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pacmed - Aesynt
High-speed packager that returns cost and
labor savings to pharmacy
•Reduces oral solids packaging labor by 65%
•Cuts cabinet fill time by 70%
•Decreases manual picking, checking and filling time
•Improves storage and packing of inventory
•Realizes savings per dose through bulk buying
At Aesynt, we’re leading the journey to perfect
medication management by pioneering a new
path — one that optimizes both labor and drug
expenses across the enterprise for all forms of
medications, allowing our healthcare partners
to dramatically reduce costs and improve
patient safety.
Consolidate inventory and minimize
manual processes
The optional Singulator automates the cutting and
Aesynt’s PACMED automated packager reduces labor,
ROBOT-Rx or offline inventory, freeing technicians to
consolidates inventory and minimizes manual processes
perform other activities.
stacking of ROBOT-Ready packages for transfer to
that lead to medication errors. PACMED improves access,
speed and accuracy in medication delivery to help
hospitals enhance patient care and safety.
Offers scale and flexibility
Models equipped with 100 to 500 medication canisters
make PACMED versatile enough for any pharmacy
Maximizes productivity
environment. Storage is optimized with three sizes of
The PACMED high-speed packager works unattended to
barcoded canisters, and automatic canister switching
ensure that a continuous supply of barcoded, unit-dose
allows high-volume medications to be stored in multiple
medications is always available. PACMED’s multi-tasking
canisters. Oral solids are sealed in tamper-evident unit
software combines with Aesynt’s Connect-Rx on a single
dose packages to maximize space efficiency in cabinets.
platform with synchronized formularies to fulfill orders
Intuitive, drag-and-drop tools make package layouts easy,
electronically, replenishing for carts, cabinets, automated
and direct thermal printers provide higher accuracy and
and non-automated pharmacy stock and multiple sites.
durable barcoding.
Using advanced Fill Mode Logic through Connect-Rx,
Optimizes inventory and improves workflow
PACMED electronically polls AcuDose-Rx® and other
PACMED integrates easily with pharmacy information
automated dispensing cabinets for restocking of unit-dose
systems and dispensing cabinets, creating a medication
medications. When medications fall below PAR level, the
supply chain in which med usage and inventories can be
system will package and replenish oral solids, combining
monitored in real-time. Medications are tracked by lot
the packaging and replenishment processes for maximum
number and expiration date, reducing drug spend and
waste. Medication acquisition cost savings may be realized
For hospitals using ROBOT-Rx®, the ROBOT-Ready
PACMED offers three times the throughput using one half
the labor of other packaging methods. Offline inventory is
through bulk buying. A best-in-class turnaround time for
canister calibration (two to four days) and intuitive online
tools make canister requests fast and easy.
reduced and packaging productivity is increased.
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