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residential properties into
beautiful & intelligent homes
From concept to completion
Property search
Architectural drawings
Planning applications
Space design
Interior design
Smart home technology & security
Sourcing & vetting builders, trades people & suppliers
“A vibrant
to detail
& clever use
of colour.”
Project management
Sourcing & buying fixtures, fittings & furnishings
Gym design & supply
Project rescue
International client solutions
Ensoul offers
“If you’ve got a space
that’s really unique
and well-designed,
that’s when you really
increase the value
of a property.”
Viki Lander
Creative Director at Ensoul
you a seamless home transformation service
from conception to completion. From the
first sketch to the final piece of artwork on
the wall, we will create, source and manage
every detail of a project on your behalf. At
the heart of everything we do is an unrivalled
customer service ethos shared by a highly
skilled team of design, build and project
management professionals.
Our skill is in creating luxury spaces that
connect with our clients. Each one is
designed to be highly functional and at the
same time beautiful and wholly personal.
We are masters of combining beautiful
architectural features, clever space design,
confident colour and texture with the latest
in home technology and security.
We are as strong in the science of process as
we are in the art of design. This means being
meticulous in our planning, obsessive in our
management and passionate in our design.
Above all else we demand the highest
standards from the people we work with to
ensure that each and every one of our
projects is exceptional.
“Truly delicious design”
Our difference
Agency approach
We provide an end-to-end service with
our team of specialists who are all experts
in their field.
Best talent & capacity
We deliberately choose to work on a few
projects at a time to ensure all of our best
people can work on them.
Intelligent design with soul
We specialise in intelligent space design,
exceptional use of colour and personal
touches that connect homes to the people
living there.
Attention to detail
We are meticulous in our planning and
attention to detail across all stages:
design, build, decorating, furnishing
and snagging.
Process & rigour
We work with precision and follow a project
management methodology that we have
created specifically for the residential home
market, to ensure projects are always
delivered on quality, on time and on budget.
We don’t have any clients that work 9 to 5
and neither do we. Ensoul provides around
the clock online updates and flexible
access to its team.
“For Lander, the matter is straightforward:”
“Clever design is what creates bidding wars.
It’s what makes somebody walk into your property
and say, ‘I have to buy this’.”
We specialise in adding value
with extra floorspace
offer a great return on investment and
are often the means of bringing real
additional space and luxury living to
playrooms, games rooms, wine cellars,
gyms, saunas, swimming pools, nanny,
granny and teenage flats are just some
of the ways we are seeing basements
being used.
are usually converted by us in order to
add more bedrooms and bathrooms
and on occasion provide an office with
a view.
Ensoul can design a beautiful basement
for you either under your house or
under a garden or drive that will deliver
fantastic additional living space. Our
basements feature incredible light from
clever use of structural glass and
lightwells; and a real sense of space
with deep excavation to get tall ceiling
heights. This is how we break the mould
and enable basements designed by us
to achieve pretty much the same value
per square metre as your above ground
space (which is not the norm).
Ensoul will design and manage the
entire process for you from creating the
architectural plans and submitting your
planning application through to
decorating, fit out and hand-over.
Along this journey we will bring in and
manage a team of trusted geologists,
structural engineers, drainage experts
basement excavation specialists and
waterproofing systems for this highly
specialised piece of work.
are possible anywhere there is a natural
gap or platform to extend. Ensoul can
design kitchen, dining and living
extensions on the ground floor where
there are unused side returns or extra
space in the rear garden; and we can
bathrooms where there is scope to
extend above ground floor extensions
or existing back bedrooms.
Returning value
is paramount with all of our projects.
We can inform you of the property
value per square metre in your street
and therefore the value of any
proposed extension work. This figure
can also act as a guide for fit out
budgets to ensure that your property is
not over capitalised.
We are always mindful not to upset the
balance of living space versus bedroom
space and will ensure that all newly
proposed accommodation is both
appropriate and adding value to your
Intelligent & beautiful design
Architectural plans
We excel at getting under the skin of
our clients and understanding what it is
you are wanting to achieve with your
transformation project; how you live;
what you like design-wise and what you
have to spend.
Based on your ideas and ours, we will
create initial lay-out proposals and
images of architectural features for
your project. We can also create 3D
walk throughs of your new home to get
a real feel of your new space.
When we are all happy with the broad
approach we will then work up more
detailed, to scale plans which will show
all architectural and structural changes
along with how the space is planned to
be used; ready for the next stage and
planning applications where required.
Where necessary, we will draft your
planning application documents and
submit everything. We will then liaise
with your local planning office to
navigate the process as smoothly as
possible and encourage approval.
Detailed design
Next, we will get into highly detailed
space and interior design. This results in
a package of extremely detailed
technical drawings and product
specifications and samples for each and
every room. We can provide mood
boards and sketches to show you how
your space will look completely finished.
The resulting design package forms the
basis of our tender process with builders
so that we can cost your project with
precision. It is also the bible for what we
actually build to and is used to gain
statutory building regulations’ approval
from an approved inspector, which we
will also organise.
Each project is tailor made to suit your
needs and could include the following:
• Detailed architectural CAD layouts,
sections and elevations.
• Detailed bespoke joinery drawings
for items such as wardrobes, TV units
and all built-in furniture.
• Lighting and electrical design and
• Heating/cooling
design and specification.
• AV and security
• Specifications for finishes and
architectural fittings such as flooring,
tiling, wall coverings and fabrics.
• Colour and paint schemes.
We can complete your transformation
by sourcing and buying in all of your
furnishings and accessories including:
furniture, window treatments, bed
linen, towels and bathroom accessories,
cushions, throws, rugs, lamps, artwork,
decorative accessories for shelves and
tables, plants, flowers, toys, books and
“something rather special”
“A 16ft deep basement under the garden
sailed through planning without a hitch”
Project management
There is a long list of critical factors that
make the difference between a home
transformation project coming in on
quality, on time and on budget. Or not.
• Project planning (Gantt charts),
ongoing project management and
It requires a project manager with the
experience to know how to stay on
track the whole length of the journey;
where the pitfalls and risks are;
someone who has the technical
knowledge to ensure nobody pulls the
wool over their eyes; is capable of
meticulous planning and organisation;
has a structured process; is great at
problem solving; and knows how to get
the best from a number of different
people working on-site.
• Identifying and managing potential
project risks (e.g. construction
methods, weather conditions, access
rights, health and safety, site security).
Below and opposite are a few of the
practical elements that we take care of
with our team of trained professionals,
who work with absolute precision and
follow a methodology that we have
created specifically for the residential
home market (available on request).
• Scheduling the buying and delivery of
all fixtures, fittings, furniture and soft
• Submitting and liaising with your
local planning office – when
• Drafting your detailed tender
package and sending out to our
known and trusted builders as well as
any that you propose.
• Regular
referencing of builders and other key
• Contracting builders and specialists
such as structural engineers, party
wall surveyors, geologists etc.
• Engaging and mobilising specialist
contractors and trades people.
• Quality control of all on-site works.
• Resolving day-to-day queries and
• Managing change control procedures
to ensure that all knock on effects are
known and addressed, that all changes
have full client approval, and most
importantly technical drawings and
budgets are updated to reflect them.
• Ensuring that all deliveries on-site
meet their specification, quantities
and quality.
• Budgeting, cash-flow management
and authorising payments on your
behalf throughout the project lifecycle.
• Reporting to you and other
stakeholder groups with the required
and desired level of detail (both
written and visual formats).
• Collecting and producing project
documentation, including a detailed
brief at the outset, contracts, change
control orders, handover packs
(drawings, manuals, certificates,
guarantees etc.)
• Obtaining
regulations’ approval
approved inspector.
from an
Smart home
We will get a detailed understanding of your
data, telephony, AV, home cinema, home
automation and lighting needs and then
design a solution that will become your
personalised, IP enabled, smart home.
“The ultimate high-tech home”
We work with specialist contractors for
laying the critical infrastructure as well as
installing and commissioning the best
hardware, control systems and smart
phone/tablet apps.
We are manufacturer and systems
integrator agnostic as technology is
changing all the time and pride ourselves
with knowing the best solutions available
today, as well as what is coming down the
line for future-proofing your home.
We can provide you with an IP security
system which provide 24x7x365 monitoring
of your home and can be accessed and
controlled from your smart phone or tablet
anywhere in the world. Images are backed
up to the cloud to ensure maximum
security of your footage.
In addition, we work with a network of
security specialists for installation of
access systems, intruder alarms; smoke,
fire and CO2 alarms; safes, locks for
doors and windows; flood detectors where
appropriate and security glass.
Premium performance
gyms with Cybex
Serious about your fitness and looking to put in a gym? We will not
only design the room and space for you, but can also source and
buy the best equipment to kit it out.
We have partnered Cybex, an American manufacturer of premium
quality exercise equipment that is just as great for a first-time user
as it is for a professional athlete. Normally found in commercial gyms,
we are able to offer you access to their entire family of precision
exercise equipment with excellent pricing and customised colour
Whether you are looking for faster calorie burn, greater core
activation, less knee stress and/or greater muscle activation, Cybex
cardio and strength equipment delivers it all through Ensoul.
Our team
Viki Lander
Creative Director
Viki founded Ensoul following 20 years of designing and
developing properties across London, from residential spaces
to complete refurbishments of commercial premises.
Viki specialises in creating unique spaces that are customised
and connected to the lifestyle, personality and taste of the
people living there. She creates and sets the look of the
property and is responsible for the creative execution
throughout the entire process.
To achieve this, she has wide ranging experience in sourcing
and buying unique architectural and interior fixtures, fittings,
furniture and soft furnishings, and has built relationships with
thousands of suppliers around the world, large and small.
Philip Rogerson
Mike Lander
Design Director
Programme Director
Philip boasts an illustrious career in the
design and implementation of some of the
world’s leading 5 star hotels and a host
of residential projects including:
The Lanesborough, The Howard Hotel and
Malmaison in London, the Schlosshotel
Vier Jahreszeiten in Berlin and West India
Quay apartments at Canary Wharf to
name a few.
He brings to Ensoul an unrivalled breadth
of knowledge on space planning and
technical design, building regulations
and site management.
Phillip is responsible for handling the master
planning and feasibility studies as well as
the technical design of Ensoul’s residential
projects and is a adept at working with
contractors and finding creative solutions
to unforeseen technical challenges on-site.
Mike is a highly experienced
programme director and
engineer and runs Ensoul’s
project management and
smart home operations with
unrivalled precision.
Mike has developed a project
management methodology
specifically for residential
projects, incorporating
elements from RIBA’s 7 step
plan of works; which ensures
all of our clients have a
rigorous process in place with
the highest quality outcomes
at reduced risk, on time and
on budget.
Mike’s broad knowledge of
smart home technology and
security systems allow us to
offer you the very latest in
luxury home automation
systems sourced from around
the world. Heating/cooling,
lighting, media, sound, IP
security, fire and smoke
systems to name just a few

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