HeRoes E-recruiter Info Pack



HeRoes E-recruiter Info Pack
Wondering about e-recruiter?
How geared up is your HR department to face
How fast does your organization manage its
manpower requirements?
Are you a busy manager who requires standards
and automation?
How would you like to manage primarily quality
Are you able to tackle all your applicants'
documents in one central point?
Is tracking actions, holding up the process?
Can you keep control of the dear hiring costs of
your department?
Do you know the related benefits and challenges
of e-recruitment?
How will end users embrace e-recruitment tool ?
What e-recruitment brings in practice?
Curious to know more?
One of these questions raise your curiosity or,
may be all of them.
Then …….
What follows is of utmost interest to you!
What e-recruiter brings to you
and your organization?
Being able to find the perfect “Fit” for an
organization always represents a challenge, but
fulfilling the companies demands becomes easier
each day through the use of our e-recruitment
We provide personalized consultancy services
tailored to carefully selected clients and partners in
the region, and in Europe:
We shape our services to suit your organization
and offer diverse level of agreements.
We ensure the delivery of the best complete
bespoke solutions adapted to your organization.
e-recruiter helps you and
your organization
 Support your own brand
 Customize to your own needs
 Give attention to strategic positions
 Store & organize records and documents
 Handle volume
 Address niche skills
 Track applicants and progress
 Trim down administrative burden
 Standardize processes
 Automate responses
 Extract measurements for optimal decisions
 Improve the corporate image
 Respond to diversity and compliance
 Reduce costly fees
 Provide statistic Analysis reporting
These extend to include:
Job posting and editing
e-recruiter interview
Inter connect your job profiling with e-recruiter
e-recruiter administration &
Comprehensive analysis on applicants reports
based by location, gender, nationality, country of
residence, degree
Source of applications
Automated systems to manage communication
Auto reply to applicants
Auto reply to update
Auto reply for systems tools
Auto generate interview setting and email
What make us different?
Every Client’s relationship matters
We are a dedicated team
We help you to manage your fast
expansion, your business growth is
essential to us,
– We deliver clear value and commitment
– We solve the complexity of your hiring
– We trim the best applications that matter
to your business
– We support your development and
– We offer a one stop centralized
management of data
– We offer diverse access levels
This e-recruitment tool plays a key role in cutting
down barriers and reducing long term costs to
access applicants / candidates.
Why end users embrace erecruiter?
More than a technological tool, it gives your
organization the means to adapt and develop the
capability of its Human Resources and facilitate
the end process.
The use of our e-recruitment tool is becoming a
vital, critical element to your organization’s
The sophisticated technology assists you in
optimizing your results promptly and without
The developments to suit your organization’s
changes are attended to.
The enhancement of the online presence and
services impact your business.
Our clients praise the interactivity.
They recognize the high value of the contractual
engagement finding it an excellent return on
They measure immediate success and
improvement to their organization.
It gives them an efficient method to be competitive
in the fast paced recruitment environment.
Our commitments
Deliver first rate services to our clients
Base our services on a thorough understanding of
your business, objectives and needs, across your
whole organization and at the level of each
individual departments.
Address your top priorities.
Develop strong long term relationships with our
Work closely with our clients to improve services
Adapt to your challenges of growth
Manage and document data adhering to high
quality policies
Our values
Value the differences in organizations
Engage in outstanding service
Conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty
Make you and your organization more productive,
speeding up your ROI
Endeavour for our Clients' satisfaction
Enrich & invigorate people's lives
For queries & information contact
[email protected]