Original Report by Dr. Xiuhua Zhang (PDF file, 1892663 bytes)



Original Report by Dr. Xiuhua Zhang (PDF file, 1892663 bytes)
The ERAS festival 2013 has taken place on Saturday 24th August in a big square of the the
front of Oslo city hall. Mr. Fabian Stang and Jonas Gahr Støre, the Major of Oslo city and the
Minister of Ministry of Health opened the festival and met people from these 25 immigrant
organizations from ERAS network.
The weather, program and people including visitors worldwide were great! Over 60 CPN
members and show teams have given excellent shows of the parade with Chinese folk dance
‘Yangge’, Qipao fashion, Chinese songs and violin solo, see pictures for their beautiful
performance. Thank you all actors and people who made service in CPN and CPN junior tents
for your great contribution!
Huawei Technologies Company as a sponsor to the festival joined the festival and other
Chinese organizations were actively involved. This indicates that Chinese community has
been engaged as the biggest group in this year‘s ERAS festival.
More pictures about the festival can be looked at ERAS website www.erasfestival.no.
Xiuhua Zhang reported 29.08.2013

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