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http://www.kambelserle.info https://sourceforge.net/p/ulixtxteditor/
Open Sourced Software
Instruction Manual
Designed and created by Kambel Serle
Version 9.0.0
Table of Contents
Updates ..................................................................p3
System Requirements ......................................................p3
Setup ....................................................................p4
Uninstall ................................................................p11
Shortcuts ................................................................p15
What is Ulix TxT Editor? .................................................p16
@ What does ULIX stand for?
@ Our Goal
@ Features
Using the Main Menu ......................................................p17
@ File Options menu
@ New File
@ Open a File
@ Saving
@ Page Setup
@ Printing
@ Formatting Options
@ Font selection
@ Editor
@ Shortcut Buttons Explained
File Associations ........................................................p27
Understanding and Creating a working htaccess file .......................p29
@ What is an htaccess file?
@ Creating an htaccess file
@ Creating a Page Redirection
@ Creating a Private file with Password Protection
@ Place your site in Hiatus, Under Construction or Maintenance Mode
@ IP Address Block List
@ Creating a file link with no script extension
@ Where is the htaccess file located?
@ Preventing a Server 500 Internal Error
@ Sample htaccess file
Creating a DIARY file ....................................................p35
What is a FAQ file and how to create one .................................p35
What is an LRC file? .....................................................p36
Sample .LRC File .........................................................p36
What is .list? ...........................................................p37
What is a .mlf file? .....................................................p37
What is .chat? ...........................................................p38
What is .AS5 ? ...........................................................p38
What is .ilf? ............................................................p38
What is a wiki file? .....................................................p38
What is a .SUB file? .....................................................p40
What's a KNOW file? ......................................................p74
What is a CLIT file? .....................................................p74
What is a VAG File? ......................................................p74
What is a PEN file? ......................................................p74
What is a CAL file? ......................................................p74
Sample Cal File ..........................................................p75
What is a DIY file? ......................................................p75
Using the Ulix TxT Editor's helpCenter ...................................p76
Terms of Service .........................................................p81
Copyright Notice .........................................................p84
Credits & Acknowledgements ...............................................p85
To check for the most recent updates to the software, please visit
SourceForge.net and or KambelSerle.info . Thank you.
Before you update to version 9.0, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you UNINSTALL ANY
VERSIONS you may have installed that is below version 6.0+. As some new features
may cause the older installations to malfunction or corrupt files on your computer. We
have since added Automated File Associations, New Shortcut's Menu, improved the
program's Icons, and added Customized File Association Icons to the software. With
these new features, any ULIX TxT Editor's version number is below 6.0, is now NOLONGER Being Supported and therefore has become obsolete. If you wish to continue
using an older version of ULIX, please do so at your own risk. Since the release of
version 6.0, we have fixed many security issues with the program's mainframe. That is
just one other reason for why we recommend using versions 6.0 or higher of the ULIX
TxT Editor software.
Thank you,
The VampnerdLord Productions owner, Kambel Serle
System Requirements
95, 98, 98SE, 2000,XXXXX
ME, XP, Vista, and 7
33.5Mb HDD Free space
512Mb HDD
32Mb Memory
Designed for:
To use the program, you must first download and install it. Go to
https://sourceforge.net/projects/ulixtxteditor/ or
http://www.kambelserle.info/work/UlixTxTEditor. Next, select the latest version
and click "download". Now once the program has been downloaded, go to it's
containing folder. Click on SetupX.X.exe, here the X indicated the version number.
Now you will see the following:
Image1: Language selection
Please select the language you wish to use for the installation.
Please Note that English is the default selected language.
Now click "OK".
You will now see this:
Click Next
The next step will be to read the the License Agreement before
Image 3: License Agreement
Now Read the enclosed read me file carefully. This is a very
important task as some of the necessary tools for the use of
this program are contained within it.
Image 4: README File
You will now be prompted to enter Your Name and Name of
your Company/Organization before you are able to proceed.
Image 5: User Information Prompt
Now select the folder in which you wish to have ULIX TxT Editor
installed. By default, the Program Files folder is selected.
Image 6: Destination Location for program to be installed.
Please make sure that you have adequate amount of free disk
space for this program to be installed correctly.
Following the selection of the Program's Installation Folder,
you will be prompted to give the Program's Shortcut Icon a
name (This will be the name displayed on the Desktop, Start
Menu, and Quick Launch).
Image 7: Start Menu Folder name prompt
You will now see a prompt screen asking if you want to have a Desktop and a Quick Launch shortcuts created for easy access. It is recommended that you check off both. You will also be offered many other choices as of version 6.0 and it is recommended that you DO NOT UNCHECK the PRE­CHECKED boxes such as the INSTALL HELP FILES and INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL as well as INSTALL THIS PROGRAM INTO THE MAIN PROGRAMS FOLDER and the INSTALL SHORTCUT ON THE START MENU. Doing so may cause the software to fail or run improperly. From the Desktop, press down on both the Ctrl and the F12 buttons to run the ULIX TxT Editor's helpCenter; Ctrl+Shift+u to open ULIX TxT Editor; and Ctrl+Shift+i to open the ULIX TxT Editor's Instructions Manual.
Image 8: Additional Tasks
Please bear with me, there is only a couple more prompts left before the
installation is complete. The next window displays all the information to
be verified by you for an accurate and proper installation process.
Image 10: Information Verification Process
Now the installation process begins!
Image 10: Installing...
You are now being prompted to restart your computer. For
ULIX TxT Editor to work properly, it is strongly recommended
that you RESTART your Computer after the installation.
Image 11: Installation Complete and Restart prompt
To uninstall the program, there are three ways to do so.
1.Start menu uninstall
To uninstall ULIX TxT Editor using the Start Menu, simply click on the
windows icon, then open the Programs list, then look for ULIX TxT Editor.
Now click on Uninstall. That's all to it!
2.Add/Remove Programs
1. Open Control Panel.
2. Open Add/Remove Programs.
3. Locate ULIX TxT Editor version 0.x.x.x (x indicating the Version number).Click it.
4. Now click on Remove. You are prompted to Verify that you want to uninstall.
5. Click Uninstall.
6. Restart your computer to make sure that all files we're removed properly. And your
To uninstall ULIX TxT Editor from your Computer Manually, follow these
quick and easy steps:
1. Open Computer (My Computer in Windows XP, 2000 XXXXXXXXXXXXX
ME, 98SE, 98, 95).
2. Locate the C:\ drive.
3. Open the C:\ drive.
4. Locate and Open the Program Files folder.
5. Locate and Open the ULIX TxT Editor 9 folder.
6. Click on unins000.exe.
7. Click Uninstall.
8. Restart the Computer. And your done! Its that simple!
The following is a list of In-program shortcut keys. With this, your use of the
program will be a breeze!
File Options
Formatting Options
New Document
Ctrl+N Word Wrap
Open Document
Ctrl+O Font
Save Document
Save Document As
Page Setup
F1 Status Bar
Alt+F4 Help (?) and Support
Ctrl+Z About ULIX TxT Editor
Find Next
Go To
Select All
Viewing Options
To access the ULIX helpCenter help files, go to your desktop and on your keyboard, simultaneously press down both the Ctrl and F12 buttons to open the help center.
What is ULIX TxT Editor?
Ulix TxT Editor is a Word Processor that is designed to create and modify htaccess files as
well as HTML, php, c++, pascal, pearl, etc... documents. It is the only Word Processor that
is designed for create htaccess files. ULIX is not designed for modifying documents such
as PDF, DOC, DOCX, exc, excel, or any other word processing programs designed by
Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org.
What does ULIX stand for?
ULIX stands for Universal Language Internal and External Text Editor, The Internal means
that this program can be installed directly to your HDD and the External means that it can
be installed to an External Device such as a DVD or CD or even a USB and it will still run
on your system, all this is because this program is a Stand-Alone application, meaning
there is no necessary external attachments needed for this program to work. It's 100%
Portable and can be used across all Windows Platforms and Windows OS.(Tested for use
with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Not tested for Win8. If you wish to use
this on Win8, please use at own risk.)
Our Goal
Our goal is to create the world's best Text/App/Web Editor that automatically corrects
your syntax and parsing errors so that you will always get the results you want when
creating PHP and other sensitive documents and programs leaving you without the hustle
and bustle of finding and correcting your programming errors.
This installation comes with the following features:
1.Interchange-able shortcut icons;
2.Ubuntu TrueType(.ttf) font files;
3.Light-weight DLL's for an extra-smooth programming experience;
4.ReadMe, Shortcuts, and GNU/MIT Licenses (PDF and TXT formats);
5.NEW UNINSTALL OPTIONS and UNINS000.exe for easy removal.
6.Full Running and Stand-Alone Versions of the Program.
7.Awesome In-program shortcuts;
8.Video Tutorials;
9.Sample htaccess file
10.Portable and Light-weight compatible program.
11.Integrated Languages in Setup
12.New help.chm file included in the setup
13.New custom shortcuts and Customized Installation.
14.Introducing 50+ different File Type Associations with the UTE software, such as .lrc,
.sub, .master and .know as well as many other commonly known ones like .html,
.php, .cpp, .txt and many more.
15.Now introducing 10+ new File Types to the World, such as MLF, ILF, Know, Master,
FAQ, list, diy, fyi, pen, diary, etc...
Using the Main Menu
One of the important aspects of this program is being able to use the Main
Menu system. In this section, I will explain the main features that you will
need to know how to use and show a visual depiction to better demonstrate
what I'm saying for better understanding of the Main Menu System.
File Options
Within the File Options submenu is New File, Open, Save, Save As, Page Setup, Print
and Exit. I will explain and demonstrate what each of these Menu Options do.
1.New File
When this option is selected, you will be given a new blank document window for you to
work with and create a new document in. This is what you will see when you click on New:
When this option is clicked, you will be prompted with a new window once again, this
time it will be asking you to select a file for you to open and view and/or modify. This is
what that window will look like:
3.Save/Save As
Same as with the Open Document window, when you click on Save for the first time, you
will be prompted with another window, after which you can click save at any time to save
your file again without seeing this window. If You select Save As, you will always see this
4.Page Setup
As the title says, this option contains the formula for the way the page is
setup, and displayed. You will see this window:
Ah! The Print option, what a marvelous feature! This option will display a
window of Printing Options for you to choose from,as seen here:
This feature allows the user to Print their document in whole, or in part,
exactly as they see it in the Editor.
Formatting Options
The Formatting Options menu contains only two options: Word Wrap and
Font. Word Wrap wraps the text around the width of the displayed window,
like seen here:
and the Font option allows you to change the font used within the
document, seen in the following 3 images.
Image 23: Font Selection
Original Font display:
Image 24: Original Font Display
Changed Font display:
Image 25: New Font display
Within the Editor Popup Menu, contains multiple Editing options, such as Undo, Cut, Copy,
Paste, Delete, Find, Find Next, Replace, Go To, Select All and Time. In this section I will
briefly explain what each option is used for, even if you already know, it's always good to
mention them for those who don't know.
This option is used to correct a mistake, or multiple mistakes, in order for you
to find and fix a typo, or a problem you are experiencing.
This Option allows the user to Remove a section of Text or a paragraph of Text
and have it ready to be placed somewhere else, such as later on in the
document, or into another file.
This Option works similarly to that of the Cut. The only difference is that the
Text you copy remains in tact in the document, but still able to be placed
elsewhere, whether in the same document or another file.
23 4.Paste
The Paste Option allows you to insert the piece of Text that you had Cut, or
Copied, and place it into the document, or another file (if applicable).
Like the Option says... This is used to permanently remove something from a
file or document.
Allows the user to find a word or phrase somewhere in the File or Document.
7.Find Next
Similar to Find, only it is used to Find the Next time the Same word is used in
the document.
Use Replace to find a word, Correct it, or Replace it with another word. This can
be done for One word, or all the Same words within the File or Document.
9.Go To
This is used for for programming Developers. It allows them to know where a
mistake is and easily find it's location for a quick fix. The image below shows
this screen when it is opened up in the program.
10.Select All
Select all is used to Highlight all text within a document, like seen in the image
The Time/Date Option allows the program to insert today's date and time into your
document. This is helpful for making a reminder about the last time you updated or
created a document.
Shortcut Buttons Explained
As you may have noticed, In version 6.0 and later, there are new buttons
that have appeared in the menu bar. I will explain what each one is for.
Creates a New Blank Document sheet for you to work with
Opens a file for you to work on, modify and continue
Saves your current progress. This becomes Save as when saving for
the first time for each new document created.
print Prints the current document onto paper.
cut Cuts out a piece of the document and prepares it for pasting
copy similar to Cut, only it makes a clone of the piece of document that you
paste Pastes what you have cut or copied into the document in the area of
your choosing
ð Undo the mistake you have done, or remove something that you didn't
mean to do
This unique symbol is often referred to as Font. This will allow you to
change the font in the document.
Allows you to goto a specific section in the document.
Makes it easier to find something within the document
Enables/Disables Word Wrap
Select All text contained within the document.
Exit, Close out of the program
Exit, Close out the program
File Associations
This is an automatic process as of version 6.0. The following file extensions are now
associated with the Ulix TxT Editor program. With File Associations, the program
automatically opens up when a file with any of the following extensions is selected. These
extensions are:
All files that are associated with this program will be given a new icon. This new icon will prove that it is connected to the ULIX TxT Editor
These new icons look like this:
Explanations of newly introduced worldwide Extensions:
multi-Language Feed File
International Language File
Do It Yourself Directive File
For Your Information Document
Grocery List File
Master document
Frequently Asked Questions Document
know, kdb, kb knowledge database file
Understanding and Creating an htaccess file
Creating an htaccess file is very simple once you figure out how to do it! Following these
simple steps will help you master the art of personal website design.
What is an htaccess file?
An htaccess file is a hidden file found in your public_html folder on your
hosting domain server. As far as I know, it is only available via Unix cPanel
and not available on Windows hosting. It is a document that tells the server
how to read pages, redirect links, how to publicly view the folders online,
and so on.
Creating an .htaccess file
When creating an htaccess file simply follow these steps.
1.Always start your file with an Expiration header
<IfModule mod_expires.c>
# Enable expirations
ExpiresActive On
# Default directive
ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 year"
# My favicon
ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year"
# Images
ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/jpg "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType text/css "access 1 month"
# Javascript
ExpiresByType application/javascript "access plus 1 year"
2.The next step is to add a RewriteEngine rule needed to make
www.yourdomain.com/index.html work as www.yourdomain.com/index
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} =off
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}\.php -f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1.php [L]
3.Now insert the RewriteRule code for the page you wish to have the way it
is accessed changed
# Main RewriteRule (This section Can be modified)
RewriteRule ^/?$ /home [R=302,L]
RewriteRule ^$ /home [R=302,L]
RewriteRule ^home$ /index.html [L]
4.Have a file that is not found in a folder appear as though it is
RewriteRule ^en/help/ContactMe$ /contact.html [L]
5.Have a file that IS in a folder appear as though it's in another folder
RewriteRule ^en/HelpCenter/Bugs$ /help/center/bug-report.html [L]
6.Have a file that is located in a folder appear as though it is not
RewriteRule ^index$ /en/2015/April/index.php [L]
Please note that example 7 and 8 can not be used at the same time, one or
the other. Otherwise you will get a 500 Internal Server Error.
7.Make your folders private
# Make your folders private
Options -Indexes
8.. Make your folders non-private
# Make your folders visible to everyone
Options +Indexes
9.Creating a Comment
To create a comment, simply place a # in-front of the phrase you wish for
the server to ignore Ex:
# Make your folders visible to everyone
Options +Indexes
10.Make sure that all php versions are compatible with your website
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php55 .php .php5 .php4 .php3
Creating a Page Redirection
Creating a page redirect is very simple, that is if you know how! Follow these
steps for an accurate Page Redirection. There are two different formats and both
will be exampled below.
The first Redirection is the HomePage Redirection. It looks like this:
# Redirect direct HP and Domain access to an HTTPS/SSL name
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain.com$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.yourdomain.com$
RewriteRule ^/?$ https://yourdomain.com/pageofchoice [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^$ https://yourdomain.com/pageofchoice [R=301,L]
Note: Make sure you place this code after the Expiration header.
The next is a simple Page Redirect. This is used to relocate a page from one
location to another using the domain's URL. It looks like this:
# Create a page Redirect [Permanent Redirect]
RewriteRule ^about$ /home.php [R=301,L]
# Create a page Redirect [Temporary Redirect]
RewriteRule ^about$ /home.html [R=302,L]
When creating a Redirection link it is important to note that R=301 indicates a
PERMANENT Redirection and that R=302 indicates a TEMPORARY redirection. It Is
important to note that you MUST indicate one of these two in the fields between
two brackets”[ ]” in order for the redirection to take place. You must also follow
the R=30x code with a “,L” in order to tell the server that this is a Link.
Creating a Private file with Password Protection
Want to password protect your documents and pages? Follow these simple steps
by adding this code to your htaccess file. It is preferred that you place it near the
bottom of the document for best results.
# Restricted Access
AuthUserFile /home/username/.htpasswds/public_html/passwd
AuthType Basic
<files "filename.php">
Require valid-user
Place your site in Hiatus, Under construction or
Maintenance Mode
Moving Domains? Need to go on Hiatus? Going into Maintenance? Or Under
Construction? Then have I got the code for you! Place this code into your htaccess
document and your visitors will see you message on all pages they try to access!
# This section below is for overwriting all pages
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/hiatus\.php$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /Hiatus [R=302,L]
IP Address Block List
Need to block countries or people from accessing your site? Or simply want to
redirect other countries to another website? Use the code provided below!
# IP Detection and redirection to appropriate domain/country site
# Redirect all IP address (replace the ## with the IP address
# numerals) to same http://yourdomain.ca
RewriteCond %{HTT_HOST} ^##\.##\.##\.##
RewriteRule (.*) http://yourdomain.ca/$1 [R=301,L]
Creating a link with no file extensions
It is important to note that when it comes to creating a professional website, nowa-days your links must not contain any file extensions what-so-ever. To make a
link with no .html, .php, etc... simply add this piece of code to your htaccess
document, and change the links in your webpage to have no file extensions, and
your site will appear professional. The Code is:
RewriteRule ^home$ /index.php [L]
Where is the htaccess file located?
The htaccess file is located in your website's primary directory, this is sometimes
called “public_html”. It is almost never visible as it is a core document to your
website. Locating it is as simple as clicking on “Show hidden files and folders”
option when opening your Legacy Folder (if your using Unix cPanel hosting).
Preventing a 500 Internal Error
A 500 Internal Server Error is a message that occurs when either your Server is
Overloaded, Fails or if you did something wrong in your htaccess file. To avoid this
error from occurring when writing your htaccess document, make sure that you
did not try to insert an illegal code/operation, misspelled a function or forgot to
insert a function. Always take the extra minute to re-read your htaccess document
to make sure that you did not overlook anything. The following functions are
almost always overlooked and will cause a 500 Error message to be displayed.
Make sure that you have spelled these functions correctly. That's why I'm
including this in this Manual.
Functions that are often misspelled and overlooked
Sample htaccess file
This is a sample htaccess file, and this is what the htaccess file looks like after
following the steps shown above. Its really easy to follow and understand if you've
followed everything up to this point.
<IfModule mod_expires.c>
# Enable expirations
ExpiresActive On
# Default directive
ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 year"
# My favicon
ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year"
# Images
ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/jpg "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType text/css "access 1 month"
# Javascript
ExpiresByType application/javascript "access plus 1 year"
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} =off
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}\.php -f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1.php [L]
# Main RewriteRule (This section Can be modified)
RewriteRule ^/?$ /home [R=302,L]
RewriteRule ^$ /home [R=302,L]
RewriteRule ^home$ /index.html [L]
RewriteRule ^en/help/ContactMe$ /contact.html [L]
# Reverse the last example to work in opposite direction
RewriteRule ^index$ /en/2015/April/index.php [L]
# Create a page Redirect [Permanent Redirect]
RewriteRule ^about$ /home.php [R=301,L]
# Create a page Redirect [Temporary Redirect]
RewriteRule ^about$ /home.html [R=302,L]
# Make your folders private
Options -Indexes
# Make your folders visible to everyone
# Options +Indexes
# Redirect direct HP and Domain access to an HTTPS/SSL name
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain.com$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.yourdomain.com$
RewriteRule ^/?$ https://yourdomain.com/pageofchoice [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^$ https://yourdomain.com/pageofchoice [R=301,L]
# IP Detection and redirection to appropriate domain/country site
# Redirect all IP address (replace the ## with the IP address
# numerals) to same http://yourdomain.ca
RewriteCond %{HTT_HOST} ^##\.##\.##\.##
RewriteRule (.*) http://yourdomain.ca/$1 [R=301,L]
# This section below is for overwriting all pages
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/hiatus\.php$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /Hiatus [R=302,L]
# Make your folders read specific PHP Versions
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php55 .php .php5 .php4 .php3
# Simple Password Protected file
# Restricted Access
AuthUserFile /home/username/.htpasswds/public_html/passwd
AuthType Basic
<files "filename.php">
Require valid-user
Creating a DIARY file
To create a diary file, you must first create a blank text file. Rename it to todaysdate.diary, where you would insert Today's Date ex: 20151905 where it says todaysdate. So it will look something like this: 20151905.diary. The next step is to create the template. Or you could use one of the pre­created templates, included in your programs installation folder. To create a template here is what it should look like:
May 19, 2015
Dear Diary,
Today I went to MHC and participated in their WRAP
program. I found it to be very helpful and en­lightning. I never
thought that I could fix my problems so easily. I should never have
taken my illness so loosely. Its a very serious matter. Mental Health
is no laughing matter. All in all, my day went fine. Thanks for
understanding me Diary. I will write you again tomorrow. KS
Thats all to it. There you have a diary document. Thats just one example of the many new File Extensions associated with this program. What is a FAQ file and how to create one?!
Another New File Extension that I have created, is the FAQ extension. The FAQ extension I have decided will be a host to Frequently Asked Questions about a website or Program, only when a help file cannot be created or provided, such is the case with older versions of the UTE software. I will only explain what this file extension is designed to do instead of showing you like I did with the .htaccess and the .diary extensions. With the .faq extension, you will provide your readers with an assortment of questions and answers that are, or you think will be the most common. You will then provide them with adequate solutions to help them resolve their issues. It is important that you provide a Contact Information stub within the document so that others may ask you questions that you did not provide answers to. This is more simple to create than it is explaining. Try it out, but remember, this file extension is property of Kambel Serle and has been used since 2003 on all my sites and software and distributed content worldwide. Do not attempt to claim this file as your own, but you may include it as an alternative for a Save File in your program, with credit to me, if you are a software developer. 35
What is an LRC file?
A LRC file type is simply a Digitally Timed Lyrics File. You indicate at what time­stamp a specific Lyric should be displayed and it will be displayed, if done correctly that is! Below this paragraph, you will find included a sample of an LRC file. Note that if you compare a SUB file and a LRC file, they look rather similar, don't you think? Well enough about the LRC file type description, we will now move on to indicating what each piece of information used to create the document is and explain how it it used.
Language Indicator
Time Stamp
[00:00.00] To get the time stamp location, I recommend downloading the Audacity Editor or the WavePad Media Editor for this information. They are both free to download and use except that WavePad Free without trial is tricky to find. If I find a copy, you bet it will be posted here. Audacity however can be found at Sourceforge.net.
**Place the lyrics after the time stamp, on the same line**
Title Indicator
Please Note that your lyrics should never be on more than one line, and no longer than 100 characters long, should this not be followed, catastrophe will occur and your file may become corrupt. So Please take this note lightly but rather very seriously. Thank you.
Please Note that when saving an LRC file, you must save it with the same name as the MP3 file or it will not display the lyrics on your compatible MP3 player.
Sample .lrc file
The following is an example of how an LRC file should look like. Note how some of the features we spoke about earlier are there, well they are key factors to the file creation itself.
[ti:Unknown] [00:17.00]Everything is not what it seems [la:en] [00:20.00]When you can get all you wanted in your wildest dreams [00:00.00]Well you know everything's gonna be a breeze [00:03.00]that the end will no doubt justify the means [00:23.00]You might run into trouble if you go to extremes [00:27.00]Because everything is not what it seems [00:03.95]You could fix any problem at the slightest ease [00:07.00]Yes, please... [00:32.00]Everything is not what it seems [00:34.95]When you can get what you want by the simplest of means [00:08.00]Well you might find out It'll go to your head [00:11.00]When you write a report on a book you never read [00:38.99]Be careful not to mess with the balance of things [00:42.92]Because everything is not what it seems [00:13.00]With the snap of your fingers you can make your bed [00:14.10]That's what I said [00:48.00]Title: Everything Is Not What It Seems [00:49.00]Artist: Selena Gomez
What is .list?
Another new Extension that may one day become well known is the .list extension.
This one is designed specifically for inserting items into a LIST format. One example is:
Pasta Sauce
And so on. This is a very simple to use extension compared to the MLF and ILF extensions which require a bit of XML and HTML coding knowledge as well as some new coding created by me, hopefully one day will be used world wide. So all in all, that is the use of the .list file type extension. What is .mlf?
Now onto a more difficult and new programming language. The new .mlf extension is used for creating a file in multiple languages, but I want it to open up only in the language that the user or reader is most accustomed with using... in other word, the language in which their Operating System is displayed in... IE English on an English version of the OS or French on the French version of the OS. This file will not be modifiable except by the original creator of that document. So the creator will use language marking codes like shown below to indicate to the computer which language is to be displayed to the user. At the moment, this code can be viewed in full and can be modified by all users who have access to the document. I plan on submitting it to be approved. If not approved, then I will release it for others to try and get approved, however, I must be credited if you should get it accepted in all Operating Systems. Some examples of the language code markups are as follows:
<la:english;display­la:english>Hello world</english>
<la:french;display­la:francais>Bonour mes amies</fr>
<la:spanish;display­la:espanol>Ola Amigos! Como esta?</es>
I would declare that this code be used for Internet purposes only, as it serves a great way for automatic translation without having to choose your language in a prompt or somewhere else on the page. I will submit this to the W3C for approval and hope that it will be accepted. Should I find that this idea is STOLEN, I WILL SUE! So be careful you guys, I have my ways of finding things out! SO yeah, thats just another file type I created. More will be explained in later manuals... so stay tuned please. Others will be explained in later manuals. ILF, WIKI and SUB will be explained in the next manual release, which may or may not be released with an updated version of the software. 37
What is .chat?
Chat is a new file type that I hope will become popular with Chatroomers. This extension is designed and dedicated to Saving Records of all the Chats and IMs that you have sent and received. This is the only designed purpose of the .chat extension. Please use it wisely. This can also be used to keep records of your Facebook and Twitter conversations. On a related note the extensions .ask and .notes are also part of the .Chat File Type group.
What is .AS5 ?
The .as5 file type is designed for Assessments. One would save their findings in this format to indicate to others that it is an Assessment or document about your findings, such as a new discovery, like a comet or a planet, then how you found this and your conclusions. As for an assessment, you would take down notes about the person's thoughts, feelings, how they associate with others, their environment and so on. That is the designated purpose of the .ass file. Now who has their minds in the gutter? Not what you thought it was for, eh?
What is .ilf?
This is very similar to what we described in the “What is .MLF?”. The only difference is that an ILF file doesn't contain any code what so ever, rather it is simply a Plain Text document. The only thing that would give it the .ILF extension is to let others know that it is a document that contains Multiple Languages within the document itself. The only thing you must do is indicate at the top of each section a 2 letter abbreviation for the language of the paragraph that follows. For example:
[en] [fr]
[es] [jp] [ch] [cz] [ru] [it]...
For english you would put [en]
Pour francais, vous indiquez avec [fr]
and so on...
This is fairly simple to do, just remember these steps and you'll do just fine!
What is a wiki file?
A wiki file works in the same way as a Wikipedia® page would, only this is without all the HTML and Coding... In simple words, its a PLAIN TEXT file. I was bored when I decided to create this type of extension. Now to make a wiki file, I will be very simple and to the point by showing you how to make it and where to place 38 everything. Here is how it will look:
Table of topics
1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
3. etc.
Topic 1
Topic 2
Topic 3
1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
5. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And that is a basic Wiki type file. I used ~ to indicate words where I didn't want to put anything that would be considered Copyright or Plagiarism.
What is a .SUB file?
A .sub file is a way for the computer or media processor to display on­screen graphics. These are sometimes referred to as SUBTITLES. A Subtitles file can be saved in the following formats: .sub .txt .smi .asc .ssa and .srt. Since its hard to explain how to create a Subtitles file, I will show you how one looks instead. Everything you see here HAS to be CONTAINED within the file or it may not work.
1 8 00:01:55,418 ­­> 00:01:58,420 00:03:23,310 ­­> 00:03:26,179 Easy, boy. How close did you get? 2 9 00:02:55,047 ­­> 00:02:56,881 00:03:26,213 ­­> 00:03:29,148 <i>( Gasps</i> ­ Close as any man would. ­ We should head back to the wall. 3 00:03:11,162 ­­> 00:03:13,331 10 <i>What do you expect?</i> 00:03:31,685 ­­> 00:03:33,319 <i>They're savages.</i> Do the dead frighten you? 4 11 00:03:13,365 ­­> 00:03:15,700 00:03:33,353 ­­> 00:03:35,788 One lot steals a goat Our orders were from another lot, to track the wildlings. 5 12 00:03:15,734 ­­> 00:03:18,737 00:03:35,822 ­­> 00:03:38,657 before you know it they're ripping We tracked them. each other to pieces. They won't trouble us no more. 6 13 00:03:18,771 ­­> 00:03:20,939 00:03:38,691 ­­> 00:03:41,360 I've never seen wildlings You don't think do a thing like this. he'll ask us how they died? 7 14 00:03:20,974 ­­> 00:03:23,275 00:03:43,296 ­­> 00:03:45,297 I never seen a thing like this, Get back on your horse. not ever in my life. 15 00:03:50,269 ­­> 00:03:52,170 Whatever did it to them 24 could do it to us. 00:04:47,395 ­­> 00:04:49,929 They were here. 16 00:03:52,205 ­­> 00:03:54,172 25 They even killed 00:04:53,201 ­­> 00:04:55,569 the children. See where they went. 17 26 00:03:54,207 ­­> 00:03:57,276 00:05:41,050 ­­> 00:05:43,218 It's a good thing What is it? we're not children. 27 18 00:05:43,253 ­­> 00:05:45,721 00:03:58,778 ­­> 00:04:01,380 It's... You want to run away south, run away. 28 00:07:17,969 ­­> 00:07:21,969 19 <font color=#00FF00>♪ Game of Thrones 1x01 ♪</font> 00:04:01,415 ­­> 00:04:04,317 <font color=#00FFFF>Winter Is Coming</font> Of course they will Original Air Date on April 17, 2011 behead you as a deserter, 29 20 00:07:21,994 ­­> 00:07:25,994 00:04:04,351 ­­> 00:04:06,720 == sync, corrected by <font color="#00ff00">elderman</font> == if I don't catch you first. 30 00:09:48,161 ­­> 00:09:51,230 21 Go on, father's watching. 00:04:08,990 ­­> 00:04:11,258 Get back on your horse. 31 00:09:53,267 ­­> 00:09:55,168 22 <i>And your mother.</i> 00:04:11,292 ­­> 00:04:13,260 I won't say it again. 32 00:10:01,176 ­­> 00:10:04,546 23 Fine work as always. 00:04:44,825 ­­> 00:04:47,360 Well done. Your dead men seem to have moved camp. 33 00:10:04,580 ­­> 00:10:06,415 Faster. Thank you. 43 34 00:11:07,477 ­­> 00:11:09,545 00:10:06,449 ­­> 00:10:10,418 Lord Stark! I love the detail that you've managed to get in these corners. 44 00:11:10,580 ­­> 00:11:12,581 35 My lady. 00:10:10,453 ­­> 00:10:12,387 <i>Quite beautiful.</i> 45 00:11:13,750 ­­> 00:11:15,784 36 A guardsman just 00:10:12,422 ­­> 00:10:14,455 rode in from the hills. The stitching... 46 37 00:11:15,819 ­­> 00:11:18,820 00:10:35,479 ­­> 00:10:38,282 They've captured a deserter And which one of you from The Night's Watch. was a marksman at 10? 47 38 00:11:22,124 ­­> 00:11:24,493 00:10:39,251 ­­> 00:10:40,818 Get the lads to saddle Keep practicing, Bran. their horses. 39 48 00:10:42,888 ­­> 00:10:44,922 00:11:24,527 ­­> 00:11:26,561 Go on. Do you have to? 40 49 00:10:44,957 ­­> 00:10:47,825 00:11:26,595 ­­> 00:11:28,929 Don't think He swore an oath, Cat. too much, Bran. 50 41 00:11:28,964 ­­> 00:11:30,931 00:10:49,294 ­­> 00:10:51,361 The law is law, Relax your bow arm. my lady. 42 51 00:11:03,173 ­­> 00:11:05,974 00:11:32,100 ­­> 00:11:33,934 Quick, Bran! Tell Bran he's coming too. 00:12:30,924 ­­> 00:12:32,759 52 I know I broke my oath. 00:11:35,736 ­­> 00:11:37,403 Ned. 62 00:12:34,028 ­­> 00:12:35,862 53 And I know 00:11:37,438 ­­> 00:11:39,772 I'm a deserter. 10 is too young to see such things. 63 00:12:35,896 ­­> 00:12:39,599 54 I should have gone back to the wall 00:11:39,806 ­­> 00:11:41,573 and warned them, but­­ He won't be a boy forever. 64 55 00:12:39,633 ­­> 00:12:41,801 00:11:43,476 ­­> 00:11:45,810 I saw what I saw. And winter is coming. 65 56 00:12:41,836 ­­> 00:12:43,836 00:12:04,199 ­­> 00:12:07,801 I saw the White Walkers. Lad, go run back and get the rest. 66 00:12:45,639 ­­> 00:12:47,574 57 <i>People need to know.</i> 00:12:12,374 ­­> 00:12:14,241 White Walkers. 67 00:12:49,710 ­­> 00:12:51,578 58 If you can get word 00:12:14,275 ­­> 00:12:17,010 to my family... I saw the White Walkers. 68 59 00:12:51,612 ­­> 00:12:54,014 00:12:17,045 ­­> 00:12:18,979 <i>Tell them I'm no coward.</i> White Walkers. 69 60 00:12:54,048 ­­> 00:12:56,183 00:12:19,013 ­­> 00:12:22,081 <i>Tell them I'm sorry.</i> The White Walkers, I saw them. 70 00:13:13,000 ­­> 00:13:14,768 61 Forgive me, Lord. 71 80 00:13:18,672 ­­> 00:13:21,474 00:14:22,236 ­­> 00:14:24,170 In the name of Robert You understand of the House Baratheon, why I did it? 72 81 00:13:21,508 ­­> 00:13:23,409 00:14:24,204 ­­> 00:14:26,172 ­ the first of his name... Jon said ­ Don't look away. he was a deserter. 73 82 00:13:23,443 ­­> 00:13:25,183 00:14:26,206 ­­> 00:14:28,874 <i>...King of the Andals</i> But do you understand <i>and the first men...</i> why <i>i</i> had to kill him? 74 83 00:13:25,184 ­­> 00:13:26,322 00:14:28,909 ­­> 00:14:30,676 Father will know if you do. "Our way is the old way"? 75 84 00:13:26,347 ­­> 00:13:29,882 00:14:32,278 ­­> 00:14:34,246 <i>...Lord of the Seven Kingdoms</i> The man who passes <i>and protector of the realm,</i> the sentence 76 85 00:13:29,917 ­­> 00:13:32,652 00:14:34,280 ­­> 00:14:36,014 I, Eddard of the House Stark, should swing the sword. 77 86 00:13:32,687 ­­> 00:13:35,556 00:14:37,083 ­­> 00:14:39,418 Lord of Winterfell Is it true he saw and warden of the north, the White Walkers? 78 87 00:13:35,590 ­­> 00:13:38,125 00:14:41,220 ­­> 00:14:44,290 sentence you to die. The White Walkers have been gone for thousands of years. 79 00:13:52,574 ­­> 00:13:55,041 88 You did well. 00:14:44,324 ­­> 00:14:47,127 So he was lying? 00:16:38,144 ­­> 00:16:40,812 You want to hold it? 89 00:14:51,066 ­­> 00:14:53,868 99 A madman sees what he sees. 00:16:45,017 ­­> 00:16:47,518 Where will they go? 90 00:15:19,628 ­­> 00:15:21,796 100 What is it? 00:16:47,553 ­­> 00:16:49,354 Their mother's dead. 91 00:15:23,565 ­­> 00:15:26,234 101 Mountain lion? 00:16:49,388 ­­> 00:16:51,023 They don't belong 92 down here. 00:15:27,536 ­­> 00:15:29,538 There are no Mountain lions 102 in these woods. 00:16:51,057 ­­> 00:16:52,991 Better 93 a quick death. 00:16:15,522 ­­> 00:16:17,523 It's a freak! 103 00:16:53,025 ­­> 00:16:54,893 94 They won't last 00:16:18,425 ­­> 00:16:21,160 without their mother. It's a direwolf. 104 95 00:16:54,927 ­­> 00:16:57,095 00:16:29,003 ­­> 00:16:31,737 ­ Right. Give it here. Tough old beast. ­ No! 96 105 00:16:33,173 ­­> 00:16:35,941 00:16:57,130 ­­> 00:16:58,863 There are no direwolves Put away your blade. south of the wall. 106 97 00:16:58,897 ­­> 00:17:01,032 00:16:35,975 ­­> 00:16:38,109 I take orders Now there are five. from your father, not you. 98 107 00:17:01,067 ­­> 00:17:03,868 ­ Please, father! 116 ­ I'm sorry, Bran. 00:17:38,670 ­­> 00:17:40,805 What about you? 108 00:17:03,903 ­­> 00:17:05,771 117 Lord Stark? 00:17:41,707 ­­> 00:17:43,308 I'm not a Stark. 109 00:17:05,805 ­­> 00:17:08,273 118 There are 00:17:43,342 ­­> 00:17:45,543 five pups... Get on. 110 119 00:17:09,742 ­­> 00:17:11,609 00:17:54,620 ­­> 00:17:57,022 one for each What is it? of the Stark children. 120 111 00:18:00,826 ­­> 00:18:04,796 00:17:11,644 ­­> 00:17:14,446 The runt of the litter­­ The direwolf is the sigil of your House. that one's yours, snow. 112 121 00:17:15,814 ­­> 00:17:18,016 00:19:04,654 ­­> 00:19:08,090 They were meant As your brother, to have them. I feel it's my duty to warn you: 113 122 00:17:22,955 ­­> 00:17:25,390 00:19:09,359 ­­> 00:19:11,393 You will train them You worry too much. yourselves. 123 114 00:19:11,428 ­­> 00:19:14,763 00:17:25,424 ­­> 00:17:27,392 ­ It's starting to show. You will ­ And you never worry about anything. feed them yourselves. 124 115 00:19:16,466 ­­> 00:19:20,036 00:17:27,426 ­­> 00:17:30,462 <i>When we were seven</i> And if they die, <i>and you jumped off</i> you will bury them yourselves. <i>the cliffs at Casterly Rock,</i> 125 134 00:19:20,070 ­­> 00:19:22,405 00:19:44,859 ­­> 00:19:47,862 100­foot drop into the water, Whatever Jon Arryn knew or didn't know, it died with him. 126 00:19:22,439 ­­> 00:19:24,507 135 and you were never afraid. 00:19:47,896 ­­> 00:19:51,699 And Robert will choose a new 127 Hand of the King­­ someone to do his job 00:19:24,542 ­­> 00:19:27,243 There was nothing to be afraid of 136 until you told father. 00:19:51,733 ­­> 00:19:54,635 while he's off fucking boars 128 and hunting whores­­ 00:19:27,277 ­­> 00:19:29,144 "We're lannisters. 137 00:19:54,670 ­­> 00:19:57,638 129 or is it 00:19:29,178 ­­> 00:19:31,646 the other way around? Lannisters don't act like fools." 138 00:19:57,673 ­­> 00:20:00,074 130 And life will go on. 00:19:33,316 ­­> 00:19:35,583 <i>What if Jon Arryn</i> 139 <i>told someone?</i> 00:20:00,108 ­­> 00:20:02,677 You should be 131 The Hand of the King. 00:19:35,618 ­­> 00:19:37,918 But who would he tell? 140 00:20:02,711 ­­> 00:20:05,546 132 That's an honor 00:19:37,953 ­­> 00:19:41,088 I can do without. ­ My husband. ­ If he told the King, both our heads 141 00:20:05,581 ­­> 00:20:07,715 133 Their days are too long, 00:19:41,123 ­­> 00:19:43,323 would be skewered 142 on the city gates by now. 00:20:07,749 ­­> 00:20:10,017 their lives are too short. ­ There was a raven from King's Landing. 143 152 00:20:48,324 ­­> 00:20:49,991 00:21:21,660 ­­> 00:21:23,361 All these years Jon Arryn is dead. 144 153 00:20:50,026 ­­> 00:20:51,693 00:21:23,395 ­­> 00:21:26,064 and I still feel <i>A fever took him.</i> like an outsider 154 145 00:21:28,835 ­­> 00:21:31,136 00:20:51,727 ­­> 00:20:53,962 <i>I know he was like</i> when I come here. <i>a father to you.</i> 146 155 00:20:53,997 ­­> 00:20:56,532 00:21:33,939 ­­> 00:21:37,208 You have five ­ <i>Your sister, the boy?</i> northern children. ­ They both have their health, 147 156 00:20:56,566 ­­> 00:20:59,801 00:21:37,242 ­­> 00:21:39,410 You're not an outsider. <i>gods be good.</i> 148 157 00:20:59,836 ­­> 00:21:02,771 00:21:49,154 ­­> 00:21:52,056 I wonder The raven if the old gods agree. brought more news... 149 158 00:21:03,873 ­­> 00:21:06,775 00:21:53,292 ­­> 00:21:55,393 It's your gods The King rides with all the rules. for Winterfell... 150 159 00:21:11,916 ­­> 00:21:14,851 00:21:55,428 ­­> 00:21:57,128 I am so sorry, my love. with the Queen 151 160 00:21:16,254 ­­> 00:21:19,790 00:21:57,163 ­­> 00:21:59,297 ­ Tell me. <i>and all the rest</i> <i>of them.</i> 00:22:30,766 ­­> 00:22:33,435 We've brought up 161 eight barrels of ale from the cellar. 00:21:59,332 ­­> 00:22:02,601 If he's coming 170 this far north... 00:22:33,469 ­­> 00:22:36,004 ­ Perhaps we'll find out. 162 ­ In any case, 00:22:03,971 ­­> 00:22:06,172 There's only 171 one thing he's after. 00:22:36,038 ­­> 00:22:38,707 <i>candles.</i> 163 00:22:06,206 ­­> 00:22:09,242 172 You can always say no, Ned. 00:22:42,813 ­­> 00:22:45,882 Why is your mother so dead set 164 on us getting pretty for the King? 00:22:17,952 ­­> 00:22:21,689 We'll need plenty of candles 173 for Lord Tyrion's chamber. 00:22:45,916 ­­> 00:22:48,751 It's for the Queen, I bet. 165 I hear she's a sleek bit of mink. 00:22:21,723 ­­> 00:22:23,657 I'm told he reads 174 all night. 00:22:48,786 ­­> 00:22:50,887 I hear the prince 166 is a right royal prick. 00:22:23,692 ­­> 00:22:25,593 I'm told he drinks 175 all night. 00:22:50,921 ­­> 00:22:52,955 Think of all those 167 southern girls he gets to stab 00:22:25,627 ­­> 00:22:28,930 How much could he possibly drink? 176 A man of his... 00:22:52,990 ­­> 00:22:54,557 with his right 168 royal prick. 00:22:28,964 ­­> 00:22:30,731 Stature? 177 00:22:56,325 ­­> 00:22:58,460 169 Go on, Tommy, shear him good. I promise. 178 187 00:22:58,494 ­­> 00:23:00,963 00:24:13,569 ­­> 00:24:16,539 He's never met a girl he likes better ­ Do you know what? than his own hair. ­ What? 179 188 00:23:37,868 ­­> 00:23:40,736 00:24:16,573 ­­> 00:24:18,874 Gods, but they grow fast. You always look at your feet before you lie. 180 00:23:43,106 ­­> 00:23:44,573 189 Brandon! 00:24:21,545 ­­> 00:24:24,914 Run and find your father. 181 Tell him the King is close. 00:23:44,607 ­­> 00:23:47,943 I saw the king. 190 He's got hundreds of people. 00:25:09,027 ­­> 00:25:12,730 Where's Arya? 182 Sansa, where's your sister? 00:23:47,977 ­­> 00:23:51,180 How many times 191 have I told you no climbing? 00:25:22,842 ­­> 00:25:24,476 ­ Hey hey hey hey. 183 ­ Ohh. 00:23:51,214 ­­> 00:23:54,082 But he's coming right now­­ 192 down our road. 00:25:24,510 ­­> 00:25:26,811 What are you doing 184 with that on? 00:24:00,923 ­­> 00:24:03,491 I want you 193 to promise me, 00:25:29,614 ­­> 00:25:31,750 Go on. 185 00:24:03,526 ­­> 00:24:05,293 194 no more climbing. 00:25:33,052 ­­> 00:25:34,853 Move! 186 00:24:09,698 ­­> 00:24:11,299 195 00:26:56,867 ­­> 00:26:58,868 My, you're Your Grace. a pretty one. 196 205 00:27:02,874 ­­> 00:27:04,975 00:27:47,053 ­­> 00:27:49,020 You've got fat. Your name is? 197 206 00:27:17,054 ­­> 00:27:19,689 00:27:49,054 ­­> 00:27:51,622 ­ Cat! Arya. ­ Your Grace. 207 198 00:27:51,657 ­­> 00:27:54,693 00:27:22,893 ­­> 00:27:25,961 Oh, show us Nine years­­ why haven't I seen you? your muscles. Where the hell have you been? 208 199 00:27:56,462 ­­> 00:27:57,963 00:27:25,995 ­­> 00:27:27,896 You'll be a soldier. Guarding the north for you, your Grace. 209 00:28:00,567 ­­> 00:28:03,369 200 <i>That's Jaime Lannister,</i> 00:27:27,931 ­­> 00:27:30,700 <i>the Queen's twin brother.</i> <i>Winterfell is yours.</i> 210 201 00:28:03,403 ­­> 00:28:05,605 00:27:33,737 ­­> 00:27:36,173 <i>Would you please shut up?</i> ­ Where's the imp? ­ Will you shut up? 211 00:28:15,048 ­­> 00:28:17,249 202 My Queen. 00:27:36,207 ­­> 00:27:38,909 Who have we here? 212 00:28:17,284 ­­> 00:28:18,918 203 My Queen. 00:27:38,943 ­­> 00:27:40,711 You must be Robb. 213 00:28:18,953 ­­> 00:28:21,154 204 Take me to your crypt. 00:27:43,382 ­­> 00:27:47,018 I want to pay my respects. 214 223 00:28:21,188 ­­> 00:28:23,423 00:28:58,156 ­­> 00:29:00,091 We've been riding I loved that man. for a month, my love. 224 215 00:29:00,125 ­­> 00:29:01,459 00:28:23,457 ­­> 00:28:25,158 We both did. Surely the dead can wait. 225 216 00:29:01,493 ­­> 00:29:04,729 00:28:25,193 ­­> 00:28:27,160 He never had to teach Ned. you much, but me? 217 226 00:28:36,336 ­­> 00:28:38,137 00:29:04,763 ­­> 00:29:05,997 Where's the imp? You remember me at 16? 218 227 00:28:41,507 ­­> 00:28:43,541 00:29:06,031 ­­> 00:29:07,966 Where is our brother? All I wanted to do 219 228 00:28:43,575 ­­> 00:28:45,776 00:29:08,000 ­­> 00:29:10,635 Go and find was crack skulls the little beast. and fuck girls. 220 229 00:28:47,880 ­­> 00:28:50,314 00:29:10,669 ­­> 00:29:13,571 Tell me about ­ He showed me what was what. Jon Arryn. ­ Aye. 221 230 00:28:50,348 ­­> 00:28:52,983 00:29:13,605 ­­> 00:29:16,941 One minute Don't look at me like that. he was fine and then... It's not his fault I didn't listen. 222 231 00:28:54,219 ­­> 00:28:56,954 00:29:20,880 ­­> 00:29:23,214 Burned right through him, I need you, Ned­­ whatever it was. 232 keep the damn thing. 00:29:23,249 ­­> 00:29:27,152 down at King's Landing, not up here 241 where you're no damn use to anybody. 00:29:56,783 ­­> 00:29:58,784 We were meant 233 to rule together. 00:29:28,688 ­­> 00:29:31,556 Lord Eddard Stark, 242 00:29:58,818 ­­> 00:30:02,887 234 If your sister had lived, 00:29:31,591 ­­> 00:29:34,192 we'd have been bound by blood. I would name you the Hand of the King. 243 00:30:02,922 ­­> 00:30:05,290 235 Well, it's not too late. 00:29:38,631 ­­> 00:29:40,699 I'm not worthy 244 of the honor. 00:30:06,692 ­­> 00:30:08,627 I have a son, 236 you have a daughter. 00:29:40,733 ­­> 00:29:44,470 I'm not trying to honor you. 245 I'm trying to get you to run my kingdom 00:30:10,363 ­­> 00:30:12,197 We'll join our Houses. 237 00:29:44,504 ­­> 00:29:48,040 246 while I eat, drink and whore 00:30:36,191 ­­> 00:30:40,161 my way to an early grave. ­ It is true what they say 238 about the northern girls. 00:29:48,074 ­­> 00:29:50,175 Damn it, Ned, stand up. 247 00:30:48,437 ­­> 00:30:50,638 239 Did you hear the King's 00:29:51,444 ­­> 00:29:53,613 in Winterfell? You helped me win the iron throne, 248 00:30:50,672 ­­> 00:30:52,607 240 I did hear 00:29:53,647 ­­> 00:29:55,748 something about that. now help me 249 00:31:16,664 ­­> 00:31:19,432 00:30:52,641 ­­> 00:30:54,908 I hear he's a drunken And the Queen little lecher, and her twin brother. 258 250 00:31:19,467 ­­> 00:31:21,902 00:30:54,943 ­­> 00:30:58,078 prone to all manner They say that <i>he</i> is the most of perversions. handsome man in the Seven Kingdoms. 259 251 00:31:21,936 ­­> 00:31:23,837 00:30:58,112 ­­> 00:31:00,246 Clever girl. And the other brother? 260 252 00:31:25,306 ­­> 00:31:27,474 00:31:00,280 ­­> 00:31:03,316 We've been expecting you, ­ The Queen has two brothers? Lord Tyrion. ­ There's the pretty one, 261 253 00:31:28,776 ­­> 00:31:30,677 00:31:03,350 ­­> 00:31:06,352 Have you? and there's the clever one. 262 00:31:30,711 ­­> 00:31:32,579 254 ­ Oh! 00:31:08,221 ­­> 00:31:11,257 ­ Already? Mmm, I hear they call him the imp. 263 00:31:34,649 ­­> 00:31:37,451 255 The gods gave me 00:31:11,292 ­­> 00:31:13,359 one blessing. I hear he hates that nickname. 264 00:31:42,256 ­­> 00:31:44,858 256 ­ Don't get up. 00:31:13,393 ­­> 00:31:16,629 ­ My Lord. Oh? I hear he's 265 more than earned it. 00:31:44,892 ­­> 00:31:47,227 Should I explain to you 257 the meaning of a closed door 00:32:09,951 ­­> 00:32:12,153 266 I thought 00:31:47,261 ­­> 00:31:50,998 you might say that. ­ in a whorehouse, brother? ­ You have much to teach me, no doubt, 275 00:32:12,187 ­­> 00:32:14,588 267 But since 00:31:51,032 ­­> 00:31:54,668 we're short on time... but our sister craves your attention. 276 00:32:14,622 ­­> 00:32:16,523 268 Come on, girls. 00:31:54,702 ­­> 00:31:56,804 She has odd cravings, 277 our sister. 00:32:21,595 ­­> 00:32:23,897 See you at sundown. 269 00:31:56,838 ­­> 00:31:58,972 278 A family trait. 00:32:23,931 ­­> 00:32:26,499 <i>Close the door!</i> 270 00:31:59,007 ­­> 00:32:01,875 279 Now the Starks are 00:32:38,647 ­­> 00:32:41,649 feasting us at sundown. Did you have to bury her in a place like this? 271 00:32:01,910 ­­> 00:32:04,111 280 Don't leave me alone 00:32:43,386 ­­> 00:32:45,687 with these people. <i>She should be</i> <i>on a hill somewhere</i> 272 00:32:04,146 ­­> 00:32:06,514 281 <i>I'm sorry, I've begun</i> 00:32:45,722 ­­> 00:32:48,324 <i>the feast a bit early.</i> with the sun and the clouds above her. 273 00:32:06,548 ­­> 00:32:09,917 282 And this is the first 00:32:48,358 ­­> 00:32:50,326 of many courses. <i>She was my sister.</i> 274 283 00:32:50,360 ­­> 00:32:53,128 This is where 293 she belongs. 00:33:40,309 ­­> 00:33:42,076 Touch it. 284 00:32:53,163 ­­> 00:32:55,698 294 She belonged with me. 00:33:42,111 ­­> 00:33:44,312 Go on, 285 feel the fabric. 00:33:01,071 ­­> 00:33:04,340 In my dreams, 295 I kill him every night. 00:33:48,951 ­­> 00:33:51,118 Mmm. 286 00:33:05,875 ­­> 00:33:08,343 296 It's done, your Grace. 00:33:52,286 ­­> 00:33:55,089 Isn't he a gracious host? 287 00:33:08,378 ­­> 00:33:11,013 297 The Targaryens are gone. 00:33:57,259 ­­> 00:33:59,294 We've been his guests 288 for over a year 00:33:13,016 ­­> 00:33:15,317 Not all of them. 298 00:33:59,328 ­­> 00:34:01,296 289 and he's never 00:33:26,095 ­­> 00:33:28,196 asked us for anything. <i>Daenerys!</i> 299 290 00:34:01,330 ­­> 00:34:03,065 00:33:31,267 ­­> 00:33:33,134 Illyrio's no fool. Daenerys. 300 291 00:34:03,099 ­­> 00:34:05,434 00:33:33,169 ­­> 00:33:35,203 He knows I won't There's our bride­to­be. forget my friends 292 301 00:33:36,105 ­­> 00:33:39,240 00:34:05,468 ­­> 00:34:07,503 Look, a gift when I come from Illyrio. into my throne. 302 311 00:34:11,640 ­­> 00:34:14,308 00:35:34,054 ­­> 00:35:36,523 You still slouch. It's too hot, my lady. 303 312 00:34:17,946 ­­> 00:34:20,347 00:35:57,210 ­­> 00:35:59,512 Let them see. Where is he? 304 313 00:34:22,984 ­­> 00:34:25,885 00:35:59,546 ­­> 00:36:02,180 You have The Dothraki are not known a woman's body now. for their punctuality. 305 314 00:34:43,436 ­­> 00:34:46,405 00:36:15,395 ­­> 00:36:19,566 I need you to be Athchomar chomakaan, Khal vezhven. perfect today. 315 306 00:36:19,600 ­­> 00:36:21,535 00:34:47,807 ­­> 00:34:49,708 May I present Can you do that for me? my honored guests? 307 316 00:34:53,113 ­­> 00:34:55,815 00:36:21,569 ­­> 00:36:25,273 You don't want to wake <i>Viserys</i> the dragon, do you? <i>of House Targaryen,</i> 308 317 00:34:57,252 ­­> 00:34:58,852 00:36:25,307 ­­> 00:36:27,008 No. <i>the third of his name,</i> 309 318 00:35:05,794 ­­> 00:35:08,863 00:36:27,043 ­­> 00:36:30,378 When they write the history <i>the rightful king of the Andals</i> of my reign, sweet sister, <i>and the first men,</i> 310 319 00:35:08,897 ­­> 00:35:11,131 00:36:30,412 ­­> 00:36:32,146 they will say <i>and his sister</i> it began today. 320 Come forward, my dear. 00:36:32,181 ­­> 00:36:34,816 <i>Daenerys</i> 329 <i>of House Targaryen.</i> 00:37:42,415 ­­> 00:37:44,083 Where is he going?! 321 00:36:37,720 ­­> 00:36:40,188 330 Do you see 00:37:44,117 ­­> 00:37:46,652 how long his hair is? ­ The ceremony is over. ­ But he didn't say anything. 322 00:36:40,223 ­­> 00:36:42,924 331 <i>When Dothraki are</i> 00:37:46,687 ­­> 00:37:49,121 <i>defeated in combat,</i> ­ Did he like her? ­ Trust me, your Grace, 323 00:36:42,958 ­­> 00:36:46,894 332 <i>they cut off their braids</i> 00:37:49,156 ­­> 00:37:51,657 <i>so the whole world can</i> if he didn't like her, <i>see their shame.</i> we'd know. 324 333 00:36:46,928 ­­> 00:36:50,897 00:37:54,661 ­­> 00:37:56,929 Khal Drogo has It won't be never been defeated. long now. 325 334 00:36:52,099 ­­> 00:36:53,900 00:37:56,963 ­­> 00:37:58,864 He's a savage, of course, Soon you will cross the Narrow Sea 326 00:36:53,934 ­­> 00:36:56,269 335 <i>but one of the finest</i> 00:37:58,898 ­­> 00:38:01,333 <i>killers alive.</i> and take back your father's throne. 327 00:36:57,538 ­­> 00:36:59,672 336 And you will be his Queen. 00:38:01,367 ­­> 00:38:04,268 The people 328 00:36:59,706 ­­> 00:37:02,341 drink secret toasts 337 Kings lack the caution 00:38:04,303 ­­> 00:38:06,003 of common men. to your health. 346 338 00:38:30,131 ­­> 00:38:32,499 00:38:06,037 ­­> 00:38:08,372 My apologies if They cry out I've given offense. for their true king. 347 339 00:38:32,533 ­­> 00:38:34,902 00:38:11,977 ­­> 00:38:13,845 I know how to play When will they a man like Drogo. be married? 348 340 00:38:34,936 ­­> 00:38:37,838 00:38:13,879 ­­> 00:38:17,416 I give him a Queen Soon. and he gives me an army. The Dothraki never stay still for long. 349 341 00:38:37,873 ­­> 00:38:40,742 00:38:17,450 ­­> 00:38:19,985 I don't want Is it true they lie to be his Queen. with their horses? 350 342 00:38:45,115 ­­> 00:38:47,217 00:38:20,020 ­­> 00:38:23,089 I want to go home. I wouldn't ask Khal Drogo. 351 00:38:48,118 ­­> 00:38:49,585 343 So do I. 00:38:23,124 ­­> 00:38:24,991 Do you take me 352 for a fool? 00:38:49,620 ­­> 00:38:52,755 I want us both 344 to go home, 00:38:25,025 ­­> 00:38:26,860 I take you 353 for a King. 00:38:52,790 ­­> 00:38:55,090 but they took it from us. 345 00:38:26,894 ­­> 00:38:30,097 354 00:38:55,125 ­­> 00:38:56,892 I'm ugly? So tell me, sweet sister, 364 355 00:39:40,737 ­­> 00:39:44,407 00:38:56,927 ­­> 00:38:59,128 Then he is the stupidest prince how do we go home? that ever lived. 356 365 00:39:00,964 ­­> 00:39:02,531 00:39:46,743 ­­> 00:39:49,311 I don't know. He's so handsome. 357 366 00:39:02,566 ­­> 00:39:05,568 00:39:49,346 ­­> 00:39:52,047 We go home with an army. When would we be married? Soon? Or do we have to wait? 358 00:39:07,204 ­­> 00:39:10,406 367 With Khal Drogo's army. 00:39:52,082 ­­> 00:39:55,184 Hush now. 359 Your father hasn't even said yes. 00:39:10,441 ­­> 00:39:13,443 I would let 368 his whole tribe fuck you­­ 00:39:55,218 ­­> 00:39:57,052 Why would he say no? 360 00:39:13,477 ­­> 00:39:16,680 369 all 40,000 men 00:39:57,087 ­­> 00:40:00,356 and their horses too He'd be the second most powerful man in the kingdoms. 361 00:39:16,714 ­­> 00:39:18,582 370 if that's what it took. 00:40:00,390 ­­> 00:40:02,958 He'd have to leave home. 362 00:39:35,698 ­­> 00:39:38,133 371 Do you think Joffrey 00:40:02,993 ­­> 00:40:05,928 will like me? He'd have to leave me. 363 372 00:39:38,167 ­­> 00:39:40,702 00:40:05,962 ­­> 00:40:08,965 What if he thinks And so would you. 373 382 00:40:08,999 ­­> 00:40:11,600 00:41:09,560 ­­> 00:41:12,028 You left your home You got bigger. to come here. 383 374 00:41:12,063 ­­> 00:41:15,966 00:40:11,635 ­­> 00:40:14,436 Rode all day. And I'd be Queen someday. Didn't want to leave you alone with the Lannisters. 375 00:40:15,505 ­­> 00:40:17,073 384 Please make father 00:41:16,000 ­­> 00:41:17,935 say yes! Why aren't you at the feast? 376 00:40:17,107 ­­> 00:40:18,974 385 ­ Sansa­­ 00:41:17,970 ­­> 00:41:21,005 ­ Please please! Lady Stark thought it might insult the royal family 377 00:40:19,008 ­­> 00:40:21,944 386 It's the only thing 00:41:21,040 ­­> 00:41:23,241 I ever wanted. to seat a bastard in their midst. 378 00:40:35,659 ­­> 00:40:37,927 387 Fill that up! 00:41:23,276 ­­> 00:41:25,978 Boys, Rodrik, come on. Well, you're always welcome on the wall. 379 00:40:37,961 ­­> 00:40:40,229 388 <i>Come on!</i> 00:41:26,012 ­­> 00:41:28,213 No bastard was ever 380 refused a seat there. 00:40:58,715 ­­> 00:41:01,483 Is he dead yet? 389 00:41:28,248 ­­> 00:41:29,948 381 So take me with you 00:41:05,255 ­­> 00:41:07,723 when you go back. Uncle Benjen. 390 399 00:41:29,983 ­­> 00:41:32,851 00:41:58,110 ­­> 00:42:00,345 ­ Jon­­ I'd better get inside, ­ Father will let me if you ask him. 400 391 00:42:00,379 ­­> 00:42:03,048 00:41:32,885 ­­> 00:41:35,086 rescue your father I know he will. from his guests. 392 401 00:41:37,556 ­­> 00:41:39,790 00:42:06,019 ­­> 00:42:08,087 The wall isn't We'll talk later. going anywhere. 402 393 00:42:15,928 ­­> 00:42:18,729 00:41:39,825 ­­> 00:41:41,158 <i>Your Uncle's in</i> I'm ready <i>The Night's Watch.</i> 394 403 00:41:41,192 ­­> 00:41:42,526 00:42:21,700 ­­> 00:42:24,034 to swear your oath. What are you doing back there? 395 00:41:42,560 ­­> 00:41:45,262 404 You don't understand 00:42:24,069 ­­> 00:42:27,237 what you'd be giving up. Preparing for a night with your family. 396 00:41:45,296 ­­> 00:41:47,764 405 We have no families. 00:42:31,709 ­­> 00:42:33,810 I've always wanted 397 to see the wall. 00:41:47,798 ­­> 00:41:51,135 ­ None of us will ever father sons­­ 406 ­ I don't care about that! 00:42:33,844 ­­> 00:42:35,579 You're Tyrion Lannister, 398 00:41:52,337 ­­> 00:41:54,805 407 You might, if you knew 00:42:35,613 ­­> 00:42:37,214 what it meant. the Queen's brother? 408 Never forget 00:42:37,248 ­­> 00:42:39,449 what you are. My greatest accomplishment. 417 00:43:11,281 ­­> 00:43:13,215 409 The rest of the world 00:42:39,484 ­­> 00:42:43,253 will not. And you­­ you're Ned Stark's bastard, aren't you? 418 00:43:13,249 ­­> 00:43:15,818 410 Wear it like armor 00:42:46,657 ­­> 00:42:48,892 Did I offend you? 419 Sorry. 00:43:15,853 ­­> 00:43:18,388 and it can never 411 be used to hurt you. 00:42:50,861 ­­> 00:42:53,463 You are 420 the bastard though. 00:43:20,024 ­­> 00:43:23,027 What the hell do you know about 412 being a bastard? 00:42:54,698 ­­> 00:42:57,100 <i>Lord Eddard Stark</i> 421 <i>is my father.</i> 00:43:24,329 ­­> 00:43:27,732 All dwarves are bastards 413 in their father's eyes. 00:42:58,469 ­­> 00:43:00,970 And Lady Stark 422 is not your mother, 00:43:49,222 ­­> 00:43:53,592 You at a feast­­ 414 it's like a bear in a trap. 00:43:01,004 ­­> 00:43:03,272 making you the bastard. 423 00:43:55,428 ­­> 00:43:57,762 415 The boy I beheaded­­ 00:43:05,475 ­­> 00:43:08,277 Let me give you 424 some advice, bastard. 00:43:57,797 ­­> 00:44:00,365 ­ did you know him? 416 00:43:09,445 ­­> 00:43:11,246 ­ Of course I did. 425 434 00:44:00,399 ­­> 00:44:02,501 00:44:25,692 ­­> 00:44:28,193 Just a lad. talk of The Walkers, 426 435 00:44:02,535 ­­> 00:44:04,269 00:44:28,227 ­­> 00:44:30,829 And he was tough, Ned, and my brother might be the next Hand of the King. 427 00:44:04,303 ­­> 00:44:06,071 436 a true ranger. 00:44:30,863 ­­> 00:44:34,132 Winter <i>is</i> coming. 428 00:44:06,105 ­­> 00:44:09,575 437 Pfft. 00:44:35,635 ­­> 00:44:37,535 He was talking madness. Winter is coming. 429 438 00:44:10,744 ­­> 00:44:12,979 00:44:39,071 ­­> 00:44:42,006 Said the Walkers ­ Uncle Benjen. slaughtered his friends. ­ Robb boy. 430 439 00:44:13,013 ­­> 00:44:15,581 00:44:42,040 ­­> 00:44:43,641 The two he was with ­ How are you? are still missing. ­ I'm good. 431 440 00:44:17,250 ­­> 00:44:20,419 00:44:47,346 ­­> 00:44:49,580 Hmph. Is this your first time A wildling ambush. in the north, your Grace? 432 441 00:44:20,453 ­­> 00:44:22,087 00:44:49,615 ­­> 00:44:52,751 Maybe. Yes. Lovely country. 433 00:44:22,121 ­­> 00:44:25,657 442 Direwolves 00:44:56,457 ­­> 00:44:59,859 south of the wall, I'm sure it's very grim after King's Landing. 452 443 00:45:29,789 ­­> 00:45:31,957 00:45:01,129 ­­> 00:45:03,230 Your dress, I remember how scared I was did you make it? when Ned brought me 453 444 00:45:33,259 ­­> 00:45:36,595 00:45:03,264 ­­> 00:45:05,499 Such a talent. up here You must make something for me. for the first time. 454 445 00:45:38,365 ­­> 00:45:41,467 00:45:07,635 ­­> 00:45:09,369 I hear we might share Hello, little dove. a grandchild someday. 446 455 00:45:10,571 ­­> 00:45:12,739 00:45:41,502 ­­> 00:45:43,737 But you are a beauty. I hear the same. 447 456 00:45:12,773 ­­> 00:45:14,874 00:45:43,771 ­­> 00:45:45,839 ­ How old are you? Your daughter will ­ 13, your Grace. do well in the capital. 448 457 00:45:14,909 ­­> 00:45:17,643 00:45:45,873 ­­> 00:45:49,577 You're tall. Such a beauty shouldn't stay hidden Still growing? up here forever. 449 458 00:45:17,678 ­­> 00:45:19,578 00:46:05,661 ­­> 00:46:08,964 I think so, your Grace. ­ Your pardon. ­ I hear we might be neighbors soon. 450 00:45:19,613 ­­> 00:45:21,847 459 And have you bled yet? 00:46:08,998 ­­> 00:46:10,665 ­ I hope it's true. 451 ­ Yes, 00:45:26,719 ­­> 00:45:28,419 No, your Grace. 460 00:46:10,700 ­­> 00:46:12,567 the King has honored me a man for real with his offer. 469 461 00:46:31,089 ­­> 00:46:33,323 00:46:12,601 ­­> 00:46:14,102 I don't want him to know I'm sure we'll have what I can do. a tournament 470 462 00:46:35,159 ­­> 00:46:36,959 00:46:14,137 ­­> 00:46:16,104 Well said. to celebrate your new title­­ if you accept. 471 00:46:37,994 ­­> 00:46:40,929 463 Arya! 00:46:16,139 ­­> 00:46:18,341 It would be good 472 to have you on the field. 00:46:40,963 ­­> 00:46:43,565 It's not funny! 464 00:46:18,375 ­­> 00:46:20,543 473 The competition 00:46:43,599 ­­> 00:46:46,334 has become a bit stale. <i>She always</i> <i>does this.</i> 465 00:46:20,577 ­­> 00:46:23,313 474 ­ I don't fight in tournaments. 00:46:46,368 ­­> 00:46:48,236 ­ No? <i>This was</i> <i>my favorite dress.</i> 466 00:46:23,347 ­­> 00:46:24,848 475 Getting 00:46:48,270 ­­> 00:46:51,539 a little old for it? She always does it and it's not funny! 467 00:46:24,882 ­­> 00:46:28,519 476 I don't fight 00:46:51,574 ­­> 00:46:53,508 in tournaments Time for bed. 468 477 00:46:28,553 ­­> 00:46:31,054 00:47:04,455 ­­> 00:47:07,524 because when I fight I'm a Northman. How did he get so fat? 478 00:47:07,558 ­­> 00:47:09,960 487 I belong here with you, 00:47:39,788 ­­> 00:47:42,623 not down south He only stops eating when it's time for a drink. 479 00:47:09,994 ­­> 00:47:12,496 488 in that rats' nest 00:47:45,493 ­­> 00:47:48,262 they call a capital. <i>It's Maester Luwin,</i> <i>my Lord.</i> 480 00:47:13,531 ­­> 00:47:16,265 489 I <i>won't</i> let him 00:47:49,765 ­­> 00:47:52,167 take you. Send him in. 481 490 00:47:17,734 ­­> 00:47:20,202 00:47:54,003 ­­> 00:47:56,171 The king Pardon, my Lord, takes what he wants. my Lady. 482 491 00:47:20,236 ­­> 00:47:22,804 00:47:56,206 ­­> 00:47:59,041 That's why he's King. A rider in the night... 483 492 00:47:24,273 ­­> 00:47:27,708 00:47:59,075 ­­> 00:48:01,177 I'll say, from your sister. "listen, fat man." 493 484 00:48:08,852 ­­> 00:48:11,521 00:47:29,110 ­­> 00:47:31,612 ­ Stay. "You are not taking ­ This was sent from the Eyrie. my husband anywhere. 494 485 00:48:17,394 ­­> 00:48:19,762 00:47:31,646 ­­> 00:47:34,048 What's she doing He belongs to me now." at the Eyrie? 486 495 00:47:37,753 ­­> 00:47:39,754 00:48:19,796 ­­> 00:48:22,431 She hasn't been back there 00:48:53,533 ­­> 00:48:55,701 since her wedding. if the wrong people had found that letter. 496 00:48:30,941 ­­> 00:48:32,909 505 What news? 00:48:55,735 ­­> 00:48:58,437 Do you think she would 497 risk her life­­ 00:48:34,245 ­­> 00:48:37,014 <i>She's fled</i> 506 <i>the capital.</i> 00:48:58,471 ­­> 00:49:00,105 her son's life­­ 498 00:48:39,150 ­­> 00:48:41,819 507 She says Jon Arryn 00:49:00,139 ­­> 00:49:03,609 was murdered. if she wasn't certain her husband was murdered? 499 00:48:41,854 ­­> 00:48:43,822 508 By the Lannisters. 00:49:10,752 ­­> 00:49:12,652 If this news is true 500 00:48:43,856 ­­> 00:48:46,625 509 She says the King 00:49:12,686 ­­> 00:49:15,689 is in danger. and the Lannisters conspire against the throne, 501 00:48:46,659 ­­> 00:48:48,928 510 She's fresh widowed, Cat. 00:49:15,723 ­­> 00:49:19,025 who but you can 502 protect the King? 00:48:48,962 ­­> 00:48:50,963 She doesn't know 511 what she's saying. 00:49:19,060 ­­> 00:49:21,261 They murdered 503 the last Hand. 00:48:50,997 ­­> 00:48:53,499 Lysa's head would be 512 on a spike right now 00:49:21,295 ­­> 00:49:23,664 Now you want Ned 504 to take the job? A different time. 513 00:49:23,698 ­­> 00:49:25,532 522 The King rode 00:49:53,827 ­­> 00:49:55,894 for a month A different King. 514 523 00:49:25,567 ­­> 00:49:27,601 00:50:56,857 ­­> 00:50:58,658 to ask for When do I meet Lord Stark's help. with the Khal? 515 524 00:49:27,635 ­­> 00:49:30,270 00:50:58,693 ­­> 00:51:00,560 He's the only one We need to begin he trusts. planning the invasion. 516 525 00:49:31,739 ­­> 00:49:34,876 00:51:00,595 ­­> 00:51:03,062 You swore the King If Khal Drogo has an oath, my Lord. promised you a crown, 517 526 00:49:34,910 ­­> 00:49:38,011 00:51:03,096 ­­> 00:51:05,064 He's spent half his life ­ you shall have it. fighting Robert's wars. ­ When? 518 527 00:49:38,046 ­­> 00:49:40,547 00:51:05,098 ­­> 00:51:07,199 He owes him nothing. When their omens favor war. 519 00:49:42,383 ­­> 00:49:45,485 528 Your father and brother 00:51:07,233 ­­> 00:51:10,502 rode south once I piss on Dothraki omens. 520 529 00:49:45,519 ­­> 00:49:48,387 00:51:10,537 ­­> 00:51:13,773 on a King's demand. I've waited 17 years to get my throne back. 521 00:49:50,190 ­­> 00:49:52,391 530 00:52:13,635 ­­> 00:52:15,102 00:52:57,279 ­­> 00:53:00,013 A Dothraki wedding I served your father for many years. 531 00:52:15,137 ­­> 00:52:18,673 540 without at least three deaths 00:53:00,047 ­­> 00:53:03,149 is considered a dull affair. Gods be good, I hope to always serve the rightful King. 532 00:52:31,219 ­­> 00:52:33,387 541 <i>Jadi,</i> 00:53:26,275 ­­> 00:53:28,877 <i>zhey jorah andahli!</i> Dragon's eggs, Daenerys, 533 542 00:52:33,422 ­­> 00:52:35,289 00:53:28,912 ­­> 00:53:31,881 <i>Khal vezhven.</i> from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai. 534 00:52:41,029 ­­> 00:52:44,064 543 A small gift, 00:53:31,915 ­­> 00:53:34,950 for the new Khaleesi­­ The ages have turned them to stone, 535 00:52:45,300 ­­> 00:52:47,602 544 songs and histories 00:53:34,984 ­­> 00:53:37,086 from the Seven Kingdoms. but they will always be beautiful. 536 00:52:49,304 ­­> 00:52:50,704 545 Thank you, Ser. 00:53:39,223 ­­> 00:53:41,525 Thank you, Magister. 537 00:52:52,307 ­­> 00:52:55,042 546 Are you from my country? 00:54:49,327 ­­> 00:54:51,795 She's beautiful. 538 00:52:55,076 ­­> 00:52:57,244 547 Ser Jorah Mormont 00:54:55,867 ­­> 00:54:58,235 of Bear Island. Ser Jorah, I don't know how to say 539 548 00:57:19,144 ­­> 00:57:21,212 00:54:58,270 ­­> 00:55:00,104 If I get through this thank you without squirting in Dothraki. 558 549 00:57:21,247 ­­> 00:57:23,648 00:55:00,139 ­­> 00:55:03,074 from one end or the other There is no word it'll be a miracle. for thank you in Dothraki. 559 550 00:57:23,682 ­­> 00:57:26,050 00:55:24,162 ­­> 00:55:26,163 I didn't pick you Make him happy. for a hunter. 551 560 00:56:25,425 ­­> 00:56:27,626 00:57:26,084 ­­> 00:57:29,186 No. The greatest in the land­­ my spear never misses. 552 00:56:30,663 ­­> 00:56:32,831 561 Do you know 00:57:30,388 ­­> 00:57:32,957 the common tongue? It's not hunting if you pay for it. 553 00:56:37,270 ­­> 00:56:39,304 562 No. 00:57:41,099 ­­> 00:57:43,367 Are you as good 554 with a spear as you used to be? 00:56:43,176 ­­> 00:56:45,744 Is "no" the only word 563 that you know? 00:57:43,401 ­­> 00:57:45,936 No, but I'm still 555 better than you. 00:56:46,846 ­­> 00:56:48,580 <i>No.</i> 564 00:57:49,007 ­­> 00:57:50,874 556 I know what I'm 00:57:16,876 ­­> 00:57:19,110 putting you through. Rough night, imp? 565 557 00:57:50,909 ­­> 00:57:52,910 Thank you for saying yes. Stop! 566 575 00:57:54,345 ­­> 00:57:56,780 00:59:46,026 ­­> 00:59:47,893 I only ask you Stop. because I need you. 576 567 00:59:52,699 ­­> 00:59:54,968 00:57:57,982 ­­> 00:57:59,883 Are you completely mad? You're a loyal friend. 577 568 00:59:55,002 ­­> 00:59:57,904 00:57:59,918 ­­> 00:58:03,220 ­ He saw us. You hear me? ­ It's all right, it's all right. A <i>loyal friend.</i> 578 569 00:59:57,938 ­­> 00:59:59,806 00:58:03,255 ­­> 00:58:05,055 ­ It's all right. The last one I've got. ­ He saw us! 570 579 00:58:06,691 ­­> 00:58:08,859 00:59:59,840 ­­> 01:00:02,109 ­ I hope I'll serve you well. I heard you ­ You will. the first time. 571 580 00:58:10,394 ­­> 00:58:13,330 01:00:06,081 ­­> 01:00:08,516 And I'll make sure you Quite the little climber, don't look so fucking grim all the time. aren't you? 572 581 00:58:14,598 ­­> 00:58:17,034 01:00:09,652 ­­> 01:00:12,587 <i>Come on, boys,</i> ­ How old are you, boy? <i>let's go kill some boar!</i> ­ 10. 573 582 00:58:26,978 ­­> 00:58:29,146 01:00:12,621 ­­> 01:00:14,321 Come on, you. 10. 574 583 00:59:43,457 ­­> 00:59:45,991 01:00:23,030 ­­> 01:00:25,532 The things I do for love. 9999 00:00:0,500 ­­> 00:00:2,00 584 <font color="#ffff00" size=14>www.tvsubtitles.net</font> 01:00:34,899 ­­> 01:00:38,899 == sync, corrected by <font color="#00ff00">elderman</font> == Did you notice how there is a combination of Plain Text and HTML coding in that file? If you did not notice, I would recommend that you go back and re­read it again. With This type of subtitles, the user CAN use HTML coding to create fancy subtitles, but the coding they can use is very limited. Now, like I have stated before, in the “What is .LRC?”, the same rules apply for the Sub, and its subtypes, in order for the file to be read and displayed on­screen, the name of the file MUST be IDENTICAL to that of the video file, with the exception of the file type extension, which must be either .sub .srt .ssa .asc or .smi. So if you thought that the LRC file was hard, this is even harder. I would classify the Subtitles File under 9/10 on a scale where 10 is the hardest and 1 being very easy. To understand the codes used to create the file, we will first look at the Numerical Indicators, such as the numbers 1­584 you seen located above the time­stamps. These numbers tell the system or media­processor which is the first, next, following and last subtitles to be displayed. Located under the Numerical Indicators is the time duration stamp. To have a successfully working Subtitles file, you must indicate the time the text should be displayed and the time that text should be removed from view so the next line or lines can be displayed. This format looks like this: 0:00:00,000 --> 0:00:01,020 You notice how there is a start time and an end time, this is very important for the file to work properly. Pay close attention to how it is displayed. The first digit is the Hour, followed by the minutes and then the seconds, and for precise timing, the last digits, which is followed by the comma (,), are the milliseconds. All of these work in conjunction to make the file read­able. The next line or two is where you place the Subtitle Text and the occasional html coding. When separating the lines between subtitle texts, use a separate line. When separating the different subtitles and display times, always use a blank line in­
between them, see example above. Thats all to it, now you know how to create a Subtitle file using ULIX TxT Editor. Just remember that, because of a glitch in the source code of the UTE software, to save a file under any file type that isn't TXT, select the ALL FILES line in the drop­
down list. See File Options section, found on page 19, for more details on Saving and how to identify the drop­down list.
What is a KNOW file?
The Know file, can be a powerful file type. It was designed to act and serve as a Dictionary page file. However, unlike the .dic file, the KNOW group files are designed to be used to hold and contain information that can be useful to you or others. For example:
Knowledge [nō­lēdge]
→ Knowledge can be a powerful piece of information. → Knowledge is Power!
This is how the knowledge file works. Very simple and to the point. It can be used also to hold study notes that you could keep or make for a friend as well.
What is a .clit file?
Ah! An excellent question, the CLIT file is not as dirty as it sounds, in fact its very clean. CLIT stands for Collective Literal Information of Transcribed data. In other words, its used to Transcribe data from outside sources, such as Tapes, discs, recorders and pictures. All these sources need to be re­written to PC somehow, and the best way to identify it when its stored, is with a personal file extension, in this case, the clit extension. My summary of the file's description says it all... I do not need to show an example for this file type.
What is a .VAG file?
Again, this sounds dirty, but it may be short lived, and its very clean. VAG (Vector Artist Graph data), meaning this file is used to sum up a description for Vector Graphics as a way to keep tabs of every piece of data and a list of fonts and dimensions used to create the Vector Graphic. In other words, Its similar to an SVG file only without the XML coding.
What is a PEN file?
I still havent come up on a description for the abbreviation yet, but this is used to hold secure encrypted data. Need I say more. I huess so... however I have not yet decided how this type will play out and if im even gonna keep it associated with the UTE software. I will have more information in upcoming manuals. So stay tuned!
What is a .CAL file?
A cal file is a file type designed to hold all of your calculations such as your spendings for the month, only with out the formula code. I will demonstrate on the next page what a CAL file looks like. Keep in mind that the example is only an example. 74
Sample CAL file
In this example I will show you how a ULIX CAL file works. Keep in mind that this is only a sample file... not the real thing.
Month of May 2015
Transit Windsor
$ 550.00
$ 100.00
Phone Bill
$ 300.00
$ 227.94
Total spent
As you can see, you have to manually input the figures and the total for it to be considered a CAL file.
What is a DIY File?
A DIY file is a Do It yourself directive file. In other words its a file that explains how to do certain tasks, like step by step instructions for a crochet Pattern, or How to build a fence and so on. This file type speaks for itself. So I will not have to show you an example. You can figure this part out yourselves for now. I will include a template in the “C:\Program Files\ULIX Text Editor 9\Resources\Templates” folder, also included in the Installation of this software. Look for it! :)
Ulix TxT Editor's helpCenter
The ULIX TxT Editor's helpCenter is one of the most important key features of the UTE Software. In the next few pages, I will demonstrate and explain how to access, and use the UTE helpCentre in detail. Pay close attention as this is very important.
Welcome screen, SPLASH!
Behind the splash screen, you will see the actual helpCenter screen, here it is:
Please note that if you cannot Access, View, or Open the UTE helpCenter (help.chm) file, you can view our Interactive Online helpCenter, available 24/7, located at “http://www.KambelSerle.info/webHelp/ULIXTxTEditor/ModernBlue/helpCentre”.
Using the UTE helpCenter
The Ulix TxT Editor's helpCenter is divided into three sections: Contents, Index, and Search. In the Contents section, I will be dividing it into five subsections:: Topics, Check for Updates, Facebook Page, Twitter page and Email Support. I will then explain how to use the INDEX section and lastly, the Search function. → Contents
Now I will start of with the Contents section. As you can see from the figure below, there are two color sections contained within the helpCenter:: Blue and Yellow. The blue section contains the Contents of the helpCenter, and the yellow section is the page that will contain the help contents itself.
The Contents section contains the Topics which are contained with book icons, both closed and open, as well as HTML Document icons, and finally... the e­
mail icon. Each icon has a different meaning and contains different data. We will first start by looking at the TOPICS. The TOPICS are marked with a CLOSED Book and sub­topics with an open book. For more information about the different icons, see the list and explanation found at the end of the helpCentre section of this manual.
There are fifteen topics so far found within the Contents Panel. They include:
→ Overview
→ Main → To create a header or footer
→ Copying Text
→ As you can see they are all listed in the picture ← to the left. Check for Updates
Keeping up­to­date with your programs? Then this feature is for you! Keep up­to­date with the latest release of the UTE Software by clicking on the “Check for Updates” link found near the bottom of the Topics contained within the Contents Panel of the helpCentre. By clicking on this link, you will be brought to the Sourceforge.net/p/ulixtxteditor homepage, here you will be able to see if there are any new releases or updates ready to be installed onto your Windows Desktop PC or your Windows Laptop. So always check back often, because you may never know if you can update your version of the software or if it has become obsolete. This decision is up to you. No pressure! :)
Facebook Page
Like the software? Wanna tell your friends about it? Then Like Us on Facebook Today and stay up­to­date with news and contests from the UTE Team! Feel free to share our posts as well!
Twitter Page
Follow us on twitter to get the most up­to­date news about UTE and other VampnerdLord Productions Software that are in the works. Email Support
Use of this feature is strictly for contacting UTE Customer Support for technical issues. No Using this feature for Spamming our inbox. Now If you wish to join the UTE team, You may do so with use of this feature.
→ Index
The index is another way to access file information, however this method is much more precise compared to using the Contents Panel. With the Index Panel, you have a list of short words that describe a section found within the helpCentre database, only there are more features and more sections to the Index Panel that aren't covered in the Contents Panel. Take a look at the image below for a better look at what the Index Panel looks like. Notice how it is simply just a list of words? Well thats because each word is associated with a page within the UTE database. With the Index Panel, you also get a Keyword Search option to help you find what you are looking for even faster then selecting a word from the presets given to you.
Some however are connected even further to another database where the word is divided into many sections or topics that are related to the selected word. As seen in the image below. If you should ever come across this, it means that there are many different topics related to the same word or phrase.
→ Search
This feature is very similar to that of the Index Panel. Notice the image to the left, and the image to the right? Notice the similarities? I would hope so! These two panels are virtually identical with a few minor differences, such as the one on the right has only a KEYWORD search and is giving you a selection of PRESET words to look through, where as the one on the left allows the user to input either a KEYWORD or a complete sentence or a phrase and then it will supply you with the Topics it thinks you are looking for. By using the Search feature, all you have to do is remember a key word or a phrase from the page you are looking for. For example, I will be looking for a document on how to create an htaccess file, so I will type in either the key word “htaccess” or the phrase “Create an htaccess file” and the search will provide me with related page titles, topics and keywords that either match or are close to what you are looking for. So all­in­all, I would recommend using either the Index Panel, found on the Right above, or the Search Panel as seen on the left. Only use the Contents if you are a beginner. If you are an intermediate user, use the Index Panel, and if your advanced user, stick to the Search Panel. That's only my suggestion. Its all up to you! ;) Please note that you may also get a popup like this one too. However this is more rare than anything.
Terms of Use
81 Last modified: May 16, 2015
Welcome to ULIX TxT Editor!
Thanks for using our products and services (“Services”). The Services are provided by Vampnerd
Lord Productions. (“ULIX TxT Editor” or "vnl Productions"), located at 1151 McKay Ave, Windsor
Ontario N9B 2A8 Canada.
By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.
Our Services are very diverse, so sometimes additional terms or product requirements (including
age requirements) may apply. Additional terms will be available with the relevant Services, and
those additional terms become part of your agreement with us if you use those Services.
Using our Services
You must follow any policies made available to you within the Services.
Don’t misuse our Services. For example, don’t interfere with our Services or try to access them
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