August/September 2015 - Sacramento Walking Sticks



August/September 2015 - Sacramento Walking Sticks
Sacramento Walking Sticks
The No Sweat Gazette
A U G U S T / S E P T E M B E R
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Barbara’s Greeting
“You just have to be happy. If you are, everything else will fall into place.” ~ Emily Osment
Greetings Sticks Members,
My term as Sticks President is officially
over, so I’m now writing to you simply
as a member of the Club. I was so happy
to be elected President and lead the Club
these past two years. We’ve continued
to grow and thrive, and we are still the
largest Club in the USA, if not in the
world. Thank you for allowing me to
represent all of you at the national AVA
Convention that was held mid-June in
Salem, OR. The walks presented were
varied and all lovely in their own way,
and what a thrill it was to meet up with
people from all states in the USA who do
what we do! It was so neat to share
ideas with one another and speak the
same language—who else would know
what walking for credit means? We
voted Dennis Michele back for another
term as AVA President, and the location
for our 2017 national AVA Convention
will be in Billings, Montana.
So to put it bluntly, our Club has a problem—a good problem—we need to elect
a new President, Secretary, and Treasurer for the coming year. (I hear that
Steve Hughart is interested in becoming
treasurer.) If you are willing to be
Beverly (916.239.5063) and let them know.
Very soon we’ll be setting up a general
membership meeting to work things
out. Keep in mind that this is a good
problem because the Club is strong
enough to keep on going.
Annual Ice Cream walk from Vic’s to
Gunther’s, Aug 5 & 6. This was a good
idea between Steve Hughart and
Steve Lavezzo many summers ago that
just keeps getting better and better—to
travel between two of the oldest and
tastiest creameries in Sacramento on a
hot summer night and day. Feel free to
come one or both days, choose between
a 5K or 10K route, and enjoy taste testing at one or both creameries. Wed
night, Aug 5th, we’ll be open for registration from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, and on
Thurs morning, Aug 6th, we’ll open
from 9:00 to 10:00 am. Everyone’s welcome to come, including the family dog
on his leash. Children are encouraged to
come and walk, get in the stroller, or
even use their scooters to get to and
from. There are playgrounds for the kids
along the route(s), and everyone will be
surprised at all they see along the way.
Thank you to all club members who
have helped publicize and host this
International Talk Like a Pirate
Day, Sat, Sept 19. The Sticks haven’t
hosted this event in a while, and we’re
hoping to inspire all pirates and lovers
of pirates to come out to celebrate this
holiday. Sticks member Roy Simpson is a
docent at the California Auto Museum
and has secured that location for our
start point; Roy also designed the 5K
route for us. The Auto Museum is excited to host our walk and wants everyone to come and see what’s inside their
place afterwards. We'll all be getting
vouchers for discounted entry fee. Another Sticks member, Jane Graham, is
designing the 10K route for us that will
take everyone
to interesting
places never
seen before on our Pirate walks.
There are so many behind-the-scenes
people who are doing so much to keep
the Sticks afloat and thriving. How do
you like receiving your Walk Alerts by
Mail Chimp? Thanks to Kris EricsonCano for taking the lead to learn how to
convert to the new system as well as
maintain it. And don't she and John
McLaughlin do an excellent job with
our No Sweat Gazette newsletter? Kudos
to Joy Calkin for maintaining our Calendar of Events on our Sticks website! The
Sticks have a huge amount of YRE’s
(year round events) that need to be renewed each year before the end of Aug,
and we all owe Monica Moriarty a huge
debt of gratitude for her commitment to
getting that done and with such precision. Beverly Bales and her crew continue to spread the Gospel of the Sticks
and Volksmarching to countless health
fairs in our region—if you ever hear of
one you think we should attend, please
call her at 916.239.5063.
Lastly, let’s give a big round of applause
to your outgoing Board Members: President, Barbara Nuss, Secretary, Carole
Addy and Treasurer, Ana Maria Garza
for all the work they did to keep us running smoothly. Thank you, VicePresident, Gail Samcoff, for continuing
on in your role.
Hope to see you on the trail,
Barbara Nuss
Vice President
Barbara Nuss
Gail Samcoff
Carol Addy
Ana Maria Garza
Barbara Nuss
Kris Ericson-Cano
Sacramento Walking Sticks • P.O. Box 277303 • Sacramento, California 95827
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
By John McLaughlin
elcome to a new feature in
the No Sweat Gazette. Because our Sacramento Walking
Sticks is such an active and amazing
club, we figure that we might sometimes forget that there is a whole
country out there full of other AVA
clubs whose members are adding up
those 5K and 10k walks with every
bit as much vigor, joy, and enthusiasm as we do here in Sacramento.
As a result, we have decided to periodically introduce some of these
distant fellow AVA members here
as a hand-shaking way for all of us
around the country to get to know
one another just a little better.
In that spirit, then, we'd like to introduce fellow AVA members Naomi
and Don Feagans from North Carolina. Kaia and I met them on a Tater
Tours trip through Canada last year,
and since then--through the magic
of email--we have become pen pals
and good friends.
When then-avid hikers Naomi and
Don moved from Virginia to South
Carolina in 1997, they immediately
missed easy access to hiking the
Appalachian Trail near their Virginia home, and so they eagerly
looked for a local hiking club. But,
alas, all they could find in South
Carolina was an AVA walking club.
After reasoning that walking was
better than nothing, they attended
their first AVA regular event in fall
of 1997. It was an Oktoberfest at
Myrtle Beach AFB, SC. As Naomi
August/September 2015
describes it, "Beach and beer--we
figured that this AVA thing was a
good gig."
And apparently they stayed enamored with AVA, for they kept walking and walking and walking and
walking. Since 1997, Don and Naomi
have logged close to 1,500 events
and more than 15,000 kilometers. They have completed the book
for 50 States, they have walked all
100 counties in North Carolina, and
they have completed about fifty percent of the Virginia and Maryland
counties. They have also walked in
nine Canadian Provinces. They describe all their walks as great, but
their favorites would be, "Tahoe,
Augustine, Savannah, Oregon's Columbia River Gorge, Santa Fe, Williamsburg, Gettysburg, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, and walks in Hawaii and Alaska." Their most memorable, most fantastic regular event
was a "Black Hills Black Jack Weekend," held by the Black Hills Volkssport Club in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Walking Club, based in WinstonSalem, NC. The club has about 35
YREs and boasts around 100 members. Its only annual event is the
New Year's Day walk. All AVA clubs
in NC are members of the Tarheel
State Walkers, the state association.
At the beginning of each year, Tarheel publishes a list of the upcoming
year's Saturday (and rare Sunday)
walks and regular events. These are
statewide with all clubs participating, and there are no other organized weekend or weekday walks
throughout the year. Attendance for
any given walk would primarily be
comprised of members of the club
closest to the group walk. A good
turnout for a walk would be fifteen;
twenty walkers attending would be
I asked Naomi and Don what they
would recommend for some good
choices if I were to visit North Carolina and had time for just a walk or
two. Here's their answer: "New Bern
is a quaint town, the second oldest
in NC with the restored governor's
mansion from the early days of the
Naomi have
moved from
South Carolina to North
where they
belong to the
Page 2
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
state. Corolla and Ocracoke are on
the outer banks of NC and are also
interesting from the standpoint of
very early NC and piracy (piracy!),
and beautiful beaches, too. Wilmington is a beautiful larger city also full
of coastal and early history.
Mid-state, Mount Airy is a very interesting town since it was the boyhood home of Andy Griffith, and it's
still steeped in 'Mayberry' lore.
Winston-Salem is the home of 'Old
Salem,' which was settled by German Moravians from PA; the old
town has a remarkable number of
original structures. In western NC,
Asheville is a great walk, and the
Biltmore Estate is worth a visit.
Greensboro has a national park
where the Battle of Guilford Courthouse was fought during the revolu-
So thank y'all very much, Naomi and
Don, for sharing with us your southern- and eastern-flavored experiences as AVA members. And even
though you live a full continent
away from us, and you do your
walking in a variety of exotic-to-us
locales, there really is nothing foreign or distant at all about your
story. That's because, no matter
how we're all separated in the USA
by miles, borders, accents, locations,
ethnic backgrounds, politics, or
weather systems, we're still all the
same. We're all members of one big
happy family of friendly, dedicated,
fun-loving, and adventurous AVA
walkers. Cheers!
(Note, you can reach Naomi and
Don via email at:
[email protected]
enthusiastically encourage Sticks members
to put us in touch with any AVA
friends of yours from other areas
in the USA so that we might feature them in future articles similar
John, [email protected], for further info.)
The Annual Walking Sticks Ice Cream Walk!
August 5th and 6th, 2015
Sample some of the best ice cream in Sacramento as you
walk between Vic’s Ice Cream in the Land Park area and
Gunther’s Ice Cream in the Curtis Park area.
Start Time:
5:30 to 6:30 pm
9:00 to 10:00 am
Finish Time:
9:30 pm
1:00 pm
5k and 10k walks—Walk one day or walk both Wednesday and Thursday!
For more details download the pamphlet on the Walking Sticks website:
Arrrr! Time to start practicing your pirate lingo for the 2015 International Talk
Like A Pirate Day. Celebrate with a great Sticks walk on Saturday, September 19,
at 9:00, starting at the California Automobile Museum. Check Walk Alerts and the
Sticks website for more details.
August/September 2015
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Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
Our Featured YRE POC* With A Twist
n each of the last five newsletters,
we have featured one of our wonderful YRE Coordinators, and we
will continue to do so with the next
issue. However, in this No Sweat
Gazette we are instead presenting our dedicated and delightful
Book Walk Coordinator, Priscilla
Priscilla moved to the Sacramento
area after teaching many lucky kindergarten and pre-kindergarten
students in the public schools of
Austin, Texas. In Austin she was a
member of the Hill Country Outdoors Club. When she moved to
Sacramento in 2009, she searched
the internet for a similar club but
those that turned up all seemed too
strenuous. Then she found the Sacramento Walking Sticks and, as she
says, “That worked perfectly.”
It was not long after joining the
Sticks that Priscilla commented
to Barbara Nuss that she missed her
Austin book club. The idea for a
walking book club had already been
floating around in Barbara's fertile
immediately encouraged Priscilla to start a
book walk.
That is what
Priscilla enthusiastically did, leading
2010. Priscilla says the book walks
have been much fun, and she loves
doing them. She initially thought it
would be hard matching books to
locations, but that has not been the
case. Priscilla says it helps that people are always making suggestions
for books to include on future walks.
Not satisfied with just doing the
book walks, Priscilla also served as
the Sticks' Health Fair Coordinator
for two or three years. When she
moved to Alameda in 2013 to
help care for her daughter’s three
continued participating in Sticks weekend
walks both as a walker and as a volunteer, as she still does today. She
also found it only natural to join the
nearby clubs—the San Francisco
Bay Bandits and the Vaca Valley
Volks. Priscilla is the YRE Coordinator for the Vaca Valley club’s two
Alameda walks—the Bay Farm Island Walk and the Alameda Victorians.
Priscilla approached Lui Yakas, the
president of the Bay Bandits, with
event. Inspired by the walks in
Charles Fleming’s “Secret Stairs East
Bay” and the map published by the
Berkeley Path Wanderers Association, she developed the Berkeley
Rose Garden Walk and premiered it
last August. This splendid walk not
only includes hidden staircases,
unique and gorgeous homes, and
the impressive University of California, Berkeley campus, but also awe-
inspiring views of Berkeley, San
Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, and
other Bay Area landmarks.
With all that she does for her grandchildren and the three AVA clubs to
which she belongs, Priscilla still
manages to fit in Tai Chi, yoga, and
Jazzercise, although she is currently
taking a short break from yoga and
Jazzercise. She also loves to cook
and try new recipes. As implied by
her leadership of the book walks,
she is an avid reader. Her literature
tastes are eclectic but she particularly likes historical fiction.
Occasionally, Priscilla’s 14-, 9-, and
6-year-old grandchildren accompany her on walks, and she enjoys
walking her granddog Lana, an Australian herding breed. Priscilla particularly likes walks that are on
trails and through green places,
naming the Land Park walks as
among her favorite Sticks YREs. In
2012 she walked all over Paris and
Normandy, France, on a walking
tour. Her bucket list includes returning to Europe to visit Belgium,
birthplace of her maternal grandfather, and to walk in the Cotswalds in
Great Britain. She also would love
to walk the Columbia River Gorge
and the Silver Falls State Park in
Oregon and to visit New England
when the fall leaves are in their full,
glorious color.
Priscilla has coloring in her 49ers
county t-shirt from the Sonoma
C o u n t y
S t o m p e r s
contact.html) and is working on
county. Mainly she is missing the
Southern California counties although she did participate in the
Holtville Carrot Festival walk that
*The YRE (Year Round Event) POCs (Points of Contact) work with local establishments to keep walk boxes. They periodically service the walk boxes to ensure they have directions, maps, sign-in sheets, envelopes, and so forth. Many
times, the YRE POC suggests and helps develop the routing for the YRE along with preparing the maps and directions.
They ensure any modifications are identified and made when route circumstances change.
August/September 2015
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Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
Our Featured YRE POC* With A Twist (cont.)
Terry Way entertainingly wrote
about in our April/May newsletter.
When asked if there was anything
else she would like to tell our readers, Priscilla shared that, “the thing I
love about the Walking Sticks is the
friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I have made so many good
friends.” Priscilla has made good
friends because she is a good
friend. The day we sat down to talk
for this article, she had come to Sacramento to visit a friend in a health
care facility.
When you have
Priscilla as a friend, you can always
count on her to go the extra mile for
That is the kind of person Priscilla
is—one who is always ready to
share her time, talents, and good
will to help someone and to help the
organizations of which she is a
member. At least three AVA clubs in
California, including the Sticks,
gratefully benefit from Priscilla’s
warm and generous spirit.
Note: If you are interested in book
titles offered for the Sticks Book
Walks, write Priscilla at:
[email protected]
Priscilla discusses books
with Mark Twain in the
UC Berkeley library.
Various Walks ~ May, June, and July 2015
By Theresa Ihara
Top: Sacramento - Land Park, Sacramento Land Park, Sacramento - Arden.
Middle: Woodland
Bottom: Sacramento - Fab 40s, Manteca,
Stockton - Trinity
August/September 2015
Page 5
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
By Monica Moriarty
The AVA Conference was more than
just walks and meetings; it was an
adventure in food as well. Our band
of merry walkers began the journey
on Saturday, June 13th with the long
drive up Interstate 5. It was hot, and
“hot” calls for drastic measures. So,
naturally our car veers into Nancy’s
Airport Café in Willows for some
refreshing pie a la modie; yes, a la
modie in reference to the quirky
movie Little Miss Sunshine. It was a
joke the entire trip. See you on the
return trip, Nancy’s.
Once in Salem our group discovered
Croissant & Co., a delightful bakery/
deli just one block from the Convention Center. The place was packed
when we arrived. No wonder--the
food was scrumptious! I couldn’t tell
you what the others had, but I had
cranberry, almond salad on a croissant,
and it was divine! We shared some
fresh baked cookies for dessert. This
it warranted 2-3 visits from members of our group.
Midway through the delightful walk
stopped at Rosemary’s Café. It was
like a trip back in time to the 40’s
with vintage radios, clocks, salt and
pepper shakers and other nicknacks lining the shelves of this cute,
diner-style restaurant. Charming old
embroidered aprons, like the
ones gramma used to wear, were
August/September 2015
hung on the wall like pieces of
art. The tunes of Glenn Miller, Jimmy
Dorsey, Andrews Sisters, and others, wafted through the air. I had the
good ol’ fashion egg salad sandwich
with kettle chips and a spear of dill
pickle with iced tea. Am I making
you hungry yet?
Every morning we looked forward
to the complimentary breakfast at
our hotel. Always a wonderful selection of make-your-own waffles,
scrambled eggs, muffins, bagels,
fresh fruit; but our favorite was the
local Yami yogurt—velvety smooth
like pudding and delish! It was lactose-free to boot. I think a
few Yami’s were stowaways on our
trip home.
Our journey wouldn’t have been
complete without a stop at
Adam's Ribs Smokehouse, voted
Salem’s best BBQ 7 years in a row! A
constant stream of hungry patrons
kept the staff jumping with filling orders. Pulled pork sandwich
and an ice cold local porter beer on
tap was on my agenda and, boy,
did it hit the spot after a long day of
and meetings. Life is grand!
By Jennifer Stanley
I attended the recent AVA Convention in Salem, Oregon by joining up
with Tater Tours who provided the
and a GREAT group of walkers from
around the country. I roomed with
an interesting woman, Renate, from
Virginia. The trip included the convention walks as well as a few additional walks including Hood River
and Aberdeen. I'll remember singing
"On the Road Again" every morning
as we headed out on the bus and Fr.
Jack always had a morning joke.
I was very impressed with the convention walks. We were all over
Oregon (Portland, Hood River, Bend,
Salem, Eugene, Lincoln City, and
Clearlake and Silver Falls) and parts
of Washington (Olympia, Ft. Vancouver and Mt Saint Helens). The walks
were very well marked by our host
with ribbons tied to trees and arrows posted on poles. In fact, they
were so well marked that you rarely
had to look at your printed directions. Snacks were provided at the
start point, check points, and at the
end. Lots of goodies for hungry
Overall, I feel that I saw the best of
Oregon and made some new friends
whom I hope to walk with in the
By Janet Riley
AVA walks were awesome! Below
are pictures from Silver Falls State
Park. There were so many wonderful things about the convention that
it is hard to choose one. Going on
new walks on the OR Coast and also
with wonderful friends was the
highlight for me.
Page 6
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
Photos from Monica Moriarty
Mt. Shasta on the
drive up.
View from atop the
Capital in Salem.
Gigantic bubbles on
the beach, Lincoln
City, Oregon.
Last stop before
home at Nancy’s
Airport Café,
Willows, California;
best pie a la mode
ever! Joanna
Watzig, Janet Riley,
Barbara Nuss,
Heidi Foster.
Photos from Jennifer Stanley
June/July 2015
Clear Lake, McKenzie
River, Oregon.
Silver Falls State
Local wildlife. Two
fawns; count the legs.
On the beach in
Lincoln City. Linda
from Maryland and
Jennifer Stanley.
Page 7
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
Photos from Janet Riley
Silver Falls.
Monica Moriarty,
Janet Riley,
Barbara Nuss,
Heidi Foster,
Joanna Watzig.
Silver Falls.
Barbara Nuss and
Heidi Foster.
Barbara Nuss
pointing out how
nicely signed the
walks were.
Monica Moriarty,
Heidi Foster, and
Barbara Nuss at
the top of the
Oregon State
Photos from Dan Robinson
June/July 2015
Silver Falls.
Silver Falls.
Amul Purohit,
Joanna Watzig,
Janet Riley,
Barbara Nuss,
Moriarty, Heidi
Foster, Parul
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Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
If Dogs Have Nine Lives,
Sophia Just Used Up Another One!
Editor: In our June/July No Sweat
Gazette*, we introduced you to Jan
Jerabek’s new dog Sophia. As you
will recall, Jan discovered that
Sophia had been chipped by an organization that rescued animals
from disasters. Since we published
the newsletter, Sophia has added
another dramatic chapter to her
life’s story. Jan describes the frightening experience below.
Jan: Sunday, June 7, was a happy day
volkswalking in the Weimar hills
with friends. That Monday began
out of her Gentle Leader and the fight
moved about ten feet down the
hill. Finally two neighbors and, eventually, the pit bulls’ owner came out
and tried to call and fetch the dogs.
Sophia rolled a few feet down to a
fence and the owner got control of
the dogs, taking them away.
Sophia was able to get up and limp a
few feet to me. Ginger, one of the
neighborly angels, drove us to our vet
where Sophia spent the rest of the
day. After being cleaned up and sedated, she came away with stitches
for some punctures, drains to take
away other fluid, a sutured laceration on her abdomen, and many
not afraid of other dogs. But I do
watch very carefully and listen attentively when I hear dogs bark during
our neighborhood walks! My mistress puts some spray in her pocket
each time we go for a walk. I also see
her hiking stick by the door. She says
it’s for the times we go to new places
and aren’t volkswalking with
She rested overnight with medication
but didn’t like the Elizabethan collar
she had to wear so she won’t lick her
wounds. Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt,
just frazzled with the whole experience. This morning (Tuesday) Sophia
is doing much better. Being a strong
volkswalking dog, I’m sure, will help
with her speedy recovery.
with taking my van in to get serviced
for our upcoming trip to the AVA convention in Oregon. While it was being worked on, I took Sophia for a
At the top of a small hill we were ambushed by two pit bulls. One clamped
her jaws on Sophia’s neck behind the
right ear while the other bit farther
back almost on Sophia’s left shoulder. Helpless, Sophia cowered on the
dirt. I frantically yelled “Go! Help!
Help!” over and over again as loudly
as I could. Somehow Sophia slipped
Editor: An unprovoked dog attack
is every pet owner’s nightmare.
Luckily, Sophia had the best care
possible from Jan who lovingly
tended to her wounds, applying
warm compresses, administering
medication, and making her as comfortable as possible. Three weeks
later, we gratefully received an update in Sophia’s voice.
Sophia: I want you to know that I’ve
made a complete recovery from the
pit bull attack. All the wounds and
punctures are healed, the hair in
shaved spots is growing back, and I’m
Editor: The evening of this update,
Sophia was well enough to accompany Jan to the finish line for the
Western States 100-Mile Endurance
Run that takes runners from Squaw
Valley, over the Sierra, to Auburn.
Together they witnessed the first
finisher who came in under 15
hours. The photo above shows Jan
and the usually camera shy Sophia
enjoying the event—a remarkably
happy sight for those of us who have
followed Sophia’s recovery.
*You can access previous issues of the No Sweat Gazette on the Walking Sticks website at:
August/September 2015
Page 9
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
Upcoming Walks
August 2015
Aug 1 – Sat, 8:15 am
Roseville – Peggy Plummer
Roseville Mall to Mall
Fleet Feet Sports Store
1850 Douglas Road
New Balance Shoe Store
1198 Roseville Parkway
Vic’s Ice Cream
3199 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento
Vic’s Ice Cream
3199 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento
Karen’s Bakery & Café
705 Gold Lake Drive, Suite #340
Andy’s Produce Market
1691 Gravenstein Highway North
La Bou Café
849 Jefferson Blvd #101
Starbucks Coffee
8868 Bond
24 Hour Fitness
8785 Center Parkway
Common Grounds Coffee
2171 Cowell Blvd., Suite D
New Balance Shoe Store
1198 Roseville Parkway
Karen’s Bakery & Café
705 Gold Lake Drive, Suite #340
Starbucks Coffee
610 Watt Avenue
Common Grounds Coffee
2171 Cowell Blvd., Suite D
Laurel’s Deli and Desserts
The Depot Buyilding
401 N. Main Street
Fort Bragg
Fleet Feet Sports
8128 Madison Avenue
Nugget Market
2000 Town Center Plaza
Starbucks Coffee
458 Howe Avenue
Best Western Amador Inn
200 S. Highway 49
Seal Rock Inn
545 Point Lobos
Aug 4 – Tues, 8:00 am
Aug 5 – Wed, 6:00 to 7:00 pm
Hot Walkin’ Nights
Aug 6 – Thurs, 9:00 to 10:00 am
Aug 6 – Thurs, 8:15 am
Aug 8 – Sat, 8:00 am
Aug 11 – Tues, 8:00 am
Aug 12 – Wed, 6:30 pm
Hot Walkin’ Nights
Aug 13 – Thurs, 8:00 am
Ice Cream Walk – Vic’s to
Ice Cream Walk – Vic’s to
Folsom – Humbug Willow Creek
Tour (Bicycle)
Sebastopol – Walk to the
Gravenstein Apple Fair
West Sacramento – River Walk
East Elk Grove Recreational Trails
Aug 15 – Sat, 8:15 am
Sacramento – North Laguna Creek
Wildlife Area
Davis – El Macero
Aug 18 – Tues, 8:00 am
Roseville – New Balance Fountains
Aug 19 – Wed, 6:30 pm
Hot Walkin’ Nights
Aug 20 – Thurs, 8:00 am
Folsom – Historic
Aug 20 – Thurs, 8:15 am
Aug 25 – Tues, 8:00 am
Davis – Circle Davis Tour
Mendo Madness –
Fort Bragg
MacKerricher State Park
Russian Gulch State Park
Fair Oaks – Suburban
Aug 26 – Wed, 6:30 pm
Hot Walkin’ Nights
Aug 27 – Thurs, 8:00 am
West Sacramento – Clarksburg
Branch Line Trail
Sacramento – Sierra Oaks
Aug 29 – Sat, 8:15 am
Jackson – Town
Aug 30 – Sun, 9:45 am
Carpool 8:00 am
San Francisco – Land’s End and
Beyond (Book Club Walk)
Aug 21-23 – Fri-Sun , 8:00 am
Sacramento – Sierra Oaks Vista
Please Note 1: Walk times and locations may change. For the latest information, please check the
weekly Walk Alert or the calendar at the Walking Sticks website.
Please Note 2: The Sticks monthly meeting is usually the second Thursday. Please check the
weekly walk alerts for the most up-to-date information regarding the meetings. If you are not currently receiving the walk alerts, please click here to be added to the mailing list or look for the instructions on the Walking Sticks website.
August/September 2015
Page 10
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
Upcoming Walks (cont.)
September 2015
Sep 1 – Tues, 9:00 am
Sacramento – Arden Park
Sep 2 – Wed, 6:15 pm
Sacramento – Midtown to East Sac
Sep 3 – Thurs, 9:00 am
West Sacramento – River Walk
Sep 3 – Thurs, 8:15 am
Sep 5 – Sat, 9:15 am
Roseville – NW Roseville Bike
Tour (Bicycle)
Auburn – Placer County
Sep 8 – Tues, 9:00 am
Davis – South Davis/El Macero
Sep 9 – Wed, 6:15 pm
Roseville to Rocklin Romp
Sep 10 – Thurs, 10:00 am
Sep 12 & 13 – Sat & Sun, 8:00 am
Roseville – Bea Griffin Memorial –
Maidu Park
Colfax – Colfax Railroad Days
Sep 15 – Tues, 9:00 am
Elk Grove – Old Town
Sep 16 – Wed, 6:15 pm
Elk Grove – Quail & Britschgi
Sacramento – Capital
Sep 17 – Thurs, 8:15 am
Rancho Cordova – Lake Natoma
Tour (Bicycle)
Starbucks Coffee
4301 Arden Way
Les Baux Bakery and Bistro
5090 Folsom Blvd
La Bou Bakery and Café
849 Jefferson Blvd
Fleet Feet Sports
1850 Douglas Blvd
Flour Garden Bakery
304-C Elm Ave
Common Grounds Coffee
2171 Cowell Blvd
New Balance Shoe Store
1198 Roseville Parkway
Fleet Feet Sports
1850 Douglas Blvd
Colfax Railroad Depot
99 Railroad Street
Starbucks Coffee
8868 Bond Road
Starbucks Coffee
8868 Bond Road
Sandman Motel
236 Jibboom Street
Starbucks Coffee
12195 Tributary Point
Sep 19 – Sat, 9:00 am
International Talk Like A Pirate
California Automobile Museum
2200 Front Street
Sep 22 – Tues, 9:00 am
Sacramento – Land Park
Sep 23 – Wed, 6:15 pm
Sacramento – River & Miller Park
Sep 24 – Thurs, 10:00 am
Roseville – Mall to Mall
Sep 26 & 27 – Sat & Sun, 8:00 am
Brentwood – Los Vaqueros Walk
Sep 27 – 10:00 am
Davis – University
(Book Walk)
Harvest Moon Walk at Zamora
Land Bark Pet Supplies
3200 Riverside Blvd
Land Bark Pet Supplies
3200 Riverside Blvd
New Balance Shoes
1109 Roseville Parkway
Kellog Picnic Area, Los Vaqueros
100 Walnut Ave
Fleet Feet Sports
615 Second Street
Zamora Mini-Mart
9920 County Road 99-W
Les Baux Bakery & Bistro
5090 Folsom Blvd
Starbucks Coffee
8868 Bond Road
Sep 17 – Thurs, 9:00 am
Sep 27 – Sun, 8:00 pm
Carpool 4:45 pm, Dinner 6:30 pm
Sep 29 – Tues, 9:00 am
Sep 30 – Wed, 6:15 pm
Sacramento – Fab 40s
Elk Grove – Old Town
You Have Two Great Sources for Sticks Apparel – The Anchor Group and Land’s End
Check them both out at the Walking Sticks website:
August/September 2015
Page 11
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
Walking Book Club
Priscilla Fife, Book Walk Coordinator
916.616.6003 • [email protected]
August Walking Book Club
Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 9:45 am
Pack a lunch and join us at San
End! We'll enjoy a 5K walk and picnic in Sutro Heights Park for our
Carpool available at 8:00 am at
Ride. (Click on link below for Carpool Guidelines.)
Book Selection: The Golden Shore:
Californiaʼs Love Affair with the
Sea by David Helvarg
Book description from Amazon:
"From the first human settlements
to the latest marine explorations, The Golden Shore tells the tale
of the history, culture, and changing
nature of California’s coasts and
ocean. Author David Helvarg takes
the reader on both a geographic and
literary journey along the 1,100mile Pacific coastline, from the Oregon border to the San Diego/Tijuana
international border fence and out
into its whale-, seal-, and shark-rich
offshore seamounts, rock isles, and
kelp forests.
Part history, part travelogue, part
love letter, The Golden Shore tells
the story of California’s majestic
Helvarg captures the spirit of the Californian coast, its mythic place in
American culture, and its role in a
state whose ongoing natural disasters and unremitting sense of renewal are intimately linked to its
deep connection with an everchanging sea."
5 copies available through
Sacramento Public
L i b r a r y
Available in
Nook formats
September Walking Book Club
Sunday, September
at 10:00 am
Walk: Davis - University
Book discussion to follow walk location to be determined.
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler
Editorial Review from Amazon:
From Booklist
"As a girl in Indiana, Rosemary,
Fowler’s breathtakingly droll 22year-old narrator, felt that she and
Fern were not only sisters but also
twins. So she was devastated when
Fern disappeared. Then her older
brother, Lowell, also vanished.
Rosemary is now prolonging her
college studies in California, unsure
of what to make of her life. Enter
tempestuous and sexy Harlow, a
very dangerous friend who forces
Rosemary to confront her past. We
then learn that Rosemary’s father is
a psychology professor, her mother
a nonpracticing scientist, and Fern a
Fowler, author of the best-selling
The Jane Austen Book Club (2004),
vigorously and astutely explores the
profound consequences of this unusual family configuration in sustained flashbacks. Smart and frolicsome Fern believes she is human,
while Rosemary, unconsciously mirroring Fern, is instantly tagged
“monkey girl” at school. Fern, Rosemary, and Lowell all end up traumatized after they are abruptly separated.
As Rosemary—lonely, unmoored,
and caustically funny—ponders the
mutability of memories, the similarities and differences between the
minds of humans and chimps, and
the treatment of research animals,
Fowler slowly and dramatically reveals Fern and Lowell’s heartbreaking yet instructive fates. Piquant
humor, refulgent language, a canny
plot rooted in real-life experiences,
an irresistible narrator, threshing
insights, and tender emotions—
Fowler has outdone herself in this
deeply inquisitive, cage-rattling
n o vel .
-- Don n a
S eam an"
14 print copies, 6 large print copies,
5 books on CD and e-book copies
are available through the Sacramento Public Library.
Click here for Carpool Guidelines:
August/September 2015
Page 12
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
Welcome New Members!
Christian Becerril
Joseph Becerril
Cornelia Botha
Deborah Brown
Karen Cotton
Jeanine Counselman
Evelyn Lease
Linda Mares
Marcia Maurer
Deborah Meyer
Yvonne Nicholson
Arna Perry
Barbara Seidman
Melinda Vaughn
Teresa Yates
Happy Birthday!
Marilyn DeVille
Jack Halligan
Joyce Kramer
Melissa Lauritzen
Herbert Webber
Diane Younglove
Doug Rathgeb
Marilyn van Loben Sels
Sheila Epler
Chrisite Hill
Ann McCandless
Paul Robb
Carroll Wills
Lee McDonald
Kaia McLaughlin
Arna Perry
Gary Szydelko
Sue Oelke
Candace Schmidle
Linda Mares
Betty Staley
Rosa Rogers
Andre Stone
Charlotte Stott
Elisa Ungerman
Susan Czajkowski
Jinley Hart
Barbara Jernigan
Odette Madriago
Jan Radimsky
Myrna Jackson
August/September 2015
Yvonne Nicholson
Sue Peters
Carol Shields
Kelli Maxfield
Tracy Harrison
Faith Recio
Marvin Warta
Judy Christen
May Lynch
John Quinlen
Joyce Kelly-Reif
Karen Medlin
Lenore Blaauw
Priscilla Plescov
Rosella Shapiro
Mary Shurtleff
Chyanne Ledbetter
Rutherford Smith
Leonard Strickland
Pat Wood
Donna Mullins
Elijah Swonger
Arleen Bowman
Phyllis Wichelns
Linda MacLeod
Diana Mollart
Pete Bennett
Angie Ellison
Bruce Leistikow
Janice Lew
Jackie Sinigaglia
Rolf Zschoernig
Pauline Brown
Marty Langley
Carolyn Pretzer
Sue Barela
Machelle Gieck
Judy Kaminski
David Denes
Chris Loupy
Kathy Wolff
Dan Robinson
Anjan Purohit
Nancy Calkins
Joseph Fournier
Rodger Shields
Valerie Sanders
Joan Mallum
Tricia Esparza
Ashleigh Mitchell
Victoria Cameron
Scott Fisher
Bernard Cody
Daydre Roser
Tina Campbell
Suzy Holtzman
Karen Jelsma
Charles Lineback
Yvonne Brandon
Starla Ledbetter
Senta Parker
Anvi Purohit
Candace Rimmele
Page 13
Sacramento Walking Sticks • The No Sweat Gazette
Congratulations on your
Sticks Anniversary!
Nancy Diehl
Liz Kono
Sarah Lagomarsino
Pat Wood
Kathleen Burke
Marilyn DeVille
Vicki Diepenbrock
Alice Jacobs
Anne Jauernig
Nancy Manning
Helen Wakefield
Kristi Wakefield
Lewis Wakefield
Kathy Wolff
Jenny Wong
9 years:
6 years:
Helen Alexander
Charlie Fowble
Theresa Green
Patti McAllister
Janice Chung
Al Gravitz
Barbara Hill
Terry Way
Beverly Bales
Valerie Bohling
Kim Dagan
Anna Dinwiddie
Nancy Flagg
Roberta Jones
Joyce Kelly-Reif
Carol Olsen
Karen Owen
Steve Purcell
Rutherford Smith
Sally Watkins
Barbara Zettel
8 years:
5 years:
2 year:
Charles Hart
Jinley Hart
Joanne Jensen
Anne-Louise Radimsky
Jan Radimsky
Sandra Thatcher
4 years:
24 years:
Joyce Backus
16 years:
Tori Dell
11 years:
Suzanne Crowder
Judy Kaminski
Carol Shields
Janet Whetstone
Monika Dulay
Anne Lynch
May Lynch
7 years:
John Burke
Marei Montalvo
Denise Spaeth
3 years:
Teri Huntington
Karen Jelsma
Russell Jelsma
Rodger Shields
Terry Snyder
Tricia Snyder
Herbert Webber
1 year:
Jeff Bucher
Kathy Cristoni
Karen Fontaine
Christine Luman
Keith Madriago
Odette Madriago
Bill Maffei
Cathy Maffei
Karen Medlin
Philip Medlin
Ashleigh Mitchell
Ronnie Mitchell
Shelia Mitchell
Donna Mullins
Deborah Ondricka
Bob Peters
Sue Peters
Bill Rodda
Romaine Rodda
Cindy Rosa
Rita Walker
Kate Wedge
Carroll Wills
Cynthia Wills
Cool Christmas Thoughts in Hot August!
Mark your calendars now for the :
Walking Sticks Christmas Party!
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 6 to 9 pm
Casa Garden Restaurant
2760 Sutterville Road, Sacramento 95820
For more information: Heidi Foster, 916.792.1720, [email protected]
August/September 2015
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