March 2016 - St. Mark`s United Methodist Church



March 2016 - St. Mark`s United Methodist Church
Our Membership Vows
As members of St. Mark’s UMC, we will faithfully
participate in its ministries by our prayers, our presence,
our gifts, our service, and our witness.
Our Prayers
…For those who need special care
Barbara Bailey
George & Zola Burns
Betty Dyer
Katherine Prater
Mary Prater
Gene & Ivadene Rickett
Francis Smith
Arch & Faye Rowe
Ann Lovingood
Wilfred Haun
Bill Marcus
…Others to remember in our prayers
Katie Morgan
Marjorie Wilson
Rebecca Gibson
Don Jones, June Dillard’s friend
Jamie Gregg
Doug, Beverley Murphy’s Brother
Raymond Dorsey
Catina Daly, Brenda Simpson’s Cousin
Don Jenkins
Doug, Lynae Wyngate’s Brother
Judy Gregg
Bob Ridenour (Kim Knott’s Neighbor)
Eddie Click
Sheila Capebianco, Faye B.’s Friend
Bob Gormley
Cathie Williams, Faye B.’s Sister
The Beaudette Family Jackie Queener, June Dillard’s friend
Leonard & Betty Allmon
Haiti Mission Team
Boy Scouts 6:30pm
His Kids Practice 4pm
Fellowship Meal 5:00pm
Choir Practice 6:15pm
Prayer Time 9:15am
Sunday School 9:30am
Worship 10:45am
Youth 6pm
Dates to Remember
Easter Cantata
Maundy Thursday, 7pm
Easter Sunrise Service, 7am
Lily Order Deadline
Haiti Mission Trip
Birthdays to Celebrate
Our Presence
February Avg. Attendance: Sunday School 30
Our Gifts
2015 Projected Budget:
Monthly Budget Goal:
February Giving:
Weekly Dates to Remember
$ N/A
$ N/A
$ 22,603.60
Ernie Tracy
Kathy McCammon
Rebecca Pack
Kim Knott
Deloris Brown & Zola Burns
Francis Smith
Ron Kudich
Don Tracy
Betty Horton & Eddie Dillard
Our Service
Lay Leader:
Minister of Music:
Song Leader:
All Believers
Allen Tallent
Donna Wolford
Jerry Page
Lou Dalton, Susan Larsen,
Jackie Kelly, Mary Russell,
Jenny Shaffer
If you have a birthday not listed above, please
make sure to contact the office! We want to
celebrate with you!
March 2016
Pastor - Rev. Curt McKee
COULD YOU, WOULD YOU? The mission of the United Methodist Church is Making Disciples of
Christ for the Transformation of the World. What a marvelous and daunting task. It connects with the Great
Commission Jesus gave in Matthew 28 as his time neared to return to heaven.
How are we making disciples for the transformation of the world? Hopefully we are becoming disciples in
our church and seeking to bring others into the faith and help them decide to grow into faithful disciples.
What about the world? Well, we certainly help in Haiti, in Zimbabwe with buckets and kits. There are other
projects we engage each year for the cause of Christ.
Here is a new possibility…Becoming a Partner Congregation with a UMC in Serbia (formerly part of
Yugoslavia) in southern Europe. It involves connection by praying daily for the partner church, by
contacting them through the internet including a possible skype worship service together. Financially, we
would need to contribute a minimum of $3600.00 annually for the pastor’s salary and to help in outreach
ministries. Our goal could be $4000.00 per year. That sounds like a lot until you break it down to
this…If…40 giving units could give $100.00 per year, that is less than $10 per month, we could do it. Donna
and I will be 3 of that 40 as we plan to give $300.00 per year in honor of our sons.
Could you, would you, be part of this vital ministry? Another element is to have teams from here
visit there for ministry projects and invite the pastor from there to visit us. Let us pray and decide if we can
and will help Christ be exalted in the country of Serbia. We will be considering this in days ahead.
JOYFUL SONG, Pastor Curt
Worship Preparations
Please take time to study and pray over the following Scriptures and
worship services as we prepare for worship each week.
March 6:
“On Our Behalf”
Isaiah 53:4-6
March 13:
“$3.00 Worth of God Please!”
Mark 10:42-45
March 20:
Easter Cantata
Luke 9:51
March 27:
Easter Sunday
“Raised from the Dead; Oh Yeah!”
1 Corinthians 15:13-22
3359 Louisville Road - P. O. Box 37 Louisville, TN 37777
Church (865) 977-6128
Parsonage (865) 982-3905
Fax (865) 977-6154
His Kids Choir!
Special thanks to all the kids,
parents, Donna McKee, Cathy
Kudich, and Evans Bowen for all
your hard work! The His Kid’s choir
did an amazing job singing last
month! Many were blessed!
Easter Cantata:
Maundy Thursday:
Easter Sunrise Service:
(Louisville Point Park)
Sunday, March 20
7pm, March 24
7am, March 27
Seamless: A Women’s Bible Study
Ladies of St. Mark's: Seamless, a
Bible study by Angie Smith, which
covers the people, places, and
promises of the Bible, tying them
together into the greater story of
Scripture. It will help you gain an
overarching understanding of the
layout and meaning of God's Word,
along with learning how the scripture
ties together into the seamless truth of the gospel message.
This group will meet on Thursday nights at 6:30pm. Please
see Kathy Caylor or Donna McKee for more details.
Lent Study: Near the Cross
It is by coming near the cross through prayer that we can
know and imitate the heart of Christ. This
Bible study will guide us into a deeper
life of prayer and spiritual transformation
this Lenten season. You’ll learn how
prayer nurtures our faith and encourages
spiritual growth with practical, everyday
applications. This Study is on Sunday
afternoons and the book is $10. Please
Pastor Curt for more information. Books
are available for purchase.
Easter Lilies
The UMW Circle of Joy is taking orders for Easter lilies to
decorate our sanctuary for
Easter morning. If you
would like to order a lily (or
two or three) and present
them in honor, memory or
celebration of someone or
something special, please
include that information on the order form, and it will be
printed in the Sunday bulletin on Easter morning. Order
forms are available in the foyer or you may contact Jackie
Kelly, Jean Shutt or Gloria Bickers. All orders must be
received before March 13th. The lilies are $15/each, and
checks can be made payable to the Circle of Joy.
Greeters: Charles & June Hodges
Ushers: Marilyn Prospero & Jennifer Jones
Acolytes: Dara & Aida Ellis
Greeters: Ted Sowders & George Keil
Ushers: Tom & Gloria Bickers
Acolytes: Sophie Pomella & Ashton Keeler
Haiti Team Members:
Linda & Allen Tallent,
Lynae Wingate,
George Keil,
Donna McKee,
Raymond Shutt,
Dru & Mimi Williams
Greeters: Barbara Barnett & Marcella Emrick
Ushers: Darrell Dillard and Eddie Dillard
Acolytes: Mikayla & Samantha Jordan
Additional Team Members:
Gary Thomas-Forest Hill Baptist Pastor and
Sarah & Yves Dorismar w/ Living Water Haiti Ministries.
Youth News
St. Mark's Youth
matters… But do you
realize that YOU matter
to the youth? There is a
critical need for adult involvement with our youth. Rebecca
Simerly has generously volunteered to be our main contact
for the youth department and she needs your support. Even
more so, the youth need your support. Please take time to
pray, and ask the Lord how you can help. Please contact
Rebecca Simerly at 379-2589 for more information.
United Methodist Women
St. Mark’s UMC has one UMW Group with two circles
within! The Irene Prater Circle meets the first Wednesday
of each month at 10:00am in the Library followed by
refreshments/light lunch.
The “Circle of Joy” will meet the third Thursday of every
other month. All women are invited to attend. For more
information, please contact Jackie Kelly at 865-983-4047.
St. Mark’s Choir Presents: In The Presence of Jehovah
Missions & Outreach
Middlesettlements Elementary School
MES needs volunteers to come and read with students, aid
the teachers, do office work, open milk cartons at lunch,
etc. Would you consider giving an hour a week to help the
children of our community? Please see Gloria Bickers or
Katie Morgan to volunteer.
As you do your regular shopping, you are invited to
pick up an item or two for the Louisville Christian
Assistance Center and say a prayer for the folks who will
receive it!
March Wish List:
Can or boxed potatoes, Soup & Bar Soap
Hands On Mission for Zimbabwe
It is almost time! We will be giving Food Buckets again this
year. More information is forthcoming!
Partnership Ministry with Serbia
The Partnership with a
congregation in the
nation of SERBIA is a
50/50 effort. A church in
the US partners with a
church there. Currently,
there are 14 UM
Churches in Serbia. The
partnership is a covenant
to pray for one another,
to communicate by email, facebook, and skype, to send
groups there for study and shared ministry and bring
persons from there to the US. Finally, the US congregation
supports their partner financially. The request is to do this
for at least three years initially and after that hopefully
continue. Could St. Mark’s support a sister congregation in
a land where the need of the Gospel is great? Let’s pray
about this matter; more discussion will be forthcoming.
Also, Pastor Curt recorded original songs in 1999 to raise
funds in support of UM Pastors in Estonia. He has a number
of these remaining. If you would be interested in one, they
will be made available for a requested donation of $3.00 or
more. All proceeds will go to Estonia. May God bless as we
seek to share Christ with the world!
Prayers for Haiti Mission Team
Relay for Life Blount County
An Easter Cantata!
You are warmly invited to join us on Sunday, March 20th
for a wonderful time of worship as we remember and
celebrate the presence of our Savior in song!
Sunday Servant Schedule
If you are interested in serving as Greeter, Usher, Acolyte,
or in any other capacity of the church, please contact the
Greeters: Bob Gormley & Karen Mathas
Ushers: Tom Bickers & Eddie Dillard
Acolytes: Scouts
Are you not able to go to Haiti in person? That’s ok! You
can still make a huge impact! Here’s how:
The Haiti mission team will depart on March 13 and return
on March 19. A few ways that you can pray are for their
health, safe and expedient travels, and you can pray for
their families back home. Also you can pray for the children
and staff at the orphanage, and all of our Haitian friends to
whom the team will be ministering.
Linda Lamb is once again
participating in Relay for
Life Blount County. She is
a team leader for Team
Friends. They have raised
1/3 of the money they need
to get to their goal. If you
would like to donate online
Relay for Life - Team
Friends, please visit the
Relay for Life, Blount County page and click on the
DONATE button, then choose DONATE TO A
TEAM. You will then be directed to the list of teams. Find
TEAM FRIENDS, click their name, and you're where you
need to be to donate online. Relay for Life, Blount County
is set for Friday, June 3 at the Maryville College campus.

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