36 Before we get into anything else, let`s clear up the slapping issue



36 Before we get into anything else, let`s clear up the slapping issue
Ireland's leading glamour girl shows her softer side as she snuggles up with her two sons on
a Kinsale holiday. (Previous page) Amanda wears a dress by Diane Von Furstenberg at Brown
Thomas and (previous page, right) a dress by Emilio Pucci. This page she wears a turquoise
top by Jesiré and her own jeans. Setanta (left) and Edward (right) wear clothing from Zara.
Before we get into anything else, let’s clear
up the slapping issue...
Me and my big mouth! But I still stick by
my point that it’s wrong to bring in a law
that makes it illegal for parents to slap their
children. I can't remember the last time
I smacked my children, but I have done
it, and I wasn’t going to be a liar. I’m not
someone who bashes my children and I find
it disgusting to see people screaming at their
kids and smacking them. My children are my
world and I adore them, but I have two wild
little men. I smack them very little, but there
has always been the fear of the smack, which
is enough. Every right thinking person
knows the difference between smacking and
beating children.
So no need for us to call social services
Definitely not, but there was a part of me
that was waiting on them to call! I couldn’t
believe the amount of people who came
out in support of me. People felt I got
media bashed and said of course they have
slapped their kids, but they’d never have
said it on telly. In typical Brunker fashion, it was
out in the public before I had time to think it
You’re well known for shooting from the hip…
I’ve always done so, but it’s given me a career. I
have my opinion piece in the Sunday World and
I’m on Midday on TV3 for my opinions. I can’t
tell myself to be quiet all the time or else I’d be
out of a job.
One of those jobs is writing books. Tell
us about your latest offering, Champagne
It’s the final book in the Champagne Trilogy.
I can’t believe I’ve finally gotten here; the
character Eva Valentine has occupied my world
for many years. It’s bittersweet that this is the
end of the journey.
Eva has grown up and tamed over the course
of the books. Can the same be said of
Amanda Brunker?
If I hadn’t tamed down by now, we’d be in an
awful lot of trouble, but this is not the Amanda
Brunker history book! I had a lot of fun and I
drew on similar emotions and situations and
the character did mature as I matured, but

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