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Danny Cohen presents
The Famous Australian Cartoon Camps have come back to London
Golders Green 10th - 14th August / Edgware 17th - 21st August
Monday Aug 10th & 17th
l Theme: Colourful clothes. Prizes for best dressed.
l Draw: Beginners cartooning part 1.
l Draw: A mouse, a meerkat & a giraffe.
l Play: Exciting games including ‘Charge’ & ‘Marco Polo’.
l Drawing competition: Create a food-animal.
l Draw: Aussie animals - a koala, kangaroo & an emu.
l Enjoy: Healthy fruit sticks.
l Draw: Tom & JerryTM.
l Draw: GarfieldTM & friends.
l Draw: A great white shark,
l whale & a jet powered turtle.
l Draw: Caricatures - learn the art of exaggeration.
Tuesday Aug 11th & 18th
l Theme: Superheroes. Dress-up for prizes.
l Waterfight: Bring a watergun.
l Science workshop: Professor Kuffleblah is
l here for some crazy experiments!
l Play: Kingdom balloon skirmish.
l Build: Construct a tall tower.
l Make: Enjoy rainbow cookies.
l Monkeys: Draw cute primates.
l Draw: A space city & starships.
l Crazy hair: Have your hair styled.
l Draw: A castle & a fire dragon.
l Drawing competition: Design a car of the future.
London Cartoon Kids
Sydney Cartoon Kids
Toronto Cartoon Kids
Darwin Kids
Singapore Kids
Tuesday Night Camp Part 1
London Cartoon Kids
(6pm - 9pm)
l Draw: The Angry BirdsTM.
l Draw: Robots.
l Draw: SonicTM & YoshiTM.
l Play: ‘Junk food’ baseball.
l Play: Sock wrestling.
l Play: Murder in the dark! Wear dark clothes.
Wednesday Aug 12th & 19th
l Theme: Pyjama party. Dress in your PJ’s. Bring a pillow for the fun games.
l Draw: Beginners cartooning part 2.
l Draw: A 3D waterfall & tropical jungle.
l Draw: A beach scene in detail.
l Draw: MarioTM & LuigiTM.
l Face painting: Be creative!
l Make: A cartoon kite.
l Enjoy: Fruit mocktails - yum.
l Draw: Characters from Family GuyTM.
l Japanese manga: Draw cute animals with big eyes.
l Kingdom idol: Perform in the talent show if you want to.
l Singing, dancing, gymnastics, comedy or magic, etc...
Thursday Aug 13th & 20th
Golders Green kids
Thursday Night Camp Part 2
(6pm - 9pm)
l Theme: Pirates. Dress as a pirate for prizes.
l Design: A baseball cap.
l Draw: A tropical island & a treasure map.
l Play: Sock wrestling.
l Draw: A volcano & canyon in the deep ocean.
l Play: ‘Junk food’ baseball.
l Draw: The pyramids & write in hieroglyphics.
l Draw: Sponge BobTM & PatrickTM.
l Kids on wheels: Bring a scooter.
l Draw: Scooby DooTM & MinionsTM.
l Draw: Cute puppies & kittens.
l Play: Murder in the dark! Wear dark clothes.
l Draw: Aliens & monsters.
l Draw: Adventure TimeTM cartoons.
l Play: The Egyptian mummy paper
l game. Prizes for the best mummies.
l Treasure hunt: Find the treasure.
l Crowning ceremony: Royals & Rebels are chosen.
Friday Aug 14th & 21st
l Theme: Secret Agents & Spies. Prizes for best dressed!
l Draw: Cartooning part 3.
l Party food: Enjoy party food!
l Draw: MinecraftTM characters.
l Play: Exciting fun games.
l Draw: A 3D dinosaur scene.
l Learn: Write messages using the secret Kingdom code.
l Competition: Crack the code to win $5,000 Kingdom Dollars.
l Fun waterfight skirmish: Battle if you want to. Rebels v’s Royals. Bring a watergun.
l Market day: Everyone needs to prepare a stall. Bring pre-loved stuff to
l sell. Make cookies... We’ll give you $1000 Kingdom dollars to spend.
l Kingdom dance-off: Prizes for the best & worst dancers.
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Book & pay online:
London 2015 Cartoon Camp Registration:
1. Name of Child: _____________________________________ Age: ________
2. Name of Child: _____________________________________ Age: ________
3. Name of Child: _____________________________________ Age: ________
4. Name of Child: _____________________________________ Age: ________
Any Disabilities, Medical Conditions or Special Needs (eg. Asthma, ADHD,
diabetic, behavioural problems): ______________________________________
Name of Parent/Guardian: ____________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
) _________________ Mobile: ______________________
__________________________________________ Postcode: ______________
Day time phone: (
Please select a location
Golders Green: 10th - 14th August
17th - 21st August
Tues / Night Wed
Thurs / Night
Select the days for the child / children:
S = Short day
L = Long day
N = Night camp
Dietary Needs: (No dairy, vegetarian, etc...) ______________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________
Child 1:
All activities will be in the hall & surrounding grounds or local parks.
Lunch: Children will need to bring lunch or can purchase food from the tuck shop.
Children need to bring a bag & hat to our activities.
Notify staff if your child has special needs or requires medication to be administered.
We cater for children 4 to 15 years: (Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors)
Inform us if someone other than the guardian will be picking up your child/children.
Our team: All our senior staff have ‘Working with Children Checks’ & first-aid training.
Sun policy: Please provide your child/children with a hat & sunscreen to wear for our
outside activities. We also have sunscreen (30+) readily available for children to use.
Signing in & out: Children must be signed in/out by a parent or guardian.
Policy on children’s belongings / lost property:
All care is taken but we take no responsibility for loss or damage to belongings. At 6pm at the
conclusion of our week program - all lost property is donated to charity.
Parent/Guardians: May drop off their children only. They are not allowed to stay with their
child/children in the hall for legal & insurance reasons. They may enter the hall at the end of
the day to pick up their children.
Policy on late pickups: We close our service at 6pm unless specified. A late fee applies
at the rate of £1 per minute paid directly to that carer at the time of pickup.
Policy on cancellations & refunds: We regret that under no circumstances are we
able to provide a refund in the event of cancellation or non-attendance of the child.
Mobile phones/cameras: Due to privacy laws, photographic & recording devices are
prohibited from our programs. Mobile phones can be brought but must be off during activities.
Nuts: Nuts or foods containing nuts are strictly prohibited from our program.
Sharing food: Children are not allowed to share food due to allergies, etc...
Tuck shop: Inexpensive drinks & snacks will be available daily.
Art materials: All art & craft materials are included in the daily price.
About us: Cartoon Kingdom has 33 years experience in programs with children in Australia,
Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Hawaii, Malaysia, the United Kingdom & Canada.
Summary of Costs:
All prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP)
All activities listed in the brochure take place within the Short Day.
Short Day: £18 per child per day (9.30am - 3.30pm)
Child 2:
Long Day is a service we provide for those families that are working or for
children that want to do more activities, cartooning, craft or games.
Night Camps: £10 (6pm - 9pm) per night (Tuesday & Thursday)
Long Day: £20 per child per day (8am - 6pm or part thereof)
Name on Card: ________________________________________
Child 3:
Child 4:
Payment Option 1:
Credit Card Authority Payment Option:
Expiry Date:
Amount: ______________ £ Pounds
Golders Green 10th - 14th August
Visa: Book & pay for 4 days ONLY
Monday to Thursday Long Day & we will add your
child manually to the Friday list for free here in our
office: Payments must be before Monday June 1st 5pm
Receive Friday for FREE!
All email enquiries will be answered the next day due to the
9 hour time difference between Sydney & London.
Tel: (0011) 612 9343 0833
[email protected]
Suite 13, 5 - 11 Hollywood Avenue,
Bondi Junction Sydney NSW 2022 Australia
August 17th - August 21st
The Rochdale Scout Centre
42 Roch Avenue corner
Dale Avenue, Edgware
Middlesex HA8 5PZ
Camp Venues & Dates
Golders Green
August 10th - August 14th
Alyth North Western
Reform Synagogue
Alyth Gardens off Finchley Road,
Golders Green NW11 7EN
Do not contact the venues. All enquiries / payments go to our Sydney office.
Edgware 17th - 21st August
Payment Option 2:
Cash Option:
You may pay cash at the door on the day of attendance, however
you still need to register via email or online to secure your booking
prior to the program:
[email protected]
To The Illustrating Man Designs Pty Limited (ABN for and on behalf of itself
and all its officer(s), servants(s), assistant(s) and agents(s) now and hereafter including
Danny Cohen (collectively referred to as “The Organiser”).
Signature of Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
The Organiser has the right to change the date, time or itinerary of the program.
Where the Organiser deems it appropriate, the Organiser may refuse attendance/participation to the child.
In the event that the activity is cancelled (including pursuant to condition 2. The Illustrating
Man Designs Pty Ltd (ABN will offer a refund to the paying parent(s)
/guardian(s) or will agree on an alternative activity also subject to this Consent And Indemnity in full.
I/we irrevocably on an ongoing basis will immediately on demand fully indemnify the Organiser (or any one or
more of you) as to or arising out of any liability claim proceeding or demand (whether original or third party)
for damage costs or otherwise whatsoever arising out of any injury demise loss or damage whatsoever
involving any negligence breach of contract or any other breach or omission whatsoever in whole or part
caused or contributed to by the child or to the child or any entity claiming as a result thereof to the fullest
extent permitted in law or equity or statute.
To the fullest extent permitted by law equity or statute I/we hereafter give to The Organiser (or any one or
more of you) a full release waiver and discharge of any cause of action suit demand or proceeding (whether
original or third party) as to or arising out of any injury demise loss or damage whatsoever whether whole or
in part caused or contributed to by the child or to the child or to any entity (including me/us claiming as a
result thereof whether involving any negligence breach of contract or any other breach or omission whatsoever.
This Consent And Indemnity binds the parties and their successors and/or assigns to the
fullest extent permitted by law equity or statute.
This Consent And Indemnity is governed by the law equity and statute in force from time to
time in the countries of Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore & Canada.
I/we tell you that we are of full legal capacity and are the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the child. I/we acknowledge we
consent and agree on an on going basis that the Organiser only permits the child be considered for and/or to attend
the activity(s) selected and incidental matters for the agreed fee in consideration of I/we irrevocably agreeing to the
following conditions, namely:1.
Dated: ______________
Presented by Australian Cartoonist, Danny Cohen
The Australian
Cartooning Camps
have come back to

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