2013 - Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence



2013 - Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence
Dear Friends,
2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the first, and still the
only, emergency shelter for Asian domestic violence survivors
in Massachusetts and New England. ATASK was founded
with the vision and energy of Reverend Cheng Imm Tan,
who mobilized a group of volunteers in Boston to address
important gaps in resources and services for the growing
Asian immigrant population. Tan realized then what many
more people know now, that survivors are more inclined to
seek services from organizations like ATASK that understand
their culture, language, and background, and the complexities
and obstacles community members face when attempting
to access services — challenges such as language barriers,
financial dependency, and legal and immigration issues.
At last year’s Silk Road Gala,
ATASK honored Rev. Tan and
Ken Morin, along with First
Lady Diane and Governor Deval
Patrick, First Lady Angela and
Mayor Tom Menino, Atsuko Toko
and Larry Fish, Kija Kim and
Jim Aylward, and Mary Lee, MD
20th Silk Road Gala honorees
and Paul Lee, for supporting
photo by Jeremiah Robinson/Mayor’s Office
and sustaining ATASK’s work
over the years. At the Longwood
Symphony Orchestra’s concert in May 2013 we also honored our
late Board member Catherine Coburn as one of our inaugural
“Mothers of Invention.”
This coming year ATASK will be establishing a domestic
violence advocate internship program in Catherine’s name.
We will also be celebrating the 20th anniversary of our
shelter at a May 10 performance of the play, Where the
Mountain Meets the Moon, based on the book by Grace Lin, at
Wheelock Family Theatre. This event is a wonderful bookend
to a similar event twenty years ago. ATASK raised community
awareness, and funds, to open our shelter at a performance
of the play, Dragonwings, by author Laurence Yep, at Boston’s
Emerson (now Cutler) Majestic Theatre.
The ATASK Board and staff are grateful for the generosity
of our extended family of community partners, donors, and
volunteers in support of our mission. We look forward to
celebrating our 20th anniversary with you as we recognize
the courage and resilience of thousands of families who have
trusted ATASK to assist them in leading lives free of violence.
With gratitude,
Audrey Paek
Board Chair
Linda Chin
Most of ATASK’s adult clients are women
who are immigrants from Cambodia, China,
India/South Asia, and Vietnam. They have limited resources,
do not speak English as their primary language, and may be
financially dependent on their abuser.
ATASK is a United Way affiliate and receives
funding from the Federal, State, and local
governments, as well as private sources. The Massachusetts
Department of Children and Families supports ATASK’s
emergency shelter and community-based sites in Boston and
Lowell. Other government sources include the US Department
of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, MA Department
of Public Health, and Boston and Lowell Community
Development Block Grants.
ATASK is the only provider of culturally and
linguistically-specific shelter and advocacy services for Asian
survivors in Massachusetts and New England. In 2013, staff
responded to 909 calls to our 24/7 multilingual helpline.
ATASK’s shelter served 45 clients and provided 6,289 bed
nights. ATASK assisted 437 clients with safety planning,
housing, healthcare, public benefits, employment, immigration
and legal issues, mental health referrals, and financial
literacy/life skills at our community-based sites.
ATASK garnered public and private support to raise
awareness and funds to open an emergency shelter in 1994.
In 2014, ATASK celebrates the courage and resilience of the
hundreds of families who have passed through the shelter in
the past two decades, and now live in violence-free homes.
2013 Board of Directors
2013 ATASK Staff
Audrey Paek, Chair
Yasuna Murakami, Vice Chair
Zina Kondratiuk, Treasurer
Dolly Arjun
Cristina Ayala
Jeffrey Beland
Dipanwita Bhattacharyya
Simone Bui
Van Chey
Varinthon Chiewcharnvalijkit
Linda Chin
Chantal Choi
Elizabeth Colombo
Kaitlyn Curran
Katharine Estes
Phoebe Erb Gallagher
Sujata Ghosh
Kateleigh Hewins
Nathan Kamp
Rukmini Karki
Savda Keo
George Donnelly
Sylvia Han
Sarah G. Kim
Amy Ko
Vinod Misra
Sukanya Ray, Ph.D.
Pauline Jen Ryan
Minita Shah-Mara
Jeannie Suk
Michael Tow
Board Emeriti
Atsuko Toko Fish, Chair
Kija Kim
Paul W. Lee
A Survivor’s Story
I got married in Vietnam in 2003, and joined my husband in the United States in 2008. I had dreams of having
a normal, happy family life here. Unfortunately, this did not happen. When I arrived, I found out my husband
had a serious addiction to heroin. He would physically accost me when he needed money to buy more drugs.
When I tried to talk to him about his drug use, we would argue and he would end up hurting me.
I became pregnant, and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy boy, but I was very worried. I knew my house was
not safe, and I did not want to raise my son surrounded by violence. My doctor in the hospital contacted
social services. They were very concerned about my living situation and advised me to leave my home, but
my son was so small, and I wanted to keep my family together. I did not have any family or friends in the
US, and I did not know what else to do, so for two years, I lived in a very bad home. Finally, with the help
of the Department of Children and Families (DCF), I decided to leave. DCF put me in touch with ATASK,
because they said they had staff who could speak Vietnamese.
I called ATASK’s helpline and was assigned a Vietnamese advocate the next day who met with me in the
Boston office. The advocate helped me better understand my situation and options. There was no space
at ATASK’s shelter, so she helped me find another shelter in Western Massachusetts. They were very nice
there, but it was hard for me. I did not speak English and they did not speak Vietnamese. I felt all alone
even though there were people all around me.
After a few months, I was able to transfer to ATASK’s emergency shelter in Eastern Massachusetts. The
shelter had staff that spoke different Asian languages, and there were other women there from China,
Vietnam, and Cambodia, so I felt more comfortable. The shelter staff helped me adjust to my new
community. They taught me how to use public transportation, made sure I had food stamps and WIC, got
me a cell phone, and transferred our medical care. They also helped me apply to public housing. ATASK
even helped me find a Vietnamese support group for domestic violence survivors. My life was not spinning
out of control anymore.
For the first time in a long while, I started to feel better. I was surrounded by people who wanted to help me.
My advocate found a pro bono lawyer to help me with my restraining order and my divorce. She would go to
court with me and help me understand what was going on. I was grateful that I did not have to go through
all this by myself. ATASK’s children’s and family program also helped me with my son. I could tell they really
Chanthy Khuon
Krithika Ramesh Kumar
Robert Le
Ping Sum Long
Alicia Lu
Ith Lunn
Trisha Mah
Sarah May
Deborah McGill
Fung-Yan Mo
Linda Moore
Sadikshya Nepal
Lim Nguyen
Martha Norton
Marion Gladys Pakingan
Bishnu Pariyar
Joyce Ellen Pass
Amanda Peterson
cared about him. They gave him clothes and toys, and played with him. They helped me find child care for
my son so I could have time to go to school or get a job.
I knew I needed to improve my English, so ATASK enrolled me in their ESOL class. I enjoyed going because
I got to meet other people who went through the same things as me, and we supported one another. Once
I was able to speak more English, I felt more confident. I was ready to take my next step, so ATASK helped
me get a scholarship from one of ATASK’s community partners, Web of Benefit. I got to go to school to get
licensed as a manicurist. I got certified and was able to get a job. Even though the work is hard and the
hours are long, I was happy that I could provide for my son.
I lived in the shelter for 10 months and felt ready to leave but my public housing application had not been
approved yet. ATASK then offered me a chance to enter their transitional housing program. I got to choose
where I was going to live, so I picked a place near my son’s day care so that it would be easier for me to
balance my schedule. Since I was working, I could no longer take English classes, so ATASK got me a tutor
who met me on my day off. I was living in my own apartment with my son, I had a job, and I felt safe. Life
was starting to feel normal again.
I then got public housing in a Boston suburb. This was going to be my final move. I knew it would be a very
good place to raise my son, but I was scared because I would be starting all over again in a new place.
ATASK supported me through this change as well. They helped me get another job and found a wonderful
daycare for my son, and I soon got adjusted to my new home.
ATASK’s on-site legal advocacy program
offers increased access to much-needed
legal consultation and representation.
In 2013, the program assisted over 127
clients at the Boston and Lowell sites.
ATASK’s on-site Life Skills/ESOL program
served 29 clients in 2013. All students
improved their English proficiency and
gained financial literacy, computer, job
readiness, and other life skills.
ATASK provided housing and support
services for 8 families (8 adults and
12 children) in the transitional housing
program in 2013. Transitional housing
clients participate in the program for 1.5
to 2 years, and then move on
to long-term housing.
Not too long ago, my life was falling apart. Today, I am so proud to say that I am providing my son with
a good home, and a safe and happy life. I even got my driver’s license and bought a car. But this is
not the end of my journey. I will continue to work hard, and now I dream about finding an
even better job. I know I can do it.
ATASK has always supported me with my dreams, and now I know I should always
reach for my dreams. Thank you ATASK for giving me back my confidence
and making me feel good about myself again.
Amrith Fernandes Phabhu
Binh Pham
Tian Saems
Purnima Sahgal
Dawn Sauma
Keo Savda
Ayako Shimizu
Chhavy Sinuon
James Skypeck
Saems Tiam
Evy Tran
Le Uyen Tran
Carmen Tung
Linh-Phuong Vu
Yanyi Weng
Weng Yanyi
Sau K. Yip
Community Connections
ATASK maintains close connections with its communities to support its mission.
We are grateful to the following individuals who
generously give their time and talent to further the
efforts of ATASK.
The goal of ATASK’s education and outreach program is to increase awareness of,
and linkages to our culturally and linguistically relevant services for domestic violence
survivors. In 2013, staff:
• participated in 35 community
outreach events
• provided information to 16,700
• distributed 4,665 brochures and
palm cards on domestic violence
and ATASK’s 24-hour helpline
In 2013, ATASK introduced the Community
Leaders Council, a new group of volunteers
dedicated to raising awareness about the
organization. Under the leadership of co-chairs
YeSeul Kim and Marina Dang, the CLC will help
further the visibility of ATASK in the community,
and organize special events.
• trained 16 youth to be
peer leaders in our Youth
Empowerment Project, and
educated nearly 400 youth in
area high schools and middle
schools about teen dating
violence prevention and healthy
Amy Trankiem and Han Nguyen at the Lowell Southeast
Asian Water Festival
ATASK’s Community Leaders Council at the Saks Fifth Avenue
shopping event (photo by Van Hoang)
ATASK gives special thanks to the
following community partners and
supporters for their collaborative
spirit, and passion for our work:
•• Bob’s Furniture, and Ted English,
for continued support of our
transitional housing program
•• Ropes & Gray, and Jekkie Kim, for
pro-bono legal counsel
Minh-Hieu Tran and Jack Kuang present Denim Day
patches to Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey
•• Verizon Foundation, and Stephanie Lee, for assistance in providing emergency phones
for our clients
•• Longwood Symphony Orchestra, and Lisa Barr, for the May 2013 benefit concert
•• Joanne Chang, Gish Jen, and Lori Lander for our very special book signing
•• George Li, The Li Family, and Young Concert Artists for the magnificent musical tribute
at our 2013 Silk Road Gala
For the 2013 Silk Road Gala, we would like to
thank the steering committee: Monnica Chan,
Mongchour Chau, Mimi Do, Sidd Goyal, Vicky
Hong, Lili Lee, Ana Leon, Kozue Sawame, Monica
Tescon, Jay Trivedi, and Szeman Tse, and special
supporters Emilie Chang of Pink Orchid Weddings,
Frank Miranda of A Better Resolution, Eddie
O’Connell of O’Connell Design Build, and Janet Wu
of WHDH/7News. Also, thanks to all the volunteers
who helped on the day of the Gala to make for a
successful event.
We would also like to thank the many interns and
volunteers who every day provide program and
administrative support to our three locations in
the community, and assist with fundraising activity
throughout the year.
How to Help
Visit our website at atask.org to learn about volunteer opportunities,
make donations, or purchase items for our shelter through Amazon.com.
Financial Information
(FY2013: July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013)
Current Assets:
Cash and Cash Equivalents
Accounts Receivable
Prepaid Expenses
Non Current Assets:
Property and Equipment Net
Total Assets
Revenue and Support
$ 417,530
$ 86,665
$ 55,516
Contract Revenue
$986,731 (63%)
$ 525,913
and Grants
$377,649 (24%)
Accounts Payable
Accrued Expenses
Mortgage Notes Payable
Total Liabilities
$ 150,000
$ 246,918
Special Event
$195,298 (13%)
Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted
Total Net Assets
$ 606,116
$ 240,672
$ 846,788
Total Revenues
We appreciate your participation
in our events of 2013
Longwood Symphony Orchestra benefit concert Mothers of Invention
award recipients Atsuko Fish, Cheng Imm Tan, and Mary Lee (photo by
Siying Du)
You For Me For You at Company One
Jeannie Suk, playwright Mia Chung,
and actor Michael Tow
Gish Jen and Joanne Chang book signing Joanne Chang
with her new cookbook flour, too and Gish with her book
Tiger Writing (photo by Gish Jen)
2013 Silk Road Gala Gala co-chair Susan Roosevelt Weld
and former ATASK board chair Kija Kim (photo by Brian Choi)
Chestnut Hill Reservoir 5k ATASK’s team of runners
2013 Silk Road Gala Gala co-chair Laura
Sen, CEO of BJ’s Wholesale Club (photo
by Siying Du)
2013 Silk Road Gala Mayor Thomas Menino, and featured pianist
George Li (photo by Brian Choi)
2013 Silk Road Gala Guest chefs Ash Chan of ChurN2, Gilbert Tsang of MEM Tea Imports, Young Won of Rialto, Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger, Alison Fong of Bon Me, Jason Doo of
Kinsai, Sean Wesoky of The State Room, Asia Mei of Sam’s at Louis, and Jody Adams of Trade and Rialto, at the State Room in Boston (photo by Brian Choi)
Against Domestic Violence
P.O. Box 120108, Boston, MA 02112
24-hour Multilingual Helpline: 617.338.2355
Tel: 617.338.2350 • Fax: 617.338.2354
An Affiliate of
United Way
of Massachusetts Bay
and Merrimack Valley
Additional photos can be found at www.atask.org
Report Editor: James Skypeck
Report Design: ES Design
Printing: Red Spot
Cover: ATASK’s butterfly symbolizes our goals of supporting
and empowering survivors of domestic violence to become
self-sufficient and rebuild their lives. The butterflies in this
report represent the hundreds of clients served by ATASK
over the past 20 years.
The staff and Board of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence
thank all of our generous donors for their financial and in-kind contributions in 2013.
Grants and Contracts
The Anna B. Stearns Charitable Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
BJ’s Charitable Foundation
Bloomingdale’s Fund of the Macy’s Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
BNY Mellon / Alice P. Chase Trust
Boston Bruins Foundation
Boston Defending Childhood Initiative
Boston Health Care for the Homeless
Brookline Community Foundation
Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant
The Cambridge Community Foundation
Citizens Energy Corporation
City of Boston
City of Boston, Emergency Shelter Grant
City of Boston, Office of Jobs & Community
City of Boston, Police Department
City of Lowell, Community Development Block Grant
The Clowes Fund, Inc.
FEMA, Emergency Food and Shelter Program
The Foley Hoag Foundation
Franklin Square House Foundation, Inc.
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation
John Hancock Financial Services
Liberty Mutual Foundation
Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation, Inc.
The Mabel A. Horne Fund
Massachusetts Department of Children & Families
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Massachusetts EOHSS – Salary Reserve
Nathaniel and Elizabeth P. Stevens Foundation
Project Bread – The Walk For Hunger
The Purcell Family Charitable Fund
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Russell Colgate Fund, Inc.
State Street Foundation, Inc.
The Theodore Edson Parker Foundation
Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The TJX Foundation
Tufts Neighborhood Service Fund
U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence
Against Women
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and
Merrimack Valley
The Verizon Foundation
Verizon Wireless Hopeline – New England
The Vincent Mulford Foundation
A Better Resolution, Inc.
Nicole Alconada
Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co., PC
Rosanna Alfaro
Amrita Singh Jewelry and Accessories
Nat Andreae
Angie’s Tailor Shop
Arts Emerson
Asian American Lawyers Association of
Asian Pacific American Law
Jay Balk
Bank of America
Pedro Barbosa
Grace Bartini
Ben & Kate Taylor Charitable Trust
Doris Birmingham
BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.
Bloomingdale’s at the Chestnut Hill Mall
Blue Ginger
BNY Mellon
Bob’s Discount Furniture
Bon Me
John Bordeleau
Boston Baroque
Boston Beer Company
The Boston Foundation
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
Boston Pops
Alice Bouvrie
Brandeis Asian American Student
Suzanne Brendle
Joanna Breyer
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Brown Rudnick Center for the Public
Susan Buckey
Business Solutions Unplugged, Inc.
Shawn Cai
Julia Cain
Diane Callahan
Cambridge Center for Adult Education
Cambridge Trust Company
Carrie Carrizosa
Derek Cash
Cathay Pacific Restaurant
Dena Cedrone
Celebrity Series of Boston
Alan Chan
Janelle Chan
Monnica Chan
The Charles Hotel
Charles River Canoe & Kayak
Charles Riverboat Company, Inc.
Mongchour Chau
David Marc Chavanne
Richard Chen
Amy Cheng
Jennifer Cheng
George Chin
Linda Chin
Chin & Curtis, LLP
Chui Cho
Elisa Choi
Li Chou
Jason Chow
Mia Chung
Citizens Bank Foundation
Seth Clark
Classic Wine Imports
Jeannette Clough
Jeff Coburn
Frances Cohen
Theresa Colby
Community Boating, Inc.
Lisa Conley
Coolidge Corner Theatre
Foundation, Inc.
Carolyn Cope
Cathy Costello
Bernard Creeden
Michael Creeden
Crew International
Zhoumiao Croswell
Sarah Cruz
Naomi Cummings
Margaret Cunningham
Dancing With the Stars
deCordova Sculpture Park and
Deloitte & Touche, LLP
Novelette Demercado
Anuradha Desai
Deborah DiPrete
Mimi Do
George Donnelly
Jason Doo
Rosemary Doughty
DOVE, Inc. (DOmestic Violence Ended)
Fred Dow & Shirley Mark
Siying Du
Sharon Dyer
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Eaton Vance Corporation
The Edgerley Family Foundation
Edwards, Wildman, Palmer, LLP
Barbara Elfman
Elizabeth Eng
Susan & Jeff Esper
Elizabeth Estabrook
Katharine Estes
Lisa Eustis
Anne Fallon
John Fan
Kathleen Fenton-Praino
Christopher Field
The Finn Family Foundation
The Fireplace Restaurant
First Act
Fish Family Foundation
Michelle Fitzpatrick
Flora Restaurant
Flour Bakery + Café
Victor Fox
Charlotte Frank
Susan Freeman
Karen Freund
Shanti Fry
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G & G Educational Foundation
Marcela Garcia
Georgetown Cupcake
Wanda Getchell
Teresa Glover
Deborah Goldberg
Randy Goodman
Goodwin Procter, LLP
Siddhartha Goyal
Mark & Hui-Ting Grady
The Grafton Group
Elizabeth Graham
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo
& Co, LLC
The Greater Lowell Community
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Marcia Greenberg
Audrey Gregg
Krissy Gu
Anita Gupta
Roger Hain
Lauren Hall
Donors continued
Maxwell Hall
Rebecca Han
Sylvia Han & Bruce Rubenstein
Handel and Haydn Society | Harry
Christophers, Artistic Director
Carolyn Hanna
Winnifred Hanson
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Harvard University Faculty
Development & Diversity
Barbara Hauser
Darka Hawrycz
Yong-Hua He
Christina Henricks
Satoko Hesp
Kikuko Hirayama
The Ho/Ching Charitable Fund
Jamie Holber
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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
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Gish Jen
Jillian’s Boston
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Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.
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Thomas Keiser
Kip Kiener
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Kija Kim & Jim Aylward Charitable
King’s Chapel
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Amy Ko
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Dolores Kong
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Latitude˚ Beverage Company
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Eunice Lee
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Li Family Charitable Fund
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ATASK extends particular thanks to individuals and
organizations for special fundraising efforts including:
the Coburn family, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,
Brandeis Asian American Student Association,
Harvard Pilgrim nurses, Myrna Balk, Harvard Law School,
Silk Road Gala chefs and food donors, Mintz Levin,
Saks Fifth Avenue, and others.
Sukanya & Bikram Ray
Raytheon Company
Red Sox Foundation
Mike Reddish
Catherine Regan
Joan Reilly
Arlis Reynolds
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Elizabeth Tyminski
University of Massachusetts Boston
Verizon Wireless
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ATASK apologizes in advance for any errors or omissions and asks that you notify us at 617-338-2350 x222.