food plot program



food plot program
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The ideal combination
of seeds and science is the secret
to hunting lease food plots that produce game
animals exceptional in size and robust in health. Legacy Wildlife Services has developed relationships with
various resources to provide its services, vegetation seed and other products to our clubs at significant savings.
Mossy Oak Biologic products are specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of wildlife. BioLogic
researchers seek out the finest plants, seeds and cultivars from across the globe, extensively test them in every
region of the country and create forage combinations precisely calibrated to
deliver maximum yield, palatability, animal size and herd health.
Food plot development and maintenance products and services may be ordered
directly through Southern Habitat Services, an affiliate of Legacy Wildlife
Services. This turnkey program will include:
Customized Food Plot Prescription
Food Plot Clearing and Preparation
Soil Testing
Liming and Fer tilization
Planting and Maintenance
Mowing and Herbicide Treatment
Stand Installation
Call Southern Habitat Services for more information on how
to create and install a total food plot program, featuring
Mossy Oak Biologic products, for your club property.
Contact John Mastin at (478) 338-2547
[email protected]
Southern Habitat Services
638 Norwood Springs Road • Ft. Valley, GA 31030

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