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the hood scoop - Gateway GTO Association
JULY 2010
GTO of the Month
By John Hunt
My GTO life started in 1973 when my friend Dan let me borrow his
70 Judge (black, black, black, Ram Air III Auto with Air. $800 at a used
car lot.) What a smooth car at the time. Fast forward to 1981, a friend at
work ask me if I wanted a wrecked 1968 GTO for $600. I went and looked
at an HO 4 speed with 3.90 posi, bought a 1968 Lemans conv. and transferred all of the GTO stuff that was needed to make it look and run like the
GTO. While driving this car one day a construction worker asked me to
look at her convertible top on her car as it kept blowing the fuses.
GTO of the Month
The Presidents Scoop
When she brought this car for me to look at, one of the pistons for
the top was bent. After talking to her for a couple of hours I purchase this
car for $1500. What I got was a real 1970 GTO convertible. This car was a
Gateway GTO Activities 7
GTO Marketplace
standard 350 hp, auto on the column, power
steering, power disk brakes and tinted windows. What a mess this car was, birds nest on
the intake manifold, steel pop riveted to the
rear fenders to cover the lack of steel underneath, bent rear bumper, duck tape on the seats
to hide the holes, if you did not hit the spare
when putting things in the trunk it would end
up on the ground. I had to replace the front
springs, shocks, ball joints and bushings to
drive the car.
from a hardtop, rear bumper, trunk lid and
front fenders) and dropped off the car to Gary
Clutter in Sesser, IL. 1991, 13 months later I
drove the car to get a new top on it, new carpet
and had new seat covers put on. I stayed with
the original colors as this was a numbers
matching car.
The first GTOAA Nationals that I took
the car to after it was finished was in Indianapolis in 1993, what a surprise a third place in
the Popular Vote. This was
followed by a second place in
St. Louis 1994 and second
place in Niagara Falls in 1995.
Car did not run too well coming back from Niagara Falls, so
I pulled the motor and sent for
balance, cut down the compression to 9.5 to 1 and had
hardened seats added to the
heads. This work was done by
M.B.J. Machine shop in Granite City.
In 1986 I joined the GTOAA and
joined the Gateway GTO in 1990 after talking
to member John Seabolt at a car show. In
1988 I rebuilt the motor for the first time. I
took black and white photos of all of the date
codes on this engine. At the time Paul Danni,
tech adviser for GTOAA, stated that Pontiac
did not use the “I” date code on any production cars when I was talking to him at one of
the Nationals. This engine was built in Sept
and has the date code of “I” on every part of
the engine. A latter article in the Legend
(June 1989) stated that maybe it was a preproduction part.
I purchased all of the parts that I
thought would fix all of the metal problems
(whole rear clip cut off behind the front seats
Got a Job offer in the Tampa area when
the motor was in the shop, asked Chris Simmons to help to get the motor in while I was
out of town. The transfer to Florida stopped
my GTO driving and showing as the job took
too much time. In 2001 I quit the job and
moved back to Hillsboro Mo. I rejoined the
Gateway GTO and have limited my hobby to
occasional cruse nights. In June 2006 I purchased a Spice Red 2006 6 speed GTO from
Belhmann. I liked this car a lot. Having a
small child made taking this car difficult to
family outings as a car seat must be turned upside down to get it in and putting on a seat belt
for someone else in the back is very difficult.
In Sept 2009 I traded the GTO for a G8 GT.
This turned out to be a good move as the car is
very easy to get in and out and drives great.
Along the way I have added a few
items that did not come with the 1970, rear
spoiler, rally gauge package with dash tachometer, console (car was a bucket seat column shift auto), 15” ralleys for the back, one
from John Johnson. Over the winter of 2008 I
replaced the dash. When the dash was out I
replaced the wiring under the dash and the
original speaker.
Still have two major projects to complete. The complete rear suspension is all
original. Need new bushings and shocks.
Original carb is in a box in the garage awaiting
rebuild, I have a correct number carb on the
car but it is built by Carter. Some of the original owners paperwork was left in the glove
box, owners manual and new vehicle warranty
paper without a Protect-O-Plate imprint. The
build sheet was under the gas tank but was so
rough it crumbled.
The Presidents Scoop
By Mark Melrose
Kind of a Busy Month
As we reviewed upcoming events for June at the 6/2 club meeting, it became apparent
that there were going to be too many for me to be able to attend them all. I was certainly not
left wanting for something to do as every Saturday and even some weekdays had great events
scheduled. So I was forced to forego some landscaping and “honey-do” chores around the
house in favor of important car stuff.
Articles about the Hot Rod Power Tour, the annual Behlmann Display, the Fox &
Hound Summer Bash and the club’s annual Ray Brunkhorst Memorial Drag Day can be found
in this newsletter. Members partook of several other events as well: the Archway Oldsmobile
Club’s Show at Tan-Tar-A, the annual Arch/POCI Don Bennett Cruise and the monthly JJs
I want to thank club members for coming out to these events. Steve Hedrick and Tom
Oxler attended the Olds Show at Tan-Tar-A, Tom Oxler, John Johnson and I were at Don
Bennett’s to view his fabulous collection of Firebirds and we seem to have at least 4-5 members who display in JJs monthly cruise. I’ve also run into Tony Tosto and John Novelli displaying their rides at the Outsiders Car Club’s Friday Night Cruises at the Sonic in Kirkwood.
It’s great to see GTOs at these events and even better to see the interest in and appreciation
for our Original Musclecars.
I especially want to express my appreciation to the Arch Chapter of POCI, Archway
Olds Club, the St. Louis Buick Club and our Gateway members for their participation in the
Behlmann Display. It was plenty HOT that day and I got caught in no less than three separate
cloudbursts on the way home, but we had 56 cars display and the popular vote winner was a
white 1970 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 Indy pace car owned by Jerry Wilson. What a great club we
have where our members will express their appreciation for another nameplate at a GTO
While it was a real cooker at Drag Day and participation was off a bit, Ray Brunkhorst
would have been proud of the collection of racers competing – especially his daughter and
grandson squaring-off as the first cars down the track. Thanks to those members who braved
the heat and had a blast at the I-57 dragstrip in Benton.
Be on the lookout for a special edition newsletter covering the 2010 GTOAA Nationals held in Wichita 7/1-7/4. Gateway GTOs comprised about 10% of the total cars at the convention and we brought back plenty of trophies and Chapter Awards, but we’ve run out of
space in this month’s regular newsletter.
In short, thanks for being “kinda busy” this past month. Whew …
July 7, 2010
The monthly Gateway GTO meeting was held
at JJ’s at 1215 South Duchesne in St. Charles,
MO. Members began arriving by 6:00 PM for
dinner and conversation.
age. He has a 1974 Super Duty Formula Firebird with low miles. One similar to it sold for
over one million dollars. He used to race in
the 1960’s and has a couple of NHRA records.
President Mark Melrose called the meeting to
order at 7:00 PM. Officers in attendance:
Mark Melrose, Kerry Friedman, Steve Hedrick, Will Bowers, Darrell May, and Shauna
Hot Rod Power Tour: Shauna and her brother
attended the Springfield, IL portion of the tour
on Sunday June 6, 2010. They met up with
club member Mike McNeil and met some gentlemen from Australia that brought their very
beautiful Utes over specifically for the tour.
New Members: No new members were pre- On Monday, Shauna managed to convince
Mark Melrose to go to Duquoin, IL for that leg
John and Diane Johnson did make the meeting. of the tour. They both had a great time visiting
We don’t get to see them very often because of with people and looking at rather unique cars.
how far away they live. It was good to see
Behlmann Show: We had 56 cars show up.
Chris Winslow and Tom Oxler got cars lined
up for a panoramic photo (See page 8). The
weather was rather hot and unsettled that day.
Virginia and Ralph Anderson have decided to Just as the show ended it rained. See the
Behlmann article for more details.
sell their 1966 GTO Convertible. The top is
white and the body is red. Please contact Virginia or Ralph if you are interested in purchas- Fox and Hound: The Summer Bash was a lot
ing the car.
of fun. Will Bowers had at least 8 Budweiser
girls in his GTO for photos. Mark Melrose
Joe Mayweather knows of a 1961 Chevy bub- also had his picture taken with the Budweiser
bletop that is for sale. If you are interested
girls. Everyone that attended had fun.
contact him for more details.
GM Nationals: Marty Howard walked around
quite a bit. The hotel accommodations were
Old Business:
very nice. Many Cadillac’s were there, howTan Tar A: It was an indoor car show. There ever all other GM brands were well represented. Marty bought a 45 record player that
were about 45 Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and
Buicks there. It was a good time to relax and was designed for a car. It plugs into your radio
drink adult beverages. All Gateway GTO cars antenna. He will show us how it works when
it comes back from his tech that is checking it
that participated won first place.
Don Bennett Cruise: was in Vienna, Mo. Don Ray Brunkhorst Drag Day: 29 cars made this
was involved in a bad accident recently. He
event despite the hot and humid weather.
was in good shape at the time of the cruise
Karen and Mike Ewens were the first two cars
considering the extent of his injuries and his
down the track. Andy Friedman made it to the
finals of the bracket racing. Chris Simmons
had a blast. He had a permanent ear to ear grin
on his face. It had been 3 or 4 years since he’d
ran his car. For next year we are working on
getting Jess “Mr. Pontiac” Tyree and Arnie
“The Farmer” Beswick to come join us for our
drag day.
flash your lights at them. Thank you Congress
for this celebration.
World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle: Check the
Gateway GTO calendar for more information.
Tech Issues:
POCI: Their National convention is going on
at press time.
Tour of Busch Stadium: Karen Ewens is
working on setting up a tour for the club. She
GTOAA Nationals: Look for a special edition needs at least 25 people to commit and the cost
newsletter detailing the National event.
will be between $7 and $8. A date will be set
later depending on interest.
Natural Gas GTO: This 1966 GTO came
through St. Louis on July 3. John Kehrein
Tri-Power Nationals: Norwalk, OH. The
spoke with the owners of the car and arranged venue is Summit Raceway. It is August 6-8,
for interested people to come see the car while 2010.
it was at the Kirkwood Inn. John will write
and article about the event.
Check out
for more information.
New Business:
Woodward Tigers: Their show runs in conJJ’s Cruise: July 10, 2010. Arrive around 4 or junction with the Woodward Dream Cruise.
so if you’d like a place to park.
The event is August 20-22,2010.
Tom Oxler bought new piping from Pypes to
Woodson Terrace Car Show July 18, 2010.
complete his exhaust. It runs from the headers
The show costs $15. If you can make it tell the to the exhaust tips. This is a 3-inch set up. He
should have it installed soon.
organizer that you are Tom Oxler.
Dave Sinclair Arch POCI: July 31, 2010. This
is their rain date. If you can make the show
please do. They support us please return the
Collector Car Appreciation Day: If you are
driving your car on Friday, drive with your
lights on. IF you see another collector car
John Novelli is working on GTO clocks. He
bought a quartz conversion that was broken
and ended up buying another one from eBay.
If you have a clock that doesn’t work John will
take a look at it for FREE.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:14PM. Bob
Blattel won $37 in the 50/50 drawing.
Gateway GTO Activities
Behlmann Car Show
By Chris Winslow
Gateway GTO hosted its annual car show at the clubs primary sponsor Behlmann Buick, GMC
& Pre-owned on June 12th. Despite a prediction for very hot weather, 56 cars turned out for the
event. This included members of multiple car clubs in addition to the Gateway GTO club
showing. Clubs such as POCI and the Buick Club came out to support the show.
One of the highlights of the event was the gathering of all of the GTO’s present at the event to
create a photo for the clubs chapter display for the GTO Association of America convention
chapter display. For this photo, 27 GTOs, all sporting a tiger tail, lined up side by side at the
south end of Behlmans parking lot. This was an impressive showing of support for the club by
its members.
Brats and hot dogs were provided by the club thanks to a few dedicated members who braved
the heat to do the cooking.
Gateway GTO Activities
There was a wide variety of cars present at the show. In addition to almost
every year of GTO being represented, there were a number of other great Pontiacs
including several Trans Ams, and a 2008 G8 GXP. There were also some great
cars from the other makes including an Oldsmobile 442 Indy Pace Car convertible.
There was a popular vote contest held during the car show with three trophies to
present. The winners were as follows:
Popular Vote Winners
First Place: Jerry Wilson with a White 1970 Olds 442 Indy Pace Car Convertible.
Second Place: John Kehrein with his Silver 1966 GTO Convertible.
Third Place: Frank Chapman with his Black 1970 GTO Judge.
In addition to the popular vote, Behlmann has traditionally picked their favorite
for the Behlmann’s Pick Award. This year, Dan Behlmann himself selected the
Dan Behlmann’s Pick
Cindy and Dennis O’Sullivan’s 2009 Dark Red Metallic G8 GXP
Fox & Hound Summer Bash
By Mark Melrose
The Fox & Hound is a restaurant located on Chesterfield Airport Road in the Chesterfield Valley – aka Gumbo Flats. Club member Dave Huesgen knows the restaurant’s general
manager and has attended their Summer Bashes in previous years. The Bashes are basically
parking lot parties and the restaurant typically has a display of classic cars on hand.
Dave made a pitch for the restaurant to display GTOs at the 2010 Summer Bash and I
worked with Jack Ernst, the restaurant’s general manager, to make it happen.
It was HOT on June 19th and just as I got to the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice the
black clouds moving toward us from the direction of St. Charles. The wind picked up and blew
down three tents setup in the parking lot, but the storm passed over us with a very light sprinkle
and moved east toward I-270. The Bash was on. Club cars on display were brought by Darrrell
& Tootie May, Will & Donna Bowers, Jim & Kathy Kiburz, Dave & Diane Huesgen, Mark &
Saundra Melrose and Shauna Wollmershauser
We had a total of six club
cars on display and the
“Budweiser Girls” favored Will
Bowers ’67 convertible for group
photos as you can see in the accompanying pictures. The Bud
Girl in the driver’s seat is Sarah
who was our server and deservedly won the Bikini Contest held
at 10PM. As you can see from
the photos of Marty Howard
(what’s he doing?), Shauna’s son
Alex and yours truly – we all had
a good time.
Gateway GTO Activities
Ray Brunkhorst Memorial Drag Day
By Kerry Friedman
The third annual Drag Day at the I-57 Dragstrip in Benton, Illinois was not to be rained out.
The day started out warm and humid, what a surprise, as some of us met at the FedEx Kinko’s
in O’Fallon, to caravan to the track. Two classic GTO’s, two modern GTO’s, and one lonely
Corvette. At the designated time, we took off and planned a stop in Mt. Vernon for fuel and necessities.
Low and behold, as we are leaving Mt. Vernon to get back onto I-57, we pass Mark Melrose,
who was to leave earlier and be the first to man the entrance. Turns out that the Poplar Street
Bridge was closed and delayed Mark’s arrival by an hour.
When we reached the track, we were pleasantly surprised to see Brian Ray, straight from North
Little Rock, AR, with his new red G8 GXP.
The first two cars down the track were the red goats of the Ewens, and then all the other cars
made numerous runs, individually, and in pairs. Cars kept arriving all morning and into the afternoon. We had our own Tony Bezole with his ’70 race car, along with the beautiful black ’70
Judge race car, and Danny Estep with his ’70 race car. 1970 must be a good year for race cars,
or they just have plenty of spare parts for that year.
I believe the fastest car of the day was blue Ford of 30’s vintage that arrived on an old style roll
back truck. His times were in the upper 6’s. We also had a 63 Tempest-Ambush, two 64 GTO’s,
a 64 Tempest, 65’s, 66’s, 67’s, a ’69, numerous new GTO’s, a couple of Mustangs, 2 G8’s, a
Nova, and miscellaneous other cars.
As promised, the day grew hotter and hotter. Mark Melrose, and Karen Ewens staffed the entrance gate and a total of 29 cars registered for the event. We rented the track for $700, and with
the awards purchased, we came out a couple hundred dollars ahead, and everyone had a great
time, the main thing.
Along with the grudge racing, tune and tests, we had two other events. The first was Dialing for
Dollars, where you try to make a run as close to your dial in number as possible. If you run
faster, it’s called “breaking out”, and that is bad. The winner with as close to perfect as possible
was Rich Vie with his gold 1974 GTO. He posted a time of 10.25 on his window, and ran
10.258. WOW.
The next event was bracket racing, where based on the number on your window, the slower
time gets a head start to make the two times equal. Again, if you run faster than your posted
time, you are out. The winner was Danny Estep.
Chris Simmons showed up on John Taylor’s trailer with his ’64 race car that has not run since
MAR closed. Without much trouble, Chris was able to get it running. And as he so often did
before, he LIT those tires up numerous times almost delaying the track till the smoke cleared.
Thanks to Shauna for organizing the event as she has in the past. Oh, where was Shauna? An
opportunity came up for her to make a photo shoot, and she arrived at the track at about 1:30
when we all were getting ready to leave.
Gateway GTO Activities
Hot Rod Power Tour
Springfield, IL
Shauna Wollmershauser
Saturday June 6, 2010 started out rather slow. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make the 90-mile
trip to Springfield, IL to see what interesting cars would show up on the tour. Well my brother
James had never gone and he called and asked what time we were meeting. Well with that my
adventure began.
I say it was an adventure because I really had no idea what cool cars I’d see, nor what vendors
would show up for this event.
My brother and I got to Springfield around noon. While we were driving I picked up an email
from Mike McNeil saying that he and his wife were leaving their home and heading to Springfield a little later. So I called and left him a message so that we could meet up and walk around
a little bit and see some of the cars that were making the trip.
My brother drove his 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP and I drove my GTO. His car turned a few
heads because it’s a black car with a tan top. Apparently Pontiac did not make many Solstices
with that color combination.
We walked around for a bit and marveled at some of the cars we saw. Which was pretty much
every muscle car you could imagine.
Gateway GTO Activities
We walked up on the Surf City Garage trailer and discussed the color of the GTO Judge that
was sitting there. I told him that Pontiac called this color Carousel Red (even though it looks
orange to me) and someone in the crowd was surprised I knew the color. I guess I don’t look
old enough to know 60s era muscle cars.
Gateway GTO Activities
So after about an hour or so of walking around my brother, his date, and I got hungry and went
to have lunch. By this time Mike McNeil had arrived in Springfield and were walking around
looking at cars. While I was in the process of eating my sandwich he left a message that I didn’t’ quite understand. So when we were done with lunch I called him, and he told me that he
saw 3 right hand drive Ute’s here from Australia. Now I was totally shocked that these cars
were in the US let alone in a small town in the US.
It turns out that these five gentlemen decided that they were going to come do the Hot Rod
Power Tour this year. They did not get any financial support from Holden or any other manufacturer for this trip. They paid for it on their own dime. These blokes are (red car) Robert
Williams, (white car) Daren Lemon, and (blue car) Craig Finnigan. Along for the ride as passengers were John Buckley and David Braham. These guys were a pleasure to talk to and their
cars were a sight to behold.
Gateway GTO Activities
All of the cars are right hand drive. Two of them have Whipple superchargers, have been lowered, and other modifications made to them. One of the biggest problems that they experienced
was a fuel problem. The fuel here in the US is not of the same quality of the fuel in Australia.
They also learned not to do a big smoky burnout in back of a hotel. See video proof via their
Youtube page Aus2USAPowertour.
Shortly after I took photos it was time for me to make the trip back to St. Louis and prepare for
the next leg of the Tour, which was Duquion, IL.
Gateway GTO Activities
Hot Rod Power Tour
Duquoin, IL
Shauna Wollmershauser
Shortly before I left Springfield, IL I called Mark Melrose and asked him if the club had any
XL Gateway GTO Club t-shirts that we could send back to Australia with Robert, Daren, Craig,
John, and David. He said yes we did and it was okay for me to stop by and pick them up.
I did not know that Mark had also never been on the Hot Rod Power Tour so an executive decision was made that we’d meet up and cruise part of the route that the tour was taking to Duquoin, IL. We went through a couple of small towns and people were lined up along the side of
the road watching to see what cars came through. That reminded me a bit of the Woodward
Dream Cruise. I find it interesting to see the reaction on the faces of people as cool cars roll by
in groups.
Neither Mark nor myself experienced any mechanical problems with our cars and the cruise
was rather uneventful. I did feel a little bad for Mark because he drove his 1968 GTO and it
doesn’t have air conditioning. Boy was it sweltering by the time we got to Duquoin. After a
burger and a cold soda we sat under a shade tree and watched cars trickle into the fairgrounds.
While we were car watching I noticed this orange 64 GTO cruise past where we were parked
and I thought the car looked familiar.
Gateway GTO Activities
Well it turns out this car is rather familiar to both Mark and I because it was on the cover of the
Legend Magazine. The owner’s name is Steve Disch. As most of you know Steve did a lot of
work to get this car back on the road. It started life as both a 2006 GTO and a 1964 LeMans
Convertible. Steve did an awesome job turning the two cars into one beautiful machine. He
was also driving the car for the entire length of the Hot Rod Power Tour. People that make that
trek are called Long Haulers.
Mark and I talked to Steve for a while and learned a lot about the car and what it took to get it
back onto the road.
Eventually Steve was bombarded with people wanting to know more about the car so Mark and
I said our goodbyes and told Steve that we’d see him at the Nationals in a couple of weeks.
After the excitement of talking with Steve happened, Mark and I walked around and took in
Gateway GTO Activities
some of the sights. We walked around the GM display area both decided that we’d like one of
the new CTS-V series. Man those cars are nice. GM also had a healthy display of new generation Camaros and even showed off some of their “environmentally friendly” muscle cars. There
was a 1955 Chevy with an LS3 stuffed in it and that was called a “green” car. I’m thinking that
it was called green because of the gas mileage the LS3 is capable of.
Shortly there after we found the Utes parked together and marveled at the crowd that seemed to
never really go away. Mark eventually started talking with David and I handed out the Gateway GTO Club shirts. Robert was doing an interview with someone and after he was done he
put his shirt on display in his red Ute.
After talking with these guys it was time to make a decision. The decision that needed to be
made was to go home or to go to Benton and watch cars race. Well Mark decided to head home
and I decided to head to Benton to see what showed up.
I didn’t keep count, but I think about 15 cars showed up to race or at least make a pass down the
One of the most interesting passes made was by a gentleman towing his boat. Yes, you read
Gateway GTO Activities
Every one in the stands applauded and I chuckled a bit as I was taking pictures.
After this pass was made the sun began to set and I said my goodbyes to Scott at the track and
headed home.
I must say that these two legs of the Hot Rod Power Tour were a blast for me. I got to take two
people that had never experienced the Tour on two different days and they both left with a great
impression. I got to see in person a car I’ve been salivating over for quite a few years (the
Maloo aka Ute) and met the guys that get to drive them all the time.
As a car enthusiast life really doesn’t get much better than that.
GTOAA National Meet in Whichita, KS CLUB SPONSORED
GTO MEETING 7pm J.J.’s 1215 S. Duchesne, St Charles, Mo, 63301 (CLUB SPONSORED)
JJ's Cruises 1215 S. Duschene in St. Charles. Second Saturday of the month April-October
Lion's Car Show In St. Charles
Dave Sinclair Arch POCI Dave Sinclair Buick-GMC 5655 South Lindbergh Blvd
GTO MEETING 7pm J.J.’s 1215 S. Duchesne, St Charles, Mo, 63301 (CLUB SPONSORED)
JJ's Cruises 1215 S. Duschene in St. Charles. Second Saturday of the month April-October
Pontiac/GMC Rendezvous at Museum of Transport, Details to follow. (CLUB SPONSORED)
GTO MEETING 7pm J.J.’s 1215 S. Duchesne, St Charles, Mo, 63301 (CLUB SPONSORED)
JJ's Cruises 1215 S. Duschene in St. Charles. Second Saturday of the month April-October
Wheels In Motion Kids for Cancer at Westport Plaza. (CLUB SPONSORED)
Gateway GTO Club Picnic at Vago Park in Maryland Heights, Mo. (CLUB SPONSORED)
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words for non-members are $5.00 per issue.
Gateway GTO Club Information
The Gateway GTO Association was initially formed in the
summer of 1984 by a group of seven. They all had a common interest in the Original Muscle Car, the Pontiac GTO.
As a form of communication we publish a monthly newsletter called “The Hood Scoop”. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep our members informed of all upcoming activities as well as providing interesting event coverage. The club
meets every first Wednesday of the month at J. J.’s Restaurant, 1215 S. Duchesne Rd, St. Charles, Mo. 63301.
Membership dues are $20.00 per year and all renewals
are required to be paid by December 31st. You are allowed to have one associate member.
Club Sponsor
820 McDonnell Blvd.
Hazelwood Mo. 63042
The Hood Scoop is published as an informative
news bulletin to keep our members up to date on
past, present, and future events.
Advertising rates are:
$100 – Full page (Color or Black and White) ad in
monthly Hoodscoop newsletter for 12 months, your
logo on our Website Sponsor page, and a link to
your website from our Related Website Link space.
$50 – ½ page (Color or Black and White) ad in our
monthly Hoodscoop newsletter for 12 months, your
logo on our Website Sponsor page, and a link to
your website from our Related Website Link space.
$25 – Business Card (Color or Black and White) ad
in our monthly Hoodscoop newsletter for 12
months, your logo on our Website Sponsor page,
and a link to your website from our Related Website Link space.
As a Gateway GTO member please consider joining the
GTO Association of America
The Gateway GTO Association
is an official chapter of the
GTO Association of America
Visit us at
1948 A Sidney Street
St. Louis, MO 63104