Australian Outback



Australian Outback
Experience Australia’s spectacular beauty as you walk
through the Zoo’s “Outback Adventure”. You’ll discover strange
creatures, colorful birds and vibrant fish. Watch as Giant Kingfishers, Rainbow
Lorikeets and Chestnut Peafowl soar about your head. Careful where you walk,
you’re sharing the same pathway as our Bennett’s Wallabies, Peacocks, Emus,
and Egrets!
• Learn about the Australian rail system while you await your train ride
at our new Train Station!
• Check out our newly built Australian Outback barn – home to
our wallaby mob, Kookaburras, and opportunities to learn about
Australia’s unique features.
• Several new bird species will be joining the aviary – Eastern
Rosellas, Eclectus and Kookaburra (the national bird of Australia!)
• We’re adding Cassowaries to our Outback exhibit – one of the
world’s largest, most endangered,
flightless birds.
Keep your eyes peeled for the many animals
and birds that roam our zoo, calling it home.
It’s an exclusive look into the lives of earth’s
most marvelous and unique creatures –
right in your own backyard!
Many naming
opportunities available!

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