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Styly Cee
Six By Seven
Issue two/winter 04/05
House Gymnastics
Miles Hunt
and more
LeftLion Magazine
December 2004
Issue 2
Jared Wilson
Sub Editors
Alan Gilby
Timmy Bates
Al Needham
Yemi Akinpelumi
David Blenkey
[email protected]
Ben Cipher
David Bowen
Dom Henry
Joe Ryder
Adrian Bhagat
Guy Gooberman
Lydia Towsey
Miles Hunt
Mr Reason
Pete Jordan
Roger Mean
Sam Care
Tom Cowdrey
“The music business is a
cruel and shallow money
trench, a long plastic hallway
where thieves and pimps run
free, and good men die like
dogs. There’s also a negative
Hunter S. Thompson
contents . . .
Whilst the country’s most famous names in
music get together to launch their Band Aid
assault on the charts this Christmas, spare
a thought for the struggling Nottingham
349a Mansfield Road
Nottingham. NG5 2DA
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Local News for Local People
Flyposting: A Resolution
Christmas shopping in Nottingham
“There have been people tapping away at
the rock here for years, but no-one has
really smashed it yet.” Styly Cee Interview
Wonder Stuff lead singer Miles Hunt writes
exclusively for LeftLion
Six By Seven Interview
A Crap Deal
A croupiers account of working in a Notts Casino
What happened to Whycliffe?
LeftLion uncovers the story of a familiar face
around the city…
House Gymnastics
We speak to James Ford, founder of the
ultimate Winter Sport.
English Litt
LeftLion catches up with one of British
Literature’s ‘young lions’.
When Saturday Comes
Why Notts County striker Steve Scoffham is
living the dream
LeftLion events listings
theatre/ club nights/ live music/ exhibitions/ comedy
Rocky Horrorscopes and Bones’ Fun Cave
Other cities have had more than their fare
share of music scenes. From Manchester’s
‘baggy’ and ‘acid house’, to Liverpool’s
Beatles, Bristol’s trip-hop and Brighton’s big
beat. In comparison Nottingham has been
starved for musical success, with only the
likes of Paper Lace and KWS to ‘boast’ of.
Maybe it’s because our music scene is too
insular, maybe it’s because the media is
unsupportive or maybe it’s just bad luck, but
in this issue we feature a range of musicians
from Nottingham who have stories to tell
about their attempts to make an impact in
the national scene.
Hiphop all-rounder Styly Cee has been
around the Nottingham hiphop scene for
donkey’s years. He’s by no means a big
name nationally, but has in recent times
found a lucrative side project with the UK’s
premier rapping miner Pitman.
Rock band Six By Seven have been dropped
by their record label, yet survived and are
now shifting thousands of units of their
new album from their cellar. They’ve also
launched a label Saturday Night and Sunday
Morning Records and are looking for other
Nottingham bands.
The most dramatic story, however is that of
Whycliffe. Many of you will have walked past
him in the streets of Nottingham over the
last year. Some of you may have given him
money, some of you may have avoided eye
contact. Not many will realise, that he gigged
with James Brown and released 2 albums on
an American label back in the day. Nowadays
he sings for spare change…
There are kids and grown ups around these
parts who have waited their whole lives
for something to break and reach beyond
the city boundaries to a greater national
conciousness. We don’t know when it will
finally be, but whatever happens, it’s getting
closer and when it does LeftLion will be
there. It’s been a long while since ‘Please
Don’t Go…’
[email protected]
things people have said
on the leftlion forum
RIP Daniella Beccan
local news for
local people
with Guy Gooberman our correspondent in London
”I know you shouldn’t let things likes this get you down
but I can’t help it when it involves an innocent 14 year
old girl. I’m shocked, saddened, appalled and angry.”
Pisces J
Please note that Guy Gooberman is a fictional character
and therefore only as real as the news he writes
”Notts rep has been steadily going down hill for the last
few years. Each time I say that is where I am from the
reaction gets slowly worse.”
”Kids round here are growing up with f*ck-all
expectations, the people from their estates who actually
made something out of their lives have been forced to
move away to do it, and the only people they can see
who are successful are more often than not making
dodgy moves.”
”It is fair to say that some of the past Nottingham
shootings may have been drug related but smoking/
selling weed and doing Drive-By’s on a bunch of kids
are two totally different things. This shooting has
touched even the hardest of drug dealers!”
RIP John Peel
”A truly, truly sad piece of news. This was the chap who
formed so many peoples knowledge of contemporary
music. How many people here still have tapes of his
shows? I bet I’m not the only one.”
”Although I only listened now and again to John Peel’s
show, I was always interested in the music he played,
his passion for it, and his knowledge of the wide
varieties of scenes. I am glad that they are going to
name the New Bands stage at Glasto after him. It’s the
right way to remember the legend.”
Capital Of
East Midlands?
”John was a rare genius in the music industry - a
normal bloke. Very few dj’s can mingle with artists
and journo’s alike. beyond his radio show, his constant
involvement with festivals and new producers was
”Hopefully it will make people (and the industry) notice
(who didn’t notice before) what effect an amazing,
genuine person can have on so many people.”
The Milkman
Bush Vs Kerry
“Has everyone forgot Bush lost last time? We should
overthrow the next president with the help of the UN to
restore true democracy to the nation of freaks.”
Dirty Joe
”I’m still fuming about it and shouldn’t be. I simply
can’t believe he’s been voted back in after all the
despicable things he’s done.”
”The whole world should have the right to vote in the
presidential elections, this affects us all!”
make your voice heard
Silverdale To
Be Banned
After securing a second term for
his neo-conservative imperialist regime that aims to stamp a
North American hegemony upon
the rest of the globe by force,
George Bush expanded his axis of
evil to a square, the fourth corner
being humble Nottingham.
Why? It seems that just as
with the invasion of Iraq there
is very little evidence for Mr
Bush to add the city to his hit
list but when Guy Gooberman
probed a Bush spokesperson for
some hard facts with his fist, the
idiot blurted out the following:
“George thought Nottingham was
in Iran.”
Nottingham officials are to introduce controversial legislation
to ban people saying they live in
Silverdale when clearly they live
in Clifton, next to the great big
bypass. Those in power are tired of
these ‘mini areas’ springing up and
being used by people to increase
the price of their house instead
of accepting the fact they live in
a crap area. After Silverdale they
plan to ban Carrington (Sherwood),
Sherwood Rise (Forest Fields) and
people saying they live in Mapperley when it’s really St. Anns. Gedling Borough Council are watching
closely as they contemplate the
future of Daybrook (Arnold).
Israel Comes To
New Basford
Jimmy Yuck opened the curtains at his Nottingham Road residence
yesterday and was shocked to discover that a large ‘separation wall’
had been constructed between his house and the main road, cutting
him off from all his local amenities and the basic facilities which he
needed to survive. Little did he know that Ariel Sharon’s wall around
Israel had got a little out of hand and that building had started in
”Never expected that to happen. Thought he’d be on
Radio 1 for ever.”
Baron of Carlton
”People feel like they knew him personally, even though
they often didn’t. His death has had a noticeable effect
on many, Radio 1 (and radio in general) will never be
the same again.”
Prof Yaffle
Bush Targets
Garry Birtles Face Seen
On Tea Towel In Hucknall
“Contemptible!” “Nonsensical!”
“Twaddle!” “Where’s Northampton?” These are just a few of the
comments we paid people to say
about Northampton being made
the capital of the East Midlands
instead of our own fair city of
Nottingham. The controversial decision was made by a faceless bureaucrat who scares everyone in
his office because he has no face.
Disgusted Nottingham residents
have threatened to go down to
Northampton and sort the matter
out through the medium of dance.
You’ve already heard of the Turin Shroud,
well now we have the Hucknall
Shroud; however this one is no fake
perpetuated by a fading cult.
Mrs Swiss Cottage was washing the
pots early one morning, listening to
Radio Nottingham, when she suddenly came over all queer and started
to shake. She looked down at the tea
towel she was clutching in her talons
and saw the face of former Forest striker
and Evening Post football pundit Garry
Birtles appear in all his holy glory. Forest fan
Duncan Tile, said of the item: “You should
put that tea towel on Ebay.”
Flyposting: A Resolution
Over the past decade, club and music event promoters around
Nottingham (and the UK), have used posters as a cost effective and
direct way of advertising their events.
Words: Pete Jordan. Photo: David Bowen
Whether it was big posters
pasted anonymously overnight
on disused buildings, stapled
posters on wooden telegraph
poles or cardboard tied on
traffic lights, the Town and
Country Planning Act 1990
defines all these as illegal
forms of advertising.
It seems that everybody from
the lonely wandering promoter
with their staple gun and a
bag of photocopied posters, to
the big corporation, had their
own interpretation on the laws
of advertising. As did the general public, who at least once
or twice a year would be found
by some Fleet Street wannabe
journalist, who would go on
to sensationalise and misrepresent an issue they had little
understanding of, creating
further discord between the
public, the council and the
The misconception held by so
many people and quite often
the focus in the seemingly annual Evening Post ‘crackdown
on fly posting’, is that (leftfield
music) promoters are all ‘raking it in’. From my experience
as a promoter in this city,
most of them are just scraping by and are in it to push a
genre of music that they are
passionate about.
In a city with plenty of derelict
buildings it’s also arguable
that putting posters on them
will not make them any less
appealing to the eye. Posters
advertising events that people
might be interested in is often
better to look at than just another boarded up window.
There was a similar crackdown
on events promoters and
flyposters a few years ago in
Liverpool, shortly after it had
been named European Capital of Culture 2008. Within a
few days a torrent of flyposters had appeared around the
usual places in the city that
simply read ‘This Is Culture’.
What is overlooked is the
great cultural and financial
benefit such a diverse array
of musical events brings to
this city! The dedication and
hard work of the promotion
community over the years has
gained Nottingham’s club and
gig scene the excellent reputation that it deserves, unlike
the cheap booze and stag do
culture that has dragged our
good city through the dirt (and
many a TV documentary).
The council’s initial ‘no tolerance’ approach to postering
and illegal advertising caused
big problems for promoters
unable to afford other forms of
advertising. The (seeminglyhollow) threat from the council
of on the spot fines and £1000
per poster was never actually
met with action, probably due
to the difficulty in pin-pointing
the perpetrator. It certainly
made those with long term
ambitions in the city think
twice about what they were
doing though...
This all changed last year
when a law was passed in Parliament that made it possible
for fly-posterers to be given
ASBO’s (Anti-Social Behaviour
Orders), and the council made
it clear that a club could have
their license revoked if their
promotion was not kept legal.
This included litter from flyering after events, outside
universities or in the town!
Although it remains to be seen
if any legal action will be taken
against offending promoters
or venues, the threat has been
made and this time people
have taken it more seriously.
So the council successfully
enforces a ban on postering,
and what does this result in?
Obviously a cleaner city which
is a good thing for everybody!
However, promoting events
has become more difficult
and I would expect that this
has had a negative effect on
both big and small venues and
events in and across the city.
However, down to the hard
work of a number of individuals it seems that the start of
something positive is about to
begin. After months of meetings, research and consultations (you know the usual
approach!!), £10,000 worth of
funding has been allocated to
erect two poster hubs that will
be there to inform the public
of forthcoming events. This
will create legal postering options for the promoters and
venues. The two drums will be
situated near the Old Angel in
Hockley and near Trent University on Shakespeare Street.
any surplus going towards
funding of further sites if the
scheme proves to be a success. Similar schemes in other
UK cities such as Leeds have
proved a great success and
have reduced the problems of
illegal advertising. It is hoped
that this scheme can be expanded in the future.
The poster sites will be funded
by the promoters who will be
charged between £1.25 and
£1.50 per week per poster.
This will fund the maintenance
of the sites by the council’s
Neighbourhood Services with
At November’s Nottingham
Pub and Club Watch meeting,
the poster sites were revealed
and the hubs are to be hexagonal in shape, 2 A3 portrait
posters wide and 4 high, with
each holding 48 posters. It is
hoped eventually that sponsorship might be found to fund
the hubs further and expand
the scheme. At the meeting
22 promoters agreed to the
terms and conditions of the
poster sites and many more
are expected to commit in the
next few weeks. The scheme
is scheduled to begin in early
the council and other organisations) have managed to cut
through the abundance of red
tape and forge a positive solution. Although this might only
be a partial solution (I think
more hubs will be required)
this is a step in the right
direction to legal advertising
for those wanting to promote
their events in Nottingham.
In summary, I would like to
say that all too often the council gets criticised for its actions
(or lack of) but this time it
seems that the persistence of
a few notable people (within
If you’re interested in
sponsoring this scheme
contact [email protected]
Stuff to buy this Xmas...
Never sure what to get people for Christmas? Sick of buying the same toiletries and
chocolate oranges for people all the time? Your local neighbourhood is full of great
ideas if you look hard enough. Here are just a few gift ideas we found to buy people
in and around Nottingham…
For Sister . . .
For Brother . . .
If your brother is
into his music then
head to Funky Monkey for a selection of
the finest new and
second hand music
available in the city
centre. They stock
a range of CD’s and
Vinyl ranging from
house to hiphop. If
you’re not entirely sure what to get him then they also do
handy gift vouchers.
If you think he’d be interested in taking up a new hobby why
not check out Jugglers in Hockley? They offer everything
from beanbags to Diablo’s, catering for all talents from novice to full on festival goer.
If your sister is politically aware like Lisa Simpson then she might appreciate Zapatista coffee. This is fair trade coffee straight from the Mexican
front line. £4 per 250g packet.
If she’s into her fashion then send her into Sample to check out a large
range of interesting clothes on offer. What seems to be the biggest hit is
that the items are all samples (hence the name).Nothing is mass produced
and they also stock fair trade labels such as Jasmine fish, Komodo and the
birds and the beads cotton and hemp wear.
These goods are available at:
mm…deli, 610 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham,
NG5 2FS. : General Store,
570 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 2FS. : Spowage Arts studio,
Estate House, 2 Byard Lane, Nottingham, NG1 29J. : Funky Monkey,
14 Goose Gate, Hockley, Nottingham.
Jugglers, 4 Goosegate, Nottingham, NG1 1FF
Sample, Bridlesmithgate, Nottingham NG1 2GN.
For Mum . . .
It’s always hard to know what to get Mum for chrimbo. Buy
them something radical and they might not like it, but if you
buy them something that useful then you somehow feel that
you’re cheating them. Best therefore to aim for strictly luxury
Oregon Chai is a black tea base infused with eastern spices
like cinnamon and clove with added honey. Developed by
‘chai-oneer’ Heather Howitt, who came across it when a local
handed her a cup half way up a mountain in the Himalayas, it
has taken the US by storm. It is an indulgent sweet and spicy
treat for the senses that can be consumed hot or cold. Availa
ble exclusively at General Store, Sherwood. £4.60 per
Mm.. deli… own brand Lemon curd is a real tasty treat. It’s
a thick and tasty, luxurious treat made from only the finest
ingredients. £2.30 for 320g jar. Available from mm…deli.
Or you could splash out a little more and buy her some edible gold. Sounds bizarre, but
Xocoa have launched a 22 carat gold chocolate bar. The 85g bar is 73% cocoa with 22 carat
gold plate on the top, which is totally edible. What’s more, apparently it has beneficial effects, such as great nutritional and medicinal properties. Available from mm…deli.
For Dad . . .
It’s a lot easier to please your dad than
it is most people when buying them
presents. If it’s edible or drinkable,
then you will usually hit the spot. It’s
nice to splash out a little though…
Kopi Lupak is a real conenoses coffee.
It comes from inside the Common Palm
Civet Cat, which prowls the Sumatran
coffee plantations at night, choosing
to eat only the finest, ripest cherries.
The cherry stones (which form coffee
beans) are then collected by cleaning
through the droppings. It is widely considered to be the finest coffee by native
Sumatrans and has a rich chocolate
like flavour with no aftertaste, which is
unique. It’s available exclusively at General Store.
If he’s a fan of hot food then you can’t go wrong with ‘ Pain
is good’ chilli sauce, part of the new mega-hot sauce range
from U.S.A. These are sauces guaranteed to clear out any
form of British winter cold. £5 per bottle from mm… deli.
If your dad is an art collector, then head for the Spowage
Arts Studio. They offer a range of original and bespoke pieces at prices ranging from £50 to £600. Resident artist is Pete
Spowage. His style is very modern and streetwise, using lots
of figurative art and acrylics and oils. Alongside him is Mike
Leeson, whose work is more weird and wacky.
For more information about shopping in Nottingham, visit the LeftLion Directory at:
The LeftLion Online shop is an
outlet for independent musicians,
designers and artists in Nottingham. We stock CD’s and vinyl,
recorded by local artists, T-Shirts
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designers and bespoke works of art
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Music currently in includes the Get
Out 1 and 2. These albums are
highly exclusive and selling fast.
Last year Nittngham rapper Cappo
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is the follow-up, with Zero Theory
on Production, in two instalments
and is available exclusively through
the LeftLion shop. All copies come
signed personally by the artists.
Other music currently available in
the LeftLion shop includes: First
Blood, Dap-C, Smokes and Bluntz,
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Clothing in the LeftLion shop includes new T-shirt designs from
Forecast and Beshlo clothing.
Forecast’s range focuses particularly on the city of their birth and
designs have incorporated aspects
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Nottingham maps and even the
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Beshlo is a new range of clothing designed by Matt Crowe. All
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house and feature elements of both
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The new Beshlo range available on
LeftLion includes pieces for both
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We are always expanding our
range of stock at LeftLion. If you
are interested in having your
goods stocked with us email
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To see a full range of our stock, visit the LeftLion shop at
Legendary Styly
Styly Cee is something of a hiphop jack of
all trades in Nottingham, but he seems
to be mastering a few of them at the moment...
words: Jared Wilson, photos: Joe Ryder
Styly first came to prominence as one
half of turn of the century rap and
production duo Lost Island, releasing
a succession of EP’s and Debut LP on
Son Records.
Since then he has become a respected
producer and the man behind a
number of successful releases for
rappers such as Cappo, Scorzayzee
and C-Mone. He also has a close
working relationship with UK rap
parody Pitman. Ya get me?
He didn’t want to talk about the
rapping miner from Coalville in this
interview, but we got his thoughts on a
few other things…
So how long have you been going
for as Styly Cee now? Where did it
all start..?
”I’ve been around for 18 years. I
got the name in my school days at
Alderman White school in Beeston.
I can’t even remember how I got it.
I’m that old!! It sounds almost cheesy
these days, but I’ve had it that long
that I don’t want to change it.”
”My sister had some portable decks,
one of those little sets with speakers in
a suitcase. I nicked that, cut a slipmat
out of my old school trousers and
scratched my dad’s Labi Siffre record
to bits. It was mashed!”
Who were the people you grew up
listening to back then?
”A big one for me is Jazzy Jeff. As a
scratch DJ, him and Cash Money are
where it’s at. Even now, I saw him last
year at Rock City and thought he was
Tell us about the old days with
Nottingham pirate radio station
Heatwave… How long did you do
your show for?
”I was at Heatwave for five years
altogether. It almost seems now that
those were the good old days! At that
time we didn’t have Cable TV channels
brainwashing the kids. Westwood was
on pirate radio and there was no 1xtra,
so the pirate scene fed everything in
Nottingham. Heatwave was mainly a
reggae station.”
”In those days, despite it being a
pirate, I still had to edit out all the
bad language as best as I could. The
argument was that it was a community
station and that children did listen
in. I used to do a show on Saturday
afternoons and if the odd one did slip
through I’d get a phonecall straight
”I haven’t got that many tapes of old
shows, but I’ve bumped into people
that have and it’s mad to listen back
to when we were playing Lords of the
Underground and Common tracks for
the first time. It’s good to think we
were encouraging hiphop. Nowadays
I’m more like a grumpy old man who
rants on about how good it was back in
the day…”
How does it feel looking back upon
the Lost Island Days?
”Funnily enough I played the Lost
Island album the other day, after not
listening to it for at least a year. Not
for any reason, but I don’t listen to my
own music much anyway. We didn’t
have major success, but at the time
we were putting out some quality
hiphop and the only thing that snagged
us was the American accent. Back
then it was still acceptable, but now
you can’t get away with rapping full-on
”We eventually did the album. It came
out. It went okay. We didn’t really
sell many of them, but we got good
reviews. I think afterwards Frisco got
bored of it and we ended up like a
bickering husband and wife. We only
see each other occasionally these
days, but I’d be up for doing a track
with him again…”
It’s a bit different from nowadays
where people rap in thick
Nottingham accents…
”Nowadays in the UK scene you can
see distinct differences between
regional styles in accents. You get
loads of people copying London
accents when they’re not even from
London. People think that’s a definitive
British style, but that’s not what its
about either.”
So what do you think to the state
of the current Notts scene?
”As the old bastard of Nottingham
hiphop I would say that Nottingham
is better now than it ever has been in
terms of the products that are coming
out. There have been people tapping
away at the rock here for years, but
no-one has really smashed it yet.”
“Cappo’s Spaz The World album has
got to be in the Top 3 albums of last
year. I still think that record has been
slept on a little bit. It’s different to his
Get-Out stuff because Zero Theory
comes at it from a more leftfield angle.
They’re both valid because Cappo can
drop it at both ends.”
”Tempa has done well on Chancers
on Channel Four. I saw an episode,
where they went to New York. The
programme looked a bit shit, but I
think she can see that and is using it
to get exposure for herself and her
music. Good luck to her!”
”I recorded a couple of tracks with
Scorzayzee just before he went away.
Great Britain is an amazing track.
I’m not sure how you would go about
following it up tho. What else is there
left he can possibly say? He’s covered
everything from his whole personal
opinion in one track…”
What are you working on at the
”A few things. Some more secret that
others. I’ve done a track for C-Mone.
That was on my last 12”. She’s been
around a bit with the Outdaville crew
and now she’s breaking out on her
own. At the minute female emcees are
coming into their own. Estelle’s doing
well and she could follow on from that
What are you doing for Christmas?
What will Santa be bringing Styly?
“I’ll be doing the same thing everyone
does really. I’ll be sitting back and
relaxing with family. Hopefully I’ll get
some good games, sit and play them
and drink. I’ve got all the consoles. At
the minute I’m big into Burn Out 3!”
Born In The
The new technologies…
I love ‘em. Couldn’t think
of anything worse than going
through life without ‘em.
Not the big important
stuff like power grids
or defence systems
or mass production
of food stuffs though.
It’s the small trivial
stuff that gets me going.
My laptop for instance.
I don’t even have to get
out of bed to work any
more. Set me up with
my laptop, fluff up
my pillows, keep my
telephones within
arms reach & I’m in
for a day’s hard graft.
Where am I writing
this from? Duvet Town,
If I’m working on music,
you’ll find me on the
mattress with a pair
of earphones & a midi
keyboard hooked right
into the laptop. Get sick
of working? I start firing out
emails to all manner of addresses
from all over the world. I can sound
like the most active guy on the map
when I write about my activities,
but the truth is, I’m rarely out of
my pit.
It’s not all about how much time
I can dedicate to the boudoir
though. In fact, my love of the new
technologies is not based entirely
on my inherent idleness. I’ve
had a life-long aversion to the
advertising industry, particularly
on television. If I’m at home
in front of the TV, does it
not go without saying that
i’m not in a shopping
TV advertising isn’t as irritating as
cinema advertising, but in my book
it’s an affront to common decency all
the same. I remember a time when
advertisers made special adverts
for the cinema, adverts that were
for cinema consumption only. Okay
it was still advertising, but because
those adverts were made especially
for the silver screen it seemed to
embellish the sense of occasion. It
ain’t so anymore! The same bollocks
that you have to put up with at home
will stalk you all the way to yer local
Warner Village these days.
A means by which to avoid the
advertising industry during your TV
hours is to simply record each show
you fancy watching, then viewing
them at some later date, by simply
fast-forwarding the ad breaks. Follow
this to the letter & you will be seizing
back a degree of control robbed from
you years ago by those bastards
in the advertising business! That is
unless of course your favourite show
happens to be ‘Friends’. In that case
you should ignore all of the above,
as you deserve to wallow in your
own stupidity. You probably need
to watch the adverts in order to not
miss out on any of the conversation
when you next visit your local wine
All we have to do now is stop the
BBC from advertising themselves.
You’ve already got us by the balls,
you c*nts! The protection racket that
is the Television Licence assures The
Old Boy’s network an income for the
foreseeable future. Why do we need
to be encouraged to watch a channel
that we are quite plainly already
watching? Did I miss a meeting?
They are like some hideous school
bully constantly bragging at how
good they are at, well, everything.
I had intended to write a
well constructed, nay
positive, account
of my warm
toward the new technologies, I seem
to have gone awry. Fuck it! While I’m
at it...
Mobile phones. I’m a fan, particularly
of the text message. This form of
communication fits well into my
bedroom routine. Too idle to talk?
Without question! Then text it. But
take the things out of the slumber
chamber & it’s a whole other matter.
As a performer of live music I’ve
watched audience behaviours change
dramatically in recent times. It used
to be that when the band played ‘the
slow one’ the audience members
would hold cigarette lighters aloft.
As mobile phones have increasingly
nestled their way into our lives the
lighter is most definitely with The
I accepted the sight of mobile
phones held high above heads with
scant concern at first! I reasoned
that it was actually quite a wonderful
thing to phone a friend & really stick
it to them that they hadn’t managed
to get to the gig & now here’s their
favourite band in the world playing
their absolute favourite song.
I did it myself, to my Brother, when
Sex Pistols played Finsbury Park
in 1996. But now, mobile phones
have developed photographic
capabilities. Something I’ve yet to
buy into. What I see now at gigs is
these phone/camera hybrids held in
the air throughout the entire show.
There’s no saving it for ‘the slow one’
anymore kids. Tradition be damned…
The new technologies are completely
altering our behaviour and there’s
seemingly no stopping them. But
as we all reel from the excitement
of change and physically glow at
the warmth of always being in
touch, are we not missing the real
point? Wasn’t the lighter option
considerably cheaper and easier?
More importantly, what am I gonna
light my fags with?
Six By Seven have had it rough over the past few years.
Critically acclaimed yet never quite converting it into
record sales, it’s an all too
typical story plaguing
many of Nottingham’s
music acts.
Words: Sam Care
During the past three years the band
has had a particularly painful habit
of losing things; a bassist, a guitarist
and most unfortunately a record deal.
But in true Nottingham graft style,
they remain undeterred.
Now a threesome, with James Flower
on Hammond organ, keyboards and
saxophone, Chris Davis on drums
and Chris Olley on bass, guitar and
vocals, they have set up their own label, and have started selling records
out of Olly’s cellar. They’ve named
the label, Saturday Night, Sunday
Morning after the gritty urban novel
and film of the same name.
Set in a Raleigh dominated Nottingham, the film stars Albert Finney
as the anti-hero of the Free British
Cinema movement. It is set up as
an angry young man rant against it
all, making quite the fitting title for
a record label born out of need and
pure determination against the run of
play. As Chris told me on an uncharacteristically mild November night,
before the band’s recent Rescue Rooms
gig: “It’s a great film and we wanted to
name the record label after something
to do with Nottingham.”
The label is run by Chris with only a
computer and a mobile phone, from
the depths of a Nottingham basement.
He disagrees with some of the band’s
critics who, he says, have written Six
By Seven off.
“People think that the band is on its
knees, and you know, whenever you
read the reviews it’s like ‘they’ve lost
their record deal’. But really, you lose
a record deal and you gain something else. We have total control over
our music now. We’ve just sold nine
thousand records from the basement
of my house! I mean if you can sell
nine thousand of anything you’re doing
Such an optimistic attitude might
surprise some of those that have read
the band’s reviews over the years. One
reviewer in the NME recently wrote
that the band have made a career out
of being, terminally miserable. I put
this to Chris and asked him straight...
“Am I terminally miserable? ...erm? I
don’t think so. Do I come across that
way? I think what’s happened over the
years is that I have been typecast in
that role really and because we are a
band that...”
At this point the interview was briefly
interrupted by a passing friend of
Chris’s and the answer to my question
was unwittingly answered:
Chris’s unnamed friend:
“So are you ready?”
Chris: (unconvincing) “Yeah!”
Friend: “Haha, you’re not really
up for it then?”
Chris: “Err... I don’t like playing
Nottingham really.”
Friend: “Why? Is it ‘cause you know
too many people (laughing)?”
Chris: “Well... you look out into the
audience and everyone is like... (pulls
a face) Every local band, is down there
trying to see if we can slip up.”
It’s all in good humour, but you can
see where they got the miserable
reputation! I gave Chris the chance
to explain further when the interview
“I’ll tell you what’s odd, when we go to
other places we get more people coming to see us than we do in Nottingham. I find that weird. It’s a bit odd
that we can go to Exeter and twice as
many people come to se us. Or Cardiff
or Glasgow or Birmingham. The crowd
is always bigger than in Nottingham.”
and talk about Amusement Parks on
Fire and Punish the Atom, you know...
try and put the place on the map a bit
I offered the possible reason that it’s
the “local band effect”. The “oh they’ll
be back. They live here, we’ll see them
next time,” sort of thing...
“Yeah, when we get some more money
coming in. You know...when we’ve put
food on our own table. We are asking
people to send us demos. We would
like to hear as much as possible, we’ll
go and see anything.”
Chris looked visibly happier, relieved
that at long last a possible reason
may have been worked out. A note of
surprise crept into his voice, when he
replied, “It could be that, yeah!”
The band played their first ever gig in
1997 in the Old Angel in Nottingham
and Chris despite his reservations
about playing in Nottingham is proud
of his connections to the city,
“This is a great city. This is a great
place to live. We’ve always tried to try
to talk up Nottingham. There are not
many bands that come from here and
we always try to mention local bands.
When we do interviews we always try
I asked him whether the band are
planning to sign more acts to their new
Sounds like all the East Midlands hard
graft is paying off then? Members
leaving, record deal lost, it all seems to
be being dealt with. Life doesn’t seem
to be too bad for the band, these days.
“The three of us are just mates that
are making music together. We still
enjoy it. This fourth album is a much
more positive record. It encapsulates
the period we are in now. We are
moving forward. We aren’t miserable,
we’re just doing things on our own
It’s Friday night, 3am, and
though the chips are stacked
up on the roulette table like
the Manhattan skyline, I can’t
take my eyes off Chadda, who
has entered the sixth minute of
his strop on the opposite table.
Everyone at the casino knows
him, mainly because he’s a
cheating little shitbag.
I went on me break to discover a
workmate dabbing his bloody nose.
When I asked if he was going to report
it to the police, he laughed so hard he
covered the toilet mirror with blood
and snot. “You should have been here
when we had the riot. They overturned
three of the roulette tables, we had to
barricade ourselves in here, and it took
24 riot police and a dozen dogs to calm
them down”.
The manager comes over and has a
word. Chadda’s on his best behaviour.
He shakes his hand, apologises to
everyone, and walks away to have a
fag. But while I’m going through the
military routine all dealers do when
the ball drops (place glass dolly on
winning number, clear all losing chips
down the hole, work out who gets paid
first, how much they’ve won, display
to them their winning chips and push
them out in the precise manner, repeat
procedure for the next winner, etc),
I can’t help noticing Chadda with a
malevolent glint in his eye fingering a
large cut-glass ashtray.
“How many arrests?”
The next thing I know, the mountain
of chips on the opposite table has
exploded. Chadda has only gone
and flung the ashtray at the dealer,
recreating the opening scene of
Independence Day a half-decade
before it was filmed. The inspector and
pit boss drag him away. The punters
are going berserk. All of them, to a
man, claim that all of their chips were
on the winning number, and they all
demand to be paid out…
I hadn’t thought about Chadda for
years, not until the Government
thought it’d be a good wheeze to
open whacking great casinos in every
town. Let’s be honest, one of them is
bound to come to Notts, even though
there’s already four of them a stones
throw from Slab Square. Boost to the
night-time economy…sophisticated
alternative to clubbing…chance to win
shitloads of cash…what’s wrong with
I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it; it’ll be
in Nottingham. As a former croupier
at a city centre venue, you would not
believe the abuse we got. I could walk
into Yates on a Saturday night, naked
from the waist down in a Derby shirt,
and would never cop as much grief as
I did on an average night working in
Many of the clientele worked at or
owned Chinese restaurants (or Triads,
depending on who you talked to in
the staffroom), and somehow forgot
that they weren’t in a noisy kitchen
any more. It wasn’t just the Chinese.
You get a proper multi-cultural coating
when you’re a dealer. I was sworn
at in Urdu, Polish, Lebanese, Patois,
Greek, Punjabi, Gujarati, and plain old
Nottingham. A Benetton poster of spite
and disgust, if you will.
Some of them would think nothing
of leaning over and sticking one on
a dealer. The first night I was there,
More laughter. “The casino doesn’t
want them in the nick, they want them
back here wasting their money. All
the charges were dropped, but they
boycotted us for a fortnight. We had to
do free buffets every night to gerrem
back in”.
He was right. I don’t know what you’d
have had to have done to get barred
from that casino. There was nothing
more galling than to see the bastard
who smacked the shit out of your mate
the night before roll up to your table
and start throwing his weight about
Actually, there was something more
galling - having to stand there and
watch obscene amounts of money
being spunked away. I’ll give you one
example. One night, an enormous
bloke who I was told was the boss of
the Nottingham Triads came over to
my roulette table, wearing the kind of
furry waistcoat not seen since Giant
Haystacks died. He threw down a
fistful of fifty pound notes, asked
to have them changed
into £25 chips, and
dumped them
all over the
covering all the numbers bar two.
One of the two numbers came up. I
shovelled £2,500 of his money down
the hole where all the lost bets go,
trying not to shit myself.
bollocked, which was as pointless as
the boss of Ladbrokes getting Red
Rum into the offices of Ladbrokes and
shouting at him for winning the Grand
He shrugged, delved back into his
pocket, threw another £2,500 on
the table. Same thing happened. He
looked at me, laughed, winked, and
went on another table. I found out
later he’d lost another two grand
on one spin and went home. In five
minutes, he had spent my entire yearly
salary. Still, with all that money flying
about, the tips must have been good,
right? Well, they would have been,
except that a) British croupiers weren’t
allowed tips, and b) the punters
wouldn’t have given you the steam off
their piss.
By the end of six months, I’d had
enough of it. I was sick of having
to work double shifts from 1pm to
4am and having to come in the next
morning. I got pissed off with meeting
my mates in town for a drink and
then have to go to work while they
went to Rock City to twirl tongues
with goth birds. I was narked when
me Christmas ‘bonus’ was a couple
of bottles of wine that not even KwikSave would put on their shelves,
and then informed I was working on
Christmas Night and New Years Eve. I
also felt guilty when I saw blokes with
no money for a taxi home kipping on
benches as I left the building.
In any case, the management treated
us worse than the punters did. Not
only were the pockets in our trousers
sewn up, but fraternisation with
anyone at the casino was forbidden.
You even had to inform management if
you were knocking off anyone at work.
I once thought about drafting a memo
that read “Dear Sir, I can’t stop looking
at the jubblies on that new female
dealer and am thinking about having
a go at her after work”.
Even worse, if you
lost a hefty amount
on the tables, you’d
be taken into
the office and
Oh, and the fact that one of the
bouncers who regularly threw chairs
about and threw screaming fits when
he lost a quid on the Blackjack had
threatened to stab me in the street
and followed me about town one night
rather clinched it for me. So if you
ask me, a whopping great casino in
Nottingham would be about as clever
an idea as The Works doing an Uzi
promotion night. Bet you it happens,
What happened
to Whycliffe?
The city of Nottingham is full of artists and
musicians with dreams of making
it. From indie bands to urban
rappers, the output of local
artists in this city is as fluid as
any other. Unlike the Liverpools
and Manchesters of this world,
however, it’s rare that anyone
from this city make a real impact
on the National music scene.
Donovan Whycliffe Bramwell has
been a regular face on the streets of
Nottingham for the past few years.
Now in his late thirties, he’s better
known as the guy who sings for small
change in the city centre and lives in
a sheltered housing complex.
A decade ago, however, he was
signed to US Record label MCA,
sold out the Hammersmith Odeon
in London, toured Europe with the
Godfather of Soul James Brown
and dated Aussie babe Danni
Everyone in this city has a past,
every person a story to tell.
Not many, however, get
as close as he did to the
big time, only to see it all
crumble in front of them. I
met up with Whycliffe one
afternoon in his local
pub and let him tell
me his story...
words: Jared Wilson
photos: David Bowen
“There was so much
happening to me at
such a young age
that I couldn’t cope
with it all. It’s one
of dem ting, innit?”
Are you originally from
”I’m born and bred in Notts. I
was born in the city hospital and
I was brought up in Broxtowe. I left
school and had a few different little
jobs. I went to college for a bit to try
and better myself, but my attendance
was poor so they kicked me out!”
When did you first start singing?
”I always liked music. When I
was a little baby I remember
sitting in the living room with
my mum and she put a tape
on and we were dancing. My
dad used to play the guitar
in the church and he taught
me how to play keyboards.
Whenever I saw popstars on
the TV I always wanted to be
What venues have you played
in around the city?
”I played at the YMCA, the
Narrowboat, I headlined the
Wollaton Park festival once.
I can’t remember when
though. I’m not so good
with years. It all started
when I was signed to
MCA records in New
York when I was
19 or 20. I did a
recording for a
guy called Tim
Andrews and
he sent it
off to loads
of record
for me.”
It must have been exciting for you
at such a young age…
”It was an amazing time! I went all
over the world and did music videos
and stuff. We recorded videos in Los
Angeles. One was called Heaven and
one was called One More Time. I had
longer hair then, but the locks were
implanted. The second video I did was
even more surreal.”
Did you ever get in the UK charts
”I didn’t get to the top 40 in this
country. The best I got was number 52
or something. I went on tour around
Europe with London Beat tho and that
was exciting.”
They were the guys who did that
‘I’ve been thinking about you’
song, right? What were they like?
”They were sound. I got on well with
them. There were nuff jokes and
lots of taking the mickey out of each
other. We just used to playfight with
each other all the time. We used to
have this games called ‘face grab city’
and used to run around the tourbus
attacking each other.”
I understand you also toured with
James Brown…
”Yeaman! I played Wembley Arena and
Birmingham NEC with him. It must
have been about 1993. I made sure
I got my picture taken with him after
the show. We had a bit of a chat. He is
definitely the Godfather of soul!”
I also heard these rumours about
you and Danni Minogue.
”She was on the same record label
as me and she liked my music. I was
going out with her for a while. She was
a really nice girl. She talked to me and
made me feel really nice.”
”When I was touring my Rough
Side album (1994), I played at the
Hammersmith Odeon and she came to
meet me after. That was when I first
started seeing her.”
”Sometimes you see somebody and
think they’re really nice and you don’t
want to spoil them. In my heart she
Whycliffe Albums
Rough Side (MCA,1992)
Whycliffe’s debut album was produced and written by himself
in the Square Studios. It contains singles such as Magic
Garden, Love Speak Up and Whatever It is, of which continue
to be played regularly on dancefloors in Europe. The latter
song was also remixed by David Morales. The Tracklisting of
the CD is:
1. Rough Side
2. Whatever It Is
3. I Tried
4. A Kind of Class
5. Kiss Me
6. Which Road
7. Dynamic Sense of Pride
8. Magic Garden
9. Confusion
10. Love Speak Up
11. Kiss Me Tight
12. Whatever It Is (It’s got to be funky)
13. Higher
14. Magic Garden (Magical Ragga Mix)
15. Irresistible Lover
16. Love Speak Up (Censored Love Mix)
sort of overpowered me. I
was so excited that I didn’t
know what to do. I felt like if
I stayed around I might dry
things up for her.”
Did you ever meet her
”Yep. I met Kylie as well. We
both played on the Saturday
Morning TV Show Live and
Kicking. I was on that and
there was Zoe Ball and that
other guy (Jamie Theakston)
presenting. We did the gig and
then afterwards we all stood
up in a line to meet Kylie. She
shook hands with us all one by
one. It was like how the queen
comes to say hello.”
So what happened with the
second album ‘Journeys of
the Mind’?
”With Journeys of the Mind I
think I thought of a name that
would capture the imagination
and had everything about
what I was doing in it. It
was like a trip about loads of
things. I wrote most of the
songs on that album too and it
was produced by Chris Porter,
who at the time was also
George Michael’s producer.”
”I was excited about the
prospect of working with him.
After doing all of the first
album myself, I wasn’t sure
whether to put my nose in and
to try and have a big part in
it or whether I should just let
him at it. Sometimes I think
about it and think that it was
good that Chris Porter did it,
but at other times I think I
should have put more into it.”
So where did it go wrong
from there?
”After Journeys of the Mind I
went into my own mind and
deep into myself. I got ill. It’s
hard to remember much of
what happened, but it was a
downward spiral that I couldn’t
get out of. I blame it on myself
still. I was weak. I’m trying to
be strong when I say it, but
it ain’t easy! There’s a lot of
things I don’t remember…”
”I live in sheltered housing
these days with people who
cook my meals and look after
us a bit. I was living on my
own and I had problems. I
mashed up my flat and broke
up all the ornaments and the
window, and mashed down the
toilet. I mashed off the sink.”
Was it the fame? Was it
”It was both. It was a bit of
everything really! There was
so much happening to me
at such a young age that I
couldn’t quite cope with it all.
It’s one of dem ‘ting innit!
These days I just like singing
in town for people.”
Journeys of the Mind (Diverse, 1994)
Are you still on drugs?
”A little bit! I tell you though,
weed is better than crack.
When you smoke crack you
just want it so much because
you can’t get it. In your heart
you feel like you want it more
because you can’t have it. It’s
a sin, but you can understand
it. I mean well most of
the time, but I know that
sometimes I’m ill.”
”When I look out of my eyes,
I don’t feel like they belong
to this body anymore. I can’t
really explain it, but I’m not
afraid of dying these days.
When I was younger I used to
really fear it and it was what
drove me on, but now it’s not
there anymore.”
The follow up to Rough Side was a departure for Whycliffe
in that it was produced with minimal involvement from him.
Instead Chris Porter (who was also making beats for George
Michael at the time) took the reigns. The result is a slightly
edgier and funkier effort than his debut. Singles from this
album included One More Time, Heaven and Whatever It Is.
The Tracklisting of the CD is:
1. Journeys of the Mind
2. One More Time
3. Heaven
4. Rainchild
5. Sole Lover
6. Same old Game
7. I Pray
8. Sweeter Than Honey
9. Whatever It Is
10. Shake It
11. Through It All
12. Journeys Of The Mind
Harrison & Ford’s House
Gymnastics Original Moves
1. Ceiling Walk
2. Elevated Dog Stretch
House Gymnastics
Harrison & Ford’s House
Gymnastics Original Moves
1. Jumping Jack Wedge
Post-uni blues can lead many people to
begin climbing the walls, but Nottingham
duo James Ford and Spencer Harrison took
this literally and turned what was once
considered a sign of madness into House
Gymnastics: part-artform, part-sport, part-media
phenomenon, which you can indulge in without leaving your home. Leftlion caught up
with the latter half the Harrison &
Ford team
tea to discuss Carpet
climbing around a
Swedish tattoo parlour for
German TV and passing out on
the Nottingham Goose
words: Mr Reason
2. Door Wedge
One Handed Starfish, Ford’s favourite move.
Just to bring people up to
speed, how long has House
Gymnastics being going?
3. Shelf Pirouette
“Since September 2002, so just
over two years.”
It started in Notts. Could you
tell us how it came about?
“Spencer and I were both at home
at the time, unemployed, drinking
a lot of tea, you know, that postuni blues sort of thing… we had
to fill our days and I had a blind
which needed putting up in my
room but we didn’t have a stepladder, so we thought, well let’s
climb the window frame. It took
us almost all day because it was
so awkward, we had to balance
and prop each other up to screw
it in, but after we did it we started
looking for other things to climb
on and it went from there…”
Did you expect it to catch on
as it has done with worldwide
“Not at all… it was a sort of snowballing thing. It started by emailing pictures of us doing moves to
friends and naming the moves.
They sent them to their friends
and then we started getting
emails from these people saying
‘When are you going to send us
some more?’
That was when we thought of
putting together a basic website
where we could upload stuff to
show people. Then, I forget how
it came about, but we had an
article in Dazed & Confused then
somehow we got Yahoo Pick Of
The Day, which is their site of the
day, in January 2003 which gave
us 6,000 hits per day and melted
our server… then radio, TV and
magazine people started phoning
up and it snowballed from there.”
The media interest has been
crazy… the idea is off on such
a tangent but it has universal
“Exactly, that’s why it was able
to be in art magazines, computer
magazines, health magazines,
fashion magazines. You name
a magazine and we’ve probably
been in it.”
How would you define House
“It has a fitness side to it, but that
wasn’t its main purpose. It was
more like a skateboarding thing,
a breakdancing thing. I mean how
would you define those things? Its
not a sport, its not an exercise,
its just an activity. We used yoga
when stretching in the house and
that kind of influenced the moves
we created.”
Do you still bust moves
regularly now?
Any strange experiences
busting moves in public?
“No, I’m a bit fatter now. It got to
a point where we were doing so
much admin and interviews that
we didn’t have time to do it, so
we handed it over to the people
and they tell us what they want
on the website and do the moves
of the month, so it’s their thing
now really.”
“Once we were doing a photoshoot for the Daily Mail in Nottingham city centre. I was ill so
Spencer had to do it by himself
and the guy interviewing asked
him to climb a lampost, so he got
up there but then he started getting harassed by this group of 16
year old pikey kids who crowded
round him and started shouting
abuse, baying at him like dogs. He
said he was a bit scared, that was
probably the worst thing.”
So what’s your favourite
“It’s got to be one of the first
ones… the One-Handed Starfish.
I think it was the third move we
made up and it just looks brilliant
– really fluid and spectacular, with
a great name too.”
What’s the worst injury you’ve
“I chipped my heelbone busting
a move on the Notingham Goose.
As I dismounted, I slid down its
tail and landed on one heel. I
passed out from the pain for a little bit actually.”
The site specific idea is
“Yeah, it means you can take it
out of the house but still use the
same moves.”
What are the best venue’s you
can think of for HG in Notts?
“We did a performance once in a
place down near the train station,
it was an art event with loads of
different performances by various
people which had loads of nooks
and crannies… that was good.
People have busted moves on the
Lion… the Goose… the Sky Mirror.”
How do you see HG growing?
Have you plans to develop it?
“We became a bit numb to it because we did it so much. Now the
members are more inspired than
us… it kinds of fades out after
a while… initially you get really
excited about it, for a month or
two, and you have a great creativity with it, but after that time
there’s only so much you can do.
But because there’s so many new
people discovering it, they’re all
having that fantastic two month
period and coming up with new
ideas, it’s coming from the people
who visit the website now, so it’s
up to them.”
You did a House Gymnastics
day in Zurich, was that earlier
this year?
“No, summer 2003. It was
really weird. For some reason we
ended up being in a newspaper in
a town called Basil? Just outside
of Zurich. This girl contacted us
and was like ‘I love it, I love it.
Why don’t we arrange a HG day?’
Spencer and I just thought yeah
right, it’s never gonna happen,
but she managed to hook up with
Vox TV, which is the big German
sports channel out there and they
filmed it. She put posters up everywhere and there were about 30
people who turned up. We stayed
at her place. She had talked to
all these different shops and we
were split into 2 groups in Zurich
city centre and went off on our
separate ways with film crews and
there was a list of things we had
to accomlish, like you had to do a
move in a tattoo shop and other
little challenges.”
Any advice for the novice
house gymnast?
“I would say start with the easy
stuff which is on the ground like
a Floor Chicken or something,
or one not too dangerous, like a
Door Wedge or something and
slowly progress. Don’t take things
to steeply at first. Just like the
book says. The moves have star
ratings, so just follow them up.”
What are your plans for
“I’m going to go home and see
my parents. Go see my drunken
grandma. She’s always drunk and
a bit racist, but she’s quite funny.”
What do you want Santa
to bring you?
“Erm… a House Gymnastics book…
and a toy model of Stephen that could sing the
‘I love House Gymnastics’ song.”
James, thankyou very much.
The House Gymnastics book
is available from selected
bookshops, priced £7.99
3. xXx
Lydia Towsey
ame today
A jo
aper (I’d a
the lo
arLondon to
the publi
f regional p
range th
to feel ones
never hurts
to talk to th
taking th
lawn and
I took her o
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we sat op
little mouse
pe recorder
who didn’t
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When she w
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end chewed
: no
her writing
upside d
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short hand
ut circles a
and girly
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if I was talk
her I`
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the school
d all my bo
her due
Coming across the above extract in
“Finding Myself” (Toby Litt’s 6th novel)
a couple of days after interviewing
him, I couldn’t help but cringe a little.
Though a fictional account written from
the perspective of a fictional author, it
was nonetheless an accurate description of our meeting. I hadn’t bought a
tape recorder, didn’t know shorthand
and in addition to the insult of my end
chewed pencil, had also forgotten my
Victoria About, the “Finding Myself”
author of Litt’s imagination was scathing. But had Toby Litt, dressed causally
and seemingly a model of understanding, actually been thinking the same?
Fiction is all about imagination. In
“Finding Myself” Litt imagined he was
About - About wasn’t actually him.
Except for this: Is it actually possible
to be completely other than yourself? Whether Victoria had been made
from a little bit of Toby...or Toby had
absorbed a little bit of Victoria, it is difficult to believe that finding himself in
virtually the same circumstance as her,
he would not experience more than
a little de ja vu and perhaps start to
think some of the same things.
So, besides perhaps thinking his
latest interviewer a little crass, what
did Toby Litt think about his own authorial voice? I began by asking him:
“I am not a writer that has a voice.
Martin Amis has a very strong, instantly recognisable voice, but is embarrassingly bad if he has to do someone
else. My books are unrecognisable
from one another.”
This is certainly true. In “Finding
Myself”, he is the irreverent female
author of above. In “deadkidsongs” he
is a homicidal 11 year old capable of
committing unspeakable evils. This is
a writer who can throw his voice. And
makes each character and book radically different from the last.
“What I do is mainly about identity:
how people put themselves together,
not a simple thing of inner essence but
that we’re made up of things around
us and these are self conscious. The
things we’re imititating aren’t simple
things like family as they used to be,
they are Reality T.V and Eminem. In
Adventures in Capitalism (my first
book) someone who wins the lottery
decides to believe every advert and
follow them to the letter and so loses
themselves. “
If this is the consequence of living
outside of yourself why would anyone
do it? I think about the 21st century brands, whose huge marketing
budgets are dedicated to making us
feel naked without them: Beckham in
Nike, Madonna in Gap. Buy this and be
somebody... without it you are nothing. In “Adventures in Capitalism” Litt
was stepping outside of himself and
into his lottery winning character to
help us see what goes on commercially
and perhaps take a step back from it
Often referred to as an author that
takes risks, in Ghost Story: Litt’s latest
novel, you get the feeling that he has
risked most. Of all his other work he
denies reality: “I don’t mind people
making the mistake of thinking things
are true, but that wasn’t my intention:
I was posing a `what if’.”
pain of the author describing it and
perhaps the catharsis of writing: of
healing, reconciliation and reaching
As this book comes out in hardback
the author and his partner are again
expecting. This time things look different with only a few more months
to go, so perhaps the ghosts of the
past can finally be put to rest. It spoils
nothing to say that the book ends by
asking us to hold Agatha and Paddy
in our minds. We will of course, as we
also will their real life shadows.
Tragically, in Ghost Story there is a
departure from this as “what if” becomes “what was”. The main body of
the book is the fictional story of Paddy
and Agatha: the bereavement they
suffer and the devastating impact it
has on their relationship. The preface
of the book is the true story of Toby
and Leigh: The author and his girlfriend - and the consecutive deaths of
their three unborn babies. Reading this
the reality is crushing...
This time there are no games of what
is and isn’t. There are no horrifically or
comically exaggerated circumstances.
There is the truth of miscarriage, the
It’s every bloke’s dream! You’re working on a
building site and ripping up the park
every week as a centre forward for
your Sunday league team. A scout
from the local football club comes
knocking and suddenly you’ve
been thrust into the professional
game. words: Jared Wilson
Football can be a cruel profession.
Most of those who were even close
to making it will have given up the
dream of being a pro by their late
teens. Steve Scoffham, however, is
one that got away. A builder by trade
and a free scoring striker for Gedling
Town at weekends, his form prompted interest from Notts County at a
time when the club were looking for
affordable solutions to their administration crisis.
There was one stumbling block,
however. Gedling required a fee for
their most valuable player and Notts
County had not spent any money on
transfer fees for over two years. Enter the Notts County Supporters Trust
who raised the £5000 necessary to
keep him at the club
Scoffham does backflips to celebrate
after scoring... something Notts
County fans have not seen in a long
time at meadow lane - if ever! A
pity therefore when a bad tackle on
the last day of last season broke his
leg and put him out of action for 7
months. I caught up with him as he
was getting on the way road to recovery...
It must be frustrating for you sitting on the sidelines at Notts...
“It’s been very frustrating. I can’t
wait to get back and fire some goals
in!! They say that the end of the
season is the best time to break your
leg, but there’s no real good time for
that! I’m going through my pre-season training at the moment, all on my
own, so it’s pretty hellish!”
How did it feel back in February when you were signed up by
“It’s a great feeling, especially having
the fans pay for you! I’m desperate to
get back and repay the faith that has
been shown in me. It’s a dream come
true to pull a Notts shirt on and kick
a football around for a living. Even
despite this injury, I’m loving life!”
You were brought up in Nottingham I understand?
“Yeah. I’ve lived in Nottingham for
eighteen years, though I was actually
born in Munster in Germany. My mum
and dad were both in the forces, but
they moved here when I was little and I’ve lived in Nottingham my
whole life.”
Did you support Notts County
before they signed you?
“My dad used to bring me to watch
them when I was a kid, but the truth
is that I’ve always been a Wolves fan
at heart.”
You were working on a building
site before you signed for Notts?
“I’d been a builder for four years. I
came out of school and went straight
into an apprenticeship. I knew a
couple of the lads that were already
working there, so I just did that as
a career for a while. I don’t want to
go back to doing it again at any time
soon tho, so I’ve got to work hard
when I get back to get a new contract!”
Was there any resentment from
the senior pro’s to this `brickie’,
who had suddenly found himself
in the team.
“It took a few of them a bit longer
to accept me so well at first. A lot of
them had been pro’s all their lives
and were looking at me realising that
I’d come straight from non -league
and predicting that it would be hard
for me. It was, but I was ready!
The squad all changed again at the
start of this season, anyway...”
Who did you pretend to be in the
playground when you were a kid?
“Gary Lineker! His discipline was
incredible. To play that many games
and to never get booked once is a
crazy record! His scoring record was
brilliant at every level he played at.”
I understand that you were told to
stop doing backflips after scoring!
“It was the physio that told me I had
to stop it. He’s a great physio and I
really respect him. He thinks it could
damage my back, but then again
he’s always looking at things that
can damage you and it doesn’t mean
it’s going to happen. His viewpoint is
that it can’t be good for me and that
I should stop, but the fans love it! I
might be a little wary when I initially
come back though, because my leg
will still need time to return to full
”I’m not sure if anyone picked up on
it, but with the first one I did when
I scored for Notts against Grimsby,
I landed on my toes and had to take
another step forward or else I would
have fallen. I’ve got another trick in
my locker to show off when I get
How many goals do you think you
can get from when you get back
until the end of the season?
“At the beginning of the season I said
twenty. I know that a lot of games
have gone by while I’ve been injured,
but I still want to get into double figures! If I do that I think I’ll probably
get a new contract with the club!”
Where do you see the future of
Notts County.
“The Club is too good to be in this
division, but confidence is low at the
moment and it’s not going to be easy
to get ourselves up the table.”
Where do you see the future of
Steve Scoffham
“I want to play for England. It’s a
long shot, but it would be a proper
dream come true! I want to score lots
of goals and get us out of this division
and eventually pull on a shirt with the
three lions on it. You never know...”
Things People have said
on the leftlion forum
Is Anybody Listening?
Ahead of his long awaited
return to Nottingham for a
special 3 hour set at Repercussion’s monthly party at
“We’re all adults and surely we should be able
to choose to smoke if we want. In the same way Snug, Drum n Bass DJ Klute
we should be able to have a drink, take drugs
got accosted by Leftlion’s
and have sex, people will always want to do
roving reporter Howard
these things, surely its about trying to make it
Gray for a brief chat…
On the smoking ban
safer and educating people instead of the old
thou shalt not game?”
Who are you? What is it
theonelikethe that you do?
“My name is Tom Withers and
“I’m about to leave the office and will no doubt
I’m an international jet setting
be forced to breathe in someone’s second hand
producer and DJ of drum and
smoke on my way home. Unfortunately I have
bass music. A similar line of
no choice, because someone else has made it
work to a butcher really.”
for me!”
Contractor Has being a professional
music producer always
”It’s not actually that bad going outside for a
been your ambition? Did
smoke, unless there is sideways driving rain.
you always think it would
I found myself in better shape after a nights
knees up in a place with no smoke... it did
“I’ve been in bands since I
make a difference, I smoked less, breathed less was 13 and for me it was
smoke in and woke with a clearer head.”
always a case of doing it cos
Slugasaurus I loved it, never thinking
about being professional. For
”From a going out point of view, they should let me all the best music is from
the heart. Money and career
the venue decide. If people want to go to a
no-smoking pub then they can, and if they don’t has the potential to taint the
artistic direction. I guess I’m
then they can go somewhere else. Why should
lucky that since the start I’ve
our nanny state decide for everyone?! We
mostly been able to maintain
should vote with our money as usual, if people
go to non smoking pubs then more of them will a living.”
get created.”
Scumtron How do you produce - lock
yourself away, or have a
load of people around you?
”I think non-smoking venues are a great idea,
“I almost always produce
just as long as it’s not every venue in the city.
alone. I like to get into the
The ban is obviously aimed at pleasing people,
zone and lose myself. Saying
but a total ban is obviously not going to please
everyone because it doesn’t cater for smokers.
Maybe we need a smoker’s rights group…”
Mr Reason
”One thing I f*cking detest with a passion
is people who smoke in restaurants, or just
generally near where people are eating. Even
if you do smoke, how can you say that it’s
enjoyable to have that smell mixed in with your
”Before a policy like this can be decided on,
it should be made clear what reasons will be
considered as part of the debate. If it were
proved that smoking in public places could
cause bad health in others, then perhaps
we should ban smoking. However it starts
becoming complex when we consider all the
other things that affect public health (eg smog,
pollution etc…)”
Hipster K
clubs/theatre/live music/comedy/exhibitions
that, it’s great to bounce
ideas off someone else when
away from anywhere else but
I still think London holds the
Your label Commercial
Suicide has been very busy
of late…
“I’ve got a brand new album
about to come out. Vinyl is
released in late November (i.e.
out now!) with the CD dropping in late January 2005,
featuring 12 extra tracks.”
What do you think of the
Nottingham’s DnB scene?
“I’ve always had a great time
playing in Nottingham. From
what I’ve seen people seem
to be more open minded and
interested in things slightly
What is the ethos behind
the label?
“Basically to try and not
be the same as everyone
else. It’s not exactly rocket
You’ve recently done
tracks featuring former
Nottingham DJ and
promoter Moocha.
How did you two start
working together?
“She was a nutter that always
used to turn up at various
Klute gigs around the country and eventually we started
talking. I was really surprised
when I finally heard her sing.”
What artists are you into at
the moment?
“Break, Silent Witness, Amit,
me, Cocteau Twins, Death Cab
for Cutie, loads of others.”
London has always been
the recognised ‘home’ of
D&B. Is there anywhere
else in the world that you
think can compete on any
“There are many other places
that have or had a wicked
scene with loads of enthusiasm. New Zealand is
great, San Fransisco
used to be one of the
best, however not
to take
Do you remember the first
Repercussion night (Lizard
Lounge, March 2003)?
“Yes, I do very well. The whole
day had been a bit of an
event. I fell down some stairs
hard 10 mins before I went
on, but luckily no one saw.
The place was going fucking
mental until the fire alarm was
set off by the sheer temperature created by sweaty bodies.
It was a night of true spirit,
exactly how these nights
should be.”
What was the last CD
you brought?
“I picked up the Violet Indiana
album which features Robin
Gutherie and I’m a huge
Cocteau Twins fan, but it
wasn’t that good at all.”
Best and worst things
about drum & bass?
“Don’t get me started! There’s
a lot of great music out there
but you have to search harder
than ever to find it because
there’s a ridiculous amount of
stuff being released at
the moment.”
Is there ever a point where
if the music became over
commercialised and
suffered as a result, you
would consider leaving
the scene?
“I don’t think its going to suffer from being over
commercialised, but if
anything loses its soul and I
don’t feel able to do anything
to change that then perhaps
its time to move on.”
What’s the best gig you’ve
ever played?
”I can’t even begin to try and
pick one, there have been a
lot of great ones... but
Repercussion’s shows are
always up there.”
Klute plays at Snug on
Wednesday 1st December.
make your voice heard
For more info check out:
clubs/theatre/live music/comedy/exhibitions
Period Of 01/12 - 31/01
Club Nights
wed 01/12
Style: Drum and Bass, HipHop, Funk
Venue: Snug
Price: £5
Times: 10pm - 3am
Commercial Suicide Album Launch Party
“No Ones Listening Anymore”
Main Room:
Klute (3 Hour Set), Stress Level & TC1
MC Stirlin, Bassline MC, Wylie D, Ollie-K
MC ManiKular
Basement: Deepercussion
Reason Soundsystem,XS:iF, Dave Murphy
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Banjo Stew
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Breakdown in the back room.
Basement Boogaloo
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Nick Shaw, Ed Cotton, Alphonse
Haywire Sessions - Allnighter
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Laurent Garnier, Random Factor Live,
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D.A.V.E the drummer + Residents
Highness Sound System
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sat 04/12
Style: Alternative, Electronica
Venue: Cookie Club
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“If you are into Goth, electro, and
alternative sounds from the 80’s then
you will not be disappointed with this
tue 07/12
Basementallity Tour
Style: Hiphop, Drum & Bass
Venue: Rescue Rooms
Price: £6
Times: 9pm - 2am
Foreign Beggarz, The Beat Brikkies,
Skrein, Doobie, Wyt-Fang, Graziella,
Prem C, Gringo, Thre, Defdfirez, Contact
Play, Shameless, Excalibah
Agent Orange, T.K.O. Disaster, DJF, OBI1,
Eclipse, Menace
Style: Drum and Bass, HipHop, Breaks
Venue: Synergy
Price: Free
Times: 9pm - 2am
Dj’s on rotation: (max 4 tunes each!)
Jest:R, Random Guy, Timmy,
The Weasalman, FYA
fri 03/12
Style: Breaks, HipHop
Venue: Stealth
Price: £10 adv £12 otd
Times: 10pm - 4am
Quantic Soul Orchestra (live), DJ Food,
DJ Hyper, Osymyso, Phantom Beats
(Deck and Drum FX set),
Pete Jordan, Aled Jones,
Dave Boultbee, Windows 78
All Torque Breakers
Notts’ 10’s
Style: Drum and Bass, HipHop, Breaks
Venue: Stealth
Price: £3.50 adv £4 otd
Times: 10pm - 2am
Detonate Vs Kombination Funk
Transit Mafia, Lowkey, MC Menace
Hosted by Ste (Dealmaker Records), DJs
Teka, XS.iF, Theologic, Guest Turntablist
ANGELO (UK Gemini DJ Champion 2003
& 2001), Featuring Tom Calvert & Co.
Beatboxer - PeteBox, Prescription
Breakdancers, Open Mic
Style: House
Venue: Sugar Bar
Price: Free
Times: 9pm - 1am
Ade Smart, Chris Nobles
thu 09/12
Detonate Christmas Party
Style: Drum and Bass
Venue: Dogma
Price: £2
Times: 10pm - 2am
Bailey, Transit Mafia, Priceless, Maveric
fri 10/12
Venue: Bomb
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Beta Band, Belle and Sebastian DJ set,
Bent DJ set, Speakers Push the Air DJs
fri 10/12
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Leftfield electronic beats:
A Warp records showcase:
Plaid, Milanese Live, Max Hedroom,
Too-B, Dubfella
Live hip hop -- elementz universe
volume 1 release party
The Elementz, Hard Livin’, Karizma, Foz,
Empress, Wax, Shiva, Soldier, T-Cutt,
Windows78, Open Mic And Night Hosted
By Karizma
sat 11/12
Psy-Trance, Drum and Bass
10.30pm - late
thu 16/12
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New night for The Bomb’s residents
Sunglasses At Night
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Christmas special
Stealth Attacks
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Layo & Bushwacka! (4 hour set), Dave
Congreve, Deep Freaks Presents:
Hexadecimal, Sound Alliance,
Matt Tolfrey
Kombination Funk
Style: Drum and Bass, Techno, Breaks
Venue: Blue Print
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Times: 10.30pm - Late
Room1: Dirty Drum and Bass
Devize & MC PM (3d mode, radius
recordings), Tantrum (movement), Smyla
(pure filth), Wings, Lowkey (kf, brutal),
MCs 90, Menace & PM
Room2: Techno Techno Techno
MACP, MarkJacobs, & more
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Stealth’s Christmas Party
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Transit Mafia, Pete Jordan, Windows 78
wed 15/12
Industry Productions
Style: House, Funk, HipHop
Venue: Snug
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Times: 10pm - late
Student Discount
“The Industry World Tour continues, and
where better to spend Christmas than in
New York?
Room One will be transformed into a
Manhattan loft with skyline views as we
throw the sexiest, sassiest cocktail party
in the city.
While in Room Two the bloc party kicks
off in our Brooklyn Basement with
breakers, ballers and street graffitti.
The soundtrack will be House, Funk,
Hiphop and Big Apple classics which are
sure to keep everybody in the festive
thu 16/12
The Blueprint Website Launch
Style: HipHop, Drum and Bass, Funk
Venue: Blue Print
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Times: 10.30pm - late
In Association With LeftLion
Prescription vs Camouflage
Repercussion vs Funktion
Basement Boogaloo vs Noodles
sat 18/12
Bugged Out
Style: House, Electro, Techno
Venue: Stealth
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Jacque Le Cont, Damian Lazarus
Matt Tolfrey, Riotous Rockers
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Mark Anderson, Mark Wevs
thu 13/12
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The Bomb residents
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sun 26/12
Confetti studios free party
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Chibuku vs Kinky Movement
get lashed meets hotdog
Style:Hard House, Funky House, Breaks
Venue: Works
Price: £15
Times: 6pm - 6am
Detonate Chart December 2004
1. Tornado - Blame
(Charge Dub)
6. Thunder – Die & Photek
(Full Cycle)
2. Meteor - Killer Instinct
(Detonate Recs Dub)
7. Thirteen – Hold Tight
(Detonate Recs Dub)
3. Desperado - Artificial Intelligence
(V Recs)
8. Trippin’ (Gridlock Remix) – Swift
(Charge Dub)
4. Rhubard & Custard – Zen
(Formation Dub)
9. Turkish – TK
(Detonate Recs Dub)
5. Mocsha - XRS
(Bingo Dub)
10. Nemesis – Friction
Venue: Stealth
Price: £10
Times: 10pm - 3.30am
Ram Records Presents:
Fresh, Moving Fusion, Subfocus,
Transit Mafia, SP MC
Hip Hop:
Tommy Evans & DJ Blakey, Santero,
Beats / Breaks:
Oris Jay & MC P-Fine
Casual Breakin, Problem Child
clubs/theatre/live music/comedy/exhibitions
fri 14/01
nye 2004!!
Stealth & Renaissance
Presents NYE
Style: House, Breaks
Venue: Stealth
Price: Tickets £20
Times: 9pm - 6am
Dave Seaman, Mark Wilkinson, Dave
Pete Jordan vs Hexadecimal
Matt Tolfrey and Timm Sure.
New Years Eve Party
Style: Rock, Indy, Alternative
Venue: Rock City
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Times: 8.30pm - 6am
The Bomb’s residents NYE bash
Venue: Bomb
Blueprint New Years Eve Party
Style: Drum and Bass, Techno, Breaks
Venue: Blue Print
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Times: 10pm-Until The Last Man Drops
Room 1: A Kombination Of Drum And
Bass Flavours
Mainframe, Lynkx, Vaccine, Smyla,
Cipher, Lowkey, Macp
MCs Ninety, Menace & Yons
Room 2: Filthy Techno
Dirty Dom, Mingin Mossop, Dirty Dave
Macp vs Lowkey
Room 3: Breaks
Hosted by Elation
Kombination Funk
Style: Drum and Bass, Techno, Breaks
Venue: Blue Print
Price: £5
Times: 10pm - late
Underground Drum and Bass
Heist aka Strider, Fatal, Mainframe,
Nursa, Lowkey
MCs Ninety & Menace
Room 2 - Breaks n Techno
Fat-Habit Live!, Max Cooper,
Mark Jacobs, Macp
Stealth Attacks
Style: House and Tech
Venue: Stealth
Times: 10pm - 4am
Price: £8 adv, £10 otd.
Jesse Rose, Dave Congreve, more tbc.
sat 15/01
Psy-Trance, Drum & Bass
10.30pm - late
fri 21/01
Style: Breaks, HipHop
Venue: Stealth
Price: £10
Times: 10pm - 4am
Room One:
Live Breakbeat Experiment
Spectrum Live, Hexadecimal, Pete Jordan
Room Two:
Funk and Soul Classics
Dave Boultbee and guests
sat 08/01
Bugged Out
Style: House, Techno
Venue: Stealth
Prices: £6
Times: 10pm - 4am
Matt Tolfrey, Riotous Rockers, more tbc.
Style: Soul, Funk
Venue: Social
Prices: Free
Times: 10.30pm - 2am
Pete Jordan, Dave Boultbee
fri 14/01
HipHop, House, Breaks
till 2am
Tiger Style
Venue: BRB Stone
Price: Free
Times: 9pm - 1am
Pete Jordan, Futureproof
Love Shack
Style: Eighties
Venue: Rock City
Price: £4 adv. £5 otd.
Times: 9.30pm - 2am
Style: Eighties, Nineties
Venue: Cookie Club
Price: £4
Times: 10.30pm - 2am
Student Discount
Friday night at The Cookie Club is Retro
night featuring two decades of music.
Funk, Soul, Disco
£5 (£3 b4 10.30pm)
10pm - 3am
Style: Funky House, House
Venue: Bomb
Price: £6 members / £8 guests
Times: 3.30am - 7am (not for the faint
“Private members club” People wanting
to visit Starlight will need to apply for
membership 48 hours in advance.
Sunglasses At Night
Venue: Social
Price: Free
Times: 9pm - 2am
Mysterymen Live
Chibuku Shake Shake
Style: House, Breaks, Techno
Venue: Stealth
Times: 10pm - 3.30am
Venue: Dogma
Price: Free
Times: 10pm - 2am
thu 27/01
fri 28/01
Style: Drum and Bass, HipHop, Breaks
Venue: Stealth
Price: £10
Times: 10pm - 3.30am
Ram Records Presents:
Fresh, Moving Fusion, Subfocus, Transit
Mafia, SP MC
Hip Hop: Tommy Evans & DJ Blakey,
Santero, Detail
Beats / Breaks: Oris Jay & MC P-Fine
Casual Breakin, Problem Child
Pure Filth
Style: Techno
Venue: Blueprint
Prices: Free
Times: 10.30pm - late
fri 07/12
Basement Boogaloo
Style: Funk, Soul, House
Venue: Bar None
Price: Free
Times: 9pm - 2am
Nick Shaw, Ed Cotton, Alphonse
sat 29/01
Style: Breaks, HipHop
Venue: Stealth
Price: £10
Times: 10pm - 4am
Lineup tbc.
The Boutique
Style: House, Techno, Breaks
Venue: Stealth
Price: £10 adv, £12 otd
Times: 10pm - 4am
Felix Da Housecat plus more tbc.
Notts’ 10’s
Pure Filth Chart December 2004
Tony Global
Style: HipHop, RnB, Soul
Venue: Snug
Price: Free
Times: till 2am
‘Expect an eclectic mix spanning soulful
house, hip hop, RnB, soul/funk, Drum &
Bass, peppered with old school and party
Funk U
Style: Funk, Disco, Soul
Venue: Cookie Club (The)
Price: £5
Times: 10.30pm - 2am
Student Discount
With access to Rise downstairs included
in the price.
Style: Indy, Alternative
Venue: Cookie Club
Price: £5
Times: 10.30pm - 2am
Student Discount
The Clubs long running indie night
continues with access to Funk U in the
6. Tora Bora LP - Tok Tok
(Horspiel Muzik)
2. Bring On The Hurricane Pain DJ Hellfish (Deathchant Records)
7. Blow Jobs Babes And Grass - Andreas
Kramer (Working Vinyl)
3. Luring Disco Dollies 2 A Life Of Vice
- Michael Forshaw (Chan’n’Mikes)
8. Tool Box EP - Lars Klein - (white?)
5. 02grammes - Electronik Weed Crew
(EWC Records)
Indy, Alternative
£2 / £3
9.30 - 2am
HipHop, Soul
10pm - 3am
The Bomb residents
Funk, HipHop, World Music
Bar Humbug
8 pm - 12 am
The Bomb residents
The Big Wednesday
Style: Alternative, Rock, Pop
Venue: Cookie Club
Price: £2.50
Times: 10.30pm - 2am
Student Discount
A good mix of music for a comedy
drunken nite. Upstairs plays current Indie
and downstairs is nothing but Rock/
Metal/Punk & Ska all evening.
Indy, Alternative, Pop
Rock City
£3.50 - £4
8.30pm - 2am
Style: HipHop, Breaks, Funk
Venue: Dogma
Price: Free
Times: till 2am
Club NME
Style: Indy, Rock
Venue: Stealth
Price: £4/£3/£2
Times: 10pm - 2am
Featuring live bands and residents:
Riotous Rockers and Joey Bell
Style: RnB, Disco, Funk
Venue: Snug
Price: £4
Times: 10pm - 3am
Student Discount
Up The Junction
Style: Sixties
Venue: Cookie Club
Price: £2.50
Times: 10.30pm - 2am
Student Discount
Out To Lunch
Style: Jazz
Venue: Dogma
Price: Free
Times: Afternoon
Less of a club night and more of an
experience - Sunday jazz and beats to
ease away the night before.
1. Siamese Twins EP - Andreas Kramer
(Maximum Punishment)
4. Uglyfunk 4 - Cutout and Crystal Distortion (Ugly Funk)
9. Control Freak - Cirez D (Mouseville)
10. Witchhunt - The Black Jackal
(Blackout Audio)
(in no particular order!!)
Venue: Blueprint
Times: 10.30pm - late
D.A.V.E. The Drummer
D.A.V.E. The Drummer is a rare breed
of musician who possessed the ability
to cross techno with many other different forms of music ultimately driving the
genre forward in the 21st century
Mr Seavers
Filthydom & Mossup
DJ Smith
clubs/theatre/live music/comedy/exhibitions
mon 13/12
Vanity Fair
Venue: Lace Market Theatre
By Declan Donnellan
Directed by Lorna McCullough
Period of 01/12 - 31/01
wed 01/12
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Venue: Lakeside Arts Centre
Price: £7 / £5 Conc
Times: 8pm
“Greetings to you...from Willy Wonka. I
do invite you to come to my factory and
be my guest for one whole day!”
Charlie Bucket can hardly believe his luck
when he finds the last Golden Ticket.
He wins the opportunity of a lifetime:
a magical day witnessing the creation
of the most sensational, scrumptious
chocolates in the world!
Runs Until: 2/12
tue 07/12
St Petersburg Ballet
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £12 - £24.50
Ballet Programme; La Bayadere,
The Nutcracker & Swan Lake
Runs Until: 11/12
Dick Whittington
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £9 - £17.50
Times: Various
Runs Until: 23/1
fri 10/12
mon 13/12
For serious, bah-humbugging theatregoers, the festive season can feel
like having your home taken over
by squatters. Panto time arrives and
theatres are occupied by screaming,
over-excited brats for nearly two months.
Thank God, then, for the Lace Market
Theatre’s amateur production of Vanity
Fair, adapted from Thackeray’s novel.
Manipulative, greedy and immoral Becky
Sharp fights her way up in society, but is
never satisfied - will her over-ambition
lead her to meet her Waterloo? Promising
to be a lavish production, it will be worth
going just to see how they cram a 700
page novel into one night of theatre.
Runs Until: 28/12
New Years Eve Gala
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £6 - £15.50
Times: 7.30pm
sinfonia ViVA
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £10 - £25
Times: various
Runs Until: 15/1
wed 26/01
Venue: Lace Market Theatre
by Michael Frayn
Directed by Hazel Salisbury
In 1941 a German physicist makes
a trip to Copenhagen to see his
Danish counterpart and his wife. Once
colleagues, the two scientists are now
on opposite sides, both knowing that the
other could be a traitor
Runs Until: 29/1
mon 31/01
fri 31/12
Playboy of the West Indies
Venue: Playhouse
Price: £6 - £20
Times: 7.45pm
Directed by Nicolas Kente. Set design
Adrianne Lobel.
mon 10/01
Moscow City Ballet
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £10.50 - £28.50
Times: 7.30pm + matinees
fri 21/01
Richard Alston
Dance Company
Venue: Playhouse
Price: £6 - £16
Times: 8pm
Richard Alston Dance Company returns
to Nottingham with an exhilarating
evening of quick-fire choreography
and uplifting music. Alston is widely
acknowledged as master of his craft and
his work has a sweep and freedom that
makes dancing look irresistible.
Runs Until: 22/1
fri 28/01
The Moscow City Ballet’s many
international tours have established their
reputation as one of Russia’s leading
ballet companies. Every year they gain
new audiences countrywide, selling out
theatre after theatre. Led by Artistic
Director Victor Smirnov-Golovanov, their
company of over 70 are delighted to
return to Nottingham.
Mon 31st & Tues 1st: Sleeping Beauty
Wed 2nd & Thurs 3rd : Giselle
Fri 4th & Sat 5th: Nutcracker
Runs Until: 5/2
J. M. Synge’s ironic comedy Playboy
Of The Western World caused a public
scandal when it was first performed at
Ireland’s Abbey Theatre in 1907.
This seminal work has been dramatically
relocated to Trinidad in Mustapha. It
doesn’t take much to become a hero in
the sleepy village of Mayaro, Trinidad.
So when a stranger runs into Peggy’s
rum shop announcing he has killed his
father, he instantly becomes the envy of
all the men and the object of desire for
all the women.
Playboy Of The West Indies was first
performed at The Tricycle in 1984,
Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company
and The Tricycle Theatre have come
together as co-producers to re-stage the
production on its 20th anniversary.
Runs Until: 12/2
tue 25/01
The Holly and The Ivy
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £8 - £17
Times: 7.30pm + matinees
A Winter Drama by Wynyard Browne
Venue: Nottingham Arts Theatre
Price: £6.50 - £8
One of the happiest shows in town.
The story of Aladdin and his magic lamp,
brought to life with songs and laughter.
Pure entertainment for all the family.
Written by Malcolm Sircom. Directed by
John Uttley
Evening performances 13th - 18th
December 2004 at 7:30pm
Matinee performances - 11th, 12th, 18th,
19th at 2:30pm
Runs Until: 19/12
The award-winning Middle Ground
Theatre Company, received The Times
and Guardian ‘Critics Choice’ for their
recent productions of Flarepath and
Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. This new
year they bring their highly acclaimed
production of The Holly & The Ivy to
Starring Tony Britton as Reverend Martin
Gregory, the play is set in a Norfolk
vicarage on Christmas Eve, 1947. The
vicar is joined by a son on leave from the
army, an errant daughter and two comic
bickering aunts. A family gathering, with
a tipple too many?
Runs Until: 29/1
“He’s behind you!”
Roger Mean
Panto Correspondent
Pantomime is a strange phenomenon in British Theatre. For one month of the year Britain’s
bastion of high brow culture loses all it’s scruples, goes downbeat and rakes in the cash
catering for the townie crowd.
You know the entire plot before you walk in. For the next two hours you will be entertained
by a group of minor celebrities, performing routine lines to a children’s fairytale formula.
Cast-wise they usually read like a C-list graveyard. From Reality TV contestants, to Soap
stars to TV Gladiators, panto is a haven for those no longer in the limelight. On the Royal
Centre conveyor belt this year will be ‘Curly’ Watts, former ‘Dr Who’ Colin Baker and the
ropey old tart from TV’s Last of the Summer Wine. The silver lining is Nottingham’s own
Chris Gascoyne (former Corro star Peter Barlow), who we have higher hopes for. Over at
the Playhouse you can catch Kenneth Allan Taylor’s starless, but more stylish 21st season
production of Sleeping Beauty.
I don’t like pantos, but I go to them because they offer an opportunity to shout at people
I’ve seen on TV in public. It’s a kind of catharsis for me and my Doctor thinks it’s good to
get out more! Who’s up for coming to confuse Curly…?
Notts’ 10’s
Funkey Monkey Chart December 2004
1.Stay with you - Lemon Jelly
Taken from the forthcoming album, a
gorgeous peice of house music set to
rock dancefloors everywhere this winter.
2. The other mixes vol 2 - Nick Holder
Awesome Leftfield EP featuring remixes
by A Man Called Adam and Chicken Lips,
who can do do wrong at the moment.
3. Knowhow 1 - Middleton’s MusicMashUp
Cheeky mash up from Tom Middleton
with samples from Young MC, Daft Punk
and Madonna. A real party rocker.
4. Crooked - Evil 9 feat Aesop Rock
Delayed by record company politics, this
James Lavelle favourite is available at last.
5. Body and Soul - Twilo People
Head for the Slam mix for superb French
house, looping bass, smoth male vocal.
6. Divine - Wescott
Superb undercover project from Deep
House gurus Lawnchair Generals. This
has been produced in strictly limited
7. Flash Gordon - Talib Kweli
Deep, dark and dirty Hip Hop from the
man of the moment, Talib Kweli. Massive
on both side of the Atlantic.
8. Watching Cars Go By Felix Da Housecat
Championed by Radio 1 all summer, the
awesome Sasha mix is at long last available, is now alongside an Armand Van
Helden mix. Massive!
9. My Life Is Acid - The Visitors
Another house music legend under an
assumed name. This time Jon Pleased
Wimmin delivers deep and dark house
10. Bridging The Gap
Nasir Jones/Olu Dara
This record just refuses to go away.
Nas is back, this time with his Dad.
If you haven’t heard this yet, you need
to get out more!
clubs/theatre/live music/comedy/exhibitions
Bus Station Loonies
sat 04/12
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £tbc
Times: 8.30pm - 12.00pm
Bus Station Loonies (TBC), Guns On The
Roof, + Support
Period of 01/12/ - 31/01
Live Music
wed 01/12
The Faint
Venue: Rescue Rooms
Price: £tbc
Times: 9pm - 2am
The Faint, Beep Beep, Liars Club Disco
Machine Head
Venue: Rock City
Price: £14.50adv
Times: tbc
Machine Head, GodForbid, Caliban
Venue: Bell Inn
Price: Free
Times: 9pm
thu 02/12
Modey Lemon
Venue: Social
Price: £tbc
Times: 7.30pm - 10.30pm
With Support From: The Redcoats
Your Code Name Is Milo
Venue: Rock City
Price: £6
Times: 8pm
Enjoy The Ride
Venue: Malt Cross Cafe Bar
Price: £tbc
Times: 8pm - 11pm
A crazy collection of quality acts, prepare
to be amused, astonished, educated and
above all entertained.
sun 05/12
Rachel Stap
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £tbc
Times: 8.30pm - 12.00pm
Rachel Stamp, + Support
Lightning Bolt
Venue: Boat Club
Price: £5 adv £6 otd
Times: 7.45pm
Lightning Bolt, Joeyfat, Prints
The Picander Ensemble
Venue: Lakeside
Price: £12 / £9 Conc
Times: 7.30pm
fri 03/12
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £14 - £15.50
Times: 7.30pm
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £5
Times: 9pm - 1am
Twin Zero, Splint, Illuminatus
Rock City
£17.50 adv
Elton John
Venue: Nottingham Arena
Price: £32.50
STS Presents
sat 11/12
Venue: Rock City
Price: £15 adv.
Times: 7pm
Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple/Black
Sabbath and Chad Smith of the Red Hot
Chilli Peppers
Wildside Xmas Party
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £tbc
Times: 9pm - 1am
Happy Mondays
Venue: Rock City
Price: £20 adv.
Times: 7.30PM
mon 06/12
Sunburned Hand Of The Man
Venue: Maze
Price: £5 adv £6 otd
Times: 8pm
Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Birds Of
Delay, Death Of Love
New Rhodes
Venue: Social
Price: £tbc
Times: 9pm - 2am
With Support From:
The Boyfriends
thu 09/12
Dean Roberts
Venue: Bar None
Price: £4 adv £5 otd
Times: 8pm
Dean Roberts, Cass McCombs, John
Chantler, Model Fighter
Punish The Atom
Venue: Bar None
Price: £3 adv £4 otd
Times: 8pm
Bird Blobs, Punish The Atom
Lo Ego
Venue: Rescue Rooms
Price: £3 adv
Times: Early show 10.15 finish
Lo Ego, Clarksville
A Silver Mt. Zion
Venue: Rescue Rooms
Price: £9 adv.
Times: Early show - finish at 10.15
With support from: Little Wings
Fear Factory
Venue: Rock City
Price: £14.50 adv
Times: 7.30pm
sat 11/12
Magic: A Kind of Queen
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £12 & £14
Times: 8pm
Queen Tribute
mon 13/12
Blink 182
Venue: Nottingham Arena
Price: £20
Times: 7.30pm
Poison the Well
mon 06/12
Venue: Rock City
Price: £12.50
Times: 7.30pm
With support from Dillinger Escape Plan
sat 04/12
Manic Street Preachers
Venue: Nottingham Arena
Price: £22.50 in advance
Nottingham Hospitals Choir
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £7 - £12
Times: 7pm
Fourway Kill
Venue: Rock City
Price: £5 adv
Times: tbc
Venue: Rock City
Price: £12.50 adv
Times: 7pm
Will Young
Venue: Nottingham Arena
Price: £28.50
Times: 7.30pm
A must see(!)
Apollo & Pan
Venue: Lakeside
Price: £12 / £9 Conc
Times: 7.30pm
Notts’ 10’s
Venue: Rescue Rooms (The)
Price: Tickets £8
Hexstatic, + Guests
Old Basford
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £4
Times: 8.30pm - 12.00pm
Student Discount, Cardboard Radio
Team, Old Basford
Xmas XS
Venue: Nottingham Arena
Price: £12.50
fri 10/12
Hot Renault Traffic Night
Venue: Boat Club
Price: £4
Times: 7.15pm
3 ring circus, Computerman, The
Tommies, The High Jinks, The Fever
Nottingham Harmonic Society
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £6 - £15.50
Times: 7pm
Chernobyl Children
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £3
Times: 8.30pm - 12.00pm
Chernobyl Children, Metro Joe, Stuntmen
Wireless Stores
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £3
Times: 9pm - 1am
Wireless Stores
wed 08/12
Venue: Bar None
Price: £5 adv £6 otd
Times: 8pm
Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Wolves! (Of
Greece), Spin Spin The Dogs
tue 14/12
tue 07/12
Date: 7/12
Thirteen Senses
Venue: NTU Union
Price: £5
Student Discount
With support from burning man
Hinterland, Public Relations, =Viterbo=,
Wes, Lucy Blinder DJs”
Venue: Nottingham Arena
Price: £19.50 (plus booking fee)
Venue: Nottingham Arena
Price: £25 - £37.50
Times: 7.30pm
UK Subs
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £5
Times: 8.30pm - 12.00pm
UK Subs, Mybe, Splynta
The Saw Doctors
Venue: Rock City
Price: £17.50 adv
Times: tbc
Venue: Maze
Price: £5 adv £6 otd
Times: 8pm
Hoover, Lords, Bullet Union
fri 10/12
Steve Earle
Venue: Rock City
Price: £17.50 adv
Times: 7.30pm
wed 15/12
Liars Club Chart December 2004
Current and past favorites... backwards,
shuffled and merged:
1. Death From Above 1979 - Romantic
Rights remixes and upcoming LP.
2. Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams
upcoming LP.
3. Bloc Party - Helicopter.
4. Clor - Welcome Music Lovers.
5. Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere.
6. Glass Candy - Life After Sundown.
7. Girlschool & Gary Glitter - Leader.
8. Lotter Boys - Alter Ego / Beastie
Boys mash-up!
9. Le Tigre - Nanny Nanny Boo Boo
10. Rockwell ft. Michael Jackson Somebody’s Watching Me.
11. Slade - Mama We’er All Crazee Now
(see disclaimer).
“Slade has to be at number 11 because
it is ALWAYS cranked up to 11 on the
dial and ALWAYS played after security
threatens us not to play another track.
This actually resulted in my being
temporarily barred from Rescue Rooms
and nearly getting in a few scrapes with
security. True story.” Ricky Hayley
clubs/theatre/live music/comedy/exhibitions
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £4
Times: 8.30pm - 12.00pm
Tarpot, Sack Trick, Pillowtalk
Venue: Rock City
Price: Normal admission prices
Times: 8.30pm
Best Of
The West End
Royal Centre
£15 - £19.50
Gentle Electric Xmas Party
Venue: Malt Cross Cafe Bar
Price: £3/£2
Times: tbc
Fonda 500, Bitmap, Punish the Atom
Will all be playing / Djing / singing
christmas carols!
sat 18/12
Chas And Dave
Venue: Rescue Rooms
Price: £12.50 adv
Times: 7.30pm
Rock ‘n’ Roll Mystery Extravaganza
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £2
Times: 9pm - 1am
A night of rock ‘n’ roll mayhem &
mischief with special guest appearances
sun 19/12
fri 14/01
Taking Back Sunday
Venue: Rock City
Price: £11 adv
Times: 7.30pm
sun 23/01
wed 26/01
Grupo Maya & Ana Cali
Venue: Lakeside
Price: £10 / £7 conc
Times: 8pm
Strauss Gala
Royal Centre
£15.50 - £21.50
thu 27/01
New Generation Supstars & Friends
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £4
Times: 8.30pm - 12.00pm
The Lone Rangers + Support
Glenn Miller Orchestra
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £12 - £16
Times: 7.30pm
thu 23/12
The Fight
Venue: Rock City
Price: Normal Admission Prices
Scarlet Soho, Piano, Ardency
Venue: Running Horse
Price: £3
Times: 8pm
Date: 24/12
mon 20/12
Nottingham Harmonic Society
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £5 - £11.50
Times: 7pm
Runns Till: 22/12
Liars Club
Venue: Social
Price: £tbc
Times: 9pm - 2am
fri 24/12
Junktion 7
8.30pm - 12.00pm
Cyberwaste, Tensile (TBC)
fri 31/12
Sinfonia Viva - New Years Eve Gala
Venue: Playhouse
Price: £6 - £15.50
Times: 7.30pm
Rescued New Years Eve Special
Venue: Rescue Rooms
Price: £7 adv
Times: tbc
A one off Rescued! for NYE, with live
bands to be announced...
wed 05/01
Cosmic American Music Presents
Venue: Rescue Rooms
Price: £14 adv
Times: tbc
Kevin Montgomery and The Road Trippers
Green Day
Venue: Nottingham Arena
Price: £22.50
Times: 8pm
Leopold String Trio
Venue: Lakeside
Price: £15 / £12 Conc
Times: 7.30pm
Tiger Army
Venue: Rock City
Price: £8 adv
Times: 7.30pm
One Hell Of A New Years Eve Party!
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: Free
Times: 9pm - 3am
Student Discount
Weeble, Hinterland, Neon Set
That’ll Be The Day
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £15 - £17.50
Times: 7.30pm
Notts’ 10’s
fri 07/01
Enjoy The Ride
Venue: Malt Cross Cafe Bar
Price: £tbc
Times: 8pm - 11pm
A crazy collection of quality acts, prepare
to be amused, astonished, educated and
above all entertained.
NME Awards Tour
Venue: Rock City
Price: £15.50
Times: 7pm
wed 22/12
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £6
Times: 9pm - 1am
Student Discount
Manuskript, Devilish Presley, Rhombus
Dogs D’Amour
Venue: Rock City
Price: £11 adv
Times: 7.30pm
wed 05/01
The National Youth
Orchestra Of Great Britain
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £8 - £17.50
Times: 7.30pm
Conductor: Keith Lockhart
Soloists: Mark Chertock (piano)
Noddy Live
Venue: Nottingham Arena
Price: £16.50 - £10
Times: Various
Runs Until: 22/12
Rich Robinson
Venue: Rescue Rooms
Price: £8 adv
Times: 8pm
+ Guests
Venue: Rock City
Price: £12.50 adv
Times: tbc
tue 21/12
Kings Of Leon
Venue: Rock City
Price: £17.50 adv
Times: 7.30pm
Venue: Junktion 7
Price: £tbc
Times: 8.30pm - 12.00pm
+ Support
Aled Jones
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £18.50
Times: 7.30pm
The Bootleg Beatles
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £16.50 - £18.50
Times: 8pm
BBC Radio Nottingham
Tribute to Elvis
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £10
Times: 7.30pm
Calreen Anderson
Venue: Rescue Rooms
Price: £12adv
Times: tbc
sat 15/01
fri 28/01
tue 18/01
wed 19/01
Venue: Bell Inn
Price: Free
Times: 9pm
Pop Will Eat Itself
Venue: Rock City
Price: £15 adv
Times: 7pm (Early Show)
The Kings Of Swing
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £13.50 - £14.50
Times: 7.30pm
Liars Club
Venue: Social
Price: £tbc
Times: 9pm - 2am
acts tbc
thu 20/01
fri 21/01
LeftLion Presents...
Venue: Malt Cross Cafe Bar
Price: Free
Times: 8pm - 11pm
Bringing you the best live music that
Nottingham has to offer. (But then
we would say that...)
sat 29/01
BBC Radio Nottingham Family
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £5 - £16
Times: 7pm
Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra
mon 31/01
sat 22/01
Joan Enric Lluna & Nigel Clayton
Venue: Lakeside
Price: £10 / £7 Conc
Times: 7.30pm
Scooby Doo in Stage Fright
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £15 - £19.50
Times: various
Runs Until: 5/2
Camouflage Chart December 2004
Camouflage: A Break Heavy, Funk &
Hip Hop Top Ten!
1. Nostalgia 77 - Seven Nation Army (Tru
Thoughts Recordings)
2. Doc Brown - Donnie’s Lament ft. Low
Key (White Label)
3. Keno-1 and The Hermit - Heavy Heavy
(Breakin Bread)
4. Madvillian - One Beer (Remix) (Shaman Work Records)
5. Windows78 - Suspect Bundle ft. Mercury Waters (White Label)
6. The Elementz - Letterbombs ft. Karizma, Shiva and Wax (EU Entertainment)
7. Queen Eve and the Kings - All Hail The
Queen (Melting Pot Music)
8. The PC’s Ltd - Fast Man (Funk 45
9. The Soul Seven - “Mr. Chicken----”
(Soultex Records)
10. Malcom Catto - Rock (Mo Wax)
Date: 10/12 - Stealth
Leftfield electronic beats: a warp
records showcase:Plaid (DJ Set - Warp
Records), Milanese Live (Warp Records),
Max Hedroom, Too-B, Dubfella
Live hip hop: elementz universe
volume 1 release party, The Elementz,
Hard Livin’, Karizma, Foz, Empress, Wax,
Shiva, Soldier, T-Cutt, Windows78
Open Mic And Night Hosted By Karizma
clubs/theatre/live music/comedy/exhibitions
Period of 02/12 - 31/01
thu 02/12
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £19.95 - £24.95
Times: 7pm
Smug Roberts, Ronnie Edwards,
Rick Right, Simon Bligh
Runs Until: 4/12
Just the Tonic
Venue: Cabaret
Price: £tbc
Times: 7.30pm
sun 12/12
Get A Grip
Venue: Social
Price: £5 (Student Discount)
Times: 8.30pm
Alex Lasarev, Roland Gent,
Oxse Del Strain, MC Ryan Gough.
Get A Grip
Venue: Social
Price: £5 (Student Discount)
Times: 8.30pm
Improvised Comedy Show
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £34.95
Times: 7pm
Sinck, Brian Higgins,
Anthony King, Phil Butler
fri 31/12
Just the Tonic
Venue: Cabaret
Price: £22.50
Times: 7.30pm
The JTT New years eve show sells out
every year. You will have a laugh, you
will singalong, you will dance, hug your
friends, get drunk and be very happy to
be alive. Hurry and book!!!
fri 07/01
sun 19/12
Just the Tonic
Venue: Cabaret
Price: £tbc
Times: 7.30pm
Xmas Special
See for further
info. Likely to be a ram packed night
of hooting and hollering in a pre-xmas
drunken style.
Notts’ 10’s
mon 27/12
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £15
Times: 7pm
Roger Monkhouse, Ninia Benjamin
Pommy Johnson, Brendan Dempsey
Runs Until: 8/1
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £14.95 - £24.95
Times: 7pm
Dom Carroll, JoJo Smith,
Sinck, Paul Provenza
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £24.95
Times: 7pm
Steve Hughes, Roger D,
Michael Smiley, Alex Boardman
Get A Grip
Venue: Social
Price: £6 (Student Discount)
Times: 8.30pm
Jared Christmas, Barry Dodds
Peter Vincent, Neil McGhee
MC Tom Bell.
Ken Dodd
Venue: Royal Centre
Price: £14.50 - £17.50
Times: 7pm
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £8 - £13
Times: 7pm
Simon Fox, Sandy Nelson
Mark Walker, Kevin Gildea
Runs Until: 15/1
thu 13/01
thu 20/01
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £8 - £13
Times: 7pm
Brendon Burns, Paul Tonkinson
Paul Chowdry, Mike Milligan
Toby Foster
Runs Until: 22/1
Get A Grip
Venue: Social
Price: £5
Times: 8.30pm
Student Discount
Mark Watson, Helmut
MC Spiky Mike
wed 01/12
tue 28/12
wed 08/12
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £14.95 - £24.95
Times: 7pm
JoJo Smith, Gordon Southern, Simon B
Cotter, Brendhan Lovegrove
Runs Until: 10/12
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £24.95
Times: 7pm
Alex Boardman, Ian Edwards,
Mandy Knight, Pommy Johnson
tue 21/12
tue 21/12
Just the Tonic
sun 05/12
Venue: Cabaret
Price: £tbc
Times: 7.30pm
Jason Byrne is an anarchic Irishman with
a rubber face. Armed with material, but
manically surfing off of the room, his
shows are always an event to remember.
Get A Grip
Venue: Social
Price: £5 (Student Discount)
Times: 8.30pm
Susan Murray, Matt Hollins, Jared
Goodhead, MC Spiky Mike.
Venue: Jongleurs
Price: £14.95 - £24.95
Times: 7pm
Sean Percival, Adam Crow,
Simon Bligh, Tony Gerrard
Runs Until: 23/12
tue 25/01
World War II - A Local Perspective
Venue: Lakeside
Price: Free
Times: Mon - Sat 11am-4pm
Raises questions about the impact of the
Second World War on local communities.
The material on display provides a local
perspective on the war years for young
and old alike.
Runs Until: 16/12
Bad Behaviour
Venue: Lakeside
Bad Behaviour charts a subversive
streak in contemporary art, focusing on
a generation of artists who challenge
conventions and social codes. This
exhibition includes words and images
that some people may find offensive.
Runs Until: 19/12
Annual Open Art Exhibition
Venue: Angel Row Gallery
A celebration of creative work produced
by artists and makers in the East
Midlands. Painting, photography, glass,
ceramics and textiles are among the 100
plus works to choose from.
Runs Until: 5/12
Mini Randomscapes
Venue: Wax Cafe
Times: Whenever the bar is open
An exhibition featuring small paintings
based on the artists’ surroundings past
and present, inspirations, dreams and
nothing in particular.
Runs Until: 22/12
2D Open Exhibition 2004
Venue: Surface Gallery
Times: 11pm - 5pm
This exhibition features a variety of 2D
work by both established and emerging
artists. The pieces are selected from
entries to Surface Gallery’s annual 2D
Open competition.
Runs Until: 9/12
sat 04/12
Track Changes
Venue: Yard Gallery
A contemporary installation associated
with conservation and ecology. Artist
Dawn Badland explores new ideas of
representing natural science activity,
while using techniques such as screenprinting, mono-printing and resin casting.
Runs Until: 30/1
tue 14/12
Postcard Show
Venue: 1851 Gallery
Price: Free
Times: 11am - 5pm
Annual exhibition of postcard-sized work.
An opportunity to pick up a genuine piece
of art at an affordable price.
Runs Until: 23/12
sat 18/12
Nottingham’s Medieval Alabasters
Venue: Nottingham Castle
Price: Castle admission Prices
In the Middle Ages, Nottingham was a
centre for the production of alabaster
carvings showing saints and their stories.
Few of them still survive. Nottingham
Castle will be showing its entire collection
of 21 alabasters, including the complete
altarpece of The Passion of Christ, one of
only two that exist in the UK today.
Runs Until: 13/2
wed 05/01
Venue: Surface Gallery
Times: 11am - 5pm
Surface Gallery is run on a voluntary
basis by those committed to the
arts, and in particular to encouraging
emerging artists. This exhibition is a
chance to see work produced by Surface
Gallery’s dedicated team of volunteers
Runs Until: 13/1
Resurrection Stories
Venue: Lakeside
Price: Free
Times: 11am - 5pm
sat 08/01
Resurrection Stories continues an
exploration of themes in mythology,
which transcend time and place.
Visually lavish and multi-layered,
it taps a rich and elemental vein of
mythology relating to spiritual journeys,
metamorphosis and rebirth.
Runs Until: 20/2
Inside - Peter Griffiths
Venue: Lakeside
Price: Free
Times: All Day
Peter Griffiths’ abstract prints combine
photography of spaces with marks that
either merge with the image or rest on
the surface. They invoke memories of
places with which we feel familiar but at
the same time have a slightly unsettling
air. Rather than reveal the reality of a
situation, these works express a visual
reading of an abstract moment in time.
Runs Until: 13/2
tue 11/01
Writing against War
Venue: Lakeside
Price: Free
Times: All Day
Ingeborg Bachmann (1926 - 1973)
This exhibition is a tribute to the life
and work of Austria’s prolific and best
known post-war writer whose life was
cut tragically short at the age of 47.
It contains photography, film, video
material, and text (including excerpts
from her unpublished war diary).
Runs Until: 22/1
sat 15/01
Objects Of Ridicule
Venue: Lakeside
Price: Free
Times: Weekdays 11am-4pm
Weekends 12pm - 4pm
The art of political caricature enjoyed
a golden age in Britain in the late 18th
and early 19th centuries. The exhibition
draws on the University’s collections of
archives and printed books. The subjects
of satire range from William Pitt and his
political rivals to the cause of female
Runs Until: 13/3
tue 18/01
Venue: Surface Gallery
Times: 11am - 5pm
An exhibition of 15x15x15cm aluminium
boxes created by students currently
on Masters programmes at Derby
University. With disciplines as varied
as textiles, graphic design, fine art and
photography, this should be an eclectic
and inspirational mix.
Runs Until: 27/1
Pete Jordan Breaks Chart December 2004
1. Hexadecimal - Deep Frequency/Brain
Machine (Heavy Disco) Spectrum’s
Hexadecimal take the breaks world by
storm with their debut release.
2. Splitloop - KFC (Supercharged) This
Irish act have continued to deliver hit
after hit during the last year, this one
does not dissapoint!
3. Unknown - Boot The Way (Boyo)
The Spectrum breaks remix of Red Hot
Chili Peppers - By The Way finally hits
4. Freestylers - Boom Blast (Against the
Grain) Check Deekline’s remix for full on
dancefloor action!
5. Distortionz - Pure Play (Bass Invaderz
TP) Distortionz new label materialises in
the form of this bass bin busting killer of
a release.
6. Ctrllive - King of the Bongo (White)
CTRL’s breaks guise takes Manu Chao
and gives him a makeover like you would
never believe.
7. Vigi & Nectarious - Guru Meat Katie
Mix (Streetwise) Meat Katie’s remix take
this tune to new heights!! Quality.
8. Unknown - Boot Decor (DDB) Still
rocking the joint, another cheeky
Spectrum remix that has gained an
“official” release.
9. Michael Morph - Pranged Jordan &
Morph Mix (White) Championed across
Australia on Phantom Beats recent tour,
check the funky bassline on this beast.
Due for release in 2005.
10. Sinosine - Two Sysytems / One
Country (Mob) Tayo’s terrific label comes
up with another example of the strength
of depth in the worldwild breakbeat
All of the clues below can be answered using the names of Nottingham bars, pubs and clubs.
Clues Across:
1. Has this bar been displaced from Prague? (5)
2. A rock hard bar! (5)
3. Cinema bar which can also be found in theatreland, NYC. (6)
4. Roughest pub on Pelham Street. (12)
5. See 13a.
6. You might need to use your skills to creep into this club. (7)
7. See 8d.
8 + 12d. LeftLion Presents venue. (4,5)
9. Tiny punk rock bar near Cornerhouse. (8)
10. Did this bar emerge in Russia in the early 1900s
or in France in the late 1700s? (10)
11 + 7d. Edgar Allen Poe could be a regular at
this gothic pub. (3,3,8)
12. Raise a glass to our monarch at this
Beeston ‘gastro-pub’. (8)
13 + 5a. It’s Nottingham’s famous
alternative gig venue and club! (4,4)
14. See 16a.
15. This 80’s bar might be where a doctor
could choose to test your reactions. (6)
16 + 14a + 1d. Take the surnames of a famous
Notts actress and the bassist from U2 and you’ll
get a couple of thoroughly decent people.
And the name of a riverside pub (7,6,3,7)
Tommy C’s Challenge:
A special prize, and the respect of all at LeftLion, will be awarded to the brave soul who
dares to take a drink in every one of the places in the crossword. Evidence of your crawl
can be posted on the leftlion forum at
8. 8.
Clues Down:
1. See 16a.
2. See 10d.
3. ______ Bar. A really central location. (4)
4. Welcoming old inn which offers a fond hello. (10)
5. Just the place to drink Guinness. (5)
6. Hopefully, you won’t get injured in a California
hip-hop turf war in this St. James’ street bar. (8)
7. See 11a.
8 + 7a + 9d. The star of the fair moves nearer
to LeftLion’s home. (5,2,3 6)
10 + 2d. Take a stumble on a journey to
the holy lands. (4,2,9)
11. A very friendly Pelham St. venue. (6)
12. See 8a.
12. 12.
26 2
Roger Mean’s
Rocky Horrorscopes
Buried treasure lies in your garden. Despite the morbid winter weather it’s
time for you to get out and do some digging. Green fingers and a big spade
will bring you good fortune. Be careful not to disturb Hammy the hamsters
Ever since you were little you have been lied to. Santa really does exist and
he hates you. Watch out for his sleigh this Christmas eve as he is planning a
special visit to your house. Not even mince pies and brandy can save you from
this time…
The alignment of the stars over the next month means that Jupiter will orbit
the mighty David Hasslehoff. The former Baywatch star will be your lucky talisman. Listen carefully for hidden meanings and spiritual advice in his music.
You have been hypnotized for your entire life. Reading these words may cause
you a sudden panic as you attempt to wake up from your Matrix like existence. Wait for the white rabbit in Trinity Square…
It’s time to run! You should immediately make arrangements to relocate to
outside of Europe, preferably outside of the Western hemisphere. Leave all
your friends and family behind or I will feast upon your immortal soul!
The child is well bling, the carollers sing, The old has passed, there’s a new
beginning. Dreams of santa, dreams of snow, Fingers numb, faces aglow.
Christmas crime. Robbing all the time. Stealing your presents, without
doing time…
You’re a poet and you know it. This doing it yourself technique is all very well
and good. The words are plants and your book is the garden. The future looks
rosy as long as you can avoid the thorns that lie embedded in the
winter night.
You will be unlucky in love this Christmas. Let’s face it, no-one likes you!! You
think you’’re misunderstood, but really you’re about as appealing to others as
getting a good kicking! Try plastic surgery or the lifestyle of a hermit.
Fish and chips for me supper please. Don’t let them put salt and vinegar on
tho. I’ll put it on meself when I get back to the house. Get me some of that
curry sauce as well. In a pot mind, not already soaked into me chips.
Just got home from clubbing? Were you standing too close to the speaker
again? Can you hear a faint ringing in your ear? It’s not the telephone, it’s you
going crazy. This ringing will never stop. Hahahahahaha!
New carpets in your home smell nice and will improve your daily outlook.
If pressure from annoying chair and sofa legs make unsightly shapes in the
weaving then you can always put an ice cube on the denty bit and it will pop
back up. Cold.
Fancy some no-strings attached sex? Or do you prefer it puppeteer style, with
all the strings left on? Either way, our sources say that all you need to pull
Pinnochio this xmas is good manners and a gottle of geer. He’s got wood!
Bones’ Fun Cave...
Grate Misstakes in Cultural Histroy
96 Trent FM
Copycat Local
Radio Stations
Century 106
...and if it leaks again,
I’ma have ya legs broke
Variety of great music claimed (%)
Actual variety of great music played
#02: Jan 1956 - Sinatra cuts his masterpiece, “I’ve Got You Under My Sink”
Variety of great music claim
ic played (%)
Actual variety of great mus
Wank SUVs with tinted windows
Wank SUVs with tinted wind
Breakfast team nausea factor
Breakfast team nausea facto
Teeth-clenching godawfulness rating
ness ratin
Teeth-clenching godawful