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Basic Information - Tecnológico de Monterrey
Basic Information
1 . Numeric.
5 . File I/O Vis for writing or reading data from a file.
First we will review the string pallet, remembering that a string is sequence of characters and the
strings are regular ASCII text. The next table presents the backslash codes, those codes could be
applied inside the string control.
In the same way, the strings are displayable or nondisplayable. This characteristic allows
generating passwords, codes and hex.
The most important operations using File I/O palette are
1-Reading and writing data
2-Opening and closing data files
3- Moving and renaming files and directories
4-Changing files characteristics
In order to get familiarized with Files I/O, open the palette and find the icons for Read, write and
Open-Crate Replace File
1-selecte a string control from the string pallet, as it is shown on figure 2.
2 . Wiring Tecniques.
2-Go to the display conditions and select password display
3 . Data types.
Reading data from a file
Spreadsheets Files
4 . Control Modules.
3-Create the following code and try different display formats like Hex display, Code Display, etc
Highlight execution
Run the code structure by structure.
Retain wire values
Retain the values generated by the execution.
Start Single Stepping
Run the code to the following structure.
Start Single Stepping
Run the code to the following operation.
Step Out
Run the code until the following structure.
VI placement (front, back, etc).
Clean up Selection
Distribt structures inorganized manner.
You can use the Files I/O Express Vis
6 . Strings and clusters.
8 . Structures.
Waveform graph- allows display a data array
An Array is a set of data elements that all of them are same type.
One important issue is Polymorphism which is the characteristic of doing
operation with different values dimensions and representations.
For Loop
While Loop
Build X-Y graph express
Array 2-D
Flat Sequence
9 . Formula node and Matlab.
Formula node
Graph annotations
7 . Charts and Graphs.
The information needs to be displayed in a graphical form, thus the charts and graphs are very
useful tools.
The main characteristics are the following
Waveform charts
Two Signals
Add visible items
10 . Global Variables.
Shift Register

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