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Dear Reader,
We are pleased to announce that we are now the North American distributor for Brandon Books. Brandon
publishes, from Ireland, a wide range of titles: from mystery and fiction, to history and memoir. Brandon
is well-known for publishing Alice Taylor, Paul Charles, and Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams.
We have two new titles of biographical fiction from acclaimed director Ken Russell, taking his unique perspective to composers Beethoven, Brahms, Elgar, and others.
Also exciting is a new title on Anthony DeMello, one of the most insightful and lyrical spiritual writers of
the late 20th century.
As always, our poetry collection has a variety of unique styles and subjects. This season includes the release
of Big-Eyed Afraid, from Cincinnati native Erica Dawson, the winner of the second annual Anthony Hecht
Poetry Prize, as well as new collections from some old favorites such as Jeremy Reed and Helen Dunmore.
Happy Reading!
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Big-Eyed Afraid
Erica Dawson
Winner of the 2nd annual Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize
There were more than 450 entries for the 2006 contest – a 25% increase from 2005 – and
it took the press’ screening panel three months of careful reading, deliberation and discussion to narrow the field, first to twenty semi-finalists, and then to ten finalists. The latter
(stripped of all identifying references) were then sent to the 2006 judge, Mary Jo Salter, who
rang Ms Dawson with her decision on April 20th.
Erica Dawson was born in Columbia, Maryland in 1979. Majoring in the Writing Seminars,
she received her BA with departmental honours from Johns Hopkins University in 2001.
After earning her Master of Fine Arts from Ohio State University in 2006, she moved south
to the University of Cincinnati, where as the Elliston Fellow in Poetry, she is pursuing a PhD
in English and Comparative Literature. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Barrow Street, Blackbird, Sewanee Theological Review, Southwest Review, and Virginia Quarterly Review. She has been awarded several fellowships prizes, including the Academy of
American Poets Prize at Ohio State University, and also second place in the 2004 Morton
Marr Poetry Prize.
November, 5½ x 8½,
80 pages (Waywiser)
ISBN 978-1-904130-26-0
Paper $16.95
An Irish Eye
Gerry Adams
The recent years covered by this unique book have seen momentous events in Irish republicanism and in the politics of Ireland as a whole. From the IRA decision in 2005 to formally
end its armed campaign and to put its arms beyond use, to the Sinn Féin decision in January
2007 to support the policing and justice system, unparalleled historic change has taken place.
In An Irish Eye Gerry Adams brings his own perspective to bear on these developments. An
accomplished writer as well as political leader, he describes the events in which he has played
such a significant role with insight, passion and humour. He gives the reader an unrivalled
insight into pivotal moments of recent Irish history, and he takes the reader behind the scenes
to witness events that continue to shape Irish society today.
Includes Gerry Adams’ historic appeal to the IRA and his call on Sinn Féin to support the policing and justice system. Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand Irish politics now.
It is not just about the peace process; it includes observations about his visits to the Basque
country, the Middle East, South Africa, and the USA. He also comments on the Celtic Tiger
and other aspects of life in Ireland today; he takes a verbal poke at the establishment, and he
gives us a peek at some personal and humorous episodes as well as the more serious life and
death issues.
President of Sinn Féin and Westminster MP for West Belfast, Gerry Adams has been a published writer since 1982. His books have won critical acclaim in many quarters and have
been widely translated. His writings range from local history and reminiscence to politics
and short stories, and they include the fullest and most authoritative exposition of modern
Irish republicanism.
October, 5½ x 8½,
288 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-370-9
Paper $22.95
Gerry Adams will be touring
the US for book readings in the
near future. Check the Dufour
website for details & dates.
House of Memories
Alice Taylor
Following his brutish father’s unlamented
death, young Danny Conway strives to rescue the family farm from ruin; when all
seems hopeless, help comes from the most
unexpected quarter. House of Memories
tells a story of resilience in the face of family tragedy; a story, too, of bereavement and
grief, and of trying to cope with loss.
“In Ireland, where scribblers are ten a
penny, she has become the most popular
and universally loved author in memory.”— Mail on Sunday
“There is no writer more full of the milk of human kind ness."—Books Ireland
November, 5½ x 8½, 288 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-352-5 (0-86322-352-4) Paper $15.95
Angels and Rabies
A Journey Through the Americas
Manchan Magan
Angels and Rabies follows the author on a
backpacking trip through the Americas.
Along the way he meets a Hollywood starlet, witnesses the outbreak of war in
Ecuador, and ends up in the mighty Amazon
jungle. Magan is uniquely qualified to document his journey, having written, presented
and co-produced over 50 travel documentaries that have aired on such TV programs
as the Travel Channel. This fantastic, compelling account tells the story of what a young Irishman can do
when let loose on these continents.
November, 5½ x 8½, 320 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-349-5 (0-86322-349-4) Paper $22.95
Billy, Come Home
Mary Rose Callaghan
A thirty-year old woman travels to London
to identify a body that has been fished out of
the Thames; it is believed to be that of her
brother, Billy. The narrative flashes back to
the brutal murder of a teenaged girl, when
Billy was regarded suspiciously by the neighbors, who sent him hate mail. Billy, Come
Home is both a moving novel about a mentally ill man in need of a home and a mystery novel, set in present day suburbia.
November, 5½ x 8½, 192 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-366-2 (0-86322-366-4) Paper $22.95
This season, we welcome our newest press, Brandon Books. Brandon has been a leading imprint
in Ireland since 1982 with an established international reputation for fiction and non-fiction.
Many of the bestselling books ever published in
Ireland have been published by Brandon.
See page 25 for Brandon’s complete backlist
Desmond Ellis
Bockety is the childhood memoir of Desmond Ellis, an Irish native
who now works as an actor in Canada. His story is at once both
specifically Irish, depicting the grime along Dublin’s Grand Canal,
and universal, capturing the innocent security of the 1950s.
December, 5½ x 8½, 256 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-364-8 (0-86322-364-8) Paper $22.95
No Paradiso
William Wall
“Irish writer William Wall’s total com mand of words is demonstrated again....
There is something painterly about the way
William Wall draws his characters, using
just two or three deft strokes to bring a
character to life... Little of what happens
in the stories is particularly dramatic, but
the instances of cruelty and human frailty
that occur linger in the memory long after
each story is finished... The reader cannot
fail to be mesmerised by the quality of the prose and the poet’s
gift for the perfectly chosen word.”—Sunday Tribune
December, 5½ x 8½, 192 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-355-6 (0-86322-355-9) Paper $19.95
Dreams Of Hope
From Dublin to Geelong
Lily O’Connor
This powerful story of an Irish emigrant
family is filled with love, life, and the struggle to make them fit together. When Lily
O’Connor married Paddy in Dublin, she
soon found herself emigrating to England
and finally Australia. While courageously
centering her large family, Lily also had to
contend with difficult circumstances and
her husband’s ambitious dreams. Lily’s candid voice tells the story of all families
forced to emigrate from Ireland in the 1950s.
November, 5½ x 8½, 256 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-358-7 (0-86322-358-3) Paper $22.95
Hunger Strike
The Luck Penny
Reflections on the 1981 Republican Hunger Strike
Edited by Danny Morrison
John Maher
Well-known novelists and poets, former
prisoners and activists reflect upon the
deaths of the ten republican hunger strikers
who died in protest to gain political prisoner status from the British government in
Northern Ireland. Their deaths proved to be
a turning point in relations between Britain
and Ireland in the early 1980s. Most of the
pieces here were specifically commissioned,
and while they differ greatly, they have in
common a sense of the intensity of the experience of the
hunger strike at the time, and the intensity of the impression
made by it even today.
December, 5½ x 8½, 192 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-359-4 (0-86322-359-1) Cloth $37.95s
ISBN 978-0-86322-360-0 (0-86322-360-5) Paper $23.95
The Lightning Tree
P.J. Curtis
This is a story told by Mariah, a woman
healer who lived in harmony not only with
the special environment of the Burren in
Co. Clare, Ireland, but with the spirits of
past generations; a woman who drank deep
from the well of traditional wisdom and customs, yet whose view of the world resonates
with meaning for the present and future. It
is a story of love surprisingly found and
tragically lost; of the struggle of an independent woman who was viewed with suspicion, whose healing
powers were sought by many yet condemned from the pulpit. A
life which began in the shadow of the Great Famine and ended
as electricity began to reach the byways of the west of Ireland.
November, 5½ x 8½, 256 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-347-1 (0-86322-347-8) Paper $22.95
Miss Katie Regrets
Jack Barry
A seemingly humdrum shooting of an exparamilitary anti-drugs campaigner leads
Detective Thomas Barrett to an online male
prostitution service and to hints of a link
with a politician appearing at a tribunal into
corrupt property speculation. Barrett is
given ‘sick leave’ as new forces within the
British and Irish centers of power allow him
to pursue the sensitive investigation offstage.
November, 5½ x 8½, 256 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-354-9 (0-86322-354-0) Paper $19.95
In the summer of 1849 Queen Victoria is
on the throne; the British Empire is at its
zenith; the Californian gold rush has started, and cholera stalks the streets of London. In an Irish rectory, his wife and
younger daughter away in London, Dr John
Drew finds the peace and quiet to work on
a cuneiform inscription of Darius the Great
from Persepolis. But now his fellow translator has abandoned him, his maid has run
out on him, his older daughter has eloped with a Catholic
farmer, and a murder suspect comes calling...
The Luck Penny is a tale of a man and a woman and the secret
scriptures of the dead. It is a tale of coming to terms with that
tragedy of tragedies: the death of a child. The Luck Penny, ultimately, is about the victory of life over memory.
December, 5½ x 8½, 304 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-361-7 (0-86322-361-3) Paper $22.95
A DI Christy Kennedy Mystery
Paul Charles
This is the eighth Paul Charles mystery to
feature the level-headed, engaging Inspector Christy Kennedy.
Of his earlier work:
“...Christy is an appealingly unpretentious
hero fit to while away a quiet couple of
hours.”—Kirkus Reviews
“The novel is delicately plotted and populated by very likable people.”—Booklist
“A good puzzle, memorable characters and an elegant, if not
simple, solution should help move Charles’s series into the top
rank of British police procedurals.”—Publishers Weekly
“Strongly recommended.”—Library Journal
November, 5½ x 8½, 288 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-367-9 (0-86322-367-2) Paper $15.95
Martin Ferris
Man of Kerry
J.J. Barrett
This is a unique, exclusive biography of Irishman Martin Ferris,
who spent 10 years in prison for attempting to import illegal
ammunition into Ireland, became a peace negotiator, and now
serves as TD from Co. Kerry in the Dáil Éireann.
November, 5½ x 8½, 256 pages (Brandon)
ISBN 978-0-86322-310-5 (0-86322-310-9) Cloth $36.95
ISBN 978-0-86322-351-8 (0-86322-351-6) Paper $19.95
Truth Dare Kill
No Tears for the Lost
Gordon Ferris
Adrian Magson
World War II is over but there are no
medals for Danny McRae. Just amnesia
and blackouts; twin handicaps for a private
investigator with an upper-class client on
the hook for murder. It gets harder: newspaper headlines about a psychopath in London’s Soho stir grisly memories in Danny’s
fractured mind. As the two bloody sagas
collide and interweave, Danny finds himself
running for his life across bomb-ravaged
London. Will his past catch up with him before his enemies?
And which would be worse? Fast-paced post-war noir, with
grimly accurate London setting.
It’s Palmer’s job to keep journalists like
Riley Gavin at bay. But when Sir Kenneth
receives a gruesome death threat, the partners-in-crime-busting stop pulling against
each other. With the help of former intelligence officer Jacob Worth, they soon discover that that Sir Kenneth has more
secrets than the Borgias—and his crumbling country house is shored up by a powder which doesn’t come in Cement bags.
Latest in the popular thrills-and-spills series from British
author, Magson.
October, 5 x 8, 272 pages (Crème de la Crime)
ISBN 978-0-9551589-4-0 (0-9551589-4-X) Paper $17.95
Cargo Fever
Will Buckingham
Sam Rivers is about to marry the girl of his
dreams, when he receives a unique business
offer. He must smuggle a semi-human creature from Jakarta to Australia. Seems easy
enough, but when Sam succumbs to malaria, his strange cargo escapes to rampage
among the local young women. Provoked by
the spectacle of their smiling, wanton
daughters, and the ineptitude of the local
priest, the men of the island are soon
demanding blood. Can Sam find the short red man before he
wreaks yet further havoc?
November, 5½ x 8½, 256 pages (Tindal Street)
ISBN 978-0-9551384-2-3 (0-9551384-2-6) Paper $17.95
December, 5 x 8, 304 pages (Crème de la Crime)
ISBN 978-0-9551589-7-1 (0-9551589-7-4) Paper $17.95
Broken Harmony
Roz Southey
Charles Patterson, impoverished musician
in 1730s Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England is
accused of stealing a valuable book and a
cherished violin. Then the apprentice he
inherited from his flamboyant professional
rival is found gruesomely murdered. As the
death toll mounts, Patterson starts to fear
for his health and sanity, and it becomes
clear that things are not quite as they seem.
A colorful historical crime with an authentic background and unusual twist, from an expert historian/musicologist.
November, 5 x 8, 304 pages (Crème de la Crime)
ISBN 978-0-9551589-3-3 (0-9551589-3-1) Paper $17.95
Hard Time
Little Moscow
Mick Scully
The Little Moscow, a shady basement bar
at the side of the Grand Union canal in
Birmingham, England is the stomping
ground for thieves, gangsters, and conmen—plus some of the city’s more glamorous creatures. Blue-skinned Nathan, a
hard knock tattooist, refuses to pay Crawford’s protection racket. Nearby, a refugee
from Middle Eastern wars finds a body
hanging from a lamppost and becomes
entangled with a goodtime girl called Veronica and an apartment decorated with abstract art. Roles get reversed, debts get
claimed, and colors collide—while two would-be Andy Warhols
make away with incriminating evidence.
November, 5½ x 8½, 256 pages (Tindal Street)
ISBN 978-0-9551384-4-7 (0-9551384-4-2) Paper $17.95
Maureen Carter
Detective Sergeant Bev Morriss is having a
hard time. Struggling with the aftermath of a
vicious attack, she can scarcely trust her own
judgment. Her lover is moving on, the guv is
losing patience, and her new partner has the
empathy of a house brick. Then another
police officer dies and a ransom note arrives.
And hard doesn’t begin to cover it. The fourth
gritty police procedural in the acclaimed
series which began with Working Girls.
Of her earlier work:
“Carter writes like a longtime veteran, with snappy patter and
stark narrative”—Booklist
November, 5 x 8, 320 pages (Crème de la Crime)
ISBN 978-0-9551589-6-4 (0-9551589-6-6) Paper $17.95
Absent Light
Bless ‘Em All
Eve Isherwood
Allen Saddler
Helen Powers, ex-crime scene investigator,
was at the top of her game when a case
involving the death of a teenage girl shattered her career. She has spent the past
four years rebuilding her life, and new
career as a portrait photographer, but the
past is not so easily left behind. After a
series of inexplicable and vicious attacks on
her, Helen fears that someone is out to take
revenge. For Helen, however, it’s only the
start of something more personal and sinister.
Desperate to confront her demons and redeem herself, Helen
swiftly finds that neither time nor the elements are on her
October, 4½ x 7, 410 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-905170-82-1 (1-905170-82-3) Paper $15.95
Murder at the Laurels
Lesley Cookman
Second in the series of mysteries featuring
middle aged actress/investigator, Libby
Sarjeant. Once again, Sarjeant finds herself entangled in a mystery, this time involving the death of her friend’s Aunt Eleanor.
Echoes of the past clash with very 21st century motives, and once again, the Steeple
Martin posse is on hand to give encouragement and advice.
Bless ‘Em All is a Carveresque portrait of a
cross section of London society during the
Blitz. Centered around Green’s, a London
wholesaler/bookseller Saddler masterfully
introduces us to an eclectic and compelling
cast of characters who are thrown together
into a riotous wartime tale of prostitution,
romance, murder, and the good old fashioned selling of books.
Allen Saddler is a writer and journalist. He
is the author of four novels, nine children’s books and eight
plays. He has written sitcoms for television and more than two
dozen plays and monologues for radio.
October, 5½ x 8½, 240 pages (Peter Owen)
ISBN 978-0-7206-1282-0 (0-7206-1282-9) Paper $29.95
Ideas Above Our Station
Ian Daley
Someone is waiting for a train, or it could
be a bus or an airplane. They are alone. For
company, in their coat pocket they are carrying a book of stories. They sit down and
take out a book. It falls open on the first
page of a new story. What would be the
perfect read for them to find there?
Fifteen writers have risen to the challenge to
put the ideal story into their fellow traveler’s
hand. The results are inside this book.
October, 4½ x 7, 288 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-905170-84-5 (1-905170-84-X) Paper $15.95
November, 5½ x 8½, 224 pages (Route)
ISBN 978-1-901927-28-3 (1-901927-28-8) Paper $22.95
The Sporran Connection
A Haunting Touch
Bob Burns Investigates
Peter Kerr
Edited by Tinashe Mushakavanhu & A.J. Morgan
In this, the second humor-laced Bob Burns
mystery, the droll Scottish detective is once
again aided by his game-for-anything forensic scientist lady friend, Julie Bryson, and
abetted by keener-than-smart rookie detective, Andy Green. The investigation of a
bizarre murder in a small Scottish town
rapidly enmeshes the trio in a complicated
web of international intrigue and Caledonian skullduggery, as the action shifts to
Sicily, New York and a remote Hebridean island, where the
line between the good guys and the bad guys becomes increasingly blurred. After many a Highland shenanigan, including a
vital kilt-raising stunt by Andy Green, the mystery is finally
solved ...or is it?
October, 4½ x 7, 316 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-905170-83-8 (1-905170-83-1) Paper $15.95
Aspects of haunted lives are explored in
this fascinating anthology by writers from
America, Wales, England, and Zimbabwe.
Whether it’s by time, place, real or imagined, the concept of “haunting” is deftly
explored in prose and poetry. Ranging from
darkly comedic to heartbreaking to truly
disturbing it is a collection not to be
December, 5½ x 8½, 148 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-29-3 Paper $22.95
Two new collections from director Ken Russell
Ken Russell has worked on both the big and small screens with such unforgettable films as Women in Love, The Music Lovers,
The Devils, The Boyfriend, Tommy and Altered States to his credit. He also directed a number of innovative opera productions
from Madam Butterfly and La Bohème to Gounod’s Faust. He has written several books and lives in England. With such legendary films as Elgar, Delius: Song of Summer and Mahler, Ken Russell long ago blew apart the notion that classical composers
were as stately in their private lives as in their music.
Beethoven Confidential
& Brahms Gets Laid
Elgar The Erotic Variations
& Delius A Moment with Venus
Ken Russell
Ken Russell
In these new ‘novel-biographies’, based on the
known facts of two of the greatest musicians
that ever lived, Russell reinterprets the lives
of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) and
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) for the printed page with his customary wit, imagination
and irreverence. He provides the reader with
biographical novels that are simultaneously
revealing, boisterously entertaining, occasionally outrageous and iconoclastic.
In another set of his new ‘novel-biographies’, Ken Russell reinvents the quintessentially English Edward Elgar
(1857-1934) and Frederick Delius
(1862-1934). Very different in character, the two of them—both provincial
lads—come alive in a new way.
December, 5½ x 8½, 220 pages (Peter Owen)
ISBN 978-0-7206-1290-5
(0-7206-1290-X) Paper $32.95
October, 5½ x 8½, 220 pages (Peter Owen)
ISBN 978-0-7206-1279-0 (0-7206-1279-9) Paper $32.95
The Demanding Dead
More Stories of Terror and the Supernatural
Edith Wharton
Anna Kavan
With eight outstanding ghost stories, this
collection highlights Edith Wharton’s ability to switch genres seemingly without
effort. The same literary genius evident in
her best known works such as The Age of
Innocence, Ethan Frome and The House of
Mirth is here dedicated to giving the reader a damned good scare. Stories such as
‘Kerfol’ (adjudged by aficionados to be
Wharton’s best ghost story) and ‘Pomegranate Seed’ are perfect illustrations of consummately crafted horror fiction. Wharton’s vivid sense of the supernatural
betrays her deeper anxieties about the claustrophobia of
domestic life and the pain of a failing relationship.
Of Edith Wharton’s previous ghostly collection:
“While they display the elegant prose of her novels, these tales
revolve around supernatural manifestations (vampires, doppelgangers) made credible by Wharton’s superb storytelling
skills.”—Publishers Weekly
“As with many of Wharton’s works, themes of individual chal lenge and power pervade these tales of terror and the supernatural.”—The Midwest Book Review
October, 5½ x 8½, 214 pages (Peter Owen)
ISBN 978-0-7206-1272-1 (0-7206-1272-1) Paper $27.95
After years languishing in the archives of
the University of Tulsa, Anna Kavan’s
unfinished work, Guilty, is being published
for the first time.
Set in an unspecified time and landscape,
Guilty is narrated by Mark, a man living in
a country divided by war. A returning soldier, Mark’s father declares himself a pacifist and is exiled, leaving Mark in the care
of a shady government agent who becomes
a dominant, controlling force in Mark’s life. When Mark
attempts independence to pursue an engagement with the
docile Carla his life begins to unravel. Thwarted at every turn
by bureaucracy, he begins to fall prey to the machinations and
insecurities of his guilt-ridden mind.
“Her stories are...rich with a fresh kind of peril.”—The New
York Times
“A writer of such chillingly matter-of-fact, unself-pitying vigor
that her vision transcends itself.”—New Yorker
“The author’s meticulous poetic analysis of her characters’
emotions...deflates pretense, hidden motives and inflated selfimages with the lightest touch.”—Publishers Weekly
“A writer always attuned to sensibility and mood.”—Kirkus
November, 5½ x 8½, 220 pages (Peter Owen)
ISBN 978-0-7206-1287-5 (0-7206-1287-X) Paper $32.95
I Live Under a Black Sun
The Heather Fields and Other Stories
Edith Sitwell
John F. Deane
Dame Edith Sitwell, wit, notorious
eccentric, and poet, is not normally
thought of as a novelist. But her only
novel, I Live Under a Black Sun, is a
true forgotten classic. Garlanded with
extravagant praise on its release, it is
being reprinted here for the first time in
almost 50 years. Set during and after
the First World War, the novel was
inspired by the life of Jonathan Swift. It
follows Jonathan Hare, writer and misogynist, through his
tragic relationships with two women who are likewise based
on real people in Swift’s life. Luxurious, angular, poetic,
and sprinkled with allusions to Swift’s most famous works
and correspondence, I Live Under a Black Sun is a work
that will surely entrance a whole new generation of readers.
October, 5½ x 8½, 258 pages (Peter Owen)
ISBN 978-0-7206-1225-7 (0-7206-1225-X) Paper $24.95
The Enormity of the Tragedy
A Cautionary Tale for the Viagra Generation
Quim Monzó
Translated from the Catalan by Peter Bush
Quim Monzó is the foremost Catalan
writer of his generation and has been
translated into over a dozen languages.
The Enormity of the Tragedy is regarded by many as his greatest work.
At once a dirty joke and a high-brow
novel, this book tells the bizarre story of
Ramón Maria, a balding middle aged
widower who works as a trumpet player
in a burlesque show. He has a hostile
relationship with his stepdaughter who steals from him
while going through her own dramas of adolescent love.
After a night of embarrassing, drunken impotence, Ramón
finds this problem permanently fixed, making him infinitely more attractive to the opposite sex. Tensions build until
his stepdaughter finally resolves to kill Ramón.
This novel has been hailed across Europe as a masterpiece
of literary parody. Newcomers are bound to find Quim
Monzó’s work funny, endearing and of searing intelligence.
“Monzó has managed to create a novel in which life and
death are drawn with a untamable peculiarity.”—El País
“This is without doubt the best of his books”—La Vanguardia
“A gifted writer, he draws well on the rich tradition of
Spanish surrealism.”—New York Times
November, 5½ x 8½, 224 pages (Peter Owen)
ISBN 978-0-7206-1299-8 (0-7206-1299-3) Paper $29.95
Set in island communities in small-town rural
Ireland, and peopled with the marginalized and
forgotten, the nine stories in John F. Deane’s
stunning new collection showcase the mastery
of form for which Deane is justly renowned.
Of his other work: “A keen perception of the
divides of Irish life.”—Kirkus Reviews
“A darkly brooding collection, leavened by
Deane’s concise, lissome prose.”—Booklist
“His compact, supple prose has a poetic resonance.”—Publishers
“The strength of the book is in its elusive, almost seductive use of
fear.”—New York Times
December, 5½ x 8½, 248 pages (Blackstaff)
ISBN 978-0-85640-800-7 (0-85640-800-X) Paper $19.95
Running Mates
Garbhan Downey
In this race for the Irish Presidency, the road
is paved with deception, blackmail, and sexual intrigue. In Derry. the ceasefire may have
curtailed some of the Boys’ activities, but corruption and crime have yet to be decommissioned. With the Irish presidential election
looming, local gangster Harry the Hurler sees
his chance to muscle his way into the South.
He backs both Derry judge ‘Letemout’ Lou
and notorious newspaperman Stan—who happen to be ex-lovers—as his candidates. These rivals will stop at
nothing to win—and the bad guys are even worse!
An irresistibly funny novel that lifts the lid on the double-dealing,
fast-talking and downright dirty world of Irish politics.
November, 5 x 8, 304 pages (Blackstaff)
ISBN 978-0-85640-799-4 (0-85640-799-2) paper $19.95
Song of Duiske
John A. Ryan
In south Kilkenny, where Duiske stream joins
the river Barrow at Graiguenamanagh, lies one
of Ireland’s many Norman-Cistercian abbeys.
Song of Duiske is a novella set amongst this
monastic community in the year 1304, a century after the abbey’s foundation. It evokes the
textures and rhythms of a medieval religious
settlement: its peaceful routines and occasional trials. It celebrates the seasons and their
solaces with a quiet lyricism.
January, 5½ x 8½, 64 pages (Lilliput)
ISBN 978-0-946640-37-9 (0-946640-37-8) Paper $19.95
The Beauty of History
Julia Gets a Life
Viivi Luik
Translated by Hildi Hawkins
Lynne Barrett-Lee
The Beauty of History is a novel of poetic intensity, of fleeting
moods and captured moments. It is powerfully evocative of life
within the Baltic States during the Soviet occupation, and of
the challenge to artists to express their individuality whilst
maintaining at least an outward show of loyalty to the dominant ideology. It tells the story of a young Estonian woman
posing for a famous sculptor who is trying to escape to the
West. Chance remarks overheard prompt memories of people
and places, language itself becomes fluid, by turns deceptive
and reassuring. Written on the cusp of independence, as Estonia and Latvia sought to regain their sovereignty in 1991, this is a novel that can
be seen as an historic document—wistful, unsettling, and beautiful.
A hilarious and romantic thirty-something
novel about a woman who leaves her philandering husband to embark on a very
alternative voyage of self-discovery.
October, 5½ x 8½, 236 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-905170-40-1 Paper $15.95
Ordinary Miracles
Grace Wynne-Jones
Viivi Luik is one of the most highly-acclaimed and well-known writers in Estonia
today. She has published eleven collections of poetry, as well as three novels.
Jasmine is smothered by life’s mundanity,
and drawn towards its mystery. A sharp,
funny, moving novel and an exhilarating
invitation to step out of quiet desperation
and re-discover the magic in life and in love.
November, 5½ x 8, 151 pages (Norvik)
ISBN 978-1-870041-73-7 (1-870041-73-9) Paper $24.95
October, 5½ x 8½, 236 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-905170-64-7 Paper $15.95
Honey Tongues
Out on a Limb
Helene Uri
Translated by Kari Dickson
Lynne Barrett-Lee
This novel revolves around the weekly ‘sewing circle’ meetings
of four life-long friends. Though they hide it from themselves,
their thoughts and memories reveal the spiteful, long-buried
motivations behind seemingly innocent actions. The masks
finally drop during an eight-course meal on a celebratory trip
to Copenhagen, revealing undisguised fear and loathing.
Shocking secrets are unearthed as the balance of power subtly shifts from one to the other. Brilliantly observed, this is
female bonding at its worst, manipulative, and psychotic,
exposing the dependency and deceit behind the compassionate and affectionate façade.
October, 5½ x 8, 212 pages (Norvik)
ISBN 978-1-870041-72-0 (1-870041-72-0) Paper $24.95
August Strindberg
Translated by Peter Graves
August Strindberg (1849-1912) is best known internationally as Sweden’s greatest dramatist. Less well known outside Sweden is the range of his other writings—novels, short stories, essays, journalism, and poetry. This novella, translated into English here for the first time, was written in the autumn of 1888.
Set in the 1690s, in a province of Sweden recently annexed from Denmark, the
novella tells the story of Andeas Torner, a Swedish academic who finds himself
spending the summer holiday with his family at the manor house of an eccentric
gypsy. A conflict arises in which Torner must resort to despicable deeds to
renounce the gypsy. Strindberg, in parading his prejudices so nakedly, is simultaneously revealing many of the aspects of his age that would lead to tragic consequences in the century that followed.
October, 5½ x 8, 300 pages (Norvik)
ISBN 978-1-870041-71-3 (1-870041-71-2) Paper $22.95
Abbie’s life is complex enough. So when her
eldest son leaves home, she decides its time
for some change in her life as well. Fate
steps in and unloads Abbie’s demanding and
incorrigible mother.
November, 5½ x 8½, 224 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-905170-06-7 Paper $15.95
Ready or Not
Grace Wynne-Jones
Four star-crossed people and a match-making mother to spice up the sometimes
poignant and sometimes hilarious tale even
further. Should they all settle for less, taking life’s little disappointments on the chin,
or chase their dreams of love and happiness?
November, 5½ x 8½, 224 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-905170-65-4 Paper $15.95
Wise Follies
Grace Wynne-Jones
Alice Evans is thirty-eight and single, but
people have told her she can look pretty if
she tries. Should she settle for Mr.
Mediocre, and spend the rest of her days
trying to like golf? Or could there be another way for a woman to ditch all the longing—and really start living her life?
October, 5½ x 8½, 314 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-905170-63-0 Paper $15.95
Fighting for Dublin
The Irish Labour Party, 1922-73
The British Battle for Dublin 1919-21
William Sheehan
Niamh Puirseil
This new book details the official British history of the
Irish War of Independence on the streets of Dublin.
Biographies of the main British officers responsible for
fighting the campaign are provided and new information about the British officers killed on Bloody Sunday
in 1920 undermines traditional beliefs about them.
Also included are sections of detailed orders distributed
to British officers and guidelines for conducting military operations. Of interest is the technology used: aircraft, wireless radio, armored cars, and a listening set
in the cellars of Dublin Castle to detect IRA mining. The records also show
evidence of strong criticism of politicians. Familiar names and events
described include Kevin Barry’s arrest, Dan Breen’s injuries, burning the
Custom House, the searching of Michael Collins’ offices, the arrests of de
Valera and Erskine Childers, and Bloody Sunday at Croke Park.
December, 5 x 8, 210 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-43-6 (1-905172-43-5) Paper $22.95
British Voices from the
Irish War of Independence 1918-1921
The first fifty years of the state
saw Ireland change dramatically, and the Irish Labour Party
changed with it. Using a wealth
of new material, Niamh
Puirséil traces the party’s fortunes through its first fifty
years in the Dáil, from its perceived role as the ‘political
wing of the St Vincent de Paul’
to its promise that the 1970s would be socialist.
November, 6 x 9, 400 pages (UCD)
ISBN 978-1-904558-68-2 (1-904558-68-2) Cloth $84.95s
ISBN 978-1-904558-67-5 (1-904558-67-4) Paper $44.95
The Making and Remaking of
the Good Friday Agreement
Paul Bew
Ireland’s War of Independence generated a wealth of
published material but little from a British perspective.
Yet many British servicemen left fascinating accounts of
their time in Ireland from 1918 to 1921. These eyewitness accounts are gathered here for the first time,
some from the British military archives have never been
published before.
This collection of essays from
Bew, Professor of Irish Politics
at Queens University Belfast,
discusses the many crises which
have paralyzed the power-sharing institutions in Northern
Ireland since 2002, details the
recent attempts to revive these
institutions under the hegemony of the DUP and Sinn Féin,
and looks toward the future of Northern Ireland in
the context of the March 2007 elections.
“British Voices presents a refreshing look at the Irish
War of Independence.”—Irish American News
November, 6 x 9, 160 pages (Liffey)
ISBN 978-1-905785-17-9 (1-905785-17-8) Paper $22.95
November, 5½ x 8½, 210 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-37-5 (1-905172-37-0) Paper $22.95
The Irish Red Setter:
William Sheehan
Cumann Na mBan and the Irish Revolution
Cal McCarthy
Cumann na mBan, a women’s support group to the Irish
Volunteers, was founded in 1914. Nationalist in outlook, its aims centered on arming Irish men, generating
propaganda, and presenting a united Irish opposition to
English rule. The Free State government’s awareness of
Cumann na mBan’s assistance to the IRA after the
1916 Rising resulted in large-scale imprisonment of
republican women during the Civil War. But, for a time
at least, Cumann na mBan had placed equality for
women on the political agenda and demonstrated
women could be as politically active and capable as men.
November, 5 x 8, 288 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-14-6 (1-905172-14-1) Paper $26.95
Its History, Character and Training
Ray O’Dwyer
This book is about a part of Ireland’s living heritage, the Irish Red Setter, a breed of dog developed in Ireland and synonymous with the Irish people and the landscape that developed it. It covers
all aspects from the history, development, character, conformation, training and sporting uses.
There is significant section on the history and
development of the Irish Red Setter in Ireland
from the late 1700s, examining the most successful bloodlines and their influence, to present
December, 8 x 10, 200 pages (Attic)
ISBN 978-0-9535353-9-2 Cloth $86.95
The Genesis of the Naval Profession
Castles of the Clans
Norbert Elias
Edited by René Moelker and Stephen Mennell
Martin Coventry
The emergence of the professional naval officer was
related both to the necessities of naval warfare and to
the structure of society on land. Elias traces the
onboard conflicts between gentleman soldiers skilled
in fighting, and ‘tarpaulins’—lower classes skilled in
navigation and the manual skills of sailing. The innovation of the midshipman—boys of gentle birth who
both learned the manual skills of the sailor and
received the education of a gentleman—gave crucial
advantage to the British Royal Navy over the French
and Spanish, in which the greater rigidity of social barriers ashore prevented a similar solution afloat.This book has been reconstructed from his
mainly unpublished typescripts.
Castles of the Clans is a major
new work on 800 clans and families of Scotland, and their castles, houses, seats, and lands.
The book includes strongholds
owned by the monarchs, bishops
and nobility, as well as the tower
houses and fortified houses of
smaller lairds and landowners.
“A superbly organized travel
guide which is as easy to use as it is an intrinsically fascinating survey.”—Midwest Book Review
November, 6 x 9, 400 pages (Goblinshead)
ISBN 978-1-899874-36-1 (1-899874-36-4) Paper $38.95
October, 6 x 9, 192 pages (UCD)
ISBN 978-1-904558-80-4 (1-904558-80-1) Cloth $84.95
Edinburgh and the Lothians
An Essay on Time
Graham Coe
Norbert Elias
Edited by Steven Loyal and Stephen Mennell
This book provides everything
needed for visiting the many
magnificent castles and fortified
houses of Edinburgh and the
Lothians. Every site has been
photographed, from the greatest fortress to the smallest ruin.
The book features five tours,
Edinburgh; Dunbar and east
East Lothian; Haddington and
west East Lothian; Midlothian; and West Lothian.
An excellent companion and reference for any castle enthusiast.
In this profound book, Elias characteristically turns an ancient philosophical question—what is time?—into a researchable theoretical-empirical
problem. From The Collected Works of Norbert Elias.
October, Volume 9, 6 x 9, 182 pages (UCD)
ISBN 978-1-904558-41-5 (1-904558-41-0) Cloth $99.95s
Involvement and Detachment
Norbert Elias
Edited by Stephen Quilley
Involvement and Detachment is much more than a discussion of ‘objectivity’ in the social sciences. It is Elias’s major exposition of his sociological
theory of the growth of knowledge and the sciences as an aspect of overall
human social development. From The Collected Works of Norbert Elias.
October, Volume 8, 6 x 9, 268 pages (UCD)
ISBN 978-1-904558-42-2 (1-904558-42-9) Cloth $91.95s
Made in Bradford
M. Y. Alam
In the summer of 2001 racial tensions between Muslims and whites erupted in The Bradford Riots. Made
In Bradford compiles a series of transcripts from
interviews M Y Alam did with British Pakistani men
and paints a vivid picture of everyday life that reads
almost as a counter-narrative to the prevailing direction of current debates. Here, men talk about issues
such as forced marriage, drugs and criminality,
employment, racism, political representation, the fallout from the London bombings, faith and freedom,
along with the notion of home and belonging.
November, 5½ x 8½, 224 pages (Route)
ISBN 978-1-901927-32-0 (1-901927-32-6) Paper $22.95
December, 6 x 9, 224 pages (Goblinshead)
ISBN 978-1-899874-37-8 (1-899874-37-2) Paper $21.95
Inishmurray—An Irish Monastic
and Pilgrimage Lands
Tomas Ó Carragáin & Jerry O’Sullivan
Inishmurray is a small island in
Donegal Bay off County Sligo,
Ireland. It enjoys a reputation
as one of the best-preserved
early medieval church sites in
Europe. The remains are complex and extensive, representing
an early Irish monastic community and an important regional
pilgrimage centre. Lavishly
illustrated with old and contemporary images, this
book does justice to Inishmurray’s iconic place in
the maritime landscape of Sligo and Donegal Bay.
January, 7 x 9½, 300 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-47-4 (1-905172-47-8) Cloth $84.95
Bit on the Side
This is How You Disappear
Work, Sex, Love, Loss and Own Goals
Edited by Anna Kiernan
A Book of Elegies
Jeremy Reed
Twenty-first century women have it all. We
can do what we want, when we want and
with whom we want. Can’t we? Bit on the
Side is a collection of life stories by women
in their 20s-70s. From novelists to DJs,
horsewomen to academics, broadcasters to
chefs, this book is about how we live now:
our desires, discontents, ambitions, and
commitments. Challenging stereotypes of
domestic goddesses, ‘oldies’; ‘singletons’,
hippies, footballers, DJs, and mistresses, Bit on the Side
reports and reflects on new identities with wit and verve. And
while not claiming to have ‘the answers’, the writing here offers
fresh views on the politics of sex and gender in Britain today.
October, 5½ x 8½, 320 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-05-7 (1-905762-05-4) Paper $21.95
This is Reed’s most autobiographical book to
date, and one in which he celebrates the dead
and missing friends who were the formative
and enduring influences on his life as a poet.
Of his Previous work.
“Brilliant in its employment of history and
its understanding of historical research.”—
“An elegant stylist whose devotion to excess
carries the reader along as he stunningly evokes life on the edge.”—
Publishers Weekly
December, 5½ x 8½, 80 pages (Enitharmon)
ISBN 978-1-904634-43-0 (1-904634-43-5) Paper $27.95
Dial M for Merthyr
Writing Daughters
Rachel Trezise
August Strindberg’s Other Voices
Eszter Szalczer
Orange Futures winning Welsh novelist
Rachel Trezise grew up listening to the
rock behemoths of the late 1980s and harboring an ambition to write a warts ‘n’ all
rockumentary. At a rock gig in a Rhondda
pub, she discovered Misasuno; a gaggle of
Merthyr kids with a ton of conviction and a
penchant for neck breaking guitar riffs. In
2005 she stepped onto the tour bus they call
Black Betty and tracked the band as they
razed the British toilet circuit. Part reportage, social history, and
memoir, Dial M For Merthyr tells the story of a band from the
wrong side of the tracks trying to stay afloat in an ever changing musical and social climate.
In this book Eszter Szalczer looks at a previously neglected aspect of August Strindberg’s life and work: father / daughter
relationships. In Strindberg’s work, fatherand daughter-figures often appear intertwined, and the daughters are often seen to
be acting roles in their father’s narratives.
This study explores these roles in detail,
and offers parallel readings of the father’s
stories and those of the daughters in order
to create a dialogue between different perspectives. Such readings challenge the conventional authorial voice which singularly ‘fathers’ the text, and posits writing as a process that
extends beyond the limits of the individual literary work. Writing turns into an ongoing dialogue as long as daughters keep
being written, and daughters continue to write.
December, 5½ x 8, 240 pages (Norvik)
ISBN 978-1-870041-70-6 (1-870041-70-4) Paper $41.95
Bringing it All Back Home
Ian Clayton
In Bringing It All Back Home Ian Clayton
relates a life driven by a passion for music.
Through a series of autobiographical stories he reveals an invisible soundtrack that
connects music to family to community to
culture. Funny, moving, and poignant in
October, 5½ x 8½, 272 pages (Route)
ISBN 978-1-901927-33-7
(1-901927-33-4) Cloth $32.95
November, 5½ x 8½, 220 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-12-5 (1-905762-12-7) Paper $21.95
Angel in Disguise?
Victoria Mary Clarke
“It’s f***ing brilliant”—Supermodel Kate Moss
Victoria Mary Clarke lived a hard-partying
lifestyle; sex, drugs, and rock and roll. But
one day this girlfriend of former Pogues
frontman Shane MacGowan had had enough.
When she woke up to find herself just out of
rehab, broke, hopeless, fat, nearly forty, and
separated from her soul mate, she demanded
some help from whatever is up there in
charge of things. To her utter astonishment,
she got an answer. This book chronicles Victoria’s journey toward inner peace through her conversations with
her spiritual mentor, an angel named Gabriela.
October, 5½ x 8½, 344 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-35-1 (1-905172-35-4) Paper $22.95
Serious Sounds
John Moriarty
A wonderful walk through the story of
Moriarty’s childhood on a small farm in
north Kerry, and his lifelong engagement
with traditional Catholic sacraments, taking as his point of departure Philip Larkin’s
poem ‘Church Going’—a richly meditative
essay of extraordinary resonance that
begins with a visit to the island of Inis Fallen on Loch Leine, Ireland.
“Quintessentially Irish and universal.”—Irish News
“Moriarty has drawn together the mysticism of [Australian
aboriginals] with that of Christian Europeans.”—Irish Echo
October, 64 pages (Lilliput)
ISBN 978-1-84351-097-0 (1-84351-097-9) Paper $15.95
Something to Hide
Life of Sheila Wingfield, Viscountess Powerscourt
Penny Perrick
“A riveting portrait of a gifted poet—a contentious woman and the gilded worlds she
moved in, yet never belonged to.”—Edna
The Last of the Name
Charles McGlinchy
Charles McGlinchey (1861-1954), weaver
and tailor, lived his entire life on the
Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal. Never
married, he outlived his brothers and sisters, none of whom left an heir and so he
became ‘the last of the name’. On winter
evenings in the 1940s and ‘50s,
McGlinchey would talk about his life and
times on visits with the local schoolmaster,
who would carefully record his friend’s
words. Thirty years later, those poignant, handwritten stories
would be passed on to Brian Friel, who edited them into their
present form.
Here, filtered through a devoted schoolmaster and a master
dramatist, is a voice that transports us to a period now beyond
the grasp of living memory, an autobiography, a compendium
of folklore and a vivid account of the life and times of a particular community in the north-west of Ireland.
November, 5 x 8, 160 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-46-7 (1-905172-46-X) Paper $22.95
Jack’s World
Farming on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula
Sean Sheehan
This is a fascinating portrait of a neglected
poet and memoirist whose colorful and
complicated life brought her into contact
with some of the major literary figures of
early twentieth-century Ireland. Sheila
Wingfield (1906-1992), Anglo-Jewish heiress and ‘poetess
wife’ of the last Powerscourt to live on that estate, didn’t fit
easily into any of the worlds she inhabited, battling all her life
with the demons of alcohol, drugs, illness, and conflicted relationships. Penny Perrick’s biography strikes a balance between
playful storytelling and serious analysis. Drawing on rich
sources of letters, memoirs, diaries, and interviews.
This is the story of the life and times of
a West Cork farmer, Jack Sheehan who
lived all his 80 years on the same farm.
He recounts growing up and struggling
to survive in the 1920s and 1930s,
managing his farm through the 1950s
and adjusting to new forces in the
1970s. It illustrates how the traditional
farm has changed from a valued family inheritance to the commodity of consumerism and property speculators today. The
book draws on unique source materials, including Jack’s
diaries, and is illustrated with original color photographs.
October, 6 x 9, 256 pages (Lilliput)
ISBN 978-1-84351-093-2 (1-84351-093-6) Paper $31.95
December, 9 x 8, 200 pages (Atrium)
ISBN 978-0-9552261-1-3 (0-9552261-1-2) Cloth $59.95
A Provisional Dictator
James Stephens and the Fenian Movement
Marta Ramón
A Provisional Dictator is a political biography of James
Stephens, the founder of the Irish Republican Brotherhood.
Marta Ramón traces Stephens’ political and revolutionary
career from his involvement in Young Ireland’s insurrection in
1848 until his death in Dublin on March 29, 1901.
October, 6 x 9, 320 pages (UCD)
ISBN 978-1-904558-65-1 (1-904558-65-8) Cloth $91.95s
ISBN 978-1-904558-64-4 (1-904558-64-X) Paper $47.95
Luke Kelly—A Memoir
Des Geraghty
Dublin of the 1960s: A heady fusion of music, the arts and
radical politics. No one person epitomizes that era more than
Luke Kelly of the Dubliners. Ten years after Kelly’s tragic
death, fellow Dubliner, musician, and friend Des Geraghty
wrote a personal memoir of the singer-socialist, drawing on the
memoirs of Luke’s family, friends, other musicians, and political activists.
November, 5 x 8, 160 pages (Attic)
ISBN 978-1-85594-090-1 (1-85594-090-6) Paper $14.95
Last Leopard
Troubled Epic
A Life of Giuseppe di Lampedusa
David Gilmour
On Location with Ryan’s Daughter
Michael Tanner
Reprint of the 1988 book hailed as
an “elegant, sprightly biography,” by
Publishers Weekly.
David Gilmour’s biography of
Giuseppe di Lampedusa unearths the
life story of the creator of The Leopard, one of the great novels of the
twentieth century. A book whose
imagery, once tasted, haunts the
reader forever, The Leopard describes the golden era of
nineteenth-century Sicily: its sensual, fading, aristocratic glory and its corruption, brutality, and inequality lurking beneath the surface. Who wrote this masterpiece,
this work of art? The answer is as unlikely as one might
hope. A fascinating meditation on what it is that makes
a writer.
October, 5½ x 8½, 334 pages (Eland)
ISBN 978-0-9550105-1-4 (0-9550105-1-9) Paper $32.95
Goethe and Anna Amalia
A Forbidden Love?
Ettore Ghibellino
Translated by Dan Farrelly
In this study Ghibellino sets out to
show that the platonic relationship
between Goethe and Charlotte von
Stein—lady-in-waiting to Anna
Amalia, the Dowager Duchess of
Weimar—was used as part of a
cover-up for Goethe’s intense and
prolonged love relationship with the
Duchess Anna Amalia herself. The
book attempts to uncover a hitherto
closely guarded state secret and one of the very great
loves stories in European history—to rank with that of
Dante and Beatrice, and Petrarch and Laura.
Ettore Ghibellino has been a freelance author in
Weimar since 2001. The publication of his Goethe biography in 2003 caused a sensation in some circles and he
is Chairman and founder of the Anna Amalia and
Goethe Academy in Weimar.
October, 5 x 8, 360 pages (Carysfort)
ISBN 978-1-904505-24-2 (1-904505-24-4) Paper $44.95
An unvarnished account of the troubled
shooting, both on and off camera, of the
film Ryan’s Daughter, winner of two
Oscars. It tells how the movie’s stars—
Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles, Trevor
Howard, Christopher Jones, and John
Mills—coped with a year on Ireland’s west
coast in 1969, as told through personal
accounts of local people who were drivers,
extras, prop men, landladies, actors or
mere observers. Also included is a gazetteer to the locations used
on the Dingle Peninsula and elsewhere in Kerry to enable fans to
follow in Rosy Ryan’s footsteps. Packed with pictures and archive
material, much never published before, this is the behind-the-scenes
story of a film which changed the Dingle Peninsula overnight, saw
more antics than usual by stars off and on set, and resulted in David
Lean making no film for 14 years, so fraught was the experience.
October, 5½ x 9, 224 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-38-2 (1-905172-38-9) Paper $31.95
Ireland on Stage
Beckett and After
Edited by Hiroko Mikami
This collection focuses primarily on Irish playwrights and their works, both in text and on
stage during the latter half of the twentieth century. The central figure is Samuel Beckett,
whom the contributors use as a springboard to
discuss contemporary playwrights such as Brian
Friel, Frank McGuinness, Marina Carr, and
Conor McPherson, amongst others.
October, 5 x 8, 168 pages (Carysfort)
ISBN 978-1-904505-23-5 (1-904505-23-6) Paper $35.95
Five Minute Fantasies - Erotic Fiction
Cathryn Cooper
This is an anthology of sensual short stories
with erotic themes. 202 pages.
Five Minute Fantasies 1
5½ x 8½, ISBN 978-1-905170-61-6 (1-905170-61-0) Paper $17.95
Five Minute Fantasies 2
5½ x 8½, ISBN 978-1-905170-70-8 (1-905170-70-X) Paper $17.95
Five Minute Fantasies 3
5½ x 8½, ISBN 978-1-905170-71-5 (1-905170-71-8) Paper $17.95
Vision and Vacancy
Musics of Belonging
The Fictions of J.S. Le Fanu
James Walton
The Poetry of Micheal O’Siadhail
Edited by Marc Caball & David F. Ford
A study of the withdrawal of authority in the fiction of J.S. Le Fanu, Vision and Vacancy follows the course of his attraction to the void, and
his resistance to it, from the beginning to the
end of his career. By placing his work within the
appropriate contexts of early apparition narrative and modern ghost story, English and Continental novel, Walton’s study provides not only
the most thorough account of the richness of his
techniques but shows how cosmopolitan influences were an inescapable condition of his (Anglo-) Irishness.
The first volume on renowned Irish
Poet Micheal O’Siadhail’s work
bringing together essays by Irish
and international commentators
and critics. O’Siadhail is one of Ireland’s leading poets. He has published 11 collections of poetry and
has won many prizes for his work.
He is widely respected both nationally and internationally. An extensive and inclusive volume containing 16 essays. Includes
a bibliography of O’Siadhail’s publications and reviews.
September, 6 x 9, 240 pages (UCD)
ISBN 978-1-904558-79-8 (1-904558-79-8) Cloth $94.95s
ISBN 978-1-904558-78-1 (1-904558-78-X) Paper $44.95
The Festival of the Wolf
Edited by Tom Cheesman, Graham Davies
and Sylvie Hoffmann
Poetry, fiction, drama, and testimony by refugees
and asylum seekers, side by side with other writers
in Wales, past and present.
Co-published by Hafan Books and Parthian
books, The Festival of the Wolf includes some of
the best poems and stories from three previous
anthologies published by Hafan Books, plus texts
about refugees in Wales over the centuries. Parallel bilingual book in Welsh and English.
November, 6 x 9, 206 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-20-0 (1-905762-20-8) Paper $16.95
Edited by Graham Hartill
A collection of pieces of writing resulting from
workshops led by Niall Griffiths, Rachel Trezise,
Tristan Hughes, Lloyd Robson, Patrick Jones
and Graham Hartill that were funded by the
Lottery Heritage Fund through the Arts Council
of Wales.
Parthian brings together stories, poems, plays,
and film scripts from some of Wales’ writers of
the future. Words of protest and joy, of anger
and release, but all infused with an energy and
compassion that gives us hope.
December, 5½ x 8½, 164 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-06-4 (1-905762-06-2) Paper $17.95
Praise for Micheal O’Siadhail’s work:
“The poems here are both severe and lusty, often simultaneously, as the poet seeks to capture and acclaim that
most unusual state: enduring love.”—Booklist
“His thoughts are continually fresh.”—Kirkus Reviews
September, 5½ x 8½, 246 pages (Carysfort)
ISBN 978-1-904505-21-1 (1-904505-21-X) Cloth $89.95s
ISBN 978-1-904505-22-8 (1-904505-22-8) Paper $44.95
Poetry Out of my Heart and Head
Unpublished Letters of
Poet and Painter Isaac Rosenberg
Isaac Rosenberg
Edited by Jean Liddiard
Isaac Rosenberg has long been regarded as one of the most important poets
of the First World War. Living with his
Jewish immigrant family in the East
End of London, he left school at age
14 to earn his living as an apprentice
engraver. While visiting his sister in
South Africa in 1914, war was
declared. He returned home in 1915
and, unable to find work, he enlisted
as a private soldier. His poverty, education, and background made him an outsider, but also made him well
equipped to cope with the unforeseen horror of war in
the trenches: ‘I am determined that this war, with all its
powers for devastation, shall not master my poeting.’ He
served on the Western Front until his death on night
patrol in 1918.
“Conveys a Romantic literary tendency to admire the
dark struggles of the soldier’s soul.”—Jewish Book
December, 5½ x 8½, 192 pages (Enitharmon)
ISBN 978-1-904634-38-6 (1-904634-38-9) Cloth $44.95
The Butterflies and Moths
of Northern Ireland
Robert Thompson and Brian Nelson
This unique book is the first complete account of
the butterflies and moths of Northern Ireland—
the species, their habitats, the threats they face,
the places to find them and the best ways to
study them in the field. Written for the general
naturalist and every day collector, The Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland gives an
account of each of the almost five hundred
species that have been recorded in Northern Ireland, including information on their status, habitat and flight period. Individual species accounts are complemented
by a distribution map and photographs.
November, 9 x 11, 440 pages (Blackstaff)
ISBN 978-0-90076-147-8 (0-90076-147-4) Paper $64.95
Ireland’s Coastline
its Nature and Heritage
Richard Nairn
Over 4600 miles long, the Irish coast is complex
and most Irish people are influenced by the sea.
Ireland has an extensive maritime history and over
time its people have carved a living from its seas
and shores as much as from its land. This lavishlyillustrated book is a paperback reprint of the first
comprehensive account of the natural and human
history of the Irish coastline, with aerial views and
underwater photography of a largely unseen landscape.
The Road to Gobblers Knob
From Chile to Alaska on a Motorbike
Geoff Hill
Hilariously funny, thoughtful, and
entertaining, The Road to Gobblers
Knob follows journalist Geoff Hill on
a motorbike tour of the American
continents. From the difficulties of
getting bikes to Chile, and the trials
of South American border crossings,
to the joys of the open road, and the
dubious delights of the local specialties (guinea pig, anyone?), you will
love every twist and turn on this adventure.
“All readers will enjoy Hill’s delightful Irish humor insight,
and narrative skills.”—Library Journal
November, 6 x 9, 320 pages (Blackstaff)
ISBN 978-0-85640-804-5 (0-85640-804-2) Paper $24.95
Turas Ceoil
Flute Playing From the
North & West of Ireland
Marcas O Murchu
“The numerous photographs of landscapes and representative organ isms are excellent...helpful to visitors and natives alike.”—Choice
Turas Ceoil, in Irish means a musical
journey, a title that aptly captures the
essence of this album which pays
homage to the roots of the tradition
in Ireland, with tunes from as far
back as the eighteenth century, while
also looking to the future with new
compositions by Ó Murchú. The colorful CD booklet
includes 24 pages of information about the tunes as well
as photos of the musicians.
October, 8½ x 12, 232 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-40-5 (1-905172-40-0) Paper $33.95
May, 24 pages (Clo Iar-Chonnachta)
ISBN 978-0-8023-8163-7 (0-8023-8163-4) cd $21.95
Stones of Adoration
Sacred Stones and Mystic Megaliths of Ireland
Christine Zucchelli
Brian Hughes
The landscape of Ireland is dotted with sacred
stones and stone monuments, from the Blarney Stone in Cork and Maedhbh’s Grave in
Sligo to St. Patrick’s Chair in Tyrone and the
Royal Pillars of Tara in Meath. This book
explores the ancient secrets, myths, legends,
and folktales associated with these stones,
and the role of sacred stones in the religious
and spiritual life of modern Ireland. This is a
wonderful reminder of Ireland’s spiritual past
as some of these stones and monuments enter their fifth millennium
and the wisdom of the Celtic tradition re-emerges.
Brian Hughes is from Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland, and has established
himself as one of the finest tin whistle
players in the tradition, a fact confirmed by this album of vibrant whistle music. Brian’s earliest introduction to music was through his grandfather Christy Bracken, a noted bagpiper, who transmitted his love of traditional music to his grandson. As well
as tin whistle, Brian also has a great interest in the flute
and uilleann pipes. He has always been an avid collector
of tunes both old and new, many of which sit comfortably
alongside each other on this wonderfully varied album.
October, 9½ x 9½, 196 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-36-8 (1-905172-36-2) Cloth $44.95
May, (Clo Iar-Chonnachta)
ISBN 978-0-8023-8164-4 (0-8023-8164-2) cd $21.95
Anthony de Mello
Already Within
His Life and His Spirituality
Anand Nayak
Divining the Hidden Spring
Donal O’Leary
Fr. Anthony de Mello was an Indian
priest whose many spiritual publications were informed by his extensive
worldly studies. He organized prayer
retreats, was a gifted public speaker,
and established a prayer center in
India. However, after his death in
1987, Fr. De Mello’s books were
deemed “incompatible” with the
Catholic faith and were suppressed.
The ban was lifted but his books were still sold with a disclaimer, distancing him from the Church.
This book is a biography of Fr. De Mello and an exploration of his association with the Catholic Church. The
author examines the Notification and its approach to Fr.
de Mello’s work, pointing out clearly the weaknesses and
misunderstandings that underlie the conflict, and concludes with a look at the world-wide response, trying to
put Anthony de Mello once again in context as a teacher,
a prophet and a healer.
October, 5½ x 8½, 212 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-560-2 (1-85607-560-5) Paper $26.95
The Crystal Fountain
The Story of an Inner Journey
Noreen Mackey
When Noreen Mackey, a barrister
who had given up a successful career
to join an enclosed contemplative
community in the depths of the
French countryside, found herself
back in the world again after only
eighteen months, it seemed like the
end of everything. At forty-eight, she
was without a home, without a job,
without any apparent future. Yet less
than two years later, she was in the Cayman Islands, an
investigator for the Irish Government.
The Crystal Fountain is the story of the extraordinary
turnaround in one woman’s life through her faith in God
and her belief in prayer. It is a story that will give hope
and encouragement to anyone who has ever stood among
the ruins of their shattered hopes. It is the story of God’s
ways with us, ways that are not like our ways, but that
unfailingly lead to life, to freedom and to happiness.
November, 5½ x 8½, 152 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-567-1 (1-85607-567-2) Paper $21.95
Already Within contains the best writing of the
author—a summing up of the main thrust of his
books and articles from the past and present.
The emphasis that appeals to readers so much is
that of realizing the presence of God in the ordinary moments of their lives. Nothing goes to
waste—every effort, every happening, every daily
event, even mistakes and sins—all are part of the
bigger story; all are safely harvested.
The articles, arranged in months and themes, sometimes refer to
the seasons of the year, sometimes to the seasons of the liturgy, and
sometimes to the seasons of the heart. All the pieces begin with very
real life-situations and then the author explores and discovers the
compassionate presence of an incarnate and unconditionally-loving
God at the heart of all our experiences.
November, 5½ x 8½, 144 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-575-6 (1-85607-575-3) Paper $21.95
Changing Collars
Mark Hayden
This book follows the author on his journey from
a Roman Catholic priest to a Church of Ireland
priest, through the religious conflicts of Ireland in
the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It charts
his Roman Catholic seminary experiences, his
unhappiness and disillusionment with Catholicism, his conversion to the Church of Ireland, his
life as a clergyman, his marriage and parenthood.
This is a story about confusion, choices, consequences, and above all the story of a vocation to the priesthood that
transcends denominations, vows, presumptions, and prejudice.
Above all, it is a story of faith, hope and love.
November, 5½ x 8½, 96 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-572-5 (1-85607-572-9) Paper $22.95
Contemporary Irish Moral Discourse
Essays in Honour of Patrick Hannon
Amelia Fleming
This collection of essays on aspects of morality in
modern Ireland includes contributions from
many of the most important writers on moral
theology today.
Topics include bio-ethics, journalism, justice,
AIDS, humanitarianism, reconciliation, morality
in the classroom and religious morality.
October, 5½ x 8½, 180 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-558-9
(1-85607-558-3) Paper $33.95
Confident in Christ We Pray
Eucharist: Enhancing the Prayer
Year C
Brian Mayne
Including Prayer of the Faithful
for the Three Year Cycle
Donal Harrington
Confident in Christ We Pray contains
convenient, compact, and constructive
ways of praying during the seasons of
Lent and Easter of Year C. Forms of
prayer based on scripture are presented
for each day from Ash Wednesday until
Pentecost Day.
Drawing to a large extent on the 2004
edition of The Book of Common
Prayer, each form has a prayer of penitence, a psalm,
bible reading, and canticle, with suggestions for intercession and thanksgiving.
October, 4½ x 7, 110 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-564-0 (1-85607-564-8) Paper $12.95
Discoveries in Prayer
Malachy Hanratty
A wonderful guide for all of us who
have forgotten how to pray—or never
really knew. Fr Hanratty gives a very
practical guide to establishing a prayer
routine. He starts us off by helping us
to review the “Good Things” that God
has provided—people, experiences,
coincidences that have made today a
better day. As we become accustomed
to this way of praying, he helps us to
develop this to look at longer periods of time, and then
moves on to ways in which we can communicate our wants
and needs to God, as well as our thanksgiving. One of the
most enlightening aspects of the book is the way in which
the author teaches us to hear God talking to us.
October, 5½ x 8½, 88 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-568-8 (1-85607-568-0) Paper $14.95
Eucharist and the Living Faith
Hugh O’Donnell
Its radiant mystery will shine forth not
simply when the rubrics are fully
observed but when the Eucharist is
understood in it’s widest significance,
namely as expressing Christ’s intention
to offer his nourishing presence to the
whole of creation, from the fireball
event of beginnings to this present,
threatened moment of existence.
October, 5½ x 8½, 104 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-573-2 (1-85607-573-7) Paper $17.95
Much can be done to enhance the celebration of
the Eucharist as an experience of prayer and to
contribute to the prayerful quality of the liturgy.
What is offered here are resources for use at various moments during the Mass.
The book includes guidance on individual prayers
that can be used to create moods, or moments
within the Mass. It also provides a set of prayers
of the faithful for the full three-year cycle and collates all of the prayers for the dead for easy access at funeral time.
October, 5½ x 8½, 368 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-571-8 (1-85607-571-0) Paper $33.95
Liturgical Resources for Advent & Christmastide
Years A, B and C
Thomas O’Loughlin
A treasure trove of extra resources, insights, and
practical suggestions for the liturgy of every Sunday and major feastday in the seasons of Advent
and Christmastide for the three-year cycle. For
each occasion, Fr O’Loughlin offers: A Celebrant’s guide from the introduction to the celebration, to dismissal, commentaries on each of
the readings and psalms, and homily notes
November, 5½ x 8½, 273 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-554-1 (1-85607-554-0) Paper $26.95
Partnership in Lay Spirituality
Religious and Laity find New Ways
Maureen Dolan
The Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) gave
great encouragement to religious to renew
themselves and their congregations, while also
challenging the laity by the universal call to holiness found in the council’s central document. At
first religious and laity sought to answer this call
in their own way, but soon there would be an
exciting new development as religious and laity
together found a new approach to fulfilling the
vision of the council: laity seeking a viable spirituality; religious trying to show their charism as relevant to the contemporary world.
This current phenomenon goes by various names, such as lay association, affiliation or lay associate membership of a religious institute; the reality is sharing in the charism, life and spirituality of religious institutes by lay people.
September, 5½ x 8½, 120 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-563-3 (1-85607-563-X) Paper $22.95
The Development of Peoples
The Scientist and the Theologian
Challenges for Today and Tomorrow
International Jesuit
Network for Development
On the Origin and End of Creation
James Mackey
To mark the fortieth anniversary
of the publication of Populorum
Progressi, writers and practitioners concerned with issues
raised in the document look at it
again. Themes and aspects of
the problem mentioned in the
encyclical such as debt, trade,
poverty, and human rights are
revisited in light of forty years of
experience. The authors look at the inspiration
offered through the lens of response, both then an
now, recalling the vision and goals of Populorum
Progressio, and asking how we as a global family
have fared in realizing that vision and achieving
these goals. New areas which have been recognized
since the publication of the document—like gender,
the environment, and HIV/AIDS—are addressed in
the light of principles outlined.
November, 5½ x 8½, 208 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-574-9 (1-85607-574-5) Paper $27.95
Reflecting at Knock
Before our Merciful Lamb
Thomas Lane
This is a collection of ten reflections focusing on the apparition at
Knock, Ireland, where the Virgin
Mary, St. Joseph, and St. John the
Evangelist appeared to 15 villagers
in the 19th century, and where
today stands a shrine to the event.
Fr Lane examines the uniqueness
of the shrine in helping us to cope
with the contradictions and tensions in our daily
lives, and to relate them to the sacraments of
Eucharist, Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick
that are celebrated at Knock with much faith and
devotion. In the daily movement surrounding the
historic gable wall, he points to many expressions of
the mystery of the church.
October, 5½ x 8½, 128 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-581-7 (1-85607-581-8) Paper $17.95
With critical clarity and cogency of argument, this
book takes the dialogue between modern science
and mainly Christian religion into the present
decade; and the whole argument is conducted
against the background of contemporary philosophies, the most up-to-date science, and the best of
recent Christian theology. The book draws the conclusion that the biblical story of creation is not contrary to the continual evolution of a universe in the
permanent process of coming-to-be, making both
sides of the argument obsolete.
September, 5½ x 8½, 206 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-569-5 (1-85607-569-9) Paper $33.95
A Space for Unknowing
The Place of Agnosis in Faith
Stephen White
Second in a trilogy dealing with theology, unknowing
and the church.What is theology for, and what is its
relationship to prayer, worship and daily living? Too
often theology appears to be divorced from the everyday concerns of the church, but in this book Stephen
White argues that theology is not only relevant but
essential to the well-being of the church. However,
its function is not (as is sometimes supposed) to
shackle us, but to create ‘a space for belief’ within
which a Christian life can be lived.
October, 5½ x 8½, 160 pages (Columba)
ISBN 978-1-85607-544-2 (1-85607-544-3) Paper $26.95
We need to Talk About the Funeral
101 Practical Ways to
Commemorate and Celebrate a Life
Jane Morrell
Written by experienced funeral advisers, this is a
practical guide that covers all aspects of planning
a memorial service. It deals in a fitting and sensitive manner with all the options and possibilities
for services and ceremonies, provides an up-todate guide on the costs, and above all helps make
life much easier for family, friends, and loved ones.
Complete with real life stories, practical ideas and
uplifting photographs, this beautiful book speaks
to the heart, sensitively offering the information and inspiration we
need at a time of grief and vulnerability.
September, 5½ x 8½, 208 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-906125-01-1 (1-906125-01-5) Paper $32.95
Beasts of Nalunga
Glad of These Times
Jack Mapanje
Helen Dunmore
With new struggles ever more
evident in Africa today, Jack
Mapanje has returned to his
concern for ordinary people in
Africa and in the world at large,
themes that make his poetry
inspirational in Malawi and
throughout Africa. These new
poems are boldly lyrical narratives, cunningly crafted in mesmerizing spirals. His voice is still ironically cheerful,
his tone impotently angry—but confidently measured with wit and humor, however bleak.
Jack Mapanje was imprisoned without trial by the
dictator Hastings Banda for nearly four years, and
chronicled his experiences in his poetry. This new
collection addresses the soul struggling to liberate
itself, and fighting against the beasts of silences that
threaten the lives of Africans everyday.
“Sardonic, inventive, lyrical testimonies to a gener ous and enduring spirit.”—Poetry Review
November, 5½ x 8½, 64 pages (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-771-3 (1-85224-771-1) Paper $22.95
Geography for the Lost
Kapka Kassabova
Kapka Kassabova is a young
Bulgarian émigré poet who
writes in English but with a
European imagination. Her well
traveled poems speak from different parts of the world and different moments of history, but
they always speak of the many
ways to be lost and disoriented:
in a place, in the past, in fear, in
love, in the very quickness of life. The voices speaking here—from a Roman housewife to a Chinese
bar-owner in Berlin or an Argentine DJ—are the
voices of the heart-sick, the culturally jet-lagged,
people from photographs, the “tenants” of lives,
cities and destinies. This is what we all are, have
been, or will be.
November, 5½ x 8½, 72 pages (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-765-2 (1-85224-765-7) Paper $22.95
A celebrated winner of fiction’s Orange Prize, Helen
Dunmore is as spellbinding a storyteller in her poetry
as in her novels. Glad of These Times is full of haunting, joyous and wry narratives. These new poems
explore the fleetingness of life, its sweetness and intensity, the short time we have on earth and the pleasures
of the earth, and death as the frame which sharpens
everything and gives it shape.
“Sensuality and intrigue that increases in intensity and
produces a luxuriously gripping narrative.”—Publishers Weekly
“Her keen sense of story and lyrical voice will reward many readers.”
—Library Journal
July, 5½ x 8½, 56 pages (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-758-4 (1-85224-758-4) Paper $22.95
How the Bicycle Shone
New & Selected Poems
Gillian Allnutt
Denise Levertov described Allnutt’s poems as ‘at once
hard and delicate, like wrought iron’. They are both
serious and light in touch, deeply humane and spiritually profound, showing the spirit surviving amongst the
tatters of Christianity in a modern wilderness.
“She has an exotic vocabulary, much of it dialect,
obtrusive in the correct ways.”—Poetry
November, 5½ x 8½, 216 pages (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-759-1 (1-85224-759-2) Paper $33.95
The Invention of Zero
Chris Greenhalgh
Chris Greenhalgh’s distinctive third collection is a book
of sensuous meditations on time, mortality, love, and
art. At its heart is a suite of prose poems. Intimate in
tone, formally experimental and lyrically charged, they
pick up and develop threads from his title, The Invention of Zero.
Like his first two books, Greenhalgh’s new collection is
alive with vivid imagery and narrative excitement. At
once passionate and ironic, dark and witty, the poems
are acutely observed and enjoy a new depth of feeling. His language is
sensitive, exact, and alert to the layered and luminous surfaces as well as
the discontinuities of modern life.
November, 5½ x 8½, 64 pages (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-773-7 (1-85224-773-8) Paper $22.95
The Barking Thing
Making Poems and Their Meanings
Suzanne Batty
Desmond Graham
Suzanne Batty writes bold, flamboyant, risky
poems that come from left field and Manchester,
mixing dogs and people, mean streets and
threats from inside. In this first book-length collection, the real and unreal are deliberately confused. The book creates a fantastical landscape
in which actual experience can be transformed
through archetypes and fairytales, urban myths
and nightmares. The poems chart a journey
from mental anguish to spiritual joy - and back
again. The writing balances on a sharp edge between sanity and
madness, between meaning and insignificance, with a dark humor
and a tight grip on life. Through it all there is the wisdom of dog
— a spiritual mentor who cocks a leg at doubt and despair.
In this innovative new series of
public lectures at the University of
Newcastle upon Tyne in Northeast
England, leading contemporary
poets speak about the craft and
practice of poetry to audiences
drawn from both the city and the
university. The lectures are then
published in book form by Bloodaxe, giving readers everywhere the
opportunity to learn what these British poets think
about their own subject.
November, 5½ x 8½, 64 pages (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-772-0 (1-85224-772-X) Paper $22.95
Of Desmond Graham’s poetry: “A happy medium
between perception and narrative”—Kirkus Reviews
Windrush Songs
November, 5½ x 8½, 64 pages (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-761-4 (1-85224-761-4) Paper $22.95
James Berry
These poems give voice to Britain’s Caribbean
emigre’s, whose journeys held strange echoes of
earlier sea voyages which had brought ancestors
from Africa to the slave plantations.
James Berry, who was born in Jamaica, was one
of these emigrants, settling in Britain in 1948.
His new book explores the different reasons his
fellow travelers had for leaving the Caribbean
when they rushed to get on the boat. The poems
also look back on slavery and individual experiences of hardship and trying to make a living.
November, 5½ x 8½, 72 pages (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-770-6 (1-85224-770-3) Paper $22.95
Desmond Graham reflects in three lectures on how
poems are nourished and how reading can grow.
Self into Song
Carol Rumens
Carol Rumens offers three lectures covering the poetry of Philip
Larkin and Derek Mahon and
examines form and music in the
work of a range of contemporary
women poets.
Of Carol Rumens poetry:
“Here is real poetic authority, sin gular, sure, strong.”—Booklist
Selected Poems
“This volume of light verse by the well-regarded
British poet is full of goofy rhymes and larky
meters.”—Kirkus Reviews
John Hewitt
Edited by Michael Longley and Frank Ormsby
November, 5½ x 8½, 68 pages (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-760-7 (1-85224-760-6) Paper $22.95
Edited, with a new introduction, by acclaimed
poets Michael Longley and Frank Ormsby,
Selected Poems is testament to Hewitt’s
remarkable literary legacy, and a celebration of
a unique, compelling and still urgent voice in
Irish poetry.
“Political poetry with moving poems of memo ry.”—Publishers Weekly
November, 5½ x 8½, 176 pages (Blackstaff)
ISBN 978-0-85640-802-1 (0-85640-802-6) Paper $19.95
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Collected Poems
I Am Twenty People!
Anthony Thwaite
Third Anthology from the Poetry School
Edited by Mimi Khalvati & Stephen Knight
Anthony Thwaite’s Collected Poems, published
in his seventy-seventh year, gives readers an
opportunity to see gathered together all the
poems he wants to preserve from the sixteen collections he has published since his debut in
1953. He has developed a distinctive style and a
range of concerns which have defined his poetry
from the beginning: memory, history, archaeology, travel, the intricacies of relationships, and
now the frustrations of age.
December, 5½ x 8½, 448 pages (Enitharmon)
ISBN 978-1-904634-39-3 (1-904634-39-7) Cloth $66.95
False Spring
Sharon Morris
The poems in Sharon Morris’s first collection
are both meditations on mortality and nature,
and sharp edged celebrations of life – in turn
tender, incantatory, dramatic, quotidian, and elegiac. The three sections describe three different
places, metaphorically and geographically: in
‘False Spring’ the poet takes us out into the
open spaces, the wildernesses at the edge of the
city of San Francisco, touching on the myth of
Persephone. This mythic thread is carried on
through ‘Rome,’ where the city’s overlaid histories parallel the tension between what is revealed and what is hidden, while the final
section ‘Salt of Almonds,’ speaks, through the image of the Spanish desert, of what will persist and endure.
December, 5½ x 8½, 64 pages (Enitharmon)
ISBN 978-1-904634-45-4 (1-904634-45-1) Paper $25.95
Flowers of Sulphur
Mario Petrucci
Mario Petrucci is an ecologist, physicist, and
war poet. He is also the only poet to have been
in residence at the Imperial War Museum. A
selection of these poems won the Daily Telegraph / Arvon International Poetry Competition
2002, and two won Merit Awards in the Nottingham Open Poetry Competition in the same
year. His new collection of poems explores the
gamut of human experience. These poems ring
with complexity and clarity: like our quantum
world, this award-winning collection reinvents itself moment to
moment so as to unsettle, move, and inspire us.
December, 5½ x 8½, 80 pages (Enitharmon)
ISBN 978-1-904634-37-9 (1-904634-37-0) Paper $25.95
The third of an ongoing series of
anthologies, I Am Twenty People! celebrates The Poetry School’s tenth
anniversary. Adventurous, unorthodox, playfully serious and seriously
playful, these new poets explore their
different worlds with confidence and
panache. Nothing, it seems, is off limits, neither political engagement nor
experimental audacity. From the intimate lyric to the historical narrative, the poetry gathered
in I Am Twenty People! is more than simply a promise of
future achievement. Offering, from each of its twenty
poets, selections from a mature body of work that will
surely lead to outstanding first collections, here is an
anthology that stands in its own right as a hallmark of
the best of new writing in Britain today.
Mimi Khalvati was born in Iran and grew up on the Isle
of Wight. In 2006 she received a Cholmondeley Award
and a new collection, The Meanest Flower, is forthcoming in 2007. Stephen Knight’s awards include first prize
in the 1992 National Poetry Competition. He is a creative-writing tutor for adults in colleges and part of the
University of Glamorgan’s MPhil in Writing.
October, 5½ x 8½, 96 pages (Enitharmon)
ISBN 978-1-904634-36-2 (1-904634-36-2) Paper $25.95
How to Make a Woman Out of Water
Charles Bennett
The title poem of Charles Bennett’s
new collection, his first since the highly-acclaimed Wintergreen, is full of
sensual magic and supple music. It is
charged with power and grace, yet
lightened by a wry sense of humor. It is
lithe and strongly flowing as water
itself, and gives a pure pulse of clarity
and drive that runs like an undercurrent through the whole collection.
Beguilingly simple and approachable, these poems speak
with the fluid voice of water. Vivid explorations of water’s
depth, linked to the dark release of deep sleep, culminate
in the collection’s central sequence: when one of a pair of
lovers falls asleep on a beach, the other muses on the
seascape, on lives that flourish on the littoral and the
nature of love itself.
October, 5½ x 8½, 96 pages (Enitharmon)
ISBN 978-1-904634-42-3 (1-904634-42-7) Paper $25.95
Adventure Holiday
David Greenslade
Damian Walford Davies
and Richard Marggraf Turley
Adventure Holiday is the newest poetry
book by one of Wales’ most original voices.
It tells the story in verse and prose of a pilgrim’s descent into chaos, conflagration,
and oblivion, and of his eventual renewal
and rebirth. The experience of reading
Adventure Holiday is an exciting and satisfying mix of the traditional and the wholly
November, 5½ x 8½, 76 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-26-2 (1-905762-26-7) Paper $17.95
Lyndon Davies
In the poems of Lyndon Davies’s new collection Hyphasis, myths, histories, voices, and
artifacts are wrenched from their frames and
broken open, celebrated, defiled, burnt, pestled, and brought into collision, in order to
render up new substances, new ways of
dreaming about the world.
October, 5½ x 8½, 72 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-11-8 (1-905762-11-9)
Paper $17.95
Things You Think I Don’t Know
Deborah Kay Davies
Davies’ poetry presents a fabulous mix of
the strange and the familiar: a weird hole
opens in front of Marks & Spencer; a
heron lays a giant egg on your bed; a routine cytology test reveals the utterly unexpected. It is bizarre and fantastic, horrible
and hilarious.
December, 5½ x 8½, 60 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-21-7 (1-905762-21-6)
Paper $17.95
A Winged Head
Graham Hartill
From the 17th-century Ranters via the mythic topography of his local Black Mountains to
the conflicts of today, Hartill’s work involves
an anarchic lyrical imagination. At times
delirious, at times compassionate and considered, A Winged Head flies in the face of
power’s hypnotic symbolism.
December, 5½ x 8½, 116 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-09-5 (1-905762-09-7)
Paper $17.95
By turns impassioned, elegiac, and tongue-incheek, Whiteout confronts the reader with the
world’s uncertainties and disorder. This is a coauthored volume, a feature that chimes with the
wider project of playing with voice and perspective, of achieving a form of whiteout.
December, 5½ x 8½, 62 pages (Parthian)
ISBN 978-1-905762-15-6 (1-905762-15-1)
Paper $17.95
Poems for my Wife & Other Women
Thomas Krampf
In this book, the poet seeks to delineate his relationship to his
wife and other women. Not all the poems have a dedication, so it
is up to the reader to decide. There are poems, such as the “Elasticity of Time,” which while exploring the moment of conception,
tend to view the woman more in a traditional idealistic role as a
muse. Perhaps due to his own ancestry, the poet’s fascination
with Oriental women, bordering on an obsession, is obvious. And
throughout the book there are moments where the poet shares
his grief with a neighbor’s daughter, or humorously lends his ear
to the time-honored wisdom of a housekeeper. The poet seems
deeply inclined to celebrate and honor a successful relation
between the sexes, both within the family and out, as one of
November, 5½ x 8½, 80 pages (Salmon)
ISBN 978-1-903392-58-4 (1-903392-58-6) Paper $21.95
Catherine Phil MacCarthy
The suntrap in the title poem of Catherine
Phil MacCarthy’s long-awaited third collection
is a magnifying glass through which a young
girl is shown for the first time ‘how to burn’.
Pervaded with the light of things caught and
held, MacCarthy’s finely crafted poems are
perceptive and assured, moving deftly from the
Aran Islands in Ireland’s Galway Bay to Africa,
from childhood to womanhood, and from innocence to experience.
“She brings a quiet authenticity into her verse.”—The Boston
Irish Reporter
“The tone is calm, but still trembles minutely with the frisson of
a sensual pleasure remembered.”—Verse
November, 5½ x 8½, 76 pages (Blackstaff)
ISBN 978-0-85640-801-4 (0-85640-801-8) Paper $19.95
Changing Ireland
in International Comparison
We Lost Our Baby
One Couple’s Story
of Miscarriage and Its Aftermath
Siobhan O’Neill-White
Betty Hilliard
This book provides an analysis of social
and attitudinal change in Ireland over a
period of unprecedented societal transformation. It is based on data from the
International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), an international cooperative project of cross-national survey research carried out on an annual
basis across 41 countries.
October, 6 x 9, 270 pages (Liffey)
ISBN 978-1-905785-18-6
(1-905785-18-6) Paper $37.95
The Soul of Ireland
Issues of Society, Culture and Identity
Edited by Joe Mulholland
Bringing together 37 leading public
figures in Ireland, North and South,
The Soul of Ireland addresses issues
such as wealth distribution, the Proclamation of 1916, falling attendance at
churches, the role of religion in Ireland, immigration, the survival of the
Irish language, the GAA, and the reconciliation of the Orange and Green in
Northern Ireland. The book looks at
what is happening to society in Ireland in the first decade
of the new millennium , and at the threats to its culture
and identity.
October, 6 x 9, 220 pages (Liffey)
ISBN 978-1-905785-12-4 (1-905785-12-7) Paper $28.95
Social Policy in Ireland
Principles, Practice and Problems
Sean Healy
In Social Policy in Ireland, 28 of the
leading social policy commentators in
Ireland contribute to 22 chapters ranging across the social policy spectrum.
Some chapters look at issues of principle; others analyze practice while others
focus on specific policy problems.
Together the contributors provide a
detailed analysis of a wide range of
issues, articulate viable alternatives and
identify pathways to move towards such alternatives. They
also address the frameworks, models, and paradigms which
underpin policy analysis and policy-making in Ireland.
March, 6 x 9, 480 pages (Liffey)
ISBN 978-1-905785-02-5 (1-905785-02-X) Paper $44.95s
We Lost Our Baby is the true story of a young
couple who, after the initial excitement of discovering a new pregnancy, faced the heartache of
losing their baby. On top of the trauma of a miscarriage, they also had to deal with insensitive
and sometimes rude doctors and nurses, outdated hospital policies, and a shocking lack of
empathy and understanding during the worst
times of this tragedy. Angry and confused, they
went looking for answers. They found none.
What followed was an awkward few months where they could not
grieve together and their relationship was severely strained. This
beautifully written, poignant story, created with the hope of helping
other couples facing similar difficulties, deals with an issue that is
too rarely acknowledged or openly discussed, with complete and
heart-rending honesty.
October, 5½ x 8½, 160 pages (Liffey)
ISBN 978-1-905785-20-9 (1-905785-20-8) Paper $16.95
Four Fathers
Ray French
When four writers took to the road on a reading
tour to talk about their relationship with their
fathers, they were unprepared for the level of
emotional engagement that poured from the audience. Telling stories about fathers unlocked a
deep seam of hidden feelings and forgotten memories, proving that there is perhaps no man with
more significance in our life than our own father.
Here, four sons reveal the complex bonds that
exist between themselves and their very different fathers while considering their own roles as fathers and father figures. These tender
and heart warming tales mix fact with fiction and provide a perfect
backdrop to reflect on this most important relationship.
November, 5½ x 8½, 128 pages (Route)
ISBN 978-1-901927-27-6 (1-901927-27-X) Paper $22.95
The Corporate Culture Handbook
How to Plan, Implement, and Measure a
Successful Culture Change Programme
Gabrielle O’Donovan
This comprehensive book aimed at dispelling much of the mystique
surrounding corporate culture management in the workplace is now
available in paperback.
October, 6 x 9, 404 pages (Liffey)
ISBN 978-1-905785-29-2 (1-905785-29-1) Paper $59.95
The Art Economy
Titanic Tragedy
An Investor’s Guide to the Art Market
Clare McAndrew
Vincent McDonnell
The Art Economy looks at the development of the global market for works of art
and focuses on the value of art as a financial investment, explaining the features of
the market and breaking down some of the
myths about the art economy. It marries
the worlds of finance and art into an
understandable guide that appeals to
aspiring art collectors and investors as well
as providing an invaluable resource for those already in the
art trade. The book will guide art collectors and investors
towards new and existing art markets, with the help of a
number of well-respected experts in the spheres of art and
finance and the latest economic research.
October, 5½ x 8½, 280 pages (Liffey)
ISBN 978-1-905785-09-4 (1-905785-09-7) Cloth $51.95
Wannabe a Writer?
Jane Wenham-Jones
Since it sank on a cold April night in 1912 the
Titanic has held a special mystery and fascination.
It is the most famous sea tragedy, in which over
1500 lives were lost. This new book explains this
most famous sea tragedy to young readers. The
description of the voyage from Europe to the
USA, the collision with the iceberg, and the sinking, focus on the passengers and crew, survivors
and doomed alike, their heroism and their bravery or cowardice.
The rescue efforts and aftermath of the tragedy, and the finding
of the wreck in the 1980s, are also included.
October, Grade 5-8, 5½ x 8½, 160 pages (Collins Press)
ISBN 978-1-905172-41-2 (1-905172-41-9) Paper $12.95
Two new titles in the Riverside Gang Series
“Ideal reading for a young person: good writing with unobtrusive
advice.”—Irish American News (Riverside: The Movie)
Riverside: Spring Fever
Peter Regan
Spring fever hits the Riverside gang. Final exams,
World cup finalists, and a robber caught on tape.
Wannabe a writer? This hilarious, informative guide to getting into print is a
must-have for anyone who’s ever thought
they’ve got a book in them. Drawing on
her own experiences as a British novelist
and journalist, Wenham-Jones takes you
through the minefield of the writing
process, giving advice on everything from
how to avoid Writer’s Bottom to what to
wear to your launch party. Including hot tips from authors,
agents, and publishers at the sharp end of the industry,
Identical twins move in from Romania and the Riverside gang
gets a great idea how it can benefit the team. But someone blabs
and now they have to find out, who’s the spy on their side?
October, 5½ x 8½, 320 pages (Accent)
ISBN 978-1-905170-81-4 (1-905170-81-5) Paper $17.95
October, 5½ x 8½, Ages 11-15, 112 pages (Anvil)
ISBN 978-1-901737-53-0 (1-901737-53-5) Paper $9.99
Mind Your Manners
A Guide to Good Behaviour
Robert O’Byrne
It’s the thought that counts. So, while society has changed, the need for thoughtfulness, courtesy and good manners has not.
What is the etiquette for internet use,
emails, and mobile phone calls? How does
one handle the delicate politics of apartment-sharing? What are the rules for
meeting through a dating agency? Mind
Your Manners provides effective answers
to these and many more dilemmas of 21st century decorum.
July, 5½ x 8½, Ages 11-15, 112 pages (Anvil)
ISBN 978-1-901737-56-1 (1-901737-56-X) Paper$9.99
Riverside: The Spy
Peter Regan
Dad and the Mad Cow Roundabout
Tessa Moore
When their father gets a brand new car, twins Rusty and Dusty
can’t wait for a ride. But when they get caught in the Mad Cow
Roundabout, they may never get back home safely.
November, 5½ x 8½, Ages 9-12, 64 pages (Anvil)
ISBN 978-1-901737-54-7 (1-901737-54-3) Paper $9.95
Goldilocks The Babysitter from Hell
Liam Farrell
“[O’Byrne] creates an insightful portrait.”—Choice (Hugh
When the Bear family hires Goldilocks as their new au pair, they
think they’re the luckiest family on the block. Boy, were they
wrong. What starts as some minor problems: Goldilocks turning
up her nose at porridge; complaining about the furniture; and
breaking Baby Bear’s bed, soon turns into outright chaos.
December, 5½ x 8½, 240 pages (Sitric Books)
ISBN 978-1-903305-18-8 (1-903305-18-7) Paper $28.95
October, 5½ x 8½, Ages 9-12, 64 pages (Anvil)
ISBN 978-1-901737-57-8 (1-901737-57-8) Paper $11.95
The list below contains Brandon Books’ backlist titles.
They are listed in alphabetical order by author.
The Visitors’ Book, Mary Rose Callaghan
2001, 288 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-280-1 p $15.95
Jeremy’s Baby, Jennifer Chapman
2001, 256 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-277-1 p $15.95
Skin of Dreams, Evelyn Conlon
2003, 240 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-306-8 p $22.95
A Cold-Blooded Scoundrel, J.S. Cook
2005, 255 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-336-5 p $19.95
Children of Dunseverick, Vivienne Draper
1994, 160 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-195-8 p $15.95
There Is A Time, Johnny Duhan
2001, 243 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-283-2 c $29.95
Snapdragons, Kitty Fitzgerald
1999, 247 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-258-0 p $15.95
Small Acts of Treachery, Kitty Fitzgerald
2002, 320 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-297-9 p $19.95
The Land Where Stories End, David Foster
2003, 224 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-311-2 c $26.95
Enchanted by Dreams, Joe Good
1996, 212 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-225-2 p $19.95
The Yard, Wilson John Haire
2002, 256 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-296-2 p $15.95
The Season of Fire, Michael D Higgins
1993, 90 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-163-7 c $22.95
Departures, Brian Leyden
1993, 160 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-154-5 p $15.95
God Made Sunday, Walter Macken
1996, 222 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-217-7 p $15.95
The Green Hills, Walter Macken
1996, 220 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-216-0 p $15.95
The Bogman, Walter Macken
1999, 320 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-184-2 p $15.95
Sunset on the Window-Panes, Walter Macken
1999, 287 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-254-2 p $15.95
I Am Alone, Walter Macken
2000, 270 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-266-5 c $24.95
Rain on the Wind, Walter Macken
2000, 320 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-185-9 p $15.95
City of the Tribes, Walter Macken
2001, 244 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-276-4 p $15.95
Hero Town, Bryan MacMahon
2004, 256 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-342-6 p $15.95
The Drawbridge, Marie McGann
2001, 253 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-271-9 p $15.95
Ellie, Jackie Mills
2000, 288 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-275-7 p $15.95
In and Out of the Shadow, Liam Nolan
1998, 283 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-05-9 p $16.95
Aranmen All, Tom O’Flaherty
1991, 194 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-123-1 p $12.95
Bennett & Company, J.M. O’Neill
1998, 287 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-06-6 p $15.95
Duffy Is Dead, J.M. O’Neill
1999, 186 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-261-0 p $13.95
Open Cut, J.M. O’Neill
1999, 176 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-264-1 p $13.95
Rellighan, Undertaker, J.M. O’Neill
1999, 223 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-260-3 p $15.95
Iscariot, Tom Phelan
1995, 279 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-246-7 p $15.95
Derrycloney, Tom Phelan
1999, 288 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-253-5 p $15.95
Borderland, Patrick Quigley
1994, 254 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-179-8 p $15.95
Oscar’s Tale, Barbara Rees
2000, 256 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-268-9 p $15.95
Song of Tiananmen Square, David Rice
1999, 271 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-251-1 p $15.95
Cassa, Lilian Roberts-Finlay
1998, 373 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-07-3 p $15.95
Always in my Mind, Lilian Roberts-Finlay
1999, 351 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-255-9 p $15.95
Cassa’s Choice, Lilian Roberts-Finlay
2001, 255 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-15-8 p $15.95
By Shannon’s Way, Kathleen Sheehan-O’Connor
1999, 384 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-11-0 p $15.95
A Touchstone for the Tradition, Tony Kearns
2003, 160 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-308-2 p $33.95
Different Kinds of Loving, Kathleen Sheehan-O’Connor
2000, 352 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-14-1 p $15.95
The Dingle Peninsula, Steve MacDonogh
1993, 256 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-269-6 p $19.95
The Woman of the House, Alice Taylor
1997, 309 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-249-8 p $15.95
Open Book: One Publisher’s War, Steve MacDonogh
1999, 255 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-263-4 p $15.95
A Country Miscellany, Alice Taylor
1998, 125 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-08-0 c $19.95
Dingle in Pictures, Steve MacDonogh
2001, 70 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-279-5 p $19.95
Going to the Well, Alice Taylor
1998, 89 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-02-8 p $15.95
My Eyes Only Look Out, Margaret McCarthy
2001, 240 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-284-9 p $15.95
Across the River, Alice Taylor
2000, 288 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-285-6 p $15.95
Fr McDyer of Glencolumbkille, James McDyer
1982, 118 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-053-1 p $15.95
Anger’s Violin, David M Thomas
1998, 255 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-04-2 p $15.95
Karaoke No More, Padraig Meehan
2004, 284 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-321-1 p $22.95
Aisling and other Irish Tales of Terror, Peter Tremayne
1992, 288 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-247-4 p $15.95
A Dark Day On The Blaskets, Micheal O Dubhshlaine
2003, 256 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-337-2 p $22.95
Slow Punctures, John Trolan
1999, 319 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-252-8 p $15.95
A Soldier of the Queen, Bernard O Mahoney
2000, 248 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-278-8 c $29.95
Any Other Time, John Trolan
2000, 288 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-265-8 p $15.95
Clouds on my Window, May O’Brien
2004, 224 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-335-8 p $22.95
Like One of the Family, Nesta Tuomey
1999, 462 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-12-7 p $15.95
To Hell or Barbados The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland,
Sean O’Callaghan
2001, 248 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-287-0 p $19.95
The Thing He Loves, Elizabeth Wassell
2001, 191 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-290-0 p $15.95
The Joyce We Knew, Ulick O’Connor
2004, 126 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-324-2 p $18.95
An Irish Journal, Gerry Adams
2001, 288 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-282-5 p $19.95
Fire in the Morning, Niall O’Dowd
2002, pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-298-6 p $22.95
The New Ireland: A Vision For
The Future, Gerry Adams
2005, 128 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-344-0 p $15.95
Rebel Heart, Padraic O’Farrell
1996, 317 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-221-4 p $15.95
Later On: The Monaghan Bombing
Memorial Anthology, Evelyn Conlon
2004, 124 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-326-6 p $22.95
ISBN 978-0-86322-325-9 C $29.95
The Christy Moore Songbook, Frank Connolly
1984, 142 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-063-0 p $15.95
Flowers of the Fairest, Rosemary Conry
2002, 214 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-303-7 p $22.95
Persecuting Zeal, Dennis Cooke
1996, 245 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-242-9 p $15.95
Enduring the Most, Francis J Costello
ISBN 978-0-86322-220-7 p $15.95
In Green and Red, Adrian Hoar
2004, 300 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-332-7 c $36.95
The Irish Constabularies, 1822-1922, Donal J O’Sullivan
1999, 413 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-257-3 c $44.95
Maverick: A Dissident View of
Broadcasting Today, Bob Quinn
2001, 279 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-288-7 c $29.95
The Irish Zorro: The Extraordinary Adventures of
William Lamport, Gerard Ronan
2004, 332 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-329-7 c $36.95
The Wild Red Deer of Killarney, Sean Ryan
1998, 136 pp., ISBN 978-1-902011-09-7 c $36.95
David Ervine: Uncharted Waters, Henry Sinnerton
2002, 256 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-301-3 c $38.95
The Village, Alice Taylor
1993, 160 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-142-2 p $15.95
Island Home: The Blasket Heritage, George Thomson
1988, 154 pp., ISBN 978-0-86322-161-3 p $16.95
Mark II
Behind You!
Chris Farnell
Linda Regan
“Losing a best friend at thirteen is almost too
much for Phil to endure, and dealing with the
physically improved clone of Mark makes it bet ter and worse at the same time.... As an ethical
exploration of cloning and a philosophical examination of what gives a human his or her identity, the book succeeds admirably.… A powerful
novel about love, loss, and the intractability of human longing
for what is known and familiar.”—Bulletin of the Center for
Children’s Books
“Regan’s novel is a slightly odd mix—a brutal
murder mystery with touches of British cozy.…
There are plenty of suspects-indeed, everyone
involved in the performance seems to have at
least one guilty secret and a possible motive for
murder.… Offbeat characters and forceful
272 pages, (Creme de la Crime) ISBN 978-0-9551589-2-6
(0-9551589-2-3) Paper $16.95
164 pages, (Tindal Street) ISBN 978-0-9547913-9-1
(0-9547913-9-8) Paper $14.95
Field Knowledge
Hunted Down
“The first winner of the Anthony Hecht Poetry
Prize contains formal poetry of uncommon grace
and profundity that touches betimes upon the
infusion of the sacred into the profane, modernity’s willful alienation from the sacred, and the
delights of verbal wit.… Throughout, there is a
use of the European poetic tradition that is as
gratifying and profound as it is assured. This man’s good”—
Booklist, Starred review, Editors’ Choice 2006
The Detective Stories of Charles Dickens
“One might not necessarily think of Dickens as a
mystery writer, but detectives and criminals do
figure into much of his work. This...gathers a
dozen of his stories featuring cops of one kind or
another.”—Library Journal
223 pages, (Peter Owen) ISBN 978-0-7206-1265-3
(0-7206-1265-9) Paper $22.95
Baby Love
Maureen Carter
“Bev Morriss’…life is in a bit of disarray....
When, due to her own outspoken nature, she is
taken off a high-profile rape case and reassigned
to a seemingly pointless baby kidnapping, Bev’s
mood plummets even lower. Soon she is fighting
not just to save a missing child but also to salvage
her own career. Carter writes like a longtime
veteran, with snappy patter and stark narrative, and her series
should appeal.”—Booklist
Morri Creech
79 pages, (Waywiser) ISBN 978-1-904130-23-9
(1-904130-23-2) Paper $15.95
The Weather in Africa
Martha Gellhorn
“Includes the novellas On the Mountain, By the
Sea, and In The Highlands, which trace the lives
of Europeans in East Africa and their effect on
the region.”—Library Journal
256 pages, (Eland) ISBN 978-0-907871-78-1
(0-907871-78-X) Paper $30.95
304 pages, (Creme de la Crime) ISBN 978-0-9551589-0-2
(0-9551589-0-7) Paper $16.95
Judaism: An Introduction to the Beliefs
and Practices of the Jews
Michael Maher
Jason Johnson
“The bequest of a pornographic Web site enables
Henry Sender to give up his job…. Unfortunately, it also sends the fragile sad sack down a rabbit hole of endless depravities.…Henry comes to
discover the Web site he thought of as harmless
has exposed the desperate young women who
staff it to a human plague that may destroy his
soul as well. Johnson leavens early scenes of savagery with a
savage wit but then delivers a climax as harrowing as one
might hope to find in contemporary crime fiction.”—Booklist
“Maher’s laudatory objective is to present to his
fellow Christians a primer on Judaism. He is well
qualified for the task…. Maher offers an outline
of Jewish beliefs and rituals, opening with a historical overview.... The contemporary Jewish
community with its many branches is then discussed, followed by a review of Jewish sacred
texts... Throughout, Maher displays a depth of knowledge and
a sympathetic regard for Jewish faith and traditions, fully
achieving his objective of introducing his readers to
Judaism.”—Publishers Weekly
207 pages, (Blackstaff) ISBN 978-0-85640-794-9
(0-85640-794-1) Paper $17.95
191 pages, (Columba) ISBN 978-1-85607-553-4
(1-85607-553-2) Paper $22.95
Take Me With You
Donegal Suite
Polly Clark
John P. McNamee
“Escape—from unhappy love relationships, bad
situations and the claustrophobia of one’s own
identity—is the central theme of this darkly
humorous second book by a young British poet.
In most of these 38 poems, whimsical, fantastic
and at times adorable metaphors establish a wide
field of vision.”—Publishers Weekly
56 pages, (Bloodaxe) ISBN 978-1-85224-722-5
(1-85224-722-3) Paper $19.95
Autumn Beguiles the Fatalist
Michael Foley
“Irishman Foley is a wonder. One of the most
linguistically inventive poets of his country, he is
still entirely approachable…. With a long line
and a breakneck pace, Foley presents the speedy
modern world in all its ambivalent glory....
Although not widely known in America, Foley
deserves to be.”—Booklist
149 pages, (Blackstaff) ISBN 978-0-85640-772-7
(0-85640-772-0) Paper $18.95
Big Men Speaking to Little Men
Philip Fried
“Superimposes the imaginary on the actual, the
sacred on the profane, and the comic on the
tragic in 54 shapely poems that follow these trav eling selves…. Fried, who is the founding editor
of The Manhattan Review, attempts to transform “the world’s infantile, satisfied babble” into
something legible.… There is no parsing the real
from the surreal in these poems.”—Publishers Weekly.com
104 pages, (Salmon) ISBN 978-1-903392-55-3
(1-903392-55-1) Paper $18.95
The Names of Things
New & Selected Poems
Jeffrey Harrison
“Harrison has always been gifted at communicating the significance of his experiences and observations, both ordinary and special. In this he
recalls Robert Frost, and like Frost’s, his poems
expand in meaning as they are read, reread, and
closely considered.... His language is chaste and
precise, he is formally modest, and he is as natural a poet as any writing in America today.”—Booklist
120 pages, (Waywiser) ISBN 978-1-904130-20-8
(1-904130-20-8) Paper $17.95
“It is McNamee’s awareness of his own shortcomings—or, to use the traditional term, sinfulness-that makes these poems so humane….
These poems teach us to see people as we ought
to, but seldom manage to.” —Philadelphia
“This appreciation of natural, or human, beauty is
very Irish. So is the ear for language.”—America
“McNamee is a keen, humane observer of the human condition.”—Irish Edition
64 pages, (Dufour) ISBN 978-0-8023-1345-4
(0-8023-1345-0) Limited Signed Cloth $99.95s,
ISBN 978-0-8023-1344-7 (0-8023-1344-2) Cloth $24.95
ISBN 978-0-8023-1343-0 (0-8023-1343-4) Paper $13.95
The Fifth Figure
Jean Breeze
“The five monologues of this poetic family saga
are theatrically lively. The first...is that of an
Englishwoman come to Jamaica just before
emancipation there in 1838; the others...are spoken by her mixed-race daughter, granddaughter,
great-granddaughter, and great-great-greatgranddaughter. Each speaker...is young and/or
not married to the father when her successor is born, and each
contends with male violence, often from her less-intelligent and
less-capable mate. Sex ravages as it ravishes each successive
generation. A dazzling and somber tour-de-force.”—Booklist
80 pages, (Bloodaxe) ISBN 978-1-85224-732-4
(1-85224-732-0) Paper $24.95
Jasmine Donahaye
“Attests to a very full, if not all that long, life.
The first four poems…are about promises broken, or not fulfilled as wished, within large, com plex contexts. They are rivetingly dramatic, full
of vivid scene painting and weighty, fully visualized walk-on characters…. A similar, exceptional vividness of physical detail suffuses
the...poems of everyday student-scholarly life… and the poems
of womanly carnality. Donahaye writes only in packed yet eco nomical free verse, as if in her…Hemingway…had melded
with…Sharon Olds.”—Booklist
59 pages, (Parthian) ISBN 978-1-902638-95-9
(1-902638-95-6) Paper $17.95
Selected Poems / Rogha Danta
Poems 1955-2005
Gabriel Rosenstock
Anne Stevenson
“A good introduction...a breathless vernacular voice that cuts through time and
space. Mythic figures of Ireland’s beglo ried past appear together with contem porary comment…. Rosenstock serves it
all up as a sensuous, glorious, completely Irish stew.”—Booklist
208 pages, (Clo Iar-Chonnachta) ISBN 978-1-902420-95-0
(1-902420-95-0) Paper $19.95
“An American born and long resident in Britain, Stevenson conjures New England as vividly as Wales and Cumbria, She is an outstanding poet of the family and an
intelligent elegist. Every lover of poetry in English should
know her work.”—Booklist, Starred review, Editor’s
Choice 2006
413 pages, (Bloodaxe)
ISBN 978-1-85224-699-0 (1-85224-699-5) Paper $32.95
Tugs in the Fog
Complete Poetical Works and
Selected Prose of George Bacovia
Joan Margarit
George Bacovia
“The melancholy Catalan poet may seem
surprisingly familiar. Many of his poems
evoke the smoky, sinister beauty
insist…on a brutally honest sexuality….
This noirish mood continues in homages
to Raymond Chandler, Oscar Wilde,…
wet streets, dark alleyways and the like. And it deepens even further in selections from Joana, a series of
elegies following the death of his beloved daughter.
Death, grief, loneliness - not a happy poet, this Margarit, but an accomplished singer of songs in a decid edly minor key.”—Booklist
174 pages, (Bloodaxe) ISBN 978-1-85224-751-5
(1-85224-751-7) Paper $26.95
This Life, This Life
New & Selected Poems, 1970-2006
Andrew Greig
“Greig is considered one of Scotland’s
finest writers, whose poetry is of the
most evocative kind. He addresses the
big issues (life, love, and death) and also
such topics as mountain climbing and
historic events…. He also has a fine way
with the smaller moments in life.... He
can be moody and remarkably precise...and can
tellingly touch on Scottish identity in the twenty-first
century and such stubborn national traits as a propensity to drink. This large, lovely collection gives Ameri cans a welcome chance to meet one of Scotland’s best
208 pages, (Bloodaxe), ISBN 978-1-85224-713-3
(1-85224-713-4) Paper $29.95
“Bacovia was a Romanian symbolist poet whose work
often concerned death and mortality. This volume gathers his full canon along with an introduction to his
career, life chronology, and translators’ notes, plus a nice
bonus of numerous sketches he drew.” —Library Journal
422 pages, (Forest Books) ISBN 978-1-85610-047-2
(1-85610-047-2) Cloth $49.95
Brendan Kennelly
“In a sequence of three-line poems, he moves ‘now’
beyond merely ‘not then’ to reveal ways that we center
ourselves in place, in story, in blood, in laughter, in sex.
He creates a form for this exploration, a kind of strange
Irish haiku, three lines of varying lengths and meters
that, as in any classical haiku, end with a slight surprise.… Like Joyce, Kennelly lets his words flow in riverine fashion, both forward and swirlingly around-and-about at the same
time. Meanwhile, a graciousness and generosity about human nature
contributes greatly to the work’s charm. Kennelly writes with a deep
and abiding love for his fellow humans.”—Booklist
104 pages, (Bloodaxe) ISBN 978-1-85224-748-5 (1-85224-748-7) Cloth 44.95s,
ISBN 978-1-85224-749-2 (1-85224-749-5) Paper 24.95
East of Eden: New Romanian Plays
Andrei Marinescu, Editor
“The work of four young Romanian writers was translated into English by Marinescu and then adapted by three
young Irish playwrights. The Romanian theater, like
Romanian society itself, is in a period of transition after
years of censorship and government control. [These] are
postmodern texts offering individual artistic visions of
Romanian reality. Recommended.”—Library Journal
205 pages, (Carysfort) ISBN 978-1-904505-15-0
(1-904505-15-5) Paper $16.95
in the Ozarks
City of Light
Dead Old
Donegal Suite
Mitch Cullin
ISBN 0-8023-1340-X
Kerstin Ekman
ISBN 1-870041-54-2
Maureen Carter
ISBN 0-9547634-6-7
John McNamee
ISBN 0-8023-1343-4
Brendan Kennelly
ISBN 1-85224-749-5
Yielding Ice About to Melt
Selected Tales
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
ISBN 0-946162-74-3
Six German
Romantic Tales
London Boulevard
Richard Penna
ISBN 0-8023-1339-6
Collected Poems of
Georges Bataille
Behold Faith and
Other Stories
The Hundred-Yen Singer
The Ice Palace
Hackman Blues
Modern Irish Poetry
Someone Else’s Name
Naomi Suenaga
ISBN 0-7206-1274-8
Tarjei Vesaas
ISBN 0-7206-1122-9
Ken Bruen
ISBN 1-899344-22-5
Patrick Crotty, Ed.
ISBN 0-85640-561-2
Joseph Harrison
ISBN 1-904130-06-2
At Home with
Miss Vanesa
Wonderful Fool
Death Without Trace
Gerard Murphy
ISBN 1-903464-83-8
Bloodaxe Book of 20th
Century Poetry
Brendan Kennelly
Shusako Endo
ISBN 0-7206-1080-X
Gary Forrester
ISBN 0-8023-1341-8
Tom Noyes
ISBN 0-8023-1338-8
Night Sounds
Karen Shoemaker
ISBN 0-8023-1337-X
E.A. Markham
ISBN 0-9551384-0-X
Heinrich von Kleist
ISBN 0-8023-1295-0
Ken Bruen
ISBN 1-899344-77-2
Mark Spitzer, Tr.
ISBN 0-8023-1325-6
Edna Longley, Ed.
ISBN 1-85224-514-X
Duino Elegies
Ranier Marie Rilke
ISBN 1-904634-23-0
John McDonagh
ISBN 1-904148-44-1
Field Knowledge
Morri Creech
ISBN 1-904130-23-2
Potscrubber Lullabies
Eric McHenry
ISBN 1-904130-22-4
Simmons Buntin
ISBN 1-903392-47-0
A Short
History of Ireland
Sean McMahon
ISBN 0-8023-1319-1
The Story of
the Irish Pub
Cian Molloy
ISBN 1-904148-13-1
Irish Folk
and Fairy Tales
Gordon Jarvie
ISBN 0-85640-731-3
Island of The Setting Sun
The Death of Life
Anthony Murphy
ISBN 1-905785-05-4
Sean McDonagh
ISBN 1-85607-464-1
Irish Travellers
In Dogged Loyalty
Michael Hayes
ISBN 1-904148-79-4
John F Deane
ISBN 1-85607-534-6
Invoking Ireland
John Moriarty
ISBN 1-84351-079-0
A Knight and
His Armor
Ewart Oakeshott
ISBN 0-8023-1329-9
Golden Earth
Norman Lewis
ISBN 0-907871-38-0
A Knight and
His Weapons
Red Moon
& High Summer
Ewart Oakeshott
ISBN 0-8023-1299-3
Herbert Kaufmann
ISBN 0-907871-34-8
Book of Common Prayer
These Were the Greeks
Year in Mararakesh
Church of Ireland
ISBN 1-85607-429-3
Hugh Amos
ISBN 0-8023-1275-6
Peter Mayne
ISBN 0-907871-08-9
(Pew Edition)
Familiar Strangers
Great Irish Famine
Alleluia America!
Brendan Kennelly
ISBN 1-85224-663-4
Cathal Poirteir
ISBN 0-8023-1316-7
Carole Coleman
ISBN 1-904148-76-X
Mark Hederman
ISBN 1-85607-902-3
These Were the Romans The Height of Nonsense
G.I.F. Tingay
ISBN 0-8023-1285-3
Paul Clements
ISBN 1-903464-69-2
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Adams, Irish Eye, 1
Alam, Made in Bradford, 10
Allnutt, How the Bicycle Shone, 19
Barrett, Martin Ferris, 3
Barrett-Lee, Julia Gets a Life, 8
Barrett-Lee, Out on a Limb, 8
Barry, Miss Katie Regrets, 3
Batty, Barking Thing, 20
Bennett, How to Make a Woman Out of Water, 21
Berry, Windrush Songs, 20
Bew, Making and Remaking of the Good Friday Agree, 9
Buckingham, Cargo Fever, 4
Caball, Musics of Belonging, 14
Callaghan, Billy, Come Home, 2
Carter, Hard Time, 4
Charles, Sweetwater, 3
Cheesman, Festival of the Wolf, 14
Clarke, Angel in Disguise?, 11
Clayton, Bringing it All Back Home, 11
Coe, Edinburgh and the Lothians, 10
Cookman, Murder at the Laurels, 5
Cooper, Five Minute Fantasies, 13
Coventry, Castles of the Clans, 10
Curtis, Lightning Tree, 3
Daley, Ideas Above Our Station, 5
Davies, Hyphasis, 22
Davies, Things You Think I Don’t Know, 22
Davies, Whiteout, 22
Dawson, Big-Eyed Afraid, 1
Deane, Heather Fields, 7
Dolan, Partnership in Lay Spirituality, 17
Downey, Running Mates, 7
Dunmore, Glad of These Times, 19
Elias, Essay on Time, 10
Elias, Genesis of the Naval Profession, 10
Elias, Involvement and Detachment, 10
Ellis, Bockety, 2
Farrell, Goldilocks The Babysitter from Hell, 24
Ferris, Truth Dare Kill, 4
Fleming, Contemporary Irish Moral Discourse, 16
French, Four Fathers, 23
Ghibellino, Goethe and Anna Amalia, 13
Gilmour, Last Leopard, 13
Graham, Making Poems and Their Meanings, 20
Greenhalgh, Invention of Zero, 19
Greenslade, Adventure Holiday, 22
Hanratty, Discoveries in Prayer, 17
Harrington, Eucharist: Enhancing the Prayer, 17
Hartill, Next, 14
Hartill, Winged Head, 22
Hayden, Changing Collars, 16
Healy, Social Policy in Ireland, 23
Hewitt, Selected Poems, 20
Hill, Road to Gobblers Knob, 15
Hilliard, Changing Ireland in International Comparison, 23
Hughes, Whirlwind, 15
International Jesuit, Development of Peoples, 18
Isherwood, Absent Light, 5
Kassabova, Geography for the Lost, 12
Kavan, Guilty, 6
Kerr, Sporran Connection, 5
Khalvati, I Am Twenty People, 21
Kiernan, Bit on the Side, 11
Krampf, Poems for my Wife & Other Women, 22
Lane, Reflecting at Knock, 18
Luik, Beauty of History, 8
MacCarthy, Suntrap, 22
Mackey, Crystal Fountain, 16
Mackey, Scientist and the Theologian, 18
Magan, Angels and Rabies, 2
Magson, No Tears for the Lost, 4
Maher, Luck Penny, 3
Mapanje, Beasts of Nalunga, 19
Mayne, Confident in Christ We Pray, 17
McAndrew, Art Economy, 24
McCarthy, Cumann Na mBan and the Irish Revolution, 9
McDonnell, Titanic Tragedy, 24
McGlinchy, Last of the Name, 12
Mikami, Ireland on Stage, 13
Monzo, Enormity of the Tragedy, 7
Moore, Dad and the Mad Cow Roundabout, 24
Moriarty, Serious Sounds, 12
Morrell, We need to Talk About the Funeral, 18
Morris, False Spring, 21
Morrison, Hunger Strike, 3
Mulholland, Soul of Ireland, 23
Mushakavanhu, Haunting Touch, 5
Nairn, Ireland’s Coastline, 15
Nayak, Anthony de Mello, 16
O Carragain, Inishmurray - An Irish Monastic, 10
Absent Light, Isherwood, 5
Adventure Holiday, Greenslade, 22
Already Within, O’Leary, 16
Angel in Disguise?, Clarke, 11
Angels and Rabies, Magan, 2
Anthony de Mello, Nayak, 16
Art Economy, McAndrew, 24
Barking Thing, Batty, 20
Beasts of Nalunga, Mapanje, 19
Beauty of History, Luik, 8
Beethoven Confidential & Brahms Gets Laid, Russell, 6
Big-Eyed Afraid, Dawson, 1
Billy, Come Home, Callaghan, 2
Bit on the Side, Kiernan, 11
Bless ‘Em All, Saddler, 5
Bockety, Ellis, 2
Bringing it All Back Home, Clayton, 11
British Voices, Sheehan, 9
Broken Harmony, Southey, 4
Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland, Thompson, 15
Cargo Fever, Buckingham, 4
Castles of the Clans, Coventry, 10
Changing Collars, Hayden, 16
Changing Ireland in International Comparison, Hilliard, 23
Collected Poems, Thwaite, 21
Confident in Christ We Pray, Mayne, 17
Contemporary Irish Moral Discourse, Fleming, 16
Corporate Culture Handbook, O’Donovan, 23
Crystal Fountain, Mackey, 16
Cumann Na mBan and the Irish Revolution, McCarthy, 9
Dad and the Mad Cow Roundabout, Moore, 24
Demanding Dead, Wharton, 6
Development of Peoples, International Jesuit, 18
Dial M for Merthyr, Trezise, 11
Discoveries in Prayer, Hanratty, 17
Dreams Of Hope, O’Connor, 2
Edinburgh and the Lothians, Coe, 10
Elgar The Erotic Variations & Delius, Russell, 6
Enormity of the Tragedy, Monzo, 7
Essay on Time, Elias, 10
Eucharist and the Living Faith, O’Donnell, 17
Eucharist: Enhancing the Prayer, Harrington, 17
False Spring, Morris, 21
Festival of the Wolf, Cheesman, 14
Fighting for Dublin, Sheehan, 9
Five Minute Fantasies , Cooper, 13
Flowers of Sulphur, Petrucci, 21
Four Fathers, French, 23
Genesis of the Naval Profession, Elias, 10
Geography for the Lost, Kassabova, 12
Glad of These Times, Dunmore, 19
Goethe and Anna Amalia, Ghibellino, 13
Goldilocks The Babysitter from Hell, Farrell, 24
Guilty, Kavan, 6
Hard Time, Carter, 4
Haunting Touch, Mushakavanhu, 5
Heather Fields, Deane, 7
Honey Tongues, Uri, 7
House of Memories, Taylor, 2
How the Bicycle Shone, Allnutt, 19
How to Make a Woman Out of Water, Bennett, 21
Hunger Strike, Morrison, 3
Hyphasis, Davies, 22
I Am Twenty People, Khalvati, 21
I Live Under a Black Sun, Sitwell, 7
Ideas Above Our Station, Daley, 5
Inishmurray - An Irish Monastic, O Carragain, 10
Invention of Zero, Greenhalgh, 19
Involvement and Detachment, Elias, 10
Ireland on Stage, Mikami, 13
Ireland’s Coastline, Nairn, 15
Irish Eye, Adams, 1
Irish Labour Party, 1922-73, Puirseil, 9
Irish Red Setter, O’Dwyer, 9
Jack’s World, Sheehan, 12
Julia Gets a Life, Barrett-Lee, 8
Last Leopard, Gilmour, 13
Last of the Name, McGlinchy, 12
Lightning Tree, Curtis, 3
Little Moscow, Scully, 4
Liturgical Resources for Advent and Christ, O’Loughlin, 17
Luck Penny, Maher, 3
Made in Bradford, Alam, 10
Making and Remaking of the Good Friday Agree, Bew, 9
Making Poems and Their Meanings, Graham, 20
Martin Ferris, Barrett, 3
Mind Your Manners, O’Byrne, 24
Miss Katie Regrets, Barry, 3
Murder at the Laurels, Cookman, 5
Musics of Belonging, Caball, 14
O Murchu, Turas Ceoil, 15
O’Byrne, Mind Your Manners, 24
O’Connor, Dreams Of Hope, 2
O’Donnell, Eucharist and the Living Faith, 17
O’Donovan, Corporate Culture Handbook, 23
O’Dwyer, Irish Red Setter, 9
O’Leary, Already Within, 16
O’Loughlin, Liturgical Resources for Advent and Christ, 17
O’Neill-White, We Lost Our Baby, 25
Perrick, Something to Hide, 12
Petrucci, Flowers of Sulphur, 21
Puirseil, Irish Labour Party, 1922-73, 9
Ramon, Provisional Dictator, 12
Reed, This is How You Disappear, 11
Regan, Riverside: Spring Fever, 24
Regan, Riverside: The Spy, 24
Rosenberg, Poetry Out of my Heart and Head, 14
Rumens, Self into Song, 20
Russell, Beethoven Confidential & Brahms Gets Laid, 6
Russell, Elgar The Erotic Variations & Delius, 6
Ryan, Song of Duiske, 7
Saddler, Bless ‘Em All, 5
Scully, Little Moscow, 4
Sheehan, British Voices, 9
Sheehan, Fighting for Dublin, 9
Sheehan, Jack’s World, 12
Sitwell, I Live Under a Black Sun, 7
Southey, Broken Harmony, 4
Strindberg, Tschandala, 8
Szalczer, Writing Daughters, 11
Tanner, Troubled Epic, 15
Taylor, House of Memories, 2
Thompson, Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland, 15
Thwaite, Collected Poems, 21
Trezise, Dial M for Merthyr, 11
Uri, Honey Tongues, 7
Wall, No Paradiso, 2
Walton, Vision and Vacancy, 14
Wenham-Jones, Wannabe a Writer?, 24
Wharton, Demanding Dead, 6
White, Space for Unknowing, 18
Wynne-Jones, Ordinary Miracles, 8
Wynne-Jones, Ready or Not, 8
Wynne-Jones, Wise Follies, 8
Zucchelli, Stones of Adoration, 15
Next, Hartill, 14
No Paradiso, Wall, 2
No Tears for the Lost, Magson, 4
Ordinary Miracles, Wynne-Jones, 8
Out on a Limb, Barrett-Lee, 8
Partnership in Lay Spirituality, Dolan, 17
Poems for my Wife & Other Women, Krampf, 22
Poetry Out of my Heart and Head, Rosenberg, 14
Provisional Dictator, Ramon, 12
Ready or Not, Wynne-Jones, 8
Reflecting at Knock, Lane, 18
Riverside: Spring Fever, Regan, 24
Riverside: The Spy, Regan, 24
Road to Gobblers Knob, Hill, 15
Running Mates, Downey, 7
Scientist and the Theologian, Mackey, 18
Selected Poems, Hewitt, 20
Self into Song, Rumens, 20
Serious Sounds, Moriarty, 12
Social Policy in Ireland, Healy, 23
Something to Hide, Perrick, 12
Song of Duiske, Ryan, 7
Soul of Ireland, Mulholland, 23
Space for Unknowing, White, 18
Sporran Connection, Kerr, 5
Stones of Adoration, Zucchelli, 15
Suntrap, MacCarthy, 22
Sweetwater, Charles, 3
Things You Think I Don’t Know, Davies, 22
This is How You Disappear, Reed, 11
Titanic Tragedy, McDonnell, 24
Troubled Epic, Tanner, 15
Truth Dare Kill, Ferris, 4
Tschandala, Strindberg, 8
Turas Ceoil, O Murchu, 15
Vision and Vacancy, Walton, 14
Wannabe a Writer?, Wenham-Jones, 24
We Lost Our Baby, O’Neill-White, 25
We need to Talk About the Funeral, Morrell, 18
Whirlwind, Hughes, 15
Whiteout, Davies, 22
Windrush Songs, Berry, 20
Winged Head, Hartill, 22
Wise Follies, Wynne-Jones, 8
Writing Daughters, Szalczer, 11