November 2008 Newsletter - Vance Distributor Community



November 2008 Newsletter - Vance Distributor Community
November 2008 Newsletter
Hello Relìv Leaders
I see a future
for each of
you that is
simply aweinspiring.
GlucAffect™ is here! Our mission to Nourish Our
World has just taken another giant step forward
as we have created yet another means to assist in
the prevention of one of the most serious health
problems facing people today.
I am so proud of this company. I feel so good about
what we are doing for individuals, families and even
communities. When it seems everyone around us
wants to talk doom and gloom, I continue to hear
Relìv people talk about hope and security. I see
Reggie Ament, our passionate Relìv Kalogris
Foundation Director here in the office, heading
to Haiti this week to further our commitment of helping those who truly know
what it means to go through tough times. I see a Chicago room, bursting at the
seams, full of excited Relìvers, new and veteran, who realize what an incredible
opportunity they hold in their hands. I see an excited CEO and management
team abuzz with anticipation that this very special company is about to soar to
new heights in a dramatic way.
I see a future for each of you that is simply awe-inspiring.
M e ss ag e F ro m
Senior Vice President,
North American Sales
Steve Hastings
December MATS are just around the corner. You need to have the confidence
and belief in where we will go together in 2009. You need to reach out to all of
those you care about and work with and do them a life-changing favor — help
them to understand that NOW, TODAY is the time to become a Master Affiliate.
Show them how they can start building a future by offering the gift of hope to
so many that need it, a gift that will reward them for life.
Relìv Invites You to ‘Get on Board’ a Luxury Cruise
It’s been a great year for Relìv. We celebrated our 20th
anniversary, launched a revolutionary new product and
accomplished so much more. So it’s only fitting that we
end this landmark year with a bang!
The “Get on Board” promotion offers you the chance to
earn a 5-day, 4-night Caribbean cruise on us! Just finish
in the top 40 in PGPV for the months of November
and December combined and you’re on your way!
The Celebrity Century cruise ship will depart from
Miami and make ports of call in Key West and Cozumel. In the meantime, you can take advantage of all the
wonderful amenities on board — the pool, the spa, the
casino, the shops and more.
Get on board today!
Relìv launChes GRoundBReaKInG GluCaffeCt
Right now, 47 million Americans — nearly 1 in 4 adults —
are sitting in their living rooms, cars or at their desks with a
dangerous health condition — and many of them don’t even
know it. It’s called metabolic syndrome and it has created a
health crisis across the nation.
Metabolic syndrome is a constellation of symptoms that include
high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, abnormal
cholesterol levels and excess body weight (especially abdominal
fat). Having metabolic syndrome puts you on the fast track to
a number of devastating diseases — including diabetes.
For the past quarter century, the incidence of diabetes has been
on the rise. And by 2010, diabetes and its many complications
are expected to exceed both heart disease and cancer as the
leading cause of death in North America. The good news is
that diabetes — and its common precursor, metabolic syndrome
— can be prevented. Lifestyle adjustments like exercise and
weight loss are the first line of attack.
And now Relìv has introduced a new ally in the wellness
war: GlucAffect™ dietary supplement. This groundbreaking
nutritional product is clinically shown to help manage blood
sugar levels, enhance weight loss and ultimately support the
fight against metabolic syndrome.
Simplifying Science to Create a Proven Fighter
“As the number of people with blood sugar metabolism
disorders rises, so does the need for safe agents that assist with
blood sugar management and reduce the risk of further health
complications,” explains Steven Pfeifer, MD, a family practitioner and member of the Relìv Scientific Advisory Board.
“Relìv has once again simplified complicated scientific data
and designed a functional food that takes into account all of
the latest known ingredients that have scientific validation.”
Relìv Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl W. Hastings was the
driving force behind the product. “Over the past few years,
we’ve stayed abreast of what ingredients were showing proven
effectiveness in blood sugar management,” he says. “GlucAffect,
literally, could not have existed a few years ago.”
Each active ingredient in GlucAffect is supported by its
own clinical results. And GlucAffect itself was subjected to a
double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. “The results
with blood sugar control and weight loss were even better
than we expected, but all we had hoped for,” Dr. Hastings
says. “Backed by solid clinical results, we have a very effective
product that can help millions of people.”
Dr. Pfeifer agrees. “GlucAffect can help people who are trying
to stop metabolic syndrome and further complications from
taking such a toll on their health. Most people who are over
their ideal body weight have metabolic syndrome. So anyone
who is overweight could benefit from GlucAffect just from the
sheer weight loss benefits.”
GlucAffect Clinical Trial Shows
Stunning Results
In an eight-week, double-blind clinical study, 50 overweight subjects with moderately elevated fasting blood
glucose — criteria for metabolic syndrome — were
randomly assigned to either receive four daily servings of
GlucAffect™ nutritional supplement or an inactive control
product with identical taste, color and texture as a meal
replacement and agreed to participate in a diet and exercise
program. The results were significant.
For those participants taking GlucAffect:
◗ Fasting blood glucose decreased by an average of 30.4
percent, which returned participants to healthy blood
sugar values.
◗ HbA1c (which shows an average of blood sugar levels
over time) decreased from 7.59 percent on average to 6.33
percent — well within the American Diabetes Association’s
“ideal” range.
◗ Subjects lost an average of nearly 16 pounds during the
eight weeks of treatment and BMIs were reduced from an
average of 26.8 to 24.5, which is optimal.
No significant glucose lowering or weight loss was found
in the control group.
More Info: For more information about GlucAffect, including
a detailed product guide and a complete listing of ingredients,
please visit the product section at
The GlucAffect Effect: Grab the Best Opportunity Ever to
Explode Your Business!
With the incredible need for a product like
GlucAffect™, Relìv Distributors have a remarkable, unprecedented opportunity to grow their
businesses. Just think about how many people
we each personally know who could benefit
from this product.
For Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Don
and Amy Blaser of Columbus, Nebraska,
GlucAffect hits home. “I lost my dad to
diabetes,” Don says. “Now my brother has
been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and he’s
only 39. I know I need to take preventive
measures so I’ll be taking GlucAffect for sure.
This product is directed to a specific health
concern that affects so many people’s families.”
Amy adds that the key with customers is
listening and meeting their needs. “If someone
just wants to start on GlucAffect, that’s great.
Then we can follow up to show them a range
of results from other Relìv products. You never
know when the time is right for people.”
A Study to Stand On
The Blasers say having a clinical study behind GlucAffect makes
talking to people even easier. “This gives us the opportunity
to go back to people and talk about the trials and show them
the concrete evidence that this product works,” Amy says.
“This product also allows us to show people the quality of this
company that is on the cutting edge of nutrition science.”
Presidential Triple Platinum Ambassador John Hayes of
Phoenix, Arizona, says having the clinical study supporting
GlucAffect is vital. “In this age, many people research health
issues on their own. This shows Relìv is the kind of company
that stands behind its products.”
Because GlucAffect™ addresses a health issue that
impacts so many, we felt compelled to make this
remarkable new product as affordable as possible.
The solution was to institute a BV (business volume)
for GlucAffect. This pricing strategy entails a
moderate reduction in the volume used to calculate
overrides and discounts in order to dramatically
reduce the retail price of the product. By increasing
affordability, Distributors can significantly expand
their organizations and increase profits overall.
GlucAffect has enormous potential to grow businesses, John
adds. When approaching people, he advises Distributors to
crystallize everything into one simple sentence: What if you
could offer a product to friends and family that has been clinically
shown to reduce elevated blood sugar levels 30 percent in just
two months?
“This introduces the business potential and the product at
the same time,” John explains. “I’m so excited to tell people
about what we have. Relìv has hit it out of the ballpark with
a product that is so needed today.”
Science in the Forefront
Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales Ryan
Montgomery says the science behind GlucAffect elevates
the entire Relìv product line and adds credibility. “We
believe in our product so much that we were willing to put
it to the test. The results were even better than we’d hoped.
GlucAffect sheds a positive light on everything else we’ve done
and says a lot about all our products. The company continues
to be out in front by targeting a leading health problem.”
Ryan emphasizes that GlucAffect is a door opener and
momentum builder. “It’s important to use the excitement
around this new product to talk to new people and invite
them to meetings — especially the Road to Wellness Tour
(see enclosed flyer) where they can see for themselves how
special this product is and the remarkable business opportunity.”

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