Transfluid Image Brochure



Transfluid Image Brochure
We are transfluid.
The solution for tubes.
Why transfluid ?
We build machines. That is our expertise. But we offer
our customers more than that. You don’t just get the
machine, but everything you want to make with it.
Turning you ideas into reality
is what we do best.
That is what our brand stands for.
° ° ° ° ° ° °
We are transfluid.
Our achievements not only shape the market,
they are revolutionizing metal-forming technology.
Always being better – thanks to the knowledge
of our employees. Always getting better – thanks
to the ideas of our customers.
Your ideas are our challenges.
We are the solution. The solution for tubes.
That is what our brand stands for.
° ° ° ° ° ° °
We are progress.
We live for progress, because only those who
create something new can move forward.
Creating something new – that is what we, as
technology leaders, are passionately devoted to.
Moving you forward.
That is what our brand stands for.
We think ahead.
That is what drives our
customers ’ progress.
machines on the market
° ° ° ° ° ° °
We are performance.
We deliver solutions that can be integrated
seamlessly into your processes. And we offer
service that guarantees optimum performance.
For us, service doesn’t just mean being available
when you need us. It also means ensuring the
long-term effectiveness of every solution.
That is what our brand stands for.
Our service to our customers means
the sustainability of our solutions.
° ° ° ° ° ° °
We are your partner.
Our work is to give and receive. Our motivation is
the partnership we have built with our employees
and our suppliers. And our customers. We accept
your ideas as our challenge.
What we give in return: our knowledge of technologies to create the solutions that shape the future.
We are the solution for tubes.
That is what our brand stands for.
° ° ° ° ° ° °
Always the best solution:
machines and systems from transfluid .
° ° ° ° ° ° °
Pipe bending machines
transfluid pipe bending technology:
for unlimited bending freedom.
DB 2090-CNC-SE
Servo-electrically driven mandrel bending machine
with four stack dies for pipe diameters up to 90 mm
Mobile bending machines
Uncompromisingly compact, versatile and simply excellent. Can be used
as a simple pipe bending machine or with optional functions for on site
installation. Saw, internal and external deburrer, assembly for all connection systems (cutting ring pre-assembly, flaring, etc.). All built-in or
attached appliances are also available as stand-alone machines.
MB 642 6 - 42 mm Ø
MB 2060 6 - 60 mm Ø
MB 3080 20 - 80 mm Ø
MB 30115 20 -115 mm Ø
DB 642 K
With MS 642, RE 642 and VS 642
Compact mandrel bending machines
Compact, powerful and convenient, our fully hydraulic mandrel
bending machine offers outstanding bending quality combined with
extremely simple operation. Optionally available with hydraulic saw,
deburrer and cutting ring pre-assembly.
Equipment options:
Radii between 1.5 x and 2.5 x D
Usable lengths of 1,500 to 6,000 mm
Digital angle preselection for up to eight bending angles
MB 642
With RE 642 and VS 642
DB 642K 6-42 mm Ø
DB 648K 6 -50 mm Ø
DB 2060K 6 -76 mm Ø
DB 20101K 6 -101 mm Ø
° ° ° ° ° ° °
Stationary mandrel bending machines
Simple, powerful and offering impressive bending quality,
our semi-automatic machines for small and medium
serial production runs allow bending without any limitations.
Upgradeable to match your requirements precisely.
Equipment options:
Radii between 1.5 x and 2.5 x D
Usable lengths from 3,000 to 6,000 mm
Angle preselection via touch panel
Storage of input data
DB 622ST 4 - 22 mm Ø
DB 630ST 6 - 30 mm Ø
DB 650ST 6 - 50 mm Ø
DB 2076ST 6 - 76 mm Ø
DB 2090ST 6 - 90 mm Ø
DB 2076ST
Semi-automatic mandrel bending machine
for pipe diameters up to 90 mm
° ° ° ° ° ° °
The machines must be extremely robust, especially when handling large
tube diameter, if they are to be capable of processing thick walled and
thin walled pipes and, at the same time, achieve radii of 1.5 x D or smaller.
This also requires sophisticated machine and controll technology. These machines are sometimes used for single pipe bending, with a need for
fast tool changing. The setting-up time can be a major factor and is between
10 and 25 minutes for pipe diameters ranging from 120 mm to 325 mm.
DB 20120-CNC
20 -120 mm Ø
partially | fully electric
DB 40139-CNC
40 -140 mm Ø
partially electric
DB 40168-CNC
40 -168 mm Ø
partially electric
DB 40220-CNC
40 - 220 mm Ø
partially electric
DB 60275-CNC
60 - 275 mm Ø
partially electric
Servo-electrically driven
with four stack dies
DB 80330-CNC
80 - 325 mm Ø
partially electric
Fully automatic CNC mandrel bending machines
Robust, fast and simple to operate, our transfluid CNC bending
machines use the most modern technology to offer limitless bending
freedom. Highly flexible, powerful and, thanks to their very short
setting-up times, extremely fast. For radii down to less than 1 x
diameter and, depending on your needs, fully or partially electrically
driven. That is technology to meet the most exacting requirements.
Equipment options:
push bending, right/left bending, centerline booster,
multiple bending level, seam detection, automatic loading
DB 415-CNC
4 -15 mm Ø
fully electric
DB 622-CNC
6 - 22 mm Ø
fully electric
DB 630-CNC
6 - 30 mm Ø
fully electric
DB 642-CNC
6 -42 mm Ø
partially | fully electric
DB 2060-CNC
20 - 60 mm Ø
partially | fully electric
DB 2090-CNC
20 - 90 mm Ø
partially | fully electric
DB 40220-3A-CNC
Mandrel bending machine for pipes up to 220 mm, thin walled as well as
wall thicknesses up to 20 mm, very simple tool changing
° ° ° ° ° ° °
Wall thinning could be reduced and controlled via boosting device.
Pipes can be bend with pre-welded flanges, since we are aware that
t control software
economy is of crucial importance in this area. Automatic tool changers can also be useful in meeting certain requirements. Whether for
single items or production runs, we offer the perfect solution.
To control our bending machines
and forming processes we offer
t control, a powerful software
solution which allows you to
import isometric drawings from
all the popular CAD systems – a
distinct advantage for your on-
DB 2090-CNC-VE
CNC controlled fully electrical mandrel bending machine for pipes up to 90 mm,
with the option of an automatic tool changer.
line engineering.
Planning for safety:
In addition to the exact determination of cutting lengths and
the documentation of pipe data,
our t control software primarily
offers intuitive production pro-
The clever solution:
If flanges are to be welded on
cess reliability. This is because
With right/left bending machines,
to the pipe before the bending
the pipe geometries can be
the software automatically de-
process, the software calcu-
tested for practicability before
termines which bend should be
lates the required arrangement.
starting the bending process –
formed on which head. Extra
It can, of course, also be em-
thus eliminating the possibility
length allowances for forming pro-
ployed for the push bending
of collisions with the machine,
cesses are automatically taken
process and for multi-level ma-
the tools or any other elements.
into account.
DB 642-CNC-R/L
Fully electric right/left
bending machine
° ° ° ° ° ° °
Pipe forming machines
transfluid forming technology:
when form is a matter of requirement.
REB 632
Axial forming machines,
5-stage, with automatic
tool changing
Axial forming machines
Precise, fast and universal – the transfluid model REB forming machines. They offer extreme degrees of forming, complex geometries
and fast tool changing. The tool sequence is positioned horizontally
or vertically by a servo motor. With up to eight forming stages,
additional clamping unit and hydraulic-numerical control, it is able to
fulfill virtually any requirements.
It is controlled via a touch panel with integrated data storage, which
you can use to retrieve and save machine parameters. We can configure the machines according to your wishes as transfer systems
(with an extremely short cycle time) or as combination machines.
SRM 622
Bead rolling machine
for tubes up to 22 mm
Model SRM rotary forming machines
REB 420
3 - 20 mm Ø
Upsetting force 84 kN
REB 632
6 - 32 mm Ø
Upsetting force 98 kN
REB 645
6 - 45 mm Ø
Upsetting force 147 kN
REB 660
6 - 60 mm Ø
Upsetting force 240 kN
Our rotary technology offers you totally new possibilities for shaping
Customer specified upsetting forces up to 1,300 kN
tubes that have already been axially preformed, for the manufacture
of sharp-edged contours for sealing elements and for the creation
Combination machine, with six axial forming stages and a rotary forming unit
of extremely good finishes. With short clamping lengths, you can form
virtually any geometry – even after bending.
They are controlled via a touch panel with integrated data storage,
which you can use to retrieve and save machine parameters. Manual
settings are not necessary. Our machines can form from inside to
the outside and reverse as well as performing orbital chipless cutting.
If a machine is equipped with a CNC controller, processing is carried
out by means of servo-electric drives. Create different contours using
just one tool!
SRM 622 4 - 22 mm Ø
SRM 1550 15 - 50 mm Ø
SRM 3080 30 - 80 mm Ø
SRM 30170 30 -170 mm Ø
The latest information can be found at:
° ° ° ° ° ° °
Model UMR rotary forming machines
For manufacturing flares between 20° and 90°,
clamping lengths of approx. 1 x D, this machine
creates a perfect sealing surface. Flares up
to 90° are manufactured in a single operation.
Tool changes can be executed in an extremely
short time. When equipped with the appropriate
tools, the machine is also capable of closing
pipe ends.
UMR 628 6 - 28 mm
UMR 642 6 -42 mm
UMR 665 6 - 65 mm
UMR 30115 30 -115 mm
UMR 30168
30 -168 mm
UMR 30220 30 - 220 mm
UMR 628
Rotary flaring machine for
diameters up to 28 mm
REB 645-5 SRM 622
Combination machine with five axial forming stages and a rotary forming unit
Combination machines
The simplest of machines for simple forming, especially useful in exhaust systems,
for expanding, reducing and notching. With
one head or multiple heads for carrying out
To meet your specific requirements, we are able to combine
various processes in sequence.
features of our different forming processes – in particular,
axial forming and rotary forming. We can offer both of these
EX 3076-HA
in one machine or in the form of a transfer system in which
EX 30127-HA
processing is carried out in succession. The combination of a
forming machine with conventional machining is also possible.
EX 3076-HA
Forming machine performing expansion
up to a diameter of 76 mm
The latest information can be found at:
° ° ° ° ° ° °
Pipe cutting machines
transfluid cutting technology:
perfect cuts made with the greatest precision.
RTO 628
Orbital pipe cutting machine from 6 – 28 mm Ø, feed from coil,
with balarina roll and straightening unit
Chipless orbital cutting machines
Our chipless orbital cutting machine allows you to achieve precise
cutting results – so that your tubes are immediately ready for further processing. Because the cut is so clean, it is possible for you to
carry out forming directly at the cut surface – there is no need for
any further treatment. There is no chance of any deforming at the
cutting position because there is a pulling process during the cutting
operation with varying torques that depend on the tube sizes.
Equipment options:
Cutting rates up to 1,800 pieces per hour, cut length optimization
to minimize residual lengths, from coil with straightening unit
RT 622
Blade cutting unit from 6 - 22 mm, ideal for accurate trimming
or with loading magazine for straight tubes, controlled multiple
Scarfing knife cutting process
ejection of cut lengths.
RTO 628 6 - 28 mm orbital cutting process
RTO 2076 20 -76 mm orbital cutting process
Our cutting process is ideal for accurate trimming and allows you
to shear the pipes precisely. It produces right-angled, sharp-edged
cuts even where awkward pipe geometries are involved. The two
metal chips that arise can be reliably detected during the process.
Absolute circularity at the cut section is a given for all materials.
You can also employ this cutting process on our bending machines
for cutting curved geometries.
The use of up to three blades is possible in order to meet extreme
requirements. An internal mandrel may also be used to optimize the
process. In addition, it is possible to modify the process in order to
produce cuts in different degrees of the pipe end. »
RT 622
6 - 22 mm
knife cutting
RT 1040
10 - 40 mm
knife cutting
RTO 628
Orbital cutting unit for pipes up to 28 mm with tube loading
magazine and ejection unit for five different pipe lengths
The latest information can be found at:
° ° ° ° ° ° °
Pipe cleaning machines
transfluid cleaning technology:
for clean working.
RL 642
Single pipe washing system
with manual pipe coupling
(automatic also available on request)
Pipe cleaning machines
You can’t get cleaner – our pipe cleaning machines let you
achieve the highest level of cleanliness.
Pellet cleaning machines are the quickest and most effective
machines for smaller numbers of pieces. Single pipe washing
systems are more reliable when smaller numbers of pieces
must be cleaned to meet more stringent requirements.
The solution for you: For serial production or automated
operation, we offer you washing systems with conveyor belt
transport, pallet cleaning or cleaning inside a washing basket.
We can tailor the performance of our machines very precisely
to your requirements. This applies to both the degree of
cleanliness and the cleaning agent used.
We can, on request, equip all our liquid operated cleaning systems with a particulate detector. This ensures that your pipes
conform perfectly to the requirements.
DLW Continuous flow washing system
Washing basket system
Single pipe washing system (liquid)
RR 42 Single pipe cleaner (pellets)
RR 001
Cleaning system in which cleaning is performed using oscillating washing baskets
The latest information can be found at:
° ° ° ° ° ° °
transfluid automation systems:
for optimal processes.
Automation systems
Production cell
Weld seam detection – bending –
trimming – fully automatic forming for processing two pieces
Automatic tool changing within process
Automation right from the start
Plug and play! Our production-ready, automated systems allow you
On request with:
to begin large scale serial production immediately.
Marking devices, weld seam detection units, leakage tests, soldering and
welding systems, autofrettage and optical control devices for checking
We use tried and trusted machines from our own range for these
geometries and surface finishes
systems and complement their processing with storage and loading
systems, workpiece feeds or complete handling systems. These can
We plan for you:
be linear systems or robots – just as you wish.
The complete production cell (including the design of the layout) and the
utilization of each of the machines, the perfect material flow
DB 2090-CNC
Fully electric CNC bending
machine. Automatic 8-station
tool changer, loading magazine, weld seam detection,
handling by means of robots
PN 003
Automated pipe rack for pipes
up to a length of 12,000 mm
° ° ° ° ° ° °
The latest information can be found at:
° ° ° ° ° ° °
s olution
° ° ° ° ° ° °
Burkhard Tigges
Gerd Nöker
Stefanie Flaeper
Benedikt Hümmler
Ludger Bludau
transfluid . The solution for tubes.
That is what our brand stands for.

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