For The People Lyrics



For The People Lyrics
Well there s a ghost in the White House
The memory of a man
A man who loved his people
A patriot for this land
But we no longer prosper
We just,tryin’ to scrape up some dough
We can t even pay the interest
On the money, these idiots
People wakin up there s a question I
gotta ask…
I want to know what happen to
Of the people, by the people, for the people
We let it slip away
Too ,much government, money spent, we
can t pay the rent
And it’s just another day in America,
just another day back home
Apathy in my people
Brain washed by TV
The spirits of tyrants got on us
I see their faces down there when I pee
The asses that we once evaded
Are back jumpin, right in our chest
It makes me want to just throw-up
When I think about the IRS
People wakin, up there,s a question I gotta
(double Chorus out)
Lyrics & Music by Mark Farner

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