Midday Music Barely A Day Over 39 Keynote: A



Midday Music Barely A Day Over 39 Keynote: A
March 5, 2009
Barely A Day Over 39
CRS looks fabulous at 40, if Wednesday’s music and
sessions are any indication. Emerson Drive sang the anthem,
Emma Jacob showcased, Mick Anselmo won the Tom Rivers
Humanitarian Award for his work with KEEY/Minneapolis and
Phil Vassar played a song he wrote for the event, singing, “40
years of fun and 40 million beers.”
Radio Humanitarian Award winners named in small, medium
and large markets were WFLS/Fredericksburg, VA, WIVK/
Knoxville and WGH/Norfolk. Randy Owen was named Artist
Humanitarian for his work with St. Jude. And that was just the
opening session.
Keynote: A Quest Called Tribe
Best-selling author, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “agent
of change” Seth Godin delivered one of the best received
keynotes in seminar history. Beginning with the premise that
“ideas that spread, win,” Godin detailed the changing realities
for mass media. “It isn’t ‘mass’ anymore,” he warned. And he
laid out a new approach.
“Music isn’t in trouble,” he said. “The music business is. The
good news is, there’s a huge number of opportunities.” Those can
only be met, however, by those willing to commit to innovation.
“Timid trapeze artists are dead trapeze artists,” he joked.
The business model, Godin explained, is shifting to the
point where the radio business will look a lot more like the
Issue 2
magazine business.
Fragmentation of mass
media, in Godin’s view,
means building strong
and self-perpetuating
communities he calls
tribes. “More isn’t
the point,” he said.
Seth Godin
“Tighter is the point.”
The “television industrial complex” is being replaced by the
“fashion/permission complex.” He suggested that stations will
know they’re reaching their tribe with the crucial “anticipated,
personal and relevant” messages when they get complaints
from listeners when it isn’t sent out. Getting there means a
break from the pattern of demanding success before making a
full commitment.
Midday Music
Mercury’s Jamey Johnson performed for an estimated
1,000 people at the “Downtown Shutdown” on Commerce
Street before CRS badge holders returned to the Convention
Center for the Golden Music/Nine North/American Country
Countdown with Kix Brooks-sponsored luncheon. The
entertainment began with a New Orleans style Mardi Gras
parade complete with a tuba, jugglers and beads. The band
Williams Riley performed a set that included single “I’m Still
Me,” and an assist from singer/songwriter Edwin McCain, who
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March 5, 2009
CRS 40 Daily Buzz Powered By Country Aircheck
appears on their album. Label mate Benton Blount followed,
performing songs from his album including Nashville-anthem
“Leavin’ This Town.”
PPM: Faster Charts?
Songs that test well in callout also tend to test well in PPM,
and vice-versa, said consultant Jaye Albright in a Wednesday
panel discussing the new ratings methodology. Discussing
the behavior of several songs from a MScore Switching
demonstration by Media Monitors President Philippe Generali,
she said, “MScore will speed up the charts, because if a song is
working, people will play it more. And when they say they’re
tired of it, they’re not kidding.”
Back to the Future: CRS 1969-2049
CRS founder Tom McEntee, promotion vet Elroy Kahanek,
KKGO/Los Angeles’ Tonya Campos and Frank N. Magid’s
Lindsay Schutte discussed the past, present and future of
Check This Out: The CMA held its sixth annual Artist Luncheon
Wednesday, and marked the occasion by presenting a check for
$1,011,249 to fund music education in Nashville public schools. Half
the proceeds from the 2008 CMA Music Festival, the total brings the
organization’s Keep The Music Playing initiative to more than $2.2 million
in donations. Pictured (l-r) CMA Chair Randy Goodman, Nashville Public
Schools Director Jesse Register, Alliance Exec. Dir. Pam Garrett, CMA
Board member Tony Conway, Jay DeMarcus, CMA’s Tammy Genovese,
CMA Pres. Steve Moore, CMA Pres. Elect Steve Buchanan and Kix Brooks.
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Country radio with moderator Charlie Monk. Schutte presented
a helpful analysis of the “millennial” generation (born 19801996), which is radio’s next target audience. Her study showed
more than 65% of adult millennials listen to the radio to hear
music and use it as a viable cultural outlet.
KCRS Live!
ASCAP’s KCRS Live!, hosted by Jimmy Wayne, featured
performances by Jonathan Singleton, Ashley Gorley and
Kelley Lovelace. All shared stories behind their hit songs,
including “Do You Believe Me Now,” “Don’t,” “All-American
Girl,” “You’re Gonna Miss This” and “I’m Still A Guy.”
McGraw’s New Jam
The ACM’s Music City Jam opened with news from Taylor
Swift, who is in Australia and missing this year’s seminar. She
vowed via video to return to CRS in 2010. ACM’s Bob Romeo
then announced her as next year’s Music City Jam performer.
This year’s headliner Tim McGraw enlisted many of his
musical friends for the show. The Warren Brothers hosted.
Lance Miller, Halfway To Hazard, Lori McKenna and even
McGraw’s niece Catherine Raney performed. His wife Faith
Hill stepped to the mike not to perform, but to introduce special
guest Randy Owen, who delivered an energetic set. Finally,
McGraw greeted the crowd and said he’d be playing a set
composed entirely of new material from “an album we recorded
a year-and-a-half ago.”
Titles included “If I Die Today,” “Forever 17” and “Southern
Voice.” When it was over, McGraw thanked the crowd for
hanging with him through a full set of unfamiliar tunes. “I hope
you liked it,” he said. “If you didn’t, stick around. In another
20-years we’ll have another [album] out.”
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March 5, 2009
CRS 40 Daily Buzz Powered By Country Aircheck
Page 4
The Day Ahead
Here’s an all-in look at the official CRS-40 proceedings for
Thursday, March 5:
Talent With A Capital “T”: Panel Of Experts
Randy Lane, Valerie Geller, Tommy Kramer,
Paul Connell, Mike McVay (moderator).
NCC 206
Come Hell Or High Water: Disaster
Preparedness Small Market)
Jeremy Heidt (TN Emergency Management),
Jill Gorin (American Red Cross), Shane Conner
(WWYN/Jackson, TN), Roy Stewart (FCC), Joel
Raab and Trey Stafford (moderator).
NCC 209-210
CMA Research Presentation
NCC 204-205
40 Great Programming Ideas In 40 Minutes
Mike Kennedy (KBEQ/Kansas City), Steve
Geofferies (WSSL & WESC/Greenville), John
Paul (KUPL/Portland), Ken Boesen (WKIS/
Miami) and Bruce Logan (moderator).
NCC 206
Performance Royalties Realities
Steve Newberry (Commonwealth
Broadcasting) and Jay Frank (CMT) (moderator).
NCC 208
You’re A PD, Now What? (Small Market)
Scott Huskey (Rusty Walker), Joel Raab
(Joel Raab & Associates), Alan Mason (Good
Ratings Strategic Service) and Dale Desmond
NCC 209-210
Not For Women Only Part II
Sam Easley (moderator), Beverlee Brannigan
(KFDI), Whitney Allen (Big Time Saturday
Night), Trey Fanjoy (video producer), Victoria
Shaw (songwriter), Shelly Easton (WCTO).
NCC 108-109
Spinning A Web (Tech Track)
Pam Hamil (CBS Radio), John Trapane
(Capitol), Lindsay Allard (Cumulus) and Chuck
Wicks (moderator).
NCC 211-212
Secrets Of A Super Sales Manager (Sales)
Natalie Conner (WXTU/Philadelphia) and Rick
Murray (moderator).
NCC 208
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March 5, 2009
CRS 40 Daily Buzz Powered By Country Aircheck
No Cookie Cutters! A Fresh Approach To
Radio And Records
Skip Bishop (Arista), Paige Neinaber (New
World Communications), Rob Kelley (WQHK/
Ft. Wayne), Travis Moon (WUBE/WYGY/
Cincinnati) and Charlie Dean (moderator).
NCC 211-212
40 New Media Ideas (Tech Track)
Joel Burke (KYGO/Denver), Dawn Gates
(Capitol) and Andy Denemark (moderator).
NCC 206
It’s Not A Target Demo: It’s A Family Reunion
Larry Johnson (Paragon Media), Howard
Kroeger (Hank FM), Keith Montgomery (WIBW/Topeka, KS), Jeff Vidler (Angus – Reid
Media Strategies), Tim Butler (KGNC/Amarillo,
TX) and Jaye Albright (moderator).
NCC 102
11-11:50amI’m Just A Song: The Life Of“Watching Airplanes”
Joe Fisher (UMG/Nashville), Royce Risser
(UMG/Nashville), Jim Beavers (songwriter), Jonathan Singleton (Songwriter) and EJ
Bernas (moderator).
NCC 204-205
12-1:50pmSony/Nashville Lunch
Miranda Lambert and Jake Owen
NCC Performance Hall
2-2:50pmChampagne Production On A Beer Budget
(Small Market)
Dave Morris (Dave Morris Voiceovers), Robin
Marshall (Marshall Arts) and Dave Savage
NCC 206
Gen X/Gen Y: How Do We Engage Them?
The Intelligence Group
Angel Ciangi (CAA: The Intelligence Group)
NCC 204-205
3:05-3:55pmRadio In A 360 World: Internet Applications That Work
Deb Esayian (Emmis Interactive)
NCC 205
3:05-3:55pmThe ChangingWorld Of Retail, Radio, And Records
Mark McKay (WGH-FM/Norfolk), Greg Hill
(Red Light), Paul Barnabee (Sony/Nashville)
and Chris Loss (moderator).
NCC 206
Page 5
After Hours
Sony/Nashville Boat Show
Various Artists
5pm buses at Renaissance and Hilton
Invite Only
Bridge Bar sponsored by BBR
Appearances by Dean Brody & Krista Marie
Harley arcade games with Marie
Renaissance Bridge Bar
A CRS Jam Presented by Rocky Comfort &
Nine North
Tracy Lawrence, Due West, Eric Durrance,
The Roys, Steve Richard, Zona Jones
Rocket Town (401 6th Ave. S)
New Music Showcase
Various Artists
Wild Beaver (212 Commerce St.)
A Starry Starry Nashville Night Presented By Holley Guidry
Craig Wiseman, Jim Collins, George
Terren, Clint Lagerberg, Lee Miller, Chris
Tompkins, and Don Poythress, Clay
Cumbie and Chris Cavanaugh
Cadillac Ranch (305 Broadway)
E1 Music/PLC Records Showcase
Cody McCarver, Daryle Singletary,
Sammy Sadler, Brock Hawkins, Chris
Webb, Amanda Henke, Cledus T. Judd
and Dennis Haskins.
Second Fiddle (420 Broadway)
Keith Urban
9:45pm buses from Downtown Hotels
Rutledge (410 4th Ave. S.)
CRS Badges required
Joey+Rory, Wiliams Riley, Katie Armiger
and Darren Kozelsky
Renaissance Fisk Room
Holly Williams and Jamey Johnson
The Stage (412 Broadway)
Emma Jacob
Cadillac Ranch (305 Broadway)
4:10-5:30pmWCRS Live! Sponsored by BMI And
Country Aircheck
Bobby Pinson, Paul Overstreet, Josh Turner
and Jamey Johnson
NCC 204-206
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