Bugari Bayan Prime



Bugari Bayan Prime
Bugari Bayan Prime
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Body of the accordion is made of strong and selected birch, also plain fir
wood sections are used inside. Special lacquers were chosen to complete a
perfect sound performance. New ligther, thinner and more rigid but still very
resistant aluminium is used in treble mechanism. A special feature in treble
keyboard is a certain elasticity. Mother pearl buttons in treble offer excellent
touch. New material solutions allows the quickest possible response and
combustibility of the tone. Same type of materials as in treble are chosen also
for bass mechanism. New type of bass reeds and reedplates result a perfect
air flow and thus a beautiful, deep and full-bodied sound.
New shape and materials of cassotto chamber bring out the warm sound of
bassoon and clarinet. Wooden reedblocks with innovative fixing system
minimize any movement and optimizes the stability of the tuning.
A special attention is given to the length, width and thickness of the reeds, in
order to give every single reed, sound range and octave a prefect sound and
response from pianissimo to fortissimo. The new reeds of Bayan Prime are
made the following way: the tongue is 70% filed on internal side and 30% filed
on external side. The result is a greater flexibility of steel tongue and a more
powerful sound performance because oscillation happens more inside of a
reed than outside – that means closer to resonance source. This type of new
reed has a unique power and response together with minimal air
consumption . 8 chin registers, of which 2 possible to have with dual function.