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Winter 2012
Issue 004
I must regard my songwriting ministry as a holy calling
-~ It All Begins With A Songwriter ~-
Mickey’s Memo … page 3
GSM Mailbox … page 4
A Little Personal: Larry Petree … page 5
The Adventures Of Zimp & Imp … page 8
G-team Spotlight: Debby Harrah … page 9
Song Story: Tammie Herring … page 10
Trivia: Phil Kelly … page 12
Writers Direct … page 13
Training Tips: Mickey Mixon … page 14
Song Review: Kevin Cobb … page 15
God’s Singing: James McMickin … page 16
Hand Of God: Mark Hawkins … page 17
Why Songs Don’t Get Recorded … page 19
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Mickey’s Memo
Happy New Year and Happy Valentines Day! As many of our readers
know, I was ill during the holidays of 2010 so I didn’t get to celebrate.
However, 2011 was much better. I was reminded what Christmas is about,
celebrating the birthday of our Lord with family and friends. New Year
week was a little different, I was diagnosed with influenza type B; can you
say “miserable”? But, at least I got to participate in Thanksgiving and
Christmas. Thank you Jesus.
2010 and 2011 were bad years for me but I’m looking for 2012 to be far
better. Yep, I’m expecting good things this year. I’m anticipating God
opening some major and amazing doors, and pouring out His blessings on
His children like we haven’t seen in a long time.
In this issue we feature my friend Larry Petree, one of the most prolific Gospel songwriters God has ever
blessed the church with. I call Larry a “songwriting machine” because he is one of the few writers I know
who writes all the time. His hit songs were recorded by a list of who’s who in the Southern Gospel music
community. I favor several Larry Petree songs but one of my top favorites is the unique, imaginative and
panoramic “I Wonder What They’re Thinking Now”. Like many folks, Larry prefers his privacy thus he
seldom grants interviews, therefore we are grateful for this rare opportunity to get A Little Personal with this
hit Gospel songwriter.
Thanks Larry, and thanks to all our readers and contributors. I trust you will enjoy and benefit from our
articles and that you will have a great and blessed 2012.
Best Wishes,
Mickey Mixon
etics” sk
care fr
GSM Mailbox
Bro. Mickey,
I just wanted to say "Thanks" for the wonderful Christmas issue of GSM. It
was such a blessing and brought back many childhood memories. I've written
several new songs and several artists have shown interest in recording in the
spring. Your ministry has made it possible to get my songs heard and I hope you
know how much we songwriters love and appreciate you and Rainie for all your hard
work and labor for the Lord. I pray the Lord will supply all your needs in making
GospelSongwriter.Com successful for His glory. I’m looking forward to the 2012 Gospel
Songwriters Convention and seeing everyone there.
Gosp riter
Song ine
God bless you, my friend,
Bill Creech
Brother Mickey,
Thank you for GospelSongwriter.Com. What an amazing gift we songwriters have been given through
this ministry. When I first joined, I thought it would be a good way to pitch my songs to artists and I
wasn't disappointed. Some of my songs have found homes. I also want to thank you for some other perks
of this ministry. First, thank you for the time you take with each one of us teaching us how to hone our
songwriting skills. You make us feel like we have our own personal songwriter coach and we appreciate
that more than words can say. Because of your critiques and investing in our lives, we are becoming
better songwriters. Also, I am so thankful for the new "forever" friendships I've made through this
ministry. Where I live there aren't a lot of songwriters. So to connect with other songwriters at
GospelSongwriter.Com has been a tremendous blessing to me.
Thank you so much,
Dixie Phillips
I enjoyed the Christmas issue, Mickey. Thank you and I pray God's blessings will be on you and your
Daniel Fuller
Hi Mickey,
I was too busy to take time to read the Christmas issue when it first came but I finally had time to sit
down and read through it. Thank you so much. It is truly beautiful. You all did a fantastic job!
May you and yours enjoy this wonderful holiday season,
Cara Defriece
A Little Personal with Larry Petree
Name: Larry Petree
Birth Date: 8/24
Birthplace: Dayton Ohio
Approximate Songs Written: 1,000
Songs Recognized For: God Likes To Work, Lazarus Come Forth,
Praise God It’s Settled I’m Saved, Outside The Gate, I’m Gonna Move.
Awards: Two-time, Southern Gospel Songwriters Association “Writer Of The Year”
Writing Time: Late Night
Song: “He Came To Me” written by Squire Parsons
Musical Instrument: Piano
Songwriting Tool: The Bible
Book & Magazine: The Bible and T. Dewitt Talmage sermons
Animal: Dogs
Color: Red and Blue
Food: Cheeseburgers
Holiday: Christmas
Season: Winter
Hobby: Songwriting
A Little Personal continued...
Project Nehemiah provides gifts such as food baskets and blankets to immigrants coming home to Israel. The
gifts are sent from the distribution center and delivered personally to families in cities throughout Israel by Project
Nehemiah staff and volunteers. Gospel Songwriter Magazine invites you to bless the children of Abraham via
Project Nehemiah Ministries. Please visit www.projectnehemiah.net for more information.
A Little Personal continued...
Pet Peeve: Singers, record companies and publishing companies who are dishonest concerning royalties and
refuse to pay what they rightfully, morally and legally owe. This is a black mark on the industry of Gospel
Music. Thank God there are a few exceptions to the rule.
Comment: Besides the preaching of the Gospel, which God ordained as the primary biblical tool for
evangelism, as set forth in 1st Corinthians 1:21, God has used the ministry of Music in evangelism. I am
blessed to receive reports that my songs have been a blessing to the Church and especially that a song has
inspired someone to receive the Lord. Yet, there is so much more to be accomplished and I feel that I have
yet to write my best songs. I am more engaged in the process of songwriting than ever before. If music is a
tool of God for Evangelism then I must regard my songwriting ministry as a holy calling. I encourage
songwriters to never regard their labor as trivial or to become petty and silly and competitive or insulting to
other writers. If songwriting is of the Lord and a tool of Evangelism then how on earth can we stop and
become so discouraged that we give up in frustration. I write believing I have yet to create my best song.
Petree Demo Service
Have your songs demoed by an award-winning Gospel songwriter who has
written over 50 charting songs; maestro, Larry Petree.
Also, Larry can add music to your poems.
$100 per demo ~ includes piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and lead and
harmony vocals.
Price includes a music track you can use for performance and recording.
Samples are available upon request.
For more information e-mail Larry today; and please be sure to let him know
you saw his ad in Gospel Songwriter Magazine.
[email protected]
Dixie and Sharon Phillips are married to brothers. These sisters-in-law, both pastors’ wives, have
been involved in full-time ministry and Gospel music for more than 30 years.
Their song “Hope Was Carved In A Rolling Stone” placed in the 2011 Singing News/Solid Gospel
Songwriters Search.
Their song “Deacon Drake” was 3rd runner-up in the 2011 GospelSongwriter.Com Contest.
Their first children’s Christmas musical “Camille’s Journey” was released by Guardian Angel
Publishing in November 2011.
Visit www.phillipsandphillipsmusic.com to learn more about their music and ministry.
Phillips & Phillips … they might have the perfect song for your next project
The Adventures Of
Zimp & Imp
Zimp: Well, how did you do? Make it quick, Satan is waiting for my report.
Imp: Yes Sir, Your Creepyship! My crazy cohorts and I did exactly as you ordered. We concentrated on
making Gospel songwriters feel lonely and forsaken. We bombarded each of them with lies morning,
noon and night. We tried to make them feel unwanted and unappreciated. We managed to stop many
of them from receiving communication of any kind via phone calls, e-mails, their website, webpage,
social websites and any and everything that would be a tool to encourage and make them feel like
they belong or have any value. We worked, relentlessly, to keep them away from any event, website,
magazine or educational material that would edify, educate or encourage them. We told them they
don’t have the time or money to spend on anything that would advance their ministry, and that
nobody cares anyway. We separated and isolated a lot of them and beat them down to submission
until they confessed the best thing to do was to write secular music, stop writing, or just die.
Zimp: Really?! They actually said that with their own mouths?
Imp: Yep. I could barely believe how easy many of them gave in to defeat. Aren’t you proud of me?
Zimp: Indeed I am, my hellish hound, indeed I am. It’s a good thing you’re on our side.
Imp: Thanks boss! So, what’s next on our agenda?
Zimp: Satan wants more of the same but he also wants you to work on their pride and vanity, you know,
that whole “pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall” thing. I’ve been around quite a
few of them, some think just because you-know-who gave them a talent to write songs they know
everything, can’t be taught, and all the songs they have written are hit songs, blah, blah, blah.
Imp: I can make it happen captain. That’s an old trick that has worked so many times, and some of
them already struggle with the pride thingy. Several have fallen before; you’d think they’d learn by
now. All they need is a little push and down they’ll go.
Zimp: Then let the pushing begin, my bubonic bulldozer, let the pushing begin.
Zimp & Imp:
from Gospel Songwriter Magazine
G-team Spotlight
Highlighting GospelSongwriter.Com Writers
What do artists like Janet Pascal, Joseph Larson and Dudley Smith have in common?
They love to sing Debby’s hit song “God Is My Refuge”.
Google the name Debby Harrah and you will see the names and videos of just a
few of the many artists who like performing her songs.
She is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and worship leader, and this talented
lady knows the purpose and power of the Gospel in song. Debby said, “I hope my
songs speak to and connect with people, wherever they are in life's challenges,
and inspire them to hope, rejoice and draw closer to the Lord.”
When you consider her success, talent and heart for ministry it becomes obvious
that Debby is a writer you need to connect with.
Mickey Mixon said, “I invite you to visit Debby‟s profile page, listen to her songs and contact her if you
would like to review more from the pen of this prolific Gospel songwriter.”
Support the Children of Abraham.
Please visit the Migdal Ohr website to learn more.
Migdal Ohr (Hebrew for Tower of Light) was established in 1972 for the express purpose of providing
education and social guidance to the children from underprivileged and troubled homes from across
Israel. Homes with drug problems, impoverished, crime-ridden families, one-parent families in distress,
new immigrant families -- these are the target populations from which Migdal Ohr draws its nearly 6,500
students at all levels of the educational spectrum. Its goal - to transform these youngsters into proud
and productive citizens of Israel.
Song Story
Tammie Herring
This issue of GSM, Tammie shares the story of the song “I Am Healed” written by Sherry Forbes.
Tammie: Sherry, please tell us the story behind your song “I Am Healed”.
Sherry: The formulation for the song first began, one day, when I was getting ready
for work at the church Dale and I pastored at the time. I was standing in the
bathroom fixing my hair when my mom called me and was giving me a report from
the doctor. She had been extremely fatigued and had gone to the doctor for some
testing. When the doctor told her she may have to come in for a blood transfusion,
she got really scared that it may be something more serious than she had originally
suspected. My mother is a strong Christian lady but I could hear the concern in her
voice. Being the Pentecostal that I am (lol) I wanted to go grab a bottle of olive oil
and go anoint her and lay hands on her and pray. Unfortunately, she lived 16 hours away from me so that
was impossible. I did the only thing I knew to do, pray. As I was finishing my prayer I began to hear the
words of the song’s chorus coming into my mind as if I had heard it before, but I knew I hadn’t. I sang it
over and over, and finally wrote it down.
We started singing the chorus in our worship services as part of Praise & Worship, and it really ministered to
many people. Every time I would sing it I would sing it as a song of faith for my mother's healing.
Steve Hurst [Steve Hurst School of Music] came to minister in our church not too long after that and he
heard the chorus and encouraged me to write a couple verses to it. That evening, I sat down and wrote two
verses and the bridge came during one of the services that he spoke in.
I decided to enter it into a songwriting competition at the Crabb Family's last homecoming. The competition
was promoted through GMA, so when it became the winning song it was published through Daywind as part
of the prize package, as well as being entered into the national competition
at the GMA Music Conference in Estes Park. It came in second place in the
Southern Gospel category, and I was thrilled. I kept praying that God would
help it to be picked up by a SG group to be recorded and possibly singled to
radio. I didn’t want just anybody to sing it because I knew it was a ministry
song, not just a song to be sung in a program and then move on. This song
would bring healing to many people if it was sung by a group that really had
a heart for ministry and believed in the power of healing.
I Am Healed ~ continued…
After much prayer, I was teaching at the Steve Hurst School of Music a few years ago where I had actually
sung the song the previous two years. One of the groups attending the school, Simeon's Promise, recorded
the song after hearing it the first year and the next year they decided to sing it as their performance song for
the student body. Wouldn't you know, Gary Casto [Tribute Quartet] was their instructor during a private
lesson in which they were working on the song for that night's performance.
When Gary heard the song he asked them where they got it. They said, “Sherry Forbes wrote it and sang it
here last year.” He finished his lesson and came into the building where I was sitting. He came over to me
and said, “I just heard a song that I have got to record, and I hear that you wrote it.” I told him Daywind had
the publishing on the song, and that night, Rick Shelton [Daywind] came to the evening concert. Gary
approached Rick about getting permission to record it and the rest is history.
Since that recording, and many nights of performing the song, including the main stage of the NQC,
Tribute Quartet was asked to sing at a benefit concert where money was being raised for the tornado
victims in Alabama. They agreed to go and it was aired on TBN. Jan Crouch [TBN] just happened to be
sitting on the front row when they sang it, and she informed her staff to get their hands on that song. Gary
provided them a copy of the song and she then requested that they come to the TBN studios in Nashville to
sing a few songs, but insisted on that song. INSP has also gotten wind of the song and they are putting
together a compilation CD of songs written about healing and they chose that song to be a part of that
God is really using the song to bring healing not only to those who are physically suffering in their bodies
but He is healing people's relationships and hurts that they have experienced. I am so honored to have been
chosen to write the song and I look forward to seeing what God does in the future with it.
Happy New Year
from Audio Media One
[email protected]
CD Duplication/Retail Ready
Contact: Jerry Mullaly
(912) 288-4612
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Phil Kelly
January 1, New Year's Day, is the most celebrated holiday around the world; it’s used
to make resolutions and commitments. I am recommitting myself, my life, my all, to
follow Jesus more faithfully and to continue writing songs and tearing holes in the
“darkness” for Christ, in spite of the deceiver’s attacks.
Winter begins in late December and lasts until late March. Let’s take a look at just a
few things that occurred during winters of yesteryears. Some of these were good, some
were bad and some were controversial but they happened.
January 1714: A patent was issued for the first typewriter to British inventor Henry Mill.
January 1776: George Washington unveiled the Grand Union Flag, our first national flag.
January 1815: The Battle of New Orleans was won by General Andrew Jackson.
January 1863: The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Abraham Lincoln.
January 1907: Charles Curtis of Kansas became the 1st Native America to serve in the Senate.
January 1966: Robert Weaver became the first African American cabinet member in the US.
January 1972: Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi was discovered on Guam after he had spent 28 years hiding
out in the jungle not knowing World War II had long since ended.
January 1973: U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War ended.
January 1973: The Supreme Court legalized abortion in the US.
January 1986: The U.S. Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 74 seconds into its flight.
January 1990: Douglas Wilder, Virginia, became the 1st African American governor in the US.
February 380 AD: Roman Emperor Theodosius makes Christianity the official law of the land.
February 1455: Johannes Gutenberg publishes the Bible, the first book printed on a press with movable type.
February 1913: The 16th Amendment was ratified, allowing Congress to tax us.
February 2003: The Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart in flight over west Texas.
March 515 BC: 2nd Temple in Jerusalem was completed. The western wall still stands.
March 1918: The Spanish influenza first reached America.
March 1934: The Philippine Islands were granted independence by the US.
March 1979: The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident occurred.
Happy New Year
from Signature Sound Stage recording studio
Contact: Kevin Hunt
(352) 369-8863
Tell Kevin “Mickey”
sent you
Signature Sound Stage is currently working on Mickey’s album. He highly recommends this studio.
Do I Have A Song For You
Need Songs? These Gospel songwriters are waiting to serve you.
Click on their name to visit their webpage and hear their songs.
Please mention Gospel Songwriter Magazine when you contact them.
www.gospelsongwriter.com/KevinCobb Southern Gospel
www.gospelsongwriter.com/JoeDiehl Southern Gospel
www.gospelsongwriter.com/DebbyHarrah Southern Gospel
www.gospelsongwriter.com/MarkHawkins Southern Gospel
www.gospelsongwriter.com/FawnJacobs Southern Gospel
www.gospelsongwriter.com/WesLambert Southern Gospel
www.gospelsongwriter.com/NinaNash Bluegrass Gospel
www.gospelsongwriter.com/DixiePhillips Southern Gospel
www.gospelsongwriter.com/AndyThompson Southern Gospel
Training Tips
Mickey Mixon
“Student of the Craft”
In my 20-plus years of training songwriters the one thing I keep encouraging them to do is become a student
of the craft. Learn as much about songwriting (and the industry and artists) as you can. Read books and
websites, learn from training audio and video, attend conventions and seminars and songwriter events,
network with songwriters and artists, etc.
I have served over 1,000 songwriters and very few have expressed interest in developing their craft. This is
to their disadvantage, but to the advantage of writers who are students of the craft. Why? One major reason
is because competition among songwriters has increased expeditiously.
Competition has increased for several reasons and two reasons in particular are (1) the bad economy has
affected concert attendance to the point that many churches and concert promoters have ceased scheduling
concerts thus many artists no longer perform and record, thus less songs are employed, and (2) the digital
age has made duplication so simple and convenient that many people, including Christians, are bootlegging
music to the point that artists have seen a major reduction in table sales and income, thus many artists can no
longer afford travel expenses and have ceased scheduling concerts and recording music.
I have been told, and it has been confirmed, that some professional songwriters are working diligently to
develop close, personal relationships with the artists in an attempt to obtain as many cuts as possible and to
prevent other songwriters from obtaining cuts from these artists. This information came from an award
winning, chart topping songwriter who has experienced this unfortunate trend. So, where does that leave
amateur, semipro and up-and-coming songwriters?
Some artists will not be manipulated (by writers, publishers or record labels) but are looking for great songs
no matter who they come from. Thus, you need to know how to write, demo and pitch great songs in order to
gain the attention and favor of these artists, and the only way to do that is to become and remain a student of
the craft.
Being a student of the craft not only assists in your development as a writer but also helps open doors that
would otherwise remain closed. It’s to your advantage, for more than one reason, to be a student of the craft
and I just shared one of those reasons with you ~ competition.
Remember, there will always be more songs written than there are artists to employ them. Thus, competition
will always be a challenge, but being a student of the craft will help you level the playing field.
Critiquing Your Gospel Song
by Ray Lewis
Mickey Mixon said, “This is a great training tool for beginner,
amateur and semipro songwriters. I added it to my Writer’s Library,
you should too.
Get your copy today. Only $15.00 order here
Please let Ray know you saw his ad in Gospel Songwriter Magazine.
Song Review
by Mickey Mixon
One of the GospelSongwriter.Com writers I have come to appreciate is
Kevin Cobb. This talented singer, songwriter, musician and minister has
several songs I like including “If Longing For It Would Rapture Me”.
This is one of those “down to earth, longing for Heaven, stir the audience
songs” that will be a great addition to an album and concert song list.
“If Longing For It” has a melody and arrangement that easily transports the
audience to that Heavenly Paradise via the theater of the mind. The message
reminds us of the peace, love and perfection that awaits us there, along with precious family reunions
and time spent with our dear Jesus. I’ve clicked the play button, of this song, several times.
Kevin Cobb
Kevin’s work-demo gives the song an easy listening, 70’s pop-country feel; and as far as I know there
is currently nothing like it on radio. Yep, it’s up for grabs.
I have no doubt that with the right artist, arrangement, cut and promotion this song will become a fan
and radio favorite.
You need to hear this song, but hurry, other GSM readers will be listening too and you’ll want to be
one of the first to contact Kevin about employing this jewel.
Please be sure to let Kevin know you saw his song reviewed in Gospel Songwriter Magazine. Thanks!
I Wonder What God’s Singing
James McMickin
“The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will
rest in his love, he will rejoice over thee with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17
These succinct, amazing words from the pen of the Prophet Zephaniah have
for years enthralled me. I’m fascinated as I try to fathom what might be the
nature of the lyrics written by the Most High, and with what type of voice He
sings them. Naturally, I conjecture that those Divine vocal chords emit a
powerful, booming, golden bass voice.
Years ago, back in the mid-1990s, I incorporated this verse into a song,
verbatim. Then a couple of years later, as I continued to muse over this
concept, I wrote “I Wonder What God’s Singing”. I’ll recite the chorus here:
I wonder what God‟s singing „bout me
As all the angels join in, in perfect harmony
Is He singing good things „bout what I‟m gonna be
I wonder what God‟s singing „bout me
Then I affirm my thoughts in the tag:
I believe He‟s singing good things „bout what I‟m gonna be
But I wonder just what God‟s singing „bout me
Of course, we must realize that the context of Zephaniah 3:17 bespeaks the nation of Israel in the
Millennium, when the atrocious acts and intentions of her evil neighbors are archived in the annals of
history; and finally, history won’t repeat itself. Hallelujah! I can affirm this on the basis of verse 15, which
emphatically declares that Israel shall “not see evil any more”.
Nonetheless, we can logically deduce that the God, who will sing songs of joy over Israel in the Thousand
Year Reign, no doubt also sings over His Church in the Church Age, and I don’t believe God sings the
Blues. Furthermore, we can venture to assume that He sings customized songs specifically for each
Believer, Prophetic Songs of Divine Blessings to come.
As we embark upon the journey waiting in the wings of 2012 we face the most uncertain and troublesome
times we’ve ever been dealt. But we serve a Certain God. Nothing that befalls or besets us in 2012 will
surprise Him. He has a Plan, and it’s right on schedule. So we would do well to draw our focus away from
the deplorable and despicable conditions of this old world and to this Promise, “For it is God which
worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure” Philippians 2:13.
I wonder what God’s singing about me for 2012. Wouldn’t you like to know what He’s singing about you?
Happy tunes for 2012, everyone!
Are We Holding Back The Hand Of God?
Mark Hawkins
There is no doubt that times are tough for most of us. Long-term
successful ministries and businesses are shutting down. I think, as a nation
and as the body of Christ, we are reaping a harvest for some of the bad
seeds we have sown. You may not agree with all I have to say and you
may become angry with me, you may even say “This is not me” and you
may be right. But I invite you to take a moment to consider what I have to
share, and pray about it before you react.
There are many examples of the hand of God delivering his children out of
bondage, slavery and hard times, so I don’t doubt His ability and power.
I've been involved with the ministry most of my life and I’ve witnessed God bless many times. I've been
a Minster of music, choir director, worship leader, church musician, deacon, soloist and songwriter. I've
been blessed by the Lord and I’ve seen Him move but I have also seen the power of the Gospel
diminished by two things that I want to share with you in this poignant article.
I believe We Are Holding Back the Hand of God via two particular ways, dishonesty and ungratefulness.
Stay with me, now.
1) Dishonesty:
a) Many artists have seen large portions of their love-offerings disappear out of the offering plate. I used
to travel with a music group; I’ve experienced the thievery of church staff that collected the offering on
behalf of the artist and kept some for the church. There are many hardworking artists that sacrifice much
to minister, only to see some of the money be stolen from them. It’s inexcusable and dishonest!
b) Dishonesty also happens via nonpayment of royalties to songwriters. Would anyone go into a
Wal-Mart and expect to take items without paying for them? If you do you are a thief and if you get
caught you will most likely be arrested. Many record labels and artists point their fingers at each other
and say the other is responsible for paying the royalties, but it is wrong either way. Too many artists
think and proclaim they are “serving in ministry” and thus shouldn’t have to pay what they owe, or they
do not have enough money to pay the royalties. I could go along with that if they were giving their CDs
away for free but I know that seldom happens. Most singers are generating money via concert
performances and CD sales of writers’ songs, thus they do have the money to pay royalties due.
Not paying is unrighteous and dishonest...
Continued ...
If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?
1st Corinthians 9:11
Are We Holding Back The Hand Of God?
2) Ungratefulness:
a) Although I've been blessed in many ways and would not trade my ministry for anything; as minister of
music I spent countless hours teaching young people and others only to see some of the ones I helped the
most betray me the worst. I've been lied about and lied to. These things should not be, they are
unrighteous and reveal an ungrateful heart.
b) I’ve seen Mickey and Rainie Mixon pour their heart and money into the ministry of Gospel
Songwriter and the songwriters. Here is a very faithful husband and wife team giving their best for the
Lord. Then they have to deal with the ungratefulness, often painful, distasteful and uncalled for reactions
when Mickey tries to give the writer some constructive and beneficial ideas or ask for some financial
help with the ministry. What a shame. For the most part these are actions of a few and most have been
grateful for all Brother Mickey and his wife have done, but still, the ungratefulness is discouraging to say
the least.
One thing I've learned in leadership is if good people do not speak out about what’s wrong they end up
sharing some of the responsibility for what’s wrong. So, I’m speaking out.
In love, I implore us all, please, let us cleanse ourselves from dishonesty and ungratefulness so we won’t
hold back the hand of God. God knows we need His hand of blessing now more than ever before.
Do ye not know that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple? And
they which wait at the altar are partakers with the altar? Even so hath the Lord ordained that
they which preach the Gospel should live of the Gospel. 1st Corinthians 9:13-14
Royalty Reminder
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Romans 13:8
Why Songs Don’t Get Recorded
In March of 2009 I surveyed a number of people in the Gospel music industry which included award
winning songwriters, award winning singers, publishers, producers, promoters, DJs, etc.
I presented this question: What would you say are the three major reasons why a lot of Gospel songs
do not get recorded?
Several took time from their busy schedule to reply. I thanked them and requested and received
permission to share their answers. I shared some of their answers in the Fall issue of GSM, but instead of
making you wait for the rest of their answers to be presented over the next few issues I decided to give
you full access to all their replies via GospelSongwriter.Com.
Many writers have already read this free, informative education article, including the award winning
writer and publisher Dee Gaskin. I post some of their responses below.
I trust this free article will be a blessing to you.
Happy New Year,
Mickey Mixon
I learned a few things myself from this.
God Bless,
Dee Gaskin
This is very interesting. Rick Shelton probably helped me see something that the others haven't. I have read and
reread his remarks several times. Thank you Rick!
Gregg Floyd
You have no idea how much your research of the topic, why songs don't get recorded, means to Gospel
songwriters such as me. Thanks again, Mickey.
Gordon Eggleston
Thank you to everyone who contributed. This is an excellent source of info!
Susan Jones
I really enjoyed “why songs don’t get recorded”. It has allowed me to look at myself and the call in my life in a
different way. I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. soaking it all in. Some hit hard and some light but with each comment it
allowed me to see some mistakes in myself and understand other things better.
Marlene Pelt
This was a great expose', very much needed by writers and artists alike. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the
good work.
Marcia Henry
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