National Pony Express Association California Division



National Pony Express Association California Division
National Pony Express Association
California Division
June 2013
National Pony Express Re-Ride
June 17 thru June 27
Calif. Div. Re-Ride June 26 & 27 2013
Birthdays for June
Quackgrass Sally
Trena Borello
Dennis Larson
Elizabeth Lucas
Sheree Harrington
Michele Harris
Jeff Babbage
Allison Babbage
Susan Larson
Pony Express Events
June 15
35th Annual Re-Ride Dinner
Shingle Springs Community Ctr.
June 26
& 27
Wednesday Pony Express Re-Ride
& Thursday Ride Captain Rich Tatman
July 01
July 03
Wednesday Folsom Rodeo Cattle Drive 4PM
Coordinator: Jessie Davison
Rancho Cordova Parade - 6 PM
Coordinator: Rich Tatman
July 04 - Thursday 06
Folsom Rodeo Grand Entry
Coordinator: Jessie Davison
Celebration July 01, 2013
July 04
July 4th Parade Pollock Pines
Coordinator: Kathy Colt
The celebration starts at 6:30 PM with the Pony
Express carrying a letter From Gov. Brown to the Mayor
of Rancho Cordova. We would like to have at least 12
riders if possible. The more the merrier. Please try to be
there at 5:30 PM ready to ride. The directions are Hwy 50
to Zinfandel South (From the east made a left on to Zinfandel: From the west made a right on to Zinfandel). Get
in the left lane and make a left on to White Rock Road:
Then make another left on to Prospect Park Drive. We will
be parking on the right. If you have any questions please
call Rich Tatman at 916-599-2407.
July 28
Board Meeting 3 PM
Denny’s Cameron Park, CA
July 28
General Meeting 6 PM
Denny’s Cameron Park, CA
Rancho Cordova City Hood
Folsom Rodeo & Cattle Drive
Hay, Hay, Hay, It’s that time of year!!
Rodeos & Parades – Speaking of Rodeos and
Parades 4th of July Parade and Folsom Rodeo & Cattle
Drive are just around the corner, Tuesday July 2 nd for the
Cattle Drive and July 3, 4 & 5 for the Folsom Rodeo.
I am looking for riders for all of the above – Cattle
Drive, Grand Entry at the Folsom Rodeo.
Please show your Pony Express Pride and come
out and join in on this festive occasion. For more Info
Please call Jessie Davison (530-919-4327) for the Folsom
Rodeo and the Cattle Drive .
There will be fireworks and tons of fun. Looking
forward to having everyone there.
Rich Tatman
(916) 362-1902
[email protected]
Vice President
Jessie Davison
(530) 919-4327
[email protected]
Vicki Rorke
(916) 708-8144
[email protected]
Vicki Rorke
(916) 708-8144
[email protected]
Trails Rep
Cindy Honn
(916) 957-1585
[email protected]
Member at Large
Kathy Colt
(650) 243-8581
[email protected]
Member at Large
Lori Babbage
(530) 620-7053
[email protected]
Member at Large
Cinder Huber
(530) 676-0641
Other Services
Quarter Master
Lori Babbage
(530) 620-7053
[email protected]
Oct 05 Pony Express Poker Ride - 5th Annual
Coordinator: Need One
Oct 27 Board Meeting 3 PM – Denny’s CP
Oct 27 General Meeting 6 PM – Denny’s CP
Newsletter Editor
Gary Moore
(530) 919-4097
[email protected]
Oct ?? Grand Nationals Rodeo - Cow Palace
Coordinator: Kathy Colt
Nov 24 Board Meeting 3 PM – Denny’s CP
Nov 24 General Meeting 6 PM – Denny’s CP
Nov 29 Placerville Christmas Tree Lighting
Coordinator: Jessie Davison
Dec 01 Placerville Christmas Parade
Coordinator: Kathy Colt
2013 Pony Express
Calendar of Events
Dec 14 Christmas Card Ride - Folsom History Museum
Coordinator: Rich Tatman
Dec 22 Board Meeting 3 PM – Denny’s CP
Dec 22 General Meeting 6 PM – Denny’s CP
Jun 08 Hwy 50 Wagon Train with Pony Express Riders
Placerville, CA
Jun 15 Pony Express 2013 Re-Ride Dinner
Coordinator: Gary Moore
Jun 26 & 27 Calif. Div. Pony Express Re-Ride
Ride Captain: Rich Tatman
Jul 03 Folsom Rodeo Cattle Drive - Pony Express
Coordinator: Jessie Davison
Jul 04-06 Folsom Rodeo Grand Entry
Jul 04 Pollock Pines Fourth of July Parade
Coordinator: Kathy Colt
Jul 28 Board Meeting 3 PM – Denny’s CP
Jul 28 General Meeting 6 PM – Denny’s CP
Aug 25 Board Meeting 3 PM – Denny’s CP
Aug 25 General Meeting 6 PM – Denny’s CP
Aug 30 - Sep 02 Gold Rush Days - Old Sacramento
Coordinator: Rich Tatman
Sep 19 - 22 National Pony Express Convention
Sep 29 Board Meeting 3 PM – Denny’s CP
Sep 29 General Meeting 6 PM – Denny’s CP
2013 Re-Ride Dinner
Pony Express
4th of July Parade Pollock Pines
There will be a 4th of July Parade in Pollock
Pines, CA. We will be staging on Pony Express Trail at 10
AM. Direction: Off of Hwy 50 take the Sly Park Road exit.
Turn Left at the stop sign; Go to Pony Express Trail turn
right and go to the sand building. Please be ready to ride
at 10 AM. The parade will start at 1 PM. If you have any
question call Kathy Colt at 650-243-8581. Have fun and
be safe!!!
On June 15, 2013 Pony Express CA Div. held its
Annual Re-Ride Dinner at the Shingle Springs Community
Center in Shingle Springs CA. On the menu was Tri Tip,
Chicken and Rich Tatman brought a ton of Pork Ribs.
Rich got all of the meat from Raley’s. He donated the ribs.
The cooks were Donnie H. Dennis T. and Dennis two
sons. We had a wide variety of side dishes. It was an
awesome dinner. We had about 60 people in attendance.
Lori and Jessie decorated the room with help from Karen
T. Cindy S. Kathy C. and Gary M. There were some really
nice raffle prizes. We had a quilt from Karen’s mom; Lori
made a pillow; a Pony Express picture with leather. There
were quit a few other items. I hope that everyone had a
good time.
Educational and Trails Hours
Don’t forget to send in your educational and trails
hours and miles to Cindy Honn 2821 Still Meadows Rd.
Placerville, CA 95667.
Remember: Article submission cut off is:
Monday July 08, 2013 @ 9:00 PM
Pony Express Newsletter
P.O. 1179
El Dorado, CA 95623

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