March 2011 - Hutton House



March 2011 - Hutton House
In House
A Newsletter to our
March 2011
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Christmas Party 2010
Life Coaching
Tax Clinic
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Day Break
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Healthy Living
Access Voluntarism
Volunteer Services
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Quality Assurance
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Fitness & Wellness
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Adult Education
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Tropical Bowl
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Upcoming Events
Under Way
The outside construction to Hutton House is now in full swing. Renovations
on the interior - to the loading dock and offices - was started in the fall. Once
the necessary building permits were received to allow the outside of the
building to be worked on - it was full steam ahead. This will affect some of
our programs due to space
limitations and most
definitely the parking. All
staff are parking across
the road in the plaza.
Paratransit is using the
front door and there are
some places for visitors,
but remember that parking
space is at a premium!
It is expected that the
renovations will continue
until the end of April adding much more space
to the program areas.
Christmas Party 2010
The Greek Community Centre once again were our
hosts for another fantastic Christmas Party. Close to 300
people attended the lunch complete with door prizes, great
food, music and dance. Duty Calls, the London Police
Service rock band, entertained for the dance while the
Forest City Singers provided the christmas carols during
lunch, while students from the Chippewa Public School
helped serve the meal.
Many thanks again to the staff and volunteers at the
Greek Community Centre for all they do to make this a
great time.
Forest City Singers
Life Coaching
The goals of this program are to improve the ability
of participants to be independent and healthy in their
community; helping people to improve and maintain their
mental health; providing knowledge, encouragement
and practice so that participants can make positive, longterm and healthy changes in their lifestyle. Some of the
programs that have been offered so far are the Cooking
Classes at the Real Canadian Superstore (Oxford St. W),
Community Explorers and Making Friends.
Our Social Worker can provide individual counselling
to help with personal issues and finding community
resources. Support is also available to complete forms
for various services including ODSP, housing, CPP and
assistive devices.
For more information, contact:
Lisa Havens, MSW, RSW at 519-472-6381 ext. 240 or
[email protected]
New location for
this year’s tax
Ford Keast LLP graciously provide a tax clinic for
individuals of low income who also attend Hutton
House programs.
Please note that this year’s tax clinics will be held at
Hutton House Learning Centre, Cherryhill Village Mall
on the evenings of March 16th and March 21st.
Tax Preparation is by Appointment Only.
Spaces fill up fast so please call Sherri at 519-472-6381
to schedule your appointment.
Joel, Dennis, Valentina, Stephanie and Alison enjoyed the dance.
Hutton House Customer
Service Commitment
Page 2
Day Break enjoying the afternoon.
Our most important customer is YOU.
In a safe, supportive and respectful environment
We will work together
With open and honest communication
to enable you to discover
and achieve your goals.
Day Breaking News
Fall and winter are upon us and we switched gears
to more inside activities. We have enjoyed playing
instruments and singing along with our volunteer, Jane.
She has graced us with her talents several times in the
past months. It was great to get know her brother as a
special quest star around the holidays. The therapy dogs
warm our hearts every Friday afternoon as we wait in
anticipation to see what kind of antics they have gotten
up to over the past week. Wii games and road trips to the
local malls continue to keep us active and toasty.
We observed Remembrance Day by making poppies
and talking about our gratitude to veterans for our good
lives. We were very quiet as we thought about the
sacrifices others had made so we could enjoy our friends
at Day Break.
December was very
busy as usual. We had a
great turn out of family
and friends at the Hutton
House Christmas Party
at the Greek Community
Centre. We made
cookies and fudge to
send home as gifts. We
also made ornaments
for the tree in a couple
of different styles. The
reindeer wooden spoons
looked really cute.
We also made soap.
Everyone chose their
Cathy with fresh made cookies.
colours and shapes. We
only had a couple get
stuck in the moulds but isn’t that part of the fun? We
had Lifeworks over for a Christmas dinner and a great
time was had by all. We played Christmas bingo and
had a feast of roast beef, “party” potatoes, glazed carrots,
broccoli with stuffing, and both apple and pumpkin pie for
We hope everyone is enjoying the record breaking
snow in January. It does look pretty through the
window. We survived snowmageddon and the son of
snowmageddon by doing what we do best keeping cozy
and baking. It was great to be a kid again and anxiously
wait the call of a snow day. We made a couple of cakes
and lots of cookies. There is nothing like fresh baked
goods and hot chocolate on a really cold day. The
occasional movie keeps us all entertained.
Publications Mail Agreement 40069186
Home-made Chinese lanterns and fortune cookies.
In January, we celebrated the Chinese New Year
by watching exciting videos of celebrations in China
including dancing dragons and fireworks, and making two
different kinds of Chinese lanterns. We ate homemade
egg rolls, chicken balls, fried noodles and topped it off
with our own hand-made fortune cookies!
A video to promote Adult Day Programs in Ontario is
being created. The video will be used to promote services
and give a view of services offered. Day Break was
chosen as one of the programs to be featured in the video.
The families and participants were interviewed and filmed
doing a few activities.
The South West Local Health Integration Network
(SW-LHIN) also conducted their annual client satisfaction
surveys. We had a 100% response rate a 100%
satisfaction rating. We would like to thank the families
and participants for taking the time to complete the survey
and for all their kind words and helpful suggestions.
We welcome a new Medix student, a University
of Waterloo student and a new DSW student and look
forward to getting to know them better over the next few
LIFEworks join Day Break to collaborate.
Page 3
Healthy Living
The Healthy Living Program is in full swing offering
a variety of classes for the winter 2011 session, including
two cooking classes and two nutrition education classes.
In Cooking Basics, participants have been learning to
prepare simple snacks and meals while learning to use
various kitchen equipment including a blender, electric
mixer, microwave, stove and oven. We always practice
kitchen safety and good hand washing! During our Food
Safety classes, we have been learning how to keep our
food safe (free from harmful bacteria and viruses) both
at the grocery store and at home. This includes washing
our hands and work surfaces often with soap and hot
water, avoiding cross-contamination by keeping raw
meat separate from other foods, refrigerating leftovers
promptly and keeping hot food hot and cold food cold.
In the Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide program,
participants are learning about the four Food Groups and
how easy it is to incorporate these foods into their daily
lives. We are also learning how to cook healthy meals
and snacks using foods from the four Food Groups.
During our Collective Kitchen classes participants
independently prepare healthy and delicious meals. The
best part of the class is when participants get to eat what
they cook and bring home the leftovers!
Access Voluntarism
The Access Voluntarism program is back up and
running after the Christmas break. December is usually
the slowest month for our volunteers with only half of
the month to work. When we added the volunteer hours
for January - it showed 1368 hours! This is the second
highest month for January in 9 years of keeping records.
We have assisted more people to find positions in the
community and now have 101 active volunteers.
We recently held another orientation and brought in 5
more people to find positions for.
In March we will be sending out application forms
for our Storybook Gardens program. Everyone who
has worked there before and new volunteers will get the
invitation to join. This program runs from June 13th until
August 26th.
We sent out a survey to our volunteers, agencies and
support workers to ask how our program is going.
The volunteers themselves reported an 89% satisfaction
rate when asked if they like their job. We received an
89% satisfaction from the agencies and are very happy
to see that the volunteers and support workers are very
welcome and appreciated in their jobs.
Mission Services 2nd Hand Store
A partner with the Access Voluntarism program, the
Mission Store is always looking for donations to support
the many needy individuals and families in London.
Bedding, towels, cutlery and can openers are their big
needs right now.
The store is located at the corner of Bathurst and
William, open Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm and
on Staurdays from 9:30 am - 3:00 pm.
Volunteer Services
Tasha & Cindy making banana bread
We would like to extend a warm welcome to Gay
Cook, the new Healthy Eating Assistant. She started
working at Hutton House this January and already she has
been a tremendous asset to the Healthy Living Program.
Hutton House would like to thank the Metropolitan
United Church for letting us use their kitchen facilities
for our Cooking Basics and Collective Kitchen programs.
They have been very welcoming to both staff and
participants and we appreciate their ongoing support.
Page 4
The Adult Education program is very popular, and
there is always a waiting list of individuals. Tutors
support learners for 1½ hours per week with various
topics including reading, writing, mathematics and
computers. There is always a need for tutors and
interested applicants of all ages are encouraged to apply
by calling 519-472-1541 x 224.
Hutton House has been very active in the past year
by bringing 63 new volunteers to work in our programs.
Most of these new people have been added as Tutors to
our Adult Education program, many to our Fitness and
Wellness program and some helping in ARTworks and
Access Voluntarism.
During National Volunteer week, a reception dinner
will be held at a London restaurant to thank these great
people who give of themselves in our programs.
Quality Assurance
In 2008 the Ministry of Community and Social
Services passed a new Act to replace the Developmental
Services Act. It’s called the Services and Supports
to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with
Developmental Disabilities Act. Regulation 299/10 sets
out quality assurance measures to support the Act and
these measures set minimum standards that all Ministry
funded agencies must meet. It also establishes a central
agency where people will go to get information about
Ministry funded adult developmental services and where
people can apply for services and supports. In our area,
CSCN is the agency and it will: provide information;
receive new requests for supports; decide who is eligible
for supports; find out what supports people need; manage
direct funding agreements; provide urgent response; and
help refer people to other agencies or organizations.
Quality assurance measures cover many different
areas as to how a service delivery agency like Hutton
House operates. These include:
• Promoting social inclusion, individual choice and
independence for people with a developmental
• Individual Support Plans;
• Promoting health & well being;
• Management of, and assistance with daily finances;
• Information about abuse with policies and procedures
in place;
• Confidentiality/privacy of information;
• Human resource practices for staff;
• Record keeping;
• Behaviour intervention strategies for challenging
All of the quality measures reflect positive ways
to support adults with a developmental disability. For
example, as of January 1, 2011, all agencies are required
to have policies and procedures in place that reflect
zero tolerance for abuse. An orientation on policies and
procedures on abuse must be provided to people receiving
services and staff, volunteers and board members must be
trained on these policies and procedures. When abuse is
alleged, suspected or witnessed, Hutton House is required
to immediately call the police and notify the person’s
family within 24 hours.
Throughout 2011, Hutton House will be reviewing
all relevant policies/procedures and we will provide
training in a number of areas along with other activities
to ensure that we are in compliance with the Act. Most
importantly, our goal is to meet the Hutton House Service
Commitment which says:
Our most important customer is YOU
In a safe, supportive and respectful environment
We will work together
With open and honest communication
To enable you to discover and achieve your goals.
Stay tuned, as we learn more, we’ll share more!
The Job Coach Role
Hutton House Employment Services not only provides
participants with help finding a job, but also supports
them with job retention. The initial first weeks on a job
are the most difficult. It is an adjustment period for new
employees and often it is the period when people are most
likely to quit their job. Some employees need support
and encouragement during this critical adjustment period.
Employment Services, especially the JOBworks Program,
catere to people that are eligible for the Ontario Disability
Support Program – Employment Supports, provides
working participants with job coaching services. This
support starts from the introduction and interview with
the new employer, which gives the participant a chance
to learn about the employer’s expectations, standards and
perspectives of the job at hand. During this meeting, the
employer is invited to ask questions and the job coach’s
role is to make sure that all the concerns are addressed
and at the same time that the new employee feels
By maintaining regular contact with the new
employer and employee during the period of adjustment,
Job Coachers ensure that the employee can perform all
designated job responsibilities and that their concerns
are addressed. Our concentration is on “natural support”
in the work environment. We often visit the employee
work sites, making sure that “things are going OK”. In
many instances, it is not feasible or realistic for the new
employee to approach the supervisor alone with any
concerns that they may have. Our role is to contact the
employer with suggestions on how to improve the new
employee’s present situation. Job Coaches can be reached
by the employer or new employees after office hours
and we are able to provide support during evenings and
Page 5
LIFEworks attended the Remembrance Day
Ceremony in Victoria Park (in down town London)
to honor our war veterans from all wars. It was very
interesting to see all our police forces represented; RCMP,
OPP, and city police. As well, all of our military were
represented, Army, Navy, Air Force, volunteer Militia,
Navy League, Scouts and many, many more. From our
vantage point up high on a stone patio in front of City
Hall, it was very easy to observe the laying of the wreaths
at the base of the Cenotaph. We were chilled to the bone
when the ceremony was over, so we headed to Day Break,
where we were welcomed with yummy hot chocolate to
drink to warm our tummies.
In December, all dressed up in our best fancy clothes,
we all enjoyed the food, fun and dancing to the police
band at our Hutton House Christmas party, held at the
Greek Community Centre. Bringing our friends and
family to meet
each other is
really special
to us. It’s great
to have all our
favorite people
together in one
In January,
we celebrated
‘Robbie Burns’
day by making
a trifle; it was
a tasty success.
Even better
though, was the
day we made ice
cream with ‘Dick
Fly’ the Science
Guy. Who would
have thought that
shaking a plastic
bag full of cream
and sugar and
chocolate milk
surrounded by
rock salt and ice
Pat and Craig try their hand at making ice
would make such
cream in a plastic bag.
a tasty treat!
On ‘Spa Day’, the guys went to Fleetway to play pool
(a fairly new concept to them it appeared!). The ladies,
on the other hand, did nails and make up while the boys
Page 6
were away. A few brave souls even tried out the fun
colored hair spray! It was a great afternoon - especially
when some of our other staff and drivers did not recognize
our transformed ladies!
Sandy, Jodi and Lynn showing off their purple look!
Ladies Group
Being part of Ladies Group is always a great “winter
blues buster”. In this
session we have learned
about the long standing
tradition of Robbie
Burns Day – celebrating
it complete with the
history and the sound
of bag pipes by piper
Bruce Harmer, poetry,
Haggis and Cranachan. In
remembrance of spring’s
return, participants put
together their own brightly
coloured, flower hair clips
and to warm the soul, made
two kinds of soup; Parsnip,
ginger and Tasty Tomato both equally delicious.
In recognition of World
Cancer Day, February 4th,
participants learned more
about reducing the risks
of cancer by discussing
the importance of regular
Guest Bag Piper Bruce Harmer
fitness, healthy eating and
plays for us during our Robbie
yearly doctor’s checkBurns Day celebration.
ups. For Valentine’ s day,
Ladies Group put on their “Martha Stewart” hats to craft
Bonbon-filled hearts, for the people most cherished in
their lives.
Still to come are events guaranteed to brighten our
coldest, grayest days such as: Movie Morning, our
3rd annual Beach Party in the Winter and International
Women’s day’s 100th Anniversary. Ladies Group looks
forward to each Friday morning knowing how much fun
they have together; crafting, learning and celebrating.
Cindy and Tasha show us the heart shaped, candy baskets
they made for Valentine’s day.
Drama Troupe
On Wednesday Jan 19th, the Hutton House Drama
Troupe, guitarists and songwriters performed their
“Christmas Variety Show” for a very large and
appreciative audience of family and friends.
This was the show that was sabotaged by
“Snowmaggedon” before Christmas and had to be
cancelled. Oh Well! All’s well that ends well! Our
Hutton House Entertainers were very impressed by the
audience participation and response to their original
songs, instrumental guitar music and Drama Skit – “The
Mad Hatter’s Christmas Team Party” Some of the
following compliments paid by the audience are a strong
indication of the success of the show.
“A wonderful Family Celebration of Drama and
Music” “Raising the bar in arts and entertainment.” And
“Helping to overcome barriers for disabled.”
Thanks to one and all for your attendance and
applause! Thanks for your participation and your songs
and tears of joy! Thanks for your donations!
The Hutton House players would like to take this
opportunity to invite family, friends and the London
community to attend our upcoming musical production
“A Crack in Time.” Posters and tickets will be available
soon. Don’t miss the antics and mayhem of the “Punsters
of Parody”, Thrill to the Tunes, the Riddles and Rhymes
and you be the one to find Truth in Time!
Men’s Club
Once again the guy’s from the Men’s Club showed
they not only can make dinner but make the dishes as
well. We all made a clay casserole in January and baked
macaroi and cheese in them in February.
Macaroni and Cheese in clay casserole dishes..
Page 7
Fitness and Wellness
Meet Pam, the Fitness and Wellness Centre’s newest
community partner! Pam has been teaching dance in
London and the surrounding area for over thirty years, and
has recently opened the doors of Jo Read School of Dance
to the participants of Hutton House. Once a week through the fitness
and wellness program, participants
groove to the upbeat music in her
studio in South London. Every class
is different, with lessons in tap, jazz,
ballet and hip-hop. The experience
has been nothing but positive, as Pam
is an energetic and warm instructor.
We want to thank Pam and the Jo
Read School of Dance for being so welcoming to our
participants, and providing us with a great workout and
lots of laughs. Participant Profile
Mike has been working out two times a week at the
Hutton House Fitness Centre since early October of last
year. Each workout lasts between 45 minutes to an hour,
and is packed full of personalized strength and weight
training exercises to help him meet his goals of being a
faster and stronger sledge hockey player.
Mike joined the Fitness Centre
after encouragement from his
father, and wasn’t really sure
what to expect from his personal
assessment and program plan.
Mike says that at first, working so
hard was tiring, but the more he
does it, the easier it becomes.
Mike enjoys playing right
wing on the London Blizzard Sledge Hockey team, and
practices for two hours a week on top of his training
in the Hutton House Fitness Centre. This year, he has
participated in two tournaments; one in London and
one in Brantford where he and his team won the bronze
medal! Mike has scored two goals this season, and is
working with agility exercises to increase his speed and
coordination. He trains his shoulders and upper body with
pushups, weights, and resistance exercises to help him
pic with his stick on the ice. Sometimes, after a workout
his muscles feel sore, but that is just from working so
hard. Mike likes everything about the experience, and
enjoys using the cable machine. When asked
Page 8
what he would like to say about the Fitness Centre, Mike
would recommend the program to his hockey team mates,
and other athletes.
February Fitness Challenge
Participants of the Fitness and Wellness Centre
are gearing up for a fierce 100 km February fitness
challenge! A giant game board has been created in the
centre, and each participant has their own game piece,
pedometer and tracking sheet. Participants can move one
space ahead on the board after they’ve walked, jogged,
danced, biked, hand peddled, or stepped 10 km, or 10,000
steps. Along the way they will encounter some wild
fitness challenges such as tracking their meals for a week
with Canada’s Food Guide, and some rewards such as
Cardio Dance DVDs and Wii Sports. Stay tuned for the
challenge winners!
Healthy Living Club
While exercising is a great way to stay healthy,
participants of the Healthy Living Club are learning
that there is more to being healthy than just exercising.
The Healthy Living Club takes place for two hours
on Wednesday afternoons at the Hutton House main
building. Erin McDougall and Kristy Hoornick work with
participants to foster healthy eating habits and to develop
personal fitness programs, respectively. Erin is Hutton
House’s registered dietician who teaches participants of
the club about using Canada’s Food Guide to plan healthy
meals, reading nutrition labels, and making healthier food
choices. The focus is to set personal goals, and to develop
healthy habits to replace less healthy choices. Kristy is the
Fitness and Wellness Facilitator and she works with the
participants and volunteers in the gym to help them meet
their fitness goals of losing weight, increasing strength,
and feeling better overall. She encourages participants to
try new exercises, and to learn how to use the machines
properly to prevent injury. The Healthy Living Club is a
great way to make a healthy lifestyle change, and will be
offered in the spring session. For more information call
Erin at 519-472-6381 x 230.
Join Now!
Memberships at the
Hutton House Fitness Centre
are only $10 per month!
Call Kristy at 519-472-6381 x 230
to sign up today!
Adult Education
You can’t help but smile when you meet Stephanie
and Tammy. You see... their smiles are kind of catchy.
Each week Stephanie and Tammy meet for a 90
minute tutoring session at the Hutton House Learning
This is Stephanie’s 3rd year at Hutton House as a
tutor. She started
volunteering in
her second year
at University of
Western Ontario
and has returned
each year since. “I
personally really
like the one on one
interaction,” notes
Stephanie. “The
learners are great.
Everyone’s here because they want to learn.”
On this day, one of the things Stephanie and Tammy
are working on is reading the novel James and the Giant
Peach. “Reading - it’s fun,” says Tammy.
Heather Jeffery, Adult
Education Coordinator at
Hutton House notes that some
individuals have been out
of school for several years
and may not have had the
opportunity to learn or master
various skills.
To get each tutor/learner
pair started, Heather provides
an orientation. As Stephanie
comments, “We go over the
materials that we have, and go
over the learners and what they
have been working on. Heather also provides suggestions
for activities.”
there are over 100
learners who meet
with a volunteer
tutor each week
or are enrolled
in small group
classes. All of
these programs
take place during
the day, Monday
to Friday, at the
Hutton House
Learning Centre
in Cherryhill Village Mall.
“We serve adults who range in age from 16 to 65.
They generally want to learn for their own personal use
and to increase their independence. For example, learning
to tell time, estimating how much change they should get
back when paying for something, finding weather updates
on the internet.”
Where would you find a Kangaroo, a
Kookaburra, a Koala and a Duck-billed Platypus?
Australia of course!
Literacy group classes offered a course called
“Survivor Countries”. We explored the countries where
the TV show “Survivor” has been filmed and discovered
what it would
really be like to
live there. We even
had challenges
to determine our
survivor for that
Joy Clayton and
her tutor Lorraine
Bates, from our
one-to-one tutoring
program, asked
if they could do
a presentation to
the class about the
animals who live
Hutton House Volunteer Tutor
Lorraine with Joy
in Australia. As
that was a country
where the show had been filmed, it was a great idea.
The much anticipated presentation day arrived. Joy
and Lorraine had spent a few weeks researching four
animals, and creating posters and activities for the class to
do. Their presentation
was both educational
and very entertaining.
We really enjoyed
Joy showing us how
a momma kangaroo
carries her baby in
a pouch, by putting
her own stuffed baby
kangaroo into the front
pocket of her hoodie.
Joy and Lorraine
enlivened and
enlightened our class
with their enthusiasm,
and the group gave Joy a chance to work on her research
and public speaking skills. What a wonderful educational
opportunity for all involved!
Page 9
London - Middlesex
at Williams. It is very busy, as business people come in
for meetings, others work on their laptop, some come for
lunch and others just a cup of coffee. I enjoy serving them
YER staff met Mike Kassem in August, 2010. Mike
is the Operations Manager at Williams Coffee Pub on
Richmond St. but you’d never know it as he is often found
working alongside all of the staff. He is a true believer in
helping others and seems to be a ‘pay it forward‘ kind of
guy. Hutton House Employment Services staff have been
impressed by Mike’s positive, helping attitude. Since
September 2010 Mike has employed two YER and two
ESP participants.
Valentina and Jennifer with the Williams Menu
Mark Virgillio with Williams Manager Mike Kassem.
My name is Valentina and I’ve been working at
Williams since Sept. 2, 2010. My job duties include
cleaning tables, serving food and drinks to the customers,
washing dishes and mopping when needed. My favourite
part of the job is working with customers. They are so
nice and I like to help when they ask for things they need
at the table. I even get tips! It’s important to ask the
customers if they are happy and enjoying their orders.
I love all the staff too. We are a team. My bosses are
Mike, Cathy and Michelle. They are all so wonderful and
treat me very well. Everyone makes me feel special and I
love Williams.
My name is Jennifer. I came to YER for assistance
in finding another job. I was given the opportunity of a
6 week, unpaid placement at Williams Coffee Pub with
dreams of being hired at the end. At Williams I do the
dishes, clear the tables, clean the washrooms, and deliver
the food to the tables. I especially like the atmosphere
Page 10
Career Exploration for All
Employment Participants
If you are interested in self discovery to help you
explore your career options, talk to your Employment
Specialist about a referral to the Hutton House
Occupational Therapist.
New Hutton House
Employment Services
Hutton House would like to introduce
Allison Whitehouse to the Employment
Team. She started in September of last
year and comes with over twenty years
experience in the Social Service field. She
has a Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Social
Science and studied BSL (British Sign Language) in the
UK, and has certificates in conflict resolution and personal
New date...
same great fun!
April 17th, 2011
12:00 - 2:00 pm
720 Proudfoot Lane
London Ontario
Hutton House
Win a $5 Starbucks card!
Register by March 17th
to win one of 10 cards!
Register online at...!
• Ask for pledges using email - it’s easy!
• Supporters can make a pledge anytime of day securely using PayPal.
• Reach friends & family out of town, and around
the world!
• Reduce the amount of cash and cheques you
need to juggle and keep track of!
• Include a photo on your profile page!
• Easy access to pledge forms and the Bowler
Information Package.
** Last year’s Top Fundraiser, Karen Dalton
raised $500 online! (of $850 in total!)
Help is available! Just let us know and we’ll set
up your profile - we’ll even help post your photo! Just call 519-472-6381 or
email [email protected]
To receive pledge forms and the Bowler
Information Package by mail call 519-472-6381.
Proceeds support Hutton House!
Page 11
Coming Events
Open Doors - Open House
Learning Centre & Day Break
April 8, 2011
Hutton House Tropical Bowl
Fleetway Bowling Centre
Sunday April 17, 2011
A Crack In Time - Drama Show
Week of June 6
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday June 15, 2011
Hutton House Picnic
Wednesday June 22, 2011
Open Doors
Hutton House Funders
of Community
Ontario Ministry
and Social Services O N TA R I O
Ontario’s employment & training network
Ontario Health and Long-Term Care
Ontario Health Promotion
On April 8, Hutton House will be participating in a
community wide Open Doors event with 24 other
agencies who provide services to persons with disabilities.
Come and visit us at the Hutton House Learning Centre
9:00 to 4:00 and/or at Day Break 1:30 to 4:30. Come
and find out about our services, talk to staff and we
promise to have some goodies waiting! For a list of other
participating agencies call 519-472-6381. Agencies in
Oxford, Elgin, Middlesex Counties are also participating.
Hutton House
“In House”
Next Publication Deadlines
May 13, 2011
August 12, 2011
November 11, 2011
February 10, 2012
We gratefully accept articles, personal stories, and photos
involving participants of Hutton House.
Please submit information directly - and early - to
Bill Mills, Editor of “In House” 519-472-7083 ext. 224
c/o Hutton House Learning Centre.
301 Oxford Street W
London, Ontario N6H 1S6
or to Lori Bardy - Design Wizard 519-472-6381 ext. 232
Hutton House Main Building
654 Wonderland Road N
London, Ontario N6H 3E5
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Photos can be hard copy or e-mailed to
[email protected]
Our Mission:
Hutton House promotes and supports persons
with disabilities through learning and life enhancing programs
that focus on each individual’s strengths,
abilities and interests.
Persons with disabilities have equal access to
participate in all aspects of community life.
Board of Directors:
Paul Coulter - President, Carmen Sprovieri - Vice President
Sue Barnes - Past President, Susan Mrnik - Treasurer
Marilyn Neufeld - Ex-Officio
Carol Drudge, Sandra Hobson, Jean Knight,
Patrick Ley, Nancy Van Spronsen
Charitable Registration
(Bn) No. 10807 1861 RR0001