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December 2012
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Page 7 - Welcome
Page 8 - Christmas Word Search
Page 9 - Letter’s
Page 10 - Christmas Advent Calendar
Page 11 - BabyClub
Page 12 - Diaperclips
Page 13 - More Letter’s
Page 14 - Christmas Maze
Page 15/17 - True Fantasies
Page 18 - Party Gatherings
Page 19/20 - Our Story E.B / S.E
Page 21 - Nursery & Online Shops
Page 22 - Snuggies Photo
Page 23 - Friend Finder Ads
Page 24 - Christmas Colour In
Page 25 - Adult Baby Photo’s
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Welcome to the December Edition
Of your best FREE AB Magazine
Dear Readers,
Welcome to this special Christmas magazine of
Coo Chi Coo
I have added some great pagers for you to read and
have fun with including colouring,maze,wordsearch. I
have also tried my best again to make it fun to read
for everyone of all agers :-)
The 15 Stone Babies *Adult Baby* Program Channel 4
13th December 2012 - 10pm (UK)
Have a great Christmas & New Year for 2013
Love & Cuddles
Baby Junior
Editor - [email protected]
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Christmas Word Search
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I'm new to this world of ab and dl stuff. I'm just coming out of the closet.
I've been wearing diaper's in deep secret since the age of 11. It was hard
hiding it from my sister who shared my bedroom with me, but one day I
stayed home while the rest of my family went out for the day. Little did I
know, but my sister didn't go with them. She was hiding out in the closet.
She watched me undress and dress myself you like a 1 year old baby the work's - disposable diaper, rubber pant's, sleeper and bib. I took my
baba and went down and filled it with milk. I came back to my room and
played for a short time. Then I laid down on my bed facing the wall
drinking my baba. At that time my older sister quietly snuck out of the
closet where she was hiding, came over to the bed, sat down beside me
and started patting my diaper covered bottom, saying to me, "Go to sleep
my baby, go to sleep". I jumped up, but my sister didn't make fun of me.
She just laid me back down, put the bottle back into my mouth, and in a
sweet love mommy voice said to me, "Don't worry, your secret is safe with
me. Mommy's got you. Now close your eye's and go back to sleep.
Mommy will change you when you get up from your nap". Now for the
past year I've been the baby, and my older sister has been my mommy.
Love, babyjenn.
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Christmas Advent Calendar
Baby Junior’s Christmas Calendar 2012
Join in the fun now & see what’s behide the door
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(Adult Babies / Diaper Lovers / Sissy / BabyFurr / Bedwetters)
What’s inside :
Comic Books, Drawings, Magazines, Stories, Diaperman
+ Nappy/DiaperClips, Much More !
£5 a year
Join Now :
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£10 a year
Clips Inside :
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More Letters
It's just so-o-o nice! to see that there are others with the same interest(s).
Thought I was pretty much alone in this world. There is simply no better
thing than diapers, and the diaper/pants fetish - IT JUST FEELS SO-O-O
GOOD! It's so much fun to shop on-line. It's so much fun to see what is all
'out-there' for us! Holy cow! I never realized all these fun things were
available for purchase. What a wonderful shopping experience!
Well, I've been into diapering since the wee-hours of coming of age.
Something about it, just something about it! My first masturbating fantasy
over a girl was of her feeding me with a bottle, while I lay there in my
diaper. She was so gorgeous! Guess she was much like mommy. Never
got over it. In fact, as the years have gone by (I'm now 52) the fetish has
"grown". Diapers, quite simply, feel better than ever! Like them all!
Disposables are Okay, if not convenient. Cloth diapers, with nice safety
pins, all covered over with a wonderful plastic pant is REALLY the way to
I have always liked that "full feeling" of wet diapers, and was surprised to
find several websites addressing that 'concern' as well. They discuss
diapers which, whether dry or wet, give one that wonderful full feeling.
"Holy Cow", again! Then, there's the thing over 'crackly' versus 'notcrackly'; and 'rubber as we remember it' versus 'not rubber', not to mention
'printed' (ultra-sexy and ultra-baby, in my opinion) plastic pants. Nothing
beats em! Well, the feeling is just great! There's nothing like going to bed
with a nice, wonderful diaper on. There's absolutely nothing like waking up
to one, and filling it with the morning's liquid! Then too, there's nothing like
a climax with a nice, wet, full diaper covered with plastic pants in one's
favorite color. Too weird? Maybe. Maybe not! I don't know. But! I've found
that if "weird" is the case, there's one heck of a lota weird ones out there!
From: Birdman0850
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Christmas Maze
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True Fantasies
In the first fantasy I was a young child going to a birthday party for a girl in
who lived on the same street as me. The day of the party I wore no
underpants under my jeans because I had a plan to get into diapers. The
way, of course, would be provided at the girl's house, since there were no
diapers at my house. The girl, however, had a brother who was still in
diapers, so once I was in her house I sneaked away from the bustling
activities going on out in the back yard and made my way to her brother's
room where I secured a fresh disposable diaper and went into the
bathroom to put it on. I was thrilled that the diaper fit me well without being
too tight. I pulled up my jeans and went outside to join in the party
There were boys and girls and the usual party games, and I partook in
most of the activities. My favorite was the play-house which her father had
built for her. The play-house was like a miniature house for people our size
and some other girls and I played "grown ups" in the house with dolls as
our children. Now, oddly enough, I forgot about the diaper I was wearing
since I was so enjoying myself at the party, but I soon remembered later in
the afternoon when I had to go potty. I had left the play-house and was
about to go into the house to use the toilet when I realized I had on a
diaper, so I discreetly walked to the backside of the play-house where no
one would see me. Nervously I squatted and pooped into the diaper.
Afterwards I went back to playing with the other girls in the play-house.
We were soon out in the yard playing tag, and it was then that one of the
girls broke away from the party and went over to one of the grown-ups who
were talking at one of the picnic tables. I thought nothing of this and kept
up with the playing. Soon the girl came to get me and took me to the
woman she had been talking to, who turned out to be her mother. Her
mother looked at me with a smile on her face and asked me quietly if I had
an accident in my underpants. I was confused and told her I didn't know
what she was talking about. Suddenly the girl and her mother were joined
by two more woman, one of whom was the birthday girl's mother and also a
close friend of my mother (thankfully my mother was at home and not
here).The mother again asked me if I pooed my underpants.
Next Page Cont ———————>
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True Fantasies
The other woman meanwhile noticed that there was a diaper under my
jeans and told the woman at the table the reason I was confused was
because I wasn't wearing underpants but a diaper. Once this was out the
mother was much more understanding because I didn't have an accident
but just used my diaper properly. The girl and the woman were surprised to
find that I still wore diapers at my age but instead of making a big deal
about it I was taken inside of the house where the birthday girl's mother
changed my diaper. She changed my diaper not only because it was her
house, but also I think because she was a friend of my mother and was like
my guardian for the duration of the party. Her son's diapers fit me perfectly
and no one ever knew that the diaper I had soiled didn't come from my
house but from hers.
In the next fantasy I was at a bowling tournament with my aunt. She was
bowling with her league from work, and I was put with all the other children
in the baby-sitting area in the bowling alley. The baby-sitting area was a
single room which had a lot of children playing various games, and all the
children seemed to be in groups of four and five. I kind of just walked
around the room floating from one group to the next kind of bored and also
upset that I had to spend my time being baby-sat instead of being out in the
lanes with all the grown ups. At one end of the room there was a small
table where two adult woman were changing the diapers of the some
children who were in the room. I was amazed that there was diaper
changing taking place right in front of all of us in the room, but oddly none
of the children in the room were paying any attention to the changing area.
I decided to walk closer to the changing area and was shocked to see a
pile of soiled and wet discarded diapers on the floor just behind the
changing table. Since the pile of diapers was behind the table and next to
the adult woman I knew there was no chance of being able to play with
those diapers which I so wanted to do because I wanted to wear one of
those diapers so badly.
I turned and walked back to the other children who, like myself, had been
left in here - to see if I could "break loose" and sneak out of the room when
this urge to use the "potty" overwhelmed me. Now, just behind the
changing table was a "big kid" toilet area,
Next Page Cont ——————->
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True Fantasies
but I decided I was going to be naughty and make the best of my situation.
After all, my aunt left me in this room to be baby-sat, and up until now I felt
I was too old to be in here, but now I was going to prove myself wrong.
There was so much commotion going on that no one even noticed as I
pooed my pants. Afterwards I walked right up to the changing table with the
two adult woman who were baby-sitting all of us and said that, "I pooed my
pants". Now, the thing is, I had no plans except to poop myself and
announce it to the grown-ups at the table. However, I soon found myself up
on that table with my pants off and my poopy underwear being put into a
brown paper bag which was stapled shut and (with a marker) my name
was written on the bag. I was soon had my pants back on, but not before
my bottom was wiped clean and a disposable diaper was put on me. To my
grief the table that none of the other children paid attention too was now
the center of everyone's attention - being that they were all shocked that a
child my age would have to be put into a diaper. So, not only was I teased
most of the rest of that night, but when my aunt came to pick me up she
was handed a brown bag with my poopy underwear inside and the news
that I had to be diapered.
Both of these stories are from memories but with a little fantasy added in to
delight our readers. Hugs and kisses to you all. Jessica Penelope
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Party Gatherings & Munches
(Meet with other ab’s / dl’s / furries / daddy’s / mummy’s/sissy’s)
December 2012
Saturday 1st - Christmas Advent Calendar - Baby Junior Site
Saturday 15th - ABC Club London - 19.00 til Late
Sunday 19th - BBB Birmingham - 11.00 til 17.00
Information Details
BBB - Birmingham :
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Nightingale Club, Birmingham
Kent Street, B5 6RD
Meet in the restaurant at 2:30. We'll have teddies and dummies - you won't
miss us!
ABC Club London :
Central Station is 37 Wharfdale Road, London, N1 9SE.
Got A Munch / Gathering ? Share It Here - [email protected]
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Our Story E.B/S.B (True Story)
When I was a little girl I had a bed-wetting problem. Sometimes I wet my
pants during the day too. I just couldn't help it. I remember being punished
regularly for my wetting problems. A lot of times I would have dreams of
going to the bathroom and would actually be going in my bed. I liked the
feeling too, so it was hard to stop. But, at around age 8, I was able to stop.
I didn't think about it very much until I started getting older and going
through puberty. I often became sexually aroused and wet during
inopportune times. Sometimes I wore pads to conceal my wetting, but I
liked the feeling of having wet panties and spending time in them: walking,
sitting, hanging out with friends, etc. I began having recurring dreams of
needing to find a bathroom and not being able to go, despite having an
As I matured I still didn't associate wetting my pants as a little girl with
wetting my pants sexually as a teen. I still have a problem with becoming
very wet and needing pads in my panties. Meanwhile, the bathroom
dreams continue.
I remember too that I used to play with lotion and powder a lot as a little gir
and spent many hours covering myself first with lotion and then powder. As
I got older, I would buy the big containers of powder with the giant puff in
them. I loved covering my body in a cloud of powder and smelling it and
feeling it landing so soft all over me.
About two years ago I began dating my current boyfriend, and he noticed
my wetting problem and would get very excited by feeling them, wanting
me to leave on my panties during sex, feeling them getting wetter. He also
likes spanking me for wetting my pants, which I find completely thrilling.
Despite being punished so much as a child for the same thing, this was a
way for me to find pleasure in all the old hurts and get out all my negative
feelings with ones filled with love.
One night, about a year ago, I asked him to change me. I wanted him to
take off my wet panties, put lotion and powder on my bottom and put new
panties on me. I was embarrassed because I had never asked anyone for
anything like this ever. I had never even made a hint to anyone before of
my desire to be changed and taken care of. He was more than thrilled to do
Next Page Cont ———————>
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Our Story E.B/S.B (True Story)
Not only did he change me and take care of my wetting; he began to tell
me of his desires. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share in this
life-style. He told me how he has fantasized about diapers since puberty.
He has continued to be an AB/DL. Then one weekend he brought out all o
his cloth diapers, plastic pants, training pants, the diaper pail, etc. for me,
and we just couldn't stop playing with them. It has opened so many doors,
allowing us to finally "let go" and have so much pleasure.
The experience of sharing these secret desires was mind-blowing. It was
so special. The feeling of being cared for, giving one another so much love
and positive attention; to be able to open our hearts, to trust one another, to
respect and not be afraid of judgment, is truly wonderful. Now nearly all of
our sexual fantasies revolve around being diapered and it is continually
fulfilling. Our sex life doesn't always include actually wearing them though,
just when we have the time.
I like playing mommy and nursing him and giving him diaper rubs and oiling
his dickie. Sometimes I'm mommy in diapers; sometimes I'm a little girl tha
needs help. I like having my hair washed and brushed, being bathed and
toweled off, then put into diapers for bedtime. I like checking on him
throughout the day, checking his diapers for wetting and messing. He likes
messing while I'm giving him a rub. It's also special to go through the
diaper pail and see how many wet and messy diapers there are. He is a
good boy handing them to mommy to put into the washer. We both like
playing in our diapers and often help each other. Sometimes we have sex
while wearing our diapers and sometimes I wet and mess my diapers
during sex. The fun is endless.
E. B./ S.B.
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Nursery & Online Shops
Happy 2
Nappy Nursery
“Owned By An Adult
Baby, Run By An Adult
Baby For Abs”
Based in Kent U.K.
Tel : (0)7752 838 903
Cuddlz Online Shop
UK & European online shop for ABDL
Adult Diapers, Nappies, Onesies, Adult
Babygrows, Romper Suits, All in Ones,
Plastic Pants, Dummy’s / Pacifiers and
more to come.
E-mail : [email protected]
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Snuggies Photo
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Friend Finder Ads
Looking for Mummy/Sister
Chubby Student is game
Email :
[email protected]
Ad Content : New to Adult baby play
but have tried most things, would
like to find a female mummy/sister to
learn and experience more…
i’m 20 years old and live in
gravesend, kent
please email or text me…
twitter: @naughtyfreddy13
Tel/Mobile No : 07800508948
Ad Content : Im just going to be
honest and poor everything out to let
people decide.
Im a chubby student, only 19, been
into wearing and using nappies for
as long as I can remember. Not much
of an ab, mainly dl apart from
obviously the wetting and messing.
Im looking for a very dominating
mummy or daddy, and thats loosely
mummy/daddy as tbh I have not a
great deal of interest in acting out
being a baby, at least through
Im game for almsot anything but
mainly want what I say above, can go
in more detail if anyone contacts me,
im very open so Im willing to listen to
anyones ideas or interests and talk
to anyone.
Yours respectfully, Tim xx
[email protected]
London baby looking
Email : [email protected]
Ad Content : hi i am a baby boy
and ? girl [tv] and i am looking for a
daddy to look after me.. i live alone
and i AM…100% real…
Tel/Mobile No : 07507014593
AB boy seeks AB girl
Email : [email protected]
Ad Content : I am 34, male and I am
an AB/DL. Looking to share this
interest with others, preferably
female. Genuine, honest and fun. I
am 11 stone, 6ft, slim.
New abdl
Email : [email protected]
Ad Content : Hello, I’m new To adult
baby. I’m George 20 from Essex.
Would love to try being a daddy or
baby so please email for chat or
Friend Finder
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Christmas Colour In Page
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Adult Baby Photos
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Deadline for adverts “Vol1 Isu1” 11th January 2013

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