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By Russell Pringle
Pet Parrot
Vol 22 Issue 11 • Oct-Nov 2009
Vol 22 Issue 10 • Aug-Sep 2009
A Guide to Colour Mutations & Genetics in Parrots
The text is presented in three parts. The author takes the reader through a comfortable and absorbing introduction to
understanding the basic principles of primary and combination mutations and colour genetics in the first two parts. Part
three is for the adventurous, being the technical manifest of genetics in parrots. The text is supported throughout this
296-page title with over 700 colour photographs, numerous breeding expectations, an index of primary mutations in all
parrot species, and glossary and explanation of genetic terms. This highly readable and definitive work will become a
major reference source internationally for many years to come.
Hard Cover ISBN 978 0 9577024 7 9
Author: Dr Terry Martin BVSc
A Guide to Asiatic Parrots (Revised Edition)
This complete revision sees the addition of over 70 colour images of new mutations, improved text including new
genetic tables and more information on nutrition, housing and breeding. Species include the Indian Ringnecked Parrot
and their many mutations, the Alexandrine, Plum-headed, Derbyan, Malabar, Slaty-headed, Moustache, Malayan Longtailed and Blossom-headed Parrot.
ISBN 978 0 9587102 5 1
Authors: Syd and Jack Smith
A Guide to Neophema & Psephotus Grass Parrots (Revised Edition)
One of ABK Publications top selling A Guide to… titles worldwide, this revised edition features over 160 full colour
images of mutations, examples of breeding expectations, housing, feeding and management. Species include the
Bourke’s, Turquoise, Scarlet-chested, Elegant, Blue-winged, Rock, Orange-bellied, Red-rumped, Mulga, Blue-bonnet,
Hooded, Golden-shouldered and Paradise Parrot.
ISBN 978 0 9587102 4 4
Author: Toby Martin
A Guide to Neophema and Neopsephotus Genera and Their Mutations
A Guide to…
Neophema &
This 224-page colourful title presents 300 photographs and in-depth details on the colour mutations in the Bourke’s,
Turquoisine, Scarlet-chested, Elegant, Blue-winged, Rock and Orange-bellied Parrots. General chapters include: General
Management, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Health and Disease, Plumage, Pigments, Colours and Colour Mutations,
Extensive Genetic and Mutation Details.
By Dr Alain Campagne MD
Hard Cover ISBN 978 0 9804924 0 8
Author: Dr Alain Campagne MD
Soft Cover ISBN 978 0 9804924 1 5
A Guide to Eclectus Parrots (Revised Edition)
This 160-page title features a comprehensive description of all 10 subspecies. Chapters include: Taxonomy and
Identification, Eclectus in the Wild, Eclectus in Captivity—as Pet and Aviary Birds, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Artificial
Incubation and Handraising, Troubleshooting and Symptoms of Breeding Failure, Taming and Training, Colour Mutations
and Genetics, Diseases and Disorders. Featuring over 250 colour photographs, this book is available in both soft and
hardcover format.
Hard Cover ISBN 978 0 9750817 0 9
Authors: Dr Rob Marshall BVSc MACVSc (Avian Health) and Ian Ward
A Guide to Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds
Featuring spectacular full colour photography throughout, this 136-page softcover title is packed with valuable and
highly useable information. Section 1: Breeding Macaws (including aviary design and construction, nutrition, breeding,
incubation and handrearing, diseases and disorders). Section 2: Macaws as Pet and Companion Birds (including housing,
feeding, health aspects, behavioural problems). Section 3: Species (with details on all macaw species).
ISBN 978 0 9577024 9 3
Author: Rick Jordan
A Guide to Popular Conures
Combined with their own experiences, Ray Dorge and Gail Sibley have recorded the results of an extensive research of
large conure breeders covering such topics as Conure Behaviour, Obtaining a Conure, Husbandry, Housing, Diet and
Nutrition and Diseases and Disorders. Specific details on 13 of the most popular species kept in aviculture include Pet
Quality, Terminology, Description, In the Wild and Breeding. Featuring beautiful full colour photography throughout, this
title is sure to satisfy all fanciers and breeders of these parrots.
ISBN 978 0 9577024 3 1
Authors: Ray Dorge and Gail Sibley
A Guide to Australian White Cockatoos
Richly illustrated and full of practical hints, this well-researched book features facets of the author’s personal experience
which shine throughout its pages. Species featured are the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Short-billed Corella, Eastern Longbilled Corella, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo and Galah. Contents cover Management, Housing, Feeding and Nutrition,
Breeding, Diseases and Disorders Common to Cockatoos and Species Profile covering Distribution, Subspecies, Sexing,
Breeding, General Comments and Mutations.
ISBN 978 0 9577024 1 7
Author: Chris Hunt
A Guide to Black Cockatoos
This title, featuring 300 colour photographs over 160 pages, is available in hard and soft cover. Chapters on Black
Cockatoos in Captivity include Taxonomy, Conservation, Housing, Nestlogs, Feeding, Breeding, Infertility, Nest Inspection,
Artificial Incubation, Handrearing, Companion Birds and Diseases and Disorders. The individual species section features
all the black cockatoo species and subspecies of the genus Calyptorhynchus, the Palm Cockatoo Probosciger aterrimus
and the Gang Gang Cockatoo Callocephalon fimbraitum.
Hard Cover ISBN 978 0 9750817 4 7
Authors: Neville and Enid Connors
Soft Cover ISBN 978 0 9750817 3 0
A Guide to Cockatiels and their Mutations (Revised Edition)
This revised edition features extensive colourful information on Cockatiels in the wild and in captivity as pet and aviary
birds. Chapters include Stock Selection, Housing, Breeding, Incubation and Handrearing, Pet and Pet Behaviour Aspects
and Health and Disease. The Colour Mutation section would be the most comprehensive of any title in the world.
Hard Cover ISBN 978 0 9750817 8 5
Authors: Diana Andersen and Dr Terry Martin BVSc
Soft Cover ISBN 978 0 9750817 7 8
Russell Pringle, well-known aviculturist and Rosella breeder, has presented an informative and highly readable revised
edition that is lavishly supported with 455 superb photographs. Comprehensive chapters include Housing, Breeding,
Feeding, General Management, Health and Disease. Species chapters include the Adelaide, Crimson, Eastern, Green,
Northern, Pale-headed, Western and Yellow Rosellas. Extensive details on genetics and all mutations established
worldwide are a highlight of this revised edition.
Hard Cover ISBN: 978-0-9804924-2-2
A Guide to…
A Guide to Rosellas and their Mutations (Revised Edition)
By Russell Pringle
Author: Russell Pringle
Soft Cover ISBN: 978-0-9804924-3-9
A Guide to Lories & Lorikeets (Revised Edition)
Completely reformatted and revised including new sections on Lories and Lorikeets as Pets, Diseases and Disorders
and Colour Mutations and Breeding Expectations, this title is bigger (with 152 pages), better and more colourful than
the highly successful original edition. Peter Odekerken’s exceptional photography again is beautifully supportive of the
informative text which together make this a must-have title.
ISBN 978 0 9577024 4 8
Author: Peter Odekerken
A Guide to Grey Parrots
This title, authored by prolific avicultural author, Rosemary Low, stands alone when compared to many other books on
the Grey Parrot. Rosemary presents interesting and diverse snippets gathered from various keepers' personal experiences
in pet and aviary situations. Supported by numerous colour images, topics examine the Grey Parrots in the wild as well
as their housing, management, feeding, nutritional requirements, behaviour, enrichment, breeding, handraising, training
and veterinary aspects in captivity. A must-read for anyone contemplating to keep or currently keeping this highly
intelligent species.
Hard Cover ISBN 978 0 9750817 5 4
Author: Rosemary Low
Soft Cover ISBN 978 0 9750817 6 1
A Guide to Australian Long & Broad-tailed Parrots and New Zealand Kakarikis
Topics include the general management, housing, diet, care, breeding and handrearing of the Crimson-winged, Princess,
Regent, Superb, King, Red-capped, Mallee Ringnecked, Cloncurry, Port Lincoln and Twenty-eight Parrot and the Redfronted and Yellow-fronted Kakariki.
ISBN 978 0 9587455 3 6
Author: Kevin Wilson
Asiatic Parrots and their Mutations
This 560-page book has become the standard reference on this species worldwide. All Psittacula species are covered
including their husbandry, diet, housing, breeding and disease. The focus of the extensive text is on all colour mutations,
explanations of correct names and hereditary types. The quality of photographs provides the reader with visuals of all
colour morphs. Regarded as 'the bible' on Asiatic species.
Hard Cover ISBN 90 9017326 9
Authors: T Bastiaan and GJJ Bastiaan
Australian Lorikeets—Experiences in the field and aviary
Consisting of 217 pages in hardcover format, general chapters relating to the husbandry requirements of Australian
lorikeets cover the topics of Housing, Diet and Management. The Species sections present concise information on
Subspecies (where applicable), Habitat, Range, interesting Field Notes on each species In the Wild, as well as Breeding,
Sexing, Courtship Display, Nesting and Hatching and Mutations in captivity. Health topics include Basic First Aid,
Quarantine and Parasitic, Bacterial, Fungal, Viral and Non-infectious Diseases.
Hard Cover ISBN 978 0958772785
Authors: Stan Sindel and James Gill
Australian Grass Parrakeets—The Neophema
This 191-page hardcover book covers the Housing, Diet, Management, Diseases and Mutations of the Neophema
species—Turquoisine, Scarlet-chested, Elegant, Blue-winged, Orange-bellied, Rock and Bourke’s Parrakeets.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 9587727 4 6
Authors: Stan Sindel and James Gill
Australian Grass Parrakeets—The Psephotus and Northiella Genera
This 203-page hardcover book covers the Housing, Diet, Management, Diseases and Mutations of the Psephotus and
Northiella genera—Red-rumped, Mulga, Paradise, Golden-shouldered, Hooded, Blue-bonnet and Naretha Blue-bonnet
Hard Cover ISBN 0 9587727 5 4
Authors: Stan Sindel and James Gill
Hancock House Encyclopedia of the Lories
Presented in hard bound cover with 432 pages, this comprehensive book features 175 full colour photographs
of these unique and colourful birds. Arranged to give immediate access to specific subjects and species, the first
part is an encyclopedia covering nearly 100 different subjects from aviaries and conservation to folklore and nest
sites, all set out in alphabetical order. In the second part, the biology of every species is described under standard
headings, which provide detailed descriptions of plumage, chicks, eggs, habitat, conservation, nesting and more. A
comprehensive index includes common and scientific names of species, as well as individual and institutional names
and zoos mentioned in the text.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 88839 413 6
Author: Rosemary Low
Australian Cockatoos
Beginners as well as experienced aviculturists will find much useful information to assist them in achieving the dream
of all cockatoo breeders, to produce healthy parent-reared babies. This superbly presented 252-page hardcover book
with colour photographs throughout covers Housing, Diet, Management and Diseases. Species covered include all black
cockatoos, white cockatoos and Cockatiels.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 9587727 1 1
Authors: Stan Sindel and Robert Lynn
Australian Coral-billed Parrots
This 208-page book is a field and avicultural study of the true Australian Coral-billed Parrots. Each species is discussed at
length in individual chapters dealing with Field Observations, Avicultural Techniques, Breeding Procedures, Subspecies
and Racial Variations. The general chapters on Housing, Diet, Management and Disease provide detailed information on
the maintenance of this group in aviaries. Species covered are the King, Red-winged, Superb, Regent and Princess Parrot.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 9587727 7 0
Authors: Stan Sindel and James Gill
Australian Broad-tailed Parrots—The Platycercus and Barnardius Genera
This excellent hardcover book is a field and avicultural study of the Australian Broad-tailed Parrots of the genera
Platycercus and Barnardius. Over 350 full colour pages, each species is discussed at length in individual chapters dealing
with Field Observations, Avicultural Techniques, Breeding Procedures, Subspecies, Racial Variations and Mutations.
Species covered are Eastern, Pale-headed, Northern, Crimson, Yellow, Adelaide, Green and Western Rosellas. The title
also includes the ringnecked parrots—Mallee Ringneck, Cloncurry and Port Lincoln Parrots.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 9587727 6 2
Authors: Stan Sindel and James Gill
In appearance and behaviour, caiques are among the most distinctive of parrots. No other parrot has the same combination
of characteristics: fearless, inquisitive and playful with a huge ego and a strong will. However no reference book existed
for the caique lover! So here it is! All the information in this 86-page book relates specifically to caiques, except the health
care section which applies to all parrots. Chapters include Captive History, Care and Housing, Diet and Nutrition, Pets,
Breeding, Handrearing, Health and In the Wild. With 25 excellent colour photographs including all subspecies and chicks
at various stages of development, this, Rosemary Low’s 25th book, is sure to satisfy.
Soft Cover ISBN 80 7322 042 3
Author: Rosemary Low
Amazon Parrots—Aviculture, Trade and Conservation
Chapters over 324 full colour pages feature all aspects of Housing, Diet, Breeding, Companion Birds and Health Care
in Captivity followed by chapters on Life in the Wild, Conservation and Trade. All species are explained in individual
chapters. One of the most definitive works available in the world today, presented in hardcover format.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 9531337 4 5
Author: Rosemary Low
Lovebirds—Owners Manual and Reference Guide
This up-to-date 304-page hardcover title presents comprehensive details on nine members of the Agapornis genus.
Supported by numerous colour photographs the chapters include: Buying, Feeding, A Home for your Lovebirds,
Breeding, Breeding Problems, Handraising, Breeding Mutations, Feather Structure, Genetics, Mode of Inheritance and
Transmutations. Further chapters cover extensively the specific species, their breeding, mutations and showing. The
latest mutations are discussed in detail. This title is an essential resource for all lovebird breeders.
Hard Cover ISBN 1 8527924 6 9
Author: Dirk Van den Abeele
The Encyclopedia of Agapornis
This title comprises 234 pages with 304 colour photos covering the entire Agapornis genus in detail. The focus of this book is
almost purely genetics, mutations and judging from an exhibition point of view with the text interspersed between photos—a
unique layout. There are an enormous number of rare mutations and colour combinations illustrated. Recommended for the
advanced breeder, giving them a broader perspective of what is happening around the world in lovebird breeding.
ISBN: 978 85 98478 13 5
Author: Dr Alessandro D’angieri
Guide to the Quaker Parrots—Second Edition
This 122-page softcover title provides essential information for the owner of a pet or companion Quaker Parrot. The
endearing personality and ability to mimic human speech makes this species a popular pet. Essential details guide
the new owner through Selection, Introduction to a New Household, Diet, Cages and Toys, Behavioural Development,
Training, Grooming, Providing a Stimulating Environment, Socialisation, Positive Reinforcement, Developing Trust,
Behavioural Problems and more.
ISBN 978 0 7641 3668 9
Author: Mattie Sue Athan
Encyclopedia of Aviculture
This 832-page, indexed hardcover tome provides everything that the serious aviculturist would need to know about
any species that they keep or would be attracted to keep. Glen Holland, together with other recognised avicultural
experts from around the world, formulated the in-depth information presented in this encyclopedia. General
chapters include Stress Management, Control of Vermin, Propagation of Livefood, Avicultural Management and
Compatible Species, each chapter supported by explanatory colour photographs and diagrams. The aviculturist is
provided with proven, practical methods for the successful management and propagation of most of the families of
birds in the world. This title is more suited to the serious aviculturist who would appreciate the wealth of research
and extensive information provided on a vast array of species.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 88839 460 8
Author: Glen Holland
Parrots of the World—An Identification Guide
Hardcover with dust jacket, 414 pages. Joseph Forshaw’s name is synonymous with quality parrot books. In the latest
offering, he provides us with a comprehensive identification guide to the parrots of the world. This is a substantial
work, offering great value. The book is essentially presented in two parts—‘Parrots of the Old World’ and ‘Parrots
of the New World’. A brief description of each tribe is followed by a more detailed description of each species
represented within that tribe. Subheadings for each species include Common English Name, Latin Name, Other
Names, Distribution, Habitats and Status, Habits, Behaviour, Calls, Similar Species, Suggested Localities, Subspecies
listings and their distribution. For the serious parrot enthusiast, this excellent book is a must-have.
Hard Cover ISBN 9780 691 092515
Author: Joseph M Forshaw
The Asiatic Parrot Breeder's Handbook
80 colour pages. Species covered include Indian Ringnecked, Alexandrine, Plum-headed, Slaty-headed, Blossom-headed,
Moustache, Derbyan, Malabar and Malayan Long-tailed. Covers all aspects of General Management, Feeding and
Soft Cover ISBN 978 0957965713
Author: Phil Robson
The Indian Ringneck Breeders Handbook—Revised Edition
140 colour pages. A valuable asset to the mutation breeder, this title features an outline of Basic Genetics and individual
chapters that highlight Mutations with breeding expectation tables.
Soft Cover ISBN 978 0957965720
Author: Phil Robson
Peter Odekerken Series
A Selection of South American Parrots
Running Time: 40 minutes
A Selection of Lories, Fig Parrots and Hanging Parrots
Running Time: 67 minutes
Save the World’s Parrots
Running Time: 54 minutes
Birdkeeping the South African Way Part 4: Keeping and Breeding the African Grey
Running Time: 60 minutes
Australia Land of Parrots (Pal) ~ Australia Land of Parrots (Blu-ray)
Running Time: 108 minutes
How to Care For and Tame Your Budgerigar
This easy-to-read, full colour title is a must for anyone of any age, contemplating purchasing a Budgerigar as a pet.
Chapters include information on Choosing your Pet, Feeding, Housing, Finger Taming, Taking your Bird Out of its Cage
and Teaching your Budgie to Talk.
Soft Cover ISBN 0 6464483 7 4
Author: Gil Solomon
The Challenge—Breeding Championship Budgerigars
First published in 1997, this new, updated and enlarged second edition hardcover title has been re-published in
2006. The 262 colour pages feature 49 chapters and 200 photographs covering the International Ideal Budgerigar,
Show Birds, Aviary Design and Management, Record Keeping, Nutrition and Feeding, Genetics, Breeding, Training
and Show Preparation, Judging, Health and more. Fully indexed, this is the complete international Budgerigar
breeders' handbook.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 9531546 0 2
Author: Gerald S Binks
The Budgerigar
The author has spent considerable study on this species including its origins, ethology and aboriginal connections
in the wild. Immense detail covers every aspect of Anatomy and Evolution, Breeding, Genetics and Colour Varieties,
Feather Quality, Breeding and Health Problems and Diseases. Over the 414 pages there are no less than 2000
colour images. A definitive work deserving of a place in the true hobbyist library.
IBSN: 9780646506586
Author: Dr Rob Marshall
Budgerigar Breeding for Beginners
Running Time: 52 minutes
A Guide to Pet and Companion Birds
This informative and colourful 96-page book guides you through selecting a bird, housing, feeding and caring for that
bird, understanding its behaviour, health aspects, taming, training, behavioural problems and how to increase your flock.
A must for every pet bird owner.
ISBN 978 0 9587266 1 0
Authors: Ray Dorge and Gail Sibley
Parrot Problem Solver
This full colour 192-page hardcover title, a new standard in companion parrot literature, focuses on managing aggressive
behaviour while building highly positive relationships between parrots and their owners. Barbara Heidenreich presents
the most progressive, and positive, suite of methodologies and insights into using positive reinforcement-based
approaches, in close combination with a well-developed sensitivity to our parrots’ natural behaviours, to achieve
effective behaviour change. Barbara, with over a decade of experience as a professional animal trainer, achieves this
with a style that is exceptionally digestible for both the novice and experienced parrot enthusiast alike. The Parrot
Problem Solver represents incredible value for money and should be considered an essential addition to the library of
all parrot enthusiasts.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 7938 0562
Author: Barbara Heidenreich
Good Bird—A Guide to Solving Behavioural Problems in Companion Parrots
Consisting of 81 pages in softcover format, with black and white images and illustrations throughout, this compact
reference includes advice on basic problems as well as advice on solving behaviours such as screaming, biting, bonding
to one person, cage-bound birds and feather picking.
Soft Cover ISBN 1 895270 7 8
Author: Barbara Heidenreich
Barbara Heidenreich Good Bird Series
Part 1: Parrot Behaviour and Training—An Introduction to Training
Running Time: 35 minutes
Part 2: Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam
Running Time: 45 minutes
Part 3: Understanding Parrot Body Language Running Time: 45 minutes
Get Your Bird Back—What to do When a Parrot is Lost! Running time: 27 minutes
Captive Foraging—The Next Best Thing to Being Free
Scott Echols Series
Running Time: 30 minutes
Expert Companion Bird Care Series
Running time: 88 minutes
A Guide to Zebra Finches
This title features 96 full colour pages of easy-to-read, highly informative text covering such topics as History and Ecology,
Housing, Feeding, Health, Choosing Stock, Exhibiting and details of all currently recognised Australian colour varieties. A
must for any Zebra Finch enthusiast.
ISBN 978 0 9577024 2 4
Authors: Milton, John and Joan Lewis
A Guide to Gouldian Finches (Revised Edition)
This complete revision features concise information on Gouldian Finches in the Wild and in Captivity, including Housing,
Nutrition, Breeding, Mutation and Colour Breeding, Health and Disease. Supported by over 330 images, including an
extensive selection of mutations.
ISBN 978 0 9750817 1 6
Edited by: ABK Publications
Contributing authors: Dr Milton Lewis BSc (Hons), PhD, Dr Terry Martin BVSc,
Dr Rob Marshall BVSc, MACVSc (Avian Health) and Ron Tristram
A Guide to Australian Grassfinches
Russell Kingston, a well-known aviculturist and finch breeder, has presented an informative and highly readable text that
is lavishly supported with superb colour photographs. Details of each species includes visual differences between the
sexes. General topics covered include Acquiring Birds, Quarantine, Nutrition, Housing, Compatibility and Regulating the
Breeding Season, to name just a few. A must for every finch breeder’s library.
ISBN: 0 9587102 2 8
Author: Russell Kingston
Hancock House Encyclopedia of Estrildid Finches
This 264-page essential guide offers detailed descriptions of the colourful and popular Estrildid Finches: Waxbills,
Mannikins, Munias, Grassfinches, and Parrotfinches. Over 400 colour photographs highlight the species account of
their biology, distribution and full avicultural care.
Hard Cover
ISBN 08 8839 4934
Authors: Dr Matthew M. Vriends & Tanya Heming-Vriends
The Gouldian Finch
With 239 pages and over 100 colour plates, this book, based on many years of research and breeding experience, is a
wealth of information, covering this species in the wild and in captivity, health and diseases, nutrition, ultraviolet vision,
mutations and genetics and much more. Case bound and finished in hardcover with gold leaf, this quality title will be
highly sought after for decades to come.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 9585612 1 4
Authors: Stewart Evans and Mike Fidler
Australian Softbill Management
Consisting of 142 pages presented in a hardcover format, the book covers aviary studies of wrens, robins, chats and
dotterels. Although not the definitive work on softbills, the author’s observations and writings represent a superb resource
for the aviculturist wishing to venture into the keeping of insectivorous birds.
Hard Cover ISBN 0 9587727 3 8
Author: Rosemary Hutton
Pekin Robins and Small Softbills—Management and Breeding
Until now a definitive manual has not been readily available to the keepers of Pekin Robins and softbills. The author
is highly respected for his knowledge gained over 30 years. Over 250 pages his detailed drawings, illustrative
watercolours and colour plates depict each of the species beautifully. Topics covered include in-depth explanations
on Housing, Acquisition, Handrearing, Feeding, Food Cultivation and Health Care. The extensive list of softbill species
range from mesias, minlas, yuhinas, laughing thrushes, tits, bulbuls and white-eyes to flycatchers, robins, tanagars and
honeycreepers. A definitive reference on these species.
Hard Cover ISBN 978 0 88839 606 8
Author: Peter Karsten
The Finch—A Breeder’s Companion
This 528 page A4 title includes 70 Finch species from around the world. Each species chapter presents information on all
aspects of Husbandry—Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Health and more, and Wild Distribution and Habitat. Suited to all
levels of expertise. Weighing 2.5 kgs it is packed with invaluable detail.
Hard Cover ISBN 978 0958561228
Author: Russell Kingston OAM
The Finch Keeper’s Recipe Book
54 Pages. A Collection of 52 recipes obtained from various Finch breeders featuring recipes on Water, Seeds, Soft Foods,
Greens, Vegetables and Cakes and Breads. A great feeding resource.
Soft Cover ISBN 978 0980793000
Author: Peter Roy James
A Selection of Finches
Running Time: 120 minutes
Birdkeeping the South African Way Series
Part 1: A 6-Part Overview of South African Bird Keeping
Running Time: 60 minutes
Part 2: The Finches of Africa
Running Time: 58 minutes
Part 3: Keeping Finches
Running Time: 94 minutes
Part 5: Keeping and Breeding Softbills
Running Time: 154 minutes
A Guide to Basic Health & Disease in Birds (Revised Edition)
The 112 pages of the book feature full colour photographs throughout, sketches, tables and easy-to-read valuable
information. From finches to macaws, Dr Mike Cannon discusses common diseases, quarantine procedures, worming,
parasite control, recognising health and nutritional problems, use of antibiotics, working with your avian veterinarian, and
basic steps required to maintain healthy birds and good aviary management.
ISBN 978 0 9577024 5 5
Author: Dr Michael Cannon BVSc, MACVSc (Avian Health)
A Guide to Incubation & Handraising Parrots
Written by Western Australian aviculturist, Phil Digney, A Guide to Incubation & Handraising Parrots covers all necessary
requirements needed to successfully take an egg through to a fully weaned chick. Beautifully illustrated with colour
images throughout, this valuable title also includes many charts and diagrams and informative text laid out in an easy-toread format. An invaluable reference for any serious bird breeder.
ISBN 978 0 9587102 1 3
Author: Phil Digney
Under the Microscope—Microscope Use and Pathogen Identification in Birds and Reptiles
This 56-page full colour, easy-to-read reference book on microscope use and pathogen identification in birds and reptiles
is a must for aviculturists and herpetologists with a desire to be in control of health problems in their collections.
Soft Cover ISBN 978 0 9577024 8 6
Author: Dr Danny Brown BSc (Hons), BVSc (Hons), MACVSc (Avian Health)
The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots
This valuable 110-page title presents all the benefits and positive results of feeding sprouted foods. Chapters
culminated from decades of various breeder experiences cover a number of questions including Why Feed Sprouts?;
Organic or Commercial Foods—Is There a Difference?; Successful Sprouting; Caring for Your Sprouts; Now, Who Will
Eat Them?; Nutritious Meals for the Whole Family. The five Appendices cover Resources and Additional Information,
Trouble Shooting, Preventative Nutrition for Dogs and Cats, Homemade Egg Food and General Sprouting Guidelines.
Soft Cover ISBN 978 1419684791
Author: Leslie Moran
Attracting Birds to Your Garden
208 colour pages. Covers essential aspects of planning a bird-friendly garden, such as suggested grasses, shrubs
and trees, providing artificial nest sites, controlling pests, and maintaining an indigenous garden. 114 pages cover a
Directory of Garden Birds including Geographical Distribution, Diet, Field Notes and Garden Requirements for a wide
array of bird species.
Soft Cover ISBN 978 1864364118
Author: John Dengate
A Guide to Pigeons, Doves and Quail
Written by Dr Danny Brown, this book, a world first in aviculture, covers all species in this group available to the Australian
aviculturist. Stunning colour photography throughout is supported by precise, easy-to-read information on the care,
management, health and breeding of these unique birds.
ISBN 978 0 6462305 8 0
Author: Dr Danny Brown BSc (Hons), BVSc (Hons), MACVSc (Avian Health)
The Flying Vet’s Pigeon Health and Management
This hardcover (with dust jacket) 321-page full colour title presents a veterinary guide to health control, medication use
and the development of race fitness for the competitive pigeon fancier and is supported by 285 colour photos. This
excellent title is a compulsory reference for all racing pigeon fanciers and has been added to the compulsory reading
list for Post Graduate Veterinary students.
ISBN: 1 8766779 1 0
Author: Dr Colin Walker BSc, BVSc, MRCVS
A Guide to Pheasants & Waterfowl
Author of the highly regarded A Guide to Pigeons, Doves & Quail, Dr Danny Brown has produced this superlative title on
pheasants and waterfowl. The informative easy-to-read text is lavishly supported with beautiful colour images throughout.
Covering all aspects of caring, housing, management and breeding of these unique birds, this title is a credit to the author
and an ideal reference source.
ISBN 978 0 9587102 3 7
Author: Dr Danny Brown BSc (Hons), BVSc (Hons), MACVSc (Avian Health)
Backyard Poultry—Naturally (Second Edition)
This 154-page, softcover book covers everything the backyard farmer needs to know about poultry, including
Husbandry, Breed Selection, Feeding, Housing, Breeding, Egg Production and Health. The author has focused on
herbal and homeopathic methods of treating poultry injuries and illnesses as well as explaining how to feed poultry on
natural products, as opposed to commercial pellets. A selection of both black and white and colour photographs and
illustrations are found throughout the book, including photographs of various breeds.
Soft Cover ISBN 0 9585590 1 5
Author: Alanna Moore
Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds
More than 128 birds strut their stuff across the 278 full colour pages of this glossy pictorial delight featuring Chickens,
Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Emus, Guineafowl, Ostriches, Partridges, Peafowl, Pheasants, Quail and Swans. The chapter
on Chickens is particularly detailed, dividing the species according to the classification of layers, meat and ornamental
ISBN: 978 1580176675
Author: Carol Ekarius
Keeping Chickens—An Australian Guide
This 138-page softcover compact book provides a quick reference guide primarily for the novice. Chapters include
Anatomy and Physiology, The Right Chickens for Me, When Do Hens Start to Lay Eggs, Housing, Caring, Breeding and
Showing, Resources and Suppliers.
ISBN: 978 0143006381
Author: Nicolas Brasch
The Chicken Health Handbook
This 344-page softcover title, regarded as an essential reference for small flock owners of chicken breeds, successfully
translates avian veterinarian-suited information into layman’s text. Chapters includes Health and Nutrition, Anatomy, External
and Internal Parasites (Worms and Protozoa), Infectious Diseases, Environment-related Problems, Diagnosis Guides, Postmortem Examination, Therapy, Enhancing Immunity, Incubation and Brooding, Health, Diseases and Disorders.
ISBN: 978 0882666112
Author: Gail Damerow
BIRD FIELD GUIDES – Available on Special Order
The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia
This 508-page eighth edition presents 46 new species—now a total of 820 species—together with a new, visual quickreference guide on the inside front cover. Contents include Colours and Field Markings, Recognising Birds by Habits
and Behaviour, Approaching Birds, Using Binoculars and Spotting Scopes, Observing a Bird’s Features, Bird Migration,
Abbreviations, Classifying and Naming Australian Birds, Index of Scientific Names and Common Names, Distribution
Maps, Species Scientific Name, Size, Description of Male, Female and Immature, Voice, Habitat, Breeding and Nest and
Egg details, Range and Status and more. This book is without a doubt the most definitive identification guide available
on Australian birds.
Authors: Graham Pizzey and Frank Knight
ISBN: 978 0207199356
Sydney Birds and Where to Find Them
This title features the 30 top bird-watching localities in and around Sydney over 208 glossy colourful pages. Each
locality entry lists the key species to look out for and how to access the location. Each species entry provides
information on the best spots to find it, its rarity or otherwise, and helpful tips about its habits and haunts, such as
where it roosts or nests. Published in conjunction with Birds Australia.
Author: Peter Roberts
ISBN: 978 1 7417 5476 6
Where to See Birds in Victoria
Compiled, written and photographed by a dedicated team from Birds Australia (VIC), this guide features over 40
destinations throughout Victoria which provide habitat for over 500 bird species over 192 glossy colour pages. This
title provides information on how to get to each destination, what facilities and accommodation to expect and,
importantly, precisely where to look for those special or rare birds, an up-to-date list of birds, with the degree of rarity
and where to see it noted for each species.
Vol 22 Issu
e 12 • Dec
-Jan 201
Vol 23 Issu
Caique ded
Vol 23 Issu
-May 201
e 2 • Apr
Vol 23 Issu
Focus on
Pet Birds
Pet Parrot
Spice Fin
inged Py
e 3 • Jun
-Jul 201
* Avian
Breeding Parrots, Finches and Other Species
* Pet Parrot Behaviour Health and Disease
* Conservation Birds*and Products for Sale
Binders hold 12 magazines
in mint condition
How to Grow W
64 pages of visual delight and
information on
umped M
-Mar 201
Pale Fall
n Lovebi
for Pet Bir
e 1 • Feb
Exotic Lo
Golden So
ng Sparro
Target Tra
Editors: Tim Dolby, Penny Johns and Sally Symonds
ISBN: 978 1 7417 5736 1
Indexes available
6 Issues per year available in ✓ Print ✓e-birdkeeper (digital version)
Order online at or phone 1800 633 493
Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons
This comprehensive title on all Australian pythons is a compilation by 16 contributing authors. The 336-page softcover
format includes a glossary, index, graphs, charts and numerous colour photographs. Chapters include housing, sexing,
breeding, incubation and rearing, diseases and disorders and colour and pattern mutations in captivity and natural habitat
and behaviours in the wild. An essential reference for all python enthusiasts.
Soft Cover ISBN 978 0980366709
Edited by Mike Swan
The Biology and Evolution of Australian Snakes
Hardcover with dust jacket—358 pages. Contents present an overview of the Ecology, Behaviour and Anatomy of
Blind Snakes, Pythons, File Snakes, Non-venomous Snakes, Sea Snakes and Sea Kraits. Supported by Maps, Graphs,
Electromicrographs and Colour Photographs. A valuable reference for beginners through to experienced/professional
ISBN 094932468X
Author: Allen Greer
Snakes of Western Queensland: A Field Guide
136 colour pages, this easy-to-use glove-box sized reference includes details of Legless Lizards and Snakes in this region
and their Distribution Maps, Description, Scalation, Habitat and Toxicity.
ISBN 97806465 0947 1
Authors: Angus Emmott and Steve G Wilson
Keeping Carpet Pythons
This 40-page title presents the seven species of Morelia Carpet Pythons with details on Indoor and Outdoor Enclosures,
Ventilation, Heating, Lighting, Feeding, Breeding, Ailments and Disorders. Black and white and some colour images.
ISBN 0958605084
Authors: Simon Kortlang and Darren Green
Snakes of South-east Australia
Pocket guide featuring details on General Characteristics of Snakes, Species Identification Key, Worm Snakes, Pythons,
Colubrid, Front-fanged and Venomous Snakes—with suggestions on avoiding snake-bites and first-aid procedures. Each
species includes full colour glossy photos, basic description, habits and geographical maps.
ISBN: 978 0 6460 0006 0
Author: John Weigel
Spectacular Snakes of Australia
This richly illustrated title presents a pictorial showcase of most Australian snake species. The text describes
Reproductive Biology, Behaviour, Predators and Prey as well as Habitat and Conservation Values. The
contents are divided into the Boidae, Acrochordidae, Colubridae, Typhlopidae and Elapidae genus. Exquisite
photography is the focus of depicting the beauty of dry-country and green pythons, freshwater snakes,
keel-backs, tree snakes, colubrid snakes, taipans, tiger snakes, copperheads, brown snakes and more. Superb
reference and coffee table item. A CSIRO publication.
ISBN: 978 0 6430 9594 6
Author: Michael Cermak
Natural History of Australian Snakes
This 224-page title presents an overview of the ecology, evolution, biology and behaviour of snakes. Beautiful colour
photography throughout. Key aspects include snake anatomy such as body shape adaptations, dentition and poison
delivery, vision and colouration. Distribution and habitat, reproductive and dietary habits and threats from human and
animal predation complete a wonderful journey covering comprehensive aspects of Australian snakes.
ISBN: 1 8763342 5 8
Author: Richard Shine
The Art of Keeping Snakes
232 pages, full colour. Presents the benefits of developing a naturalistic vivarium system that puts a snake’s welfare and
quality of life above all. Covers Selection, Handling, Feeding, Breeding, General Management, Caring and more.
Soft Cover ISBN 1 882770 63 3
Author: Philippe de Vosjoli
What’s Wrong with My Snake?
160 pages, full colour. Fact-filled book addressing the wide range of physical and behavioural problems that can
occur during a snake’s life, including Parasites and problems with Respiration, Neurology, Feeding, Reproduction and
Aggression. Suited for both beginning and advanced snake keepers.
Soft Cover ISBN 978 188277084 7
Author: John Rossi DVM, MA and Roxanne Rossi
Understanding Reptile Parasites
200 pages, full colour. Essential information on Internal and External Parasites, Diagnostic Procedures, as well as advice
on effective Treatments when Parasite Problems arise.
Soft Cover ISBN 1 882770 90 8
Author: Roger J Klingenberg DVM
Keeping and Breeding Australian Lizards
This 616-page indexed title contains a detailed account of how to maintain and propagate members of all families of our
unique and highly interesting lizard fauna. Over 1000 colour photographs illustrates chapters on all aspects of husbandry,
mutations and species. Species covered are Geckos, Flap-footed Lizards, Skinks, Dragons and Goannas.
ISBN: 978 0980366716
Edited by Mike Swan
The Biology and Evolution of Australian Lizards
Hardcover with dust jacket—264 pages. A definitive work on the Biology of the five families of 475 species organised
in phylogenetic context. Topics include Behaviour, Ecology, Morphology, Natural History and Physiology. Includes line
drawings and tables, black and white and colour photographs. This title which won the Whitely Medal of the Royal
Zoological Society of New South Wales is suited to both amateur and professional herpatologists alike.
ISBN 0949324213
Author: Allen E Greer
Keeping Australian Water Dragons
This 34-page colour title specialising in Australian Water Dragons includes details on Indoor and Outdoor Enclosures,
Handling, Breeding and Ailments and Disorders.
ISBN 9780975820018
Authors: Jason Goulding and Darren Green
Keeping Shingleback Lizards
This 33-page title discusses the Shingle-back Lizard requirements—Habitat, Enclosures, Heating and Humidity, Ventilation,
Lighting, Feeding, Brumation and Breeding as well as Health Problems. Black and white and some colour images.
ISBN 0958605092
Author: Darren Green
Keeping Blue-tongued Lizards
This 40-page full colour title discusses the Australian Blue-tongued Lizard, its General Management, Housing, Feeding and
Breeding aspects as well as common Health and Disease details.
ISBN 0958605068
Author: Grant Turner
Keeping Bearded Dragons—Revised Edition
This 76-page full colour title discusses the Pogona genus of Australian Bearded Dragons providing pertinent details
on Enclosures, Choosing a Bearded Dragon, Feeding, Brumation, Winter Care, Breeding, Juvenile Care, Ailments and
Disorders and the nine species in individual chapters.
Author: Darren Green
ISBN 9780975820032
Keeping Australian Geckos
This 85-page full colour title discusses the basic features of Australian geckos and legless lizards including Housing,
Nutrition, Breeding, Hygiene, and Health. The 15 gecko species are covered in individual chapters.
ISBN 9780975820025
Author: Rob Porter
Lizards of Western Australia 1: Skinks
This fully revised edition produced by the Western Australian Museum presents studies on 43 species of skinks
collected over the last 18 years. Colour photographs, diagrams, distribution maps and detailed descriptions of each
species are presented over 291 pages.
ISBN: 978 0 7307 2656 2
Authors: GM Storr, LA Smith, RE Johnstone
Keeping Frogs
This 37-page colour title is a must-have aid for anyone interested in the captive care of Australian frogs. Each of the 14
species covered include basic details on Size, Colour, Call, Heat, Humidity, Breeding and General Husbandry including
Tadpole Development and Morphing.
ISBN 0975820001
Author: Mark Davidson
The Field Guide to Frogs of Western Australia
Another wonderful field guide from the Western Australian Museum provides details of Description, Habitat,
Advertisement Call, Breeding Biology and general remarks on the 80 frog species in Western Australia. Colour
photographs and description maps support each species account.
ISBN: 978 1 9208 4340 3
Authors: MJ Tyler and P Doughty
Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Australia
Another excellent joint Western Australian Museum and CSIRO Publishing venture featuring 394 full colour pages. From
tiny gobies to barramundi this title covers 300 Australian freshwater species. Each species presents General Features,
Recognition, Habitat, Status and Distribution and Remarks. An essential reference.
ISBN: 978 0 7307 5486 3
Authors: GR Allen, SH Midgley and M Allen
Australian Native Fishes for Aquariums
First published in 1987 this hardcover 248-page title still provides the basic essential details required for keeping
freshwater fish aquariums. Breeding details on 73 species from 16 families are included. Over 140 colour photos support
the other chapters outlining Setting up a Tank, Feeding, Diseases and Fish Rooms.
ISBN: 0959190813
Authors: Ray Leggett and John R Merrick
Cronin’s Key Guide to Australian Reptiles and Frogs
A comprehensive field guide comprising 230 colour pages providing information on over 760 species of Australian
reptiles—snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, and 200 frogs. The individual species chapters detail Behaviour, Development,
Diet, Habitat and Conservation and are supported by colour illustrations and distribution maps. An excellent must-have
reference book.
IBSN: 978 1 7417 5112 3
Author: Leonard Cronin
Care of Australian Reptiles in Captivity
Presenting all aspects of captive reptile keeping of lizards, snakes and freshwater tortoises of some 40 species. Chapters
include Housing, Feeding, Skin Sloughing, Captive Breeding and Diseases. This black and white title over 144 pages,
first published in 1998, still provides some good basic information for the hobbyist. Published by the Australian Reptile
Keepers Association.
ISBN: 978 0 7316 3290 9
Author: John Weigel
Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia
This full colour 480-page title describes 800 Australian reptile species from Crocodiles to Turtles, Lizards, Snakes and
Pythons. Distribution maps and colour photographs are located with the species specific details of Description, Habitat
and Status. An essential reptile field guide.
ISBN: 1 876334 7 2X
Authors: Steve Wilson and Gerry Swan
Ecology of Reptiles
This 325-page scientific title published in 1987 is of interest to the serious and accomplished Australian herpetologist,
presenting ecological aspects gleaned from definitive research bibliographed over 49 pages. The array of Australian
reptilian types and environments provides a rich source for ecological study scarcely equalled elsewhere in the world.
ISBN: 0 949324 140
Authors: Harold Heatwike and Janet Taylor
Adrian’s Reptile World—Roadtesting Australian Reptiles as Pets
3-Disc Set featuring 13 x 25 minute episodes of the TV Series
Keeping Long-necked Turtles—Revised Edition
This 36-page full colour title covers Long-necked Turtles of the Chelodina group, with details on all aspects of Husbandry,
Nutritional and Health Problems.
ISBN 0958605033
Author: Darren Green
Keeping Short-necked Turtles
Short-necked Turtles of the Emydura genus are presented in brief in this 33-page full colour title. General details include
Behaviour, Handling, Plants, Enclosure Requirements, Feeding, Breeding and Ailments.
ISBN 0958605041
Author: Darren Green
Crocodiles: Inside Out—A Guide to the Crocodilians and their Functional Morphology
The text of this 172-page hardcover title is supported by numerous charts, graphs, diagrams and colour photographs. This
text presents extensive details on histological anatomy as well as topics such as: How a crocodile remains submerged for
extended periods, what is unique about their eggs, ageing, status and habits. A definitive title suiting the scientific mind.
ISBN: 0 949324 906
Authors: KC Richardson, GJW Webb and SC Manolis
Vol 21 Issue 1
• Feb-Mar 2008
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Pet Bird
Turquoise ParroN
& Fallows
A Guide to…
By Dr Alain Campagne
[email protected]
These compact guides introduce you to
profiles of common and rare Australian
birds and reptiles and include full-colour
photographs for ease of identification,
distribution notes, breeding and behavioural
information and even conservation status
on each specific species.
Packed full of information, you will be amazed at how much you learn about Australia’s avian
and reptile life by dipping into the remarkable facts presented. These books aim to inspire
curiosity and a thirst to know more about the unique bird and reptile families that share our
natural and urban environments—how they evolved, how they survive and adapt in the face
of human progress and how they interact with each other and their surroundings. A list of web
sites and reading materials is included for budding enthusiasts.
Field Guide to Australian Birds
Written and illustrated by bird expert, Michael Morcombe, this is one of the most comprehensive field guides to
Australian birds available. Over 448 pages information on 850 bird species is supported by paintings and diagrams
within a unique system of organisation of detail including a breeding section. Maps define variances in the ranges of
species and subspecies.
Field Guide to Australian Birds (Pocket Size)
This slimline 384 page compact edition of the above title is presented in a plastic jacket for durability and includes a QuickFind
system of colour tags and Quick Index.
Field Guide to Australian Reptiles
Softcover—272 pages. Essential information on over 350 Australian reptile species depicted in 520 colour photographs
in their Natural Habitat. Chapters include Crocodiles, Pig-nosed Turtles, Side-necked Turtles, Geckos, Legless Lizards,
Dragons, Monitors, Skinks, Blind Snakes, Pythons, File Snakes, Colubrid Snakes, Water Snakes and Front-fanged Land
Snakes. Species details include Description, Habit, Diet, Range, General Comments and Distribution Maps.
ISBN 978 1 7402 1744 6
Author: Stephen Swanson
Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia
This 188-page guide provides accounts of 227 species over the five main Australian frog families—including Size, Status,
Distribution, Habitat, Behaviour and Advertisement Call. Supported by distribution maps and colour illustrations.
ISBN: 978 0 6430 9244 0
Authors: Michael J Tyler and Frank Knight

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