be
bringing home regarding specific items needed
for the annual IC Thanksgiving outreach. It
is only through the generosity of the grade
school, high school and parish-at-large that
we are able to fill and distribute over 120
Thanksgiving baskets to those in need.
Non-athletic yard signs can be
purchased via the ICGS
Development Office. Simply
email Kathleen Hillsman at
[email protected]
All signs are $15.
“Bits and Pieces”
Need an extra ICGS car magnet?
Stop by the school office and
purchase one for $5.
Maureen McNicholas, Marya Gibbons, & Peggy
Castanoli, for taking beautiful photos on
Grandparents’ Day!
Thank you,
Meg Sullivan,
for your help in getting our
ICGS Annual Report out!
Thank you to our
ICGS Parents’ Club
for our amazing Birthday lunches
and delicious lunches on Hot Lunch
Day! We appreciate all that you do
for our ICGS staff!
Need Christmas gift ideas?
Buy ICGS “Spiritwear”
ICGS “Team Gear”
for the people on your Christmas list!
Shop online at and
click on “Parents’ Club” or “Athletics!”
If you would like to nominate an ICGS alum as
an NCEA Distinguished Graduate, please go to , click on
“Development” and then on “Alumni” for more
Do you have alumni news to share? Please contact the
ICGS Development Office.
[email protected]
Save the date!
January 14th, 2014
7:00 PM in the Marion Room
Do you know the latest lingo- keep up!
Internet Predators
Safety Tips
Instagram Chat Rooms Safety Equipment
MySpace Instant Messaging On-Line Bullying
Due to the graphic nature of material
SPACE IS LIMITED. RSVP BY 1-6-2014 TO [email protected]
WEEK 2013
November 19, 2013
6:30pm Registration - ICCP Gym
7:00pm Presentation Begins
November 2, 2013
6:45pm – ICCP GYM
November 16, 2013
8:30 am - ICCP
Spend a day with us for a sneak peek at life as an
ICCP Knight.
Questions? For more information about these
upcoming events, please call 630.530.3484 or visit
Start getting ready for the Annual ICCP Math
Saturday, November 16 @
8:30am ICCP
The ICCP Math Contest is open
to all 7th and 8th grade
students. The format of the
test will be multiple choice and short answer
questions on topics chosen from Pre-algebra, Algebra
and Geometry. The test will include both calculator
and non-calculator portions. Students are required to
bring their own calculators to the exam.
For more information or to register, contact the ICCP
Admissions Office at p.630.530.3484 or email at
[email protected]
IC Catholic Prep proudly announced the 2013
Homecoming court. Representing the junior
class were Hannah Hartnett, Cristina
Loizzo, Bailey McCann, Caroline Murphy,
Gretchen Vitek, and Erin West. Senior Court
members were Hazel Aquino, Rachel Hill,
Charmaine Leverson, Bre Lobello, Rory
Manion, Meghan McCann, and Abby Radoha
was named 2013 Homecoming Queen.
This year’s ICCP Homecoming theme was “A
Knight With Gatsby”, and the week’s
festivities officially kicked off with a Powder
Puff game on Sunday, October 6th, at
Plunkett Athletic Complex. On Saturday,
October 12th, ICCP hosted the 3rd Annual All
School Reunion on the IC Lawn on the corner
of Cottage Hill & Arthur. This annual event
featured great food, adult beverages, games,
prizes and much more! The Homecoming
Dance was held on Saturday, October 12th
also, and was the culmination of a week
packed with activities and events at the
Were you unable to attend our open
house? Did you attend open house, but still
have some additional questions?
No problem! Please join us in this warm,
casual and comfortable environment for our
"Meet ICCP" coffee and learn more about us!
Meet with the administration to discuss our collegeprep curriculum, and the entrance exam, admissions
process, and financial assistance procedures. You
can also learn more about student life, including
clubs and athletics.
November 6
December 4
All "Meet ICCP" Coffees will be hosted in the Parish
Administration Center (PAC) in the Marian Room
located at 134 Arthur Street in Elmhurst (2nd
Please RSVP to Mrs. Sarah Ford, Director of
Admissionsp at 630.530.3484 or
[email protected] to reserve your seat today!
Saturday, November 23 @ 7:00 pm in
the ICCP Cafeteria
7th and 8th grade student teams will
compete to win the title of Academic
Olympiad Champion! Questions will be from
all academic subjects as well as pop culture.
A minimum of 4 members per team, not to
exceed 6. Space is limited. Contact the
Admissions Office to register today!
Questions? Contact Mrs. Sebastian
at [email protected]

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