Tenkara Fly Set Instructions



Tenkara Fly Set Instructions
The Eclectic Angler
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Tenkara Fly Set
Thank you for purchasing this set of tenkara flies! Here are
a few tips and techniques that you might find useful on
your favorite stream:
Tenkara flies can be fished like streamers, nymphs, and even dry flies.
To fish like a dry fly, use a little floatant on the hackle.
To fish like a streamer or nymph, wet the fly throughly before casting.
Use a split shot (lead free) to get the fly deeper.
I normally cast the fly out (without floatant), let it drift right at the surface,
and then, when it reaches the end of the drift, start twitching it up and
across the stream. I get 8 out of 10 strikes during this up & cross stream
The black flies work great on bright, sunny days.
The cream & ginger work well on dark or cloudy days.
The olive & grizzly and especially the red & grizzly work well all the time!
Have fun and do send me some photos of fish you’ve caught with them to post
on our Web site!
Best Regards,
The Eclectic Angler