mcuf branding project draft status report



mcuf branding project draft status report
Report Prepared for Trustee Don Knauss & Brigadier General Thomas Draude, USMC (Ret.)
By Trustee Derrick T. Dortch
Since the initial meeting with Trustee Don Knauss and his team at Clorox last year
we have made some significant progress in the MCUF Branding Project. Here are
updates on what has been done and where we are headed in the near future:
1) MCUF Stakeholders have been surveyed and have provided their opinions
about improving the current website and other tools being used to
disseminate information to the public and stakeholders about MCUF.
2) Several meetings have been held to discuss branding MCUF and each have
produced excellent ideas and action items.
3) Clorox personnel, especially Doug Milliken have provided a great deal of
assistance in guiding the branding process.
4) Trustee Derrick T. Dortch has taken the lead in overseeing the MCUF Branding
Project and ensuring its completion by the end of 2013.
5) A Benchmarking Exercise has been conducted analyzing various Marine Corps
websites as well as other services and their foundation and a range of nonprofit organizations.
6) The first of three demo sites for MCUF has been developed based on the
results and findings in the branding and benchmarking exercises. All three will
be developed by the Board of Trustee meeting in October. Each will be
reviewed by the Trustees to determine the top choice.
7) The Staff of MCUF will review the sites and provide their recommendations
and wish list on what they would like to see on the site. We will also ensure
that the site developed for MCUF can be effectively utilized by the staff.
Since the initial meeting at Clorox last year we have made some significant
progress in the MCUF Branding Project. Here are updates on what has been done
and where we are headed in the near future.
8) Trustee Derrick T. Dortch will reengage Doug Milliken to go over the three
demo sites and the results from the Trustees and MCUF Staff. We will seek
assistance from Doug in developing the right approach to survey the public
and get their feedback on the new sites. We would also ask for assistance in
the right approach to take when conducting focus groups.
9) A focus group of professionals and students will be assembled to review the
demo MCUF sites an gather their input and see what they choose as the best
site. We will gather this feedback and combine it with the Trustees and Staff
recommendations and wish list.
10) All feedback will go into creating the new MCUF site and branding the
organization as we move toward our Capital Campaign and much more. A full
Strategic Communications plan needs to be developed to support the
branding project. Once the brand, site and other communication tools have
been developed the Strategic Communications plan should be implemented
to reach out and engage to all targeted audiences.
The Goal is to have the Branding Project Completed by late December 2013. We
would like to have our new brand, website and other tools fully operational going
into January 2014, especially as we begin our Capital Campaign.
We want to create a website and brand
that will connect us with the Marine Corps
and Marine Corps University but still keep
the distinction of MCUF and our mission.
Review the various sites and then look at
the first MCUF website demo. Do you see
the connection? Now review our current
site. Do you see the difference?
MCUF Demo Website 1
Demo Site can be seen at:
Note: Only the first page has content