Fabmation Inc.



Fabmation Inc.
Embroidery Quotation Form
Store: _________________________________
Order Taken by: _________________________
Customer Ref:___________________________
Phone: ________________________________
Date Needed By: ________________________
File Name/Type: _________________________
(polo, oxford, bag, jacket, etc.):
Quantity Needed: ________________________
Catalog page number(s): __________________
Style number (ie, C340): __________________
Color(s): _______________________________
Size(s): ________________________________
Sample Pricing
Hats from $11.95 & up
Polos from $16.95 & up
T-shirts from $13.95 & up
Bags from $12.95 & up
Jackets from $29.95 & up
Please see a sales associate
for more information or to
place an order.
Front Design: Left Chest Full Front Right Chest
Front Design Details: _____________________
and Size (H"xW"):________________________
Back Design:
Full Back Upper Back
Back Design Details______________________
and Size (H"xW"):________________________
Fabmation Inc.
Sleeve Design: Right Sleeve Left Sleeve Both
Sleeve Design Details ____________________
and Size(s) (H"xW"):______________________
Hat Design Only:
(check all that apply) Front Back Left Right
Hat Style & Details:_______________________
Additional Details
or Other Product?:______________________
Artwork and order forms should be sent to:
[email protected]
1400 Shattuck Ave • Store 7 • Berkeley, CA 94709
510.549.2561 • 510.548.0313 Fax
with you on whatever you have available.
The one-time digitizing fee starts at $40
(minimum) and are based on stitch count.
The minimum price covers any logo up to
a 5,000 stitch count.This is a standard
industry fee for converting your existing
image into a computer file that can be
read by our embroidery machines.
Most left or right chest logos (pocket) and
embroidery work will fall into this 5,000
stitch count size range. If we feel your
logo will take more stitches to duplicate it
accurately, we'll let you know before we
proceed with your order.
Embroidery Services
Custom embroidery design begins with the
artwork. This may be a company logo, an
event logo, team logo or something else
you would like embroidered on
merchandise. First, you must decide
exactly what you want embroidered. Most
clients have a general idea of what they
want before contacting us, some do not. A
catalog of a variety of items is available
from an associate.
Whether your logo is on letterhead or
downloaded off your website, our custom
embroidery design artists will recreate
(digitize) your existing logo and artwork
suitable to be sewn on any number of
apparel and merchandise.
While it's best to have artwork as high in
resolution as possible (preferably 300dpi
vector art, Illustrator, Corel), we can work
After your logo or artwork is digitized, you
may use it on any merchandise you like.
This "punch-fee" is a one-time fee, granted
your artwork remains the same, and we'll
store this file in our company archives for
all your future orders. If you have an
existing .DST file of the artwork to be
embroidered, the punch fee will not be
applied to your order as long as the file
was digitized correctly. Of course, we will
notify you of any errors we might
encounter before proceeding with your
Embroidery fees on the actual products
are also based on this stitch count plus
the amount of the merchandise. A 50%
deposit is required when order is placed.
We are standing by ready to create the
most unique and professional logo you
can imagine. When image matters, we
will pull through for you. Please see the
order form on the back of this brochure
to get started or give us a call.

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