Brick brochure - Arcola East Community Association



Brick brochure - Arcola East Community Association
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Order Form
4x8 Brick $100 CAD
Street Address:
Phone: Bricks Provided by
That’s My Brick!®
Adept Engraving LLC has been working with
thousands of organizations throughout the
country, helping them to raise funds for various
causes through That’s My Pan!® Fundraisers. We
are now offering personalized bricks to further
the success of our fundraising organizations.
Our bricks are great for plazas, memorials,
walkways, and anywhere else you use bricks!
Show your support by personalizing a brick
The Marking Process
Spray Pad
Payment type: Cash, Check, Money Order
• Make check payable to: Arcola East Community Association
• To order online with a Credit Card, go to:
Return this form to:
Arcola East Community Association
% Spray Pad
3860 Buckingham Drive East
Regina, SK, S4V 3A1
That’s My Brick!® uses a patented, laserbased marking process that produces a
layer of black, fused glass on any color
surface of the brick or tile. The marks are
flush with the surface of the brick or tile,
which means less maintenance and no
chance of wear-based damage.
All samples passed each of the ASTMspecified test conditions (Freeze/Thaw
cycling, Salt Spray exposure, Ultraviolet
Light exposure) with flying colors. The
independent testing has proven that bricks
marked with our process and installed
properly in your project will last longer
than our lifetimes.
at the
Sandra Schmirler
L e i s u re Ce n t re
The three year
fundraising effort to build
the Spray Pad at the
Sandra Schmirler Leisure
Center is nearly complete.
Phase I included
construction of the pad
and some basic water
features, Open Summer
2015! Phase II adds more
water features with a
higher “Fun Factor”.
Please join us in
completing this great
family facility. Buy a
Brick as a permanent
reminder of your
Brick Options
4x8 Bricks
• 3 lines of 18 character personalization
(includes spaces and punctuation)
Ordering Process
For your convenience, attached to this
brochure is an order form. Fill out the
attached portion and drop off at or mail to:
Arcola East Community Association
% Spray Pad
3860 Buckingham Drive East
Regina, SK S4V 3A1
To order online with Credit Card, please visit:
Questions? Please Contact:
Wayne Kimmet
[email protected]
Bricks Provided By:

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