2014 Catalog



2014 Catalog
2014 Catalog
From humble beginnings more than 50 years ago to
Basic Instructions:
widespread popularity in today’s marketplace, Sculpey® oven-
Start with clean hands and work area. Good working surfaces
include a glass or metal surface, disposable foil, or wax paper.
Work light colors before dark colors to avoid staining clay. Condition
clay by kneading it until it’s soft and smooth. When connecting
two pieces of clay together, press firmly to ensure that they stick
together after baking. Bake on an oven-proof metal surface.
Use the Baking Table to determine the oven temperature and
exceed the recommended oven temperature or baking time.
Children using clay should be supervised at all times. All baking
should be completed by an adult. Sculpey® clays should be used
for decorative purposes only and not with food, beverage or
smoking materials.
bake clays from Polyform Products Company are among the
most desirable craft clays on the market. An entire culture
has sprouted around this amazing medium — websites,
newsgroups, conferences, guilds and retreats. As the market
leader, we focus on creating new ways to stimulate and
encourage creativity.
Polyform Products Company continues to inspire a “world of
bright ideas” with new and innovative products for beginners
to advanced clay users.
Product Quality:
Polyform Products Company manufactures all of our oven-bake
clays in the United States, each of which can be baked safely in
your home oven or toaster oven. Every product manufactured or
sold by Polyform is of the highest quality. Safety is and always has
been our number one priority. All Polyform products are free from
wheat, gluten, sulfur, dairy, nuts, and latex. Our products are never
tested on animals.
Original Sculpey®.................................................................. 2
Changing the Consistency of Clay:
Super Sculpey®..................................................................... 3-4
Sculpey clays have the unique ability to be made as firm or as soft
as you like. To make your clay softer, simply add a few drops of
Sculpey® Clay Softener into a handful of clay and knead until mixed.
You can also soften clay by adding a small amount of Sculpey®
Mold Maker™ until desired consistency is reached. To make your
clay more firm, leach the clay by following the steps below:
1.Roll your clay into a sheet.
2.Sandwich your flat clay between 8-10 sheets of plain white copy paper.
3.Place a weight on top your clay (a phone book works great)
and allow to sit for 1–24 hours, check clay periodically.
4.When you are done, you will have clay that is the perfect consistency for you!
Pre-Baking Test:
The accuracy of home oven temperatures may vary significantly
and will affect the baking of your clay. To test temperature of oven
prior to baking your finished piece, always use the following test.
• Pinch off a small ball of clay.
• Shape a disc this size in diameter and
approximately 1/4 in (6 mm) thick.
1/2 in
(12 mm)
• Refer to instructions for baking time and temperature.
• Remove from oven and check color. Any darkened areas
indicate that your oven is too hot.
• If your oven is too hot, lower your oven temperature by
10°F (5°C) and try this test again.
Sculpey III®............................................................................ 5-7
premo! Sculpey®................................................................... 8-10
Sculpey Soufflé™................................................................... 11
premo! Sculpey® Accessories............................................. 12-13
Sculpey Project Guides...................................................... 14
Sculpey® Accessories and Tools........................................ 15-19
Specialty Clays and Products............................................. 20-21
Sculpey Molds..................................................................... 22-23
Baking Table
Use this table to determine
how long and at what
temperature your clay should
be baked. Always use an
oven thermometer to confirm
that the temperature in the
oven is the same as that
shown on the dial.
Keepsake Clay™.................................................................... 24-25
Kids Products....................................................................... 26-27
Pluffy and Bake Shop ....................................................... 28
EZ Shape®.............................................................................. 29
Displays................................................................................. 30-32
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Polyform Products Company
1901 Estes Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
[email protected] | www.sculpey.com
Many modeling clays contain ingredients that
may stain or damage finished surfaces. Do
not place unbaked clay on furniture, flooring,
carpeting or fabric. Protect finished surfaces
by using unbaked Polyform clay products on
a glass or metal surface, or use disposable foil
or wax paper beneath your work.
Time per Thickness
Original Sculpey®
275ºF (130ºC)
15 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
Super Sculpey®
275ºF (130ºC)
15 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
Super Sculpey® Firm
275ºF (130ºC)
15 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
Living Doll®
275ºF (130ºC)
15 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
Sculpey III®
275ºF (130ºC)
15 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
premo! Sculpey®
275ºF (130ºC)
30 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
premo! Sculpey Accents®
275ºF (130ºC)
30 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
Sculpey SouffléTM
275ºF (130ºC)
30 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
Sculpey® UltraLight®
275ºF (130ºC)
15 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
285ºF (130ºC)
20 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
250ºF (121ºC)
20 min / 1/2 in (12 mm) thickness
275ºF (130ºC)
15 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
275ºF (130ºC)
15 min / 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness
Bake & BendTM
Amazing Eraser Clay
Bake Shop
For projects thicker than 3 in (76 mm), bake for one hour. Baking time should not exceed one hour.
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
As America’s first oven-bake clay, Original Sculpey has been in
Super Sculpey is a unique ceramic-like sculpting compound
the hands of kids, parents and teachers for generations. With
that is oven-bakeable. Super Sculpey clay is much loved by
its soft texture, easy clean-up and lasting strength, Original
artists, dollmakers and animation studios around the world. It
Sculpey has been a favorite for just as long. After baking, it can
is shatter and chip resistant and can be carved, sanded and
be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with water-based acrylic
drilled after baking.
paints or Sculpey Glazes.
Item Number
Box Size
SS1 - Beige
1 lb
SS8 - Beige
8 lb
SS24 - Beige
24 lb
• Perfect for detailed sculptures and prototypes
• Semi-translucent finish
• Great for artists and teachers
Super Sculpey Firm is an extra firm sculpting clay. Super Sculpey
Firm is gray in color, making it easy for both sculptors and
photographers to see even the smallest detail. After baking,
Item Number
Box Size
S01 - White
1 lb
S2 - White
1.75 lb
S375 - White
3.75 lb
S8 - White
8 lb
S24 - White
24 lb
S01T - Terra Cotta
1 lb
S2T - Terra Cotta
1.75 lb
Super Sculpey Firm can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted.
• Stays soft until you bake it
• Great for school and art projects
S8T - Terra Cotta
8 lb
Item Number
S24T - Terra Cotta
24 lb
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
Box Size
1 lb
• Firm texture is perfect for sculpting fine details
• Gray color makes clay easy to photograph
• Shatter and chip resistant
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
Super Sculpey Living Doll is a professional quality oven-bake
Sculpey III is the perfect medium for anyone who likes to create.
clay specifically formulated for dollmaking. Available in 4 popular
It is soft, easy-to-use and stays soft until you bake it. With
colors and blends easily to make realistic dolls.
44 vibrant colors, Sculpey III provides inspiration for crafters
ignite your creativity
Available colors
2 ounce
Item Number
Box Size
ZSLD1 - Beige
ZSLD2 - Brown
ZSLD3 - Light
ZSLD4 - Baby
1 lb
• Strong and durable after baking
• Can be carved, sanded, drilled and
painted once baked
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
S302 001 White
S302 1008 Blue Pearl
S302 010 Translucent
S302 1086 Gold
S302 033 Sweet Potato
S302 1101 Pearl
S302 042 Black
S302 1103 Lt. Blue Pearl
S302 053 Chocolate
S302 1105 Pewter
S302 063 Blue
S302 1109 Suede Brown
S302 072 Yellow
S302 1112 Fuchsia Pearl
S302 083 Red
S302 1113 Glow In The Dark
S302 093 Beige
S302 1130 Silver
S302 301 Tan
S302 1132 Jewelry Gold
S302 303 Dusty Rose
S302 1134 Plum
S302 322 Leaf Green
S302 1140 Deep Red Pearl
S302 323 Emerald
S302 1142 Candy Pink
S302 355 Gentle Plum
S302 1144 Sky Blue
S302 360 Camouflage
S302 1150 Lemonade
S302 370 Tranquility
S302 1209 Ballerina
S302 380 Buried Treasure
S302 1216 Spring Lilac
S302 503 Hot Pink
S302 1628 String Bean
S31 001 White
S302 505 Turquoise
S302 1629 Granny Smith
S31 042 Black
S302 513 Purple
S302 1634 Just Orange
S31 093 Beige
S302 515 Violet
S302 1645 Elephant Gray
S31 323 Emerald
S302 583 Red Hot Red
S302 1657 Hazelnut
S31 583 Red Hot Red
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
8 ounce
S308 001 White
S308 010 Translucent
S308 042 Black
S308 583 Red Hot Red
S308 1657 Hazelnut
1 pound
ignite your creativity
Item Number
S3 30-1
Sculpey III
30 Color Sampler
• Best-selling sampler makes a wonderful gift
• Provides an economical way to try a variety of Sculpey III
• Includes 30—1 oz bars from the Classic Collection, Bright
Ideas, Naturals, Pearls & Pastels color families
Black, Emerald, Violet, Yellow, Camouflage, Red Hot
Red, Just Orange, Ballerina, Plum, Lt. Blue Pearl,
Translucent, Sweet Potato, Blue, Deep Red Pearl,
Pearl, Spring Lilac, Suede Brown, Granny Smith, Gold,
Lemonade, Gentle Plum, Hot Pink, Chocolate, Beige,
Turquoise, Leaf Green, Sky Blue, Silver, Red, White
S3MP 0000-1
Sculpey III
10 Color Multipack
White, Black, Yellow, Just Orange, Red, Purple, Blue,
Emerald, Chocolate, Beige
S3MP 0300-1
Sculpey III
10 Color Multipack
White, Black, Elephant Gray, Camouflage, Red, Hazelnut,
Sweet Potato, Beige, Suede Brown, Tan
S3MP 0500-1
Bright Ideas
Sculpey III
10 Color Multipack
S3MP 1000-1
Pearls & Pastels
Sculpey III
10 Color Multipack
• Includes 10—2 oz bars of clay
• Great for party prizes, gifts or craft activities
Granny Smith, Hot Pink, Fuschia Pearl, Just Orange,
Violet, Turquoise, White, Purple, Yellow, Red Hot Red
Item Number
S3 VMN-6
Sculpey III
12 Color Multipack
S3 VMB-6
Sculpey III
12 Color Multipack
S3 VMC-6
Sculpey III
12 Color Multipack
S3 VMP-6
Pearls & Pastels
Sculpey III
12 Color Multipack
White, Beige, Tan, Jewelry Gold, Camouflage, Red,
Sweet Potato, Buried Treasure, Elephant Gray, Hazelnut,
Suede Brown, Black
• Includes 12—1 oz bars of clay to make sampling colors
fun and easy
• Great for party prizes, gifts or craft activities
White, Fuschia Pearl, Granny Smith, Turquoise, Yellow,
Hot Pink, Just Orange, Red Hot Red, Purple, Gold,
Silver, Violet
White, Tan, Yellow, Just Orange, Granny Smith, Red,
Purple, Blue, Emerald, Chocolate, Elephant Gray, Black
Pearl, Ballerina, Dusty Rose, Spring Lilac, Lemonade,
Jewelry Gold, White, String Bean, Sky Blue,
Lt. Blue Pearl, Silver, Gold
Spring Lilac, Pearl, Sky Blue, Lemonade, Silver,
Ballerina, Lt. Blue Pearl, Jewelry Gold, Dusty Rose, White
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© 2014 Polyform Products Company
premo! Sculpey is an artist’s dream come true! After kneading,
The same great polymer clay as premo! Sculpey but the
this clay is soft enough to blend easily but firm enough to hold
enhanced clays in the premo! Sculpey Accents line allow for
fine detail and apply special techniques. Because premo!
making exciting and unique projects using an artist’s palette.
Sculpey retains flexibility, the finished product remains very
an artist’s
dream come true
strong and durable. This unique characteristic makes it our most
durable clay and is ideal for jewelry, home décor and functional
perfectly mixed
The complete line of premo! Sculpey Accents has 24 rich
colors: 5 pearlized colors that are great for creating faux
semi-precious stones, 6 metallics containing tiny mica particles
items that are handled on a regular basis. premo! Sculpey comes
to create a reflective effect, 6 translucents to lighten clays and
in 24 densely saturated basic colors.
provide a transparent effect, 2 granites containing elements
that give the appearance of natural stones and granites, and 5
glitters for creating objects with a glittery, sparkly finish.
Available colors
2 ounce
8 ounce
PE02 5001 White
PE02 5504 Fuchsia
PE08 5001 White
PE02 5003 Denim
PE02 5505 Turquoise
PE08 5042 Black
PE02 5007 Spanish Olive
PE02 5513 Purple
PE02 5010 Navy Blue
PE02 5525 Sunshine
PE02 5020 Blush
PE02 5529 Rhino Gray
PE02 5022 Wasabi
PE02 5535 Jungle
PE02 5026 Pomegranate
PE02 5562 Ultramarine Blue Hue
PE1 5001 White
PE02 5033 Orange
PE02 5572 CadmiumYellow Hue
PE1 5042 Black
Available colors
2 ounce
1 pound
PE02 5042 Black
PE1 5053 Burnt Umber
PE02 5053 Burnt Umber
PE1 5092 Beige
PE02 5092 Beige
PE1 5093 Ecru
PE02 5093 Ecru
PE1 5323 Green
PE02 5323 Green
PE1 5382 Cadmium Red Hue
PE02 5382 Cadmium Red Hue
PE1 5513 Purple
PE02 5383 Alizarin Crimson Hue
PE1 5562 Ultramarine Blue Hue
PE02 5392 Raw Sienna
PE1 5572 CadmiumYellow Hue
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
PE02 5101 Pearl
PE02 5310 Translucent
PE02 5029 Magenta Pearl
PE02 5527 White Translucent
PE02 5031 Purple Pearl
PE02 5040 Blue Translucent
PE02 5035 Bright Green Pearl
PE02 5046 Yellow Translucent
PE02 5038 Peacock Pearl
PE02 5044 Red Translucent
PE02 5303 Gold
PE02 5048 Green Translucent
PE02 5129 Silver
PE02 5049 Blue Glitter
PE02 5067 Copper
PE02 5051 Red Glitter
PE02 5519 Bronze
PE02 5057 Frost White Glitter
PE02 5517 Antique Gold
PE02 5550 Green Glitter
PE02 5055 18K Gold
PE02 5540 Twinkle Twinkle
8 ounce
PE08 5310 Translucent
1 pound
PE1 5101 Pearl
PE1 5129 Silver
PE1 5303 Gold
PE1 5310 Translucent
PE1 5317 White Translucent
PE02 5061 White Granite
PE02 5065 Gray Granite
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
Experience a different kind of polymer clay. Soufflé is an
innovative lightweight clay perfect for jewelry making! Its
strength and ability to hold detail makes it an excellent clay
for advanced techniques such as mokume gane, bargello
perfectly mixed
and caning. It’s strong, self supporting and will not crack
when baked in large pieces. Beautiful suede finish when
baked. Comes in 22 fashion forward colors.
Available colors
1.7 ounce
SU 6001 Igloo
SU 6003 Bluestone
SU 6022 Key Lime
SU 6033 Pumpkin
SU 6042 Poppy Seed
SU 6053 Cowboy
SU 6063 Lagoon
SU 6072 Canary
SU 6083 Cherry Pie
SU 6093 Sandcastle
SU 6301 Latte
SU 6323 Jade
SU 6360 Pesto
Item Number
PE MP024
premo! &
premo! Accents
24 Color Sampler
• 24—1 oz bars of the most popular premo!
and premo! Accents clay
• Great for creating jewelry and home décor
White, Pearl, Translucent, Ecru, Sunshine, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Wasabi,
Bright Green Pearl, Spanish Olive, Orange, Pomegranate, Magenta Pearl,
Purple Pearl, Purple, Turquoise, Peacock Pearl, Gold, Antique Gold,
Copper, Bronze, Burnt Umber, Gray Granite, Silver, Black
premo! Accents
12 Color Multipack
• 12—1 oz bars of all different popular premo!
Accents clays
• A mix of glitters, granites, fluorescents and
• Perfect for jewelry and home décor projects
White Granite, Gray Granite, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow,
Twinkle Twinkle, Green Glitter, Blue Glitter, Red Glitter, Blue Translucent,
Yellow Translucent, Red Translucent, Green Translucent
• 12—1 oz bars of classic premo! colors
• Perfect for someone who is new to premo!
and would like sample the clay and vibrant
• Perfect for jewelry and home décor projects
Purple, Cobalt Blue Hue, Green, Zinc Yellow Hue, Black, Silver, Rhino Gray,
White, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Red Hue, Orange, Gold
MIxed Effects
12 Color Multipack
6 Color Multipack
premo! Accents
6 Color Multipack
premo! Accents
6 Color Multipack
SU 6503 So 80’s
SU 6505 Sea Glass
SU 6513 Royalty
SU 6515 Turnip
SU 6629 Pistachio
SU 6633 Mai Tai
SU 6643 Bordeaux
SU 6645 Concrete
SU 6652 Robin’s Egg
White, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Green, Cadmium Red Hue, Navy Blue, Black
• 6—1 oz bars are perfect for sampling
premo! and premo! Accents clay
• Great for creating jewelry and home décor
Pearl, Magenta Pearl, Purple Pearl, Bright Green Pearl, Peacock Pearl, Blue
Gold, Antique Gold, 18K Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
Item Number
Sculpey Soufflé
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
• 12 – 0.9 oz bars
• Perfect way to try Soufflé colors
Igloo, Canary, Pistachio, Jade, Pumpkin, Cherry Pie, So 80’s, Turnip, Sea
Glass, Lagoon, Cowboy, Poppy Seed
With premo! Sculpey jewelry findings it is easy to create
Whether for beginners or enthusiasts, premo! Sculpey metal
customized pieces. Simply design and bake. Seven different
cutters make creating jewelry pieces, papercrafting, and
findings are offered for several options to showcase one-of-a-
seasonal décor fun. A variety of cutter designs offer quick and
kind designs.
easy shape making and add dimension to any clay project!
Item Number
Cuff Bracelet
• Versatile bracelet is a reusable form to create endless
cuff bracelets
Purse Hanger
• Trendy accessory to take with you on the go. Keep
your purse off the floor by using the purse hanger to
hang it on the edge of any table
Oval Keychain
• Large oval area creates the perfect canvas to make
stylish designs
Custom Bead Cores
Item Number
AMM1020 - Circle
AMM1021 - Oval
AMM1022 - Tear Drop
AMM1023 - Diamond
Graduated Metal
• 6 Graduated sizes .75”, 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2”
• Perfect for layering or adding dimensions to your
clay projects
• Unique two-piece core makes it simple to create any
size designer beads that easily fit onto popular charm
AMCC - Geometric
Crinkle Cutters
• Includes 6 geometric shapes with a unique crinkle edge
Square Ring
• Trendy geometric shape to showcase your creativity
Round Ring
• Two blank areas can showcase a variety
of techniques
Mini Metal
Round Pendant
• Fashionable blank with two areas to express your
AMMC - Basic Shapes
AMMCMF - Sweet Treats
AMMCNT - Nature
AMMCHL - Holiday
AMM1012 - Baby
• 5 great sets help add special touches to all crafting
• Each set includes 12 unique designs to make
perfect shapes every time
• Great for parties and events
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
project guides
Two project guides bring inspiration to the clay aisle and offer the
Gone are the days of scrambling for household objects to use
perfect supplement to open stock clay. Each guide encourages
with oven-bake clay. With Sculpey tools and accessories, all of
creativity with easy instructions and plenty of visual images of
the rolling, cutting, etching, smoothing, glazing, gluing and more
beautiful clay projects featuring Sculpey III and premo! clays,
can be accomplished with tools designed specifically for that
Sculpey tools, and premo! accessories and findings.
and tools
Item Number
Item Number
Beginner’s Guide to
Polymer Clay
Beginner’s Guide to
Polymer Clay Jewelry
• Project guides designed to provide inspiration on how
to create with clay
• Each guide covers popular techniques, tool usage, and great hints and tips
• Features 13 projects with step-by-step instructions and a bonus web exclusive
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
purpose. These innovative tools meet the needs of all oven-bake
clay users—from beginners to experienced artists.
Hollow Bead Maker
• Creates the perfect dome for a variety of hollow bead sizes
• Includes five different dome sizes: 0.75”, 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”
• Make 2 halves of the same size bead at one time
• Works perfectly with the Sculpey gradutated circle cutter set
• Bake right on the mold
Bead Maker
• Includes 12 skewers
• The bead baking rack is ideal for baking multiple beads at one time
• Beads bake evenly and perfectly shaped. No risk of flat bottom beads!
Bead Baking Rack
• Makes 3 different size beads - 13 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm
• Measuring cups guatantee a perfectly sized bead every time!
• Easy to use, makes beads in seconds!
Bead Making Kit
• The Bead Making Kit provides all the essential tools needed to start making beautiful beads!
• Includes all the tools you need from start to finish!
• Bonus storage pouch is perfect for on the go crafters!
• Kit includes: Clay Baking Cushion, 400/800 Grit Sandpaper, Blade, Roller, Metal Cutter, Needle Tool, Storage
Pouch, Lentil Bead Tool, Bead Making Guide
K3 4007
Silk Screen Kit
• A fun and easy way to personalize projects
• This kit includes everything clayers need to get started! Comes with 14 patterns to choose from, a squeegee,
gold and silver paint!
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
and tools
Item Number
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
Work ‘n Bake Clay Mat
• Non-skid silicone
• Bake your projects right on the mat
Acrylic Roller
• Seamless Acrylic Roller smooths without leaving roller marks
• 8” width is perfect for rolling large sheets
• Clear material will not block vision of clay below
• Easy-to-clean roller has a non-stick surface
Clay Conditioning Machine
• Features: 9 different settings, comfort grip handle, non-skid feet and C-clamp
• Perfect for improving pliability, creating flat sheets to use with cutters or canes, combining colors or adding texture
Clay Extruder
• Indispensable tool has 19 interchangeable discs for making clovers, ropes, grass, hair and more
• Made from die-cast steel, it provides a simple way to add textural details to your project
• Easily disassembles for cleanup
Essential Tool Kit
• A collection of 11 tools made specifically for working with oven-bake clay
• Great for beginners, makes a wonderful gift
Super Slicer
• Four interchangeable blades
• Comfort handles protect hands from sharp blades
• Long, rigid blade sections clay and trims wide sheets
• Flexible blade cuts curves
• Wave and rick-rack blades trim sheets and add details
8 Piece Clay Tool Set
• Set includes 8 functional tools: potter’s rib, steel scraper, wooden modeling tool, needle, ribbon and loop tools,
wire clay cutter and sponge
• Keep tools organized in the bonus storage bag
• Perfect for cutting, shaping, sculpting and detailing oven-bake clay before baking and adding faux finishes after
Tool Organizer
• This clever design helps keep your workspace organized! Features multiple size compartments for storing all
your clay tools and accessories! Simple assembly required
Wet/Dry Sandpaper
Variety Pack
• 4 grits included: 400/600/800/1000
• 2 pieces of each grit included in pack
• Sandpaper is an easy and fast way to add a beautiful finish or texture to any of your projects
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
and tools
Item Number
Etch ‘n Pearl
• Functional points and different size rods for piercing and baking beads
• Etch detail into clay pieces
• Create three sizes of pearls with concave ends
5-in-1 Clay Tool
Style & Detail Tools
Clay Tool Starter Set
Item Number
ASTM007 - Landscape
ASTM009 - Edgy
Flexible Texture Sheets
• Includes: razor with safety cap, pointer with safety cap, flat chisel, large round chisel and ball end
• 5 interchangeable heads are easy to switch on and off of the magnetic handle
• Adds detailed textures to oven-bake clay
• Translucent material is easy to line up for repeating patterns
• Two sheets per pack. One sheet has a large pattern and the other sheet has 6 mini patterns • Perfect size to go through the Clay Conditoning Machine
Texture Wheels
• Use to curl and shape natural leaves and petals
• Flexible points — two cone heads and one chisel — are used to smooth rough edges
• Create seamless, sculptured looks with ball ends
• 4 heads that fit onto the Texture Wheel Tool
• Patterns include: Greek Key, Argyle, Whirl and Wrought Iron
• Wheels roll freely to create continuous patterns
Texture Wheel
• Functional sharp 2 mm point for piercing or poking tiny holes
• Add detail to unbaked clay like scoring, sketching and craters
• Use to pick up small pieces of clay, to smooth and blend rough surfaces
• 4 interchangeable design wheels: Rope, Vine, Feather Stitch and Pearl
• Wheels roll freely to create continuous patterns
• Ideal for creating borders in clay
Technique Design Blocks
• Use to create mokume gane, bargello and mica shift techniques quickly and easily. These techniques typically
require multiple tools and accessories. Now they are possible with just one tool
• 4 blocks include: one Dragging Tool end and 3 ends (Linear, Geometric and Bristol Block) that have different
shapes, lengths and width points to create varying designs
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
Two distinctive types of specialty clays available for various
unique characteristics for
a variety of techniques
uses: light weight UltraLight® is great for floating projects or
armatures and Model Air® air dry clay needs no oven or kiln to
cure! Any of these is perfect for adding detail to oven-bake clay
projects or to use on their own.
Choose an
Item Number
Item Number
Model Air - White
Model Air - Terra Cotta
Make an
impression with
Mold Maker
Make as
many replicas
as you like!
ASSD - 1 fl oz
Liquid Clay Softener
• Softening agent used to improve texture of dry or crumbly clay
• Easy to use, add just a few drops and knead into clay
ASG33G - 1 fl oz
Gloss Glaze
ASG33M - 1 fl oz
Satin Glaze
• Adds a durable seal or finish to baked clay items
• Compatible with acrylic-water based finishes
ALSB02 - 2 fl oz
Liquid Sculpey
• Best polymer material for image transfers
• Can be used as a glaze, color wash or paint
• Can be baked in a very thin sheet to create a stained glass effect for sun catchers and window clings
• Lightest weight clay is extremely soft, easy to knead, floats in water
• Stays flexible in thin sheets, great for paper crafting
• Perfect for amatures; smoother and easier to work with than aluminum foil
ATLS08 - 8 fl oz
ABB02 - 2 fl oz
Bake & Bond
• Provides a very strong bond with clay to paper, wood or canvas
• Must be baked to adhere
• Easiest to smooth, lightweight and durable
• Exceptional pliability
• Can be painted
• Air Dries
Mold Maker
Mold Making Compound
and Polymer Clay
Conditioner, 8 oz
• Designed to create permanent, flexible molds in a matter of minutes
• Acts as a great clay softener when mixed with stiff clays
• Ideal for repairing picture frames or sculptures
• Soft enough to shape around even the most intricate details and, once baked, can be used with polymer clay, Plaster of Paris or wax
Model Air
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
© 2014 Polyform Products Company
expand the possibilities
Discriminating artists and everyday users alike will enjoy creating
Making custom jewelry has never been easier!
an exact replica time and time again. Sculpey Flexible Push
These exciting silicone molds can be baked in the oven!
Molds allow you to do just that. Fine details are always crisp,
Simply press your clay in, bake and create timeless jewelry
whether you make one mold or a hundred. Crafters also enjoy
pieces. We picked the most popular shapes and sizes for
the freedom of creating molds in perfect colors and the savings
compared to store bought embellishments. Sculpey Flexible
expand the possibilities
these molds. We supply the tools, you supply the creativity.
Push Molds are a fantastic and easy way to personalize any
craft project.
Item Number
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APM04 - Family Time
APM06 - Sea Life
APM34 - Art Doll Faces
APM75 - Flowers & Leaves
APM76 - Letters & Numbers
Flexible Push Molds
• Includes detailed instructions complete with hints and tips
• Can be used with oven-bake, air dry and non-drying clays as well as with Plaster of Paris, craft soap and candle wax
APM50 - Fairy
APM71 - Woman
APM72 - Infant
Flexible Doll Push Molds
• Use to make professionally sculpted, highly detailed dolls in just minutes
• Each mold makes a head, torso, limbs and ears
APM80 - Bezel Mold
APM81 - Cabochon Mold
Bakeable Silicone Molds
• Add dimension to your jewelry making!
• Silicone mold bakes in the oven!
• Mold includes the following shapes: Triangle, Round & Tear Drop
• Three popular sizes - .75”, 1” & 1.25”
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Sculpey Keepsake Kits are a fun and easy way to capture life’s
Each kit includes everything needed to make unique and special
special moments in clay. Nine kits are available and perfectly
treasures that can be cherished forever. These make great
designed to create lasting memories of your family and pets!
gifts for everyone including new parents, grandparents and pet
owners. All kits are created to be fun and decorative. They will
bring a smile to anyone’s face.
Item Number
K3 5030
Pet Memory Frame
• A creative way to display your special pet’s pawprints
• Frame Set allows you to display a picture of your precious pet next to their pawprint impression
• Great for cats too!
• Kit includes: soft, pliable, oven-bake clay, making it easy to get a clear hand, foot or pawprint
K3 4087
Pawprint Leash Hook
• Functional and decorative, our leash hook helps keep an untangled leash in a special spot where you can easily find it
• Includes soft, pliable oven-bake clay to create a special pawprint to personalize your leash hook!
• Fits retractable leashes too!
• Kit includes: wooden leash hook, Keepsake clay, craft glue, instructions
K3 4085
Pawprint Memory Box
• Distinctive storage box allows you to personalize and organize your space
• Displays 4 photos along with your furry friend’s pawprint impression
• Popular cherry wood finish matches many styles of décor
• Kit includes: wood box, Keepsake clay, craft glue and instructions
Deluxe Pawprint
• Fun and easy ornament kit allows you to create a unique and lasting impression of your pet that you and your family can cherish forever
• Kit includes everything you need to create a holiday ornament
• Great for cats too!
• Deluxe Kit includes: Keepsake clay, roller, pawprint ribbon, shaping ring, detail tool and instructions
Item Number
K3 4053 - Blue
Keepsake Frame Sets
K3 4054 - Pink
K3 4055 - White
K3 4002
Baby Impression Kit
Deluxe Handprint Ornament
• Babies grow so fast! Complete kit includes everything you need to capture a moment in time
• Ideal for a new parent or grandparent gift
• Celebrate the holidays with a special ornament capturing your babies tiny handprint
• The perfect way to celebrate baby’s first christmas. Makes a great gift for baby showers
Clay Only
• Each kit contains soft, pliable, oven-bake clay, making it easy to get a clear hand, foot or pawprint
• Includes a silver frame, detail tool, photo mat and clear pane to protect your picture
• Makes a perfect gift for expecting parents or new grandparents
Clay Only
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Fun, innovative activity kits, clays, and tools designed to bring
the joy of oven-bake clay to kids. All of these products are kidfriendly, easy to use and super cool! With these fourteen items,
kids can express their creativity and artistic abilities in no time.
Item Number
Item Number
Clay Bears Activity Kit
• Set includes 8—1 oz bars of Sculpey III oven-bake clay, plastic needle tool, necklace cord, 2 earring posts,
2 earring backs, 1 craft wire, and 1 plastic clip
K3 4093
Eraser Maker Activity Kit
• Set includes 8—1 oz bars of Amazing Eraser Clay, plastic needle tool, 2 plastic clips, 2 craft wires, and 2 pencils
FX 4004
Bake & Bend,
10 Piece Set
• Set includes 8—57 g bars in Beige, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, clay roller and modeling tool
NDC 60
4 Modeling Tools
• Set of 4 versatile tools performs a wide variety of functions: Adding small holes, texturing, making patterns,
smoothing, blending and cutting
• Colorful, easy-to-hold tools are perfect for working with all kinds of clays
K3 8080
Monster Mania Clay Kit
• Set includes 4—1 oz bars in Blue, Yellow, Red, Black
• Easy to follow instructions show you how to make 4 crazy monsters
K3 8081
Bitty Buddies Clay Kit
• Set includes 4—1 oz bars in Purple, Hot Pink, White, Black
• Easy to follow Instructions show you how to make 4 adorable animals
Clay Only
• Set includes 4—1 oz bars of Glow-in-the-Dark clay and 2—1 oz bars Sculpey III clay in black and white
• Great for glowing eyes, shimmering bugs, or fun glowing touches to any project
• Rechargeable by holding under a light for a few minutes
K3 6120
Bake & Bend,
7 Piece Set
• Set includes 6—1 oz bars in Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, modeling tool
• Creations stay rubbery and bendable after baking
• Perfect for making jewelry, animal figures, dolls and fun shapes like coils
K3 6130
Amazing Eraser Clay,
8 Piece Set
• Set includes 6—1 oz bars in Mango, Pink, Lime, Grape, Orange, Blue and 2 modeling tools
• Becomes a real eraser after it is baked, can even be baked right on a pencil
• Fun and functional, this clay is ideal for school-aged children
K3 6100
Pet Pals,
9 Piece Set
• Set includes 6—1 oz bars in Emerald, Yellow, Hazelnut, Sweet Potato, Black, White, modeling tool and 2 pcs wire
• Make cool animal figurines with easy instructions
• Make a variety of animals with fun colors
K3 7510
Totally Tails,
Clay Erasers Set
• Set includes 4—1 oz bars in Grape, Lime, Blue and Mango
• Instructions show you how to make 6 super cute animals that become erasers that really work after being baked
• The animals become erasers that really work after being baked!
K3 7520
Tasty Treats,
Clay Erasers Set
• Set includes 4—1 oz bars in Red, Lime, Brown and White
• Instructions show you how to make 6 yummy treats that become erasers that really work after being baked
• The treats become erasers that really work after being baked!
K3 7530
Wacky Wheels,
Clay Erasers Set
• Set includes 4—1 oz bars in Red, Black, Blue and Mango
• Instructions show you how to make 6 cool vehicles that become erasers that really work after being baked
• The vehicles become erasers that really work after being baked!
K3 7540
Sweet ‘n’ Sassy,
Clay Erasers Set
• Set includes 4—1 oz bars in Grape, Lime, Pink and White
• Instructions show you how to make 6 trendy girl icons that become erasers that really work after being baked
• They become erasers that really work after being baked!
Clay Only
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Glow in the Dark,
6 Piece Set
K3 4091
K3 6110
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EZ SHAPE is a wax based modeling clay that is easy to work
Sculpey Pluffy is great for kids. It’s really soft
with and never dries out. This pliable clay sticks to itself with just
and squishy which is great for little hands.
a little pressure making it easy to form fun figures and shapes
Pluffy is available in 3 multipacks.
in a variety of vibrant colors. Safe and fun, EZ SHAPE is ideal for
kids ages 4 and up.
let your imagination
take shape
Bake Shop is a soft and easy
to condition oven-bake clay
perfect for kids! This clay does
not dry out and stays super
soft until you bake it in your
value priced clay
Item Number
home oven.
K3 4030 - Primary
Pluffy Variety Pack
• Includes 8—1 oz bars of clay: Green, Yellow, Black, White, Blue, Red, Brown and 1 modeling tool
• Pluffy Variety Packs make it easy and economical to sample awesome colors
• Makes a great gift, school project, or party activity
K3 4032 - Pastel
Pluffy Variety Pack
• Includes 8—1 oz bars of clay: Orange, Pink, Gray, White, Beige, Purple, Yellow
and 1 modeling tool
K3 4068 - Tropical
Pluffy Variety Pack
• Includes 8—1 oz bars of clay: Yellow, Dark Purple, Aqua, White, Orange, Lime Green, Hot Pink
and 1 modeling tool
Sculpey Bake Shop
Variety Pack
• Economical variety pack provides creativity with several different clay colors
• Makes the perfect gift
• Includes 12 different colors of clay!
• Bonus modeling tool to shape and sculpt cool clay creations
Item Number
EZ SHAPE Modeling Clay
20 Color Sampler
Olive Green, Purple, Light Blue, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Beige, Neon Red,
Magenta, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Gray, Orange, Brown
52 Piece Variety Pack
Gray (2), Dark Green (2), Olive Green, Green (2), Neon Green (3), Neon Yellow (2), Yellow (2), Orange (2), Neon
Orange (2), Pink (2), Neon Pink (2), Light Peach, Neon Red (2), White (4), Magenta, Light Pink, Purple (2), Red
(2), Light Blue (2), Slate Blue, Teal (2), Blue (2), Violet, Light Purple, Brown (2), Black (4), Tan (2), Beige
Clay Only
Visit us online at www.sculpey.com
NDC03 - Natural
NDC53 - Bright
NDC56 - Primary
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Black, Brown, Light Blue, Olive, White
Purple, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Red
White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green
DR50 Plastic Display
DR80 Modular Wire Display
• 24 slots to display clay
• Each slot holds up to 8 bars of clay
• Gravity feed display
• Display dimensions:
13.1” L x 19.2” W x 14.375” H; 7.1 lbs
(33.3 cm L x 48.8 cm W x 36.5 cm H;
3.22 kg)
•The new DR80 display is a modular, stacking merchandising system that
allows retailers to build and customize their display of Sculpey III, premo!
and Soufflé clay
•Start with the 3-tier base and add single-tier shelves (or another 3-tier base) to
increase the height and offerings on the display
•Separate Header Holder is easily attached to the top row of the display
•Replaces the DR16 display
•Gravity feed display
Rack and Clay Assortments
Item Number
Full Line of Sculpey III Display Program: DR80 3-Tiered Base (1), DR80 singletiered shelf (2), DR80 Header Holder, Sculpey III (44 colors/250 bars)
Full Line of premo! Sculpey/premo! Sculpey Accents Display Program: DR80
3-Tiered Base (1), DR80 single-tiered shelf (2), DR80 Header Holder, premo!
Sculpey/premo! Sculpey Accents (48 colors/250 bars)
Best of Sculpey III/premo! Sculpey/premo! Accents Display Program: DR80
3-Tiered Base (2), premo! Sculpey/premo! Accents (60 colors/300 bars)
Full Line of Sculpey Soufflé Display Program: DR80 Single-Tiered Shelf (2),
DR80 Header Holder, Sculpey Soufflé (20 colors/100 bars)
Rack and Clay Assortments
Item Number
Best of Sculpey III Display Program: DR50X (1), Sculpey III (24 colors/120 bars)
Full Line of Sculpey III Display Program: DR50X (2), Sculpey III (44 colors/240 bars)
Basic premo! Display Program: DR50X (1), premo! (24 colors/120 bars)
premo! Accents Display Program: DR50X (1), premo! Accents (24 colors/120 bars)
Best of premo! Display Program: DR50X (1), premo! (24 colors/120 bars)
Rack and Sales Materials – Only
Item Number
Display Rack/Gray Plastic (empty)
DR50 Display Rack, Signage and UPC Stickers for Sculpey III display, NO CLAY
DR50 Display Rack, Signage and UPC Stickers for premo! display, NO CLAY
DR50 Display Rack, Signage and UPC Stickers for premo! Accents display, NO CLAY
DR50 Display Rack, Signage and UPC Stickers for Best of premo! display, NO CLAY
Item Number
DR50 Header – Sculpey III
DR50 Header – premo!
DR50 Header – premo! Accents
DR50 Header – premo!/premo! Accents
UPC Stickers
Item Number
DR50 UPC Sticker Sheet – Sculpey III
DR50 UPC Sticker Sheet – premo!/premo! Accents
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DR80 Replacement Parts continued
The projects in this catalog were produced by many talented
artists. Please see below for a listing of artist credit.
DR80 Display Components
Mix and Match the DR80 components to customize your own display!
Item Number
DR80 3-Tier Base
22.5” L x 12” D x 18.5” H
(57.2 cm L x 30.5 cm D x 47 cm H)
DR80 Single-Tier Shelf
22.5” L x 12” D x 8.5” H
(57.2 cm L x 30.5 cm D x 21.6 cm H)
DR80 Header Holder
22.5” L x 12” D x 4.25” H
(57.2 cm L x 30.5 cm D x 10.8 cm H)
Rack and Sales Materials – Only
Item Number
ull Line of Sculpey III
Display Program
DR80 3-Tiered Base (1), DR80 single-tiered shelf (2),
DR80 Header Holder (1), NO CLAY
Full Line of premo!/premo!
Accents Display Program
DR80 3-Tiered Base (1), DR80 single-tiered shelf (2),
DR80 Header Holder (1), NO CLAY
Best of Sculpey III/premo!/
premo! Accents Display
DR80 3-Tiered Base (2), DR80 Header Holder (1),
Item Number
Channel Strips
Item Number
DR80 Header – Sculpey III
DR80S Channel Strip Set – Sculpey III
DR80 Header – premo!/premo! Accents
DR80P Channel Strip Set – premo!/premo! Accents
DR80 Header – Sculpey III/premo!/premo! Accents
DR80SP Channel Strip Set – Sculpey III/premo!/
premo! Accents
Artist Credit Page
Cover Page - Purple Leaf Necklace by Lindly Haunani
Page 11
Brain Cane Earrings- Patti Kimle
Page 2
Magnolia Journal & Puzzle Piece FramePhoebe Doehring
Light Switch Plate- Britta Lautenschlager
Page 12
Bead Core Bracelet- Amy Koranek
Page 3
Peacock- Dennis Brown
Page 5
Textured Heart Necklace- Amy Koranek
Page 6
Moose & Disk Earrings- Britta Lautenschlager
Page 13
Mini Cutter Tile Bracelet- Phoebe Doehring
Page 20
Moss Covered Necklace- syndee holt
Owl & Flower Earrings- Britta Lautenschlager
Page 21
Dichroic-Look Pendant- Sherri Kelberg
Page 7
Framed Letter- Britta Lautenschlager
Page 26
Peace Bear- Lori Alberry
Dragonfly- Amy Koranek
Page 8
Peacock Millifore Necklace- syndee holt
Page 28
Piggy- Britta Lautenschlager
Page 9
Mokume Gane Bracelet- Gretchen Amberg
Page 29
Puppy- Britta Lautenschlager
Page 10
Natasha Bracelet- Amy Koranek
DR80U Soufflé Display
Item Number
Soufflé Channel Strip Set, Header and Instructions
DR16 Replacement Pack
Update your existing DR16 display with new signage and channel strips to showcase the new SIII, premo! and premo! Accents colors!
Item Number
DR16 Replacement Pack
3 Header Signs: Sculpey III Assortment, premo!/premo! Accents Assortment, Sculpey III/premo!/premo! Accents
3 Sets of Channel Strips: Sculpey III Assortment, premo!/premo! Accents Assortment, Sculpey III/premo!/premo!
Accents Assortment
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