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Alexander Harris
award winning new media agency
Alexander Harris
The Client
Alexander Harris is a leading UK law firm with
offices in Manchester, the West Midlands and
London and an international client portfolio.
The firm specialises exclusively in health law
including personal injury and clinical
The Brief
Alexander Harris’ PR and marketing agency
MC2 approached New Mind with a view to
re-developing the site to create a
comprehensive resource for contemporary
legal issues. Key to the requirements of the
firm was the ability to continually update the
dynamic content of the site and ease of
navigation through the claims process.
The Solution was launched in
2001 with the following features and
functionality:> Clean design reflecting the professional
nature of the firm and its prominence in the
clinical negligence field
> Ease of navigation around a wealth of
information and support
> New Mind’s Content Management system all areas of the site can be updated on a daily
basis by a dedicated, non-technical in-house
> Direct access to relevant areas via
comprehensive search facilities by key words
and phrases
> A Discussion Forum where members of the
press, the legal sector and the firm’s clients
can contribute their ideas, news and opinions
on a range of current topics
> Ease of navigation through the claims
process provided by the ‘Making a Claim’
page – how to make the first call, what
questions to expect and funding options
> Alex’s virtual case library – features
accounts on real cases that Alexander Harris
has been involved in
> Search engine optimisation techniques to
ensure that pages are rich in
keywords/phrases commonly used by
potential visitors
> Optimisation supported by a Pay Per Click
campaign involving bids on over 450
award winning new media agency
The Results
Awards: has won
In Brief Magazine’s prestigious Legal
Marketing Awards in the ‘best website’
category for two years running (2003 and
2004). The site was voted for by the
magazine readers based on its ability to
demonstrate an innovative use of technology
combined with value-added content to
encourage regular traffic.
Traffic: Recent statistics show that the site
now attracts over 15000 unique visits per
month, equating to in excess of 1.2 million
hits per month.
Return on Investment: The site generates
over 250 enquiries per month either via the
enquiry form or phone.
Sole on-line enquiries equates to around 190
forms filled per month. Of the cases that are
attributed to the site the firm converts
around 17-20% into cases – very high in
comparison to traditional marketing and
promotion which converts at around 10%.
Recognition: Alexander Harris’s site is now
recognised as a leading resource in the field
of health law. The site was used extensively
during the Shipman Inquiry by both the press
and the families of victims.
Last year the site became the focus of
attention following an outbreak of
Cryptosporidium (pool bug) at the Alcudia
Pins Hotel in Majorca. Within a few weeks
Alexander Harris had dealt with 1200
enquiries relating to the case from visitors
landing on the site as a result of the
prominent search engine position.
Ongoing Development: The latest version of
the site is fully accessible in line with the
latest DRC (Disability Rights Commission)
regulations. The site provides ease of
navigation for people with physical
disabilities, as well as offering an alternative
site for visually impaired visitors.
Alexander Harris and New Mind regularly
review the site looking to implement new and
innovative ideas which deliver measurable
For more information and
t/ +44 (0) 151 287 7791
portfolio projects, or an informal
e/ [email protected]
Queens Dock Commercial Centre,
discussion, contact us today:
67-83 Norfolk Street, Liverpool L1 OBG
101-105 Mariners House,

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