June 2015 Walnut Leaves - Walnut Creek United Methodist Church



June 2015 Walnut Leaves - Walnut Creek United Methodist Church
Walnut Leaves | Issue June, 2015
A publica
on of Walnut Creek United Methodist Church
Issue: June 2015
June 15– 19, 2015
1:00 PM-4:00 PM
For children entering 1-6th grade
$30/child or $50/family
Eileen’s Epistle
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Treasurer’s Report
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Children’s Corner
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Community News
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Register online at:
Deadline to Register: June 9!
Day at the A’s FUNdraiser
Saturday, June 27, 2015
11am tailgate / 1:05 game time
Come and join your friends at the Oakland Coliseum as the A’s take on
the Kansas City Royals. This annual FUNd raiser will benefit the Extended Family program. Our seats are in the Plaza Level Infield and the tickets are $34 and that includes the tailgate and a contribution to continue
helping the homeless transition into new homes. The tailgate starts at
11AM and includes the hot dogs, sodas, condiments, peanuts and red
vines. You bring a dish to share (picnic style food) and the meal is complete. Game time is 1:05. Do not miss out, there are only 60 tickets available, so reserve your tickets early. Reservations and Questions: please
contact Paul Goetz email at [email protected]
Join hundreds of LGBTQ friends, family, and allies to watch the A's take on
the San Diego Padres on Wednesday,
June 17th at 7:05pm.
Our Reconciling Commi1ee has a
block of 3ckets for the night game in
Sec3on 230. Proceeds raised from the
sale of 3ckets will go to support the
Rainbow Community Center here in
The 3cket price is $16 with any addi3onal funds going to the Rainbow
Community Center. See Dave Ward on
Sundays or email him at [email protected] to reserve your
3ckets today and support Rainbow
Community Center.
Walnut Leaves | Issue June, 2015
Eileen’s Epistle
Rev. Eileen Lindsay Senior Pastor - Pastoreileen @walnutcreekumc.org - 925-934-4208 x202
As I write this, we are looking forward to the wedding of Bill’s daughter, Kat, and her partner
Sara. When Sara and Kat started dating seven years ago, same-sex marriage was briefly legal
in California, from June 16, 2008, until November 5, 2008, giving us optimism that our oldest
child could marry a person of her choice. That was a short-lived hope due to the passage of
Proposition 8—a state constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage. On June 27,
2013 the granting of same-sex marriages recommenced following the United States Supreme Court decision that
overturned Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. Praise God that we can celebrate Kat and Sara’s love and commitment to each other, with our extended families.
Kat and Sara are going to live in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Sara is going to begin a Veterinary medicine residency. Tennessee is one of the states that presently does not recognize same sex marriages. We are hoping that
the Supreme Court will change that. Arguments were heard in April and the decision should be announced any
I understand that marriage equality is an issue that we are not of one mind on, despite being a congregation
that has explicitly welcomed people without regard to sexual orientation for 21 years this June, which we will
celebrate on June 10 in worship. Still the issue of homosexuality and same gender marriage divides our worldwide denomination. Our denomination’s Book of Discipline states that “homosexuality is incompatible with
Christian teaching.” It also states that homosexuals are “persons of sacred worth and their rights should not be
abridged or denied.” It says that our ministers shall not perform same sex weddings but it also says that gender
discrimination is a chargeable offence. In other words, there are contradictory statements in our Church rules.
Nevertheless the Book of Discipline governs who United
Methodist ministers can marry. If a couple who were
slaves came to a Methodist minister to be married in 1840,
the pastor would have to say, “I’m sorry, the Discipline
does not allow it.” If an interracial couple came to be married in 1880, the minister would have to say, “I ‘m sorry the
Discipline does not allow it.” If a couple came to be married
in 1940 where one of the parties was divorced, the minister would have to say “I’m sorry, the discipline does not allow it.” Now the Book of Discipline does not allow ministers to marry same sex couples. But the tradition of the
church is changing.
I strongly believe that the Bible teaches fidelity and faithfulness in relationships and that we should do everything
within our power to uphold those values for all couples.
Walnut Leaves | Issue June, 2015
Treasurer’s Report
by Marlene Ward Treasurer - [email protected]
Our financial picture at a glance....
Our total giving
$ 147,850.45
(represents 31.8% of our anticipated total giving for the year)
Our total disbursements for utilities, mission ministry, etc…
$ 148,037.10
(represents 32.5% of our anticipated disbursements for the year)
Our bills are all paid to date and our Tithe to the conference through April has been PAID IN FULL !!!
As I prepare this short article, our church will begin its 2014 audit with a new auditor!!! I anticipate all will go well
and thank those of you who I have had to call on for specific materials to have ready for the auditor.
When this article appears , the 1st of June, I will be returning from a trip to Italy, so there will be others who have
taken over for me in my absence ...... "thank you" to my "substitutes".
We are coming up on the summer months, those months that for the church are traditionally lean months when
it comes to church income. I would hope that we can all stay true to our pledged commitments so that the church
and it's programs will continue in full force through the summer. God Bless.
Grace & Peace,
Marlene Ward, Treasurer
Financial Secretary’s Report
Jan Looney, Financial Secretary - [email protected]
We thank you for the gifts of time and money to the mission of our congregation made this month. With so many
wonderful programs going on here at Walnut Creek UMC, we want you to know how much you are appreciated.
As of May 27, 2015 we have received $138,709 in pledge money, $14,472 in non-pledge money and $2,777 in loose
plate offering. As a reminder, mark your envelopes if you have a specific intention for your donation.
Auditor Rob Dunning spent a day here at the church reviewing our financial records for 2014. Once he summarizes his findings, he will give a report to the Finance Committee.
You are always welcome to call and leave a message for myself or Pat with any questions or concerns at 925-9344208 x205.
Jan Looney, Finance Secretary & Pat Evans,
Assistant Finance Secretary
Walnut Leaves | Issue June, 2015
Childrens’s Ministries
Corrie Binker Director of Children’s Ministries - 925-934-4208 x211
Sunday School Scoop
Graduation Month is here! And our Sunday School Program will
begin bridging up to Youth Group two of our favorite students:
Greg Vinson and Jordan Davies. During the summer they will join UMYF for a few
special things, while still coming to Sunday School. Then in the fall they will officially
“graduate” to Youth Group. It is a “happy/sad day,” as my kids used to say, to see
them moving on. The teachers and I will miss them and we wish them well. Take good
care of them Michelle.
Our teachers and helpers, as well as ALL our students, will be recognized in church on our Graduation Sunday,June 14th, along with graduates from high school, college, and other programs. Please try to attend on this
special day!
We have a new Interim Curriculum [between Regular and Summer] for the month of June, and it should be lots of
fun! Each lesson focuses on a positive behavior, and includes a Scripture Reading, a Bible Memory Verse, and
a Craft +/or Game. The topics that we’ll cover will be: Flexibility, Giving, Trust in God’s Providence, and SelfWorth.
New this summer will be a Preschool Lesson in the Nursery for kids 4 and under. Each week the children will
hear a different Bible story, then color the big, easy pictures that are the story’s illustrations. Learn and Grow -Good Stuff!
Be a Helper this summer in Sunday School!
During July and August, members of our faith community will
share their gifts with the children by volunteering to teach something to the kids that falls generally within these 4 categories:
Crafts, Music, Gardening and “Cooking” [no kitchen].
We have some wonderful folks who volunteered but still need
helpers to join them for most Sundays’. Helpers do not need to
do any planning--just show up and be another pair of hands and
eyes in the classroom.
Walnut Leaves | Issue June, 2015
Bus Stop
Summer Break!
We are on summer break! Take a look
at us having “fun in the sun and in
the classroom” this year! Thank you
to all the volunteers and support you
gave us this year! See you next year!
Walnut Leaves | Issue June, 2015
United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF)
Michelle Brown Youth Director - [email protected] - 925-366-8171
THANK YOU Carol Martin and the Youth Bells for a wonderful performance at the annual Bell
Concert last month. I am amazed at the talent in our church and it was an honor to perform
with you. Let’s do it again next year!!
This is such a crazy time of year for all of us but especially the youth. I’ve missed having them
in the balcony on Sunday mornings but they’ve been busy with concerts, sports, graduation activities and end of
year finals. I attended the College Park Pops Concert last week and saw several of our kids in action. It was a great
concert and I was a proud “youth director” clapping and dancing to the Wind Ensemble’s performance of YMCA. It
comes full circle in this world. After several years of begging them to dance at our Ice Cream Social I got to do my
part at THEIR concert. Tina gladly joined me so I was not alone.
Several of our youth have volunteered for our annual music camp this year. They will be helping with singing, drama coaching, games, snack and of course playing in “The BAND”. The best part is that they gladly say yes to helping. They are such great mentors and role
models for these younger campers. I am
also happy to announce that our very own
loveable Craig will be back on keyboards.
He is such a positive energy for us and the
youth love working with him as much as I
UMYF Calendar
June 1st
Music Camp Staff Meeting
Sunday June 14 is Graduation Sunday and
we have 3 Seniors this year. Anna Riehl,
Pratap Isac and Madison Muraoka are leaving the nest and I cannot wait to see what
the future holds for them. It has been an
absolute joy to watch them grow. We are
also welcoming 2 new members to UMYF.
Gregory and Jordan will be joining us in the
coming year and we are ready for them!
June 7th
June 14th
June 19th
June 21st
June 28th
Oh, Jonah!
Oh, Jonah performance
Our thanks to all of you who have been working to fill our donation
needs for health and school kits for this summer’s UMVIM Guatemala Medical Mission.
For Health Kits we still need donations of:
Toothpaste - Large family size
Floss - large family size or small sample size
Combs - large toothed preferable
Soap - Large family size bars
Toothbrushes - 6 packs are great because we give each family about 6 to 8 toothbrushes!
For School Kits we still need donations of:
Pencil Sharpeners - small only
Crayons - 24 count box only
Scissors - must be small, blunt tipped.
Due to packing restrictions and for the ease of the customs process, the sizes mentioned above are required. Please
also note - We do NOT need any more lined paper, colored paper, composition books, ball point pens,
glue or tape. Those needs are fulfilled.
Walnut Leaves | Issue June, 2015
June 1
June 1
June 2
June 3
June 3
June 6
June 6
June 7
June 7
June 11
June 13
June 13
June 13
Millie Jones
Mary Holden
Bruce Muraoka
Frank Begert
Richard Pollock-Nelson
Bruce Goya
Bill Toaspern
Barbara Raab Hall
Don Ray
June Veenstra
Sarah Cefalu
Rebekah Green
Sean Vinson
June 14
June 15
June 15
June 16
June 19
June 19
June 20
June 22
June 22
June 25
June 26
June 26
June 29
Sally Yarworth
Melissa Miller
Mari Ward
Irene Taranoff
Laura Peck
Andrea Wilson
Emily Justice
John Clark
Bonnie Lee
Jean Sullivan
Nancy Hillhouse
Bob Vreeland
Winona Bayes
We are here to share your blessings
and concerns. If you have any prayer
requests, please send them to our
prayer team via Molly Vinson
([email protected] or 925-3953200)
([email protected]
In recognition of National Volunteer Month,
CCHP Medical Center inducted Claire Mann
as volunteer emeritae for her many years of
service. Claire had 24 years and 52,000 hours
serving. Claire joins Pat Evens as an emeriti.
Doug Sibley also received a pin for serving
You are cordially invited to a1end this year’s Summer Social
for 3 years, 300 hours. Congratulations!
Events. This is a 3me to meet other United Methodist Women in a
member’s home, for welcome togetherness, fun conversa3on, and
“The Narthex [she asked]? of course yummy food. You need not be a UMW member. Maybe
Isn’t that a Dr. Seuss charac- you are just seeking like-minded UM Women to share common
ter that speaks for the ground, ideas and fellowship. All are welcome at the table! For
more informa3on, please watch the bulle3n, or contact our hosts:
- Nadia Boz-Weber in Pastrix
Friday, June 19 @ 12noon
Traditionally, the Narthex is the passage between the main entrance and the inner
worship space.
Brunch at Flavia Mu1era’s [1897 Appia Ct., Walnut Creek (925)478-8984]
Friday, July 17 @ 6:30pm
Dinner at Cathy Stussi’s [3405 Joshua Woods Pl. Concord (925) 689-9132]
Wednesday, August 12 930am
Breakfast at Linda Schade’s [932 Natchez Ct. Walnut Creek (925) 943-7300]
Walnut Leaves | Issue June, 2015
Church Staff
Eileen Lindsay
Senior Pastor, x202/ cell: 925-817-0725
Carol Morris
Lalena Shea
Director of Music Ministry,
Office Manager, x201
Corrie Binker
Director of Handbell Ministries
[email protected]
Director of Children’s Ministries,
Tessique Houston
Join us for Worship
Sundays at 9:30am!
Natsuko Murayama
Michelle Brown
Youth Director,
Church Office: 925-934-4208 - offi[email protected]
1543 Sunnyvale Ave. Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Articles and photos for the July Walnut Leaves are due by June 18.
Walnut Creek United Methodist Church
1543 Sunnyvale Avenue
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
We’re on the WEB!

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