COG OSO - Composting Seminar - Rob Danforth Advantages of



COG OSO - Composting Seminar - Rob Danforth Advantages of
COG OSO - Composting Seminar - Rob Danforth
Advantages of composting
Requirements (ideal vs. usual practice)
Outdoor composters – 17 styles
Indoor composters – 2 styles
Ingredients to include
Compost activators
Ingredients to exclude
Kitchen conveniences
Compost problems & solutions
Compost bonus
Reclamation & use
Executive summary
Basic Composting, (book) ed. Eric Ebeling. Stackpole books, Mechanicsburg PA. 2003.
Building Soil, (book) Elizabeth Murphy, Cool Spring Press, 2015
The Compost Specialist, (book) ed. David Squire
Compost (Green Guides -book)- Rachelle Strauss; Flametree Publishing, London UK. 2009
Compost (handout sheet) - Live Green, Toronto --
Composting, (handout sheet) Just Food --
Composting for Canada, (book) Suzanne Lewis -- Lone Pine 2010
Composting for Gardeners (Reference Series Pamphlet), ed. A Cleary COG 1991
Life in The Soil, (book) “A Guide for Naturalists and Gardeners," James B. Nardi
Operational Guide (Instruction sheet – tumbling Composter), Envirocycle Systems
A Sense of Humus (Soil saver Guide - booklet), J. Merryweather, Barclay Recycling Inc. 1978
For reading/purchase, consider one of the following books from the list above:
Building Soil, Elizabeth Murphy, 2015
Compost, Rachelle Strauss, 2009
Composting for Canada, Suzanne Lewis, 2010

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